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In an effort to discourage Lena, Bianca claimed that she and Maggie were dating. Greenlee set her condo on fire. Erica told Myrtle that Michael might have raped Bianca. Greenlee asked Juan Pablo to take her to Argentina. Carlos was disturbed when he heard Juan Pablo's name. Adam flirted with Mary.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of August 4, 2003 on AMC
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Monday, August 4, 2003

Greenlee came home from the cemetery where Roger Smythe is buried. She pulled out boxes of photos and began to destroy them by ripping and tearing them.

While Erica waited at the penthouse for Jack, Opal suggested she change out of her wedding gown. Opal said they had no idea how long she'd have to wait. Erica said she would not take off the gown until she and Jack were married. She declared that they would be married by morning.

Anna was stunned by David's proposal, considering just last week, he had ended their relationship. He told her that seeing all the turmoil at Erica and Jack's wedding made him realize that he and Anna should be together. He felt that they had a good chance of making it, because they had already shared tragedy in the loss of Leora.

Maggie tried to comfort Bianca, who was devastated over the interruption of her mother's wedding to Jack. She cried that someone should be happy and it should be Erica and Jack. She vowed to preserve the wedding scene until her mother and Jack were ready to use it.

At the hospital, Jack asked Joe if there was any chance Greenlee wasn't his daughter. The good doctor replied that the odds were low, but he would run more tests. Tad asked Jack if he should call Erica to come to the hospital, but Jack said he absolutely did not want that.

Back at Greenlee's, she set her photos and mementos on fire.

Jack tried to phone Greenlee, but got no answer, so he asked Tad to find her. Jack then accused Tad of helping keep his daughter a secret from him. Tad defended himself, citing client privilege, not to mention that it wasn't his secret to tell. Jack apologized, and Tad agreed to check on Greenlee. Jack wanted Greenlee brought to him, but cautioned Tad not to tell her. Jack feared she would do something stupid.

Back at the loft, Greenlee leaned back in her chair and watched as her photos, as well as her sofa, became more and more engulfed in flames.

Bianca freaked when she accidentally broke a flower arrangement. She went on about making a mess that she had to clean up by herself. She was terrified her mother would see the mess she'd made. Maggie wasn't sure if she meant the broken arrangement, or if she were referring to herself. Bianca could not believe Erica and Jack still were not married, but she declared that they will be soon. Maggie gently told her that a wedding wasn't going to change the fact that Michael raped her. Bianca became angry and asked why Maggie kept bringing that up. Maggie replied that Bianca had to face up to what had happened to her.

Erica continued to wait at the penthouse for Jack. Pacing nervously, she was in denial that the wedding simply was not going to happen that day. Reggie assured Erica that Jack would never believe a word that came from Mary Smythe. Seeing Erica's reaction, as well as Opal's and Kendall's, He asked Erica if it was true that Greenlee was Jack's daughter. Erica avoided the question by saying that regardless of any test results, nothing would come between her and Jack. Reggie suddenly realized that it was true, and that Erica had kept the secret from Jack.

Bianca told Maggie she was a great help to her. She said she felt good knowing she had someone there who loves her. Maggie said she didn't know what she was doing, that she was just winging her way through helping her through this. She worried out loud that she was harming Bianca by doing the wrong things. Bianca assured her this wasn't the case, and it was enough that she cared. Maggie suggested Bianca see a doctor, which Bianca adamantly refused. When asked why, Bianca reminded Maggie that she'd sworn on Frankie not to ever tell. Maggie assured her she would never break her promise, and then made Bianca promise reluctantly to consider seeing a doctor. Maggie then told Bianca she'd go get them some beverages, and come back to help clean up.

Maggie passed David and Anna on the way to the bar for some club soda. David was trying to explain to Anna that he knew it wouldn't be easy for them to pick up the pieces. He knew he'd made mistakes, but he felt they owed it to each other and their late daughter to try again. He conceded that things could never be the same as before, but that they could get to a place where they could love each other again. He said he thought they should take it slow. Anna replied that getting married was hardly taking it slow! He agreed, but asked her if marriage was a possibility. He wanted to know whether she had given up on him. "I wouldn't be here if I had," she replied.

David went to the bar to get Anna another drink, where he met up with Maggie. She told him that Bianca was convinced the wedding would continue. Maggie told him she and Bianca had really bonded while they talked.

