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Desiree Dubois (a.k.a Erica Kane) as a showgirl in Las Vegas within a few days. Totally unbelievable. Rave reviews after one performance, incredible. Erica is living her dreams and facing her demons, the question is: WHEN WILL IT END? As much as long-time fans like new twists and adventures, they are definitely not happy with this direction. Judging from the comments and mail coming our way, they are very Unhappy with the blonde Erica in hiding. It doesn't seem true to character to have Erica run off during Bianca's darkest hours. Bianca Montgomery was the one person she loved unconditionally and would go to any extremes to protect her from harm. She was ready to go to prison for Michael Cambias' murder, to protect both daughters. Now that her family members back in Pine Valley know where she is, it is even more disturbing. She is safe but has chosen not to contact them. In the meantime, she has finally figured out who Bobby Warner is. DUH. I am still amazed she didn't recognize him, but that's another story. She says betrayal cuts her to the core, she is passionate about that but feels it is okay for her to ABANDON her family after the way she felt Eric did to her too many years ago. She is living up to her reputation as Hurricane Erica where she lives to destroy others lives. Now she has alienated her sole friend, Bobby. He did seem sincere in befriending her and his desire to win back his wife. Unfortunately for him, Anita has family and a new friend who want her to know Bobby's part in Erica being in Las Vegas. Anita was about to join him and celebrate his financial windfall and then ran to Aidan. Footnote: The temp replacement for Aidan has been doing a good job but he doesn't have the same chemistry and presence our beloved Aiden Turner does. I, for one, am very anxious to see him return.

Babe has figured out her baby, Bess, is actually Miranda. This has to be an overwhelming feeling and very scary for anyone to deal with. Babe was innocent in this switch and totally unaware of the turn of events...but now she has to deal with her conscience and feelings. Will she be able to admit the truth to JR and especially Bianca? I am not a big Krystal fan, but I have to admit she is handling this well with her daughter. Of course she has not admitted her part in the deception. It was a good choice to have Kendall discover the truth; you know she won't let go of the feeling or theory. This is her niece and now she will be on a mission with an unlikely ally, Greenlee. Meanwhile, the police have reported that Paul was murdered in Atlantic City. Have any of you out there watched OLTL to know the circumstances? I did not get pulled into watching both shows; I am lucky to keep up with one. BUT if they were going to have Paul die off and be the only one who knows where the other baby is, couldn't they have shared that on AMC? They managed to have Grandpa Asa Buchanan appear and dote over Kevin's son. It appears Dr. Hayward heard Kendall's theory and will initiate a DNA. Baby steps forward as this "mystery" unfolds!!!

I guess we can't be too surprised over Adam Jr. possessing a lot of his father's qualities. Good and bad. We saw it with Kendall. He is in for a rude awakening and what goes around comes around. Will the mighty Chandler men be ready for the fallout? After the police questioning and a lot of interruptions, I assume there will be a wedding. Oops, I mean a renewal of vows for those who think JR and Babe were already married last year. Poor Bianca, this is the second wedding she has been maid of honor and there has been so much drama.

On the newlywed front, Ryan and Greenlee are actually married and living out their "contract." They are putting on a good front as she hopes it will become a real marriage and he dreams of the woman he loves but rejected at the altar. I felt Kendall's pain as she had to witness this wedding, I admired her guts to host the condo reception. BUT...I lost respect when she tried to seduce him at her place. I know she is hurting, I know she is strong and willful, but I didn't think she would stoop that low. She knows Ryan truly loves her but just chose to go the easier direction. The fact is now he's a married man, no matter what the status or behind the scenes. He doesn't deserve the satisfaction of rejecting her again. She had just burned everything that reminded her of their time together. He had asked for them to make peace and they had made their choices. That's the bottom line, the choice had been made. Unfortunately, as hard as it is at times and the pain you have to have to cut your losses. Rumor has it Ryan will have a brother come to PV, now that could be interesting if he meets Kendall and they become interested in each other. Are they talking about his brother that went to prison or another one we don't know about? Maybe a love child of Chris'? Another footnote of possible changes: The actress playing Isabella will change, they are hoping to cast a Rosa Santos, Zachary Slater (casino owner) could be interested in Liza or Maria, and Lily Montgomery will come home this week. I would welcome new characters and some changes as they wind down the front burner stories used recently. Also, Mark Dalton is to make a brief visit as Tom did. Erica was very close to her brother and he was a good friend with Brooke, so that would be a welcome sight. He also is a recovering addict. Does his sister need his brotherly advice and insights?

What is in Dr Evil's vile? Is he ready to poison or alter someone again? They definitely need a story for David and hopefully a love interest. Anna's presence is missed. It was a nice introduction to have Kate Hudson make a daily comment for the ABC shows. Did you watch the Daytime Emmys? It was very disappointing to not see Eden win as Bianca Montgomery after the year she had. She's #1 in our book!!!


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This past week centered around Babe dealing with the realization of her baby's parentage, preparing for the ceremony and christening, Erica dealing with her new life and her father's presence (the King of Spades beats the Queen of Hearts), Anita and Aidan bonding and sharing an awkward kiss, Jamie witnessing his brother having his last fling per se, and Edmund coming home. Edmund's children, especially Sam, will be dealing with his disability and restrictions. I have wondered if they will pursue the story of Sam being Bobby's biological child, will Bobby want to be part of his life at some point? Heck, will he ever leave Vegas and return to sleepy Pine Valley to pay back his grandfather and settle down? Once he sees divorce papers flying his way, I doubt he will be able to just grin and bear it.

Even with all these story twists and turns, basically fans are in an uproar. They just don't like the direction the writing has gone on AMC. Mary's choice for Fan Spotlight of the Week comes from Jan who noted: "Again, AMC writers don't listen to their viewers. Can anyone just give birth and keep their baby? I am sick of Krystal. How does she earn a living? All she does is hang around like a black widow just waiting to pounce. Adam and JR are too smart for all this junk. Please give us some decent storylines. How about Erica and Jackson really getting married and helping their daughters. Soaps are supposed to be melodramatic, but this month just still leaves everybody hanging with a big yawn." Yes Jan, that has been a big sore spot with me over the years, how they use babies on AMC. Leora's death was senseless. Others have had miscarriages for the effect to the storyline. The list is endless and then two young women have babies and they resort to the switcheroo instead of watching them share the joy of motherhood. It would be VERY refreshing to see Jack and Erica reunite, get married, and settle down with their family. Real stability and maturity and especially a strong family union. Erica has two daughters; Jack has a son and two daughters...all important characters with issues. There's no answer, we can only pray the writers and producers will get a clue to what die-hard AMC fans want and need.

I hope you have all been enjoying the Memorial Day Weekend; I am posting this late due to my birthday falling over it...but wish you and your families the best holiday and remember to pray for our US troops here and abroad. We can never forget the men/women who have fought to keep us safe and free yesterday-today-tomorrow (like Leo's necklace to Greenlee, passed on to Bianca, and now loaned to Babe). PEACE!!!

Back to you in two weeks, Suellen

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