All My Children Recaps: The week of August 11, 2003 on AMC

Kendall blamed herself for Bianca's rape. Erica convinced Bianca to talk to the police about what had happened. Michael met with Palmer and revealed his plan to seize control of Chandler Enterprises. Juan Pablo turned out to be Carlos' brother. Kendall plotted to kill Michael.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of August 11, 2003 on AMC
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Monday, August 11, 2003

Greenlee stood on the beach, daring the lightning to strike her. She announced to the sky that she could not be hurt anymore. As she daunted Mother Nature, her foot became trapped beneath a huge rock. Struggling to free herself, she laughed and looked upwards. She mused that no one was there to help her and that no one ever had been, except Leo. "I'm Jackson Montgomery's little girl now," she said. "I should be able to shout out to him and he should ride in to the rescue." She called out for her "daddy," asking him where he was. "Here I am," Jack replied, a figment of her imagination. She then imagined herself as a little girl with Jack as her father. She watched "little Greenlee" interact with her father in an ideal world and smiled as she imagined the childhood she might have had if Jack had known about her.

In the hotel room, Jack introduced himself to Juan Pablo as the district attorney. Juan Pablo asked if he had a warrant, to which Jack replied he didn't need one, since he was only trying to find his daughter. "You're her father?" Juan Pablo asked. Jack answered that he was and that he wasn't leaving until Juan Pablo told him where Greenlee was. Jack assured Juan Pablo that all he wanted was to help Greenlee. As he began to leave, he noticed Greenlee's dress on a chair. He demanded Juan Pablo tell him where she was. All Juan Pablo would say was that she was not there. Jack refused to believe him and asked how he knew that Juan Pablo hadn't done something to her. Juan Pablo responded by saying Jack was the one who'd hurt Greenlee. Juan Pablo told Jack how he and Greenlee ended up in Atlantic City together. Jack thanked him for helping Greenlee, but added that he hadn't had to lie to him. Juan Pablo explained that he didn't know Jack or his motives, so he lied. Jack firmly stated that he definitely wanted what was best for Greenlee. Juan Pablo told Jack that Greenlee wasn't ready to see him yet, but Jack insisted she should know that she didn't have to go through this alone. Juan Pablo assured him Greenlee wasn't alone and Jack reluctantly agreed to leave. He ordered Juan Pablo to tell her he'd been asking about her and gave him his business card to pass on to Greenlee.

Greenlee told herself that she was losing her mind and that Jack was certainly no better a father than anyone else. As she continued her struggle to escape, the real Jack appeared. He offered to help, but she refused. Jack told Greenlee that he was just as surprised as anyone to learn she was his daughter. While she still refused his help, he said "Shut your pie hole," and used a stick as leverage to get the rock from her foot. He offered to help her back to the hotel and she refused. She said she'd been taking care of herself her whole life and that the man she thought was her father had been too busy boozing and carousing to care for her. Or maybe he knew she wasn't his real daughter, she speculated. She told Jack she didn't need a father then and didn't need one now. Jack grabbed her by the arms and replied, "Oh really?" Jack told Greenlee her "tough girl act" wasn't working on him. She replied that she didn't care what he thought, that he was nothing to her. "Actually," he responded, "I'm your father, whether you like it or not and whether I like it or not. You can be as big a pain in the butt as you want to be about it, but you're not going to chase me away. So you might as well get used to it." Greenlee tried to get away, but her injured foot caused her to fall. Jack picked her up in his arms. She demanded he put her down, but when the lightning flashed, Jack's frightened little girl wrapped her arms tightly around him, burying her face in his neck.