Back in the ballroom, Bianca waited for Maggie when she heard someone enter the room. She made a comment about fast service and then heard the door lock. She turned to see Michael. He approached her with controlled anger. Bianca looked up at him in fear.

Erica explained to Reggie why she'd kept the secret from Jack. She told him that Mary wanted to break up their family, and Erica wasn't going to let anyone take that away. Erica begged Reggie to understand that she was trying to protect Jack. Just then, Jack walked in.

Tad arrived at Greenlee's loft to the sounds of the smoke detector. He noticed the smoke was coming from Greenlee's apartment, so he broke down the door, frantically calling for her through the flames.

Erica gushed that she was so happy to see Jack and assumed the wedding could now continue, but Jack had other plans. He asked to speak with her alone, so Opal, Kendall, and Reggie excused themselves. Erica tried to act as if everything was normal, but Jack was insistent. He told her Greenlee had been his blood donor and had saved his life. He asked her if she knew Greenlee was his daughter. "Why did you try to keep me from my daughter?" the tall D.A. asked.

At the loft, Tad used a fire extinguisher to put out the last of the flames, as Liza entered. After expressing her surprise to find Greenlee's apartment in such a state, she asked why Tad had called her. He replied that he needed some help in finding Greenlee for Jack. He said he'd looked everywhere with no luck, but he had a hunch where he'd find her. Liza said he didn't sound too thrilled about it. "I'm not," he replied, "not if I'm right. You know, there's more than one way to get burned."

Greenlee walked briskly to her car. Behind the wheel, she heard the voices of her mother, Jack, and Erica in her head. She cried as she replayed snippets of conversation in her head. Finally, she'd had enough and screamed, "Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!" She began to start the car when she heard someone approaching her car. Looking up, she said, "What the hell do you want?"

Bianca asked Michael what he was doing there, as she backed away from him He followed her around the room as he told her how Jack's "goon squad" had locked him in a dumpster. Bianca tried to get out of the room and told him to stay away from her. He grabbed her, and as she struggled, he reminded her that he always gets what he wants. "I won't be stopped," he said. Maggie arrived and demanded he let Bianca go, throwing their drinks at him. He pushed Bianca aside and began to chase Maggie. She tried to defend herself by throwing things at him, and finally found a knife. But he managed to get it away from her and grab her around the neck, as Bianca stood by, paralyzed by fear. Bianca demanded he let Maggie go. "What are you gonna do?" he taunted.

Michael told Bianca and Maggie not to fight over him. There was plenty of him to go around. Just then, David twirled him around and punched him right in the face. Anna asked what was going on, and Michael accused Maggie of attacking him with a knife. He demanded she be arrested. Anna told him he'd have trouble convincing a jury that someone half his size had attacked him. Michael then said he wanted to file a complaint against Aidan for locking him in the dumpster. Anna said she could not arrest him without any evidence. When Michael asked for further explanation, Anna compared it to Erica and Kendall's accusations of rape. He'd gotten off scot-free, because they had no proof. David suddenly had a suspicion why Bianca had been acting so strange lately. He asked her if Michael had done anything to her. She vehemently denied it, and became so upset, she ran out of the room. David stopped Maggie as she went after Bianca. "Bianca's secret?"� the doctor asked.

Juan Pablo told Greenlee to scoot over, and he got behind the wheel of her car. He told her he would not let her drive in her condition. She told him she was on to his "Don Quixote routine." She said she knew how he'd played the hero to Kendall, Simone, and Mia. He asked why she was so angry. She replied that she was sick of people lying about who they really are, like he had. She told him she didn't need him and demanded he hand over her keys and get out. He refused, so she demanded once again, threatening to hurt him. Amused, the handsome Argentinean replied, "I'll take my chances." She attempted wrestle the keys from him unsuccessfully. In frustration, she smacked him a couple of times and then leaned over to kiss him passionately.

Up in the loft, Tad and Liza cleaned up after the fire. Liza said she had no idea where Greenlee was. Tad said he had a feeling she was with Juan Pablo, but Liza wasn't sure Greenlee was the object of Juan Pablo's affections. Tad became incensed that Liza had fallen for Juan Pablo's act. He told Liza she didn't need to do "La Vida Loca with some Antonio Banderas knock-off." He said both Liza and Greenlee deserved better, and that's why he had to find them. Liza got into her handbag and pulled out a business card. She pointed out Juan Pablo's cell phone number, and Tad dialed the phone.

