All My Children Recaps: The week of May 14, 2001 on AMC

David successfully operated on Laura. JR turned to drugs after he heard his mother defend David. Later, JR and Hayley were involved in a car accident. Leo begged Greenlee to forgive him.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of May 14, 2001 on AMC
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Monday, May 14, 2001

In Pine Valley jail, Erica told David she was there to break him out. David, of course, felt she was joking. If he didn't want her help, Erica said she would just leave and he could wait for Dixie Martin to bring him a little pie with a file in it. As she turned to leave, David stopped her and asked if she was serious. He wanted to know what he had to do. Erica responded that all he needed to do was to do what he does best. A skeptical David wanted to know why Erica would help him. No matter what had happened between them, she assured him she would always care for him. She felt responsible for what happened to him. After all, after she broke up with him, he went totally out of control. It was hard to believe that he would let a simple woman like Dixie do this to him. He certainly didn't belong in jail. David wanted to know if she had forgiven him for drugging her. She made it clear she would never forget that, but that he obviously wasn't in his right mind then. She was there to help him get back the man he once was. She demanded to know why was he being so difficult when she was trying to set him free. Erica wanted to know how his hand was. Staring at his bandaged hand, he replied the surgery had been a success. She wanted to know if he'd be able to operate again and he told her he would if he got a chance. Erica explained that was what she was trying to arrange. Laura English needed him. David was unconvinced - Erica was there on Brooke's behalf when she hates Brooke! Erica repeated that Laura needed him. Why him? Couldn't she get any doctor she wanted? Erica knew him. She knew that he could give hope when there was none. David was still not convinced. He felt Erica had an ulterior motive. Exasperated, Erica said she would find another doctor and turned to leave. Just then David asked her to wait. He apologized for overreacting. He was just amazed she was there. Erica asked again if he would help Laura. When David asked about Laura's condition, Erica said she didn't know. She looked at him and said, "You're the doctor." After assuring him there was nothing at stake for him and that she just wanted Laura to live a long life, David agreed to take her case. With that, Erica said she had to leave because she had a "jail break" to organize. David thanked her again and told her no one else would take a chance on him. He wanted to know how she planned to get him out. The preliminary hearing was the next day and he planned on pleading not guilty. After that the justice system would call the shots. Erica assured him he had no need to worry. She had a "fool proof" plan.

At the hospital, Brooke and Laura discussed Leo. Laura agreed that what Leo did to Katerina was awful, but he had changed. Brooke disagreed. Men like that never change. Greenlee was fortunate to have a father who loved her enough to protect her from men like Leo. You can't deny what Leo is. The past speaks for itself. Laura argued that Brooke was judging Leo on his past. How could she do that to Leo, when she told Laura her past didn't matter? If Brooke labeled Leo as a conman, Laura would be a porn queen for life. With a mother like Vanessa, Laura felt Leo never had a chance. Brooke had always been there for Laura regardless of what she did. Leo needed someone to believe in him, no matter what. That person certainly wasn't Greenlee. Brooke told Laura she should get some rest, but Laura wasn't ready to sleep. She knew Greenlee didn't want more from Leo than a good time and now that the truth was out, she wouldn't want Leo at all. Brooke told Laura that some people can't be helped and you have to save yourself by walking away - for good. Laura insisted she could not write Leo off. Again, Brooke urged Laura to get some sleep. Laura apologized for sneaking out and promised she wouldn't do it again. Brooke told her "No more Leo - at least not tonight!" Later Brooke paged through a magazine and told Laura they'd go on a shopping spree when Laura was out of the hospital. She got up to show Laura a picture of a dress, when she noticed Laura was sleeping. Just then Erica entered the room. She told Brooke she wanted to talk to her and they went outside the room. As soon as they left, Laura sat up and grabbed the phone. She called Bianca and told her she need her help and to come to the hospital right away. She warned her to be careful because Erica was right outside her room. Outside Laura's room, Erica told Brooke she had been to see David and that he had agreed to take Laura's case as soon as she could get him out of jail. Brooke wanted to know how Erica got David to do that. Erica replied, "I just had to ask. David would still do anything for me." Brooke angrily accused Erica of using Laura's crisis to test her power over David. Erica was appalled that Brooke felt that way. She was doing it for Laura. Besides, if Erica wanted David back, she would have to resort to tricks to get him. She told Brooke to get over herself! Brooke decided at that point she didn't need Erica's help. Of course, Erica wouldn't let it go at that. She had been there with Bianca and she understood totally what Brooke was going through. She told Brooke she was in it until Laura was back blasting her music and sneaking in after curfew. Brooke apologized to Erica and told her she was glad Erica went to see David. She wondered how Erica was going to get David out of jail. Erica replied, "You'll be very impressed!" Brooke agreed that it could work. A confident Erica said she knew she could do it - the rest was up to Brooke.

While Erica and Brooke talked, Bianca snuck by into Laura's room. She laughed as she told Laura their mother's were like Lucy and Ethel. She felt it was very bizarre. Brooke's hovering freaked out Laura. They couldn't figure out what was going on. Then Bianca wanted to know why Laura wanted her there. Laura told her it was about Leo. She wanted them to show Leo they believed in him. Bianca sympathized with Leo and even felt sorry for Greenlee. She cautioned Laura that this better not be a "dating thing." After all, broken hearts don't mend in an hour. Laura assured her it was just as "friends" and that right now Leo didn't have anyone besides them. Bianca suggested that Greenlee might have stuck by Leo. Laura felt Greenlee bailed on Leo. It was up to them to show Leo they cared. Laura had a plan. Bianca agreed that might be what Leo needed, but how what were they going to do about Brooke? Laura thought about that for a minute and then said they'd maybe just take her with. With that, they high-fived each other and said, "Let's go!"

