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Passions Recaps: The week of April 3, 2000 on PS
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Monday, April 3, 2000

Since she failed to persuade Charity to go on the ski trip, Tabitha tries to figure out another way to bring Charity over to the dark side. Once she realizes there is no other way, she successfully uses reverse psychology to persuade Charity to join Miguel at the ski lodge.

Kay is determined to seduce Miguel while on the ski trip. She comes up with a plan using an urgent note as the bait to lure Miguel to the hot tub. But when Simone goes to deliver the message, she gets distracted and doesn't realize she may have placed the note in the wrong mailbox.

Luis and Hank discuss Sheridan's move to Paris. Luis claims he's over her and is ready to move on with his life. But once he's alone, Luis reveals he's still bothered by what happened with Sheridan before she left. Meanwhile, in Paris, Sheridan can't get Luis off her mind, unaware that Roger and Pierre are stalking her.

Ethan and Chad jump Theresa and Whitney, mistaking them for intruders. Once the misunderstanding is cleared up, Ethan invites the girls to stay at the cabin with them. Theresa, seeing this as another sign that she and Ethan are meant to be together, persuades a reluctant Whitney to stay.

Tuesday, April 4, 2000

Crane Cabin Gang:
Theresa is fantasizing about Ethan, and Whitney has a fantasy about Chad. Chad leans to her like he is going to kiss her and she screams "No!" but it turns out he was just moving a candle away from her hair. They decide to play Scrabble, and Ethan and Theresa spell out words that have to do w/ weddings (like "honeymoon") while Chad spells out the word "desire." Whitney in turn spells out "never," and then Chad spells the word "condom." Whitney says she has no words, but Theresa says sure she does...the word "sex." Chad ends up winning and they decide to go to bed. Theresa tells Whitney that she shouldn't try to fight her feelings for Chad. After everyone goes to bed, Theresa gets up and sits by the fire. Ethan comes in and says he couldn't sleep either. They talk a little bit and then Ethan leaves, but not before telling Theresa that she really looks beautiful in the firelight. Meanwhile, Chad goes out for a walk and Whitney watches him from her window. He looks in because he can feel her watching him, but she hides.

The Scooby Gang at the Ski Lodge:
Charity tells Miguel that maybe her feelings were that something bad would happen to him if she didn't go on the ski trip. They decide to go find Kay.

In the hot tub, Kay is inside naked when Reese walks up! He says he got Kay's note, and Kay secretly vows to kill Simone. Reese takes off his pants and gets in the hot tub with Kay, saying he had heard these trips got wild but he had no idea! He tries to kiss her when Simone walks up and asks what's going on. Miguel and Charity then walk up and ask the same thing! Kay is totally embarrassed, and is even more so when Reese mentions the note! Miguel and Charity leave, and so does Reese. Kay gets really mad at Simone and pushes her into the hot tub with all her clothes on! Simone yells at Kay and Kay apologizes and promises to help her get Chad.

Meanwhile, Miguel says goodnight to Charity and goes to his room. Charity looks at some skis propped up against the wall and has a vision of Miguel with a ski pole in his chest!

Harmony PD/Paris:
Luis calls Sheridan and she is pleasantly surprised to hear from him. He brings up Jean-Luc and she gets really angry, saying that she doesn't want Luis rubbing her bad relationships in her face. Luis tries to tell her that she may be in trouble, but she won't listen and slams down the phone. She then calls the hotel front desk and tells them not to take any more calls from Luis in Harmony. Meanwhile, Pierre is aiming the sniper rifle at Sheridan's head, but he can't get a clear shot because she keeps moving. Finally she steps out on the balcony and he shoots! However, he misses and the bullet grazes Sheridan's ear. She thinks it was just a bee and brushes it off. Roger suggests that they pretend to be Jean-Luc and invite Sheridan to the country house. They send Sheridan a note and she decides to go there, saying she'll show Luis. Back in Harmony, Pilar shows up and tries to persuade Luis to call Sheridan again. He tries, but of course he can't get through. He says maybe it's just a coincidence that the drug lord Jean-Luc was killed when Sheridan left Paris and he's making a big deal over nothing. However, he has a nagging feeling that something is wrong. Pilar says he should go to Paris, and he tries to argue that money is tight for the family. Pilar insists and Luis calls to make arrangements to go to Paris.

