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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of May 21, 2001 on GL
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Monday, May 21, 2001

In San Cristobel:

Edmund is on the floor gasping. Beth comes in and tries to help him. She closes and locks the door and calls Edmund's doctor. She tells him that they have to keep this confidential, she thinks Edmund has had a stroke and he should only bring who he needs to and they should be sworn to secrecy or she personally will cut their tongues out.

The doctor and his two attendants come in. He gives Edmund an injection of a neuroprotective drug to keep any further damage being done to his heart. The doctor tells Beth that they have to get him to the hospital. Beth reminds him that no one can see the prince like that. The doctor promises discretion.

At the hospital, the doctor tells Beth that he noticed a bruise on the prince's chest and wondered about it. Beth tells him that Richard shot Edmund when he was wearing a bulletproof vest. The doctor says that the injury caused a blood clot, which in turn caused the stroke. He thinks Edmund is young and strong enough that with the drugs he may recover without any physical therapy. He is weak now but he can talk to her. Beth goes in and Edmund calls her his defender goddess. She tells him she will always defend him. She says she was angry with Richard before but hates him now. She tells him she will do anything for him and will never let him down. The doctor tells Beth outside the room they may have a problem. She wonders if it is about Edmund but it is about the secrecy. She threatens the doctor and says she will have Edmund moved back to the palace. He tells her that the prince's equerry called the doctor looking for Beth and Edmund. He told the doctor the US Consulate is looking for Edmund. Beth comes back in the room and tells Edmund that the US consulate is waiting at the palace. She says she will handle it and will make an excuse about Edmund having food poisoning. She kisses him and leaves. Edmund is lying in the bed and says, "Oh My God, Cassie". He tries to sit up.

In the tower, Cassie is pacing around yelling for help. She tries to get the shackles off but can't. She curses Edmund and says God will get him for treating her like that. She goes through the picnic basket looking for anything but it is empty. She yells for Edmund and calls him a sadistic psycho.

At Infierno:

Tony tells Ray all about how he messed up Marah's party and then how Marah got drunk and they spent the evening together at the police station because of Gus. Tony thinks Gus is out to get their family. Danny walks into the office and tells Tony Gus is out to get them. They talk a bit. Ray asks about Tony's job at Lewis. Tony tells them he is worried because some of Machado's men are on the crew. Danny tells Tony to stay away from them; he doesn't want to give Gus any excuse to use against them. Danny tells Tony to let Josh deal with Machado's people. Tony promises and goes out to see Catalina. Marah is sitting at the bar and he kisses her. Tony asks about Marah's parent's reaction to her arrest. Marah says it was okay because they were all really upset about Cassie. There is another plan to rescue her now but her arrest didn't make it on the Richter scale because of that. Marah doesn't want Tony to get blamed for her mistakes. Tony tells her to shut up so he can kiss her. Catalina comes out and sees them and isn't happy.

Back in his office, Danny is talking to Ray about Gus getting close to the truth about Carmen. Ray says only three people were there and one is dead. Danny is worried about Claire talking. Danny tells Ray that Meta and Rick only have hearsay but Claire knows things and can tell Gus things. Ray says Claire hasn't said anything so far. Danny says Claire is trouble waiting to happen.

Ray comes out and asks Catalina why she is sad. She talks about Marah and Tony. Ray says he thinks Marah is good for Tony. Catalina thinks Marah is bad for Tony and she needs to grow up. She had things being too easy. She tells him that Marah likes attention and that Marah plays Sam against Tony. Ray asks her if she likes Tony. She admits that she does. She asks if that makes him uncomfortable. He tells her he is used to hearing confessions. Ray says it is usually best to be honest in these situations. They look back over and Marah and Tony are kissing.

Tony tells Marah he likes being in public with her. Marah tells him she likes sneaking around and being alone with him. Just then Sam comes in and asks them if they are going to get in any trouble tonight. Sam thinks they should all go to Chicago. He wants to be a little bad because his sister has sold out. Marah wants to go but Tony thinks it is a bad idea. She says Tony is acting like her dad. Catalina says maybe next time. Marah agrees with Sam about blowing off steam. Sam leaves. Marah asks Tony why he was so unsympathetic to Sam and tells him he is their friend. Tony says Sam wants to be more than a friend to her. Tony tells her he is working two jobs and just wants to spend his free time with her since she is the one he is doing all of this for her. She wonders how she can thank him and leans over to kiss him. Catalina wonders how Marah does it.

