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Tim Reid
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Actor History
1996 to 1998 [on The Young and the Restless]; February 20, 2001 to May 11, 2001, [on The Bold and the Beautiful]; December 11, 2002 [guest]; May 30, 2011 to June 8, 2012 to August 21, 2012 [on The Young and the Restless]
Other Names

TIMBO (by his lover, Beth Hortense)


Died August 20, 2012, after ingesting a handful of Viagra and wine


Former security guard at an industrial plant (2010 to Jun 2012)

Former psychiatrist

Resides At


Marital Status


Past Marriages






Flings & Affairs

Phyllis Summers (engagement broken 1996)

Morgan DeWitt

Beth Hortense (affair 2012)

Crimes Committed

Blackmailed into giving false testimony at Phyllis and Danny's divorce trial, which he later recanted (1996)

Aided and abetted Morgan DeWitt in holding Steffy and Taylor Forrester hostage

Blackmailed Phyllis over the tape of her confession to running down Paul and Christine

Brief Character History

Genoa City's own rock star Danny Romalotti appeared on Broadway in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. While away in New York City, Danny was stalked by obsessed fan, then 20 year old Phyllis Summers. She drugged his drink, got him into her bed, and later claimed to be pregnant by him. Danny divorced his estranged wife "Cricket" (Christine) and joined Phyllis in a trial marriage to "do the right thing" for the child. Danny returned to Genoa City alone, but the pregnant Phyllis soon followed.

Christine had been digging up dirt on Phyllis to convince Danny how manipulative his new wife was. Phyllis outsmarted her though by convincing her former DNA lab co-worker Sasha Green to alter the records of Daniel's paternity. Eventually Phyllis' manipulations caught up with her, and Danny filed for divorce. Phyllis, convinced that without "Cricket" Danny would love her, decided to kill "The Bug," as Phyllis called her. Phyllis rented a car, and ran down Paul and Christine on what was supposed to be their wedding day. Paul jumped in front of the car to save Chris, and he was severely injured. Phyllis got away without being seen, and no one even suspected that she had been the hit and run driver.

At Danny and Phyllis' divorce hearing the judge postponed a decision until after marriage counseling. Phyllis disclosed to their psychiatrist, Dr. Tim Reid, that her insecurities stemmed from the fact that she was not the perfect blond haired blue eyed little girl her parents wanted her to be, but was a chubby red-haired freckled tomboy, and a major disappointment to them. Dr. Tim was an insecure, small, mousey, bald man, but he was very endearing. Sensing that Dr. Tim was attracted to her, sexy Phyllis seduced him. On the day that Tim intended to testify that he felt Danny and Phyllis should divorce, Phyllis blackmailed him with a videotape of their lovemaking. So Tim testified on Phyllis' behalf that her marriage to Danny had a chance. But he later recanted his testimony, and the judge declined to censure him. Phyllis finally accepted the inevitable, and her divorce from Danny was finalized.

To make Danny jealous, Phyllis became involved with Dr. Tim, but didn't reveal her lover's identity to Danny. Tim began wearing a toupee for Phyllis, but she would throw it off when they made love saying he didn't need it. When Tim proposed marriage, Phyllis accepted. Paul and Christine were finally married. In a renewed effort to "get The Bug", Phyllis got Tim to accompany her and followed the newlyweds and bedeviled them on their Caribbean honeymoon with tricks like placing an eel in their bed.

Phyllis' toddler son, Daniel, became seriously ill with bacterial meningitis and was hospitalized for several weeks. While Phyllis and Danny held vigil by his bedside, they became close. Phyllis broke it off with Dr. Tim. During this time Danny saw Phyllis in a new light and asked her to remarry him.

Two years after the hit and run by Phyllis, she overheard a phone conversation that led her to believe that the police had discovered that she was the driver. She panicked and went to Dr. Tim, demanding that he run away with her. Tim was unable to get her to tell him what she had done, but he convinced her that she needed to face her past and tell Paul and Christine whatever it was. Tim accompanied Phyllis to Paul's office, but once they faced the couple, it became obvious to Phyllis through their conversation that they knew nothing about her part in the hit and run. So Phyllis and Tim left, leaving Paul, Chris, and Tim very confused. Paul and Christine told Danny about the bazaar incident, and he questioned Phyllis, but got nowhere. Paul later questioned Tim about it, but Tim said he didn't know what that was about either and assured him that Danny was a lucky man to have Phyllis, admitting that he loved her, but he knew that she only had eyes for Danny. Danny and Phyllis were married, and Paul and Christine stood up for them. At the reception, Phyllis told everyone that she had made a lot of mistakes, but thanks to her loving, forgiving husband, Danny, she is a new person.