Erica went on the defensive. She told Jack that Mary had baited her with Greenlee's paternity, torturing Erica without offering any proof. She said she thought it was lie designed to split them up, so Mary could have Jack. She didn't want to tell Jack about it because he was in the hospital fighting for his life in a coma. Mary had schemed, Erica said, to set up Erica as the bearer of bad news, and she wasn't going to let Mary use her to hurt Jack. Jack asked Erica if she'd hired Tad to dig up dirt on Mary with which to blackmail her. "Yes, I did," she admitted, "and I would do it again in a heartbeat."

"I promised I wouldn't say anything," Maggie told David. David understood, and Maggie went off to find Bianca. David looked worried as he watched Maggie leave.

Greenlee stopped kissing Juan Pablo and ordered him to take her away from there. He started the car and they drove off.

Jack was astonished Erica did not deny the accusations of blackmail. Why would she deny trying to save their happiness? she asked. She said Mary had been trying to break them up from the moment she learned they were engaged. She said she had no way of knowing that Mary's story about Jack being Greenlee's father was true. She tried to deflect the bad attention from herself by telling Jack that Mary had been deported from France for sleeping with the 17-year old son of a diplomat, but Jack wasn't interested. Erica swore that she had no idea that Mary was telling the truth. "Maybe you didn't want to believe her," Jackson suggested. "Maybe you thought, what Jack doesn't know won't hurt me. That's the truth of it, isn't it?"

Tuesday, August 5, 2003

At the Valley Inn, Anna told Maggie and Bianca that Michael had left after stern warnings from her, but that he claimed that Maggie pulled a knife on him. Maggie said she had, because she was afraid. Anna really wanted something to hold Michael on, but Maggie said he didn't actually hurt her. Everyone turned to Bianca, but she only said that she felt bad for her mother. David asked her to help Anna, but she said she couldn't. Anna asked probing questions and Maggie urged her friend to tell the truth. Bianca only admitted that Michael did nothing to her that night and her mother was the one that was suffering. Later, Maggie promised friendship and support to Bianca, no matter how she wanted to handle it. Bianca refused to upset Erica just to make herself feel better. They ate the reception food and made a pact to grow up like Myrtle, always the smartest person in the room. Bianca said there was no point in making plans, since things never turn out. She told Maggie about Lena offering her a ring. Maggie urged her to tell Lena the truth, but Bianca was worried that Lena would not feel the same about her, especially since Bianca doesn't feel the same about herself anymore. Maggie assured Bianca that she'd always feel the same way about her and nothing would ever change that. Bianca was grateful that Maggie had listened and was keeping her secret.

In the lobby, Anna knew there was more to the story and David told her that he suspects Michael raped Bianca, but not that night. They guessed that Maggie was holding Bianca's secret and they couldn't ask her to break a promise. Anna urged David to attend the medical conference he'd planned to.

Jack demanded the truth from Erica, who could only act indignant and call Mary a liar. Jack told Erica that even though he loves her, more than any other man ever has, he knows that when she feels threatened she can become a world class liar. Erica said it was enough that they loved each other and Jack wished it was. He accused her of having doubts before they got married, the way she wanted to postpone the wedding, and reminded her of how her attitude only changed after the transfusion. Erica pretended she could not have known who the donor was, but Jack didn't buy it because even Opal discouraged him from looking for the donor.

Erica was getting truly indignant. Jack accused her of knowing that Greenlee was his daughter for weeks and told her that he did not hear her denying any of his suspicions. He promised her that if she denied something he knew to be true, she'd never see him again. Erica admitted that she'd lied to Jack, that she knew about Greenlee, refused to let Mary steal him away from her, and asked Opal to help hide the truth. Erica kept up a harangue against Mary and how she'd only been protecting Jack. Jack was incredulous that Erica never considered asking Jack what he thought or wanted. Erica told him it would break his heart to hear that his own child had been raised by such hideous parents. She went on to say that Greenlee is grown and does not want Jack to be her father. Erica expected Jack to be furious with Mary, not her, because Mary had lied for years and she had only wanted to save Jack from suffering. She admitted she'd lied, but only because she loved him. Jack said he was talked out and walked out to find Greenlee and a stunned Erica was left standing in her wedding dress. Then David stopped by to ask Erica if he knows what's going on with Bianca. Erica told him she's depressed about breaking up with Lena, but David told her there seemed to be something more, involving Michael Cambias. Erica was horrified. He told her about what had happened at the Valley Inn and the look on Bianca's face. Erica was shattered to realize that the worst was probably true. David promised his support, and Anna's.

