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William "Liam" Spencer III
Actor History
July 19, 2010 to Present
Other Names
Birth name is Liam Cooper
Vice President of Spencer Publications
Former editor of Eye on Fashion
Interned as an IT guy as Spencer Publications
Former computer repair technician
Resides At
Bill Spencer's cliff house, Malibu, CA
Marital Status
Past Marriages
Steffy Forrester [Married: 2011; divorced: 2012]
Hope Logan [Married: 2012; never legalized: 2012]
Steffy Forrester [Married: 2013; annulled: 2013]
William "Bill" Spencer, Jr. (father)
Kelly Cooper (mother; deceased)
William Spencer, Sr. (grandfather; deceased)
Marion Spencer (grandmother; deceased)
Karen Spencer (aunt)
Caroline Spencer Forrester (aunt; deceased)
Caroline Spencer (cousin)
unnamed child (miscarriage; with Steffy)
Flings & Affairs
Ambrosia Moore (lovers)
Hope Logan
Steffy Forrester
Crimes Committed
  • Kissed Steffy Forrester while engaged to Hope Logan [2011]
  • Tore up Steffy Forrester's annulment papers and kept it a secret from fiancee Hope Logan [2012]
  • Kissed Steffy Forrester on day of wedding to Hope Logan [2012]
  • Punched Rick Forrester [2013]
  • Kissed Hope Logan while committed to Steffy Forrester [2013]
  • Punched Wyatt Fuller [2013]
Health and Vitals
Suffered a concussion after tripping and hitting his head [2010]
Hospitalized with a concussion following an explosion in Tawny's trailer [2011]
Brief Character History

Liam Cooper arrived in Los Angeles following the death of his mother, Kelly Cooper, who said he could find his father at Forrester Creations. Computer tech Liam, who also interned at Spencer Publications, accidentally recorded Steffy Forrester's conversation about Brooke Logan's sexual encounter with Oliver Jones. Liam's supervisor, Justin Barber, added it to Steffy's video tribute to Brooke as a way of helping his boss, Bill Spencer, Jr., regain control of Forrester. Brooke's husband, Ridge Forrester, was about to punch Liam for his part in it when Liam blurted out, "You're my father!"

Ridge denied knowing Kelly, but Ridge's brother, Thorne Forrester, had dated her; so had Bill, so Bill and Thorne agreed to take a DNA test. Bill and Liam were less than thrilled to find out they were related. However, Bill's wife, Katie Logan Spencer, encouraged them to deepen their father-son bond, as did Hope Logan. Liam developed a sweet romance with Hope, who was recovering from former boyfriend Oliver's betrayal. Steffy, who had been blamed for the video, tried unsuccessfully to seduce Liam away from Hope.

Bill threw Liam a big coming-out party, where Liam got drunk after a misunderstanding with Hope. Social climber Amber Moore lured Liam to her house, where Liam fell and suffered a concussion. He woke up in Amber's bed, but couldn't remember if he and Amber had made love, as she claimed. Amber was actually pregnant by Oliver, but her mother, Tawny Moore, saw a golden opportunity if Amber would claim that Liam, the rich son of Bill Spencer, was the father.

Liam and Hope broke up and made up with dizzying frequency as they were torn between their love and wanting to do right by Liam's baby. Amber dug her heels in, while Oliver tried to win Hope back. While lighting a pilot light in Tawny's trailer, Liam was caught in an explosion and suffered a second concussion. Bill was convinced that the explosion had been Amber's attempt to kill Liam and hatched a failed plot to protect his son by offing Amber.

Liam insisted on being there as his child was born. But when Amber gave birth to an African-American baby, she was forced to reveal that she had also slept with Marcus Forrester. Liam raced to the Big Bear cabin, where Hope was considering Oliver's marriage proposal. Overjoyed that they were free of Amber, Liam and Hope reunited, leaving Oliver in the dust.

