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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of April 3, 2000 on ATWT
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Monday, April 3, 2000

Simon is in his hospital room and he is trying to get dressed. His hands are bandaged because they were burned in the fire at Lily's house. Simon tries to put on his shirt with his bandaged hands and the shirt falls to the ground. As he is bending over to pick it up, Lily comes into the room with flowers in hand. She bends over and picks up Simon's shirt and helps him put it on. He starts to apologize for the fire and she tells him how thankful she is. She tells him that if it wasn't for him she may have never taken the time to look at the old photos. She asks him why he called her beloved and then asked for forgiveness? He fumbles through an explanation, but Lily says that she thinks that he was thinking of his grandfather at the time. She invites him to come and stay at her house and he declines. He tells her that he is going to leave Oakdale today. She tells him that he can't take care of himself with his hands all bandaged up. She asks him to at least come home with her and show Luke that he is OK. He tells her that he will go with her, but just for a minute.

When Lily and Simon get to Lily's house, Lucinda is there with the children. Simon talks to Luke and tells him that he is going to be OK. Luke runs out of the room and Lily asks Simon again to stay at her house. He says that he can't do it. She tells him that she will hire a nurse for him if he is uncomfortable. He says that she can't go to that expense. She says that she can afford it. He finally gives in and says that he will stay but only for a few days. Luke comes back in and drags Simon off to look at the fort he had built. When they are gone, Lucinda asks Lily if she is out of her mind? Lily explains that she owes it to Simon. If it hadn't been for him she and the kids could have really been hurt in the fire. Simon sneaks up to listen to the women as they talk. He hears Lily say that he saved her life and she simply can't let him walk out of it. Later, she fixes Simon some lunch. She has fixed a sandwich for him and she says that she should have fixed soup. Simon says that he will learn to use his hands, even if it is a sandwich. The phone rings and it is Holden. Lily tells him about the fire and down plays it. She tells him to stay in Paris, she has everything under control. She tells him that she loves him and misses him and then they hang up. Simon says to her that she lied to Holden. She says that she didn't really lie, she just told him enough. Simon says that she didn't mention that he was staying at her house. He says that it won't matter anyway, because by the time Holden gets back, he will be gone.

Margo brings Chris into the squad room where Tom is waiting on him. She informs Tom to tell a cop when they are finished. Chris can feel the tension between the two and says that he doesn't want to interfere in their lives. Tom tells Chris that somewhere along the lines a DA and a cop will be on opposite sides. Chris turns to Margo and tells her to keep on eye on Katie, because her stalker is still out there. He tells her that he knows that they think that he is the stalker, but he isn't. Chris goes into the interrogation room and Tom tells Margo that she should listen to Chris. She should keep on eye on her little sister. Tom follows Chris into the interrogation room. Margo leaves.

At the station, Katie comes in all frazzled. Henry is trying to tell her about the next special that they are going to air. Finally, Henry gets Katie's attention and shows her a graphic on the monitor that says, "Portrait of a Stalker's Victim." Katie refuses to do the story. Henry informs her that if she doesn't do it, he has plenty of things to blab. She says that he wouldn't and he tells her to go ahead and try him. Margo comes walking in and sees the graphic and asks Katie if she is out of her mind for doing a piece like that. Katie looks at Henry and then says that it would be therapeutic to do the story and get everything out into the open. Margo tries to talk her out of it and she asks Katie if that creep (Henry) is making her do this. Katie says that she has a job to do and she is going to do this piece. Katie walks away from Margo and Margo calls Tom and informs him of what they are planning at WOAK. Tom goes into action. He tries to get hold of Kim and she can't be found. He calls the stage manager and tells him that the story would not be good for his client and he is getting an injunction to stop the broadcast. He adds that if they go ahead with the story, he will sue them. The stage manager goes to Henry and tells him about Tom on the phone and what he is threatening. Henry tells him to transfer the call to him. Henry walks over to the phone and Katie says that she is sorry that his story won't be aired today. The phone keeps ringing. She tells Henry to answer the call, Tom is not kidding, he will sue him in court. The phone continues to ring and Henry informs Katie that he didn't get a call and how can he be sued over something that he didn't have any idea about? Henry tells Katie to take her place at the desk. Katie starts the broadcast. Back at the station, Tom slams the phone down because no one will talk to him. Chris tells him that it is too late and he points at the TV where they see Katie and the graphic, "Portrait of a Stalker Victim."