Phyllis and Danny finally were happy together with their son when Sasha Green showed up. Sasha had been dumped by Peter, the man Phyllis had paid to keep her happy and quiet about Daniel's paternity, and was now demanding $30,000 to keep mum about it. When Phyllis refused, Sasha went to Christine asking for $50,000. Phyllis hocked everything she had including her engagement ring, then finally got a loan from Dr. Tim for the $20,000 she still needed to pay off Sasha. Tim told Phyllis that it was all the money he had, but he loved her, and would do anything for her. As insurance, Sasha distributed copies of her manuscript detailing Phyllis' scheme against Danny, but Phyllis managed to intercept them all. Phyllis confronted Sasha in her hotel room, demanding to know if Sasha had sold her manuscript to the tabloids or made a deal with Christine. Phyllis slapped Sasha and she fell on the couch looking afraid. Phyllis said, "I will not let you..." The next time viewers saw Sasha, she was alone, lying passed out face-down on the bed clutching a piece of paper with the heading National Inquisitor. Smoke billowed out from under the bed and became a red glow. Paul and Chris arrived in the lobby later as Sasha was pronounced dead. Phyllis arrived at Malcolm's photo studio a wreck, saying, "Oh God, Malcolm, I can't believe what I just did." Phyllis, when questioned, claimed that Sasha had been fine when she left, and the fire was judged accidental since Sasha had been a known careless smoker and heavy drinker.

A week later, Nina Webster McNeil was referred to Dr. Tim for help with her failing marriage to Ryan McNeil. After Nina left his office, Tim's secretary questioned Tim about a $20,000 withdrawal from his account. He assured her that it was personal, and no problem. Investigating Sasha's possible murder and the fact that $30,000 in cash had been found in her room, Paul arrived at Dr. Tim's office and asked Tim if he had loaned Phyllis any money. When Tim refused to admit it, Paul cautioned him that his loyalty to Phyllis would ruin Tim for good this time. After Paul left, Tim went to Phyllis and asked about repayment of the loan. Phyllis lied to Danny that in trying to help her friend Sasha out of a jam she had borrowed $20,000 from Dr. Tim, and he needed it badly, so Danny wrote Tim a check. Phyllis paid off Dr. Tim and told him goodbye, telling him it was time they cut their ties. But a month later, Phyllis was back getting tranquilizers from Tim to drug Daniel's real father, Brian, but telling Tim they were for herself.

Nina continued to see Dr. Tim, telling him how her husband Ryan was seeing a younger, prettier, thinner woman (Tricia Dennison). Dr. Tim reminded Nina to take hope in that she and her husband had been separated for months, but Ryan still had not filed for divorce. Nina gave permission for Dr. Tim to talk with Ryan, and he advised him to make every effort to win back his wife and ask her to stop working for Cole, the man who had originally come between them. Ryan decided to move back in with Nina and her son Phillip (who was later-in-life known as Chance) for a trial month, and told Tricia that their relationship was over. Although happy to be back with Phillip, whom he considered his own son, Ryan was unable to dredge up any feelings for Nina. At Dr. Tim's suggestion, Nina hired a personal trainer and began to lose weight. The evening of their wedding anniversary Nina got dolled up and she and Phillip welcomed Ryan home with a cake and fancy dinner. Phillip urged them to reminisce about how they met and fell in love, and to dance together. Ryan got back some of "that loving feeling" and kissed Nina as they danced.

After an altercation with Nina, Tricia decided to win Ryan back by making him jealous in seeing her with someone else, and it worked. Nina tried to seduce Ryan, but at the last minute Ryan stopped her, saying he couldn't do it, as thoughts of Tricia swirled in his head. Nina burst into tears, guessing correctly that Tricia was the problem, and told him to pack his bags and go to Tricia. She woke up the next morning to find Ryan sleeping on the couch. But after finding out that Nina let Tricia believe that they had had a torrid night of lovemaking, Ryan tearfully left Nina. Due to the interference of Jill and Tricia's father, Keith, trying to keep them apart, Tricia and Ryan were pushed back together, they declared their love, and Ryan vowed to get a divorce. Young Phillip saw them together, so Nina found out and disappeared.

