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Erica's case went to trial, but she was more concerned about dressing to impress Jack. After arguing with Trevor about their kiss, Janet left town to clear her mind. Liza spent the night at Tad's to avoid Adam. The following morning, Gloria found Liza in Tad's bed and assumed the worst.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of July 28, 1997 on AMC
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Monday, July 28, 1997

Tad and Gloria both agreed that some time away from Pine Valley might do them some good. Plus, not only was it a great way to get their relationship back on track, but they could also use some time to unwind. They set the destination for their get away as Nantuckett. Tad was concerned, however, that leaving town while his dad was still in the hospital might not be a good idea. Gloria smiled as she told Tad that the get away was Ruth's idea. Tad chuckled and teased Gloria about not liking how she and his mother were teaming up against him.

Jack finally made the big move out of his parent's house. He moved far, far away from the Martin house. Far... across the street? He took a room at Myrtle's boarding house and from his room he was able to see his parents' back yard. As he made himself comfortable, he had a close encounter of the dripping wet kind. Allie, wrapped only in a towel, burst into Jake's room. The two doctors looked at each other for several minutes before either was able to say a word. Allie claimed that the room was hers. Jake also said that he had a claim to the room. They both turned towards the door and shouted for Myrtle. But Myrtle had stepped out so it seemed that no one was going to able to sort out the confusion. The two cooled down and apologized for yelling at each other. Allie came up with the perfect way to solve the room dispute: flipping a coin. Allie lost the toss and decided to up the oods. It went to two-out-of-three then to thre-out-of-five and so on. Eventually, Jake tired of the contest and called for one final flip. Allie stuck with tails, but again the coin came up heads. She reluctantly rose to her feet and went to retrieve her things. Jake could see that Allie was upset and offered to move back to his parents' house. Allie refused to welch on deal and said that the boarding house life really didn't suit her any way.

At a booth at Holidays, Laura read her mother's diary. The final entries talked of a dispute between Laura and her mom. Laura's mom expressed a desire for her daughter to have a better life.... a life that she knew her daughter would one day obtain. In the final entry, Laura's mother recounted the final hours before her tragic death. Laura's mother yelled at Laura for being rebellious and doing something that made her look like trash. It was never revealed what "it" was. Laura told her mother that she was not going to be controlled and she stormed out of the apartment. That was the last time Laura saw her mother alive. Mateo pulled up a seat and asked Laura what she was reading. Mateo tried to lighten the mood by envisioning what his father would have written in a diary. His attempt to make Laura laugh failed miserably. Scott showed up a few minutes later and told Laura that he was going to take her to Willow Lake to look at the stars. Laura invited Mateo and Hayley to join them, a move that upset Scott. Fortunately, Mateo saw that Scott wanted to be alone with Laura and made up an excuse. But Mateo was not the only one who was concocting stories. Laura suddenly "remembered" that she had to babysit Jamie. That was fine with Scott. He said that after Jamie had fallen asleep he and Laura could go into the backyward and look at the stars. Again, Laura had an excuse. She claimed that she did not want to be "eaten alive" by the mosquitos. That excuse made Scott realize that it was he, not the mosquitos, who were the pest that Laura wanted to avoid. He told Laura point blank that he is not trying to get her alone to pressure her into sex. He wants to spend time with her, time that they can use to get to know each other. Scott told Laura that he loves her so much, but that he isn;t so sure that she feels the same way. He stormed out of the restaurant. A few minutes later Laura chased after him.

Laura caught up with Scott, but the coversation hadn't changed. She again accused Scott of only wanting her for sex and said that she cannot deal with a boyfriend who only wants a physical relationship.

Scott later returned to Holidays and told Mateo that he is afraid of what might have happened to Laura while she was still living in New York.

Laura curled up in the windowbox in her bedroom and read the final lines of her mother's diary. As she got to the end of the book, there were several pages that had been torn out.