Hope wanted to remain a virgin until her wedding night. Liam had understood, but he became frustrated once Hope layered abstinence messages into her Hope For The Future fashion line, so he publicly proposed to Hope at its showing. She privately accepted, but her family wanted her to delay the wedding because of Hope's stance in the media. Meanwhile, Steffy, freshly rejected by Liam's father Bill, slipped in her bathtub. Liam happened by to return Bill's key and saved Steffy from drowning, prompting Steffy to fall for Liam.

Liam confided in Steffy, who let him know she was sexually available and told Liam that Hope was wrong for him. When Hope stopped by to tell Liam she was ready to move in with him, she spied Liam and Steffy kissing in a limo. Hope left her engagement ring on Liam's mantel and broke things off in a cell phone message. Confused, Liam found Hope's ring and put it on Steffy's finger instead.

Steffy sensed that Liam would go back to Hope if he had a chance to talk to her. So Bill sent Steffy and Liam to Aspen, Colorado, where they could be alone. Hope found out and made a beeline for Aspen to clear things up, but Bill was one step ahead and arranged for Hope to be trapped in a gondola above the ski slope, forced to watch as Steffy appeared in a wedding gown and exchanged vows with Liam.

Back in Los Angeles, Liam and Steffy enjoyed life as newlyweds, but Liam was still thinking about Hope, so Bill concocted a "family vacation" in Cabo San Lucas. Since Katie refused to travel with former rival Steffy, Liam and Steffy went alone. Coincidentally, Hope, who was spending time with Thomas Forrester, found herself at the same Mexican resort. Steffy and Thomas hustled to keep Liam and Hope from seeing each other, but the attempt backfired, resulting in an ATV chase in which Steffy was seriously hurt.

Seeing that Liam was ready to return to Hope, Bill faked Steffy's MRI so it looked like she had a brain injury that could kill her. Liam felt obligated to stay with Steffy, even after Steffy confessed about her deceptions in Aspen and Cabo. However, Katie got suspicious and eventually uncovered the extent of Bill's machinations. Bill locked Katie in a tower to keep her from telling Liam, but when she escaped and exposed Bill, Liam had finally had enough of his father's smothering and washed his hands of him.

With Steffy healthy again, Liam asked her for an annulment. Steffy refused to invalidate their marriage and insisted they file for a proper divorce. Hope balked, so her brother Rick Forrester used his past romance with Steffy to sweet-talk her into signing the annulment papers. Believing Rick had succeeded, Brooke arranged a wedding for Hope and Liam that was ultimately halted when it turned out Steffy had written "loser" in place of her signature.

Hope relaxed her stance on waiting for marriage and moved in with Liam to take her power back from Steffy, but froze up in bed. Brooke took Hope to Dr. Stacy Barton, who gave Hope a small supply of antianxiety medication. Liam and Hope finally made love. But when a disgruntled fan of Hope's snapped a photo of them in public, the media branded Hope an adulteress. Liam seemed unaware of Hope's increasing dependence on the pills, even after he saved her from nearly drowning in the Forrester pool. Liam was surprised when Hope told him about her therapy and the pills, but believed her promise that she would stop taking them.

Liam made up with Bill, who resumed trying to control him, while Steffy vacillated between giving Liam space and enticing him to return to her. Liam covered Fashion Week in Aspen and took Hope there to get her away from the paparazzi. Instead, on Bill's orders, the photographers hounded Hope, who downed more pills. By the time she and Liam hit the slopes, Hope was so strung out that she barely noticed crashing into Steffy, who was in Aspen promoting her new ski line. Furious, Liam stayed by Steffy's side at the hospital, newly drawn to her.

Liam confronted Hope and reminded her that he'd left Steffy because of deception. Hope gave Liam the pills, and the couple embraced. Meanwhile, Steffy had a change of heart and signed the annulment papers. Liam was surprised when Hope returned to Los Angeles alone, but stunned when Steffy presented him with the papers. After reminiscing with Steffy about their marriage, Liam took the papers and tore them up.