Wednesday, April 5, 2000

Sheridan gets up and says she had an awful sleep. She gets dressed and the maid comes in with her breakfast. Sheridan tells the maid that she is going to visit her ex-boyfriend and return some stuff of his, and she also tells the maid her sob story about how men always use her. Then she goes to the church to pray for strength to get rid of all her anger for Luis. She asks God to help her stop thinking of Luis.

He is on the plane to Paris, having a dream about his dates w/ Sheridan, kissing Sheridan, etc., and then he dreams of her slapping him and wakes up. He calls Pilar, who reassures him about going to Paris to warn Sheridan of the danger she's in. He hangs up and talks to himself a little about Jean-Luc. A flight attendant comes up and he tells her his story...she thinks he's in love with Sheridan, but he denies it. Once he gets off the plane, he goes to Sheridan's hotel, but the maid informs him that Sheridan has left.

They arrive at the country house and discuss how they are going to finish Sheridan off and no one will be able to hear her scream...she'll be trapped.

Julian calls Eve and asks if she has talked to her daughter and tells her that Eve better find the bird! Eve hangs up, but Julian calls back and TC picks up this time! Julian pretends to be a waiter from a Chinese restaurant, and then hangs up. Ivy badgers him about the bird statue, but he won't tell her anything. Meanwhile, Sam comes over and TC asks him for help finding the bird statue that he was trying to open. Eve calls Simone, who tells her that she threw the bird away, and Sam and TC want to go look for it. Eve tells them not to because it wouldn't be respectable, and they agree. They go out to play basketball and Eve calls Julian. Ivy answers, but Eve says she is calling about the hospital. Eve tells Julian they have to find the bird at the town dump. They meet at the dump and Julian is totally disgusted by all the garbage. They look around...elsewhere in the dump, the bum who found the bird wants to call about the ad in the paper, but has no money. He approaches Eve and Julian, saying he has to make an important phone call. Julian says to who, your stockbroker? Eve gives him a quarter and asks if he has seen a bird statue. He says no and goes to call. When he calls, Pilar answers and he says he's calling about the bird statue. Meanwhile, Eve scolds Julian for mistreating the bum, and Sam and TC decide to go to the dump to look for the bird after all.

Kay is angry that Charity is on the ski trip after all, and she says they should go back to Harmony to get that bird statue. Eve calls Simone and Kay finds out that Simone threw the bird away. She is even more angry and says she could have had Miguel by now if Simone hadn't lied to her.

Thursday, April 6, 2000

Harmony Town Dump:
Julian is completely disgusted at being at the dump, but Eve says they have to keep looking for the bird statue. Julian says they don't even know if the bird is there, but Eve says that is not a risk she wants to take. Meanwhile, Sam and TC start looking for the bird statue too. Eve spots them and tells Julian he has to hide. She covers him with trash just as TC sees her. She claims to have searched the whole area for the bird and they decide to go home.

Crane Mansion:
Pilar answers the phone and the Bird Bum says he's calling about the bird statue. Pilar tells him he must have the wrong number and Ivy is disappointed that no one has answered her ad. Ivy says she knows Pilar doesn't approve, but she's going to prove that Julian and Eve were connected. Pilar tells her that she's not being fair to Eve or Grace by trying to get Sam back. Ivy says it's not fair that she's stuck in a loveless marriage...and what is that smell? Julian walks in, covered with garbage, and tells Ivy not to ask. When he comes back down, freshened up, Ivy questions him. He still denies everything, and the phone rings. Pilar is about to answer it, but Ivy does instead and it's Bird Bum calling about the bird statue ad! Ivy gets a really evil grin on her face.