At the loft, an anguished Leo begged Greenlee not to give up on them. He asked her not to listen to half-truths. She could ask him anything and he'd tell her the truth. At the same time, Roger tried to get Leo to leave. Greenlee looked at Leo with tears in her eyes and asked him why she should marry him and why she should ever trust him again. Leo continued to plead with Greenlee. He reminded her that he had tried to tell her the truth before, but she stopped him. Greenlee pointed out that he had offered Katerina a prenuptial agreement, too. Leo insisted that was a lie. A solicitous Roger tried to get Greenlee out of the room. She hesitated when Leo told her he wanted to learn to use the toboggan she gave him, that he wanted to be stranded on a deserted island with her again and he wanted to be the father of her children. He asked her to just give him a chance. A tearful Greenlee told Leo she loved him and went into his arms. Katerina implored Greenlee not to let Leo do this to her. Leo could make the future sound so good, but all he really wanted was her money. Greenlee reminded them that she was the one who proposed. Katerina wouldn't let it go. She told Greenlee things Leo had promised her - things Leo had also promised Greenlee. She said Leo broke her heart and wiped out her bank account. She kept hoping that one day he would make love to her and mean it. She begged Greenlee to learn from her mistake. Leo told Katerina what he did to her was unforgivable. If he could make it up to her he would. Roger snidely remarked, "You could give her money back." Leo replied that the money was gone. Katerina told them the money could not replace what Leo took from her - her heart. Leo, again, told Greenlee they were meant to be together. Roger dropped the bombshell. He told Greenlee how Leo and Vanessa came to Pine Valley. Things were too hot in Europe so Vanessa chose a smaller pond with less sophisticated fish. Vanessa got Palmer and then sent for Leo. She pointed Leo in Greenlee's direction - the "catch of the day." Greenlee looked at Leo and asked, "You came to Pine Valley for my money?" Leo finally answered, "Yes." Greenlee was crushed. Leo tried to explain that at first it was the money, but then he fell in love with her. He wanted to back out of the deal and tried to stay away from her. He never knew anyone like her and it gave him hope. It was the best gift anyone had ever given to him. A smug Roger said, "Desperate words for a desperate man." Greenlee told Roger and Katerina to get out. She wanted to talk to Leo alone. Roger hesitated to leave, but Greenlee told him again to get out. After they had gone, Greenlee told Leo that she always had everything she ever wanted - except love. Then he came into her life and it was great. Now she realized he had just used her to get her money. As she talked, she became angrier. She told him everyone warned her about him and she didn't listen. She told him she hated him and never wanted to see him again. Hearing the shouts, Roger and Katerina came back into the room. He asked Greenlee if she was ok. Now her anger turned to Roger. She said, "Is this what you wanted? Are you happy?" He tried to convince her he was only trying to protect her. "You never cared! I hate you! I hate all of you!" she shouted, as she ran from the room. Roger ran after her. He tried to comfort Greenlee by telling her she needed to be with family now. Greenlee told him she never had a family and she didn't need anyone - not Leo, and certainly not Roger. Alone in the room with Katerina, Leo asked her why she lied. She told him he broke her heart in a thousand tiny pieces and left her with all her hopes shattered. The lie was so he could feel what it was like to be one of his victims.

On the Fidelity, Gabriel, the stowaway, held a spear gun on Edmund, Anna and Ryan. As he walked slowly towards Gabriel, Edmund swung his towel, knocking the spear gun out of his hands. Edmund and Ryan rushed him and wrestled him to the ground. He grabbed the boy and demanded to know he was and what he was doing there. Dimitri tried to calm Edmund, but Edmund is furious because the boy tried to kill Anna. Just then Gillian came into the room and wanted to know what happened. She recognized the stowaway and wanted to know what he was doing there. Ryan wanted her out of the way of danger and pushed her towards the door. Once Gillian had gone, Dimitri and Anna began to interrogate the boy again. She asked if he was sent to kill her. Suddenly he shoved her and tried to run. Dimitri and Edmund grabbed him and held him down. They weren't about to release him until they found out all they wanted to know. As they continued to question him, he became agitated. Ryan was upset that the danger had come to the Fidelity when he had been trying so hard to keep Gillian away from it. He wanted to call the police. Edmund and Dimitri asked for a few more minutes. They decided to put him in a stateroom. Ryan felt Gabriel grabbed the spear gun because he was frightened, but Dimitri felt he was after Anna. Gabriel's hands were tied and as they lifted him from the floor, Ryan noticed a scar on his hand. He asked how Gabriel got it. The scar seemed to have struck a cord with Anna. Edmund noticed the look on Anna's face and asked her what was wrong. She said she had to speak to Gabriel now. That didn't go over well with Dimitri and Edmund. She told them she felt he took the spear gun in self-defense. If she could get him alone in a non-threatening, quiet area, she was sure she could get through to him. They disagreed with her. He was now locked in a stateroom with Steven guarding the door. She told them if he was a hired killer, he wasn't very good. Ryan came back into the room and asked when they were going to get him off the boat. They promised him it would be soon. Dimitri decided to call Alex. Ryan handed him his cell phone. While they discussed the boy, Anna crept from the room. At the stateroom, she tried to convince Steven to let her in the room with the boy. He refused, telling her it was too dangerous. As she talked to Steven, the boy pulled a knife from his shoe and started cutting the ropes that were tied around his wrists. Finally, Anna was able to talk Steven into opening the door. Once inside the room, Anna asked the boy why he was there and if she should be frightened of him. While she talked to him, he continued to quietly cut the ropes. Edmund finished his conversation with Alex. Ryan told them again he wanted the boy off the boat right away. Edmund said they would take him to Wildwind just as soon as he and Anna got out of their robes. They realized Anna was not in the room and they rushed out to find her.

In the stateroom, Anna tried to help the boy. He jumped up in fear and tried to run. Suddenly Anna realized she knew who he was. He opened the door to the stateroom and punched Steven when he got in the way. As he ran, Anna stared in horror and exclaimed, "I know you!"

Tuesday, May 15, 2001

At Jake's loft, Leo was banging on the door begging Greenlee to let him in. He was shouting that he loved her and that she shouldn't give up on their love. There was no response, so he broke the door down. The loft was empty.

Greenlee was up on the roof of the loft staring up at the sky. She held a bottle of champagne in the air and made a toast, "to you Leo, from one dud to another," and took a swig from the bottle. Then with tears in her eyes, she began remembering past discussions she had with Leo about getting married.

Leo looked around the loft, calling out Greenlee's name. Just then, Jake walked in and asked Leo what the hell he was doing there and told him to get out of his apartment. Leo told Jake that he had to see Greenlee. Jake was very angry and told Leo that he did not know where she was, but he was worried about her and when he did find her he would tell her to stay away from Leo. He demanded again that Leo get out so Leo left. Jake made a phone call to the hospital. He gave them Greenlee's description and asked them to page him if they found her. He turned the TV on for a distraction but was having reception problems. "Damn satellite," he said and marched out of the loft and headed for the roof.