At the police station:

Gus is showing Harley the evidence they have on Michelle, including identified fingerprints. They can prove Michelle tampered with evidence in a federal case and Gus will use this to crack Danny like a walnut. He thinks he will try to crack Claire first because he sees her as the weakest link. Gus says Claire knows what happened with Carmen and she has the mother factor going on. Harley doesn't understand. Gus tells her you can usually count on a mother to protect her child. Harley asks if he will use the potential charges against Michelle to pressure Claire. He thinks it is the best way. Harley tells Gus he can do it alone because she quits. She starts throwing her things in a box. Gus asks what she is doing. Harley tells Gus she is serious and maybe her replacement will appreciate him more. Gus says she needs his permission to be reassigned and he won't give it. He tells her that she is a good cop despite her emotional fits. Harley sits the box down. Gus says she is sensitive to the mother/child issue because of her condition. He is not without feelings and won't make her watch him pressure Claire. He leaves.

Meta comes in looking for Gus. She asks Harley where he is and why he is doing this to Danny. Harley tells her Gus will be back soon. Meta notices Harley's tummy and asks her when she is due. Harley is taken aback. Meta apologizes and Harley tells her that she didn't realize it was that obvious. Meta tells her that it is a little noticeable but what tipped her off was how beautiful she looks. Harley says Meta should have been a mother. Meta says it is nice being a great aunt and there are times when someone may need a mother. Harley looks sad and tells Meta she has to finish her paperwork. Harley tells Meta she hasn't made the pregnancy public. Meta has to go and will leave a message for Gus that she is not happy. Meta says if she had had a daughter, she would like to her to have been like her. Meta was considered "difficult" and she always thought that was fun and not boring. She empathizes with Harley raising two children alone and asks her to kick Gus's butt for her.

At the Spaulding Mansion:

Gus is walking around the room when Claire comes in. Claire asks him what he is doing there and he tells her he is there to make a deal. Gus asks her to tell him what really happened to Carmen and he will keep Michelle out of a federal penitentiary. Claire tells Gus to get out. Gus says he has evidence on Michelle that will put her away for 30 years. Claire calls him a pig and he starts to leave. She finally gives in and asks what he wants. Gus tells Claire she has to testify about Carmen but Claire says no deal. He tells her he will arrest Michelle. Claire wants to know what he is asking. Gus wants her to wear a wire when around Danny. He says Danny is a mother's worst nightmare. Claire doesn't think Michelle will forgive her for this. Gus says there are trade offs. He gives her time to think about it and leaves. Claire is crying when Alan enters. He asks her if she is entertaining the FBI? He tells her she should not have talked to Gus without her attorney. Claire says she is in a mess and nothing can help. Alan says with money, power and brains, anything is possible.

Tuesday, May 22, 2001

At the Spaulding Mansion:

Claire is worrying about Gus when Alan comes in. He tells her that her only mistake was not confiding in him. He thinks they should share everything. He would like to help her. She tells him that she would like to but she feels like she is trapped. Alan thinks she needs to speak to a lawyer if she wants to confide in someone else that may be able to help. She calls Ross and tells him about Gus and his visit. She tells him that Gus wants her to cut a deal in order to help Michelle and she doesn't know what to do. Ross tells her that if what she has to do impacts another one of his clients, he will no longer be able to represent her. He tells her that it would be a conflict of interest and he advises her to find a criminal attorney quickly. He will give her references and wishes her luck. Claire tells Alan that Ross dumped her but Alan thinks that is a good thing. He says Ross is competent but is overly principled and soft. She is in a dicey legal situation and in need of a shark. He tells her he will get her a lawyer who feeds on federal agents. Claire thanks him and says she has to get to the hospital. Alan says he has never seen her this troubled. She tells him that he may just have given her a way out.