Back in Pine Valley, the thunderstorm was approaching, as Erica let Boyd into the penthouse. Erica explained that she had been unable to get in touch with Bianca and was worried. Did he know where she was? Boyd said he hadn't seen her since the would-be wedding and thought, as most people did, that Bianca was just laying low to get over the breakup with Lena. Erica worried that Bianca had not handled things well in the past and feared she would shut down. She said she wanted Bianca to come to her if she needed to. Boyd offered to help look for her, and Erica thanked him, showing him out. She went to the phone, but before she could even dial, there was a knock at the door. Thinking it might be Bianca, Erica rushed over, only to find Mary Smythe standing there. Erica tried to dismiss her, but Mary insisted that they had to help Jack and Greenlee reconcile. She offered to withstand any insults Erica wanted to throw at her, if only she would help. "How big of a fool do you think I am?" Erica asked, incredulously. Mary asked Erica if the wedding had been rescheduled. Erica assured her that she and Jack would get married. She told Mary she wanted her to leave. Mary said she wanted to go find Greenlee, because her daughter was "freaked." Erica said Greenlee was lucky, because Jack would always do the right thing and extend an olive branch. "If Greenlee is smart enough to take it," Erica continued, "then at least she will have one decent parent." Mary feigned agreement. "Maybe the sins of the mother are visited on her children," she replied, "and that probably explains why you have daughters that are an anorexic lesbian and a tramp." Erica slammed the door in Mary's face and wondered aloud where Bianca was.

At the Valley Inn, Kendall had dialed the number she'd gotten from Michael's caller ID. At the other end of the line, Ryan stood over the phone, but decided not to answer it. Kendall's call was eventually forwarded to an operator. Kendall decided against leaving a message, but as an afterthought, she asked if a Ryan Lavery was registered. The answer was no, and a visibly shaken Kendall hung up. Aidan appeared and asked what was wrong. Kendall asked him if he ever thought so much about someone that he heard their voice in his head. Thinking of Maureen, he wistfully replied that he had. Kendall questioned Aidan about his feelings for Maureen. He said he was over her, but still had relapses occasionally. Kendall wondered out loud if people ever got past the past. Aidan thought so, saying that the memories had to be buried eventually. He questioned why the subject had arisen. She began to tell him about hearing Ryan's voice, but changed her mind. She asked if they could have drinks together some other time, as she wanted to check on Erica, who didn't do well during storms. Aidan agreed and cautioned her to stay away from Michael Cambias unless he were around. She assured him she was going to Erica's and that her relationship with her mother was going well.

Erica tried to call Bianca and left a message. Staring at Bianca's photo, she remembered David telling her his suspicions of rape. She agonized as she heard herself telling Myrtle about it. She was startled when Kendall arrived and touched her shoulder. Kendall explained that she came to make sure Erica was okay. Erica told her she was worried about Bianca. She began to question Kendall about the night she found Bianca in the park. Kendall recounted how Bianca was standing over a trash can with a lit match in her hand. She added that she had returned to that trash can later, only to find Bianca's blouse all burned up. When she confronted Bianca about it, she was told to mind her own business, and she dropped the subject. Erica began to badger Kendall about why she hadn't pressed Bianca for the truth. "What kind of sister are you? Don't you care about Bianca at all?" Kendall told Erica that of course she cared about Bianca, but Bianca had brushed her off, so what could she do? Erica said Bianca needed them, and Kendall assured her Bianca would get over Lena. She said she hoped both Lena and Michael would disappear. Reacting to the sound of Michael's name, Erica asked if Bianca had mentioned him. Kendall replied that Michael had mentioned Bianca in comparing the two sisters. He had told Kendall that Bianca was sweeter and that he'd like her more if she were like Bianca. Erica slipped into denial of the rape, though Kendall had no idea what she was yammering on about. Kendall pressed Erica for answers, and Erica's gaze was enough to tell her Michael had raped Bianca. Kendall recalled the look of terror on Bianca's face, but she didn't want to believe the rape had happened. She tried to convince Erica that it wasn't true. Erica insisted that something had happened, as Bianca hadn't been the same. Kendall was still in denial when they heard a key in the door and Bianca came home.

At Wildwind, Edmund ushered Maria into a romantic candlelit room. He explained that it was an anniversary--of the day she was in the plane crash. He said they were celebrating how lucky he was to have her back. "Thank God we were given a second chance," she said. "Honey," he replied, "we were given a miracle." They toasted their happy future with champagne. The thunder clapped, and they reminisced about the first time they made love during a thunderstorm. As he kissed her and eased her onto the bed, Maddie came in and said she was afraid of the storm and wanted to sleep in their bed. Edmund tried to talk her out of it, but she begged, and Maria gave in. Edmund played with Maddie, while Maria brought in a board game and spread it out on the bed. Sam appeared and pretended to be concerned about Maddie, instead of admitting he was afraid of the storm. They invited him to play the game with them, and after stating that it was a baby game, he eagerly joined them on the bed. Maddie teased him, and they jumped up and down on the bed and began a pillow fight, as Edmund and Maria happily looked on. As Maria played the game with Maddie and Sam, Edmund wheeled a serving cart with ice cream and toppings into the room. The kids began to make themselves sundaes, and Edmund told Maria how happy he was. When the kids began to bicker, Edmund took over as the sundae-maker. Maria told him not to use up all the whipped cream. "We might need some for later," she added. Edmund grinned at her.