A drunk Greenlee was walking along the ledge muttering to herself about how horrible things were. She sat down and dangled her feet over the edge. Jake walked through the door, and cautiously approached Greenlee. He asked her if she was okay. "JAKE," she said, teetering on the edge, "How did you know I was up here?" He explained that he didn't know she was there, he was on the roof for another reason. She was making him very nervous so he moved toward her and suggested she get away from the edge. Not really listening to him she said that she had been up on the roof earlier with Leo, before 'BK.' "BK?", Jake asked, looking confused. "Yes, Before Katerina," she replied. She went on to say that too bad she didn't know what was going to happen with Katerina, if she had known, she could have just pushed Leo off the roof and saved everyone a lot of trouble. Jake approached her and again asked her to move. She replied that she wasn't going to jump, she didn't want anything put on her tombstone about being duped by both Leo and her father. He gave her his hand and she pushed it away and told him that he should feel free to tell her "I told you so." He replied that he wouldn't do that to her. She rambled on and on about wedding things, like the monogrammed towels she bought and she also wonderered that if she did die would Leo even bother to coming to her funeral. She leaned forward almost falling off the roof and Jake grabbed her, pulled her off the ledge and carried her downstairs and deposited her on the couch. "What am I going to do Jake?" a sniffling Greenlee asked. "First things first," he replied, "first I need you to take your clothes off." Greenlee stared at him with her mouth open.

At the Valley Inn, Dixie and Tad were meeting in the bar. Dixie told Tad that she had subbed at J.R's school today. Tad chuckled and asked her how it was teaching a bunch of 10th graders. She replied with a smile, "do you remember what you were like in 10th grade?" She went on to say that the kids were all talking about JR's trip to the police station. She also wondered how JR was having to spend the day with Adam. She then changed the subject and asked Tad how he would feel about moving back home. Tad was shocked by this and asked her if she was sure. She explained that JR would be so happy to have Tad back home again. Tad asked her why she wanted him home and she replied that she loved him. Tad interrupted her and said that perhaps the only reason she wanted him back home was because Adam was making noise about suing her for custody. He asked her if she would still want him to come home if JR was not with Adam. He didn't want them to get back together for the wrong reasons. Dixie's phone rang and it was Liza telling her that Adam on his way to see the judge. Tad and Dixie rushed out.

Adam, JR and Barry all arrived at the courthouse early so they were sitting in the car. JR left the car to get a soda. Once JR was gone, Adam asked Barry if he could get the judge to listen. Barry replied that Judge Stanton was a good man. It was JR's first offence so he would probably go lightly. Adam then asked why they couldn't get him for the custody hearing and Barry replied that Judge Stanton was not a family court judge. Adam hoped aloud that whoever the judge was, that they would be fair when granting him full custody of JR. Barry reminded Adam that it would not be easy to get custody of JR. He was now a teen, had always lived with him mother and the only time he had gotten into any trouble was after he lived with Adam. Barry suggested that they would have to go at it lightly, the 'Adam Chandler sledgehammer politics' would not work in a custody battle. Adam could not bully the judge into giving him JR.

Inside the courthouse, Erica ran into Brooke and asked her if she had seen David. Brooke replied that she had but was ready to go in to see Judge Stanton and thought it might be better if she saw him without Erica. Erica reminded Brooke that she knew the judge personally and she could help persuade him to give them what they needed to heal Laura. Brooke asked Erica what she was going to tell Judge Stanton and suggested that she neither bribe him or 'vamp' him. Erica was shocked that Brooke would suggest either and told her that she was simply going to tell him that they needed David to be Laura's doctor. Erica walked into the Judge Stanton's office and announced herself. The judge seemed surprised to see her and told her that he didn't have time to speak to her as he was about to hear a case. "David Hayward's case?" she asked. He said yes. They talked and he told her that it would be unorthodox to let David out of prison to treat a patient. Erica reminded him that this situation was very unique. He told her that he was expecting to meet Brooke, David and David's attorney and wanted to know why she was there instead pleading David's case. "You and I have a personal relationship," she said. He replied that they had a passing relationship from charity events and their social circles. He questioned her about her relationship with David and she replied that there was one, but it was over and she added that she was not speaking to the judge for personal reasons. She was there because of David's reputation as a Cardiologist and because of his unique ability to save Laura. Judge Stanton then asked her if David was the only doctor in town that could help Laura and Erica replied that he was the only doctor that would try. Erica told the judge that David was the one that saved her when she had her accident a few years ago. He told her that her views would not influence him one way or another. They left his office and met up with David and his lawyer outside. Judge Stanton asked if he would meet with David alone. David and his lawyer went into the office. The judge told David that he had read his petition and said that it was a very unusual request. David reminded the judge that it was not he who submitted the petition but Brooke. He went on to tell the judge that only he could perform the procedures that would save Laura.

Brooke asked Erica what had happened in the office and Erica replied that she wasn't really sure. Just then Tad and Dixie walked in and asked Brooke if the judge was around and she replied that he was with David Hayward. Tad was surprised that David would be meeting with the judge. Brooke explained Laura's situation to Tad and Dixie and Tad remarked that in spite of his feelings for David, David was an excellent doctor and if Dixie were to get sick again, he would want her treated by him. Erica suggested to Dixie that she talk to the judge and tell him what a wonderful doctor David was. Dixie seemed hesitant but Brooke pleaded with her for help. Dixie would help, and Erica, Dixie and Brooke marched into the office. Erica announced that Dixie was also a patient and wanted to testify on David's behalf. David was pleased. Dixie told the judge about her heart condition and that she had had some close calls and each time she was saved because of David's skill.

Erica left the office and met up with Tad. As they were waiting, Adam, Barry and JR walked in. JR asked Tad if Dixie was around and Erica explained that she was in the office trying to get David freed from jail. JR ran in the office as Dixie was explaining that she trusted David with her life. "NO," JR exclaimed, "you keep on defending him mom, like he's some kind of super hero." Tad tried to get JR to leave but JR kept yelling at Dixie that she shouldn't help David. JR ran out of the room and Dixie followed. Adam intervened and told Dixie he would handle it. Tad told Dixie that as soon as JR understood why she was defending David he would be okay with it.

