One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 21, 2001 on OLTL

It was revealed that Melanie had killed her father. Melanie returned Bo's engagement ring. Roseanne admitted that she had been the spy for R.J. Melanie recalled a car that she had seen at Colin's place. Nora found Colin's money in R.J.'s apartment. .
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 21, 2001 on OLTL
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Monday, May 21, 2001

At the courtroom, Blair panics when Max doesn't arrive for the hearing. Sam tries unsuccessfully to dissuade Todd from testifying. Blair starts to write Todd a note telling him the baby is his, but Kelly stops her. Hank calls Todd to the stand.

Gabrielle finds Max locked in the wine cellar, and opens the door after he tells her that Blair is pregnant and he must testify for her. They remember when Max testified at Gabrielle's trial. Before either of them can leave the cellar, however, the door slams shut again. Outside, Starr lurks, smiling.

Gina suspects that Viki might be able to impersonate Jean, but Jean assures her than Viki cannot. After Jean states that she feels nothing for Viki's children, Gina challenges her to order Jessica killed, and Jean tries to do so. Gina then tells her hitman Richie to back off Jessica.

Jessica surprises Will with flowers and a CD she has made to commemorate their history. They talk about the stress they have been through with Colin's murder, and make love.

Ben recalls his recent conversations with Viki, and suspects she was trying to send him a message. When he goes to Jessica's apartment to speak with her, he meets Richie outside, and remembers seeing the man at Crossroads when Viki ended their relationship.

Tuesday, May 22, 2001

Jen looks for Sam at his house, but finds Lindsay instead. Lindsay insists that Jen doesn't discuss anything she knows about Colin's death with anyone. Jen is upset that Lanie is in jail for killing Colin when she knows it wasn't her that murdered him. Lindsay informs Jen that Lanie is getting what she deserves. Lindsay tells Jen that her grandfather didn't die from cancer, and that Lanie killed him. Lindsay is hell-bent on telling the North Carolina authorities and makes her daughter promise not to say anything about Colin's murder until she gets back. Lindsay reminds Jen how many people in their family it would affect if the truth ever came out... Later, Cris shows up for their date, but Jen lies telling him that she isn't feeling well. Cris can tell there is something else wrong.

Nora goes to Bo looking for answers. She doesn't believe that Lanie really killed Colin and is convinced that Lindsay was behind it. Bo thinks that R.J. was involved, speculating that he and Lindsay could have been working together. Considering his personal involvement, Bo refuses to discuss the case any further with Nora as he is determined to go by the book. As Nora leaves, she mumbles to herself, "you follow your rules, and I'll follow mine!" Nora turns up at Break Bar and begins a friendly conversation with R.J. He admits to her that he is glad Colin is dead. He urges her to forget about Colin and move on with her life. Nora asks for a drink, and R.J. leaves to get a special vintage liquor. While he is away, Nora jumps over the bar and finds a spare key...

In Asa's wine cellar, Gabrielle acts turned-on by Max, but then tells him to burn in hell! Max continues to taunt her and says she can blame herself for going to prison. However, he can't figure why she took the fall for Carlo Hesser. Gabrielle enlightens Max by informing him that Al's life was at stake. Outside the cellar, Al finds Starr. At Starr's request, he agrees to leave Max locked up. Later, when he hears things becoming heated between his mother and father he opens the door. Max rushes out to get to Blair's hearing. Meanwhile, Todd is on the stand. At first he claims that Blair prevented him from calling the police he found Max shot. When Sam starts his cross exam, he contradicts Todd by pointing out that Blair's fingerprints where the only ones found on the phone. Todd become riled up and begins yelling out how crazy Blair is. He insist she was out of her mind the night she shot Max and explains how she went to the church thinking she was about to marry Max. The judge announces she is ready to rule!

Wednesday, May 23, 2001

Sam's House

Cris wants to know what's wrong with Jen but she cries that she promised her mom she wouldn't tell anyone. When Cris finally does persuade her to talk to him, Will arrives in time to stop her and he orders Cris away from his sister and out of the house. Will becomes physical when Cris refuses to leave but finally says he'll go with Jen. She wants to stay behind and talk to Will so he sarcastically tells her to find someone else to talk to next time. Jen tells her brother she can't believe that Aunt Lanie is a murderer and she fills him in on the death of their grandfather. Lindsay told her to be quiet because she's afraid she'll start talking about Colin's murder. Jen knows something about the murder and how Colin died-and it has nothing to do with Lanie! Will tells her she can't talk, that family should stick together but not tell each other anything. They need to protect each other.

