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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of April 3, 2000 on GL
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Monday, April 3, 2000

At Company:
Marah comes out of Company and runs into Reva. Reva confronts her about the flowers and tells her that she is going to have to stop the games. She told her how Josh covered for her in front of Olivia but that doesn't mean anything. Marah thinks it is wonderful and that it shows Josh still loves Reva. Reva tells her daughter that her interference is impeding her decision to move on with her life. Marah tells her mom that they can talk later; she has to leave for the concert. Reva wont allow it. Marah tells her, "At this moment the concert is the most important thing in my life!" Reva ignores her and tells her again how she has to stop the interference. Marah must accept her parent's choices to move on. She should have other things on her mind like her education and college. Reva goes on and on until Marah asks her, "Why won't you let me go to the concert?" Olivia walks up to them from behind and says "Maybe because I'm the one who got you the tickets." Reva turned around stunned. "This isn't about you Olivia." Marah defends Olivia, and Olivia says one day really won't hurt anything but this is between them and she excuses herself and walks into company. Reva says she won't reward Marah for her deceit. Reva talk about tests and projects due soon in school and Marah says "You want me to do all of them NOW?" and Reva says yes because she doesn't want her to ruin her life. Marah said, "Oh come on Mom we all know that this isn't about me and my life this is about YOU and YOUR life!" Reva tells her how an education will open doors for her in the future and she cant give up. Marah said, "You're just mad because you always quit. You let things go. You let dad go too. I'm going home and don't worry I'll do my projects. Because I'm not giving up like you. " She gives the tickets to Reva and left in a rush. Olivia comes out and Reva waves the tickets in the air "Want to go to a concert?" Olivia politely says, "No, I'm actually on my way to meet Josh." Reva tells her that she isn't interested in an argument; she is focusing on other things. Reva says she had to figure out who she was. "You know what Reva, you're the one who left your family and Josh one too many times to go explore who YOU are." Reva said, "Wherever our lives lead us Olivia, Josh and I will always love each other." Reva said she isn't going to make a move but in the long run they will be back together. Reva goes inside Company. She knows that some of what Reva said is true. Inside, Reva is calming herself down. She says to herself, "It's not too late for me. I can take control without relying on a man..."
Jesse tells Buzz that he is feeling so much better. He has the weight of the world off his chest. Buzz wasn't sure of what he meant. Jesse told him that he faked the heart problem and he feels better now that he admitted it to Drew.
Selena overheard him and lambastes him. Jesse tells her to keep her voice down. He tries to explain to her that not only will he get into trouble but Rick will lose his career and possibly his freedom. Selena insists on knowing where Drew is. Jesse told her that she needed a little time to think. Jesse tries to defend his actions to Selena but she won't hear any of it. "It is always about Michelle or somebody else." she screams. "You have to love Drew more than everybody else!"
Selena talked about how much Drew had already lost this year. Her father, her best friend and almost him. She doesn't understand how he could hurt her like that!" Jesse says he wasn't trying to hurt her, that's why he told her the truth.