JR ran to the car with Adam in tow. JR told Adam that he didn't understand why his mom would defend David. Adam didn't understand it either but wanted to take full advantage of the fact that JR was so angry. He reminded JR that if David got out of jail, he would be hanging around Dixie and he knew how upsetting that would be for JR. JR told Adam that he wanted to live with Adam, not his mother.

Back in Judge Stanton's office, Erica, Brooke, David and his lawyer were awaiting the judge's decision. Even with all the glowing opinions he had received, he could not see letting David out of jail. He explained that there was a whole community in Pine Valley who were relieved that David was behind bars. Erica chimed in and said that this was not the court of public opinion and Judge Stanton reminded her that she had no business even being involved in the situation. Brooke stepped in and told the judge that Laura's care was in his hands. She understood that he had a job to do and tried to appeal to him by giving him a speech about the responsibility of having and raising children. She said that she could not leave his office until she knew she had done the right thing for her daughter. She added that she had already lost a daughter that doctor's could not save and now she had another chance, to save her other daughter. She stared at the judge waiting for him to say something. He responded by telling her that he would allow David to help Laura but he would have to be under a '24 hour a day' watch. Brooke sighed with relief. David agreed to abide by the rules set out for him and Brooke thanked the judge for helping her. They all left the office and Brooke asked David how soon he could perform the surgery and he replied that he could begin immediately, as long as Laura was ready. He needed to know if Brooke had told Laura what was going on.

Tad and Dixie were still there talking when Adam charged in and asked Dixie if she had any idea what her appeal to David Hayward had cost his son. Tad pushed him back and told him that he had no idea what was going on in the office. Judge Stanton came out of his office and asked if JR was ready to meet with him but JR was not around. He was still outside in the car listening to very loud music. He kept turning the music up lhe heard his mother's voice saying "I trust David Hayward with my life," then he heard Adam's voice saying "He's going to be around your mother's house." He jumped behind the wheel of the car, started it and took off.

Back at the Valley Inn, Leo ran into Vanessa and she asked him if he was okay. He told her that he didn't want her sympathy, even if it was real. He added that if he had really lost Greenlee, he had lost everything. Vanessa told him that he would bounce back from this. He went on and on about how his life was ruined as Vanessa sat there rolling her eyes. "Am I embarrassing you mother?" he asked. She replied that she would have to spend the rest of her life doing 'damage control' with Palmer because he had witnessed what went on between Leo and his ex-flame. Leo reminded her that his past was also her past but she replied that she had taken great steps to make sure her past was well hidden. His mood then changed and he told Vanessa that he thought Palmer was going to dump her. He suggested they do what they did in Prague. "Slip a little controlled substance into Palmer's bedtime brandy, something untraceable." "You want me to kill the man?" Vanessa asked, "have you lost your mind?" Leo explained that he had hit rock-bottom as he downed a glass of Scotch. Vanessa asked him what he was trying to prove and he told her that he had lost everything, but she still had a chance to grasp that brass ring. She changed the subject and told Leo that the only reason he was saying those things was because he didn't get his own way. He had lost Greenlee and he was upset. She added that Greenlee was probably not sitting at home pining away for him either. "We know what that kind does to console themselves when they have been hurt," she said. Leo grabbed her arm and advised her not to talk about Greenlee in that way. Leo retreated from the bar leaving Vanessa alone.

Wednesday, May 16, 2001

Brooke and Laura walked into BJ's. Laura stopped just inside the door and took a deep breath, appreciating the delicious odors of "burgers and fries, perfect!". Brooke reminded Laura that this was a "controlled breakout", it was just for a little while.They found a table and Laura apologized for sneaking out to go to Leo and Greenlee's engagement party. Brooke broke down and admitted that she did admire Laura's convictions, which made Laura suspicious. She wondered what was up, why her mother was being so forgiving, "Am I getting a shot or something?". Laura looked towards the door as Bianca and Leo walked in. Bianca tried to convince Leo he needed to eat but he said he couldn't think of food until he found Greenlee. Bianca was sure Greenlee would be all right, but Leo felt that she may never be all right again because of him. "Greenlee's a natural born survivor" Bianca told Leo and he nodded his agreement. He turned and saw Laura sitting with Brooke. Bianca suggested they go say hello and they walked over to the table. Brooke was highly suspicious of this chance meeting and felt that perhaps Laura had known Bianca would be bringing Leo to BJ's. Laura denied this but was very happy to invite her two friends to join her at the table. She asked Leo how he was doing and he just shrugged. Leo changed the subject and asked when Laura would be out of the hospital for good. Laura turned to Brooke and asked what the hold up was, saying "I'm not really that sick, am I?". Brooke looked at the three young people nervously and tried to avoid answering Laura. Laura told her she could say anything in front of her friends and reminded her mother that "I just have a virus, right?". Brooke finally told Laura that the doctors want to perform a "diagnostic procedure" on her to determine the status of the virus. She tried to reassure Laura that it was a simple procedure, that she "wouldn't feel a thing". But Laura sensed Brooke's unease and asked if she really had to have it done. Brooke explained that "Dr. Joe is a stickler" and doesn't want to miss anything. When Laura asked her mother how soon they had to do the operation she was told "in a couple of hours". She was shocked, as were Leo and Bianca. Laura asked her mother if it had to be so soon but Brooke said "why not, just get it over with" and explained that this meant Laura could not have any burgers or fries tonight. Laura put on a brave face and joked "When it's over do I get a video game or something?". Brooke replied that she could have anything she wanted, with a great deal of emotion. Leo's food arrived and he began chowing down. The two girls critiqued his eating style, much to Brooke's amusement. She said she hadn't realized that Leo's dining habits were akin to an Olympic event. Laura told Leo she was glad Bianca had dragged him out and Leo said he was too. Bianca left the table to check in with her mother and Laura followed, telling Brooke to make sure Leo cleaned his plate. After the girls were out of earshot Leo asked Brooke if she was worried about Laura's surgery. Brooke told him it was just a precautionary measure and Leo said it was too bad David was behind bars. Brooke told him she had pulled some strings and gotten David released to take care of Laura. Leo was impressed and Brooke leaned closer saying she wanted to make herself perfectly clear. "Now that Greenlee has dumped you, don't get any ideas about Laura" she told him. She warned Leo not to make Laura his next mark. Leo assured Brooke that he cared about Laura as a friend and that he was not there to prey on her. He went on to say that he wasn't the monster Roger Smythe made him out to be and that he wasn't done with Greenlee, he still loved her. Brooke hoped she could take Leo at his word. Bianca and Laura came back and Leo stood up saying he needed to get back to the yacht to meet with his lawyer. He started to leave money for his dinner but Brooke stopped him, saying she'd pick up his tab this time. Bianca and Leo walked out while Laura was left sitting at the table watching them longingly. Brooke told her they needed to get back to the hospital so she could be prepped for the procedure. Laura said ok "as long as they don't shave my head!" Brooke warned her daughter not to get too occupied with Leo. Laura said that with Leo and Greenlee split apart maybe it wasn't too late for her and Leo. Brooke looked worried.