Police Station

Lanie questions whether Bo still loves her and he assures her that he does. He admits that he would have loved the chance to decide what to do if she had only told him about her father. He also believes that not all of the facts have come to light yet in Colin's case but they'll talk when it's over. Antonio has been assigned to a temporary job in NY providing advice on gangs. Roseanne invites him to her place for a goodbye. He tells her Sophia is better and can do some work long distance related to the snitch in the police department. Roseanne tries to get information from Antonio but he has nothing to tell her though he knows Sophia has told Kelly something. Vega stops to chat with Bo and the commissioner states that he doesn't want Cris involved with R.J. any longer. Bo looks at an unused wedding ring.

Break Bar

Nora has located R.J.'s apartment keys as he comes up behind her with the bottle he was looking for. They toast to looking forward though she still wants to know about her past and even his. He claims to have gone straight due to a woman in his life but has since become bad again. They discuss Nora's kidnapping, the drugs involved and Colin's death (R.J. states that no one can really say the crate with Colin's body was actually ever there). R.J. denies providing the drugs for Lindsay as well as being close to her. He would have helped Nora had he known the situation she was in, he tells her. She's noticed he's been putting in a lot of time at the bar and wonders how late he'll be working...she learns she'll have time to investigate. Cris shows up to work and is asked to interview a young man there to see about a job. It turns out to be an old friend from Angel Square, Seth Anderson. Cris fills him in on his love life.


Todd yells at the judge for interrupting his testimony but she's made a decision. It's evident that Blair attempted to murder Max but she was obviously suffering from "extreme emotional instability" and was unaware of her actions and consequences of those actions. She's unfit to stand trial by reason of insanity and is remanded to St. Ann's for a psychiatric evaluation and treatment until she's mentally fit. Max arrives and demands that Todd tell everyone why he is so late. Buchanan announces that he was locked in a wine-cellar thanks to Todd and Starr and everyone is disgusted that Todd has used his young daughter to help him out. Blair tells Todd she won anyhow, though Manning states HE always wins. Blair becomes hysterical when it's time for her to be transported to St. Ann's as Kelly gives her a pep talk. Sam informs Blair that the insanity worked out to their advantage. Max informs Todd that at least one of Blair's children will be normal. Hank congratulates Sam and berates Todd for not staying with the facts. Sam tells Todd that he knows what he did-though Todd denies it, Sam knows that he wanted to let the judge believe that Blair was crazy because he knew the hospital would be better for her. He really saved her. Roseanne tracks down Kelly and demands to know what Sophia said. Kelly tells her she knows Roseanne is the mole!

R.J.'s Apartment

Nora gets in and begins to look for something to incriminate Lindsay. She finds an envelope with a stack of money.

Thursday, May 24, 2001

St. Anne's Institution

Blair becomes hysterical and wants to leave as a nun she knows attempts to admit her. The nun then calls orderlies who begin to wrestle Blair, and then Blair sees Addie, her mother. Blair calms down and the orderlies leave. Addie is excited, thinking Blair came to visit, and gets even happier when Blair tells her she's staying for a while. Blair begins to cry, and when Addie questions what's wrong, Blair tells her that she misses Starr, and tells her Todd is trying to take Starr away and is the reason she can't leave. Addie asks why Todd did these things, and says he was good this time. Slowly, Blair begins to realize that Todd might've been trying to help her after all. Blair then tells an ecstatic Addie that she is pregnant and that it's Todd's, but tries to explain why she couldn't tell Todd it's his. Addie just says Blair shouldn't lie, and that if Todd was good this time, maybe he would be good again and leave the baby alone.


Sam repeatedly tells Todd that Todd still loves Blair, and that he thinks Todd testified to help, not harm Blair. Todd comes back by saying he's going to smear Blair further in the Sun, and that he hates her. Also, he says if he did help, he only did it for Starr. Sam then continues to insist Todd's growing up and having human feelings, and Todd becomes very agitated. Sam then tells Todd to go tell Blair he still loves her.

Outside Courtroom

Roseanne at first denies she's R.J.'s mole, but when Kelly threatens to call Sophia and ask her who the fake information was fed to, Roseanne grabs the phone out of Kelly's hand and confesses. Kelly asks why Roseanne did it, and Roseanne hands her excuses such as she was broke, it was only supposed to be one time, R.J. made her do it, etc. Roseanne then pleads with Kelly not to tell Antonio, and tells Kelly she'll do anything. Kelly tells Roseanne she has to tell Antonio, and if she won't, Kelly will. Antonio overhears the last bits of conversation, and walks up asking," Tell me what?"

Sam's house

Jenn tells Will that she knows Lanie couldn't have killed Colin because she was there and she knows something she hasn't told anyone. She is about to tell Will when Ben comes to the door. Ben tells Will that Jess is in danger, and to get her out of town immediately. Will questions Ben, but all Ben will say is that it is for an indefinite amount of time, and he will call Will when he knows more. Ben leaves, and Jenn begins to question Will when he says he has to leave town because someone's life is in danger. Will won't tell her anything, and just tells her not to talk to anyone about Colin until he gets back. Will leaves, and Jenn is alone and thinking about her promise of silence to Lindsay. She then says,"I can't do this!" and runs out the door.

