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Sunset Beach Recaps: The week of July 28, 1997 on SB
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Monday, July 28, 1997


Tuesday, July 29, 1997

by Lisa Smith

Recaps week continues to "HEAT" up this week on Sunset Beach...with the Past, Present, and Future colliding in: OLIVIA'S STORY:

The rich but lonely Olivia turns to her husband's best friend, Del Dougla s, and has an affair with him. Del decided to win Olivia's love, he must br ibe her...if she does not go away with him, he will tell Gregory about their love affair. Before Del can say a word, he's shot the hospital, Oli via kisses the deceased man and says she loves him, Gregory sees and hears everything, which sends him into a tailspin. He confronts a druken Olivi a about the affair, even making her take a cold shower with all her clothes on. Olivia admits to it, but says it is Gregory who pushed her to it.

Then there are the Richard's 2 children...Caitlin, daddy's girl and Sean, the apple of Olivia's eye. Caitlin was falling in love, happier than she had ever been, until Gregory squashed that dream, forcing Cole to break up wi th Caitlin. Olivia, fed up with Gregory hurting the family drowns her sorro ws in a bottle of liquor, while ending in up in the Grotto, she meets Cole f or the first time, unaware that he is her daughter's boyfriend, she sleeps w ith Cole....

20 years ago, Bette, Olivia and Elaine bury Elaine's newborn son...Who happens to be Cole...he never died as an infant, Bette and Olivia were bo th bribed in helping with Cole's so called "death." Then poor Sean suffers an accident, he's rushed to the hospital immediate ly. Sean was improving and so were Olivia and Gregory's relationship. They called a truce, they were happier than ever, and Caitlin was happy as wel l, she was back with Cole. Then a bombshell is dropped! Elaine digs up her son's body to find it em pty, Olivia is terrified to know that any day know, Elaine will find out what her 2 best friends did...

Olivia finally realizes that her new young lover is her daughter's boyfri end! What is she to do now? Confrint him of course, although he swears he di d not know they were related, she doesn't believe him and vows to tell Cait lin the truth...She does not do so and keeps the secret. Then yet another bombshell drops...Olivia is PREGNANT! After contemplating an abortion, s he decides not to...which brought us to...

Who's the daddy? Is it Cole or Gregory...only a paternity can determine that...What will Olivia do if the baby is Cole's? Tell Gregory the truth or pass the child off as Gregory's? So many choices...what is the Rich but Lonely, and now Pregnant Olivia to do?

Wednesday, July 30, 1997

by Sunset Bum

Love, that's funny, did Ricardo really know the meaning of that word? No, not until he met Paula...she's was everything he could ever want, and she loved him right back. Although Paula's mom didn't approve of their relationship, they loved each other and nothing was going to get in their way...or so they thought...

Clips were shown of Ricardo proposing to Paula, that must have been the happiest day of their lives, until Ricardo decided he'd rather elope. Paula agrees, she gets ready while Ricardo went to the DEEP and has a few drinks with Gabi, unbeknownst to him, she would ruin it all...Ricardo, the gentleman that he is, he walks Gabi to her motel room, Gabi comes on to Ricardo, but he rejects her was all innocent...While Ricardo was busy, Paula was being kidnapped...after he finally finds Paula, he's so guilt ridden...can he and should he tell her the truth? No, not now, she's too fragile...he'll tell her in good time...after all it was innocent...

As Paula and Ricardo get close, someone shows up on their doorstep...who could it be? Gabi of course, and boy does she have some news...she's Paula's sister! Paula invites her to stay while Ricardo is left speechless, not believing a word Gabi says, but for Paula's sake...he'll play along...Then Ricardo finds out Elaine killed Del Douglas, trying to find a way to tell Paula is hard, SURPRISE, Paula knows what her mom did...this drives a wedge even further between Paula and Ricardo, much to Gabi's content. Elaine is sentenced to 3 years probation...GREAT NEWS! Or so Ricardo thinks...Gabi then told Paula that Ricardo was with another woman when she was abducted...

Paula and Ricardo decide Gabi should move out, they need to get close... The anniversary of Maria's death now comes into play, scenes of Ben and Ricardo were shown at the DEEP where Ricardo swears to prove that Ben is guilty...Ricardo, not being able to talk to even Paula about Maria, turns to Annie, Maria's best friend, how is that Maria has been dead 4 years? Annie consoles Ricardo, but gives him advice as well, Gabi is dangerous, he needs to stay away from her...

Boy was Annie right! The first time since the kidnapping, Paula and Ricardo were about to make love, for real this time, but "Hurricane Gabi" strikes again! She calls Paula to the deep and has Eddie tell Paula who the woman was that night...Paula SHOCKED confronts Ricardo, how can he do that with her sister no less? Ricardo tries to explain, but Gabi has already done a fine job of twisting everything around...What is Ricardo to do now? Paula is moving out, but Gabi is sure that she will have him...will he turn to Gabi, will Paula forgive him? Or will there be someone new in his life?... Stay tuned...Mr. Casanova is getting HOT on Sunset Beach!

Thursday, July 31, 1997

by Sunset Bum

Day 4 of recaps week continued with the clips of a lifeguard and his life changes...were they for the better, or for the worst? MICHAEL'S STORY:

It all began at the beach, the surf, the sand, and Casey, Michael's best friend...Life was good, could it get any better? Of course...that's when Vanessa enters the picture...

