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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of May 14, 2001 on GL
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May 7, 2001

Monday, May 14, 2001

At the Bauer House:

Frank comes over and Rick asks him if he has a warrant. Frank tells him he isn't there as a cop, he wants to discuss Harley and her "little package." He wants to know if Rick is planning on telling Phillip what he knows. Rick tells him that he has no intentions of telling Phillip right away but he thinks Frank already knew that. Frank admits that he did know and he is really just stressed about the whole situation. He tells him that Harley is so uptight and tense that she is acting like she did when she was 16 and pregnant with Susan. He feels she is avoiding telling Phillip just like she avoided telling him when she was younger, because she is scared. Rick tells Frank that Phillip will be able to tell soon. Right on cue, Phillip walks in ranting and raving about what Beth has done this time. He tells them about what happened in SC and how when he flipped on the tube at home, there was Edmund holding his son like he was his trophy. Frank leaves telling Phillip that he has to pick up Zack and reminds him that he is also his son. Rick thinks Phillip should call Beth and talk to her but he says Beth won't take any of his calls. Phillip wonders how Beth can keep his kids from him. Phillip says he never intended to be on the beach when Richard and Cassie escaped but he had to warn them that the seaplane was intercepted. Rick is sure that Beth will get herself out of whatever trouble she has found. Phillip tells him that the Beth they both knew and loved no longer exists. Phillip tells him he wouldn't worry about it if it weren't for his children. He refuses to let his kids be raised by a psychopath and he will get them back, no matter what it takes.

Rick goes to pick up baby Robbie. He tells Phillip he has been fussy all day and he can't figure it out. Phillip takes the baby and tells Rick it looks like he just needs a good belch. Phillip talks about how great that phase in a baby's life is and how he misses it with James. He tells Rick that missing any part of your kid's lives is terrible. Phillip glances at the television and sees Richard on it. He tells Rick to turn it up.

At Millennium:

Billy and Josh are having lunch. Josh is upset and Billy wonders if it is about Marah's arrest. Josh blames Tony for taking his daughter out and getting her drunk. Billy tells him that Marah did it herself and Tony, like a man, showed up to work and had all the preliminaries done before he got there. Josh admits he is having other problems and he just wants to spread the blame around. Noah enters the club and Josh tells Billy he is one of those problems. He goes on to tell Billy what happened with Reva and how Noah overreacted. Billy wonders how Noah reacted. Josh tells him he may find out in a moment. Josh goes over to Noah and invites him to sit with he and his brother. Noah comes over and tells Josh he doesn't want to sir with them. Josh says he knows he didn't buy his explanation for being with Reva and Noah tells him he knows what he saw. Noah says he doesn't want to play the Lewis boy's game of rotating characters in Reva's life. He tells them he doesn't want any part of it. Noah reminds Josh that he promised to back off but he just can't seem to do it. Josh tells him he was only there for Marah's birthday. Noah starts to leave and Billy asked him about Cassie. Noah tells him there is still no word yet. Noah leaves. Billy tells Josh he is in deep trouble. He thinks Noah is not mad and that is where the problem lies. He thinks Noah is bailing out of the situation all together. He has had enough. Billy thinks Josh needs to be honest with himself. Josh says he is waiting for Olivia to get home and Reva's future is with Noah. Billy says Josh wants Reva to be with Noah to remove the temptation from himself.

At the Lewis House:

Blake and Reva are waiting for Richard to call. Blake wants Reva to call Noah but Reva tells her about Noah finding her with Josh. Blake offers to make some phone calls to some PR friends who were going to the coronation to see if they have heard anything. Richard and Holly arrive and Reva asks him if there is any sign of Cassie at all. Richard says he doesn't know anything and he is sorry. Reva hugs him. Richard tells them both exactly what happened that night on the beach. Richard tells Reva he would never had left Cassie there had he known she wasn't on the other boat and when he got to the plane and tried to leave, Noah knocked him out. Reva and Holly think that Noah was right and that they had to get Richard out and now they can concentrate on rescuing Cassie. Blake whispers to Holly that Cassie may be dead. Reva hears her and tells her that isn't the case. Richard asks what she said and Blake reluctantly tells him. Richard says Cassie isn't dead, he would feel it. She is alive and he will bring her home. Holly says they need to concentrate on that and see what they can do to help. Reva suggests doing an interview with Richard to shine a light on the situation. Richard realizes that this will let the people of SC know what Edmund is up to. Holly says they must let Richard look like the sane one. They head over to the studio.