In San Cristobel:
Drew accuses Ross of knowing where Michelle and Danny are hiding. He told her that he hadn't a clue. Drew doesn't believe him. She says that she wants to look around the palace because she knows they are there. Cassie is cringing. Richard offered to take her on a tour himself. Ross sits down with Drew tells her that he is her family and would never hide Michelle and Danny. She says she will feel better if she looked around. She asked Richard if any unusual people had been around the palace. He told her about a substitute cook whose food was awful and about a nun and a priest. Drew thinks that could be them and asked to see the room where they went.
Blake sees Danny and Michelle and turns around and says she didn't see what she thinks she saw. They pull her in and she explains that she is on vacation. Michelle begged her not to turn them in. She says that only Cassie knows they're there and it would get everyone in trouble if it came out. Danny tells Blake that she never saw them. Blake tells them that she did see them and she vowed never to lie to Ross again.
Danny tells her that Ross is obliged to tell the court in he knows where the fugitives are and the DA is pushing for the death penalty and Michelle is innocent. Blake is beating herself up for being so nosy she had to open the door. They beg her again. She tells them she will think of something.
Michelle is freaking out; Danny says they need a back up plan. He plays around until he finds a secret passageway behind a bookcase. He tells her that it is blocked off but they can use it to hide in if they need to. Michelle wants to go in another room but Danny wants to wait for Cassie. Danny doesn't think Blake will turn them in and they'll get a boat and be out of here.
Blake comes back in and over to Cassie. She tells her that she was just up in the "locked room." Cassie told her that she can't say anything because Richard will get into a lot of trouble and Michelle is innocent. Blake tells her that she has to be honest with Richard and that she can't lie to Ross. Cassie tells her not to lie to Ross then, just be creative.
Richard and Drew go off on her little tour and Cassie and Blake come in. Ross tells them where Richard and Drew have gone and Cassie slips out.
Blake jumps into Ross' arms and says, "this is not good at all Ross...." he asks what is wrong and Blake says, "It's my novel..." She sighs and closes the door she tells him that she is working on a chapter in her book and wanted his opinion. She asks, "What would happen if I stumbled onto Danny and Michelle, the fictional Danny and Michelle while in the palace. What should my character do? She says that "her character", vowed to never lie to her husband again and she wants to keep that promise so should she just come right out and tell him..." Ross seems to understand what she is saying and he says calmly "If an attorney finds out where fugitives are he will have to turn them in." "So that's a bad thing if my character would tell your character in the book..." and Ross says it would be an extremely bad thing.
Michelle and Danny are looking over some maps when they hear Drew's voice. They turn off the lights and hide behind the bookcase. Meanwhile, Cassie watches as Richard and Drew go in. Drew thinks that all the maps being there is strange but Richard tells her that his father was real big on nautical maps and charts. She is disappointed and says she is ready to leave. Richard offers to show her some more of the palace but she says that wouldn't be necessary and returns to where Ross and Blake are.
Blake and Ross are still talking about the fictional room with the fictional characters when Drew comes back. They ask if she is ok. She tells them that she knows Michelle is hiding in that country somewhere. Danny has a house and friends there as well as a business. Ross asks her if she wanted to return with he and Blake to Springfield but she says she will stay. Ross tells her that they will stay with her then.
Cassie comes out and tells Richard that she has to talk to him. She says, "I would never do anything to cause you trouble, not intentionally. But sometimes problems can come up." Richard says, "Just tell me." Cassie continues, "Danny and Michelle called me from their boat and I really believed in their innocence and I offered to help them. " "I see." and Cassie says, "well..." Richard says "they were in there" and Cassie apologizes for not telling him. "I was afraid..." And she says that she knew it would hurt if he knew about it because of his country and she loves him. Richard bursts into the room saying, "It doesn't matter Cassie. Whether I know about it or not! Everything falls back on me! Whether I was aware of it or not!" he goes to the secret passage and says, "alright you can come out now!" "You knew?" Cassie says and Richard says he had an idea and she sure put him in a mess.

At the Lewis House:
Josh runs to the door and greets Jim. He got off the phone with someone they'll be working with. Josh thanks Jim for standing by him through this whole thing; it's all going to work for them now. Josh thinks a bit and then apologizes for calling him to work when he has Beth and Lizzie to worry about. Jim tells him all about how the situation is hard and makes him think of his late wife. He just doesn't think he is contributing anything, he feels helpless. Josh says, "You're supporting Beth and that's a lot." Jim tells him that he tries to reassure Beth. Josh tells him about Reva and how Marah tricked them with the flowers. "Reva took it well though. She seems well now emotionally." Josh admitted that it was nice to have Reva talk like that again. She was the old Reva again. He admits that he does miss her but not in the way Jim thinks. He tells Jim about the drunken proposal to Olivia and how she handled it so well. "She had a great comeback, Olivia said marry you? I'm not even talking to you!" and the two laugh and Josh tells him how Olivia kicked him out. Jim says if Josh doesn't figure out what he wants soon all their lives are on hold. They talk awhile more and Jim tells Josh that he doesn't think he is as over Reva as he thinks and he knows he misses her. Jim leaves. Josh thinks about it and picks up the phone and calls Reva. Olivia sneaks up behind him and he has to hang up the phone before she answers. Olivia told him that she had thought about the business trip and thinks it would be fun if she came along with him. He tells her that is a great idea and they hug.