Isaac is getting ready to go before a committee to get his liquor license back. Camille tells him how happy she is that he is doing this all legit. A young guy in a black leather coat comes in and asks Isaac if he is too late and Isaac tells him that he is right on time. The guy hands Isaac an envelope and tells him good luck and leaves. Camille looks worried. Isaac informs her that this is the insurance that he will get his liquor license. He says that one of the officials on the committee has some information that he will want to keep secret. Camille begs him to do this by the book. Isaac says that nothing goes his way when he tries to play by the rules. Camille gives it one last chance and says that he can't go wrong if he will play right. He tells her that he will try it her way, but when it doesn't work, he will play his way. Isaac leaves and Camille goes to the hospital. She finds Ben and tells him about Isaac trying to get his liquor license. She asks him to go to the committee and vouch for his brother. Ben refuses to help. Camille gets stern with him and says that Isaac is his brother and he owes it to him. Ben says that he doesn't owe Isaac a thing. John comes walking up and asks why are they shouting at each other. Camille tells John about Isaac trying to get his liquor license for his club. John asks if she isn't supposed to be taking an exam? She says that she is on her way. She asks John for a favor. Would he go to the committee and vouch for Isaac. John laughs and says that he will not do that. Camille leaves in a huff. John is still laughing and Ben asks him why he is doing that. Camille has forgotten her books and steps back into the hall just in time to hear John tell Ben that he got to the committee and told them that with Isaac owning a club, he will attract the wrong kind of people. Camille stomps off. Ben tells John that he is once again sticking his nose into other peoples business just like he did with him and Denise and Andy. Ben walks away shaking his head at John.

Isaac is standing in front of the committee. He is trying to explain why he needs a liquor license. The committee members are giving him a hard time. They are saying that he hasn't been in the community long enough to get established. Isaac starts to lose his temper and one of the committee members tells him to watch his attitude. Isaac calms down and explains that he is establishing relationships in the community. The committee tells Isaac that they need to confer with each other. As they are talking, Isaac reaches into his coat and pulls out the envelope. Just at that moment, Camille busts into the room and asks if she may say a few words on the behalf of Mr. Jenkins. She gives her reasons why she thinks that Isaac should have a liquor license. When she is finished, the committee goes back to talking amongst themselves. Ben walks into the room and says that he would like to say a few words on the behalf of Isaac Jenkins. Isaac looks at Ben with a half smile. Ben tells the committee why he feels that Isaac should have his liquor license back. The committee is impressed with Dr. Harris and they grant Isaac his liquor license. Isaac shakes Ben's hand and thanks him. While Isaac signs all the papers, Ben and Camille go to the hall and Ben tells Camille that he came there because John had interfered with yet another life. Camille says that she knows that and she is on her way to have it out with Dr. Dixon.

Back at the hospital, John is happy and singing in the hall. Lucinda comes up and teases him about being so happy. Camille comes up and interrupts the two and says that she needs to have a word with Dr. Dixon. John looks at Lucinda and asks if she doesn't have something to do. She takes the hint and walks away. John asks Camille why she isn't taking her test? She says that it is because of him and she slaps his face. Lucinda is watching them.

Tuesday, April 4, 2000

Camille interrupts John and Lucinda. John asks Lucinda if she doesn't have something to do. She takes the hint and leaves. John asks Camille if she isn't suppose to be taking a test? She says that because of John she isn't taking it and she slaps him. Lucinda is watching from down the hall. Camille asks John why he went to the committee to hurt Isaac's image. They see people are watching them so they go into John's office. John tells her that Isaac runs around with unsavory people. Camille defends him and says that he has cleaned up his act and bought the club with his hard earned money. John asks her if she is going to grow up and stop acting like a love sick girl. He tells her that she had better open her eyes and see Isaac for what he really is. She tells John that Ben helped Isaac because he was as disgusted as she was with his meddling. He says that he never pegged her for a fool but now he can see how gullible she really is. John walks out of the room.