Richard is talking about mounting a counter attack. Richard wants Reva to help him stay calm so he doesn't appear to be the lunatic Edmund is convincing others he is. When he thinks about Edmund and what he has done, he loses it. Reva says he sounds like a man under pressure. Richard thinks Edmund has Cassie prisoner and he wants to pressure him into revealing where she is. Edmund is a tyrant and needs to maintain power by manufacturing a crisis. He will claim Cassie is unbalanced. Richard wants to get his life back at all costs. Reva wants him to say that for the camera. Richard says he is just getting warmed up. They go live and Richard tells everything again. Beth and Edmund are watching and Edmund is very upset. He tells Beth that Richard is crazy and that he and Cassie are sitting in their farmhouse making these stories up.

Back at the Lewis House:

Holly and Reva tell Richard he did well. He wonders if he appeared too cold. They reassure him. Richard wants to assemble an army. He doesn't know if Dax can help or if Edmund will try the PR route, making himself appear like a cross between Santa and Lincoln. Richard returns to the hotel to wait for calls. Holly says Richard is right. Edmund will probably use the PR angle because of the harbor deal with Lewis. Reva is shocked about to learn about the deal and wants Holly to take her to see Josh. Reva thinks it was all Olivia and that Josh doesn't even know about it.

In San Cristobel:

Olivia asks Edmund what happened on that beach. Edmund says Richard and Cassie left SC after Richard shot him. Olivia doesn't want this getting out in the press because it would hurt the Harbor project. She tells Edmund she will be paying him the first installment soon and she will be going back to Springfield. Edmund asks her to keep tabs on Richard and Cassie for him while she is there if she wants his continuing support for the project. Olivia tells Edmund he wants her to be a spy. Edmund says she needs him for the project and he will make sure she gets her money's worth out of him. Olivia promises to keep his interests in mind. Claire and Alan are in the hall. Claire wants to stay for a while but Alan wants to leave. He wonders why she doesn't want to go back and thinks she may have argued with Michelle. She doesn't say anything. Alan and Claire say their goodbyes and Olivia kisses Alan goodbye. Edmund laughs and tells her he enjoys watching her work. He thinks her meetings with Alan must be fun especially since Josh doesn't attend. Edmund tells her she must be quite a negotiator. Olivia says her goodbyes. As she is leaving, Beth stops her and asks her to be her matron of honor. She tells her that she is the only support she has had lately. Olivia agrees. Olivia leaves and Beth goes into the sitting room. She tells him that Olivia will stand up for her at the wedding. Edmund tells Beth how wonderful she is and how much she has gave up for him. Beth tells him he has also given her a lot. Edmund knows she has made sacrifices to be with him but because of her he has been able to make the tough decisions, like he had to do the night before on the beach.

At Company:

Buzz is rereading Blake's book as she comes in. He pours her some coffee and she tells him it means a lot that he is reading her book again. She thinks he is still putting the pieces together about Selena. He says he is reading it because of the book signing party. Blake things he is downplaying the pain she caused him. Buzz walks around the counter and his back goes out. Frank comes in and asks him why he didn't go to the doctor. Frank tells Blake this is his fault. Frank tells Blake that her book brought up issues for Buzz, which is causing the recurring back pain. Frank tells Buzz he has to see a doctor or face the issues. Blake is upset and leaves. Frank thinks Buzz should bring back the kids and maybe things will get back on track. Frank tells Buzz to call the orthopedist. Buzz tells him he is impossible.

Tuesday, May 15, 2001

At Olivia's Place:

