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Bo slept with Melanie. R.J. set Bo up and then accused him of police brutality. Viki had surgery. Sophia locked Kevin and Kelly into a storage room with a camera in order to get evidence. Roseanne threw a wedding reception.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 3, 2000 on OLTL
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Monday, April 3, 2000

Max wouldn't let Blair call an ambulance after Asa attacked Ben. Sam later wanted to press charges against Asa, but Ben refused to cooperate. While Skye helped spirit Asa's banker away, Max became furious when Blair sided with Ben. Joey, Jessica, Kevin and Kelly all visited Viki on the night before her surgery. Viki reminisced with her children when Jessica brought along some family momentos. Meanwhile, Ben began experiencing blurred vision after Asa's attack and decided to make an appointment for the next day at the very same clinic where Viki was staying.

Cristian surprised Will when he volunteered to go undercover and work for Asa to see if he could get Asa to admit to framing Will. Bo met a beautiful stranger named Melanie after she ran over his motorcycle. Bo and Melanie later bumped into each other while having dinner at the same inn and wound sharing a meal. Lindsay asked Ben not to tell Bo about her pregnancy or her miscarriage. Later, Lindsay lied to Sam and told him that she felt no animosity towards Nora.

Tuesday, April 4, 2000

At the Penthouse, Roseanne slinks downstairs to a sleeping Cristian who is on the sofa. She has no clothes on. Cris hastily gets up and covers her with a blanket. She wants to make love but he reminds her that he is only there because of their deal. He will not sleep with her.

Kevin, Jessica and Joey are at Rodi's discussing their mom. Antonio saunters over to Jess to tell her something about Cris. He wants her to know that his brother has moved in with Roseanne but it's not what it appears. Rosie bought the mortgage for the diner and has threatened to foreclose on it. Cris made a business deal with her. Jess thanks him for the info and leaves. Just as Kelly arrives, R.J. storms in with the press hot on his heels. He announces that he has been the victim of a brutal attack, for no reason, by the police commissioner. He is a dangerous man, on the loose. R.J. mentions that Roseanne Vega will testify on his behalf. Antonio, laughing nearby, says that Rosie has no credibility and R.J. is only angry because Bo wouldn't help him to find Téa. R.J. started the fight. Kevin retorts that R.J. has a record and no one will believe him. R.J. accuses Kevin of believing in the motto, "once guilty, always guilty" and tells Antonio that he must have been paid off by the Buchanans. This whole thing could happen to any innocent person, he says.

John and Hank confer at the police station over R.J.'s charges. Hank wants to know why everyone has refused to speak about the incident and threatens to turn the case over to the internal affairs division or launch an investigation by the mayor. Just then, Lisa draws their attention to the television, just in time to see R.J. When it's mentioned that the bar had been filled with a bunch of off-duty cops, the DA demands that Bo be found. Sophia sees Kelly standing with Joey and Kevin and makes comments about them all being together. John orders everyone to search for Bo but figures he won't be found unless he wants to be. Lisa reminds Sophia to check in the surveillance equipment lying on her desk.

At the inn, Bo asks the woman, Melanie, to dance. At first she refuses but she gives in. She's awkward, though after a few instructions, the couple glides gracefully in time to the music. For a short time, they have forgotten their problems, they admit. They part company, as Melanie goes off to her room. Later, they realize that they have connecting rooms. They also determine that they both have personal battles to fight.

Antonio tells Kelly and Kevin that Bo attacked R.J. as a man, not as a cop. Both of the reporters get messages that there is a lead on Bo's whereabouts and they depart, separately.

Roseanne returns to Cris after putting a robe on. He still refuses to sleep with her. When she says she loves him, Cris advises her that she only knows about power and controlling him, not love. He is not connected to her as she thinks he is and will have nothing to do with her. When they hear a knock at the door, Roseanne answers it to find Jess. She taunts her about living with Cris and says "her husband" is busy. Cris walks over and reminds her of their living arrangement. Jess knows all about it from Antonio and she's not going to judge or be upset, she tells Cris. She just needs a friend. They sit down to watch a scary movie like old times and Jess admits to being comforted by that. Rosie spies on them from the other room.