Tuesday, April 4, 2000

At Harley's:
After Abby and Rick leave, Phillip and Harley discuss her dropping her search into Rick's past. Harley says she is going to get rid of the background check, but she opens it instead. She finds that Rick had some serious problems in med school, which resulted in a closed-door hearing. Phillip comes back in and he and Harley talk about Lizzie, Harley tells him that she is sorry about sticking her nose into the Edmund/Rick thing. Phillip tells her that she can't help so he wishes she would just let it be. She tells him that she will. She wants to take away his worries for at least the night. Phil is staring into the fire, Harley is standing there in a black negligee with a bottle of champagne acting seductive, and she makes him sit down on the sofa. She unbuttons his shirt and they start to make love. Phillip says he is sorry he can't tell Harley more about the Edmund but she says it is ok. She goes to where the envelope is and takes it over to the fire to burn it. But Phillip comes back with a fax someone sent him. It is a notice of a special reception to welcome Edmund to the board. She says he should forget it and starts kissing him again. The memo however had broken the mood. He goes upstairs to work. She pulls out the envelope, and says she has to find out about Rick because it is the only way she can help her husband by getting rid of Edmund.

At the Reardon Hideaway:
Matt is massaging Vanessa's hands; she wants to tell him what happened the night Ben died because she knows Michelle is completely innocent. Matt says he know it is important, but her health is more important. She says she is ok and he does not understand, she had all this stuff locked up inside her and she couldn't talk, she needs him to listen. She tells him she killed Ben. Matt tells Vanessa she was delirious when she left the hospital that night, she explains what happened with Ben the night he died. Matt wants her to stop, she has to continue and she tells him the rest, she says she has to call the police and tell them what happened. Matt says ok, he says he believes her. She says she killed him and she has to call the police and tell them she asks him to help. Matt says he can't do that. Matt says he understands she wants to go to the police but not now. He tries to convince her to wait, she realizes that he is scared she will be arrested but she tells him that she has to tell the truth, with or without his help. She tells him that he will help her if he truly loves her.

In San Cristobel:
Richard tells Cassie again that she has put him in a hell of a position. She explains that she couldn't turn her back on Michelle and Danny because they are her friends. But she did not want to hurt him either. He tells her that he cannot just forget this; he has to turn them in. Danny tells him that he can forget it. He tells him that he can just leave and they will take off. Richard says it is not that simple, what happens after they leave the palace what about money, Danny says they will just leave. Richard says it is over to Cassie, he understands they are her friends, but as the future princess she has responsibilities that must take precedence over everything, even friendship. Michelle believes Cassie will convince Richard to let her find a boat and let them escape. Danny says no matter what they are getting out of there. Michelle says Cassie can work on Richard and change his mind. Danny tells her that they will have to get out of there and steal a plane. She says she doesn't want him getting a plane from drug-dealers. She doesn't want to go back to the life they have tried to get away from. He says they will only use the life, not go back to it.
Richard and Cassie go into her room Richard is going to put Danny and Michelle under house arrest and call the US authorities. He cannot afford to do anything to upset the country. She wants to talk about the people and how they feel but he says he is the ruler of this country and it comes down to a choice between duty and friendship. She says there has to be another way. He thinks he has not properly prepared her. She says she does understand. In state matters she must defer to him and trust him. But she doesn't know if she can. Richard says following an emotional impulse is not always the right thing to do. Cassie says it is not personal, and if you help these good people the world will admire him. He says he cannot. She asks if it were him and her what would he do would he do the same thing Danny did. He says of course he would. She says when he thinks like a man and not a Prince he thinks with his heart, which is filled with compassion. She tells him to think with his heart and make his decision.
Danny wants to know how long they have to wait. Cassie comes in and says Richard is thinking about it, Cassie says Richard will do what is right, she leaves. Danny says pray Cassie is right. Richard is walking around Cassie's room with the phone in his hand. He finds the bracelet that has Stella and Dwayne on it and remembers telling her he loves her and it is no longer an arrangement for him, he dials the phone and tells someone to arrange something for him and let absolutely no one know. Cassie comes back in and Richard tells her that he had to do what was right and place Michelle and Danny under house arrest. She says she understands and will abide by his decision. He asks for her support, she says excuse me and leaves.
Danny tells Michelle they have to get out of there. They open the door and two guards are there. They put them under house arrest. Danny and Michelle are handcuffed and confined to the room.