Liza felt faint and needed to sit down before proceeding with her explanation. Adam rolled his eyes at what he called Liza's passe attempt to woo him over. He urged Liza to "drop the bomb" already or to get out of his bedroom. That's all the prodding Liza needed. "I'm pregnant," Liza blurted out. Adam was stunned, a feeling that was echoed by Liza. Liza told her husband that she had taken a home pregnancy test and seen Doctor Clader. Both confirmed that she was definitely pregnant. Adam sat down on the bed. He heard the words, but he was unable to fully comprehend the extent of Liza's big announcement. The pregnancy, Liza stated, was progressingly normally and the baby appears to be in perfect health. Liza told Adam that she had not told him sooner because she was afraid of how he's take the news. Adam smiled---a real smile---as he let the news seep into his brain. Liza felt another wave of nausea sweeping over and fumbled for a cracker. She told Adam that Tad had told her that eating crackers was a way to fight nausea. That was the end of the happy mood. The mere mention of Tad's name sent Adam into a tirade. Adam got down on his knees and looked under the bed. Then he walked over to the closet and opened the door. All the while he called out Tad's name and told him that he can come out of hiding. Why this bizarre display? Because "the brat's his, right?" Adam asked. Liza shook her head. She could not believe that Adam could think that the baby was Tad's. Adam said that he is "a lot of things" but that he's not gullible. Liza warned Adam that he can believe that Tad is the father if he wants... but he'll be missing a chance at being a father to his child. She raced from the room. A few seconds later, Stuart entered the room. He had overheard the fight and wanted to see what was going on. Adam told his twin brother the news of Liza's pregnancy. Stuart was overjoyed. A baby would finally bring Adam and Liza together. They'd have to admit their love for each other now, right? "Don't hold your breath," Adam advised Stuart. He then told Stuart that the baby is Tad's. Stuart smiled and nodded his head. Then is hit him. His lips puckered up and his eyes bulged.

Tad was making preparations for his get away with Liza when his doorbell rang. Liza charged into the house and told Tad that she had listened to his advice and told Adam that she's pregnant. Now things are worse than before!

Tuesday, July 29, 1997

It was a repeat performance of a scene that previously played out at Pine Valley's courthouse as Dimitri told Edmund and Maria that he will do, think, and say what ever he pleases when ever he pleases. This was brought on when Dimitri expressed an interest in knowing more about Madeline's christening.

Skye finished her letter to Edmund and placed it in an interoffice mail folder. She apparently had no intention of sending the letter off to Edmund. It was enough of a release to vent her feelings of guilt. The letter explained why Skye felt the need to swap the paternity test results. So why did she feel the need to make the swap? Well, as she said in the letter, she felt that Maria needed to be punished for her affair with Dimitri.

Liza was in tear as she told Tad that Adam had rejected her after she told him that she was pregnant. Tad offered to intercede, but Liza said that Tad couldn't help make things better between her and her husband. Liza headed to the phone and placed an urgent phone call to her mother. She instructed Marian to pack up her clothing and deliver it to Tad's house.

Stuart asked Adam if Liza had confirmed his suspicions about her baby's father. Adam shook his head and labeled Liza as a "habitual liar" who would claim that Adam was the baby's father just to keep her hand in Adam's money till. Stuart criticized his brother for dumping an unneeded load of stress on Liza. He reminded Adam that a baby---even while still in the womb---can detect the mother's stress. Adam didn't seem to care. If the baby was born with birth defects or complications arose in Liza's pregnancy it was of no consequence to Adam. After all, he believes the baby is not his and it would be Tad who would have to deal with those problems. Adam also informed Stuart that he found Tad and Liza in an embrace at Liza's loft. This secret love nest, Adam explained, had probably seen more than a few late night trysts between Liza and Tad. At that moment Marian stomped down the steps and told Adam that he had finally gone "too far." She told him that his constant nit-picking with Liza had finally taken there toll; Liza had fled to T ad's house for refuge. She warned Adam that if he does not clean up his act, Liza will be out of his life forever!