Mia and Simone went to Greenlee's apartment, hunting for information about the status of the bet and were amazed at the destruction. Tad and Liza were also there and filled them in on the news about Jack and their concern over Greenlee. Kendall showed up too and defended Erica, saying Mary was the villain, not Erica. Kendall told them they would have done just what Erica did, but they agreed they would have told Jack. They discussed their concern for Greenlee and all suspected she was with the Argentinean, whom Tad called Don Carlos de Huevos Rancheros. Mia and Simone panicked that Greenlee was with him, about to win the bet. Tad was disgusted by their behavior and gave everyone assignments where to look for Greenlee and asked Liza to man the phone at Greenlee's. When they met up later, no one had any new information. Jack came by and was shocked by the damage he saw. Kendall started defending Erica to Jack, but he didn't want to hear it. They told him they thought Greenlee was with Juan Pablo. Tad told him he'd talked to Anna and a police search had begun. Jack was worried about what Greenlee thinks.

Greenlee and Juan Pablo drank brandy in an Atlantic City hotel suite. He knew something was up with her, but she wouldn't say what it was, only that she wanted him. They danced and kissed. Juan Pablo stopped her and Greenlee wondered why, since he was just a man. He told her he refused to help her hurt herself and she slapped him. She was furious and cried about how her life was a just a con job and she was just the punch line of a big, fat joke. She broke down sobbing and he was very sympathetic, telling her the shame is theirs, not hers. She cried about being alone and not wanting to be. He promised to be there for her and that they didn't have to make love until she was really ready, without tears. He also promised to not let anyone hurt her, not even him.

Out in the desert, Alexander (Michael's father) seemed to be ill and his mysterious ally was concerned. Michael called his father to ask for the private jet to fly him out of Pine Valley. His father accused him of wanting to jump bail and told him that he was hitching a ride on the back of a motorcycle in the desert and would not help him. The mysterious man grew increasingly concerned about Alexander and wanted to call an ambulance, but he insisted on getting to Las Vegas.

Michael called someone else to ask for a plane ride to Tijuana, but whoever he called hung up on him.

Wednesday, August 6, 2003

Erica fell asleep on the sofa, still in her wedding gown. She dreamed that she was walking down the aisle towards a smiling Jackson. Suddenly Jackson turned into a leering Michael Cambias, who told her not to keep him waiting. She very hesitantly continued the walk and joined him at the alter. Kendall and Bianca stood by his side. Michael said to Erica "I've had both of your daughters, now I'm going to have you." Erica woke up screaming and Bianca came rushing from the bedroom. Erica told her she had a bad dream but she was fine now that Bianca was with her. Erica told her that she had wanted to speak with her last night but she fell asleep waiting and that she was worried about her. Bianca asked why and Erica just looked at her. Then she asked if Bianca remembered when she was little and had nightmares and how she'd come into her room and hold Bianca and say "Tell me, what monsters are after you?" Bianca smiled and said she remembered that they'd go get hot chocolate and talk in the kitchen. Erica said "Let's do that now and you can tell me about your nightmare." Bianca looked at her funny and said "You had the bad dream! But I'm not surprised after what Mary Smythe did." She asked Erica about Mary's accusations and Erica confirmed that Greenlee is Jack's daughter. Erica admitted that she kept the information from Jack which was a big mistake. Bianca said she was just trying to protect Jack but Erica said she learned that you can't lie to loved ones and must open up to them no matter what. Bianca barked "Mom, just stop it!" She told Erica not to give up on Uncle Jack. Erica said he'd do what he thinks is right. Bianca began to get upset and said she wanted this marriage so badly for her mother, she wanted them to go on the honeymoon together, to go to Franca and "get far away from..." and then stopped. Erica told her David stopped by last night and was very concerned about Bianca, saying she'd had a very "unpleasant experience." Bianca said yes, she'd broken up with Lena but Erica said it was with Michael Cambias. Bianca's face paled and said he had attacked her mother and Kendall, of course she was afraid of him. Erica quietly asked "What about you? Did he attack you?." Bianca tried to brush it off and Erica pressed her. She finally said Michael cornered her at the Valley Inn and it shook her up. Then she wished that David would stay out of her business but Erica defended him. Bianca said he blew it out of proportion and Erica told her they could work on this together. Bianca got angry and said "Your life crashed and now you're fixating on me. I'm fine. Nothing happened that I can't handle." Erica answered a knock on the door and Opal came in with breakfast. Bianca went to the kitchen for coffee and Erica quickly ushered Opal back out, telling her she had to speak with Bianca alone. When Bianca returned she wondered where Opal was and Erica said she remembered she had to go pick up Petey. Erica told Bianca to sit down and they could eat and talk together but Bianca suddenly recalled an appointment to see an apartment. Erica sadly said ok and then told Bianca "I love you more than anyone or anything so if something is wrong...." Bianca interrupted and said "If something is wrong I'd tell you, I swear it!" and went to the bedroom to dress. Erica looked very sad and upset. A little later Bianca came out calling for her mother but found a note that said Erica had to go out but wished her good luck apartment hunting and that she loved her. Bianca sat down, picked up a muffin and stared at it. She crumbled it in her hand and looked ill. She ran to the bathroom clutching her stomach.