Olivia comes in calling for Josh. Josh hides and when Olivia comes into the den, grabs her from behind. He kisses her and they make out a bit on the couch. She tells him that she has great news, they got the deal and he should prepare to become richer than he ever thought possible. Josh says she makes it sound very simple and he asks about how Alan was in San Cristobel . She says he behaved himself. Josh says Olivia can handle Alan, Edmund and SC and he will do the background work from there. Olivia tells him all they need to do is got Edmund off the throne and maybe Josh would consider spending time in her homeland. Josh says its possible. Reva bangs on the door and Josh goes to answer. She doesn't let him speak and asks him how he could do such a thing. Then, "How could your wife do such a thing?" Olivia tells her that she should ask her herself. Reva asks Olivia if SC was profitable for her. She asks Josh if he and his wife are going to call their little project "Tyrant Square." Reva tells them that Edmund almost killed her, did kill Cassie and Richard's baby, Cassie is missing now because of him and he succeeded in blinding her. She demands to know how they could do business with that man. Reva tells Josh that HB has to be spinning in his grave seeing his son acting without a soul. Olivia tells Reva to cool it and they aren't working with Edmund, they are working with the government minister committee. Reva asks Josh if he is okay with this. He tells her he didn't like it at first but he has come around after they got all the specks together. Reva thinks Olivia used sex to persuade him since that is how she usually operates. Olivia tells Josh to put a stop to this or she will. Josh asks Reva to leave but she refuses. Olivia asks Reva if she is on the board of Lewis and reminds her that this is none of her business and she has no rights to be there. Reva says she has a right to her opinion. Olivia tells her to keep her opinions to herself. Olivia says Josh deserves to be successful and have rewards instead of being sucked dry. Reva asks Josh if she sucks him dry. Josh says he talked with Noah earlier and they can't be meeting like this anymore. She is angry and yelling at Olivia still. Josh tells her not to talk to his wife like that. Reva becomes tearful and asks Olivia to ask Edmund where her sister is next time she talks to him. Josh offers to take Reva home. Reva doesn't want him to but he does anyway. Olivia doesn't like that he left with Reva and she slams the door. She grabs her things and says she is going out too.

At the Lewis House:

Reva is very angry as Josh returns her home. She tosses her cane and asks Josh how he can do business with a baby killer. She starts crying telling him she is very worried about Cassie. She and Josh argue over the deal and Olivia. Reva wonders how the kids will feel knowing he is doing this for money. Josh says they aren't going to argue about the project. The reason he signed on with the project was to break their pattern of behavior. He tells her that the chaos that she brings into their relationship is what ruined it and he refuses to let it ruin his future as well. She tells him they will always be connected because of the kids and he is the greatest father. Josh tells her that he isn't perfect; he hasn't been the greatest father. Reva asks Josh if he will go on with this deal and throw away all the values they tried to teach their kids. Josh says she needs to worry about her own life. Reva says he is sounding like Olivia. Josh says he and Olivia and she and Noah can't survive this behavior. Reva says she came to him because she couldn't believe he would do something like this. Just then Noah walks in and tells Josh he doesn't know anything about having an understanding. Josh tells Noah he was just telling Reva they couldn't keep on like this and he wants Noah to take over with Reva so he can get home to his wife. Josh leaves. Noah tells Reva if she doesn't want to marry him she should say so. Something has to change because this isn't working for him. Noah tells Reva he doesn't think her heart is in it. Reva tells him she is sorry. Noah says Reva keeps apologizing for connecting with Josh, yet keeps doing it over and over again. Reva says this is about the business deal with Edmund and that it will affect the kids. Noah says the kids will understand and she can't keep using the kids as an excuse. Reva asks him not to go but he says she has to figure some things out. He tells her he loves her and leaves. Reva is crying and begging herself not to screw this one up as well.

At Millennium:

Olivia comes in and orders a drink. Phillip is at the bar as well and goes over to see how she is. She mentions his dramatic departure from San Cristobel . Phillip says if she wants to know the truth she should get a tape of Reva's show. Olivia doesn't want to hear anymore about Reva. She would rather talk about the harbor deal. Phillip asks if it bothers her to work with Edmund. She says she had this conversation earlier. Business with Edmund is business, not personal. Phillip says unlike business with his father. Alan likes the personal touch and enjoys stabbing friends in the back. Phillip wonders whether she wants to be Alan's friend. Olivia says she likes Alan and has fun doing business with him. Phillip says he likes Alan sometimes too and he knows better. Phillip asks Olivia if she is going home but she says she isn't. Josh arrives at the bar to see Olivia. He tells her he called around and found out where she was and thought he needed to come pick her up. She is a little tipsy and tells him she isn't going anywhere. Phillip tries to excuse himself but Olivia tells him to stay and tells Josh to leave. Josh picks her up and throws her over his shoulder. Phillip laughs and tells the bartender, "Been there, done that."

At the Bauer House:

Rick is holding up a fishing lure thinking about his dad. Michelle asks if he is going fishing. Rick says that their dad used to be meticulous about tying flies for fishing and he would love to go with him again. Michelle thinks Rick is lonely. Rick says he is anticipating being lonely. Michelle asks if he has been drinking but he says no. He is just facing reality. Michelle offers Rick ice cream to drown his sorrows. They sit there eating and talking. Michelle asks Rick what he meant about drinking. He tells her that ouzo is dangerous. They talk about Gus and Rick tells Michelle he doesn't him. She tells him that Gus will do anything to get something on Danny but Danny hasn't done anything so he can't. She tells Rick they are so close to having a normal life. She is sure Gus won't be able to find anything to use against Danny. Rick is a little down and Michelle asks Rick if he will be okay. He says he will be and she tells him she is going to bed. She asks if he is going fishing but he says he changed his mind. Rick is staring and says a change of plans is the story of his life. He says "Oh, Harley" and sighs.