Ryan went to Alexander's hospital room. Outside the door, a nurse told him she couldn't release information to non-family, but she did say that they weren't sure yet whether or not Alexander would live. Ryan greeted Alexander and told him of his conversation with Michael. Alexander said Michael would be sorry and rot in hell. He added that Ryan would be the one to see to it. Ryan told Alexander he had to be leaving and didn't want to get in the middle of family problems. Alexander offered Ryan another check, which Ryan refused. Alexander insisted Ryan stay long enough for him to tell him something.

Juan Pablo received a knock on his door. He seemed relieved, thinking Greenlee had finally come back. Instead, he found Carlos!

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Jack carried a kicking Greenlee off the beach and they went into an empty restaurant for shelter from the storm. Jack bribed the cook to let them stay. Greenlee wanted to go back to the hotel and continued to refuse Jack's kindness. He warned her to save some fight for the later rounds. Greenlee told him she knew the script, that Jack wanted to tell her how things would have different if he'd known, that she had been conceived out of love, and that now is the part where he takes her hand and begs for a chance to make up for all the long, lost years. Jack only wanted to know what Greenlee needed from him now because if he could, he'd give her whatever she needed. She wondered if he'd married Erica. He said no. She said she had no idea what she needed from him and that she would not have run away if she did. He guessed she would not have torched her photos and couch either. He told her he had been as blindsided by the news as she was. She was stunned that he had been out frantically looking for her. They agreed the score was even, now that she saved his life with her blood and he'd saved hers tonight. Greenlee seemed to soften towards him and they discussed Mary, with Greenlee snidely laughing about Mary and her diary. Jack said he was more concerned with their relationship than with what Greenlee shares with her mother. He admitted he wants to stay connected and she wondered why, as though his life wasn't aggravating enough with Erica. He told her he had been happy to learn she was his daughter, because he considers her smart, funny, and full of herself. Jack asked about her ankle and she said it was fine, just a pretend injury that works with most guys and long lost fathers. Greenlee admitted she didn't know how she feels about him and Jack only asked her to consider all her options and follow her instincts. She was glad to hear that he was not trying to put any pressure on her. He said that they could go their separate ways and she knew how to reach him anytime she wanted to talk. The only favor he asked was that she finish her soup.

Carlos confronted Juan Pablo in the hotel in Atlantic City and it was apparent they knew each other. Juan Pablo had seen Carlos in the Fusion TV ad and came to town to remind him to stay careful and warn him that Pine Valley is no longer safe. Juan Pablo said they had to leave tonight. Carlos refused to leave, saying he was tired of running. Juan Pablo vowed he would not leave without his brother.

Ryan was reluctant to go along with Alexander's deathbed change of plans. Alexander insisted and Ryan tried in vain to get him to call Michael one more time. Alexander wanted assurances that Ryan could live with his decision. Ryan asked more questions about Michael and Alexander said Michael was alone, that he only tricks women into his life and they eventually spit on him, or worse.

Bianca went to Erica's and refused to eat dinner and only wanted to go to bed. Erica was distraught and Kendall tried to comfort her, saying that maybe she was projecting her own fears onto Bianca. Erica remembered Michael's attack on her and told Kendall to leave immediately. Kendall apologized for upsetting her, and Erica apologized herself, clearly nervous about the storm but trying to stay strong for Bianca. Kendall left, vowing to not let Michael get away with it. Bianca ran to the front door, to make sure it was locked. Erica tried to comfort her, but Bianca freaked out, reliving the rape. She talked to Erica as though she were Michael. Erica tried to reach her, but Bianca picked up a fireplace poker. Erica didn't back down and Bianca dropped the poker. Bianca said he wanted to get to them, to hurt them. Erica said they were safe, but Bianca said she would fight harder this time and be smarter. She started telling Erica what happened and they held each other and sobbed. Bianca admitted that Michael had done this and would not leave her alone. Erica asked if Michael had raped her and Bianca said yes, he had raped her. They hugged and sobbed some more.

