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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of May 21, 2001 on ATWT
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Monday, May 21, 2001

Lily and Holden are looking for Luke. He has gotten away from them and they can't find him. Lily tells Holden that she thinks she knows where he may be.

Upstairs at the Lakeview, Luke has talked the housekeeper into letting him into Damian's room. When he gets into the room, he hears the shower running. He starts to snoop around the room. He moves a book and sees a gun. As he reaches for the gun, Damian reaches out and tells him not to touch it. He and Luke sit down and have a discussion about guns and that he should never touch one that he doesn't know about because it could be loaded. Damian tells him that he is going to take the gun with him to Malta to kill snakes. As they are talking, there is a knock at the door and Lily and Holden are there. They rush into the room when they see Luke. They start to scold him about walking away from them and not telling them where he went. He tells them that it was boring at the wedding and he was having fun with Damian. He adds that Damian has a gun. Lily and Holden both look at Damian. Holden asks if he makes a habit of leaving firearms lying around. Damian informs Holden that he wasn't expecting company. Holden tells Luke that they have to go and they walk out. Lily starts to leave and Damian steps in front of her. She tells him that this isn't easy for Holden either and he should be patient. She walks out and Damian smirks. Later, Damian calls Rose and asks if Lily and Holden are home yet? She tells him that they are not and they are probably still throwing rice. He tells her that he has called to make sure they are still on for dinner. She says that they are and she can't wait to see him.

Katie tries to convince Simon that she is running off with another man. She tries to make him jealous, but he doesn't fall for her lie. As she is talking about the man that has swept her off her feet, Henry walks in with his safari gear on and says that he is ready to go. Simon starts to laugh and Katie tells Henry that he has great timing. Simon, still laughing, leaves and Katie yells at Henry. They pack up their stuff and start out the door. Katie decides that she should leave a note for Simon. She sits down and writes that she is off to find his diamond. She says that she loves him and then she seals the note with a kiss. She lays the note on the bed and walks out the door. As they close the door, it creates a breeze and the note falls to the floor. The housekeeper comes in and sees the note lying on the floor and picks it up and sticks in between the magazines on the side table.

At Barbara and Craig's wedding, the minister gets to the part where he says, "And if anyone here has good cause to object to this wedding, let them speak now or..." Jennifer speaks up and says that she can't let this go on. She begs with her mother not to make this mistake. Craig gets involved and tries to talk with Jennifer. She starts to get hysterical and Craig grabs her. Hal rushes in and yells that nobody puts their hands on his daughter. As Craig turns to look at Hal, Hal punches him in the face. Everyone pushes Hal back and Craig tells him that he just made a big mistake. Hal yells again that no one puts their hands on his daughter. The crowd pushes Hal out of the room. Barbara yells at Jennifer and asks if she is happy. She tells her daughter to look around at everyone and the looks on their faces. Jennifer yells at her mother that she was just trying to save her from making the biggest mistake of her life. Jennifer runs out of the room and goes to the front desk. No one is there, so she goes behind the desk and gets the key to Craig suite. She goes up to the suite and rips off her dress. She finds scissors and cuts the dress into shreds. She runs around the room and trashes it. She sees a bottle of champagne and grabs it. She goes to the phone and calls the front desk and asks that they page Bryant Montgomery and have him come to his father's suite immediately.

Downstairs, Craig looks at Barbara and asks if she wants to continue. She tells him that her family is not going to stand in her way of happiness. Craig gives her a little peck and they start the ceremony. As they are taking their vows, two policemen come in and put Hal in handcuffs and walk him out of the Lakeview. Barbara and Craig say "I Do!" and slip the rings on their fingers.

Upstairs, in Simon and Katie's room, Jack and Carly walk in and find Julia sprawled out on the bed. She informs them that her mother has ruled her incompetent and therefore, anything that she has signed is null and void. Carly gets upset and runs out of the room. Jack tells Julia that he knew that she was not right, but he had no idea she was this far off her rocker. She tells him to take her back to the hospital and he informs her that the only person he is taking any place tonight is downstairs, hopefully waiting for him. He walks out of the room and Julia runs after him telling him that she will make him pay.