At the club, Lisa is congratulating Isaac. Isaac tells her about Ben helping him get his license back. Isaac offers to get Lisa a drink and then he turns to the crowd and says that the drinks are on the house. Everyone cheers. A guy comes up to Isaac and asks about his back room and is it open. Isaac's smile disappears and he takes the guy aside, away from Lisa. He tells him that his back room is not open to the public or to him or his friends. He says that his back room will be by invitation only. The guy chuckles at him and asks if he thinks the good citizens of Oakdale will keep him in business. He makes a comment about that bridge player over there (Lisa). Isaac tells him that that bridge player owns half of Oakdale and she is a player. He walks away from the guy and the guy goes over to Lisa and stands beside her at the bar. He is looking at her and when she looks at him, he smiles very slyly at her. Camille comes into the club and sits down at a table with Isaac. She sees the guy with Lisa and asks Isaac if he is the same guy that he was fighting with in his hospital room? Isaac tells her that this part of the club is open to the public and he can't just throw him out for no reason. He assures Camille that if he starts anything he will promptly show him the door. Camille looks worried.

Katie starts her broadcast. She talks about how a person can be so scared when the phone calls start to come in and letters arrive and how she was a part of that. Tom and Chris are listening to the broadcast at the police station. Jack comes in and joins them. Katie goes on and lists the characteristics of a stalker. Chris asks Tom how she can do this? He says that she is putting him on trial and he can't even defend himself. Tom tells him to shut up and only talk when they are alone. Katie goes on and finishes the broadcast by telling the viewers what to do if they think they are being stalked. When she is finished, Henry tells her what a good job she did. Henry calls the switchboard and he tells Katie that since the broadcast started they have had over one hundred phone calls. Katie can't believe it. Henry says that they have to find a way to get the story to go national. Katie tells him that they can't do that. She reminds him that the stalker started out to be a hoax. Henry says that now they have the chump, Chris Hughes taking the rap for them. Kim busts in the door and asks if they know what they have just done. She takes Henry and Katie into the control booth and reads them the riot act. Tom opens the door and asks if they know what they are doing at this station. Kim tells him to wait one minute. She tells Henry to make sure that human resources has his correct mailing address because he is fired. She walks out the door with Tom. Henry tells Katie that she is going to go to Kim and get his job back. She refuses until Henry takes a small recorder out of his pocket and plays back the episode with her and Henry talking about putting poison in Molly's sandwich. She reluctantly goes to Kim and begs her not to fire Henry. She tells Kim that the story was her idea and Henry just went along with it. She tells Kim that she loves her job and she didn't think that she was hurting Chris by doing the story. She explains that she only wanted the public to be informed. Kim tells her that by her broadcasting the story, she may have ruined the reputation of the station. Katie is crying and Kim sends her back to the control room. Tom tells her to fire Katie too. Kim says that she can't do that. She would open herself up to all kinds of law suits. She calls Henry and Katie back out and tells them that if they ever try to pull anything remotely close to today's fiasco, they will both be out of a job. Kim and Tom walk off. Henry says as they leave, "Thank you, Kim. That was very generous." Kim says, "Yeah, yeah, yeah."

At the police station, the phones are ringing off the hook. Julia walks in and asks Jack if she has missed something. Is there a big story? Should she go back to the Argus? He tells her that she is already covering the story. He tells her about Katie's broadcast and now all the crazies of Oakdale are calling in with stalker problems. Julia tells him that it explains about the woman who chased her off from watching Katie's apartment. Jack and Julia are discussing the problem that Chris has and how they don't think that he is the stalker. Hal comes in and sees them talking. He walks over and makes a comment that the phones are ringing off the hook and his detective is standing around talking with a reporter from The Argus. Jack and Julia confide in Hal about what they suspect in the stalker case. Hal tells him that they can't search for more clues, then he looks at Jack and tells him that off the record, he can look and he, too, thinks that Chris is innocent. Hal leaves and Jack and Julia put there heads together to try to find a way to watch Katie's apartment without anyone seeing them. Jack says that he has an idea and tells Julia to follow him. The go to see Chris in the jail cell. They tell Chris that they have a proposition for him. Jack explains about watching Katie's apartment for the real stalker and they think that he is innocent. Jack asks if they could use his apartment for the stake out. Chris says that they can and he will go with them and help out. Jack tells him that the charges have not been dropped, he and Julia just have a hunch and he has to remain in jail until they find the real stalker. Chris says that he understands and wishes them luck. As Jack and Julia are walking away, Chris begs them to find the real stalker soon. Jack says that they will do their best and they leave.