While Ryan flew to St. Louis to ID a body who might have been Nina, Nina returned home to find Tricia staying at her apartment. Nina screamed at Tricia that she had ruined her marriage, pulled a gun out of her purse and was pointing it at Tricia when Ryan arrived home. Ryan got a hysterical Tricia to leave and tried to convince Nina to give him the gun, that he still loved her, and that they could still work it out. But instead Nina put the gun to head, saying that she had nothing to live for. Ryan lunged at Nina, and the gun went off shooting Nina in the spine. After surgery Nina woke up not remembering the incident, and Ryan was arrested for her attempted murder. But after Nina remembered, Ryan was set free. Hearing about Nina's attempted suicide did not help Dr. Tim's already low self esteem, but he helped Nina recover and become a stronger woman who ended up shocking Ryan by filing for their divorce herself.

Meanwhile Phyllis was involved in her custody trial with Danny seeking full custody of Daniel. Paul discovered the pills that had been used to drug Brian, and went to Dr. Tim, whose name was on the bottle. Paul got Tim to admit that he had given his own prescription to Phyllis and was willing to testify to that. Phyllis visited Dr. Tim, to try to persuade him not to testify, but Tim was adamantly disappointed in her for using him once again, this time to drug someone. Pleading to Tim that she was innocent and how much she loved her son, Daniel, Tim told her that he could only testify to what he had done, and if she was truly innocent, it would come out in court. Phyllis reminded Dr. Tim of what this could do to his career, but Tim just asked her to leave.

At the trial Phyllis testified that she had not gotten tranquilizers from Dr. Reid or anyone. But when Tim was questioned on the stand, he admitted that he had given Phyllis diazepam – Valium. On cross examination Dr. Tim was accused of being a former lover with a grudge. Tim got very agitated, but admitted only that Phyllis was a very desirable woman, but that she had made all the advances. Tim left the stand and went to the bathroom to throw up. Later, back on the stand, Dr. Reid admitted that he was disappointed in his lack of a relationship with Phyllis, and as a result was very hurt and suffered from a lack of self-esteem. However, he said he wouldn't lie about the tranquilizers. He admitted that during Phyllis' divorce trial, she had manipulated him to lie on the witness stand. But he had gone to the judge and confessed his crime, and the judge saw no reason to censure him. "Phyllis is not my friend," Tim stated, then added, "She is the most evil person I have ever known. I wish I had never met her." After the toxicologist testified that the blood sample he used for the DNA test contained a high level of diazepam, another of Sasha's manuscripts turned up, and Phyllis went ballistic on the stand, Phyllis lost custody of Daniel and was declared an unfit mother. Shortly after the trial, Dr. Tim moved to New York City.

In 2001, Dr. Tim showed up at a bar in Los Angeles, wearing a toupee. He ran into Morgan DeWitt, an old friend from when he was 18 years old. He told her he had recently moved to Los Angeles and followed her home. Tim was surprised to see a child at Morgan's house, but Morgan explained that the child, Stacey, was her own. Dr. Reid recalled how badly Morgan had wanted to have a child and praised her for being a single parent. In reality, Taylor Forrester had discovered that Morgan had kidnapped her child, Steffy, so Morgan was holding Taylor captive in the fallout shelter in her basement, and Stacy was actually Steffy. After Tim left, Morgan commented to herself that Dr. Reid could come in handy one day.

Morgan became forced to trust Dr. Tim to look after Steffy, so turned on the charm, and suddenly kissed an unsuspecting Tim. He sheepishly admitted that he hadn't had anyone in his life since someone back in Genoa City, Wisconsin. As they kissed on the couch, Morgan asked Tim to remove his toupee so she could see the real Tim Reid. Morgan claimed to be attracted to him, and Tim responded by promising that he would do anything for her. Morgan admitted that "Stacey" was not her biological child, and offered to show him something in the basement. On the way to the basement Morgan told Tim how she hadn't meant for this to happen. Tim asked if she'd killed someone, and Morgan replied that she hadn't yet!