In the loft, Jake told a drunk Greenlee to strip. She was astounded by this order and didn't make a move to do as he said. He repeated it and she finally stammered "It's not even been 24 hours.... You, you...... MAN!". She believed Jake was trying to make moves on her! Jake realized what she thought and told her he did not want to jump her bones. Greenlee said he could talk the talk but couldn't walk the walk and that he really wanted her. She thought he was making his move now because he'd have a better chance with her on the rebound. Greenlee told him her rebounds only last a week or 2 and that she wouldn't do that to him. She refused to take advantage of him "even though he is babe!". Jake said they had to talk this through and took her into the kitchen for some coffee. He explained that telling her to get undressed wasn't a come on, that she needed a cold shower to sober up. Greenlee absolutely refused and was determined to leave the loft and drive somewhere else. Jake stopped her by dumping a pitcher of cold water all over her. "Pompous know it all!" she screamed, "Why'd you do that?". Jake told her she needed to cool off. She said he was so smug he made her sick and Jake requested that she not be sick on his floor. He told her to go take a shower and put on a robe while her clothes dried. He asked when her place would be ready and she replied "Not soon enough!" Jake handed her his robe but Greenlee let it slip out of her fingers saying with disgust "I don't do terry[cloth]". She finally agreed to the shower and when she returned she did have on the dreaded terry robe. Jake offered her coffee and she whined that she needed cream. The good doctor told her to drink up and then she could "mop up the mess", referring to the water puddle on the floor. Greenlee told Jake that he made the mess and he could clean it up himself and that she was not his maid. Jake threatened her saying "Mop now or I'll swab this entire floor with your robe with you in it!" and he stormed into his bedroom. A little while later Jake came out to find Greenlee finishing up the mopping. He pointed out a spot that she'd missed and she swatted at him with the mop. They began to wrestle for the mop and this started them both laughing. Leo walked in to find them in peals of laughter and he stood at the doorway, stunned.

In the judge's chambers Adam asked for a word in private with the judge. The judge refused to clear the office and Adam was forced to say his piece in front of everyone. Adam said that JR was a good boy but that his mother and stepfather were divorcing. At this Dixie spoke up and said they're not getting a divorce. Adam rolled his eyes and went on about JR being depressed watching this happen again in his family. He described JR as a very gentle boy, never prone to violence, and never any thoughtless or reckless behavior. JR in the meantime was cruising in his father's car with the radio blaring, unbeknownst to Adam. Adam went on to tell the judge that JR feels terrible about what happened but the cop interrupted saying JR had mouthed off to him, offered a bribe and demanded his father's mouthpiece (Barry). Adam said this was all a cry for help, that JR has never acted like this before. Dixie jumped in and told the judge "That's right, until he moved in with his father!". She went on to say JR was a responsible boy until he'd moved in with Adam. She angrily turned to Adam saying "Where do you suppose he learned to bribe a cop?" When Adam tried to look innocent she reminded him and everyone in the room that Adam had spent his honeymoon in jail for bribing a cop. Adam tried to get her to shut up but Dixie went on to say her son is emulating her ex-husband's worst qualities. Dixie begged the judge to let JR see that there are consequences to his behavior. The judge agreed with her and told Adam to go out in the hallway to get JR. Dixie turned to Tad and told him this was her worst nightmare, that JR's father's genes were coming through. "We have to get him away from Adam so he doesn't think money and power will get him out of everything" she said. Tad offered to spend more time with JR, perhaps taking him on a camping trip. Dixie was grateful. Adam returned to the room saying JR had disappeared. They all went looking for him but couldn't find JR anywhere. Dixie and Tad blamed Adam for letting JR run but Adam said he was just trying to smooth the way for his son. "It's late" said the judge "I find JR in contempt". He said he'd finish the paperwork in the morning. Dixie wondered where to begin looking for JR and asked Tad if he thought they should call Derek Frye. Adam overheard and adamantly said "NO! No cops!". Tad and Dixie wondered what was up, what Adam was trying to cover. Adam said JR was running scared and that police would just scare him more. They began arguing and Tad and Dixie left to look for JR. Adam asked Barry for his cell phone and Barry wondered why Adam didn't just use his own. Adam told him his cell phone was in his car and JR had his car. Adam dialed his cell phone number and it began to ring.

As the sun was setting, Hayley was in the park doing some stretching exercises. Mateo found her and wondered why she was there, telling her it was late and dark. Hayley looked up to the sky and quipped "Get out! Really?" and then giggled at her husband for pointing out the obvious. She reminded him that Dr. Clater said exercise was good for her. Mateo asked her to be careful and she promised not to over do it. She told Mat to go on to work, "mind the club". Mat told her not to do any high hurdles and went to work. Hayley put on head phones and continued her work out.