Bennett Brunch:
Grace is cooking when TC, Sam, and Eve come in. They tell her they were at the dump and the doorbell rings. Grace tells Sam to freshen up and goes to answer the door...and it's Bird Bum! He says the sign in Grace's shop said she buys interesting objects, and Grace says maybe he should try a different shop. He leaves after she gives him some money for food, and she goes back into the kitchen. She tells everyone that it was a homeless man trying to sell her a bird statue, and Eve sits down in shock!

Tabby turns down Grace's brunch invitation and says she has to go to Florida to visit a friend. Grace offers to watch Tabby's house and they talk a little bit about Charity. Grace leaves, and Tabby tells Timmy they have to get up to the ski lodge to watch Charity kill Miguel. They drive up to the lodge, Tabby speeding all the way. When they arrive, they go into the lodge and Tabitha reveals her plan: to start an avalanche!

Scooby Gang at Ski Lodge:
Miguel is teaching Charity how to ski and Charity says she's very glad she came. Inside the lodge, Kay complains that Miguel was supposed to be with her, not that Britney Spears wannabe! Reese comes up and invites Kay up to his room for supper, but Kay refuses. Reese says she must be shy but now that they're together they can take things slow. He kisses her on the cheek as he leaves and Kay says it's turning into the ski trip from hell! Miguel asks Charity about her visions, but Charity doesn't want to tell him and asks him for more skiing pointers. Kay is disgusted just watching them, and then says she has a brilliant plan to keep Charity and Miguel apart. Simone doesn't want to hear it, but Kay twists the truth to make it look like Simone's fault that all this happened. They head outside with Charity, and Miguel gets called to the front desk. Kay tells Charity that they should go out on a practice run before Miguel gets back. Charity goes to her room to get her lift pass, and Simone reprimands Kay for offering to take Charity on the most dangerous slope of all! She threatens to tell Miguel, but Kay says Simone shouldn't do it because she owes Kay for throwing out the bird and sending Reese to the hot tub. She also says that she'll ruin Simone's chances with Chad if Simone doesn't help. Simone agrees and Charity comes back. She wants to wait for Miguel, but Kay says no.

Luis walks up to Sheridan's room, fixes himself in the mirror, and knocks on the door. However, the maid comes in and tells him that Sheridan went out to meet a man. Luis says he can't believe he ever thought Sheridan would need him...she's already going out with a new boyfriend. He calls Sam from a pay phone and Sam tells him to keep going since he's already in Paris. He thinks he put the Interpol fax in his pocket, but it instead drops to the ground.

Sheridan walks into her favorite restaurant and the maitre'd asks about Jean-Luc. Sheridan explains and the waiter apologizes. He shows her to a table and gives her a glass of wine. He says she is beautiful, she's in Paris, and it's spring...she will fall in love again. Sheridan sits down and wonders why Jean-Luc wanted her to meet her at the country house, but it doesn't matter because she doesn't have anything better to do. The waiter asks for her order, but she says she has to be going to an appointment. At the same time, Luis looks at the menu outside the same restaurant for something like a grilled cheese sandwich. As Sheridan is walking out, she bumps into Luis and is pleasantly surprised to see him! The exchange a tender hello, and Luis buys Sheridan a rose. She offers to cancel her appointment, and he brings up his earlier phone call. She gets angry all over again and says it's none of Luis' business. He wants to show her the Interpol fax, but can't find it and can't remember Jean-Luc's last name. Sheridan says Jean-Luc was never involved with drugs or killers...does Luis think she's an idiot? She says she can take care of herself. Luis spots the fax on the ground where he dropped it and goes to pick it up, but when he does, Sheridan leaves! He goes back to the airport, ready to fly back to Harmony, but the flight attendant from before stops him and asks if he told Sheridan of his love for her. He says he's not in love with her, and why does everyone keep saying that?