When Marian arrived at Tad's, she didn't exactly receive a warm reception. Marian had disregarded her daughter's request for all of her belongings. Marian explained that she ignored Liza's request because it wasn't what she "really wanted." Marian went on to explain how Liza really loves Adam and how Adam loves Liza. The problem, as Marian saw it, was that both Adam and Liza are too stubborn to admit their true feelings. Both have a fear of opening themselves up to true love. Liza looked her mother in the eye and told her that she has no idea what she really wants. In fact, Liza said that her mother had never known what she's (Liza's) wanted in life. She repeated her request for her belongings, but told Marian that her assistance was no longer needed. Now it was painfully obvious to Marian what her daughter wanted---and it did not include her mother's presence. Marian agreed to leave, but not before begging Tad to look out for her daughter. Liza decided to call it a night and prepared to hit the sack. Tad, however, insisted that Liza sleep in his bed so that she would be more comfortable.

Back at Chandler Mansion, Skye dropped by to forewarn her father about some impending trouble. Adam told his daughter that she had picked the wrong time for a crisis. Skye assured her father that she was not going to gripe about his parenting flaws. This was a crisis all her own. Skye never revealed what it was that she had done---her father wouldn't allow her to. But he did tell her that she should reconsider telling her secret. "Try to live with the guilt," Adam advised his daughter, saying that the guilt would be less punishment than the reaction of those who she had hurt. Skye suddenly realized that she had made a terrible mistake by writing the letter. She raced back to Tempo to retrieve her letter, but it was too late. A late night cleaning lady found the letter on Skye's desk and placed it in the outgoing mail pile. Skye reacted in horror as she realized that Edmund would be receiving the letter in the morning.

Gloria had planned a late night picnic with Tad, but Tad told her that he could not join her. He didn't tell her why---because he was tending to Liza---but said that he would be ready for their planned getaway in the morning. Dimitri arrived and overheard the phone call and tried to convince Gloria that she should picnic with him instead. Gloria turned him down.

You want to talk about strange pairings, Dimitri and Marian shared a few drinks and chatted about their mutual problems. The alcohol loosened Marian's lips and she revealed that Liza was staying at Tad's house. This was just the tid bit of information that Dimitri needed to hear to devise a scheme to win Gloria's heart.

Janet was left in charge of babysitting for Amanda while Michael ran a few errands. This was not an easy sitting session. Amanda claimed that she knew that Janet loved her daddy because she saw them kissing. Janet tried her best to explain the kiss away. She said that it was a "grown up kiss." This made little sense to Amanda who now wanted to know the difference between a "grown up kiss" and a kiss between two people who are in love. Belinda arrived at the door and listened to the conversation, a conversation that was about to take a difficult turn. Amanda told Janet that she knows "where babies come from" and knows that Trevor and Janet are her parents. Now people who are "just friends" don't make babies, do they? Belinda rescued Janet by knocking on the door. Janet asked Amanda to ready herself for bed. Amanda agreed. Belinda praised Janet's dancing skills, saying that she did a great tap dancing routine when trying to dance around the answers to Amanda's questions. Belinda stated that she would sell her soul to the devil if it meant she'd have a chance to win back to love of the father of her child. This tricked Janet into admitting that she loves Trevor, something that Janet might not have been ready to admit to herself.

In the morning, Edmund arrived at Tempo and leafed through his mail.

Belinda tracked Janet down at Holidays and apologized for pressing Janet on her feelings for Trevor. Janet smiled and said that it was no big deal. And about what she had said? Janet claimed that she was tired and wasn't thinking about what she said. She told Belinda to disregard her statement because it was absolutely untrue.

Marian overheard Adam talking to his attorney, Barry. Adam ordered Barry to finalize a divorce from Liza by lunchtime.