Richard, Noah and Phillip come in and Alan jokes with them calling the den, "the war room." He tells the guys that Beth has been on the television making a statement and he thinks they will want to hear it. They watch as Beth makes her speech telling Richard and Cassie to stop being selfish and making up stories. Alan tells the guys that Beth has taken charge; she is no longer that sweet shy little girl they once knew. She has blossomed into a magnificent woman and come into her own. Richard says Beth lied through her teeth; she can't believe that they staged Cassie's disappearance. Noah says Beth can make others believe it. Alan wonders how Phillip feels to have lost Beth and hopes Edmund appreciates her. Alan wishes them luck with the mercenaries. Richard says this is a fight they have to win. He is tired of waiting and furious at Beth for spreading lies. Phillip thinks that Beth is a victim as well and probably believes every one of the lies she spoke. Richard says he should have killed Edmund when he had the chance and will finish the job when he gets Cassie back. Noah and Phillip reassure Richard that Edmund will protect his investment and they will get Cassie back alive and well.

At Cedar's:

Harley is talking to Dr. Sedgwick thanking her for squeezing her in the schedule. She tells the doctor that she needs to get a better handle on this pregnancy or she will lose her mind. Dr. Sedgwick says she will give her some answers and they go into her office. Rick walks by and is glad that Harley is finally facing reality.

Harley comes out of the office a little depressed. Rick is there and she asks him if he was waiting on her. He tells her he is glad she came in and he knows she is doing the right thing. Harley tells him to leave her alone and he asks if the baby is all right. She tells him it is fine. He asks her if she is upset about Phillip and she tells him that Phillip has nothing to do with this. Harley tells him that she is the mother of this baby and she will make her own decisions without his help. She says she didn't come to the doctor because of him. She felt it was the right time. Rick tells Harley he is trying to be a friend and he just wants her to be okay. Claire comes in and asks Harley if Gus sent her there to bother her some more. Harley leaves. Claire tells Rick she doesn't like to be hounded and he should know that Harley is after his sister. She and Gus are making her life hell. Rick asks Claire if Gus is leaning on her and asks what he wants. Rick tells her to do everything she can to keep him away from Michelle. She says she may be able to do that. It all depends on what information is out there and who knows it. She doesn't know if this is a deal or a trap. When Claire delivered Michelle's baby she had a chance to have a relationship with her but this time what she has to do may make Michelle hate her. Rick tells her to do whatever she has to protect Michelle. Claire leaves. Dr. Sedgwick comes out and greets Rick. She tells him he just missed Harley. He is glad she made time to take care of herself. Dr. Sedgwick says the baby is healthy and shows him the sonogram. Rick asks if this due date is right. She tells him it is.

In San Cristobel:

Beth goes in to see the US Consul. She tells him that Edmund cant make it and she offers to take him a message. The Consul tells her that he will just reschedule. Beth tells him that she wants to confide in him and tells him that Edmund had a stroke resulting from a bruise left on his chest when Richard tried to assassinate him. She tells him that Edmund should be fine in a day or so but he is under a great deal of stress. She tells him that Edmund didn't want to upset the people so he kept everything quiet but now with Richard's plan to bring mercenaries in and storm the palace, she thinks they should know. She tells the Counsel that Edmund knew exactly what to do to protect the palace, the children and the people of San Cristobel . The consul says he has known Richard for years and can't understand it. An aide interrupts and tells Beth the press is aware of Edmund's stroke and she needs to speak to them. She agrees to speak to one representative of the press.

A reporter, Christine comes into the sitting room with her microphone and crew. She asks Beth about Edmund's stroke and asks her if he really had a stroke or did he contrive this emergency to cover the disappearance of Cassie? Beth tells Christine it is not a political stunt. He had a mild stroke and is conscious, alert and communicative. He will fully recover in a matter of days but he is having trouble speaking clearly at the moment. Christine asks about Cassie. Beth tells her that Richard fired at close range the night the Winslow's left, supposedly to protect Cassie. Edmund was wearing a bulletproof vest. The shot caused a bruise, which caused the stroke. She lays all the blame at Richard's feet saying Richard would rather destroy the principality than to allow Edmund to rule it. She speaks to the camera and asks the people to support Edmund. She tells Richard and Cassie that they should give peace a chance or they will become an ugly memory in San Cristobel .

Beth goes to the hospital to see Edmund. She tells him about the Counsel and about the press conference. She tells him that she had to make some decisions and hopes that she didn't say too much. She tells him what happened and everything she said. He tells her she did very well and she is pleased with herself. Edmund says she is a natural. Beth says she felt like people were watching and listening to her and she likes the feeling of power. Edmund says they are true partners, equals. Beth is happy she has been able to do this for him. She says no one can stop them and they will win this together. She kisses him.