Sophia sets up a camera in a storage room. After she's satisfied with the way it's working she leaves. Shortly after, first Kevin and then Kelly arrive to get info from their sources. The door slams behind them and it's locked. Kev soothes Kelly and tells her they'll get out. Sophia enjoys watching them from another room.

At Rodi's, Joey thanks Antonio for trying to help Bo out. Antonio will only comment that R.J. got what he asked for but he won't elaborate. He eludes to his personal situation and how you never really know someone. It seems pretty thought-provoking to Joey.

Bo hears Melanie crying from her room and goes in to comfort her. He asks if there's anything he can do and as they look into each other's eyes, they begin to kiss.

As the reporters swarm into the police station, John advises them that he has no comment. He will let Hank know if he hears anything but the DA accuses John of stalling and that maybe R.J. really does have a case. Lisa announces that Bo's motorcycle has been found, heavily damaged, outside of a coffeeshop in nearby Berwyn. Hank orders the area surrounded.

Wednesday, April 5, 2000

Melanie wakes up in Bo's arms, but slips out before saying good bye. In the lobby of the lodge, Sykes is circulating Bo's picture asking questions. Melanie overhears, and lies to Sykes telling him that she saw Bo taking a cab away. She then goes to Bo's room to warn him that the police were looking for him, however, they decide not to exchange names and just remember their time together.

R.J. brings the media to the police station to confront Hank. "Are the Buchanans above the law?" R.J. demands. As Hank assures R.J. that there will be a full investigation, Bo shows up at the precinct.

Jess and Joey are at the hospital by their mother's side as she prepares for surgery. Joey becomes more and more perturbed as Kevin still has not showed up. Viki tries to get him to relax, but Joey decides he has to call Kevin to see what's going on. As Joey leaves the room he runs into Ben who is receiving treatment for his head injury from Asa. Joey lies about who he is visiting, but finally admits that Viki is missing him. One of Viki's plastic surgeons walk and she turns out to be none other than Melanie! Later, both Ben and Viki are in the lobby, but neither one see the other.

Sophia continues to watch Kevin and Kelly trapped in the storage room. As Sophia waits for the evidence she needs, Kelly and Kevin get closer and closer as Kelly comforts Kevin about his mother.

Thursday, April 6, 2000

Llanview Police Department

In the squad room, R.J. demands that Sykes arrest Bo for his "aggravated assault" but John responds that he takes his orders from the commissioner. R.J. sees this as a "conflict of interest" but Hank comments that no one will be arrested until he has heard both sides of the story. Bo explains that he wouldn't have "taken off" if he had known R.J. intended to press charges and he is ready to answer questions from the press about where he has been until Nora interrupts and asks him not to say another word. "You and I need to talk about what you're going to do next - before you do it." Nora and Hank team up to convince Bo to "do it all by the book." In Bo's office, Nora wonders "how did something so absurd get so far?" She is surprised by Bo's explanation: "I had words with R.J. Actually it was a lot more than words. I went over the line - way over - and I was wearing a badge when it happened, so there you have it. I think you are wasting your time coming down here because I'm guilty...we all need to face the consequences of our actions..." Bo moves toward the door to give his statement to the press, but Nora blocks his exit. "I am not gonna let you go out there and hang yourself out of some misplaced sense of were pushed over the line and I bet I can get a whole bunch of witnesses I need to prove it." Bo doesn't want to "put a lawyer's spin on it" but Nora is adamant that "actions are subject to interpretations...why is it that you insist on picking out the worst one? want to be punished?"