Dimitri placed a call to Chandler Mansion to find out if Liza had returned home the night before. When he learned that Liza must have spent the night at Tad's house. he began stage two of his plan. He hunted down Gloria and told her that he had taken the liberty of finalizing some travel plans for her and Tad. And because there was only a little time left before they'd have to hit the road, he would drive Gloria over to Tad's house so they could get ready. Over at Tad's house, Liza was fast asleep in Tad's bed.

Wednesday, July 30, 1997

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Thursday, July 31, 1997

As soon as Tad found out that Gloria had stumbled across Liza in his bed, he instantly knew what she must have thought: Tad and Liza were sleeping together. Tad raced off to find Gloria and hopefully clear the air of any misunderstanding.

Janet asked Trevor about "the kiss." She claimed that the kiss was not the most monumental moment of her life, but it did make her feel closer to Trevor than ever before. She asked Trevor to stop her if she sounded like a fool, but he told Jane that she should keep talking. It looked like a breakthrough. Trevor listened to Janet's explanation, but soon he could take no more. He labeled Janet's statement ridiculous and told her that she was "blowing everything out of proportion." Besides, there was no kiss. It was "just a peck." Janet disagreed. The kiss was a heck of a lot more than a peck on the cheek! Belinda picked that moment to drop by Trevor's house. Belinda knew almost immediately that she had interrupted something, but neither Trevor nor Janet was talking. Janet stomped off in one direction and Trevor went in another. When Trevor settled down, he had a great deal of trouble concentrating on Erica's case. Belinda implied that Trevor was preoccupied with Janet, but Trevor wouldn't admit to that! Belinda left, but not before telling Trevor that she'd be back to discuss the case with him when he was able to keep his mind on business. Then with a smile, Belinda waltzed away.

Dimitri escorted Gloria to his room at the Valley Inn. He pried for the details on why Gloria was so upset. Gloria repeatedly said that Tad had promised that he had changed his libidinous ways. Dimitri reminded Gloria that Tad was unfaithful to Dixie. He also said that Adam believes that Tad and Liza are having an affair because he found them together at Liza's loft.With that, Tad showed up at Dimitri's door. After several minutes of allowing Tad o bang on his door---and nearly knocking the door down---Dimitri allowed Tad into his room. By this time, however, Gloria had managed to hide.Tad accused Dimitri of hiding Gloria from him . Dimitri played ignorant and claimed that he had no idea why Gloria had run away. He then asked Tad why he and Gloria had not gone on their vacation to Nantucket. Tad wondered how Dimitri could know about the trip if he had not talked to Gloria. Dimitri backtracked and said that he did not know where Gloria was, but said that he had spoken to her earlier in the day. And if Tad did not believe him, he could search the room. Tad didn't see a need to search for Gloria and left the scene. Once Tad was safely out of the way, Gloria emerged from hiding. Dimitri gave her an embrace and told her that he will always keep her safe.

At Holidays, Maria informed Jack that she will not be testifying at Erica's trial. Jack was amazed. If Maria walks on him, he said, that means that Erica will walk too. Jack tried to impress upon Maria the need for her to testify, but Maria was adamant in her decision. Mateo overheard the conversation and told Maria that she needs to speak out for Madelyn's sake. Maria began to think about her daughter and how she would be unable to speak for herself. She thought about the time she lost with her child and reversed her decision. From across the restaurant Skye spotted Edmund's satchel. She had no way of knowing that Maria had removed the letter. Janet pulled Jack aside and told him that she was going to be leaving town for a few days. She wasn't about to stick around and battle it out with Trevor. Only one problem, though. Janet had no idea where she was going. Fortunately for her, Jack knew of a conference in New York that might interest her. He told her that a group of reformed ex-cons were meeting in The Big Apple and he felt that Janet would make a good speaker. Janet smiled and decided that she would leave town immediately so that she could attend the conference.