Michael a hero? But of course, after all, do you remember when he saved Vanessa's life? She was walking across the street, and a car was about to hit her, our HERO Michael saved her...Then there was the time when Michael went to Vanessa's apartment and someone was in her apartment, although Vanessa actually Karate-Kicked him out of the apartment, Michael distracted the guy, then he was there to console Vanessa. Michael, the good guy that he was, let Vanessa stay with himfor a while until she was safe. But it seemed like Vanessa was always in trouble...remember when she was at the pier and that guy wanted information from her but she refused? Those were CLASSIC scenes...see, Michael is our hero...But things do change when secrets are revealed...

Everything was fine, until Vanessa started looking in to Michael's past, what skeleton's were in Michael's closet? "Scoop" Vanessa had to find out...Vanessa followed Michael as he went to a girl's house, boy was Vanessa mad! More like jealous, but what's the difference? Anyway, an upset Vanessa refuses to talk to Michael until he explains what's going on,a relunctant Michael agrees, hoping he won't lose her now. Michael confesses that he has been helping out Virginia and Jimmy for a while. He also confesses that he's NO HERO...he's a murderer? Was that a shock or what? Our Michael a killer? That surely was a scene to remember...

The next clips were shown of when Jimmy found out by accident that Michael killed his father...things took a turn for the worse...that boy's hatred for Michael was unbelievable! Jimmy kept accusing Michael of trying to get with Virginia, as well as throwing the fact that Michael was a killer in his face at all times. Now Vanessa and Michael were so close to being as happy as can be. Virginia had moved into Michael's after getting robbed, but Vanessa was okay with that, for the most part anyway...And it didn't bother her that Michael had commited a crime, he had surely done all good deeds to make up for it. But then Vanessa was sent to Hong Kong just when things were getting good. Now Jimmy was really convinced that Michael wanted his mom and he was determined to make Michael's life impossible. Then just as Virginia was going to move out...WHAM! She falls and breaks her leg, now she's stuck at Michael's for a bit longer. When Vanessa returned, she wasn't too happy about that, but there was nothing she could do.


Now, Michael is made aware that Alex (Casey's mom) has cancer, she doesn't have much time to live. He loves her so much! Casey went off with Alex to treat her cancer while Michael stays in Sunset Beach...Michael's left to deal with Vanessa: his wonderful girlfriend who's a bit too noisy and a bit too suspicious for her own good...But is there any truth to what she's saying? Then there's Virginia: Extremely needy at the moment, but she has a plan of her own, to break-up Michale and Vanessa and have him all to her self.

What's a life-guard to do? If he makes the wrong choice, he could lose someone he cares for...seems as though his life-guard training could really come in handy right now....

Friday, August 1, 1997

by Sunset Bum

The conclusion of Sunset Beach's recaps ended today with the story of ANNIE, the misunderstood vixen that's after Ben's heart...will she succeed? ANNIE'S STORY:

It all began years ago, Annie was in love with Ben, but he fell in love with Maria, Annie's best friend, what's a heartbroken girl to do?

Spend her "daddy's" money of course! Del found out that Annie quit Law School and was spending way too much money, and partying too much as well, what does Del do? Cut Annie off. Annie was so ticked off at her father that she wished him dead, when her wish came true and Del was murdered, all fingers pointed towards her, even more now since Del left EVERYTHING to Olivia Richard's Del's mistress.

Clips of Annie's arrest aired, including her first meeting with Meg, when she went to see Ben who was visiting Annie. Annie didn't fell a threat then, but little did she know, Meg would be her gretest competition...Annie, in order to get out of jail, she faked her suicide, after all, she was innocent, she just needed to prove it, anyway she ended up in a casket with her "Uncle Al", she almost burned up in the creamatorium, but luckily a worker let her out...but everyone still though she was dead...

Annie, who watched her funeral from Ben's office in the DEEP was heart-broken when she heard Ben's speech, she just knew that he loved her, she had to tell him the truth... But was it too late? Meg Cummings was always around when Annie wanted to reveal herself, she finally found Ben alone and surprised him with the fact that she was alive. Ben was happy, well, angry at first, but happy nonetheless. He decided to keep her hidden to help prove her innocence, that would have been fine until "Little Miss Mary Sunshine" seen alive and well. What was she doing waltzing into Ben's house anyway? She was they were getting too close...Annie especially realized that when she seen Meg and Ben about a kick in the gut!

Annie couldn't lose Ben, she drugged his drink and then made Meg think she and Ben were sleeping together. Finally Ricardo arrested the real murdeerer of Del Douglas, but Annie hadn't known that, she climbed to the top of a tower, where Ben saved her. Meg showed up making sure Ben was okay, couldn't Meg get a clue and leave them alone for a minute? Guess not, this meant war...Annie and tim teamed up, bringing Meg's mom Joan to Sunset you remember that? That look on Joan's face when Annie waltzes in planting a HUGE kiss on Ben...that was PRICELESS! Anyway, even trying to put bad thoughts of Ben into Joan's head didn't work, Ben sweet talked her into liking him. Then Annie and Tim set up Maria's old studio to scare Meg away, and Meg sure did fall for it...Annie was a genius, this had to do it, this had to break them up for good, especially when because of Meg, Ben set Maria's bed on fire...But that "farm girl" still didn't stay away, Annie finally got the bright idea to "revise" Maria's journal that Meg had "borrowed", Annie added her own entries that lead Meg to...

Annie didn't mean for anyone to get hurt...but Meg went to the caves, Annie and Tim rolled a rock in front of the entrance just like what had happened to Maria (courtesy of Annie's revisions) Once Annie found out the caves were going to be exploded, Ben went to go save Meg, but it may be too far as Annie knows her precious Ben, the love of her life is dead in the caves after the bombs were detinated. What is she to do now?

What does the future hold for Annie? Will Ben survive the horrible accident? If so, will Meg stay away so Annie can have Ben to herself? But how can that happen, if he's in love with a ghost...

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