Simone and Mia were at the Fusion office, discussing their IRS troubles. Simone was stunned to check the accounts and find an electronic deposit for the needed $500K. Simone went out for champagne, but Mia was worried about where the money came from and what strings were attached. Simone thought it was Liza who had deposited the money because she left an urgent voice mail for her. Mia was upset to learn that Simone had already sent the IRS the money.

Michael was at home, gloating about sending that money and "owning" all the Fusion women now. He called the Las Vegas hospital to check on his father's condition and was disappointed to hear he was still alive. Kendall came knocking on his door and wanted to know what he'd done to Bianca. Michael was very smug and reminded Kendall she should have stuck with him for happiness and wealth. He gleefully told her that his father was dying and he would soon be head of Cambias Industries, with all the charges against him dropped. Kendall reminded him that money can't solve his problems and threatened to get even if he'd hurt Bianca. Michael was confident Kendall would do nothing but remember their passion, dream about him and want more of him. She spit on him. He threw her out and she screamed at him to admit that he had raped her sister.

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Carlos told Juan Pablo he has to stay in Pine Valley, it is his home now and he's tired of running. Juan Pablo said "They want you dead!" but Carlos said he wanted to get it over with once and for all and started out the door. Greenlee was just about to enter the room and she looked at the two of them and asked if they knew each other. Juan Pablo said Carlos came to rescue Greenlee and she told them it was already taken care of as Jackson walked in. Greenlee said it was getting crowded and she was going home. She thanked Juan Pablo for the new dress and Carlos barked "You stayed here with him?." Greenlee replied "You have a problem with that?." Carlos said no, she could do anything she wanted. Greenlee said he thought she'd be reeling from the news that Jackson was her father but she is already past it and has a company to run. She started to walk to the door but her injured ankle gave out. They all ran to help her and Jack told her he'd get his car to take her home. Greenlee refused and thanked Juan Pablo again, saying an honest man is hard to find. Jack insisted on driving her home and as they walked out she turned to Carlos and told him he shouldn't have come all the way down here. After the door closed Carlos turned to his brother and asked if he seduced Greenlee. Juan Pablo said he didn't seduce anyone and he only came to Pine Valley to find Carlos. Carlos said he wasn't going anywhere, his future was in Pine Valley. Juan Pablo said his future wasn't with Greenlee because he had made it clear it was over for good. Carlos admitted that he had lost Greenlee but that he was sick of running. Juan Pablo said he loved his brother and wanted him to be safe. Carlos said when "they" come looking for him he'd be ready. His brother said "You won't be alone, I'll be with you."

Alex Cambias was lying in his hospital bed while a nurse checked his vital signs. Then she told him his son was waiting to see him. Alexander propped himself up in bed and was a little surprised as Ryan came in with flowers. Ryan told him it was the only way he could get in to see him. Alex wondered if Ryan was there to make sure he was well enough to sign the check but Ryan told him to forget about the check. He sat down next to the bed and Alex asked if Ryan and his father got along. Ryan asked "Which one? The one that beat me or the one that was murdered?" Alex was shocked that Ryan had been beaten and said at least he had never beat Michael. Alex wondered if things would be different if Michael's older brother had lived. Then he smiled at Ryan and asked if he shouldn't be in the company of young women instead of a stranger. Ryan said he wasn't a stranger, he knew enough about him to know he was a "power hungry SOB." This made Alex Cambias laugh. The phone rang and Alex answered it. Michael asked how he was and Alex replied "Not dead yet, sorry to put a crimp in your plans." Michael said he had plans whether his father was dead or alive. Alex said he was going to get well and find a way to deal with Michael. Michael told him to watch his heart condition sarcastically. Alex told him he would live long enough to lower Michael into the ground and hung up. Ryan asked if things had always been this way with Michael. Alex said "How can I treat Michael as my son after...? There are questions that should have been asked after Alex Jr's death." Ryan said "What exactly are you saying?" Alex explained that his older son was killed in a car crash on their estate. He said Alex Jr. had been drinking, which was a shock to them because he never drank. Then he said that at the wake he saw Michael alone at the coffin, smiling, and at that moment "he knew." Ryan said a smile was exactly evidence but Alex said Michael was glad Alex Jr. was dead. He said Michael always competed with his older brother and that he may not have raised a hand to Alex Jr. but he was responsible for his death. Alexander then told Ryan that God had a sense of humor because he was going to die while Michael will get away with murdering his brother. Ryan looked very serious and replied "Don't worry, Michael won't get away with anything."

