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Passions Recaps: The week of May 21, 2001 on PS
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Monday, May 21, 2001

Pilar again gets nowhere imploring Ivy not to make a play for Sam during Sheridan's engagement party. Meanwhile, Rebecca scores points with her future father-in-law by making some special plans for the bash. A jittery Julian frets about having Tabitha's living doll on the premises. Sheridan thanks Luis for understanding why it's so important for her to attend the party her family is throwing for them. Clinging to Sam, Grace admits how much she misses him. Gwen smirks triumphantly to hear an unwitting Theresa telling Whitney she believes all her problems will be solved once Ethan learns who sent Mort the e-mail. Timmy exults when Miguel reports to a relieved Tabitha that he and Charity have decided to wait until they're eighteen to tie the knot. Luis shares his happy news with family and friends, who reluctantly agree to attend the party at the Crane mansion. Thrilled to hear Sheridan's announcement, Theresa feels certain her vision of a double wedding will now come true.

Tuesday, May 22, 2001

Everyone in Harmony gets ready for Luis and Sheridan's engagement party. Sheridan and Ethan look forward to the double wedding and make plans for the future with their respective true loves. Ethan worries about Julian's motives for throwing the party. Meanwhile, Luis and Pilar share similar concerns about what Julian and Alistair are plotting. Luis maintains the love he shares with Sheridan is strong enough to survive anything the Cranes throw their way. Pilar and Luis are stunned when Miguel announces his intention to marry Charity as soon as they turn eighteen. Luis questions Miguel to make sure he's thought everything through. Kay is hurt when she overhears Miguel discuss his love for her cousin. A determined Kay vows Miguel and Charity will never marry once she seduces Miguel and becomes pregnant with his baby. Meanwhile, Charity is unnerved by a new premonition. Despite Whitney's warnings, Theresa refuses to commit to telling Ethan the truth before the wedding. Theresa is convinced fate is on her side. Whitney dreads telling Simone she and Chad are a couple. Tabitha reminds Timmy they must search the Crane mansion to find the mysterious object that will destroy Charity and Miguel. She anticipates evil will reign at the engagement party.

Wednesday, May 23, 2001

Reese informs Tabitha he intends to prove she's a witch by the end of the night. An irritated Tabitha decides to make sure the troublemaking nerd doesn't attend the party. The mischievous witch attempts to use a voodoo doll to take care of him. Charity is concerned that she didn't see Miguel in her vision of being a bride. Kay secretly gloats. Sam and Grace share a fraught moment when he arrives to pick up the kids. Sam offers to stay with Grace, but she insists he attend the party so he can resolve his feelings for Ivy. Meanwhile, an excited Ivy hopes tonight will be the night Sam realizes he still loves her. Grace warns Eve to keep Julian and TC apart at the party. Meanwhile, Julian listens to old tapes of Eve singing. Alistair calls and warns his son to stop thinking about his former lover. The guests begin to arrive at the Crane mansion. Chad and Whitney are frustrated that Simone thinks Chad is her date. Whitney promises Chad she'll tell Simone about their relationship as soon as she gets a moment alone with her. Tensions arise as Theresa confronts Gwen. The Luis imposter and DeeDee, the hired "mistress," secretly arrive to carry out Julian's scheme to break up his sister and Luis. Meanwhile, a blissful Luis and Sheridan remain unaware of the threat to their happiness.

Thursday, May 24, 2001

Jessica trails Reese as he once again sets out to prove that Tabitha is a witch. Puzzled by the sudden scent of jasmine, Charity confides to Miguel her concern that trouble is brewing. Meanwhile, dazzled by Ivy's jasmine perfume, Sam finds himself drawn to his first love as she dreamily reminisces about the past. Chad urges Whitney to tell her sister the truth but she balks at ruining Simone's big night. Across the room, Simone hisses at Kay that her plan to get pregnant is lowdown and disgusting. Though worried about his best friend, T.C. cautions Eve not to interfere in Sam's tete-a-tete with Ivy. Sheridan beams when Alistair calls to express his love for his daughter and to wish her every happiness with Luis. Slipping away from the other partygoers, Tabitha and Timmy scour the mansion for a clue to Charity's downfall. Later, the vial containing Kay's soul leads the dynamic duo to a secret passageway. Ethan, Theresa, Chad, Whitney, Simone, Kay, Charity and Miguel decide to enter Hecuba's maze. Sheridan receives a shock after answering Luis' cell phone.

Friday, May 25, 2001

A grinning Ethan warns his fiancée and her friends that the garden maze reveals not only true love but also unearths any secrets and lies a couple may be hiding. Sam orders Ivy to call his wife and set Grace straight about their past love being dead and buried. After Julian lures Luis away from the party, DeeDee dials the officer's cell phone. When Sheridan answers, DeeDee launches into a monologue about waiting for her lover to dump his clueless debutante and come to her instead. Ethan tells the others that the first couple to make it to the "love square" in the center of the maze is destined to be together forever. Hinting that she has more photos of Ethan to show him, Ivy lures Sam up to her boudoir. Listening to Eve's tapes, Julian regrets the fact that his father forced him to abandon the lady he loved years ago. An anguished Sheridan asks Luis if he arranged to meet another woman during their engagement party. Eve coldly rejects Julian's attempt to wax nostalgic. Kay vows to make it to the love square with Miguel. Timmy and Tabitha hit paydirt.

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