Greenlee was asleep on the sofa and Juan Pablo woke her up. She was surprised he was still there and he said he'd ordered breakfast for them. Greenlee admitted that she behaved badly last night but he told her she was spirited. She looked up at him and said he was too nice, what was he going to get out of this? They sat back down on the sofa with food and Greenlee told Juan that she knows he "rescued" the other Fusion women. He said that was a misunderstanding and he had already apologized to them. He said he came to Pine Valley for business. Greenlee wondered if he set the four of them up for business reasons. Juan Pablo said yes but after meeting them all things changed. Greenlee said he was too good to be true and he said she saw through him and he must confess who he really is. He said he was a hedonist, "I live for pleasure." Greenlee wondered why she hadn't seen his "dark, selfish" side and he said he showed her his side she'd respond to. She told him to "release his inner playboy!" She asked if he would catch her if she fell and he said no, he just wanted friendship. Greenlee said she wanted a wild and not serious relationship and he refused. Greenlee stood up and told him to have a nice life and opened the door. She turned and asked for her key and he asked why she was in such a rush to go back to Pine Valley. He said the only thing waiting there for her was her mother the liar. She stared at him and Juan said he shouldn't have brought up her parents. Greenlee said she didn't have parents and then said she didn't have anywhere else to go. He said "Why go anywhere?" so she went back to the sofa and began to eat. She said "You don't mind if I hang out here with you do you?"

At Fusion Simone was asleep at her desk as Mia and Kendall came in. They were all worried about Greenlee because finding out that Jack was her father really through her. Simone and Mia asked Kendall if she knew about Jack being Greenlee's father before Greenlee did. When Kendall couldn't deny it they were horrified and said she was protecting Erica. Kendall admitted that she knew and they said she betrayed Greenlee. A delivery man showed up with a certified letter and Kendall signed for it. She was horrified when she opened it and found a letter from the IRS saying they owed $500,000 in taxes. Mia screeched "How could Greenlee forget to pay the taxes?" They discussed options and Simone suggested Mia call Liza. She refused to interrupt Liza's vacation with Colby. Kendall said Greenlee got them into this mess, she could get them out. Simone said they needed someone to dig them out of this mess. Michael Cambias had walked in without them knowing and he piped in "Well ladies, I happen to have a shovel." They just stared at him.