At the Bauer's:
Abby tells Rick that Harley was worried about him; He wants to know what Harley said. Abby tells him and he doesn't want to think about it anymore. She asks if he wants to be alone and he says she is the only one who really knows him. She says she probably doesn't know everything about him, like maybe an old fling he had. Rick gets angry and he yells at her and tells her that it was nothing. Abby brings Rick some tea and says don't bite my head off, he apologizes and she says he is only human. He says he has made mistakes, she says that most of them can be forgiven. He says once you make a mistake and lie about it, things snowball and everything get worse. She says he is a good man and has been good for her, and his mistakes do not change what good he has done.
Rick and Abby are in bed, he is restless and dreaming. He dreams about what happened. In the dream his secret was exposed and everyone (Abby, Phillip, Harley) is yelling at him telling him how rotten he is. Rick is staring out of the window thinking about his dream; Abby wants him to come back to bed. He says maybe he can make her understand. He has a flashback to when he was in med school he overslept and Claire had to get him up. He looks at Abby and says she would never understand, no one can ever know the truth.

Tuesday, April 5, 2000

In San Cristobel:
Ross and Drew are having breakfast together. Drew is upset about the usual things and is telling Ross how Jesse conned everyone with the cardiac scare. Ross can't believe it. He asked her if they had the whole escape planned and she said that she didn't think so, it was all impromptu. Ross asked her if she wanted to look some more in some other places but she is concerned that he and Blake are not getting to spend enough time together on their vacation. Ross told her that she is his niece and he wants to help her. She tells him that she is mostly upset about Michelle. She says that no one can see through her front and everyone does things that put themselves in jeopardy just for Michelle and she is tired of it. Ross told her that it might not be Michelle that she is so upset at. He gave her his phone and told her to call Jesse and she would feel better. He left the table to pay the bill and she called Jesse. She told him that she was at the spa and was doing a lot better. She also said that she would be home soon and that she loved and missed him. She hung up and she and Ross left.
Cassie is getting Tammy ready for school when she brings up the wedding. She has been reading a lot about monarchies and is worried that after the wedding things wont be the same between them all. Richard is at the door and has overheard a lot of this. He tells her that it is true that they will be a royal family and that there will be a lot of things they have to do. There will be a lot of business meetings they have to attend but that doesn't mean they will not be a family. He tells her that no matter what, there little family will always be number one to him and to Cassie. Tammy felt better and headed off to school. Cassie thanked him for helping Tammy even thought what he said might not be exactly true. He told her that he had been thinking and maybe they could reach a compromise with the Danny and Michelle thing. She hugged him and thanked him as he left to tell them his decision.
Danny is freaking out. Michelle tells him that they will have to go back to the states and face the music. Danny is totally against it. She doesn't know what else they can do. Danny finds a knife and puts it up his sleeve. He tells Michelle that he thinks they can escape. She is adamant that they just go back and take what is coming to them. Richard comes to the door and Danny hears him tell the guards to take a coffee break so he can have a moment alone with the prisoners. He goes in, Danny grabs him and puts the knife to his back. He threatens to kill Richard. Michelle is so upset. She begs him to put the knife down. She tells him that he can either kill her or put the knife down because if he hurts anyone she will not go anywhere with him. Danny puts the knife down and apologizes. Richard tells him that he understands why he has done everything he has done thus far. He also told them that he came there tonight to help them. He tells them to come with him and they all went down to Cassie's room.
In Cassie's room, Blake had came by and they were talking about how she handled Ross and how he was off with Drew. Richard comes down with the fugitives and he tells Danny and Michelle what his decision was. They have 2 weeks, 14 days, to prove Michelle's innocence. They can stay on the island that long and then he will have to turn them in. They all thanked Richard. Outside the room Ross and Drew had just came in. They were going to say goodbye to Cassie, pick up Blake and then head back to Springfield.