Cassie is still in the tower trying to get out of her shackles. She is out of food and water and wonders where Edmund is. She thinks Edmund will keep her alive because Richard would do anything Edmund wants to get her back. She wonders if Edmund hates Richard so much he would let her die just to punish him.

Wednesday, May 23, 2001

At the Police Department:

Rick calls and leaves a message on Harley's machine. She is screening her calls. Gus comes in, nicer than usual. He tells her that he has thought about it and decided he would cut her some slack. She thinks he must be sick since he is acting like a human being. She asks him about his meeting with Claire. He tells her that he got Dr. Ramsey's attention. He sits beside Harley and gives her a doughnut. He tells her he knows she thinks it is bad for him to pressure Claire but she is the only one that can help them with their case. She tells him she saw Claire at the hospital the previous night and she was shaken up. Gus asks Harley about her sonogram and asks if he can see it. He looks at it and seems really interested. He thinks it is such an incredible miracle as he looks at the baby picture. Harley takes it back and tells him not to show her any more signs of humanity. He tells her that underneath this gruff exterior he is human. Harley isn't too sure.

Gus is leaning back in his chair with his eyes shut thinking of the case. He tells Harley there are only a few things that would make since with what they have overheard from the Santos house. Harley says she is sure Carmen is dead. Gus thinks she is right but wonders if maybe she didn't die when everyone wants them to think she did. Maybe she died later and maybe Michelle and Danny were the cause of it. Harley doesn't like the idea and tells Gus that Danny wouldn't have killed his own mother and Michelle she has known since she was a little girl. Gus reminds her that she didn't believe Michelle would steal evidence either. Gus tells her that he is going to go down to the lab to see if they were able to enhance any of their audiotapes. He leaves after politely greeting Frank and shaking his hand. Frank finds that odd as well. Harley tells him that Gus is impersonating a decent person today. Frank sees Harley's sonogram and is amazed as well. They are talking when the phone rings again. It is Rick and Harley, so she lets the machine get it again. Frank asks why she didn't get it and Harley tells him she was busy talking to him. Frank tells her that Rick called him to check on her. He wonders why his sister is ignoring her friend. Harley tells Frank that is hovering and pestering her about the baby and telling Phillip. Frank says Rick is just being a friend and she needs friends. Harley is getting upset and Frank asks her what's the matter, he doesn't think there is anything so bad that she can't tell her brother. She doesn't say anything and he tells her she knows where to find him. Harley looks depressed when she thanks Frank and he leaves.

At the Spaulding Mansion:

Vince Russo comes into the den and Alan introduces him to Claire and tells Claire he hired an attorney for her. Vince tells her that she must be in a lot of trouble if Alan called him. Claire tells Vince she is not one to panic but she is in desperate straits. He wants to hear the story and asks Alan to leave. Claire says the less he knows the safer he will be. Alan reluctantly leaves. Claire apologizes to Alan and he asks Vince to take good care of her. She turns to Russo and says she needs him to take away her vision of a prison cell. Claire tells Vince if he wants the entire picture, she will have to rely on lawyer client privilege. He wants to know it all to avoid mine fields. He will give her the best advice he can and won't feel corrupted by anything she tells him. She goes over the whole story and Vince asks where Carmen is now but Claire says she won't be a problem. Vince says he is on Claire's side and wonders if Gus has evidence against Michelle. Claire tells him about her talk with Gus and begs him to tell her that there is a way out of this. Vince tells her the only thing to do is take the deal. Claire is hesitant; she doesn't want to jeopardize her relationship with her daughter. She tells him that she and her daughter have been separated for years and are just now getting closer. If she does what the feds want her to do, Michelle will never forgive her. Vince says she will either sell out her son in law or she and Michelle will go to jail. Claire says if she loses Michelle's respect, everything is pointless. Vince repeats she should take the deal and let him know what she decides.

Vince leaves and Alan comes back in. He asks Claire how it went and she admits that it wasn't the result she hoped for. Alan wants to help but Claire refuses to involve him. He asks her if it is about those gangster people. Claire turns to him and asks if there is a limit to forgiveness. She wants to know how far can you go before someone shuts you out of their heart? Alan realizes it is about Michelle and tells Claire that his sons have forgiven him many times and Michelle has a much bigger heart. His sons felt it was better to have a dad in their lives than not to have him at all. Claire says that Michelle had a mother who was a saint. Alan says your children are connected to you, that's why they call it a family tree. Short of lighting a match, the tree is still there. He wants her to tell him what is wrong but she doesn't want to. Alan tells her that she should trust her advisors. He tells her that Vince Russo has great instincts and has never steered him wrong. Claire thanks Alan and kisses him. She is very upset. He says he knows she will be fine because she is strong enough to do what needs to be done.