Outside Michael's condo Kendall pounded on the door demanding to know if he raped her sister. Aidan rushed over and tried to stop her but she kept crying "I'm the one you should've hurt, not my sister!" Aidan finally got Kendall into her own condo and sat her down. She told him that it should've been her but Aidan didn't understand. Then she told him that "I brought him here and now my sister's been hurt! Don't let it be true!." She babbled more about having to wash where Michael had touched her and ran to the shower. Meanwhile Michael watched from outside the window. She returned wrapped in a robe and Aidan asked if Erica had done something to upset her. Kendall said "It's happening all over again. I can't say it!" She finally told Aidan that she thought Michael raped Bianca. Aidan stood up and snarled "That sick bastard!" and started towards the door. Kendall yelled for him to wait. He turned around and she pleaded with him to stay. Aidan asked why Michael hadn't been arrested yet and Kendall told him Bianca hadn't told Erica yet. Aidan said "So it might not be true?" Kendall said yes it was true and said it was her fault because she pushed Michael too far and he raped Bianca. "Erica is reliving her worst nightmare because of me. I'm a cancer in their lives. Michael wanted to get back at me so he made me, the child of Erica's rape, responsible for Bianca's rape." A knock at the door interrupted Kendall and Aidan opened the door. It was Michael who asked if everything was all right because he'd heard a scream. Kendall yelled at him to get out and Aidan told him to do as Kendall said or he'd kill him. Michael replied "Macho works on Kendall but not on her sister." Aidan grabbed Michael by the throat and began choking him. Michael struggled to breathe and Kendall pulled Aidan off him. She stared at Michael with disgust as she stated "You raped my sister!" Michael just told her to watch what she said because there are slander laws. Aidan told him to get out and Michael finally left. Kendall sat down and sobbed. Aidan sat next to her and put his arms around her, telling her it would be all right. Kendall said no it wouldn't and continued to blame herself. She showed him the pearl necklace Erica had given her and said when Erica gave it to her she thought she could be the person Erica wanted her to be, "but I'm still me, still garbage." Aidan said that Erica knows Kendall and knows Michael and won't hold her responsible for what Michael did. Kendall muttered that she had to make things right, that she was responsible for what Michael did and she was responsible for seeing him punished.

Greenlee walked into her home and looked at the mess she had made. She sat in front of the burned pictures and looked devastated. Jack came in and she said she couldn't believe she had done this. Jack handed her a trash can and Greenlee said she had alot to do and that he could go. Jack said "Or I could stay and help." Greenlee said she'd been nothing but trouble and that he should go home to Erica, if she hadn't ruined that too. Jack said Erica knew about Greenlee's paternity but didn't tell him and he was having a hard time getting past that. Greenlee said Erica loves him and Jack just looked sad. Then she asked why Jack didn't know she was his daughter. Jack said he didn't know and was so sorry for the time they had missed. He said he wanted Greenlee to know he was there for her now. Greenlee said that he sounded like a dad. Jack said he had one request and handed her a small piece of paper with all of his phone numbers on it. "Just call if you ever want to talk," he told Greenlee. She said "That's it?" Jack said "Don't ever scare me like this again!" and smiled at her. Greenlee said ok and promised she wouldn't take off again. Jack left her to clean up.