At Harley and Phillip's:
Harley is making breakfast for everyone so they will have full tummies when they get to the hospital with Lizzie. She rereads Rick's file about the disciplinary hearings he went through in medical school. She wondered what he was hiding. Lizzie came in with Beth and Jim and announced to Harley and Phillip that she was not going to the hospital today. They all told her she had to and after a little while Jim told her that she didn't have to go if she didn't want to. Phillip dragged him outside and told him that he should keep his nose out of his child's affairs and that she has to go. Jim tried to tell him what his plan was but Phillip wouldn't listen. Beth also jumped on Jim and told him that he couldn't make decisions for Lizzie. Harley told them to give Jim a chance. Jim goes back in and tells Lizzie that she doesn't have to go. She wonders what would happen if she didn't go, would the dragons beat the knights. Beth told her that she didn't know. Jim asked her what is the worst thing that could happen. She said that she could get sick or lose some hair or the needle might hurt her. Jim said, "OK, what is the best thing that could happen" and Lizzie said that she could get better. He told her to weigh the good and the bad and make up her mind. She decided to go to the hospital. She said she wants to be well when the baby comes. Beth hugs her little girl and Phillip and Harley come back in and they all leave for the hospital. Phillip thanks Jim.

At Company:
Edmund is having coffee when Noah comes in to talk to him. Noah had flown in because Edmund had expressed interest in selling him a Monet that Noah had his eyes on for many years. Edmund tells him that the stakes had been raised from $750,000 to $750,000 + his looking in on Lizzie Spaulding, a little girl Edmund knows who is suffering from childhood leukemia. Noah listens and thinks Edmund is working an angle but finally agrees to his price. He asks Edmund if he is trying to prove himself a hero and Edmund tells him that he wasn't and he doesn't want him to mention his involvement to be known by any of the Spaulding's. Noah again told him that he would do it but he wished he knew why Edmund was so interested. Edmund told him that the mother of this little girl is a nice, kind woman and he cares for her and her child. Noah leaves. Edmund thought back to when Beth was teaching him the ropes at Spaulding. He thought about kissing her hand. He smiled and went back to his work.
Jesse comes in and talks to Buzz. Buzz told him that he has to step back and listen to himself when it comes to Michelle. Buzz said that he can see what Drew sees him doing and he needs to be aware of it himself. Jesse explained his feelings for Drew to Buzz and Buzz told him that he needed to bite the bullet and call Drew at the spa she went to and talk. Buzz handed him the phone and Jesse called. He learns that Drew never showed up to the spa. He hangs up. Then he gets a call from Drew, who leads him to believe she is at the spa. After he hangs up, Jesse told Buzz that she lied to him. Buzz told Jesse to get off his high horse and know that the world doesn't revolve around him. He said that Drew has a lot more to be angry with him for then just telling a little lie. And maybe she just needed a break.