Downstairs, at Barbara and Craig's wedding reception, everything is dull from the events that had happened earlier. No one feels like celebrating. Craig asks Barbara if she is ready to go upstairs. She says that she is. As they get to the door, Carly comes in. Craig asks if she missed them taking their vows. She says that she did. Barbara asks where is Jack. She says that he is upstairs with Julia getting his life tied in knots. Then, Jack rushes into the room yelling, "Carly!" Julia is following right after him yelling that he belongs to her. She jumps on Jack's back and continues to yell that he belongs to her. Jack is fighting to get her off his back. Barbara tries to help, but Craig forces her to leave. Jack gets Julia to settle down and he picks her up into his arms. She says that she knew it; he still loves her. She asks him to take her home. He tells her that he is going to take her where she belongs. He walks over to the punch bowl and plops her down into it. Emily is there, taking pictures like crazy. Carly is laughing so hard; she has to hold her stomach. Jack walks over and kisses her. Bob helps Julia out of the punch bowl and yells for someone to get towels to dry her off. As they are putting towels around Julia, she is yelling for Jack. Jack is still kissing Carly and Julia sees them, kissing.

Bryant goes upstairs to his father's suite and sees that everything is trashed. He yells for Jennifer and she yells from another room, "Bryant, I'm back here!" Bryant follows her voice and notices that her undergarments are on the floor as he walks. He gets back where Jennifer is and Jennifer is in a tub filled with bubbles and she is drinking champagne. Bryant asks what is she doing and she tells him that she is taking a bubble bath and drinking bubbly. She asks him to join her and he says that this is a bit risky. He tells her that she has to get out and tries to get her to get out of the tub. She pulls him in with her and asks if he wants her. He says that he wants her more than she knows and they start kissing.

Craig tells Barbara to close her eyes; he doesn't want her to see the suite until she is in the room. He opens the door and they kiss while they walk into the room. Craig looks around and his face goes white. Barbara looks around at the room and she can't believe what she is seeing. She sees her daughters dress on the floor in shreds and the mess the room is in and she asks, "What has she done?"

Tuesday, May 22, 2001

Furious that he dumped her in the punch bowl, Julia spots Carly kissing Jack and screams that she's going to get him back. She then lectures Jack and Carly in front of the wedding guests and lays into them for their cheating. An amused Emily snaps photos as Jack stands up to his wife. He then grabs Emily's camera and rips the film out, ruining her hopes for a story about Lucinda. Craig and Barbara are shocked to find the hotel suite a mess. Hearing noises, they then find a naked Jennifer in the tub surrounded by bubbles and a half-naked and embarrassed Bryant. Laughing, Jennifer blasts her mother for what she has done and storms out. Later, she lays into Bryant for not defending her. Suggesting that the kids will realize their mistake in the morning, Craig convinces an upset Barbara to forget what has happened and enjoy their wedding night. After hiding the photos of him with Ruby, Craig slips out to be with Carly for a moment. She reminds him that he has to sleep in the bed he made for himself. After Jake fails to convince a stubborn airline clerk to talk, Molly works her magic and they learn that Matthew did not leave the country. Blasting him for punching Craig and warning that he's going to lose his job, Margo and Tom urge Hal to turn in his badge before the police commissioner requests it.

Wednesday, May 23, 2001

Carly's Apartment:

Carly and Jack laughed about Julia being dumped in the punch bowl at the wedding reception. Jack told Carly that he was going to make it up to her for losing her land. She told him that she doesn't care if Julia doesn't give him a divorce. She'd be happy just to be with him. Jack swore that she would be his wife. Carly told Jack she loved it when he promises her the world. He said not the world but that they will be married one day. Carly said she didn't want a big wedding, she wanted smaller dreams now. Jack promised to give her a five-star wedding and everything that goes along with it. Jack told Carly that she, Parker and he are a three-some now. Jack said that he thought that Julia was powerless now.

Jack got a phone call from Jake. He kissed Carly and told her that he had to go to the police station. She said she understood that he's a cop and knew he would be coming home to her.

The Munsons' house:

Jennifer walked in the house grumbling to herself. Hal asked what happened to her dress, since she had on sweatpants and jacket. She told him it was in sheds, like her life. She told Hal it was all his fault. Hal and Jennifer continue to argue about Barbara not getting the pictures. Jennifer was furious and said she hasn't started to get back at Craig yet. Hal told Jennifer that it's best to just let it go. She couldn't understand why. He told her that he was suspended from his job. Jennifer said she was sorry that she blew up at him, when he was going through his own crisis. Hal and Jennifer yawn and said good night. Jennifer said, "Craig finally won."