Break Bar

Antonio walks in and argues with R.J. as usual, and he and Cris pretend to argue also. Seth is there, and is incredulous that Antonio is a cop. Seth then leaves, and R.J. leaves. After making sure R.J. is gone, Antonio tries to convince Cris to walk away, to no avail. Cris then hands Antonio an envelope full of "incriminating evidence" he has gathered and tells Antonio to open it later. Antonio asks why Cris is desperate to connect R.J. to Colin's murder, and asks if it's about Jenn. Cris then tells Antonio how crazy Jenn's been acting, and Antonio tells him the whole family is trouble and to walk away. They then discuss Andi, and Antonio says at least he knows the score with Roseanne. Cris is incredulous, and Antonio tells him Roseanne's changed, then leaves. Jenn then walks in and apologizes for kicking Cris out of Sam's. She then says she needs his help, and that she has been lying to him since the night Colin died, but she now wants to tell him the truth.

Gina's house

"Jean" and Gina discuss Ben, and Gina worries that Ben is unconvinced. The phone then rings and it is Ben telling Gina he is coming over. Jean then attempts to leave, and Gina stops her, saying Jean can leave when they're sure Ben's thoroughly convinced. Gina then tells Jean she worries about Viki coming back, and Jean threatens to leave Gina to deal with all the personalities. Gina says she will kill the body if necessary. Ben then arrives and Gina tells James to take Jean downstairs, and that she needs him to do something else for her, but doesn't say what aloud. Gina then asks Ben what's going on and Ben asks why it took him so long to figure out what's going on here. Meanwhile, Jean and James are in the basement looking on.

Friday, May 25, 2001

Sam's House

Jen was on the verge of telling Will what she knows about the night Colin was murdered. Before Jen could tell Will, Ben knocked on the door. Ben told Will to get Jessica out of town – that she is in danger.

When Will told Jen he was leaving town but would not give her the reason, she became upset that she had no one to talk to about what she knew about the night of Colin's murder. She decided to find Cristian and talk to him.

Sam had asked Lanie to write down everything she could remember about the night of Colin's murder. Lanie said she saw a car drive off as she was leaving, but did not know what kind of car since it was dark. She tells Sam that maybe Bo is right – Colin was still alive when she left, someone else came in, killed him, took his body away; and that she really did not kill him after all. Sam seems disturbed, like he knows something he is not saying.

During their conversation about Lanie's observations, Sam and Lanie talk more about her relationship with Bo. Lanie said that when Bo told her he did not think she killed Colin she thought she might still have a chance with him. Now, however, she is not sure. She said that she hoped someone she loved such as Lindsay would not get hurt because of everything that happened.

Nora came over to Sam's to tell him about finding the money in R.J.'s apartment. Sam asked her how she got in and she told him with R.J.'s key she took from the bar. Sam got upset and told Nora she should not ever take a chance like that again and risk being hurt again. Sam told Nora she should think about Matthew. Nora says she does think about Matthew, but that she will not stop until she learns the truth. Sam leaves, saying he has something to do. He goes to see R.J.

Lanie comes into the room and she and Nora talk – Nora notices that Lanie does not have her engagement ring on. Nora asks Lanie if she wants to talk and Lanie said she did not. Nora leaves, telling Lanie to call her if she needs someone to talk to.

Later, Lanie answers the door to find Jen there. Jen tells Lanie she needs to know the truth from Lanie so that she can tell Lanie the truth about what she knows.

R.J.'s Bar

After Will left, Jen went to R.J.'s bar to see Cristian. She told Cristian she was sorry she asked him to leave her house when Will showed up asking Cristian to leave Jen alone as she was about to tell Cristian what she knew. She told Cristian that she really needs someone to talk to. Cristian tells her he wants to be her friend. Cristian told Jen he knew something was bothering her about the night Colin died, but did not know what it was.

Jen told Cristian that she is ready to tell him everything about that night, she needs to tell someone she can trust and is her friend. She told Cristian she had lied to him and he asked her what she was lying about.

Jen and Cristian talk about Jen's grandfather and how wonderful her memories are of him; that maybe Lindsay is right about her Aunt Lanie deserving to be punished for killing Colin, for what she did to her grandfather. Cristian questions her about her grandfather's death and who told her that Lanie killed him and under what circumstances. Jen admitted Lindsay told her. Cristian said it does make sense since he was dying - why would Lanie kill him and Jen said because he changed his will leaving everything to Lanie. Cristian still has a hard time with all of this, especially when it is coming from Lindsay, who is a known liar. Cristian tells Jen she should not be listening to Lindsay.