Thursday, April 6, 2000

At Company:
Reva is filling out an application; she has decided to go back to college. Selena comes over and is amazed to see Reva's plans. She tells Reva that she has real guts to go through with that at this day and time. Reva asks her to help her by quizzing her on SAT information. Selena sits down to help her out. Selena asked about the flowers and Reva says that Marah sent them and Josh just didn't want to hurt her feelings in front of Olivia. Olivia was standing in the foyer and overheard her. Selena thinks that covering was a sign that Josh still loves her. Olivia pops out and tells them both that it is definitely a sign, but it is a sign that Josh pities her and a sign that he didn't think of her at all while she was away. Olivia walks out, Selena follows. At the door Selena whispers that Josh chose Reva over her the other day and he will again.
Outside Company, Bill and Billy are talking about Vanessa. Bill is upset and thinks Matt may go overboard and run off with Vanessa and never let anyone know where she is. Billy told Bill that Matt is just looking out for Vanessa and wouldn't do anything to hurt her. Bill tells Billy that Matt had Vanessa stashed up at Henry Chamberlain's old cabin. He says that she is getting better. He tells him about Carmen and the lip balm and how Matt has a nurse helping out. Bill tells his dad that Matt won't call him or let him know how his mom is. Billy says he would probably do the same thing. Bill tells his Dad that Matt is protecting Vanessa and may run away. Billy defends Matt. Bill thinks that police can protect Vanessa and that she needs to save Michelle. He asks his Dad for help with Matt and Vanessa. Billy says he will go to the cabin and see what is up.

At the Reardon Hideaway: Vanessa asks Matt to take her to the police station. Matt wants her to rest. She insists on telling the truth and doing it that very moment. Matt wants her to wait until she is stronger but Vanessa thinks it will help her to get this off her mind. Matt gives in and says he will call the police. He pretends to call the police station and asks to speak to David. He "tells" him the whole story about Vanessa's involvement and then hangs up. He lies to Vanessa and tells her that David has already arrested Carmen and is working on getting Michelle out right then. Vanessa still wants to tell him her story but Matt tells her that David will call her when he needs her testimony. Vanessa tells him that she killed someone and couldn't say anything to help Michelle all these months; now that she can she is dying to get it out. Matt says it wasn't her fault; it was Carmen's fault. Vanessa is also worried about Bill. She wants to make things right but Matt wants her to rest and wait until the time is right. She needs to get well and take time before they face the world. He tells her to rest and goes outside for a break. Billy pulls up. He tells Matt he wants to know what is going on with Vanessa.

In San Cristobel: Richard tells Manny they have 14 days on the island to find the evidence they need to clear Michelle. Cassie hugs him and Blake assures Manny that she won't tell. Michelle asks Blake to take a note to Jessie. Blake doesn't want to do it but she agrees to in the end. Meanwhile, Drew and Ross are at door. Drew apologizes to Ross for believing he had hid Danny and Michelle. He tells her that they are family and they should all hang out together as a family.
Danny thanks Richard again and tells him that they will stay hid at their home there in San Cristobel . He tells him that he needs to find Ray and get him to locate some secure phone records of Carmen's that is in her desk at the home. He is scared that Rays phone will be tapped. Cassie agrees to go back to Springfield and be the liaison between Danny and Ray.
Ross knocks and Blake goes out. She makes up a wild story about how they found 2 bodies on the shore from a boat accident. Cassie went out to save her and told Ross and Drew that no one has identified the bodies and that the whole scene was secured so they couldn't go down there. Ross wants to know more and he goes into Cassie's room, (Michelle and Danny had just snuck out the back), and Richard tells him that it was two fishermen and that it was just an accident. Ross and Blake and Drew start to leave and Blake drops her compact (that is where she stuck the note). Drew picks up the compact and goes back in to thank Cassie and Richard. Blake comes back and asks her for the compact, she gives it to her and Blake asks her if she opened it. Drew tells her that she didn't but looks suspiciously at Blake for asking.
In their house, Michelle and Danny reminisce about their honeymoon and hug. Danny tells her that everything will be okay if Ray can get to Ruth and help clear them. Michelle tells Danny she gave Blake a note for Jessie. He is angry. Thinks that may have compromised their position. He believes that if anyone else sees the note they will know where they are. Michelle told him that she had to, to thank him for all his help and to let him know that they were all right.
Alone, Cassie thanks Richard. She is very apologetic and knows he didn't want to be involved. He is very sweet and says he wanted to help. She says she loves him and he says he loves her. Richard tells her that he hopes she was kidding about going to Springfield to talk to Ray. She tells him that she has to. He is afraid that it will be too dangerous. Richard insists, he doesn't want her to get hurt. If anything happened to her it would kill him. She says she will be okay. He tells her the last time she said that she wound up with a knife at her throat. Now that they have finally come to a place where they can be honest with each other about their feelings he doesn't want to lose her. She says she doesn't want him to worry and she will only be gone a few days but she has to go.