Tim could not believe that Morgan was holding Taylor hostage and had taken her child. He told Morgan that she had to turn herself in, that this was a criminal act, and that he could be an accessory. Tim intended to let Taylor go, but Morgan told him that Taylor wouldn't be going anywhere and neither would he. Tim tried to speak calmly with Morgan to do the right thing. Morgan said that Stephanie Forrester had killed one of her children by making her get an abortion, and that Taylor had killed the other one, and that she only wanted a child. Morgan begged Tim to help her, started kissing him, and took him to bed.

The next morning, after Morgan left for work, Tim played with Steffy, and the little girl continued to ask for her mommy, so Tim surprised Taylor by bringing Steffy down to visit her mother in the basement. Taylor and Steffy had a touching reunion. Taylor thanked Tim for his compassion and for allowing her to see her daughter and begged him to set them free. Tim assured a grateful Taylor that he planned to help her. But as Tim was about to release Taylor, Morgan appeared at the top of the stairs. Morgan angrily forced Taylor back into the room. Later Tim sold Morgan on a plan to allow Taylor to come upstairs and stay in Morgan's living room while Taylor's ankle would be locked to chain, ten feet long.

Taylor attempted to get Tim to realize that each day when Morgan left for work, her plan was to seduce Taylor's husband, Ridge, for herself. Then once Morgan had Ridge, they would be of no use to her, so Morgan would kill them both. Tim assured Taylor that Morgan was not capable of murder, and that she was just an emotionally confused person who needed help. Taylor was shocked to learn that Tim was a fellow psychiatrist who had treated Morgan in the past.

Eventually Ridge figured out where Taylor was and he in his Mercedes SUV came crashing through Morgan's living room. Ridge got out of his vehicle and found Taylor underneath some debris. Ridge intended to get Taylor and leave, but he realized that Taylor was chained to the floor. Morgan got up and pointed the gun at Ridge and Taylor. Tim egged Morgan on to shoot both of them, warning her that if they lived, the two of them would do prison time. But, playing on Morgan's love for him, Ridge convinced her to hand the gun to him. Then he sternly ordered her to unlock Taylor. As she did, Morgan apologized for all she had done. In retribution, Taylor punched her and knocked her to the floor. While Taylor and Ridge joyously embraced and reunited with Steffy, Morgan and Tim sneaked out of the house. Tim and Morgan hightailed it out of Los Angeles, arguing as they drove. Tim suggested going to Mexico or South America, but Morgan refused and vowed that it was not over.

Tim sold the car and bought a van so they could flea the country, be together and start their own family. Tim begged Morgan to leave the Forresters alone and warned her that they were facing 25 years to life in a maximum-security prison for their crimes against them, and threatened to call the police himself. Instead Morgan plotted to go to the Forrester children's party disguised as the clown, and go after Stephanie as the root of her problems. Tim had stayed in the van and became worried, so dressed as a clown too, he joined Morgan. Stephanie discovered Morgan, they struggled, and Morgan fell into the pool, hitting her head. As Morgan laid face down in the pool, Stephanie stood by and told Morgan she was sorry for what she had done to her, but Stephanie did not try to rescue her. Stephanie's went to meet the police. But when the police went down to the pool, Morgan had vanished, but Taylor and Ridge had seen Tim pulling Morgan to their van, and they both disappeared.

By 2002, Phyllis was married to Jack Abbott and was arrested for the attempted murder of Diane Jenkins by arson. Phyllis paced her jail cell the evening before her trial, remembering being taunted by Diane that Phyllis would be spending thirty years in prison while Jack went on with his life with Diane. Phyllis finally fell asleep and dreamed of all the people she had wronged from her past. Danny appeared, telling her how much he hated her for breaking up his and Christine's marriage and lying to him that Daniel was his son. Michael appeared and reproached her for having him kidnapped and making him think he was going to die. Dr. Tim reminded her how he had been the only one who truly loved her, but that she had just been using and blackmailing him into doing what she wanted. Daniel's father Brian reminded her how she had lied to him, switching blood samples and manipulating him. Sasha appeared and reminded Phyllis how she'd let her die in the fire. And Paul accused Phyllis of running him down with her car. Phyllis pleaded for mercy, reminding them that she'd once been friends with them, or that she had truly loved them, or that she was sorry and had changed. But none of them would forgive her, and they descended upon her. Phyllis woke up screaming and tearing her clothes off. The guards took her to the infirmary and gave her a sedative after her breakdown. 

