Gloria Simmons

a. Lowell "River" Baldwin a.k.a. Richard Gerick
c. Michael Baldwin
m. Hilary Lancaster (Divorced)
m. Lauren Fenmore
c. Fenmore "Fen" Michael Baldwin
a. unknown woman
c. Eden Baldwin a.k.a Eden Gerick)

m. Tom Fisher a.k.a. Tom Callahan (deceased)
c. Kevin Fisher
m. Jana Hawkes (Divorced) (deceased)
m. Angelina Veneziano (Annulled)
m. Chloe Mitchell a.k.a. Kate Valentine (Divorced)
a. Sheila Carter (deceased)
c. Ryder Callahan (twin to Daisy)
c. Daisy Callahan a.k.a. Daisy Carter (twin to Ryder)
r. Daniel Romalotti
c. Lucy Carter
m. Daniel Romalotti

m. John Abbott (deceased)
m. Dina unknown maiden name (Divorced)
c. John "Jack" Abbott Jr.
c. Traci Ann Abbott
a. Brent Davis (deceased)
c. Ashley Suzanne Abbott
m. Jill Foster (Divorced, remarried, divorced)
c. William "Billy" Foster Abbott

m. William "Will" Bardwell (deceased) (twin to Jeffrey)

m. Jeffrey "Jeff" Bardwell (Divorced; remarried; divorced; remarried) (twin to William)
m. Anita Lawson (Jeff declared Anita dead to dissolve)
c. Chelsea Lawson
a. William "Billy" Abbott
c. John "Johnny" Abbott
m. Adam Newman (Divorced; remarried)
c. Riley Newman (miscarriage)
c. Connor Adam Newman

m. Married
c. Child
a. Affair
r. Rape
s. Sperm theft

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