At Company:

Olivia, Josh and Billy are going over the plans for the SC Harbor project. Sam comes in and Olivia asks him where he had been all night. Sam tells her he drove up to Chicago and he had left her a message not to wait up. He tells them he couldn't sleep. Josh wonders why and Sam says because of some to the things Olivia is up to. Josh asks Sam what Olivia has been up to and Sam talks about the SC project. He wonders about the political situation in San Cristobel . Josh says no wonder he is awake at night. Sam is disgusted and leaves to have breakfast at another table. The adults go back to looking at the plans. They talk about needing to acquire some properties and the Winslow's owns most of the land near the harbor. Olivia thinks it will work out since SC needs them.

Sam sits down with Catalina to have breakfast. Catalina asks Sam about Chicago and he admits that he is really just worried about his sister. He tells her that he has a bad premonition about Olivia. She suffers from the family brain issues; acts first and thinks later. Olivia thinks she can do anything but he knows this will blow up in her face and crush her. Catalina says it is hard to watch those you love make mistakes. She says her mother didn't want her to come to America but everything turns out well for her. Sam says he knows the politics of SC; he grew up there. He always wanted to get away when he was a child but it is his home. Catalina says she liked it there when she was a nanny and she would like to go back and visit. Sam says he will take her there if things work out with the project. She liked that idea.

Marah sits down at the table with Billy, Olivia and Josh. She notices the plans for the SC project on the table and tells Josh to get out of this project. He can't get involved with the dark prince who blinded her mother. She blames the whole thing on Olivia. Olivia asks Josh if he will stop her or should she. Josh tells Marah he is good at what he does and this is a good project. He tells her that she will not use it as an excuse to attack Olivia. She is angry and storms off. Billy laughs and says Marah is getting more and more like her mom. Olivia is annoyed that they are laughing and think that they both hate the project idea. Josh and Billy both say they are committed to the project and they just hope Richard can get Edmund out of San Cristobel .

Marah goes over to the table and talks to Sam. He is ignoring her. She apologizes for not going to Chicago with him saying he has always been there for her but Tony was jealous and she doesn't like his little scenes. Catalina says she thinks Marah likes them a lot. Marah is shocked but Catalina goes on to tell her that she plays Tony and Sam off each other. Marah denies it. Catalina tells her that she encourages Sam just to make Tony jealous. Marah says Sam is her friend but Catalina thinks she is friendlier to him when Tony is around. Sam tells Catalina not to worry about it that Marah doesn't understand. Marah gets angry and leaves. Catalina apologizes to Sam for speaking the truth. Sam says Marah will get over it. He pays for breakfast and Catalina starts to leave. Josh stops her and asks Catalina why Marah is upset. Catalina tells him that Marah plays Sam and Tony off each other all the time but it isn't going to work anymore. She leaves. Olivia overhears and is not happy, saying to herself that Marah is becoming more like her mother.

Olivia goes over to talk to Sam. Sam says she is a spy on the wrong side and he hates it. He knows she will get hurt. Olivia says it is practical thing to do until they can get their project up and running. She is just trying to keep Edmund close. Sam wonders what will happen when Edmund is out, if she will be on everyone else's enemy list. Sam says she is playing for high stakes and has no control over the situation. She thinks by staying close to Edmund she can control it. Sam gets up as Olivia's cell phone rings, its Alan. Alan says he has some information and is worried about the advisability of his loan. He thinks SC is unstable. His wallet gets a twitch every time he hears the word mercenary. Olivia says she doesn't think that Richard would stop the project even if he is in charge and gets rid of Edmund. Alan seems reassured.

Thursday, May 24, 2001

At Cedars:

Gus catches up with Claire and asks her if she is going to help them. She tells him to stop hounding her. He says she has access to Danny and they want her cooperation, else she and her daughter will be in jail. He tells her if she wears the wire, only Danny will do the time and she and Michelle will go free. Claire tells him she needs more time. He tells her she has until the end of the day. He leaves, telling her that if he gains the information he is looking to her for from another resource the deal is off. Claire is shaken and calls Russo. She tells him she needs him to buy her some more time.