Reggie was at home drinking orange juice out of the carton when Jack returned. He asked if Jack had been talking with Erica all night and if they'd settled on a new wedding date. Jack looked exhausted and said no. Reggie went off about Mary ruining the wedding with her lies and Jack told him it wasn't a lie, that Greenlee was his daughter. Reggie asked what it had to do with him and Erica being happy. Jack ignored the question and said he'd been out all night trying to find Greenlee and he was going back out. Reggie told him to sit down and eat some cold pizza for breakfast and Jack sat down. Jack told Reggie that he'd looked in Greenlee's face a million times and never noticed she was his daughter. Reggie said Jack couldn't have known and that everything would be alright. Jack said he had to find her and Reggie told him that when he did he could bring her back to the loft and she could have his room. He said he'd clean it out and they'd never know he'd been there. Jack asked where he thought he was going and Reggie said he'd need to bond with Greenlee and he could find some place else to crash. Jack told him they were family and Reggie said he didn't want to get in the way. Jack replied "You're not in the way, you're home." Someone knocked on the door and Jack opened it to find Mary standing there. Reggie said very loudly "DAMN!" He went in his room as Mary entered. Mary said she heard the wedding hadn't been rescheduled and Jack told her not to do a victory dance. He said right now he was only worried about Greenlee. Mary said she was too and that she called Greenlee's apartment all night. Jack said that was funny because he stayed there all night and the phone never rang. "You accomplished what you set out to do!" he told her. Mary asked why he was being so mean to her, "I just gave you your daughter!" Jack said she should've done it 20 years ago when it would've done him and Greenlee some good. They argued about the past and Jack's family background. He finally told her to quit focusing on the past and think about Greenlee. Mary said she didn't really want to ruin Jack's wedding but they have to help Greenlee accept Jack as her father. She begged Jack to work with her on this. Jack was furious and told her that he would find Greenlee and the two of them would work through this together but Mary would not be a part of it. He said if he and Greenlee never have a decent relationship it would be Mary's fault and then ordered her out of the apartment.

Thursday, August 7, 2003

Bianca walked back into the living room of the penthouse after throwing up. While trying to catch her breath a knock came to the door. When Bianca answered it she found Anna on the other side. Anna asked Bianca for her help. Bianca said that she wasn't up on her police skills but Anna said it was for her opinion. Bianca agreed to try her best to help and listened as Anna said that there was this girl who was attacked and Anna thought that the girl might be afraid because she feels that the police can't protect her. Anna continued by saying that she wanted to know what she could do or say to get this girl to trust her so she can help her and get her attacker off the street. Bianca said she wasn't sure what to tell her. Anna asked Bianca what she would say to her. Bianca said that she would tell this girl to trust that Anna would help get her attacker off the street and get her the help she needed. Anna asked if she would really say that to the girl and Bianca said yes she would. Bianca told Anna that she had an appointment and had to leave and escorted Anna to the door. Anna thanked Bianca for her help before she left.

Lena went to Maggie's dorm to ask Maggie what was wrong with Bianca. Maggie told Lena that she couldn't help her. Lena said that she knew Maggie was Bianca's closest friend and that if something were troubling her she would confide in Maggie. After seeing Maggie's expression Lena said that Maggie did know something. Maggie told Lena that even if she did know something she wouldn't tell her. Maggie suggested that Lena talk to Bianca. Lena said she tried, she knows something was wrong but Bianca won't talk to her. Maggie told Lena there was nothing she could do for her and opened the door for Lena to leave. Only Bianca was on the other side. Bianca asked Lena what she was doing there. Lena said she asked Maggie what was wrong with her and Bianca told Lena that if she wanted to know anything about her she should ask her not her girlfriend. Lena said "Girlfriend?" Bianca said that's right my girlfriend. Lena said she didn't believe her. Maggie went along with Bianca and told Lena that they were seeing each other. Lena asked Maggie why she didn't say anything before Bianca arrived, Maggie told her that she didn't think it was her place. Lena said that she didn't believe them. Bianca asked Lena to leave. Lena did go and Maggie told Bianca that she should talk to Lena. Bianca refused. Bianca wanted to know why Maggie betrayed her. Maggie didn't know what she was talking about. Bianca asked "then why did Anna come to my apartment asking me to help her help this girl who had been assaulted, and David talked to my mother and told her that Michael hurt me." Maggie pointed out that Bianca really freaked out at the Valley Inn when Michael tried getting to her again. She also told Bianca that Anna and David were very intelligent and it wasn't going to be too long before people figure it out. Maggie asked if Bianca talked to Erica about the rape. Bianca said no she had to protect her mother. Maggie asked when she was going to stop worrying about everyone else and help herself. Bianca said she was afraid that if she says what happened out loud that she would disintegrate. Maggie told Bianca she wouldn't disappear she would let her. Maggie suggested that they go the park and get a popsickle and get a brain freeze, Bianca agreed and they left for the park.