Hayley asked Adam if she could speak to Liza and thank her for helping to organize the impromptu wedding in Virginia. Adam told Hayley that she need not thank Liza because Liza had no interest in Hayley's welfare. According to Adam, Liza only feigned concern to get in good with Adam. Hayley knew better. Hayley defended Liza, saying that Liza can be a very caring woman. She also stated that Adam loves Liza---and for some reason Liza loves Adam. With that, Liza returned home to gather her belongings. Hayley showed Liza some of her honeymoon photos. She asked Liza and Adam to dinner with her and Mateo, but Adam turned down the offer. Adam left the room to tend to some business. In his absence, Hayley was able to get to the heart of the problem. Liza told her that she was pregnant, but that instead of celebrating, she is feuding with Adam over the paternity of the baby. Hayley believed Liza when she said that the baby was Adam's child. Hayley urged Liza to fight and not to let Adam push her away. Hayley gave Liza a hug and told her that she is very happy for her and will be glad to have a new baby brother or sister. Liza went upstairs to gather her things and Hayley wasted no time in scolding her father for "dumping" on Liza. Hayley warned her dad that he risks losing Liza for ever if he continues his evil ways. She told him that he can wake up every morning next to a woman that he loves---and a woman who loves him---but he risks losing that dream if he doesn't change. Hayley left and Liza returned downstairs. She walked slowly towards the door. For some reason, she turned to look at Adam. Adam rose to his feet and gave Liza some words of advice. He asked that she take care of herself and to take it easy. Then, he turned and walked away. Liza left the mansion without further comment. As Liza left, Adam walked towards the door, but he didn't chase after Liza and he didn't call out for her to stop.

Tad placed calls to everyone he knew to find out if anyone had seen Gloria. Finally he called the Valley Inn to speak to Dimitri. When he asked the front desk to transfer him to Dimitri's room, he got a stunning response. Dimitri had left for several days and would not be back. Tad slammed down the phone. It was then that he knew that Dimitri and Gloria had gone off together.

Friday, August 1, 1997

On the first day of her trial, you would think that Erica would be troubled by what was on her mind. But the glamorous defendant was more preoccupied with what was on her body. Trevor barred Erica from weary any frilly gowns or revealing outfits. He ordered her to wear something sensible and something that says "I'm sorry." Amazingly, Erica had a reason for wanting to dress for success---Jack. She told Trevor and Myrtle that she needs to dress flashy so that she will look appealing to the district attorney. He loves her, by the way. Or at least that's what Erica spouted. Erica then told Trevor that she and Jack had been intimate the night after she gave back Sonya to Edmund and Maria. Trevor's initial response was to yank Jack off of the case, but Erica refused.

At the courthouse there was an unmistakable buzz sounding throughout the corridors. Liza briefed the news reporters on what questions they should ask Erica when she arrived. She also instructed them on what types of photo ops they should be on the lookout for. Tad was the next to show up. Liza, remembering Tad's sage advice on how crackers soothe upset stomachs, offered Tad a cracker to make him feel better. Nothing, Tad replied, would ease his pain. Gloria was missing and he felt that Dimitri was responsible for her disappearance. Tad placed calls to the airport to track Dimitri's flight plan, but he was told that the information was privileged.
<br>Edmund, Maria, and Mateo entered the courtroom through a side entrance o that they would avoid the media stalking out the front entrance. Maria was immediately escorted to a private room where prosecution witness were kept. Maria prayed to God to help her have strength during her stint on the witness stand. As she prayed, Esther was led into the room. Esther pleaded with the guard to show her to another room. She did not want a confrontation with Maria. But Maria was forgiving. She thanked Esther for saving Madelyn's life. Maria also told the woman that she does not harbor any resentment towards her. Esther insisted that she did what she thought was best for the baby. She added that Erica also did what she thought was best and that she does not feel that Erica ever meant to harm anyone.