Shannon and her gang showed up at the park laughing and chatting. They stopped when they heard tires squealing and one of the boys wondered if it was the cops again. JR strolled up and they asked him if it was him driving. He admitted that he'd taken his father's car and that he's not afraid of the cops. When asked how "the court thing" went, JR replied that he didn't know since he blew it off. They were all impressed and Mindy sat down next to JR saying she didn't know he was such a wild man. The group began discussing getting some drugs but they were cash poor. JR offered to cover it for them. The dealer told them he "has it all, X to speed" and pushed it towards JR. JR handed him the money saying "Let's do this every Friday." They asked him if he was afraid his parents would send him away and he said no, he'd just run away. One of the guys handed him 2 pills and JR downed them as Hayley walked up. It was silent as Hayley came over to JR. He was not at all pleased to see his sister. She asked where their dad was, since she'd seen his car. JR tried to cover his tracks and said Adam was "in the back". He told Hayley he was just hanging out with his friends since he didn't get to see them much now that he was suspended. She asked if he wanted to go talk somewhere but he said no, he'd call her later. Hayley was very suspicious and said she was going to go look for Adam. After she walked away JR told his friends he was leaving. His friends commented that JR was really "outrageous". Hayley returned and wanted to know where JR was. "Who wants to tell me what's going on?" She heard the engine of a car and ran over to find JR sitting at the wheel. She climbed in but JR told her to get out. She refused, and he said ok, you want to go for a ride, let's go! He stepped on the gas and peeled out. Hayley was a little peeved and told him to slow it down. JR ignored her and she asked him to pull over and let her drive, since he doesn't even have a license. Again he refused. The phone began ringing but the radio was up so loud they didn't hear it. Hayley repeated her request that he slow down but JR just kept speeding down the road. An alarm began making noise and he wondered what that was. Hayley explained that it meant they were running out of gas. This made JR angry and he started fumbling around the dashboard, taking his eyes off the road. Hayley screamed "Junior, look out!" as they careened towards disaster.

Thursday, May 17, 2001

Leo walked in as Greenlee and Jake joked around in the loft. Hurt, Leo asked her if she was doing that for his benefit, but Greenlee only ignored him. She told Jake that she didn't want to have anything to do with "Mr. du Pres" and that a "crummy piece of paper" wasn't going to change anything between them. Leo persisted that she listen to him and Greenlee became frustrated. She blasted that she wasn't going to let a "wolf" like him back into her life and informed him that she didn't want to hear any more of his lies. Jake left the pair alone as Leo told her he had gotten the pre-nup from his lawyer and that all it needed was her signature beside his. Greenlee scoffed that it was too late and that she didn't want him in her life. She declared that their "happily ever after ended with lies" and that there was no point in signing it. Leo told her to cut him out of her "will and (her) trust fund" but begged her not to cut him out of her life. Coldly, Greenlee told him that neither of them knew what love was and that a pre-nup wasn't going to change that. Jake suddenly walked out and told Greenlee that he was going to the hospital. He asked her if she wanted Leo to leave but Greenlee replied that she could handle him. Alone, Leo confided that Katerina was a con, but she was different. Greenlee blasted that she didn't care about Katerina or what he had done to her and that nothing could change the way she felt. She admitted that she didn't trust him and that the only knowledge they had about love was what they saw in movies. Frustrated, Leo hollered that he loved her, but Greenlee ignored him. She suggested that she might be like Vanessa and was only using him until the next "warm body" came along to keep her company at night. She stated that they were "users and losers" and that their relationship would never have worked out anyway. Leo asked her to look at him and told her she could trust him with her life. Greenlee replied that she had never let anyone get that close to her, but Leo replied that he had been. She repeated that she didn't trust him and confided that if he had told her earlier about his past, she would have accepted him. Leo wondered what he had to do to make her realize she wasn't like Roger and replied that she would have dumped him if she had known. Quietly, Greenlee countered that she wouldn't because it would have meant he trusted her enough to tell her his deepest secret. "Now I don't trust you, Leo," she stated. Leo asked her why she kept taking her father back but Greenlee only replied that he was her father. She confided that every time she forgave her father she lost a piece of her soul and reasoned if she took him back, there wouldn't be anything left of her. She sat down on the couch and Leo sat beside her. Near tears, he told her that he loved her and that she had shown him how to be human. Greenlee cried as Leo confessed that he wanted to live the rest of his life with her and begged her to let him love her. Sadly, Greenlee asked him to leave. She told him that "every beautiful word" he'd said to her meant a great deal to her, however, Greenlee frowned and hinted that her time with Leo had now passed.

In her hospital room, Laura told Brooke that she was going to stay in Pine Valley for the summer rather than backpack in Europe with Bianca. She admitted that Leo was one of the reasons for her decision and marveled at how "cool" it was when he was concerned about her heart test. A nurse came in with a plate of food but Brooke informed her that Laura wasn't supposed to eat before her cardiac test. Surprised, the nurse replied that she was only aware of that procedure being done in the morning and left. Laura became suspicious and asked Brooke why she was having the test that night. David walked in with an officer in tow and quickly explained that he was keeping irregular hours. Laura persisted and questioned why David was out of the jail practicing medicine with an armed guard following close behind. Brooke quickly explained that David could best perform the surgery and assured her that nothing was going on. She asked David to give her a moment alone with her daughter and David left. Alone, Laura declared that it was her "body being invaded" and that she should know everything that was happening. Brooke kissed her forehead and told her the only thing she needed to know was that she loved her. Laura admitted that the situation was suspicious and that she was strong enough to know the "enemy", but Brooke assured her there was nothing to worry about. She left to call Jamie and ran into David in the waiting area. David encouraged her to tell Laura the truth about her heart condition but Brooke refused. She stated that Laura had a hard childhood and that if she knew the truth, she would give up all hope. David persisted, but Brooke only replied that Laura needed a future to believe in and telling her the truth wouldn't accomplish that.

David visited Laura in her hospital room and sat down to explain the procedure to her. Once he was finished, Laura asked him if she could ask him a question and wondered if he would answer it honestly. David replied that he was her doctor and he would answer any questions as honestly as he could. Happily, Laura told him it was about Leo and David was surprised that she had him on her mind while she sat in the hospital. Laura admitted that he was "in (her) system" and asked David if Leo was capable of loving someone. He replied that he didn't know and asked her why. Laura explained what had happened at Leo's engagement party and David remarked that it had "Vanessa written all over it." She replied that if she was Greenlee, she would have given him a second chance. Surprised, David asked why. Laura replied that she had taken a picture of him one day when he wasn't looking and that it was like "an x-ray of his soul." She told David that she saw something inside of him and that he was special. Smiling, David replied that she was special too. The nurse interrupted them with news that the lab was waiting for them. "Let's get this over with," Laura smiled. "I've got a life waiting for me."