Again in Los Angeles, Hope decided she'd feel better if she moved out of Liam's house until after their wedding. Liam admired her newfound strength, but kept mum about the papers. Brooke overheard Steffy talking about what had happened in Aspen and confronted Liam, who said he just wanted to be respectful to Steffy and wait for the divorce to go through. Liam begged Brooke not to tell Hope what he had done. Brooke agreed and began planning an Italian wedding for Hope and Liam.

As the days counted down for Liam's divorce to become final, Liam pined for Steffy the way he had formerly pined for Hope. Steffy encouraged Liam to marry Hope anyway. But on his wedding day in Puglia, Italy, Liam thought Hope had left him when he found a note saying she couldn't go through with it. The furious Liam kissed Steffy, told her he loved her, and made plans to fly back to Los Angeles with her on the Spencer jet. But Liam didn't know that Bill had sprung Hope's father, Deacon Sharpe, from jail, and convinced Deacon to distract Hope in order to manipulate Liam back into Steffy's arms. Hope showed up and explained how she had finally met Deacon, and Liam married Hope after all, continuing to be torn about Steffy.

Liam had accidentally recorded footage of him and Steffy kissing in Italy. When Hope saw it, she refused to sign the papers that would have legalized their Italian wedding. Instead, Hope insisted on a fresh wedding. The night before, Steffy "kidnapped" Liam to a club to show him how fun his life could be without Hope. A hung over Liam showed up for his wedding sporting dyed hair and a tattoo. Hope told Liam he didn't deserve her and ended things. Liam, still in his underwear, begged Hope on his knees, prompting Bill to rage at Liam for not living up to the Spencer name.

Unbeknownst to Liam, his efforts to square things with Hope were further thwarted by Hope's brother, Rick Forrester, who convinced his DJ friend Othello to lie that he had seen Liam and Steffy being passionate at the club the night before the wedding. Rick also worked to push Hope toward her step-brother, Thomas Forrester, and Liam was upset to see Thomas kissing Hope. Liam briefly heeded Bill's advice about being a Spencer and treated his employees badly, which confused both Hope and Steffy.

Liam felt pulled toward Steffy, but made another attempt to reunite with Hope after Katie almost died giving birth to Liam's half-brother, Will. When Hope gently refused, Liam sought out Steffy, who took him to a "secret cabin" on Brooke's property, where the two made love. Donna Logan saw Liam and Steffy's lovemaking and reported back to Bill and Brooke, while Liam and Steffy basked in their reunion.

Liam planned to take Steffy to Hawaii, but Bill commandeered the Spencer jet to look for Katie, who had disappeared during a bout with postpartum depression. Liam and Steffy ended up in Aspen with Bill and Brooke, where they found time to go parasailing once it was clear Katie wasn't in the resort town. Upon returning to Los Angeles, Liam asked Steffy to move in with him. She agreed, but said she also wanted to keep her loft. Liam's cousin Caroline informed him that Hope still had feelings for him, but Liam insisted it didn't change things with Steffy. Liam took a business trip out of town, unaware that Bill had arranged it to keep Caroline from revealing what she knew about Bill using Deacon to sabotage Liam's wedding in Italy.

Liam punched Rick when he found out how Rick had Othello lie about Liam and Steffy. But Liam was floored when Hope discovered Bill's deception in Italy and revealed it to Liam. When Liam told Bill he was done with him, Bill stabbed himself in the chest with his sword necklace. A shocked Liam recanted, unaware that Bill had only stabbed himself in his money pouch in an effort to further manipulate Liam.

Steffy had to go out of town and enjoyed a night of lovemaking with Liam before departing, but Liam found himself again intrigued by Hope, who had become more direct in her intentions to win Liam back. Liam kissed Hope; Steffy, whose pregnancy test had just turned up positive, witnessed it. Liam was confused when Steffy told him to get Hope out of his system in her absence, but he swore he would stay loyal. Liam spent a lot of time with Hope, who insisted that Liam should ask Steffy to move out so he would better be able to choose between them.