Michelle comes in to see Claire. Claire is happy and shocked to see her. Michelle asks her if she has talked to Gus again. Claire tells her she hasn't heard from him. Michelle is surprised that he wouldn't be bothering her. She tells Claire that everything will be fine as long as they all stick together and not say anything. Claire tells her she understands and then makes up an excuse to leave. Michelle looks worried.

At Company:

Harley is working behind the counter when Frank comes in. He tells her she is distracted and she should tell Buzz that she is pregnant. She doesn't want to. Buzz comes over and Harley tells him that she has something shocking to tell him but he has to promise not to make any comments about it and promise that he wont tell anyone, especially Phillip. He agrees and she takes off her coat. Buzz is shocked and Harley tells him not to say anything. Buzz tells her Phillip is coming in and Harley rushes to put her jacket back on. Frank tells Harley to go in the kitchen. She turns to do that but Phillip sees her and tells her he needs to talk to her. She stays behind the bar while he comes around front. He asks her if he can have Zach for the night. Harley says that is a good idea and she will be able to catch up on some sleep. He says she looks tired and maybe she should slow down. Frank gets Phillip's attention to give Harley an opportunity to leave. She starts sneaking out with her briefcase in front of her and an open umbrella. Phillip tells her he will pick up Zach later. Phillip thinks Harley is acting strange. Noah walks in and Phillip goes to meet with him. He gives Noah the check for the first half of the mercenary fee. Phillip talks about the plan and Noah tells him everything will be alright. Noah wonders if they have heard from Dax about where Cassie might be. Phillip says Richard wants to call Lydia to find out about the stroke.

Blake arrives at Company and she and Buzz talk about the book signing party. Blake has an addition to the guest list. Blake says he is cute when he is miserable and her mother should see him like this. Blake asks why Buzz said all of those nasty things to Holly and her that day. Buzz admits he was mad about Selena and the fact that everything he didn't know about her was in that book. He tells her that she and Holly were just the nearest targets. He asks Blake to get her to come to the party and he'll take it from there.

At the Spaulding Mansion:

Richard is on the phone with a friend from San Cristobel . He is asking for help to find his wife but everyone says they can't help without proof. Phillip comes in and he and Richard discuss the strike on SC, which will take place in the afternoon. Richard finishes his phone call and asks Phillip if Edmund really had the stroke they may be able to use that to their advantage. Phillip tells her that they aren't ready yet. Richard says he will call Lydia and see what she can learn about Edmund's condition. He asks Phillip to see if Noah can get a scrambler for the phone. Phillip thinks he can and he leaves to meet Noah while Richard makes more calls. He is looking at his wedding ring and remembering his and Cassie's wedding night. He says, "Hold on, Cassie. I'm coming for you. Hold on."

Olivia comes in and sees Richard. She asks if he is waiting for Alan but he is waiting for Phillip. She asks if he is plotting against Edmund. He says that would be inconvenient for her, wouldn't it? He wonders how she can do business with Edmund since she has known him half her life. Richard asks Olivia if she has a conscience anymore. Richard says she knows that Edmund would have murdered Jonathan as well as tried to pull off a military coup and he doesn't understand how she can support him. Richard lists the recent crimes Edmund has committed and Olivia says they are all just allegations. Richard says she is giving Edmund legitimacy. Olivia says she is helping SC's economy and Edmund's presence is minimal. She doesn't think it is fair for Richard to judge her. Richard says then no one should judge anyone and therefore there would be no right or wrong and all of Edmund's petty crimes like murder, blackmail, and infanticide would be of no consequence. Richard asks her if she would have done business with Hitler. Olivia is offended but Richard says he is worried about her. Olivia says she has grown up since he dumped her and no one tells her what to think or do. Olivia tells Richard that Edmund doesn't have Cassie. Richard asks if she would tell him if she knew he did. She says she would tell him if she found out anything. Richard says maybe she hasn't changed that much. Olivia tells him she is sorry and he must be going through hell. Richard says not as much hell as Edmund will go through when he gets to him. Richard leaves.