Bo just wants to "tell the truth" and figures that Nora "should understand that better than anybody." Nora smiles at the irony and observes that Bo is still mad at her and "that's why you won't let me help you." Bo claims that he's not mad now but that "I was, I was mad at everybody, especially myself...I think that's why I went after R.J. and that's why I took off...I was riding fast enough that I left all my anger in the dust and I went far enough away that all my problems seemed to look smaller and smaller in my rearview mirror and finally they just didn't seem any bigger than everybody else's and it made it easier to turn around and come back and face them and face my punishment." Nora doesn't think Bo deserves to do hard time in Statesville for "roughing" R.J. up, especially when he "provoked" Bo. But Bo thinks he let R.J. provoke him, "I blew it. I lost control." Nora is indignant now: "You let yourself go. For once in your life you didn't keep your heart hermetically sealed? You had a human un-Bo moment? It happens to the best of us, just now and again, but the last time I checked, being human wasn't a felony in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania...I could get you acquitted if you'd just shut up your mouth and let me."

Bo questioned Nora's reasons for wanting to defend him and accused her of being a "lousy liar" when he didn't accept her explanation of how she would "do it for anyone in your position." Nora is forced to explain: "Nobody knows better than I do how much you've lost. The child you had, the child you could have had, Lindsay...I'm responsible for most of those things; the wedding and everything that happened afterwards leading up to and including your bout with R.J..R.J. may have struck the match but I'm the one that soaked your psyche in kerosene...please let me defend you; I don't want to see you lose your freedom on top of everything else. That I could not stand and that is the truth." But not the "whole truth" according to Bo who asks Nora to explain "what you were going to tell me that night I took off...what was the truth you had found at that time?"

Back in the squad room, Jared Hall asks John Sykes for a statement about what happened at Rodi's between Bo and R.J. John offers that the "only thing I witnessed that night was an obnoxious loudmouth with a hunger for publicity and revenge...he's still not satisfied." R.J. is ranting to the press about the "good old boy system" in Llanview and the "family values" of Nora defending Bo when she's his ex-wife and also the ex-wife of the D.A. until Hank interrupts him and orders the press out of the room while he lectures R.J. about "earning respect." Later, John informs R.J. that he will have a tail on him 24/7 because "we both know what's going on here: Téa's gone, you're mad as hell and you're looking to burn somebody."

The Diner

Cristian tells Will that his plan didn't work because "Max took Asa somewhere before I could talk to him." Will observes that this is just another in a string of "things not going too well for me...every time I go for a chance, someone slams the door in my face." Cristian doesn't want to give up; he wants to find Asa and thinks that Jessica could help them by getting information about Asa's whereabouts. Will is afraid that would be asking her to "set up her own grandfather" and "I love her way too much" to do that. Cristian wants Will to understand that "I know what it's like to love Jessica. I'm helping you to help her" but observes that "it's time we all stopped want to run away from your last chance at justice?" When Will explains that he is considering taking Hank's offer of 5 years instead of 20, Cristian is indignant: "Don't even think about taking it."

Storage Unit

Sophia is convinced she has gotten her "juicy confession" on tape and while waiting for the "video portion" from Kevin and Kelly she convinces herself that it's better that Joey find out now rather than after the wedding. Kevin is desperate to get out of the room to be with his mother but Kelly wonders if he's "desperate to get to Viki or desperate to get away from me?" Kevin acknowledges that he is trying to get away from Kelly because she makes him "feel things I don't want to feel...I don't have a right to feel these things." Kelly is saddened because Kevin needs a friend, "but the one person you're trapped with can't be your friend ever again...I'm failing this test big time." Kevin observes that the test they are facing is not nearly as hard as the one Viki is facing now, but at the same time he asks Kelly, "Do you have any idea how difficult it's gonna be to share a family together and not be able to share a life? But that's what we have to do." Kelly isn't sure that the kiss Sophia saw between them at Crossroads was, indeed, a "goodbye kiss." As they move closer together, Sophia thinks she's "got them" as Kevin explains his feelings to Kelly. "I don't want my brother to be looking at you and me when we're in his presence, or to be wondering about you and me when we're not, because it would kill him. I would lie to the world and I would lie to you and I would lie to me to keep that from ever happening." Kelly promises Kevin that she will make Joey happy. "I promised your mother that I'd stand by his side...I'd be a good wife...and be the mother of his children...I'm gonna keep that promise." Kevin thinks "that's gonna make you guys are perfect and I'm gonna see to it that nobody stands in the way of the two of you being happy." As Kevin and Kelly kiss, Sophia is delighted at herself. "I got you now...good." But Kevin is shocked at their kiss and wonders outloud what his mother would do if she found out about this "all the while she's trying to recover from breast cancer?" While Kelly promises that "it won't happen again," it is Sophia's turn to be shocked. Guilt ridden, she unlocks the door and frees Kelly and Kevin. They leave without seeing it was Sophia who trapped them.

