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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of July 28, 1997 on GL
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Monday, July 28, 1997

by Jeannae Dickerson

Vanessa's house is going up very fast (even though most of the people who came to help with it probably know very little about construction). MATT and DINAH talk and he says that Dinah doesn't think her mother is ever coming back. Dinah tells Matt that she really wants to believe that Vanessa is coming back but she doesn't want Matt to get his hopes up too high. RICK remembers MICHAEL Burke from the Chicago hospital where they both worked. Rick tells him that he understands what he did (helping his patient to die) because his father lost his fiancée the same way. Then Dinah picks up a paint brush and begins painting blue--Vanessa's favorite color. Hart tells Matt that he (Matt) got to her. The lights start to blink. Hart says he will check the fuse box but Matt says that won't help. It has something to do with Vanessa.

VANESSA is sitting in her car talking with her other self (the part of her that she has been trying to keep quiet all these weeks). She says she has to get away from Matt and Dinah for a while until they have a little more time together. Her double tells her that she needs to go home to her husband. As Vanessa reaches over to push "herself" out of the car, she looks up and hits the brakes.

JESSE and MICHELLE ride his motorcycle to the beach. They kiss. He puts his jacket around her because of the chill in the air. She shows him how to skip stones on the water. He talks about how quiet it is there as compared to his home where his father was always angry and yelling. He tells her that all he can bring her is trouble. They kiss again and lie down in the sand. She tells him she has never done this before. He says he just wants to hold her tonight.

FRANK walks in on BUZZ and ELENI in their hotel room in Switzerland. Buzz tells Frank what they were doing there. Eleni tells him this was a better plan than the original one--to kill Jeffrey. Frank handcuffs them together and reads them their rights. Eleni yells at him about how he goes out every day with a gun and puts his life in danger for total strangers while one of her many jobs is taking care of her family and that is what she was doing in Switzerland. He kisses her, telling her how angry he is at her and how much he loves her.

PHILLIP takes JENNA and JEFFREY into his hotel room to see what is wrong with HARLEY (lying motionless on the bed with ropes around both wrists). Jenna examines her and says she is dead. Jeffrey tells Phillip to wipe his fingerprints off everything. After the two of them go out the door, Harley tells Phillip that he makes an excellent "basket case." Jenna and Jeffrey are in their room packing when Phillip opens the door and asks what is going on. "You were going to leave without me." They make excuses; Phillip tells them he couldn't just walk away from the body. Jeffrey asks him what he means--what has he done? A knock on the door--"Open up! The police." Phillip tells the police that he wants Jeffrey arrested for stealing $25 million in bonds and putting counterfeit ones in place of them. Jeffrey tells them that it was a business transaction and that Phillip just killed a girl in his room. He asks Jenna to back up his story. She pleads ignorance and says she and Phillip have been out sightseeing all day. Jeffrey takes the police across the hall to find the dead body but there is no body there. He searches the room. Harley walks in the door and tells him her real name and that she is Buzz Cooper's daughter.

Tuesday, July 29, 1997

by Sarai

Vanessa has a minor accident when she loses control of her car. She had been battling with her conscience, who is telling her to do the right thing and go back home to Matt. Vanessa finally tells herself that she will do what she always knew she should have done.

Everyone has pitched in to help Matt complete his house for Vanessa. He is convinced that she will soon show up and is awaiting her return.

Reva and Josh disuss their future and are so happy about being together, but are disappointed that they won't have a new home for a few months. Reva also mentions that they will all together put forth a group effort and locate her long lost sister. Then, Reva says that she has a great idea, and knows the perfect thing for their children.

Annie persuades Alan to loosen up a little, and even gets him to somehat change his clothing. Annie says that she can't wait to make Joah & Reva's life a living hell, and they leave for Chicago, with Alan wearing jeans & Ray-Bans.

The police confirm Phillip's allegations that the $25 million bonds were switched for counterfeits by Jefferey. Knowing that he has been set up, Jeffrey tells the police to search the lock box in Switzerland, where he thinks that they will find incriminating evidence on Jenna, The police call Switzerland, only to find that the lock box has bveen empted, except for some cash & jewels. Jeffrey is arrested, but not before he takes a gun and holds Jenna hostage for a few mintues. Buzz comes up behind him and rescues Jenna. Everyone rejoices when Jeffrey is finally taken away. He threats that this is not the last of him.