Claire enters and Olivia thinks Alan has finally gotten there. Claire says how rude of Alan to keep her waiting. She suggests Olivia go home to her husband and asks her if one man enough for her. Olivia asks Claire if she had a rough day at the hospital and tells her that she and Alan are just colleagues. Claire says the message gets garbled when her hands are all over Alan and she makes her sexual innuendos. Olivia tells her if she were to tell Alan any of this it would make her look desperate. Claire says she would like to find a way to sink her harbor project that wouldn't hurt Alan because she would do it in a minute.

In San Cristobel:

Cassie is still working on the shackles and finally gets the lock undone. Her ankle is raw from her work and the shackle. She is out of water and thirsty. She starts banging on the door and shouting for help. She yells out the window and realizes that no one will be able to hear her. She puts the blanket out the window, hoping someone will see it and come investigate it. Cassie cries out for Richard and dreams about him coming in to rescue her.

At the Police Department:

Harley comes in and Gus tells her that Claire is going to wear the wire; she just doesn't know it yet. Harley starts to make some chamomile tea and Gus is worried about it not being regulated by the FDA. She tells him it will be fine. He looks at Blake's book and asks her if she is into romance novels. Harley says he should read it because it is about Danny's father. It is the love story from the other woman's perspective. He is interested and asks her how much is factual. She tells him 90% with only a few names changed. The phone rings and Harley picks up. Rick tells her he is coming over. She tries to get him not to but he hangs up. She is terrified and asks Gus if he has anything for her to do, she has to get out of the office. She mentions those copies and he asks her why she has to leave and who was on the phone. They are interrupted when Russo comes in. Harley tells him he is leaving to make those copies. Russo tells Gus that he wants his client to wear a wire against her son in law and he wants to know what's in it for Claire? He will take the deal to Claire and wants 48 hours to get back to him but Gus only gives him 36. Rick comes in looking for Harley but Gus says she just left.

Harley sneaks back in the office thinking she missed Rick. She is sitting at her desk when Rick comes back and startles her. He asks why she is avoiding him. She makes a bunch of excuses but Rick says he saw the sonogram. Harley says that was a private confidential medical record and he had no right. Rick asks her if there is something she wants to tell him. Harley says no, then she says maybe, then she says yes, yes it's true. Rick sits down and looks stunned.

Friday, May 25, 2001

At the Lewis House:

Richard tells Reva he still hasn't heard from Cassie but he is sure Edmund has her. He tells her he isn't getting anywhere with the consulates and their mercenaries aren't ready for action yet but they will get her out. He says he keeps imagining where Cassie could be and if she is alright. Reva tells him he just has to be patient. Richard talks about Tammy and RJ and how he should go about telling them what is going on. He leaves to get the kids.

When Richard comes back, he has only Tammy with him. RJ was asleep and he didn't want to bother him. Reva greets Tammy and Tammy shows her an angel pin that she has. Richard reminds her that Reva cannot see very well right now and Tammy hands her the pin. Reva feels it and tells her it seems like a nice strong angel pin. Reva asks Tammy about the convent. She says it was better when her mom was there with them. She tells Reva that her mom is coming home soon. Richard sits next to Tammy and tells her that Mommy is not coming home today or even next week but she will come home. She is still in SC preparing to come back to Springfield. He tells her that her mom is just waiting on him to come and get her and when he does bring her back neither one of them will ever leave her or RJ again. Reva wants Tammy and RJ to stay with her until Cassie comes back but Tammy says they have jobs at the convent, feeding the piglets and the chickens. Tammy misses her mom and Richard tells her they all do. Reva goes up to make a bed for Tammy and she gives Reva her guardian angel pin to watch over her. She tells her she feels safer already. Richard tells Tammy that was nice of her. Tammy wishes she had one for her Mommy too. Richard thinks she should get washed up but Tammy wants a story first. Richard tells her a story about a prince who finds a cocoon that opens up to the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Tammy falls asleep and Richard takes her up to bed.

Reva and Richard come back downstairs and they talk about the kids some more. Richard asks Reva to promise him that she will look after the kids if for some reason he and Cassie don't make it back. Reva promises but tells him they will all be fine. Richard says that Edmund is using Cassie as bait. Reva wonders what is the point now that Richard isn't the prince. Richard says this is about a personal struggle between him and Edmund and it won't stop until one of them is dead. Edmund sees Richard as his ultimate target. Richard swears he won't stop until he gets Cassie back. He is prepared to sacrifice his life to save hers.