Erica held Bianca in her arms on the floor in the penthouse. Erica cried out "Dear God, help us!" and she and Bianca sobbed. She told Bianca it was good to cry and that she was safe now. Erica said it was late and that she'd put Bianca to bed and stay with her. They got up and very slowly walked to the bedroom. Bianca crawled into the bed and Erica sat next to her. With tears in her eyes Erica said she was glad Bianca told her and that she did the right thing. Bianca started to speak but Erica told her tomorrow was soon enough to figure out what to do next. She told her to just go to sleep and she'd be right there with her. Bianca looked at her mother and said "Mom, you're not mad at me?" Erica almost lost it and said "Oh no! Don't you even think that! Something terrible was done to you and there's nothing for you to feel guilty about!" Bianca scooted down farther in the bed and turned on her side. Erica moved over next to her and stroked her hair gently as she sang quietly. Soon Bianca fell asleep. Erica stopped singing and began to remember things from Bianca's life. She remembered her birth, when Bianca started a fire, then her battle with anorexia. She recalled the day she had to tell Bianca that her father died, and when Bianca finally told her she was gay. Erica silently cried as she watched Bianca sleep.

Thursday, August 14, 2003

Aidan woke up to a foul smell because Kendall was cooking something over the stove. When Aidan questioned just what it was she was cooking she told him that it was a new lipstick color for Fusion. Aidan walked into the kitchen with Kendall telling him that there was coffee. Aidan grabbed a lid under which he found a group of poisonous plants that Kendall had been trying to hide. Aidan told Kendall that she was not going to use that to kill Michael. Kendall said that Michael deserved to die. Aidan said that maybe true but you don't have proof that he raped Bianca. Kendall told Aidan that she felt in her soul that Michael did rape Bianca. Aidan told Kendall that if Michael did rape Bianca he wouldn't get away with it. Kendall replied that he already did. Aidan assured Kendall that Michael would pay.

Upon Greenlee's return to work Simone started hounding her about her disappearance act. She bombarded Greenlee with questions about how she felt finding out Roger wasn't her father and how she felt about Jackson wanting to marry Erica. Mia grabbed Simone by the arm and told her to cool it that Greenlee might not be ready to talk. Greenlee chimed in saying that she could hear their conversation. Mia asked Greenlee if she wanted to talk about what happened. Greenlee said no but she did want to talk about work. She asked if anything happened while she was away. Simone said that they did have a problem, at that moment Juan Pablo walked in and asked Greenlee if she was okay. Greenlee said she was fine and thanked him for helping her. Simone's jealousy got the best of her so she said in a snarky tone to Greenlee while she was off on one of her emotional turmoil's she saved the company from financial ruin, something that Greenlee caused herself. Greenlee wanted to know what Simone was talking about. Simone told her that while she was away the IRS sent a bill for back taxes worth $500,000, taxes she forgot to pay. Greenlee said "I did?" Simone said yes and you should be on the ground kissing my feet because if I hadn't called Liza then she wouldn't have wired the money....Liza broke in and said she received the message but she didn't put the money into Fusion's account. Simone then asked if Juan Pablo did it but Greenlee said no he was with her the whole time he couldn't have. They all wondered who could have possibly done it when Mia said that Michael wanted to give them the money before, since he was the one who blew the whistle on them. Liza said that was a problem because she didn't have enough capital to pay Michael back. Juan Pablo said that he did, he wanted to invest in the company anyway so he'd pay it off. Greenlee said that she was going to find out what Michael was up too and the other two girls said they were going with her. Liza asked Juan Pablo to stay so he could look at Fusion's perspectives.

Michael set up a meeting with Palmer at the bar in the Valley Inn. When Michael arrived he told Palmer it was his lucky day. Palmer said Michael was lucky he was even there after what he did to Erica and Kendall. Michael told Palmer that he was going to be taking over the reigns of Cambious Industries and he was going to take Adam Chandler down and wanted to know if Palmer was interested. Palmer laughed asking Michael why he would want to tangle with Adam who gave him a second chance. Michael told Palmer that this was business. Michael asked Palmer if his hatred for Adam was more powerful than his love for Erica and Kendall. Michael said that he wanted to take Adam down and he would be more than happy to share that with Palmer. Palmer got up from his seat to leave. Michael asked him if that was a no. Palmer said that Michael didn't know loyalty and that he was loyal to Erica and Kendall then he left.