Heather, Mindy, Shannon and JR's friends were hanging out in the park, high on Ecstasy. Tad and Dixie suddenly interrupted them and asked if they had seen JR. They replied that they hadn't seen him since his arrest. Tad asked them to tell JR to call home when they saw him and the pair left. Once alone, the friends laughed that the two hits of Ecstasy JR had taken earlier would help him get over his problems.

JR and Hayley lay unconscious in the car that JR had just crashed. Adam suddenly ran up to them and JR awoke. Adam called for an ambulance as JR realized what had just happened. "Oh my God, Hayley," he whispered, as he noticed his sister. "The baby. What have I done?" Hayley awoke as Adam opened the passenger door and she told her father that she was alright. JR looked dazed as he unhooked Hayley's seatbelt. Adam helped her out and JR exited the driver's door. Adam blasted JR for acting so irresponsibly and declared that he could have killed himself, Hayley or her unborn child. JR apologized and explained that he had stolen the car after he saw Dixie stand up for David in court. The trio suddenly heard alarms in the distance and JR asked if the police had been called. Adam angrily replied that the ambulance had probably called the police and JR became frantic. He stated that he would be in more trouble if the police knew he was driving, but Adam told him not to worry. Quickly, he told JR to get in the back seat and explained that when the police came, he would tell him he was the one driving. Hayley objected and reminded Adam of the last time he had lied to the police. She stated that JR would be better off telling the truth, but Adam only instructed JR to get into the back seat. Hayley quickly walked over to her brother and encouraged him to tell the police what had really happened. He stood motionless and quiet as Hayley told him that the fact that Adam could buy his children's way out of trouble wasn't necessarily a good thing. Adam demanded that JR get into the back seat and he did so. The police arrived and Adam quickly explained that a deer had come out from the bushes and he swerved to avoid it. He added that Hayley needed medical attention and as JR stepped out of the car, Officer Perry chuckled. Hayley jumped in and told the officers that JR had been the one driving. Tad and Dixie arrived and were surprised to see the wrecked car. Hayley told them what happened and the pair demanded to know why JR had taken the car, but he remained silent. Officer Perry quipped that he would have to be tested for alcohol, but Hayley vouched that he had not been drinking. The officer replied that he had to be tested for drugs and JR remained silent as everyone stared at him, wide-eyed. Adam angrily informed the cops that JR was only stressed, but they told him it was procedure to test a minor who had been driving illegally. Barry suddenly arrived and asked what happened. Adam quickly filled him in and the cops repeated that they were taking JR in as part of their procedure. Barry led them away as he explained that it actually wasn't procedure at all. Dixie approached JR and told him that she was glad he was okay and apologized for him seeing her standing up for David. JR became angry and told her he didn't want to talk about it, but Dixie only replied that they would have to one day. Hayley walked up to JR as Dixie walked away.

Jake approached Brooke as she paced the hospital floor. She told him that Laura was having her procedure done and that David was doing it. Jake became surprised and angrily asked Brooke why she had busted him out of jail. Exasperated, she told Jake she didn't care what David had done in his past and told him to let go of his anger for Laura's sake. They were interrupted by David and Dr. Brian, who had just finished Laura's procedure. Dr. Brian told Brooke that Laura's heart damage was irreparable and that a heart transplant wasn't even an option for her already weak body. As he walked away, Brooke asked David if he agreed with him and David replied that if he did the surgery, there was a good chance Laura would live. Slightly relieved, Brooke went in to visit her daughter. Alone, Jake blasted David for giving Brooke "false hope" and accused him of using Laura as his "ticket out of jail."

JR looked on as Hayley was examined by a paramedic. As she was wheeled away on a stretcher, she assured her little brother that everything was going to be okay. Adam asked the officers what would happen if he refused to let his son be taken and Officer Perry angrily replied that he would be arrested for interfering. Barry led the officers aside and spoke to them as Adam tended to JR. Suddenly, Officer Perry returned and announced that the Judge wanted JR to have a drug test that night. Adam, Barry, Dixie and Tad looked shocked as JR was led away into the police cruiser.

Thursday, May 18, 2001

Hayley lay strapped to a fetal heart monitor in a hospital exam room. Mateo studied the machine as the doctor told them the baby was fine and left to get the discharge papers. Alone, Hayley asked Mateo to get her clothes but Mateo refused to budge. He suggested that they return to Mystique and wondered aloud why they had returned to Pine Valley in the first place. He accused Adam of turning the town into "his own private playground" and speculated on how long it would take until he was manipulating their child. Hayley replied that Pine Valley was their home, family and life. Mateo took her face in his hands and told her she was all this to him and that he would do anything to protect her. The doctor returned and handed Hayley her discharge papers. She assured her that the baby was fine and left. Alone, Mateo apologized for his outburst, but Hayley reasoned that he was only scared like she so often was. She explained that she was always waiting for something bad to happen to interrupt her seemingly perfect life. Mateo asked if he could stop this and as she placed his hands on her belly, she assured him that he always did.

Jake sat down beside a crying and depressed Greenlee at the loft. She told him she wished she'd never met Leo and reasoned that the only way to work through her pain was to "dig a hole, get in and die." Jake stood up, handed Greenlee her coat and purse and told her he was taking her back to "the land of the living."