At the Bauer House:

Michelle comes home and tells Danny that Claire seems nervous after talking to Gus. He hugs her and tells her that Claire really doesn't know anything more than what she did but he is a little upset that she is talking to Gus at all. Michelle says Claire doesn't like Gus any more than they do. Danny tells Michelle he doesn't trust Claire but she can't sell him out on this one. The phone rings and it is Abuela. Danny asks Abuela how is Fidel treating her. She asks Danny if the line is safe. She says they are puzzled and thought he would be indicted quickly but she heard the evidence was lost. She wonders if all the evidence has disappeared. Danny says the feds are still investigating Carmen's death and she should stay away. They end their call and Maria turns to Carlos and tells him he can go home, even Danny doesn't know what Carlos knows about Carmen's death. She asks him about the thugs who kidnapped Michelle for Carmen. Carlos says one is dead and the other will keep silent for fear of becoming dead. Maria tells Carlos she doesn't think Danny should be punished for killing his mother.

Michelle is upset to hear from Maria but Danny kisses her to try to reassures her. He leaves to go to work.

Rick comes in and Michelle offers to make him some dinner. She asks him to hold Robby while she cooks but he tells her he can't hold the baby right now. She asks if something happened at work. He says he had a busy day and is very tired. He needs some space. Michelle thinks he is acting weird and wants to know what is really wrong. Rick says he isn't hungry and goes out to the yard. Michelle gets on the phone to Phillip. She says something is wrong with Rick and asks him to come over.

When Rick comes back into the kitchen, Phillip is sitting at the table eating. He tries to make jokes to cheer up Rick but Rick tells him he is tired and is not good company. Phillip tries to get Rick to talk about what is bothering him. Rick says he doesn't want to talk about it. Phillip says if they can't talk about what is bothering Rick and they don't want to talk anymore about what is bothering Phillip, they should talk about why Harley is acting weird. Rick apologizes for acting that way and tells Phillip he can stay but he is going to bed. Phillip thinks this must be serious and asks if he lost one of his patients. Rick says no. Phillip wants to know what the problem is. Rick says he is a lousy friend and has nothing to say for once in his life. Phillip asks Rick to have dinner with him tomorrow night and he leaves. Michelle comes into the kitchen. Rick hugs her. Rick tells Michelle that Harley is in denial about her pregnancy. Michelle wonders why it makes him so mad. Rick says the baby will pay for this. Michelle says sooner or later Harley will tell Phillip and she thinks Rick is being overprotective. He is acting like he is the father. Rick tells her that he is the father of Harley's baby.

At the Springfield Police Department:

Rick asks Harley if she is okay. She asks if he is okay but he says no. She tells him she was in shock and that's why she was avoiding him. Rick asks about her running into Phillip. She says Phillip doesn't know she is pregnant. Rick says she can't keep this from Phillip forever. Harley tells him not to lecture her. She has to make her own decision. He says he is trying to be a friend. Harley just wants to get through the rest of this day and then on to the next one. She wants to get through the pregnancy with as little complications as possible, do her job and have a healthy baby boy. Rick asks about it being a boy and Harley confirms. Rick tells her she is not alone. Harley asks him to go and they will talk about it tomorrow. Gus comes back to the office as Rick is leaving. Gus asks Harley if Rick was the one of the phone he was trying to avoid. Harley is upset that Gus took in so much of her conversations. He tells her that they are in a small office together and he couldn't help it. Gus thinks she is more erratic than usual and says he is not good at diffusing estrogen bombs. He tells her to go on home and get some rest. She leaves and Gus goes over and picks up Blake's book off her desk.

At Company:

Frank comes in and asks Harley how she is. Harley isn't in the mood to talk. Frank wonders why she came back when she had a close call with Phillip earlier. He thinks she has to deal with him about being the father of her baby. Harley is upset and Frank asks why. He wonders if something is wrong with the baby. Harley says it is not a health issue. Frank says maybe she is having twins. Harley says there is only one baby. Frank says he is not up for guessing games and she is starting to scare him. Harley says that makes two of them. Franks wonders if the trouble is as bad as she thinks. She says it is. Frank suggests spitting it out and getting it over with but Harley thinks that may make things worse. She tells Frank she has the kind of problem that changes your life, your relationships and the way you see yourself. She has been in denial about what happened to her but she knew it all along. She knew it while it was happening but couldn't stop it.

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