Later Jen decides she cannot tell Cristian what she knows about Colin's murder and tells him she needs to leave and go see someone. She goes back home to talk to Lanie.

After Jen leaves the bar, Cristian tells his friend, Seth, that Jen is in trouble and he is going to help her. Cristian then leaves the bar to find Jen.

Gina's House

After Ben told Will to get Jessica out of town, he goes to Gina's house (Ben has a plan). He tells her he must have been really stupid to think that Viki could care about him. He says that it is over between him and Viki. Gina tells Ben he is anything but stupid. Gina gets excited that she thinks she has won and that Ben will be hers. Ben tells Gina that he and Viki were all wrong for each other. Gina embraces Ben and he seems to return the embrace. Viki and the bodyguard are watching the scene from Viki's room and Viki, pretending to be "Jean" tells him turn off the monitor; that she finds the scene between Ben and Gina disgusting. He accuses Viki of being jealous.

As "Jean" and the bodyguard watch the monitor – Ben tells Gina, trying to convince her, more about how wrong his relationship was with Viki and that he is beneath Viki. Gina gets furious and tells Ben that is the other way around – that Viki is beneath him. Gina tells Ben she wants him to feel at home with her – that she understands him like Viki never could. Ben and Gina then kiss passionately and Ben asks if they are alone. Gina leaves to make sure they are alone. "Jean" covers the monitor and says she has had enough of watching but the bodyguard said he is enjoying it and will help him know what to do with "Jean" or Viki or whoever she is.

Ben continues to pretend to want to make love to Gina and thinks they are alone. When he has Gina convinced that he needs to be with her, Ben suddenly starts choking Gina and asks what she has done with Viki. Gina gets mad and tells Ben he will get more "Viki" than he would ever want. From the monitor, the bodyguard pulls a gun on Viki. Ben forces Gina to take him to Viki and when they get to the locked door, Gina tells Ben he won't like what he sees which is supposedly ("Jean"). Gina is convinced that "Viki" is gone forever.

Llanview PD

Kelly accused Roseanne of being R.J.'s spy inside the LPD. Finally, Roseanne admitted to Kelly she became R.J.'s spy because she and Antonio broke up. Roseanne said that later she begged R.J. to let her stop but he refused. Roseanne asks Kelly if she is going to tell Antonio and Kelly says "no, but you are". Their argument heats up and Antonio walks up just as Roseanne tells Kelly to shut up.

Antonio wants to know what Kelly and Roseanne are arguing about and asks Kelly to leave so he can talk to Roseanne. Antonio asks Roseanne for the truth and accuses her of being the spy inside the LPD – Roseanne tries to deny that it is she but Antonio tells her that Sophia was a good cop and that she was onto something before she left town and he thinks Sophia knew that the spy was Roseanne. He asks Roseanne to tell him if that is true. He tells her he also believes she is the spy.

Roseanne accuses Sophia of being jealous. Antonio then asks Roseanne to admit to him that she was on R.J.'s payroll and Roseanne finally does tell Antonio that she was indeed on R.J.'s payroll. Roseanne tells Antonio that she had no choice because she thought she had lost him. After realizing the truth about Roseanne being the "mole" in the police department, Antonio becomes furious. Antonio's behavior scares Roseanne and she asks him what he plans to do.

R.J.'s Apartment

Nora took R.J.'s keys to his apartment and went there to try to find evidence that R.J. and Lindsay are involved. She finds a brown envelope with a lot of cash wrapped in a strip of paper with handwriting on it – Nora observes it is not R.J.'s handwriting. Upon leaving the apartment and is locking the door, R.J. surprises her by grabbing her hand. He asks Nora what she is doing there and Nora jokes that she is there to rob him. Then she asks him about his involvement with Lindsay which R.J. vehemently denies.

R.J. and Nora argue more about Colin's death and Nora questions R.J.'s involvement with the murder and with Lindsay. R.J. tells Nora she should be happy that Lanie confessed to Colin's murder; that it would clear the path for Bo and Nora to get back together. This made Nora furious. She told R.J. she was trying to find out what had happened to her. R.J., furious with Nora, about getting into his apartment, tells her next time she does something like this he will not let her off with a slap on the wrist. After Nora leaves, R.J. discovers the money has been tampered with. He has a flash back to the night of the murder and when in Colin's house, he found the money at the bottom of the stairs. That was the money Nora found, money Lindsay had been giving Colin to keep quiet about her stabbing Nora with the needle that impaired her memory.

Sam visits R.J. and asks him what happened the night of Colin's murder and R.J., smiling, tells Sam he should know.

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