At Harley's:

Frank is telling Zach a story but Harley tells him it didn't work, Zach doesn't seem to be any sleepier. Frank tells Harley she has to deal with her baby mess. The problem is just getting bigger. Frank tells her that he came into the Bauer's House and Rick had a hard time not telling him. Frank tells her that Phillip has the right to know but Harley doesn't want him to know. Frank tells Harley it's not fair to Rick to expect him to keep her secret, she has to give him a break. Harley says she doesn't owe Rick anything; he is the one that owes her. She helped him with Abby, his medical license and everything he has needed. It's his turn to do her a favor. Harley says she can't tell Phillip that it's his child. Frank says she is running out of time and wonders if she is thinking of not having the baby. She tells him she wouldn't consider terminating the pregnancy. She can handle raising two small children as long as she has his help. Frank tells her she has to think of something soon because Phillip will notice. He is leaving just as Phillip arrives. Phillip says he was feeling paternal and wants to say good night to Zach. Harley agrees and asks if he is okay. He tells her about Lizzie and James. Harley tells Phillip that Zach is probably awake and he goes up to see him.

Phillip comes downstairs and thanks Harley for letting him spend time with Zach and watch him sleep. Harley asks Phillip about Cassie but he says there is no news. Gus arrives and says something about she and Phillip spending a lot of time together for a divorced couple. Harley asks him why he is dropping by without calling first. Gus tells her he has something to tell her and he is glad that Phillip is there. He asks Phillip what Rick would mean by saying that ouzo spelt trouble for him. Phillip tells Gus he can't help him. Gus tells him to leave so he can talk to his partner alone. Phillip says something about how Gus should ask him nicely and Gus tells him he did. Phillip tells Harley he will call her and leaves telling Gus he does mind. Harley asks if Gus still has the Bauer house under surveillance and he says yes but that he is using a dish that reads vibrations through glass and they will point it at the house 24 hours a day. He tells her that Michelle and Danny may think they got rid of the bug but Gus refuses to stop until he gets what he needs to fry them. Harley tries to get rid of Gus but he tells her that he thinks they have Claire now. He got the guy at the dog crematory and he remembers Claire. Gus asks Harley if she has any food. Harley tells him she has a lot of great food but he doesn't like to mix business with pleasure. She shows him to the door and shoves him out.

Wednesday, May 16, 2001

At the Lewis House:

Noah comes in and Shayne thanks him for all he did to get Richard out of SC and tells him he knows they will get Cassie out as well. Shayne leaves and Noah gets on the phone. He gives a lot of code names and passwords and asks for a secure line. He calls a friend of his and tells him he has a job for him. He says he is putting together a raid on the palace in SC to rescue two children and the former princess. Shayne had come back in to retrieve a bag and overheard a portion of the conversation but leaves before Noah realized he was there.

At the Spaulding Mansion:

Alan tells Claire that the FBI had called and Gus wants to talk to her. He wants to help her and asks her what is going on. She tells him she will handle it and she leaves.

Phillip comes in and Alan tells him that Richard did a good job with his interview with Reva. Alan asks Phillip if he really believes Edmund has Cassie imprisoned somewhere. Phillip thinks he does. Alan says he is really worried about his grandchildren and their coming home safely. Phillip says that Richard and Noah are coming over to make plans. Alan says he will back them privately. Phillip says he knows he doesn't want to jeopardize the harbor deal but Alan says he believes he should keep the lines of communication open so he can come and go into SC and see the children. Alan asks if they will try military intervention to rescue Cassie. He hopes while they are at it they also go in and get the children and drag Beth home as well, cause she has lost her mind.

Richard comes in and Alan tells him he is behind them. Phillip tells Richard he looks like he hasn't slept. Richard tells him that he has been up thinking of whom he can and cannot count on in SC and making calls to see what he can learn. He tells Phillip if they have to raise an army, they have to find his supporters. He knows Dax would help if he could but he is being watched. Noah comes in and tells Phillip and Richard he thinks there may be a better way. Noah thinks they should get a team of mercenaries together to form their army and have a few of the loyal SC guards led in by Richard. They think the first thing to do is locate where they have Cassie stashed. Richard doesn't want to storm the palace just to come up empty handed. Noah thinks the operation may take up to a month. Noah estimates the cost upward of $7 million. Richard tells him his assets are frozen but Phillip tells him he has it and will gladly front the cash. Richard tells him he will pay him back but Phillip isn't worried about it. They decide the best time to go in would be at the wedding if it lands in their time window. Noah says he will make some calls and see what he can do. Richard tells Phillip the only way to get Cassie and the kids is to take them by force.