Lucinda's House:

Lucinda was drinking tea that Ruby brought for her. Lucinda wanted to know what kind of information Molly and Jake had. Ruby watched as they told Lucinda that they aren't sure what they had yet. Lucinda became distracted and Jake tried to get her to focus on what they were telling her. He described the man they saw at the boathouse. Ruby was very nervous and grabbed Lucinda's cup out of her hands, before she could drink any more of the tea. Molly went on to tell Lucinda that the man at the boathouse sent them on a wild goose chase and also that he matched the description of the guy that delivered the telegram. Also there was no record of any telegram being sent. Lucinda said to call the cops, which startled Ruby and she dropped the cup. Molly offered to help her but Ruby wouldn't let her. When no one was watching, one of the twins grabbed the spoon that Lucinda had stirred the tea with.

Ruby left the room and immediately tried to call Gabe. When he didn't answer, she called Craig's cell phone. After she talked to Craig, she ran to her room. Ruby packed her bag and left before anyone knew she was gone.

Molly told Lucinda that they shouldn't call the cops yet because they don't have any proof and it might tip off the mystery man. Lucinda said she wasn't feeling good. Jake asked if she wanted them to call Ruby. Lucinda said no, she wanted Matthew; he would know what she needed. She said that no one knew her better than Matthew. They discussed why someone would want to get Matthew out of Lucinda's house. Lucinda said Matthew was a buffer from the world for her, but she couldn't understand why anyone would want to get rid of him, he was nobody, just her butler. Molly asked how long Ruby had been there. Lucinda said she came the day after Matthew left. The more questions they had about Ruby being there and Matthew leaving, the more they realized that someone wanted Matthew to be gone so Ruby could drug Lucinda. Lucinda wanted to go after Ruby right away, but Jake said they didn't have any evidence; they need proof. They figured Ruby had help from her father. One of the twins started to cry and Molly noticed that she had one of Lucinda's spoons. At first they are concerned that she may have gotten some of the drug from the spoon. When the baby looked as though she was OK, they said spoon may be proof then need to prove that Ruby was drugging Lucinda.

While Molly and Lucinda went to find Ruby, Jake called Jack and told him that they need the police. Molly and Lucinda run in the room and told Jake that Ruby was gone.

Lucinda recorded a message on her tape recorder about Ruby drugging her. She said she was sure that someone else was involved with the drugging and when she found out whom, he will wish he were drugged.

Craig's hotel Suite:

Craig looked at loan documents for Bryant's trust fund and said he only has 30 more days to pay back the loan. There was a knock at the door. Gabe, dressed in a hotel uniform told him he was from room service. When Craig opened the door, he told him they had urgent business to take care of. He said it's time to take care of Lucinda and take away her assets. Craig wanted to know why since everything was on schedule. Gabe said that Jake and Molly were still investigating what has happened to Matthew. He wanted to get the job of drugging Lucinda done and over with before Molly and Jake stumble on the fact that he and Craig are drugging Lucinda. Gabe said he wanted to take Lucinda down now. Craig said from the way Lucinda was acting at the wedding, it wouldn't be long before she is totally wacky. The annual board meeting was coming soon and when they see that she can't cut it, they will step in and take over.

Craig's cell phone rang and he hurried to answer it before it woke Barbara up. Craig asked Ruby what was wrong when he heard that she was upset. Ruby told him that Molly and Jake described Gabe to Lucinda. Craig told her it didn't sound like an emergency to him. She wanted to know what he thinks is an emergency. She was afraid that she would soon be in handcuffs. He wanted to know why she called him. She told him that she tried to get a hold of Gabe but she couldn't find him. He told her to try harder. She told Craig not to bail out on her, that it was his idea to "drug the old bat." Craig told her not to call again and hung up the phone. He didn't let Gabe know that it was Ruby on the phone. He told Gabe if he was worried about Lucinda to cover his tracks. Gabe wanted to know what he meant by that. He told him to make sure that Ruby doesn't leave any evidence. Gabe warned Craig that he was in this just as deep as he and Ruby were. He went on to say that if they go down, Craig would go down with them. Barbara walked in and said that no one was going anywhere until she knows what's happening.

Craig asked Barbara to go back to bed. She wanted to know who Gabe was and what he wanted. Gabe left the suite. Craig told her he had a confession to make. He told her that Gabe and Ruby are the ones that swindled Bryant. He showed her the pictures of him and Ruby and told her that Ruby and her father set him up. She wanted to know why he didn't tell her about the set up. He told Barbara that there were others involved. He told her that it was Hal and Jennifer that were the architects of the setup. Barbara couldn't believe that her family could do that to her. Craig told her that Hal and Jennifer had help from Bryant with the scam. When she asked why he didn't tell her about it, he told her he was trying to protect her. He told her that he had paid Gabe to keep quiet about the scam. He said that if Gabe hadn't shown up, she would never know about it. Barbara wanted to know why he didn't go to the police. Craig made excuses about not getting help from Margo or Hal. He asked Barbara if she believed him. She said she did. She wondered if it's over. She said she's finished with her family and she intended to stand by her vows that she made at the wedding. She said she'd going to reimburse Craig for every penny of what he had to pay Gabe. Craig hugs her and smiled.

