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The residents of Pine Valley say they would prefer the truth. They want others to tell the truth yet it seems they either don't like what they hear OR they aren't able to be truly honest themselves. There were many scenarios this past week on AMC. First, the very touching scenes between Ryan and Greenlee. They are both developing feelings for each other beyond the scope of their six-month contract as only friends/never lovers. Yet, they tend to talk around it and neither can cross that line and admit how they feel. There were what I call, head chants, where you would hear what the other was thinking and how they had to measure their outspoken words. Ryan made a point when he noted words aren't as useful as they should be at times. There was a lot of second-guessing, mixed signals, unspoken words, and when Ryan felt it was too close for comfort......he ran for cover.

Meanwhile, Edmund found his wife attempting once again to cut loose from her past. She told Zach Slater they can never rekindle their past love and passion, in so many words. She confided in Bobby earlier and he told her to run for cover, Zach is not the man she thinks he is. After she exits the office, Edmund wheels himself in to feel Mr. Slater out. As a journalist, he seeks the truth, but he leaves without a confession from Maureen's ex-lover. He then rejects Maria's attempt for a romantic evening together under the stars and I could feel the Grey/Marick brooding mode ready to kick-in. He is having Zach investigated by Aidan. Ahhhhhhhh, Aiden Turner (Aidan Devane) is finally returning to town this week. Life is good, as you know how much I like his presence in Pine Valley. Will there be further fall-out in Bobby and Anita's marriage for him to be a gorgeous shoulder to cry on? I am sure he wouldn't be too happy to know Kendall and Bobby were conspiring.

Continuing, Jamie Martin has decided to be "wired" and confront Sleaze Ball Seth in the slammer to seek truth and justice. It was pretty amusing to hear Tad deal with his son's maturity and master plan. He couldn't believe how much his son was a chip off the old block in a lot of ways. At least it was in a positive sense, unlike JR. What can we say about JR now that he is truly Adam Junior? He is wearing on my last nerve. JR and Kendall have become so smug, conniving, and vindictive that it is hard to feel anything but contempt for them. They don't know when to stop and makes Dr. Hayward look like an angel. We all know that is close to impossible on a normal day/week. David was visited by his daughter, Babe; his son-in-law from Hell, JR; and the new guy in town, Zach. It appears Zach wanted to meet the cardiologist who stomped on his heart and was less than truthful with Maureen/Maria years ago. Lots of veiled threats with the men and Babe witnessed David being poisoned by his own serum. An ironic twist of fate that was hard to swallow, pardon the pun.

Kendall had two devious schemes in action, the one to break up Ryan and Greenlee and the other just to break Ryan. A take-over bid, which fell on Jonathan, again, for being used as a scapegoat in decision making at its worst. I find myself bored and annoyed at all this silly business stuff as the owners trade, sell, and conspire like it was a Monopoly game and especially the paper money part. I never had the patience for that game nor the one they are forcing us to watch on the show. Enough already as they don't seem to take their wealth or power seriously, just how to blackmail and use it in all the wrong ways!!! I was very disappointed that Liza was intimidated so quickly and easily; she had come on so strong and full of life as the old Liza was capable of doing. Brooke seems to be the only ex-wife/step mom who doesn't let the Chandler Men get to her. Erica wouldn't either, but she has enough on her plate right now as she strives to stay sober and reconnect with her family. I must admit it was interesting to see the sparks between JR and Kendall when they had that passionate kiss a few weeks ago and then flirted with it again over Bring Down Your Opponents 101. They are both in for a rude awakening and might only have each other to find comfort with when the real truths are uncovered.

God Bless Lily, she is such a joy to watch. If the writers are being true to the disorder of autism spectrum, we can learn a lot from her sweet, pure honesty and curiosity. She did take it too far with Bianca, but it was understandable. Reggie is rallying for his pal, Jamie, and reliving memories of his mother's drug dependency and association with the street-wise punk, Seth. Derek finally softened and could see Reggie's pain. Bianca is bonding with her mother and feels maybe Miranda's death was better. I am sure she feels with the stigma of being a product of rape (like Kendall), there will be too much for a young girl to deal with. Miranda/Bess is living the life of luxury in the Chandler Mansion unaware she is like a time bomb. Mary's choice for Fan Spotlight of the Week came from Christine who said, "My cousin sucked me into Pine Valley back in May 2001 and I dabble in and out, but the whole baby-switching thing is way out of control. Return the baby already that is my opinion. Poor Binks. I think David putting Babe before Binks is way unusual for him. He is a man who is selective on his loyalties, not a synthetic relationship. DNA or not, Bink deserves better. Wow, I need to get out more!!!" Yes, we hear that innumerable times in a week stop the baby switching. It appears "they" are close to tying this up and playing it all out by summer's end. We can only hope, as it has been way too long for anyone's liking. True to character, David would have told Bianca when he first found out. He's not a saint, but as Christine said.........he is selective in his loyalties. Babe was willing to follow suit as to whatever her father decided. Now there have been too many lies, cover-ups, and deceptions. I assume with the spoilers hinting that a new guy, Ethan, will be the Cambias heir will change a lot of things too. So much for my theory of Zach being a Cambias, but maybe he is still connected in some way after the way he bought the condo, admitted to being like a Michael reincarnation, and talked to a mysterious picture of not forgetting why he came to PV. Flashback of a week or so prior with Jonathan talking to "his picture", can you hear that Twilight Zone tune in your head?

As you probably know by now, Rebecca Budhig married her now-non-Bachelor Bob in July. She wore a similar white two-piece dress her friend made for the blessed event as she had on in those scenes with Ryan. Very sheik. James Mitchell (Palmer) just celebrated his 25th year on AMC, someone we can all admire and respect. Shamefully, they don't use his talents enough. We have seen so many changes and happenings with this wonderful ensemble of actors, and can only pray they will hang in there and the show will improve and appreciate them. Hey, I am a born optimist. I have been a loyal fan for the entire length of the show, so it is hard to abandon ship. I have admitted to various fans/online buddies that I have been disloyal in that I added another show I peek in on and admire, General Hospital. At least it is on the same network. They have some unbelievable storylines at times, but don't get as carried away as ours has the past year or so. The acting is very good and the characters are all used and believable. The writers insult our intelligence when they think we don't want and look for that in a soap opera, despite the temporary escape from reality. Here's hoping they don't let our beloved show go down the tubes and waste our time, loyalty from fans and stars, and history!!!


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