At the Church: Ray is talking to the hospital. He thanks the doctor for keeping him informed and thinks it is great to keep Carmen away from phones and others. It will keep her from getting upset. "She is dangerous and needs help", he tells the doctor. Theresa comes in and wants to confess to Ray. Kneels down and starts to confess. She has been carrying a secret about Danny. "I tried to get him to make love to me and I drugged him. I apologized but I didn't mean it, I still want him." She begs Ray for info on where her 'true love' was. Ray tells her that he couldn't absolve her because she is lying through her teeth.
Ray tells Theresa he recognizes evil when he sees it. They argue and he tells her to drop the act. She insists she loves Danny but Ray says he won't help her find him. He won't help her at all. Theresa tries flirting with him, reminding him that he was attracted to her before he became a Priest. She suggests he break a vow. Ray asks Theresa what happened to her. His cell phone rings. Bill is on the phone. Bill says thank you and asks about Carmen. Ray tells him that he will come by to talk to him later. He leaves, Theresa thinks it was Danny on the phone and she calls someone and tells him to follow Ray. She starts to leave and then vows to make Danny pay for embarrassing her.

Friday, April 7, 2000

At the Reardon Hideaway:
Matt is outside when Billy arrives, Matt says that he and Vanessa are not leaving. Billy says you cannot continue on like this. Billy tells Matt that Vanessa wont go to jail but Matt isn't sure. Matt tells Billy what happened, what Vanessa confessed to him and how he has to take her to Europe. Billy tells him that he has to tell Vanessa the truth and if Matt won't, Billy will. Billy starts into the house but Matt stops him. Billy pushes Matt away and says that he shouldn't make the same mistakes he did, with Vanessa. He must not lie to her. Billy says she has to make her own decisions and if Matt takes the decision away from her she will never forgive him. Matt begs Bills to leave them alone. Matt says that he will just keep up the charade until Vanessa gets stronger. Billy asks what if something happens to Michelle but Matt is sure they will come back and be fine. Billy volunteers to help, he says he will always love Vanessa; Matt says he can live with that and invites him in to see her.

At the Hospital:
Noah wants to know why Edmund so concerned with Lizzie's health. Edmund says he has his reasons, Noah cannot figure out how helping Lizzie will help Edmund.

