The truth, or something like it

by Dawn
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The truth, or something like it
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Watching Viki's family attempt to discuss her situation calmly seemed like a very realistic way for such a discussion to occur.
For the most part, I knew what was going to happen last week on One Life to Live. I knew Ben was going to die and that Viki would get his heart. However, one thing happened that did surprise me though: I actually liked Kevin, even if only for a fleeting moment. The latest version of Kevin is not my favorite, and I am sure I will go back to disliking him in no time. I am not referring to the actor but to how the character has been written. He has been self-absorbed, ill-mannered, and somewhat disconnected from everyone else. However, he really showed a different side last week in light of Viki's health crisis. He tried to take charge of the situation and find a solution that was best for Viki. Watching Viki's family attempt to discuss the situation calmly seemed like a very realistic way for such a discussion to occur. People were overcome with emotion and had their own reasons for wanting to tell Viki about Ben or not wanting to tell her. Kevin stepped forward and really showed concern for what Viki herself would want. He and Jessica both knew that Viki would want to know the truth about what happened to Ben, and finally, they decided to tell her. Kevin volunteered to tell Viki because he was the oldest and felt he had the responsibility, but he let Jessica do it when she expressed her desire and/or need to do so. Kevin really stepped up and helped the family work through a difficult time and decision making process, and he actually showed a little compassion. The only thing I did not like was his refusal to let Todd participate in the decision making. Even if he hates Todd, Kevin needs to realize that Todd and Viki are close, and that Todd should be considered a part of the family. However, I will not linger on that point, since I have pointed out Kevin's flaws in the past.

\par Another good thing that Kevin did last week was how he covered for Kelly. I am not saying it is okay to lie to police detectives or other authorities, but he actually took Kelly's side for a change. For a long time he practically ignored her or merely seemed to tolerate her. However, he has really changed his ways with her lately. That will not last, since Kelly looks more and more guilty with each passing moment. The truth about Ace and about Paul's disappearance are certainly getting to her, and Kevin knows something is up. I have a feeling either Kevin or Dorian will figure out at least some of the truth, and Kelly will have a lot of explaining to do. She might have Todd on her side, but now that Paul is alive, I do not think that will help her. As a side note, when Todd told Kevin that he and Kelly had an affair, Kelly's reaction in the form of a facial expression was priceless. She looked absolutely horrified! However, Kevin isn't buying this lie, and I am sure it will only make him more suspicious. He might not have time to find the truth because of Viki's operation, but I don't think Kelly can keep her secrets from him for much longer. I actually felt sorry for Kevin because the investigation of Paul's disappearance was happening at the same time as Viki's crisis. He asked Kelly to stay at the hospital with him, but she left to go rummage through piles of garbage looking for Paul instead, and Kevin was hurt by Kelly's absence. Maybe as Kelly was going through garbage, she realized that stealing someone else's baby is a bad idea. She doesn't have the wonderful life she thought she would have because of the baby. Instead, she is trying to cover her tracks and keep other people from exposing the truth so she will not lose Kevin. Wasn't that her reason for stealing the baby in the first place?

\par I knew that Paul wasn't dead and that Todd, Kelly, and David searching the landfill would not prove to be fruitful. While I knew this, I thought the scenes at the landfill were entertaining. Even during a tense moment, Todd can make light of the moment. He and David always have interesting dialogue, and adding Kelly to the mix made an otherwise mundane scene interesting and a little funny. As they were attacking each other with garbage, Paul was alive and in the shower. He looked remarkably well for having been dunped in a landfill with a serious head injury. He might look okay, but it is possible that he is experiencing some type of malaise after what has happened to him. I doubt he went to an ER or anywhere else for medical treatment. He is anxious to see Natalie more than anything else. It is unclear if he remembers what happened to him or who was involved. Natalie was a little shaken by his phone call; I guess I anyone would feel that way who had been accused of his murder. I thought the detective in Atlantic City was a little too eager to accuse Natalie of murder. I hope the case against Natalie is dropped. I wish she wouldn't have gotten involved with Paul in the first place, but she certainly doesn't need to be accused of murdering him, especially when he isn't dead!

Finally, Carlotta's connection to Adriana was finally revealed. Many people had speculated that Carlotta was Adriana's mother, but it turns out she is Adriana's aunt instead. I like this development, because now Adriana's father is also related to Antonio too, connecting the story to an already established character. This revelation also makes the concept of Dorian being Adriana's mother more plausible and also provides insight into Dorian and Carlotta's relationship. What began as a backburner, secondary storyline, has turned into a potentially significant storyline that could be very intriguing.

Until next time, Dawn

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