Claire has Ross over and she tells him that after Carmen died, someone stole her body and she was scared of the mob and their reaction so she got the ashes of a dog and put them in the urn. Ross doesn't believe her and warns her that there is a heavy penalty for making false statements to the feds. Claire tells Ross that she does know the penalty for her admitting this will be losing her medical license and wonders if Gus will cut her a deal so her statement will remain private. Ross tells her that to cut a deal she would have to give him something he wants as well. She tells him that she isn't going to change her story. Ross doesn't want Claire talking to Gus without him and when she does talk to him to keep her answers short and not volunteer anything. Claire asks if she could just leave town. Ross says that won't help. He calls Gus and tells him that he is representing Claire and would like to set up a meeting. Gus asks him if he is the only lawyer in town and Ross tells him he is just the best one in town. Gus tells him they will meet in 30 minutes. Ross hangs up and tells Claire, who is nervous and says she is worried about saying something wrong.

At Olivia's:

Olivia is still upset when Josh comes out. He tells her that he didn't like seeing her having drinks with Phillip. She tells him she just wanted to get his attention. He tells her that she was right about everything she said to Reva the night before. Olivia says she works hard at Lewis and in their marriage and all Reva has to do is have a melt down and she gets Josh's attention. Josh says that is Olivia's way of looking at it and it is her problem. He is trying hard to change his reactions to Reva and to make Olivia feel more secure but she has to give a little as well. Josh said that he agreed with Olivia last night and wanted to take Reva home so he could get back there as fast as he can and welcome his wife home like he wanted to. She has to start believing she has Josh's attention. When she starts feeling the Reva button being pushed, she should focus on something positive. The good news is that after Reva's outburst he has a new perspective on the harbor deal. Josh realizes he was personalizing the deal but it will do a lot for the people of SC and for their company and if Edmund benefits too, so what. Olivia is happy that the scene with Reva helped him see that. Josh wants to show Olivia how much he missed her and they kiss.

Shayne arrives and gives Josh some papers. He tells Josh that he overheard Noah on the phone planning to storm the palace to get the kids and Cassie out. Josh asks Shayne if Noah knows he overheard. Shayne says no. Josh tells Shayne to keep this quiet because if the wrong person overhears, Cassie and the Spaulding kids will be in trouble. Olivia was listening. Josh tells her he is driving Shayne to school and will meet her at the office. She picks up the phone and calls Edmund. She tells him he is lucky she is on his side.

At the Bauer House:

Claire comes in and starts asking what the feds know. Danny puts on the radio and tells Claire about the bugs and the van with the satellite and that Gus knows about Carmen's ashes. Claire is upset and says she will just avoid Gus. Danny tells Claire she has to answer Gus's questions. Michelle says Claire has nerves of steel and will handle Gus fine. Danny says all their lives will go down the tubes if Claire screws this up. He tells her that she has to come up with an explanation about the ashes. Claire wants an attorney and Michelle says she will call Ross. Claire would prefer someone else but Danny demands she go with Ross. He tells her that no one else needs to know and he goes to call Ross. When he comes back, Claire is gone. Danny is negative about Claire and Michelle asks him to give her a chance. Danny says Claire has never apologized to him for what she did. Michelle says not in words but in deeds she has apologized and reminds him about her helping him and what she did to help Robbie be born. Danny says that does not erase a lifetime of selfishness. Michelle says she knows they can trust her.

In SC:

Beth comes in to see Edmund. He is writing up what he is going to say at his press conference. Edmund reads it to her and she thinks he could do better. She thinks he should not make it look like he is just rebutting Richard; he should make his remarks seem like an afterthought. He says he will make the press conference about something else entirely and then at the end will say the Richard/Cassie part in passing. He thinks they can either have the conference about the harbor project or they could announce a date for their wedding.

Beth is looking through sketches of wedding dresses. Edmund tells her that the press liked his appearance, announcing the wedding date. Beth shows him the dress she likes and Edmund gets up, saying he wasn't thinking and leaves. He comes back with a ring. He tells her it is an ancient Athenian coin dating back to 350 BC. His grandfather found it in an archeological dig and had it made into a ring for his grandmother and then it was his mother. She would be the third generation to wear it. He compares Beth to the goddess Athena and puts it on her finger. Beth says she wants to be the person he believes she is. He kisses her.