Cherryvale Clinic

Jessica and Joey are waiting in Viki's room wondering where Kevin is. Joey is mad at his brother for not "being here for Mom" but Jessica thinks that Kevin is trying to run the Banner like Viki would and he's covering a "big story" which is why Joey also hasn't been able to reach Kelly. Jessica takes the down time to ask Joey about Asa and whether she should continue to trust him. Joey replies, "I love Grandpa too, but you know how he gets when he thinks he's protecting the family." Jess is upset at herself for being the last to figure Asa out. "I can't trust him...just because you love somebody and they love you it doesn't mean they won't lie to you or that they've been lying to you the whole time."

Outside the room, Viki is on the gurney with her sedative beginning to kick in and Ben sits across the room with his eye drops starting to dilate his eyes. Viki gets wheeled away while the doctor is checking Ben so by the time he can get up from his chair, her gurney has been replaced by another woman's and Ben thinks he was only seeing things. But when Joey comes out into the hallway and runs into Ben, Ben gets suspicious and asks if Viki is at the clinic. Joey doesn't spill the secret but gets Ben to tell him that Asa is responsible for Ben's head injury. "Your grandfather was trying to reach the green in two and I got in the way." Joey is saddened by the revelation, "When Dad adopted me he made me feel like Buchanan was a name to live up to. Now Grandpa makes me feel like it's a name to live down...there's nothing you can is family." Later, Ben tries to find out if Viki is a patient at the clinic by asking a nurse for her room number, but the nurse maintains Viki's "complete confidentiality" and tells Ben she is not at the clinic.

During surgery, Viki dreams about Ben. She fantasizes that Ben takes her away from the operating room, telling her that her sickness is "just a bad dream...this is what's real - you and me." She envisions them sharing a bubble bath and bubbly champagne and then dancing in their formal attire to "I've Got a Crush on You." Melanie finishes Viki's surgery and tells Joey and Jessica that "everything went smoothly" and their mother will be coming back to her room shortly. In the hallway, a groggy Viki calls out to Ben.

Friday, April 7, 2000

In the hallway at the clinic, Viki softly called out Ben's name, but he didn't hear her. She was taken back to her room and his doctor joined him with the good news that there was no serious damage to his eye. All he needed to do was use eye drops for a week and everything should be fine. Ben finally decided his eyes must be playing tricks on him, he couldn't have really seen Viki.

Back in her room, Viki is very groggy when Jessica and Joey go in to say hello. Finally, Kevin and Kelly appear and briefly explained that they got locked together in a supply closet and promise to tell the whole story later. Kevin apologizes to Viki, who tells him it's alright. They are all thrown out of the room so Viki can get some rest. Joey lingers behind a moment and Viki asks him if Ben was there because she thought she saw him. Joey explains that Ben is there, but there's nothing to worry about, he has no idea that she's there, too. After he leaves, Viki reaches out and grabs the fuzzy dice lying on the bedside table and holds them close to her.

