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When someone dies at a young age, you pause for a moment to think of the person who has died. You remember the little things about them that you can recall.

As we gather with our families to celebrate this Memorial Day, we look back to days past and those who are no longer with us. It was by some sheer coincidence that this week we lost a member of our GL family when Richard Biggs, who originated the role of Clayton Boudreuaux died May 22, 2004 of either a massive stroke or aneurysm. He was just 44 years old, and leaves behind a wife and two young sons Richard, III and Hunter.

When someone dies so young, you pause for a moment to think of the person who has died. You remember the little things about them that you can recall. And you undoubtedly think of the family and friends who have lost someone dear.

I remember meeting Richard at the GL Gathering a few years back. As he was fairly new to the cast, and did not air much, his line was relatively short. Thankfully I made my way over to him and spent a few minutes chatting with him about the show, the "business" and his family. He was a delightful engaging man, with a great big smile, and a genuine fondness for his tv "family" and GL fans as well. A co-worker of mine met Richard at a science fiction fan forum about two years ago, and found herself wanting to meet him, even though she didn't watch "Babylon 5" - the science fiction show that he starred in during the late 1990's. She even brought me back a photo she took of Richard and we chatted about how very friendly he was to all that he met.

While we didn't get to see Richard's talents very much while in Springfield (and Days fans will remember him from his days in Salem) I still wanted to take a few moments to let you all know of his passing. It brings home, once again, how fragile life is and that we should embrace each day fully.

Memorial Day also means happier things, like the beginning of summer. While many of you plan on spending some of your time away, GL is unveiling some of their summer story spoilers, which I have included for your review. Keep in mind that we do have (another) new head writer, but that he was a current employee. Some things may change, but much will stay the same with what was already written. We should see some of the new Head Writer's changes in late summer, early fall. GL, like most other soaps, tapes about 3 weeks in advance.

As I am looking at the spoilers for the coming months, I notice that only spoilers for a few weeks out were given. This could mean that they didn't want to rush any changes along to meet a press deadline, or (and what I think is correct) is that the show really gives very little information out anymore. While I understand that the show wants to keep us tuning in, a little hint now and again would be appreciated. I also hope that this latest regime does a MUCH better job of announcing cast appearances. Many times I'll see photos in the same soap magazines that you do where the cast is appearing, and have never heard it mentioned by the show. The show depends on loyal fan support, so I hope that they promote the appearances that the cast makes this summer - which is normally a busy season for that sort of thing (hint, hint, GL - tell us a little earlier and more fans might actually be in attendance).

Hopefully your holiday plans included getting together with friends and family, and sharing some great memories, good food and the fellowship of being together. Happy Memorial Day to each and every one of you!! Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

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