Thursday, May 17, 2001

At the Police Department:

Harley comes in and Gus tells her that Ross is bringing Claire in for an interview. Harley asks him why he is so confident and Gus tells her that he thinks they will be able to nail Claire.

Ross and Claire come in and Claire asks if Harley can be objective despite their history. Gus tells Claire that Harley is a professional and he has brought her in on this case. Claire asks if she is in some sort of trouble and Gus tells her that she is in big trouble since the body she signed the death certificate for wasn't human. Claire tells him that the ashes weren't human but that there is an explanation. She tells him that Carmen was shot dead outside the Bauer home and if the bullet were an inch away it would have hit Michelle, which frightened Claire. Gus asks Claire if Carmen really died. Claire insists that she did and wonders why he would think otherwise. They mention the ashes and Claire says Carmen's body was stolen by two thugs who forced her to sign crematory orders and then made her make arrangements for other ashes. She said she did what she had to because the men threatened her daughter. Harley thinks it sounds made up and Gus asks why she didn't notify the police. Claire says that they threatened to kill Michelle if she didn't cooperate. She lied and did what they said to protect her daughter. Gus claps his hands and tells Ross his client will have to do a little better than that. Gus tells Claire that he thinks Carmen didn't want to go into the witness protection program and needed the help of a doctor to fake her own death. Claire denies it. Ross says she has cooperated enough and says they are leaving. Gus asks Claire some questions about things Michelle and Danny said at the house. He asks her why she would tell Danny to find Abuela when Michelle went missing from the hospital. Claire says she doesn't know anything about it. Gus tells Ross to explain the penalties for lying in a federal investigation to Claire. He tells him he has and they are leaving. They leave. Gus asks Harley when Michelle was in the hospital and why she left. Harley says she was in the hospital one time and was missing a few hours but it was innocent. She was upset with Danny and checked herself out. Gus said he will check it out anyway and calls Michelle. He asks her when she was in the hospital, why did she disappear. Michelle mentions 20 different times she was in the hospital for tonsils, accidents, miscarriages, and having her son and asks him which time he was referring to. She tells him she can't help him and if he wants anything else to call her attorney.

At the Bauer House:

Claire comes over and she and Michelle close the blinds and turns on the radio. Claire tells her about her interview with Gus and how he is a nightmare. She doesn't think he knows anything for sure but he has a lot of strong suspicions. Claire says she stonewalled Gus about everything. Claire asks Michelle about the day she disappeared from the hospital and she guesses that Danny ended up killing Carmen. Michelle doesn't confirm. Claire says she knows that Carmen had Michelle kidnapped to kill her and then a few hours later Danny and Michelle both show up very shaken. Claire wants Michelle to know how serious this is but Michelle says she is very aware.

At the Lewis House:

Noah is on the phone making some final arrangements when Reva comes in. She tells him she is glad he is there and they have some time alone. She wants to apologize for how things have been going and Noah tells her that he is too worried about Richard and Cassie to talk about it. Reva asks about Cassie and he tells her there is still no word. He tells her that he is making plans for the rescue. Reva realizes he won't tell her details because it is dangerous. Noah says he has to call Richard. Reva thinks he is avoiding her and would prefer if he were angry. Noah was annoyed to find her asleep with Josh but has to concentrate on helping with the SC situation. Reva thanks him for helping to save Cassie. She tells him she never appreciated and she is sorry. She says she loves him and doesn't want to mess them up. She puts her arms around him and tries to kiss him. He kisses her back and she starts unbuttoning his shirt. Noah tries to pull away but Reva tells him she wants to show him how much she missed him. He brings up Josh and Reva tells him that she is with him and she needs him to hold her. They undress each other and fall down onto the floor.

Afterwards, Noah gets up and gets dressed looking upset. Reva is breathless and says that was different. Noah says he didn't mean it to happen that way or anyway but Reva says she wanted him. She says they were communicating. He tells her that wasn't communicating and he tells her he has to leave and will call her.

Reva is on the couch upset when Blake comes in. She tells Blake she is afraid she is losing Noah. They tried to reconnect but she felt he was a million miles away. Reva says Noah walked in on an intense argument over the SC business deal. Noah thinks it is about Josh but it isn't. Blake tells Reva she thinks Noah is right and she is just lying to herself. Blake tells her that everyone can see the connection between her and Josh and Reva will have to be the one to decide who is more important to her, Josh or Noah.