Sophia, at Crossroads, is watching the tape she made and trying to figure out what she should do. Ben comes in and mentions being at the clinic, so Sophia assumes he was there to see Viki and starts to ask how she is. Not understanding, Ben snaps at her, saying how would he know, they broke up months ago. While Sophia's trying to figure out what to say, customers come in and Ben orders her to go take care of them. Later, Ben apologizes for cutting her off and asks her to tell him what she knows about Viki. Sophia hesitates and Ben demands that she tell him "now!."

Kevin, Kelly and Joey go to the police station to get the story about what's happening with Bo. Joey seems very skeptical when Kelly tells him the whole story about she and Kevin getting locked in together and then the door suddenly being unlocked the next morning. Since Bo's not making a statement, the three of them go to an empty courtroom to talk in private. Maybe it's what Sophia's been saying that makes him suspicious, but Joey feels there's something not right. "Now, I'm only going to ask this once. Is there something going on between you two?."

Lindsay woke up and turned on the TV, only to see a reporter at the police station mentioning that Bo and Nora were closeted together in his office. The reporter mentioned the fact that Nora had broken up Bo's wedding and implied that more was being talked about in there than Bo's case. Lindsay swore again that she would make Nora pay.

Inside Bo's office, Nora was trying to convince Bo to let her take his case. She dragged out of him what R.J. had said about him being a loser and about Nora having another man's child and trying to pass it off as his and most of the other hateful things R.J. said. R.J. was purposely antagonizing you, the man, not Bo Buchanan "Police Commissioner", Nora told Bo. He purposely angered Bo to get him to attack and Nora feels that she can win the case. Bo shouldn't punish himself because he lost control for a minute, she tries to convince him, he's only human.

Bo pushed her to tell him the "secret" that she so badly wanted to tell him before, but Nora talks her way around it and never does tell him that Lindsay was pregnant. Bo also wants to know why Nora's so anxious to take his case. Because she owes him, she tells him, and this is something she can do to help make things right. They talk about Lindsay and Bo seems to be willing to forgive Lindsay, except for the fact that she lied to him about being pregnant. After all this discussion, Bo finally agrees to let Nora take the case.

Lindsay arrives and Nora asks to speak to her alone for a moment. Bo goes outside and announces to the press, which is still assembled in the squad room, that he won't be making any sort of statement today. While the reporters are clearing out, Nora is inside trying to convince Lindsay to tell Bo the truth about her pregnancy. It will hurt him to learn he lost a child, but it may be the one thing that will help Lindsay and Bo get back together. Bo comes back in and Nora leaves. He asks Lindsay if she came down there to see him and if there's something she has to say. Outside, Nora runs into Sam and she suggests that maybe it's time to try to work things out in their own relationship.

Earlier, Sam had been defending Jared at his hearing before the judicial review board. Jared spoke to the board and told them that he'd made a mistake by not mentioning his drug conviction on his application to the Bar and that he was sorry he'd done it. He loves the law and has learned his lesson and will never do anything like it again. The board seems about to rule against him when Jared's grandfather, Ed Hall, arrives and speaks on his behalf. He believes the reason Jared lied was that he didn't want to disappoint his grandfather because he always tried to live up to his high expectations. After closing arguments from Sam, the board ruled in Jared's favor. Ed said hello to both Hank and Sam and then headed back home to Chicago.

At the diner, Cris is determined to find some way to keep Will out of jail. It's not so much that he cares about Will, but that he won't have a chance to win Jessica fairly. If Will goes to prison and gets hurt or killed, Jessica will always feel guilty and have feelings for Will because of it. Will heads over to Llanfair and talks to Jessica, telling her he loves her, but that no matter what happens she should get on with her life. She becomes very upset when she realizes that he plans to take the plea bargain Hank offered. She throws her arms around his neck and tells him he can't go to prison. Meanwhile, Cris is having troubles of his own with Roseanne. Flowers and a wedding cake arrive, Roseanne's decided to have the wedding reception they didn't have in New York. Cris threatens to leave, but Roseanne tells him that if he does, he'll break their agreement and Carlotta will lose the diner.

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