Psychiatric Ward at the Hospital:

Julia tried to get the stain out of her dress as the other patients watched. Dr. Michaels told her that Bob Hughes called and told her that Julia had had an episode at the wedding. She asked Julia what happened. Julia said that Carly happened. Dr. Michaels told her that it was very serious that she had herself declared legally incompetent. Julia said things are going to get better. She told Dr. Michaels to go home. After she left, Julia told the other patients that she knew that she wasn't truthful with the doc, but she couldn't tell her or she would try to stop what she is going to do to Carly. She said if they thought her dress was ruined, they didn't know what ruined was until they see what she does to Carly next.

The Police Station:

Jake told Jack that a couple of con's wormed their way into Lucinda's house and got rid of Matthew. Then he told him that Gabe and Ruby have been drugging Lucinda. Jack laughed and wanted to know how he knew she was being drugged. Jake pulled the spoon out of his jacket pocket and said that he wanted Jack to check it for drugs. He said he's hoping that the spoon will be the proof they need to arrest them.

Thursday, May 25, 2001

Ruby runs to her father and anxiously starts packing as she explains that Jake and Molly have uncovered the drugging of Lucinda. Instead, Gabriel prepares another concoction designed to kill Lucinda in a syringe. Jack interrupts and as he points his gun at the two of them, he announces that he has a warrant for their arrest. After Jack takes them in, Jake and Molly search their trailer and find a garage door opener that may have something to do with the missing Matthew.

When Craig arrives at the station house, he challenges Hal to punch him again only to be pulled away by Margo. She asks him why he's destroying Hal's life. The commissioner interrupts and offers his apology. Vowing legal action against the department, Craig insists that Hal be fired. The commissioner fires Hal and places Margo in charge naming her the chief of detectives. She tries to back out and also tries to get the commissioner to let her split the duty between her and Jack but the commissioner wants her to handle it on her own.

In custody, Gabriel claims that Craig was the mastermind behind the drugging of Lucinda. Meanwhile, Barbara confronts Jennifer about last night and shows her the photos Craig gave her. When she calls them a setup, Jennifer claims that Craig's lying and vows to show her the truth one day. Barbara surprises Craig with a joint bank account filled with money. Holden angrily confronts Damian about his real reason for coming back to Oakdale. Damian claims he's trying to make up for all the lost time away from Luke and then astounds them both by demanding that he be allowed to take Luke to Malta. Lily says she stands by what Holden wants. As Damian leaves, he calls someone and tells them to start getting the boat ready and yes, there will be two of them going, him and his son.

Friday, May 25, 2001

Gabriel tried to make a deal with the Margo--his freedom in return for the dirt on Craig Montgomery. Lucinda hounded Margo and was insistent that she question Craig. Margo agreed and sent Jack to bring him in for questioning.

Craig halfheartedly tried to protest when Barbara insisted he accept the checkbook as a wedding present. After Barbara left to go to Fashions, Craig was surprised to find Carly at his door. She informed him that with his marriage to Barbara and since she and Jack were back together, it was best that he stayed out of her life. He suggested that if this were what she really wanted, she would have simply ignored him and not gone out of her way to come see him. They were startled by a pounding at the door--it was Jack demanding that Craig come to the police department for questioning. Carly hid in the next room and Craig left with Jack. Feeling mischievous, Carly deliberately put her bracelet on Craig's bed, knowing that Barbara would most likely find it.

Rose told Lily she was meeting Damian for dinner in his hotel room and was offended when Lily suggested she use the date to try to find out Damian's agenda. Rose was flattered when Damian romantically wined and dined her. He then urged her to convince Lily to let him take Luke to Chicago and Rose was swept off her feet when he began kissing her. When Damian stepped out of the room, Rose was shocked to discover a new passport for Luke and she came to the realization that he intended to take Luke back to Malta, no matter what.

Katie and Henry finally spotted the desert island but Henry was flabbergasted when Katie informed him there was no landing strip. He decided to turn the plane around but Katie suddenly grabbed the controls, trying to head the plane downward!


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