At Olivia's:

Olivia tells Edmund everything and promises to let him know if she hears more. Sam comes out of another room and blasts her for being a spy for Edmund. He tries to reason with his sister but she isn't receiving. Sam is mad and gives up. He tells her she better come to her senses fast.

Josh comes in and tells Olivia the architect was upset about working in San Cristobel . Josh is worried about Cassie as well. Olivia says Edmund doesn't have Cassie, she just talked to him and he told her. Josh thinks he does since Richard is convinced. Olivia wonders what they should trust, Edmund's word or Richard's unfounded allegations. She says they should leave the politics to the politicians. They leave and Sam looking irritated throws his book across the room.

In San Cristobel:

Edmund learns of the military attack and tells Beth. He tells her that they believe he has Cassie so they are planning to storm the palace and take her and the children by force. Beth is upset and says no one will take her children. Edmund tells her that he knows Phillip is helping Richard because Richard's assets are frozen and Phillip must be paying for this plan. Beth is upset. Edmund reassures her that he won't allow it to happen and hugs her. He tells her all about the fortifications in the palace. Beth says Richard knows the palace well and she doesn't want to subject the kids to this. Edmund says that a military operation would take at least a fortnight to assemble so they have time to plan a counter. Edmund says that in that amount of time they could have international observers there searching for Cassie. Edmund thinks Richard would never have the nerve to launch an attack then. Beth suggests he call the US Consulate and say he had a tip about Richard's attack. He could mention his concern for Richard's mental state. She tells Edmund to call the consul now. She wishes they could prove Cassie wasn't on the island and none of this would be happening.

Meanwhile, in a cell somewhere on the island, Cassie is yelling out for Richard and shouting "Someone help me."

Edmund tells Beth he called the Consul and he is concerned and will be by to talk later that evening. Beth thinks all they need to do is show them that Cassie is no there. Edmund tells her that he believes Richard knows Cassie isn't there because she is at home with him and they are using this as a way to dethrone him. Beth says she hates Richard. Beth leaves the room and Edmund calls and orders a picnic basket filled with hard cheeses, bread and water and things that will not spoil.

Edmund comes up to Cassie's cell with the picnic basket and opens the door. He gives the basket to Cassie and tells her not to say he didn't give her anything. Cassie tried to get to Edmund but her leg irons are restraining her just out of her reach. She calls Edmund a bastard. Edmund says that would be her husband. Cassie says she would like to kill Edmund.

Friday, May 18, 2001

At the Police Department:

Harley is working when Rick comes in. He asks about how she feels and if she had her sonogram yet. He tells her that she needs to get on the ball, she isn't the only one affected by this and he reminds her that it takes two to make a baby. Harley tells him she isn't going to tell Phillip and he should just get that out of his mind. Rick tells her that it is better to go ahead and tell him instead of waiting for more problems to arise. Harley tells him that Phillip is busy with Beth and the SC thing. Rick tells her that her obsession with Beth is what destroyed her marriage. Harley is offended and tells him that this is her problem and she will deal with it alone. Rick tells her that she is pregnant with his best friends baby and the fact that he knows about it affects him as well. He tells Harley that she looks very pregnant and there is no way Phillip won't notice it. He asks her if she has even told Buzz. He thinks she is probably hiding behind furniture and things whenever someone comes near her. Harley tells him that she is upset that she told him since he can't seem to stop harassing her about it. Rick tells her to do whatever she wants, but her child will pay for her lies in the end. Rick leaves.

Gus comes in with news about the forensics report. He tells her he needs her to work the surveillance van tonight. She says she has already worked 10 hours and needs her sleep. He tells her he needs her help and she starts yelling and waving her arms around. Gus looks at her and notices her tummy. He tells her she is so pregnant and wonders why she didn't tell him. Harley looks shocked. Gus tells her he understands why Rick is there, he must be her doctor and he is concerned about her. Gus wonders what she was thinking getting pregnant during a big case. Harley says the baby wasn't created to ruin his case. She was pregnant before she got the assignment. Gus says she should have changed the locks on her doors when Phillip moved out.

Gus looks over the files again and tells Harley that they have hit pure gold. He tells her that they got a thumbprint on the evidence that was burned at Laurel Falls. There is a partial tape that they may be able to salvage a bit as well as their federal file number. He is going to send it to Washington and see what they can do. He tells Harley the good news is that they have Michelle Santos, which means they have them all.