Jackson was working on the house for the Habitat for Humanity when Mary arrived. She immediately asked Jack to hear her out. She said she was worried about Greenlee and wanted to know where she was. Reggie found Mary talking to Jack and picked up the circular saw and held it in Mary's direction demanding that she leave. Jack told Reggie to put the saw down and give it to him. Reggie did so reluctantly. Mary said that she wanted to know where Greenlee was that she wanted to help. Jack told her that she could help with the house. She told him she wasn't good at construction. Jack said that she was a sculptor then she knew what a paint brush was and she could help by painting in the other room. She took the paint and went off to the other room. Reggie said that she probably wouldn't be much help, Jack said he knew but at the same moment Brooke, Tad, Edmund, Maria, Dr. Joe, Ruth, and Joni arrived to give a helping hand. Jackson thanked them and they all set out to do a task. A little later Brooke introduced Shelly to Ruth telling Ruth that Shelly was getting the house when it was finished. When Mary finished painting the room she went to Jack saying that she finished the wall and asked if he would now tell her where Greenlee was. Jack told Mary to stay away from Greenlee. She asked what gave him the right to make that decision. Jack reminded her that she kept Greenlee away from him for all those years and for now she was going to leave Greenlee alone. Mary left. A little while later Jack said that he had to leave for court but he wanted to thank everyone for stopping by and helping out. Shelly also thanked them telling them that she and her sons were forever grateful.

When Bianca woke up she realized that she had told her mom everything about the rape. She said "Oh no", but Erica held her and told her that everything was okay. Erica told Bianca she needed to go to the police but Bianca said she didn't want to that she wanted to forget it. Bianca said that Maggie and she knew that with the two of them she didn't need to tell anyone else. Erica told her that she needed to go to the police and tell them what happened so that she could take back her life. A knock came to the door so Erica told Bianca she would get rid of whomever it was. When Erica opened the door she found David and Maggie on the other side so she invited them inside. She thanked David for coming to her before he left because she wouldn't have known what questions to ask if he hadn't. Then Erica thanked Maggie for everything she had done for Bianca. Maggie said she would've told her but she had promised Bianca that she wouldn't say a word to anyone. Erica told her she did the right thing and knows she had a lot to shoulder. Erica hugged Maggie; Bianca walked in on the scene. David told Bianca that they were there for her. Bianca flipped demanding to know who told him. Maggie assured her no one did that David only wanted to help. David told Bianca that they were there to help her and they'd handle it however she wanted to, but he told her she needed to be examined. Erica talked Bianca into telling the police what had happened. Bianca reluctantly agreed so David immediately called Anna. David told Bianca that Anna could come over now if she was ready. Bianca told him that was fine. Erica assured Bianca that she was doing the right thing. A little later Anna and another female officer arrived. Erica told Bianca that they could go to the bedroom for some privacy and talk with Anna. Bianca asked Erica not to come in because it was hard enough to tell her the first time. Erica respected her wishes. Bianca did ask Maggie if she would come and Maggie said she would. When Bianca, Maggie, Anna and the other officer went to the bedroom Erica asked David if he thought Bianca could see how this was tearing her up inside. David told her that she was doing great with Bianca. Bianca told Anna everything that happened with the rape. Anna asked at the end if Bianca said no and Bianca told her she screamed no. When Anna returned to the living room she told Erica and David that she was going to find the coldest, darkest cell to put Michael into.

Greenlee, Mia, and Simone arrived outside Michael's condo. Greenlee banged on his door yelling for him to come out. There was no answer so Greenlee pounded on the door again screaming she wanted to know what Michael was up to. Aidan and Kendall walked out of her condo and they told Kendall that Michael paid the half million dollars in back taxes. She was shocked. Greenlee asked if Kendall knew where Michael was and she said she had no idea but Michael walked up and said that he was right here. Greenlee asked what the hell he was up to. Mia said that he turned down the offer to help them. He said he had a change of heart. They wanted to know what he wanted from them. Michael got fresh and Aidan told him to stay away from the girls. Michael smarted off to Aidan. Aidan went in to hit Michael but the three girls plus Anna who had just arrived called him off. Michael said that he was glad that Anna was there. Anna told him to turn around. He asked why and she told him to turn around that he was under arrest. Michael sneered and, as though he were wondering what bogus allegations had been leveled against him, asked why he was being arrested. Anna told him that he was being arrested for rape. Kendall heard Anna's words and collapsed in Aidan's arms.