In 2012, looking for dirt on Phyllis, Ricky Williams found Tim Reid in Kenosha, Wisconsin, called and told him that he was researching an unauthorized biography of Phyllis Summers. Tim told him that he was better off handling a rattlesnake, that he never wanted to hear her name again, and hung up on him. So Ricky visited him in Kenosha, where he found the former doctor living out of packing boxes in a dingy apartment, and working as a security guard at an industrial plant. Plying Tim with a bottle of fine wine, Tim opened up, saying that Phyllis had been like a siren who had drawn him in until she wrecked his life, that she pretended to care about him, and that they had even been engaged. Tim said that Phyllis had driven him to rage, revenge, and jealousy because all she really wanted was Danny, and was consumed by her hatred of Christine. While Tim excused himself to the bathroom, Ricky took Phyllis' file out of the patient file boxes that littered the room. Tim realized that he had taken it after Ricky had left, but rationalized that Phyllis "deserved everything she got".

Ricky began reading Phyllis' file from when Tim was seeing both Phyllis and Danny for court-mandated marriage counseling. The notes described her as independent, intelligent, and defensive, and said that Danny had bitterly alleged that she drugged and raped him to become pregnant with Daniel to trap him into marriage. Tim wrote that Phyllis saw Christine not merely as a rival but an existential threat, despite the fact that Chris had been involved with Paul. Tim described Phyllis as delusional in thinking that Danny actually loved her, and devastated when she lost custody of Daniel. As Ricky was reading of how Phyllis had seduced Tim, Tim phoned Ricky. Tim said that he knew that Ricky had Phyllis' file, and tipped him that to expose her, he should check out what Phyllis was up to during Christmas of 1994.

Examining the files during the time period specified, Tim's notes said that Phyllis had been reluctant to discuss the guilt she felt over Sasha Green's death. Ricky told Phyllis that he was writing an expose about her past, mentioning her therapist. Phyllis paid Tim a visit, questioned him about Ricky, and demanded her patient file. After Tim told her he had shredded it years ago, she told him to contact her if anyone came looking for info on her -- or else. Ricky returned to Tim's again asking for more information about Sasha Green, and threatened Tim when he refused. Later Tim was reported missing by his employer when he didn't show up for work. Ricky's father, Paul, began investigating, fearing the Ricky was behind the death of his former girlfriend, the informant who was going to tell Paul about it, and now the disappearance of Tim Reid. But Phyllis later admitted to Avery that she had paid Tim to disappear.

Ronan tracked down Tim from Tim's landlady Beth Hortense's phone records, and found Tim lying on a beach in the tropics. Tim admitted that Phyllis had paid him to leave town, and that Ricky had stolen Phyllis' patient file. Heather asked Tim to counsel Paul about Ricky, and he did his best to reassure Paul that Ricky had never been a threat to him, but was probably genetically disturbed as were both his mother Isabella and his aunt Patty. Tim then began blackmailing Phyllis for more money, threatening to turn over the 20 year old recording of her admitting to running down Paul and Christine. Phyllis paid him off by borrowing from her daughter Summer's trust fund, but he still wanted sex before he would leave her alone. Phyllis arranged to meet Tim at her apartment while Nick was at a board meeting. While Phyllis left the room, Tim took a handful of Viagra washed down with a glass of fine wine. When Phyllis returned in a negligee, Tim had a heart attack and fell to the floor dead. Kevin Fisher happened by, and Phyllis enlisted his help in returning the dead body to Tim's apartment. Tim was later discovered dead by Ronan. When questioned, Beth admitted that she and Tim had been having an affair when her husband Ray was not around. The coroner determined that the body had been moved after death, so Phyllis became the prime suspect. Just before Beth was to give a deposition naming Kevin as the person she saw outside Tim's door the night he was found dead, she received a plane ticket and a cash card in the mail supposedly sent by Tim prior to his death, and Beth disappeared.

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