At the Bauer Home:

Michelle tells Danny about Claire's interview with Gus. She tells him that Gus was concerned about Michelle's disappearance from the hospital last year. Danny is worried and wishes Claire would use her duplicity to help them for once. Danny asks Michelle out to dinner so they can forget all of this for a while. He believes Gus has hit a brick wall. He tells her the only people who can give the feds direct evidence about Carmen are the two of them and as long as they stay cool, Gus won't be able to do a thing and they will be fine. He hugs her and they kiss. He is trying to comfort her and tells her he won't let anything happen to her. She wanted a normal life and he promises they will have it. He tells her that they will build their house. Danny promises to learn how to barbecue so he can help Rick out sometimes. They kiss and Michelle asks him if he wouldn't rather stay in. They head upstairs.

Michelle comes down in her silky nighty. She is in the kitchen when Rick comes in. She asks if he is alright and he tells her that he was visiting Harley and she has a few problems. Michelle isn't very nice about Harley and asks Rick why he is so concerned about her. Rick says she is just a friend. She tells him she has to get back to Danny and the baby and asks Rick if he is okay. He says yes until she leaves and then he says no.

In San Cristobel:

Edmund gives Cassie the picnic basket. She is mad and tells him that he will not get away with holding her there. She tells him to drop dead. He tells her if he did, she would be the loser since no one else knows that she is there. He tells her that she is locked behind walls that are four feet thick right on the sea where no one can hear her screams. He tells her that she is being held in the old cavalry barracks and no one has been there in over 50 years. She doesn't believe no one else knows her whereabouts but Edmund tells her that he personally knocked her out and carried her there himself with no help. Cassie tells Edmund he is forgetting that Richard knows the island better than anyone and knows how Edmund's mind works and Richard will come back for her. Edmund said he wished Richard would come right back for her but he was too interested in saving himself. Cassie knows he is lying. Cassie says Richard will come back with the American embassy. Edmund says he has even invited Richard to come back under the protection of international observers but he believes Richard has given her up for dead. Cassie says Richard will never give up on her. She tells Edmund he hasn't seen the last of Richard. Edmund says he hasn't but maybe she has. He tells her that she is a liability and he doesn't know what to do with her. He thinks if her body were to wash up on shore, Richard would be to blame. Cassie asks if Edmund didn't tell Beth about her because he knew it would bring Beth to her senses. Cassie tells him that whatever happens to her, he (Edmund) will be to blame and everyone knows it. She tells him the only way out for him is to see her home safely. Edmund says that will be plan B, but they need a plan A. He offers her the food again. She takes the basket and while he isn't looking she takes the fork out and presses it into his throat. She presses it until it draws blood. She tells him to unchain her but he manages to elbow her in the stomach and get her off him. He grabs the fork and leaves, saying someone in the kitchen will pay for this. Cassie shouts after him that he won't win. She sits back down and sees a loose board on the floor. She pries up the nail and uses it to work on her shackles.

Back in the palace, Edmund comes in and picks up a newspaper. "Missing: Princess Cassie" is all over the front pages. Edmund is furious and asks what about the coronation. He goes through the paper and sees the article on him and the coronation on page 14. He curses Richard and Cassie and is fuming angry. He says he has a right of birth to rule and they are ruining everything. He is getting dizzy with anger and eventually falls to the floor unconscious.

At the Spaulding Mansion:

Richard tells Phillip that Noah has secured 50 mercenaries. Phillip wonders about diplomatic channels. Richard says there are no results so far and says that military action was not his first choice but it has to be done. They talk about planning the attack for the wedding date. Phillip wonders if they could take Edmund up on his offer to go there and search. Richard says they will be arrested right away. Phillip is worried about the children and Richard says that 5 men will be assigned to rescue the children. Richard thinks Cassie is being held near but not in the palace. Richard and the others will comb the island including all of his and Edmund's favorite places from their youth until they find Cassie. Richard is pacing and Phillip tells him he should try to sleep but Richard can't. He has to go to see the children at the convent and tell them what happened. He tells Phillip that Tammy asked one of the nuns if the convent was her and RJ's new foster home. Richard is upset because he knows that is one of Tammy's biggest fears. Richard wants to reassure her that she still has him but doesn't know how to tell her about Cassie. Phillip says he will find the words. Richard wishes he had more news for them. They have lost too much time with their mother because of him. Phillip reminds him that he is still their dad. Richard doesn't think the kids would like the trade off. He can't imagine life without Cassie but it will be worse for the kids. Phillip reminds Richard that Edmund will not win this one.

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