Beth, Lizzie and Jim come in. She wants to know where her Dad is. Beth tells her that he had to drop off Harley who couldn't come because she is getting a cold, but that he will be here after that. That appeased her until she remembered that she forgot her white horse, she gets very upset. Lizzie is very upset about not having her stuffed horse, Beth says she will go home and get it. Lizzie says she will stay with Jim, they go into the Chemotherapy room and the site of the place upsets her. Jim helps her and explains that he can go get the horse instead of Beth. Lizzie says she was not sure she wanted Jim to marry Beth, but now they are a family and she and Beth are happy, she tells Jim he is a great guy. They hug and Phillip walks in. Rick sees Edmund in the hallway, Ed says Rick does not have to worry and explains he will continue to cover for their little secret. Rick tells him that it is none of his business. Beth runs into Edmund while bringing in the horse, Phillip goes to find Beth and notices Dr. Noah looking at Lizzie's chart. Phillip goes up to him and asks him why he is looking in Lizzie's files. Noah says he is checking Lizzie's chart. Rick comes up and asks what is happening, Noah introduces himself to Rick and Rick is very impressed. He tells them he is there because of Edmund. Phillip wants some ID; Noah says Edmund did not want them to know and that he doesn't trust Edmund at all so he isn't about to keep secrets for him. Phillip tells him that he is comfortable with Lizzie's doctors and Noah tells him that by the look of the charts, they have done everything right. He asks if he can go in and check on Lizzie since he was already there. Rick says that would be great, Noah leaves. Rick tells Phillip he knows that Phillip told Edmund.
Rick gets a drink of water, talks to himself, and remembers what he told Harley about Edmund having something on him. He says there is so much more to lose this time if anyone finds out, he remembers when he and Abby were on their honeymoon, and just knows that she wouldn't understand. Jim comes by and is worried about Rick he says they are all lucky to have Rick especially Phillip.
Beth asks Edmund why he is there; he said he was visiting a friend. She says you don't have any. He tells her that Lizzie is a fighter just like her mother. She thanks him for the horse and kisses him on the cheek. Phillip just happened to be walking by when that happened. Edmund and Phillip go into an empty room, Phillip wants to know how he got so twisted, Edmund says he has had a complicated life, Phillip tells him he did not buy the noble gesture of Dr. Chase, Ed says now who is playing with a child's life. Edmund tells Phillip he is the one jerking everyone around so he shouldn't be judging him. Beth and Phillip are in the hall, Jim says Lizzie is a little sick and he is worried. Noah goes in and checks on Lizzie. He comes back out and tells them all that they have a big problem.

At Company:
Phillip and Harley arrive at company, she is going to stay there during the Chemo. Phillip sees Rick outside he goes out and asks if everything is ok and what is wrong. Rick says he is tired of thinking about Michelle. Harley sees them and watches through the window. Rick is also worried about Harley poking around in his past. Phillip asks why he is so worried about Harley poking into his past and is there something she may find. Rick says he isn't hiding anything and Phillip tells him that there shouldn't be anything to worry about then.
Frank comes in and tells Harley the good news. He is back on the force. Phillip comes back in and says he is going to the hospital and leaves. Frank asks his sister to have some coffee and talk about why you can't trust Phil out of your sight. Harley and Frank sit down and celebrate his being back on the force. Frank wants to know why she was watching Rick and Phillip. She says she is worried about Phillip; Edmund is blackmailing him with something about Rick. Frank is curious, Harley says she cannot stay out of this; she has to find out what Edmund has on Rick and stop him. Frank wants to know what she has so far. She says it dates back to when Rick was in medical school. She says there has to be something she can do to fix it. Harley asks Frank what he knows about Claire Ramsey. Harley gets a phone call, her contact tells her something but she thinks it has to be bigger than that. She wants to go to Chicago and wants the number for Dr. Claire Ramsey.

Frank comes out from the back; Rick comes in to look for Harley. He leaves to find her, but she is gone. Rick remembers back to a time when he was with Claire. He remembers talking about a secret.

On the Beach:
Bill and Pilar on the beach, he has brought a picnic. She is worried someone will see them and something will happen to them. He tells her about Carmen being in the hospital in the same room as Pilar, she laughs. She says that it is poetic justice that her mom is locked up. She says that she should be thankful for feeling free even if it is temporary. Bill tells her that no one will hurt her again. Bill and Pilar talk about how she needs him, and what will she do next that will tear his world apart; he says he is lucky to have her in his life. They talk about mistakes and they begin to kiss.

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