Even the poshest hotel room couldn't ease Gloria's mind. When Dimitri showed up at her room for breakfast, he learned that Gloria had not been able to sleep the night before. Not only did Dimitri spring for breakfast, but he also picked up a few "provisions" for Gloria. From the names on the bags, it was safe to assume that Dimitri spared no expense in buying garments for Gloria. Gloria still could not fathom how, or why for that matter, Tad would cheat on her. Dimitri, playing the part of a man with ulterior motives to a tee, requested that Gloria not jump to conclusions. There was no proof, Dimitri stated calmly, that Tad and Gloria were sleeping together. Gloria thought of one way that she could get an answer. She called Adam and asked for his opinion on the situation. Adam confirmed Gloria's fears; Adam said that Tad and Liza have to be sleeping together and then offered his condolences to Gloria on her broken engagement. Gloria was devastated---even more so than before. Dimitri's pilot called the room and informed Dimitri that someone had been digging for information on their flight plan. Of course Dimitri knew that it had to have been Tad. Dimitri suggested a picnic on the beach, but Gloria felt that she would not be a suitable companion. Before you knew it, Dimitri and Gloria were kissing each other. Gloria pulled away and remembered that she was needed to testify at Erica's trial.

At the trial, things were just about to get underway. Liza stopped Opal on her way into the courtroom and asked her how it feels to be testifying against her best friend. Erica was next in line, but answered no questions. As Erica entered the courtroom, she cast a long, caring look in Jack's direction. She then took it upon herself to return to the media pool and give a statement. She told the media that her "actions were dreadful" but that her "motives were good." She added that she does not expect anyone to condone what she did, but she hopes that the trial will help people to understand why she did what she did.
<br>The judge entered the courtroom and issued an advisory to all those in attendance. Make a sound of speak when you are not spoken to and you'll be booted out of the courtroom and held in contempt. Jack began his opening statement. He asked for sympathy from the jury, telling them how Edmund and Maria had suffered for months thinking that their child was dead. Why did they think this? Because of the actions of the defendant. Erica didn't like what she heard and jumped to her feet to protest Jack's comments. The judge ordered Erica to sit down, reminding her of his previous admonition. Trevor apologized for his client and Erica sat down and remained orderly. Jack continued. He told the jury that everyone has had a moment when they lost track of what was right and what was wrong... but that no one expects to get away with these momentary lapses in judgment. Except Erica Kane. Jack claimed that Erica believes that she is governed by a separate set of rules. Show her, Jack urged, that she cannot play God and get away with it.
<br>Trevor's opening argument was very less emotional, but it was just as compelling. He told that jury that Erica was suffering from postpartum depression and that she was unable to distinguish right from wrong. In the trial, Trevor continued, the defense will show that Erica thought what she was doing was right. And when she came back to her senses and knew that she had done the wrong thing, she attempted to make up for her mistake by returning Madelyn to Edmund and Maria.
<br>With the opening statements out of the way, Jack was set to call his first witness: Maria Santos Grey. In her testimony, Maria painted Erica as a delusional woman who wanted to get revenge on her. She told how Erica refused to let Maria treat "Sonya" at the hospital and how Erica ordered Maria to get out of a public park. She also grieved the loss of missing her baby's first smile and first laugh. And there was the issue of how Madelyn had bonded with Erica and how she did not feel comfortable around Maria. On cross-examination, however, Trevor used Maria to portray the defense's claims. In a simple yes-or-no question, Trevor asked Maria if Madelyn had bonded with Maria now. He didn't care about a few weeks ago.. Maria was forced to tell the truth; Madelyn had accepted her as her mother. Trevor got Maria to tell the jury why Erica was so angry at her---she slept with her husband. There was a collective gasp and a lot of comment from the gallery. Maria repeatedly described Erica's behavior as atypical Erica Kane behavior. Finally, Trevor asked Maria for her personal feelings about Erica. Maria said that she has a lot of feelings about Erica, but mostly she feels sorry for Erica. Court recessed for several minutes. Jack slipped out of the courtroom and Erica followed him. With her testimony out of the way, Maria was prepared to go to New York with Edmund. The getaway would provide them with some peace and relaxation. Erica found Jack sitting in the witnesses' room. With her hands on her hips, she asked Jack "Just what are you trying to do to me?"



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