The last scene of the day, someone is sitting in a chair, watching Katie on video tape. The person keeps rewinding and watching the part where Katie says, "They could be making plans that would horrify you."

Wednesday, April 5, 2000

Jack wakes up from a dream about Carly to find Julia standing over him. Denise discovers Andy has made a will naming her and Hope as his heirs. A guilt-ridden Simon announces he's going to leave.

The social worker Mrs. Marks shows Andy and Denise the glowing report she's submitting and tells them she could file her final report in 3 or 4 months if they continue to do well. Andy decides to take the risky assignment so he can put a down payment on a house. Julia advises Jack to find a new home, one that isn't haunted by memories of Carly. Lily and Luc beg Simon to reconsider his decision to leave.

Kim is heartened when Jack and Julia tell her they are working to find evidence to clear Chris. Andy asks his mom to check up on Denise while he's gone. Jack is angered when Julia tells Andy that Jack is going to put his house on the market. Denise tells Ben that Andy is going to be gone for the next three weeks. Simon agrees to stay until Holden returns from Paris.

Kim hints to Ben that Andy is in denial about Denise. Andy shows Denise around Jack's house and announces he's going to buy it and put it in her name.

When Jack blasts Julia for telling Andy his house is for sale, she chides him for being unwilling to change and move on. After she accepts his challenge to move out of her hotel room and into an apartment, Jack throws away the jacket Carly sent him. Denise says goodbye to Andy. Simon sifts through Luc's toys looking for his missing photo.

Thursday, April 6, 2000

Emily is annoyed when Tom drops by for an unscheduled visit with Daniel. She tells him she's tired of working around his schedule. She claims Daniel is out with his grandmother, but when Susan returns, Tom realizes that Daniel was home all along. A fuming Tom storms out. Susan doesn't approve of her daughter's tactics, but Emily vows to be in control of her life from now on. A frustrated Tom tells Margo he plans to go to court to work out formal visitation rights for Daniel. Henry's thrilled that the stalker piece was good for ratings, but Margo is concerned for Katie's safety. Katie convinces Margo that she doesn't need more security. Meanwhile, Katie's stalker makes note of her work schedule. Abigail calls Jennifer from Paris, and asks her friend to let Chris know that she believes he's innocent. Jake smuggles Jennifer into the interrogation room, where she relays Abigail's message. Hal finds Jennifer there and lets her have it for getting involved. A distressed Jen admits to Barbara she has no life of her own. Chris realizes that Molly must have known that Katie was after her job, and asks Jake to visit Molly at the hospital. Meanwhile, the stalker visits Molly and vows Katie will never replace her. Jake fills Molly in on what has been going on, hoping to wake her from her coma. Frustrated, Jake tells her how Katie has not only taken over her life, but hurt Abigail as well. Jake leaves and Molly opens her eyes!

Friday, April 7, 2000

When Lily learns Holden is on his way home from Paris, she suggests to Simon that he move out. Chris admits to Jack and Julia that he was watching Katie at the time he was arrested. Katie gets a phony telegram asking her to meet Holden at the studio. Henry discerns that Katie is canceling on him because of Holden.

Henry and Katie's argument in the control room is broadcast to several WOAK staffers. Katie tells Henry the game is over and storms out. Henry is hit on the back of the head and collapses on the floor. Chris explains to Julia his theory about Katie leaking the photos. Luc picks up Simon's old photo and murmurs "Mommy."

Jake's interest deepens when Chris denies sending flowers to Molly's hospital room. Jack and Julia bicker as they lie in wait in Chris's apartment. Simon rescues the photo from Luc's artwork. Jack ambushes the superintendent, who's delivering Chris's mail, and swears him to secrecy. The stalker sets up a shrine to Molly at WOAK in preparation for Katie's arrival.

Lily guilt-trips Simon until he agrees to stay and complete his portrait of her. Jake tries to track down who sent the flowers. Katie's call to Holden is cut off but she's not worried. Jack observes the banter between Jake and Julia. Katie finds the shrine to Molly at the studio and rails at Henry, believing him to be behind it, until she finds Henry's body in the control room.

Lily finds Simon's photo addressed to him from "Beloved" and is stunned by the resemblance. Jack learns the flowers were sent by a Garth Andrews, a WOAK staffer, and tries to warn Katie, only to discover she has already left her apartment. A pistol-packing Garth meets Katie at the studio and chides her for not remembering his name.

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