Jean-Luc's Country House:
Roger and Pierre discuss what the consequences will be if Sheridan tells Interpol about them, but Roger reassures Pierre that they will shoot Sheridan before she can tell anyone. Sheridan knocks on the door and Roger opens it. He says Jean-Luc is out for a bit but they have been expecting her. She recognizes the two men as Jean-Luc's "business associates" from the summer and steps in, not noticing the gun hidden behind Pierre's back.

Friday, April 7, 2000

He's waiting to board the plane back to Harmony, but he still has a nagging sense that something is wrong with Sheridan. He converses with the flight attendant about how he feels Sheridan is in danger, but insists that he is not in love with her. He ends up getting on the plane, but at the last minute decides that Sheridan needs his help and gets off. He goes to Sheridan's hotel again, and the maid talks to him in the hall about how she should have been back by now. Luis hurries off to find Sheridan, hoping it's not too late.

Country House:
Sheridan goes inside at Roger and Pierre's request and looks around. Pierre points a gun at her, but she turns around and he hides it. Roger and Pierre go into the kitchen to make Sheridan some tea, and Roger says he wants to kill Sheridan by putting a bomb in the car so that the murder is less traceable. Pierre goes out to work on it and Roger tries to keep Sheridan in the house. She finally decides to leave and goes out to her car, but it won't start. She goes back and says she'll just take a taxi, but Roger says she's not going anywhere and she turns around to see Pierre's gun pointed at her face!

The Ski Slopes:
Ethan is showing Theresa some ski moves while Whitney looks on. Suddenly they see Chad, who is skiing way too fast and runs smack into Whitney. He falls on top of her but she hastily pushes him off. Whitney goes to Theresa and says they have to leave right now because Theresa is never going to get over Ethan this way. Theresa finally agrees and they head back to the cabin with Ethan and Chad to get their stuff. Theresa is about to call a cab, but Ethan says they can just drive home in the extra car they have at the cabin. While Ethan and Theresa load the car, Chad accuses Whitney of leaving not because of Theresa, but because she felt something for Chad and she's running away from it. She of course denies everything and her and Theresa leave.

Miguel is still on the phone and Charity has a vision of him at the bottom of a mountain, covered in snow with a ski pole in his chest! Kay insists that they get going, but then Charity gets a phone call. Kay and Simone go ahead to Pine Ridge, the hardest slope at the resort. They stand at the top, saying how hard it is, when two guys come up and tell them that they are chicken for not going down the slope. They finally push Kay and Simone down the slope! Meanwhile, Charity's phone call is a man calling about some kids making trouble on Pine Ridge, and the guy tells Charity to tell Miguel to get up there. However, the man is actually Tabby disguising her voice so she can get Miguel to Pine Ridge for the avalanche. Miguel heads for Pine Ridge with Reese to check it out. However, when they get there, no one is there and "Reese" is not really Reese, but Charity in disguise--she wanted to be there to make sure nothing happened to Miguel. So Miguel and Charity talk a little bit while Tabitha and Timmy set the fuse for the dynamite that will cause the avalanche. Meanwhile, Kay and Simone come back from Pine Ridge covered in tree branches from their wild ride down the slope. Reese comes up and says how brave Kay is...

Tabitha lights the fuse on the dynamite, and suddenly Timmy looks with his binoculars and realizes that Charity is with Miguel! They try to stop the fuse because they have to save Charity, but it's too late and the dynamite explodes! A huge avalanche starts coursing down the mountainside. Charity and Miguel are the first to see it...Reese, Kay and Simone run out the door of the lodge just in time to see it...Ethan and Chad have just said good-bye to the girls when they see the avalanche and immediately hope that the girls aren't too far down the road. Theresa and Whitney are driving and hear a sound like a train. Theresa pulls over and suddenly they discover that it isn't a train at all...they look out the window and the avalanche is heading straight for their car!

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