At BJ's, Erica informed Jack that David was performing surgery on Laura that evening. Jack was surprised that she was able to bust him out of jail and confided that she was really a warm-hearted person. He reasoned that she was not friends with Brooke and was thinking only of Laura. He added that it was a good thing for Bianca because she cared so much for Laura and Erica's tone suddenly turned sour. "There is nothing going on between Bianca and Laura," she sternly interrupted him. "Do I make myself clear? Nothing." Jack reminded her of Bianca's web-published diary, but Erica continued to deny Bianca's feeling for Laura. Erica asked Jack why he was "on (her) case" and reasoned that she was coping with Bianca's "situation" very well. Jack became annoyed and their conversation was interrupted by his ringing cell phone. Jack stood to leave and cautioned Erica that their conversation wasn't over. He held the door open for Greenlee and Jake who were entering BJ's. A waitress walked by and scoffed at Greenlee. She asked Jake to take her home, but he refused. He led her over to the bar and was about to order food when his pager went off. He left to answer the call and she went to find a table. Greenlee spotted Erica who stood as she noticed Greenlee. Greenlee walked over and rudely asked Erica if she was happy about what had happened to her at her engagement party. Confused, Erica replied that she had no idea what she was talking about but reasoned that it sounded like she had nothing left. Coldly, Erica asked her if she wanted to lose what little she had left in BJ's. She blasted Greenlee for her problems and assured her she wasn't going to get any sympathy from her. Jake walked up as Erica challenged Greenlee to swallow "the bitter little pill." Jake asked Erica to leave Greenlee alone and she warned Jake to be careful, as Greenlee wasn't "an ordinary charity case." Alone, Greenlee begged Jake to leave but he refused. He told her that if she left everyone would talk about her and that she wouldn't feel better by running from her problems. A smirk washed across Greenlee's face as she thought about his words then called the waitress over. "Drinks are on me," she announced to the restaurant and vowed that she was back "to raise some hell." After ordering a hefty meal, Greenlee stated that she felt like a "woman warrior" who just had the paper bag taken off her head. Apparently inspired by Erica's ability to "marry 123 men and waltz around Pine Valley like she owns it," Greenlee vowed to get Leo out of her system. Jake assured her that pretending like nothing happened wouldn't accomplish this, but Greenlee vowed to create an "earth shattering" catastrophe that would turn "Pine Valley on its ear." Happily, she told Jake that she knew glamour better than anyone and that a takeover of Enchantment was what she needed to get her back on her feet. "Enough of La Kane," she smiled. "It's time for La Smythe."

Bianca sat solemn and alone at the boathouse. Leo suddenly approached her and asked her if she was alright. Bianca confided that Laura was having her surgery that night and admitted that she was scared for her. Leo assured her that David was an excellent doctor and that she shouldn't worry. He asked her why she wasn't at the hospital and Bianca replied that she somehow always ended up at the boathouse. Leo confided that he and Greenlee used to spend a lot of time there and briefly recounted what happened when he last saw her. Bianca listened as Leo admitted that he loved Greenlee and never would have let himself fall for her if he knew "the trust wasn't going to be there." Leo looked to Bianca and saw a tear falling down her cheek. Ashamed, she admitted that she was thinking about Sarah and how she had loved her and then let her go "for all the wrong reasons." She explained to a confused Leo that she had "let it happen again" by falling for Laura and that she hadn't been able to put any distance between them. Leo told her that she shouldn't be ashamed and that Laura loved her. "As a friend," Bianca interrupted. She confided that she wanted to be at the hospital and Leo suggested that they both go to support their friend. Smiling, Bianca got up and exited the boathouse with Leo following close behind.

At the hospital, David checked on a sleeping Laura then exited her room to talk to Brooke. He explained that the virus was gone and Brooke asked if Laura still needed a heart transplant. David didn't answer as Joe approached them. In denial, Brooke told Joe that Laura needed a heart and that she would get one. Joe gingerly recommended that she tell Laura the truth, as her diet and lifestyle would have to change dramatically. David agreed. Brooke observed Laura stirring and went into her room. Upon seeing her mother's face, Laura's eyes opened widely and she asked what the tests had revealed. "Honey," Brooke began, as she held Laura's hand, "there's a problem with your heart." Brooke explained that she had a congenital heart defect that had become apparent when the virus and the Ecstasy mixed together. Worried, Laura asked what was going to happen to her and Brooke calmly replied that she had to be treated. When Laura pressed her further, Brooke told her that the doctors hadn't agreed on a method yet but that she was going to be alright. She suggested that Laura rest and went outside to talk to David.

In the hallway, David asked Joe if he would go to the hospital board and allow him to perform a heart transplant on Laura. Exasperated, Joe told him that the chances of Laura getting high enough on the list to receive a heart within the next few months were slim and sadly reasoned that she didn't have that much time anyway. Brooke walked in on the tail-end of their conversation and explained that she had donated the organs of her first daughter after her death. Laura crept up to the door and began to cry as she heard Brooke beg Joe and David to let her daughter live. Laura retreated back to her bed as Brooke demanded that Joe petition to get her name at the top of the list. Joe tried to explain that the process would be long, but Brooke wouldn't hear it. David assured her that Laura would be better with a heart transplant, but regretfully told her that he couldn't help them from jail. The guard came to take David back and he left. Alone, Joe suggested to Brooke that they go back to his office and discuss their next move but Brooke went first to see Laura. She opened the door to a supposedly sleeping Laura. Brooke sat down beside the bed, put her face in her hands and began to cry. Slowly, Laura opened her eyes and held back her tears.

Joe escorted David to the hospital waiting area. Apprehensive, he agreed to keep David up to date on Laura's condition. Bianca and Leo suddenly arrived and Bianca left the brothers to check on Laura. Leo asked David about Laura's condition, but David didn't respond because of "doctor-patient confidentiality." He asked Leo why he looked so down then told him that he heard what happened at the engagement party from Laura. David apologized for what happened and asked him what he was going to do with his life. Surprised, Leo asked him why he cared about him when he hadn't even been able to speak civilly to him before. David admitted that he had been touched when he came to his jail cell and told him he was proud of him because no one had ever said that to him before. He confided that he didn't want his brother's problems becoming as large as his own and assured him that when he found happiness in his life, he would be there to tell him he was proud of him.

In her hospital room, Laura didn't answer Bianca's questions of whether or not she was okay. Leo arrived and Brooke and Bianca left. Alone, Leo asked Laura what was the matter with her and she became teary. Outside, Bianca asked Brooke if Laura knew exactly what was wrong and asked her to confide in her, but Brooke remained silent. Erica arrived and told Bianca they were leaving. Bianca poked her head into Laura's room and promised to visit her the next day. She left to wait in the car and, once alone, Erica asked Brooke how Laura was doing. Brooke became distraught over the fact that Laura had to be placed on a waiting list, but Erica told her not to worry. She pulled out some pamphlets of a hospital in Europe and began trying to convince Brooke to take Laura there for her transplant. Brooke became frustrated and asked Erica what she was doing. She blasted Erica for not caring about Laura and accused her of only wanting to get her as far away from Bianca as possible. In her room, Laura asked Leo if he wanted the truth and he said he did. "I'm dying," Laura whispered, as a tear fell down her cheek.

Mateo helped Hayley off the hospital bed. Suddenly, her face grimaced with pain as she told Mateo that she couldn't move.



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