Liam wanted time to think things through, but Brooke forced Liam's hand by surprising him and Hope with a wedding, even flying in the priest who had officiated at Liam and Hope's Italian ceremony. Liam got caught up in the moment and was about to put a ring on Hope's finger when Steffy arrived and announced she was carrying Liam's child. Liam considered his options, but ultimately chose to make a home with Steffy and the baby. Steffy told Liam she only wanted him by her side if he was absolutely sure that's where he wanted to be. Liam responded by proposing to Steffy, though Steffy didn't know that Hope had insisted Liam marry Steffy before the baby's arrival.

Liam was touched when Steffy's mother, Taylor Hayes, offered to host his wedding to Steffy at the Forrester mansion (ironically, where Liam had attempted to marry Hope the year before). Liam smiled as Steffy rode into the Forrester courtyard on a motorcycle, wearing a black dress/suit ensemble that Eric had designed. At the reception, Liam brought in Steffy's "all-time favorite" singer, Julia Michaels, to perform. Liam whisked Steffy away to Aspen for their honeymoon, where they discussed possibly naming their child Aspen in honor of the locale. Liam received a text from Hope on his wedding night, but for once, he didn't seem to be bothered by it.

While picking out colors for a nursery, Liam asked Steffy to stop riding her motorcycle until after the baby was born. But Steffy, anxious to get around a traffic jam and get home to Liam, rode anyway and ended up in an accident that killed their baby. Steffy didn't remember being pregnant at first; Liam gently brought her up to speed. Steffy blamed herself and wanted Liam to express his anger, but he kept quiet after Bill encouraged him to yell at him instead to keep Steffy from feeling even more guilty. Liam was confused as Steffy wanted to have another baby right away, while Hope advised against it.

Steffy slid into a deep depression, and Liam was blown away when Steffy suddenly announced she was moving to Paris alone. Liam couldn't make sense out of Steffy's insistence that he reunite with Hope because Hope could give him something Steffy couldn't. After Steffy left, Brooke sent Hope and Liam to Big Bear to get reacquainted, but Liam wasn't ready to move on from Steffy without answers. Liam kept trying to call Steffy, causing him to stand Hope up at Rick's Fourth of July party. Liam was dismayed when he finally got there and found Hope on the arm of new arrival Wyatt Fuller.

Liam flew to Paris to confront Steffy, and finally learned why she left: a botched D&C procedure following the miscarriage had left Steffy incapable of conceiving again. Liam suggested adoption or surrogacy and wanted Steffy to come home, but Steffy still wanted a divorce and pushed Liam toward Hope. When Liam returned and told Hope he was ready to devote himself to her, Hope gave Liam an earful about only choosing her because Steffy said to. Liam countered by planting an engagement ring in Brooke's fountain and proposing to Hope. Liam and Hope celebrated Hope's acceptance by making love.

Liam found himself with Bill as an unexpected houseguest when it came out that Bill had cheated on Katie with Brooke. Liam and Brooke were united in their disapproval of Katie taking Spencer Publications from Bill in her divorce proceedings. At lunch, Liam noticed Bill was distracted by the appearance of a particular woman. Bill confirmed that the lady was Quinn Fuller, a girl he used to date, leading to a confrontation that revealed Wyatt was Liam's half-brother. Liam questioned Hope's involvement, wondering why Hope had made Wyatt her project, but Liam joined Bill in inviting Wyatt to live with them.

Liam and Hope argued when Steffy got in touch and insisted on a divorce rather than an annulment, meaning that Liam and Hope would again have to wait six months to get married. Liam punched Wyatt after he walked in to find Wyatt kissing Hope, who was more amused than perturbed that the boys were fighting over her; Liam was less than thrilled when Hope admitted she had met Wyatt after taking a naked photo of him in the woods. Liam kicked Wyatt to the curb, but Bill insisted they work things out. Liam complied and told Wyatt they were cool as long as Wyatt respected his engagement to Hope. Liam was happy when Hope accepted his offer to move in while they waited out his divorce from Steffy.