Friday, August 15, 2003

Juan Pablo is at The Valley Inn bar enjoying a drink when Tad walks in and joins him. Tad apologizes for the way he had been treating Juan Pablo. He tells Juan Pablo that he was wrong about him and his interest in Fusion. Jackson is in the courtroom reviewing his court cases when Brooke walks in, showing concern for him. Jackson tells Brooke he isn't sure about rescheduling the wedding with Erica. David and Erica are at the police station, waiting to see if Michael has been arrested. Although David tells Erica it is dangerous for her to be there, she tells him she has to make sure Michael gets locked up in jail. Back on Kendall's front porch, Michael has been arrested for the rape of Bianca and Anna starts reading him his rights. Michael interrupts Anna, denies raping Bianca, and tells Anna that Erica has made up a lie about him just to get him thrown in jail.

While Michael is getting arrested, Aidan is holding back a hysterical and distraught Kendall. She keeps screaming at Michael that he is "going to die." After Michael is gone, Aidan takes her inside her house and asks Greenlee, Mia, and Simone to look after her. Aidan heads off to the police station to make sure Michael gets arrested. Kendall tells the other Fusion girls that she knows Michael will get out of jail because he always finds a way around the law. Brooke tells Jackson that she never thought Erica was a match for him until the wedding day. Brooke admits to Jackson that the look on his face and Erica's face while she was walking down the aisle showed the love they felt for one another. Jackson still isn't sure about forgiving Erica, even though Brooke repeatedly tells him she deserves a second chance and was only trying to protect Jackson.

Tad and Juan Pablo are still enjoying drinks at the bar. Tad starts questioning Juan Pablo about his reasons for latching onto the Fusion girls because he is very protective of them. Juan can see Tad is concerned and assures him that his interest in Fusion is strictly business. As they raise their champagne glasses a toast of mutual love of women, Juan Pablo looks away and Tad snatches his room key from the table. Kendall tells the Fusion girls that she is to blame for Bianca's rape because she brought Michael to Pine Valley. Greenlee insists that she is not to blame for what happened to Bianca. Kendall asks the girls to leave so she can be alone and then sneaks out. David tells Anna that he will do a physical exam on Bianca to find evidence. Anna is skeptical and tells David that there is no physical proof since Bianca waited so long to come forward and burned her clothes. David understands that her physical marks may be gone, but he will get evidence, even if he has to manufacture it himself. Aidan walks in to the police station, Michael starts lashing out at him, and Aidan comes back with a solid punch to his face!

Anna rushes out of her office as the cops break up the fight between Aidan and Michael. She takes Aidan back to her office and tells him to back off Michael or else he could ruin her case. Jackson's new assistant district attorney, Justin McCoy, walks in and interrupts Brooke and Jackson. Brooke leaves and reminds Jackson to think about what she has said. Anna calls Jackson and tells him that Michael has been arrested again. When Jackson asks why, she tells him to come to the station so they can discuss it. Mia, Simone, and Greenlee go to The Valley Inn and spot Tad and Juan in the bar. Juan Pablo tells the girls that he is still willing to give them $500,000 to pay back to Michael. The girls figure if they can pay the money back to Michael, then they won't owe him anything or get in more trouble with the IRS. Juan Pablo calls the bank and tells the girls the money will be wired to them by that evening. Kendall goes to a snake ranch and tells the cashier that she needs a snake.

Simone and Mia leave the bar. Greenlee tells Juan Pablo that hates shutting Jackson out of her life, especially since Bianca's rape because he and Bianca are very close. Aidan lets Erica know that Kendall blames herself for what happened to Bianca. Erica is shocked and tells Aidan that what happened was not Kendall's fault. Although Aidan is glad to hear that, he tells Erica that Kendall also needs to hear that from her. Anna tells David that she won't let him tamper with evidence. David responds by saying that Michael needs to be brought down, no matter what. Kendall buys a poisonous snake, hands the dealer a wad of cash, and leaves.

Tad breaks into Juan Pablo's room. Greenlee almost calls Jackson to inform him about the rape, but decides not to. "We're practically strangers," she tells Juan Pablo. Aidan calls Kendall, but gets worried when she doesn't answer her phone. Kendall deposits the snake in Michael's apartment with a smile and leaves.



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