There is alot of tension between Harley & Phillip; he wants to discuss the romantic night that they shared, but Harley refuses.

Wednesday, July 30, 1997

by Sarai

Harley can't get Phillip out of her mind, and keeps thinking about the night in NY when they made love. She calls her father and tells him that she must leave Springfield. At that time. Phillip shows up at the diner. They talk for a while and agreee to just be friends; you can tell that Harely wants more, but it is too soon after her separation from Mallet.

Jenna and Buzz talk about how they are so happy to finally be a family. Buzz tried to pressure Jenna into telling him what is going on with Phillip and Harley, but she won't divulge anything.

Jesse tells Michelle how much he enoyed holding her at the beach, and wants to spend more time together. Michelle tells him that she will have Dahlia help with the reading lessons, so they can have more freedom together without the pressure to be studying. They both go into the judge's chambers to present a lesson plan for Jesse, and the judge can immediately tell that there is something else going on besides a professional relationship. He warns Michelle that she better watch herself or else she will be in more trouble that she can imagine. Michelle also lies and tells the judge that all her family, including Rick, is supportive of her volunteered teaching efforts. Afterwards, Michelle runs into Rick at the courthouse, and he questions her on why she is there.

Marcus performs for Sugar Hill, and according to Sugar Hill, it is not his best performance. He plays again after Dahlia arrives, and Sugar Hill again reprimands him for not achieving his highest potential. Dahlia unleashes on Sugar Hill and tells him to leave Marcus alone.

Thursday, July 31, 1997

by Angela Vogel

The work on Vanessa's dream house resumes, with the whole gang joining in: Reva and Josh, Blake and Ross, Matt, Dinah and Hart, Roger and Amanda, Nola, Abby and Rick, and Buzz and Jenna. Matt thanks them for helping build "the house that love built." Everyone breaks out a beer (or two) and gets loopy. The women sit around discussing how happy they are, how their relationships are going so well at the moment. Abby announces that Rick has re-proposed marriage. The mood is only slightly dampened when someone mentions, "I hope none of Annie's bad vibes interfere." Reva expresses concern over what "that psycho," as Blake puts it, will do next.

Annie and Alan find Reva's sister -- Cassie Layne! Well, almost....they actually find her former roommate, whom they bribe for information. They find out that Cassie has a 6 year old daughter who was taken away by Social Services when the father was jailed for dealing drugs (he implicated Cassie). They also learn that Cassie tends bar at a strip club called "Teasers." They're not convinced, however, that this woman is Reva's sister, and won't be sure until they can somehow connect her with the cameo broach.

Rick bumps into Michelle at the courthouse and questions why she is there. She tells him she is taking part in a program to teach female inmates how to read. Rick praises her efforts, but warns her to keep away from "that punk, Jesse." Afterwards, Jesse and Michelle have a tutoring session in the park, hidden from public view. Jesse gets upset when he learns that Michelle has plans to go away to college in the fall, to the school where her mother went in Columbia, Missouri (presumably far from Springfield). He reaffirms their decision not to be together romantically, but Michelle kisses him anyway.

Back at the dream house, Ross asks Matt, "How do you know Vanessa will come back?" Matt replies, "Vanessa will feel what we're doing here, and she'll come." Meanwhile, Vanessa's car has swerved off the road and a mechanic is telling her it will take 2 to 3 weeks to repair it. "Damn!," she says, pounding the hood. "I've never had so much trouble getting out of a place in my life!"

Reva and Josh hint throughout the day that they've plans to do something romantic and special. It's a big secret, but important enough that they will have to miss Matt's housewarming party. (Are they running off to get married???)

Finally, Annie calls "Teasers" and asks to speak with Cassie. A man answers and says she's not around, but that she is in the bar somewhere, because her sweater is on the chair where he can see it. Then WE get to see it, with a cameo pinned to the front...

Friday, August 1, 1997

by Sarai

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