Liam placated Hope when she voiced her objection to Bill and Brooke moving in together. Wyatt, upset by the same news because he felt Bill was walking out on another of his sons, goaded Bill into a heated discussion, which Liam tried to defuse, knowing Bill did not take kindly to confrontation. But when Bill booted Wyatt out of Spencer and the family, Liam let Wyatt know he approved, feeling that Wyatt was two-faced and admitting he'd be just as glad to never see Wyatt again.

Liam was unhappy when Hope inadvertently selected Quinn's company, Quinn Artisan Jewelers, to design pieces for Hope For The Future, (now HFTF). Not liking the idea of Quinn working so closely with Wyatt, Liam wanted Hope to tell Eric that the deal was off, but Liam was forced to accept the partnership when Eric refused to dissolve it. Liam bristled when Hope suggested Wyatt's presence was karma for the way she'd had to compete with Steffy for Liam. Later, Wyatt told Liam that Hope was fair game until she was married, so Liam contacted Steffy and convinced her to grant him an annulment after all.

Now free to marry, Liam asked Brooke to arrange a ceremony and went to work creating a video tribute to Hope. But Liam wasn't thrilled when Hope had to travel to Mexico with Wyatt on business. Liam accidentally sent his Hope video to Steffy, who asked for one of her own commemorating their failed marriage. Liam agreed, but Steffy's video found its way to Hope, who broke off their engagement. Liam discovered Quinn had gotten into his e-mail and forwarded the Steffy video to Hope, but Liam was flustered when Hope said she was tired of Steffy still being a factor an ocean away. Liam watched as Hope divided her time between him and Wyatt, and finally asked Bill to intervene.

Liam got tired of Hope's attention to Wyatt, so he gave Hope an ultimatum about marrying him. Hope agreed to become his wife, but Liam got nowhere trying to get Hope to cut Quinn and Wyatt loose from Forrester Creations. On his wedding day, Liam was surprised by a visit from Steffy, who had come to town to tell him she'd undergone a procedure that once again made it possible for her to have children. Liam wished Steffy well but remained devoted to Hope; when Hope was a no-show at the wedding, Liam realized she must have seen him talking to Steffy. Hope went to Hawaii with Wyatt, and Liam followed them there after discovering that Quinn had brought Steffy to town to sabotage the wedding. Liam was disappointed when Hope accepted his explanation, but sent him back to L.A. alone.

Even as Hope announced that she and Wyatt were dating, Liam still felt his half-brother was bad news. Liam found out that Wyatt had pocketed a rare diamond on loan to HFTF, planning to "find" it to impress Hope, only to plant it on actual jewel thieves who had shown up to steal the gem! Despite Quinn trapping Liam in an elevator to keep him interfering with Hope and Wyatt's camping trip on the beach, Liam got to them and exposed Wyatt, after which Hope ditched the bickering brothers. When Hope forgave Wyatt and decided to stay with him, Liam was appreciative of young Aly Forrester, Hope's childhood friend and "shadow" at Forrester, but, hung up on Hope, Liam failed to notice Aly's crush on him.

Liam was thrilled when Katie promoted him to vice president at Spencer, but confused when he saw sparks between Katie and Ridge, since Ridge was slated to remarry Brooke. Liam encouraged Katie to act on her feelings, which resulted in her pretending to faint so she could stop the wedding. Liam told Hope about the connection between Katie and Ridge, so Hope took Brooke out of town to let them explore their feelings. Meanwhile, with Bill still his houseguest, Liam was alarmed to hear loud noises and breaking glass coming from his room, and accidentally walked in on Bill and Quinn having raucous, S&M sex.

When Liam heard that Hope had nixed Wyatt's idea to have her take over Brooke's Bedroom, her mother's racy lingerie line, Liam told Hope he was proud of her and kissed her, not realizing that Quinn was once again spying on him. Later, Quinn stopped by to see Bill, but when Liam sent her away, she snuck into Bill's room and waited for him. After Bill came home from unsuccessfully trying to win Brooke back, Liam again heard a ruckus upstairs and realized Quinn had gotten back into the house just as Brooke arrived wanting to talk to Bill herself.

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