Erica asked Mary if she was there to apologize to Jack. Mary said she was ahead of the line and accused Erica of being there to apologize after being left at the alter. Erica said she might have stopped the wedding but she and Jack were as strong as ever. Mary left. Jack was about to say something when Erica said she wasn't there about them. Erica told Jack Bianca was in trouble. He asked what kind of trouble. Erica said she wasn't really sure, not a 100%, and she didn't have proof but a gut feeling. She told Jack that she needed him to help her get to Bianca because Bianca really trusts him and opens up to him. Jack asked if Erica was using Bianca just to get to him. She got defensive and told him no and he said because Mary did that with Greenlee. Erica really let him have it then! She told Jack that if he was going to compare her to that woman then she was glad they didn't get married. He tried apologizing but Erica told him that this wasn't about him, Bianca was in real trouble then went to walk out the door. Jack said that he needed to help Greenlee because she was alone and after everything that has happened...Erica cut in and said "fine help your daughter but the little girl who you claimed to love as a daughter since she was born is in trouble and if you don't want to help her then I'll do it myself!" Jack tried to get her to wait but she didn't so he slammed his door.

Reggie got all over Jack for dumping Erica telling him it was a mistake. Jack didn't want Reggie's opinion but Reggie kept at him telling him it was a big mistake to let Erica go that they loved each other.

Erica went to the penthouse and looked at a picture of Bianca while she was pacing. She prayed to her mother saying she and Bianca really needed her help. The doorbell rang and Myrtle called out from the other side saying she knew that Erica was home the security guy told her downstairs. Erica opened the door and told her that she needed to be alone that she was trying to talk to her mother she really needed her help. Myrtle let herself in and said then your mom sent me her to help. Erica closed the door and Myrtle started saying that she knew Erica was upset about Jack but everything would work itself out. Erica told Myrtle that it wasn't about Jack it was about Bianca. Myrtle asked what was wrong with Bianca. Erica said "I should have seen the signs, how upset she was, her moving out of your place and not eating." Myrtle said that Bianca was happy that Erica and Jack were getting married and she was upset that it didn't happen. Erica said that was another thing she threw herself into every detail of the wedding and she should've seen. Myrtle said seen what? Erica said she was afraid to say it. Myrtle said say what? Erica said "rape." Myrtle asked "Rape? What are you talking about." Erica told her about David coming over and expressing his concerns. Erica told Myrtle that she believes Bianca was raped by Michael Cambias. Myrtle was shocked. She told Erica that they would help Bianca through this. Myrtle said she knew it had to be hard because Erica just dealt with her own rape but she knows that Erica will be strong enough to help Bianca through this. Erica said she hoped so.

Michael told the Fusion girls that it was his fault that the IRS were after them and he could help them out. Simone said they weren't interested in his help and Mia was ready to beat him up! Kendall told Michael that she was calling his father and picked up her cell phone to do it. Michael told her to put the phone down that she wasn't calling his father. Kendall said she was and Michael started chasing her around the office. When he was about to catch up with her Aidan rushed in and grabbed Michael and threw him toward the elevators. Michael asked if Aidan had a day job and Aidan told him that he was it. Simone pushed the down button on the elevator and when the doors opened told him down he goes and gently pushed him into the elevators. Kendall said that she knew how they could get the money. When asked how she said the scumbag that Aidan just got rid of. Aidan left and Kendall told Simone and Mia that Michael had a safe in his condo that had lots of money in it and that they would take it to pay for the mess he caused. She told Simone and Mia to keep an eye on Michael and if he heads back to the condo to call her and tell her.

Mia and Simone arrived to the Valley Inn to see Michael and Adam talking. Adam told Michael that he wanted the missing money that he knows Michael took from his company and he wanted to know who was buying stock up in his company. Michael said he didn't know about the stock but he'd help him find his money if Adam would help him out of the country. Adam told Michael he wouldn't help him jump his bail. Adam told Michael he had his own cop keeping an eye on him and Michael said he wasn't afraid of some small town cop. Adam assured him the guy wasn't a small time cop and that he was not to be crossed by anyone. Adam left. Michael was trying to phone someone and the girls tried calling Kendall but when they didn't get a response they improvised. Mia went up to Michael and said that Kendall was wrong not to hear him out. He told Mia that she was ready to kick his butt herself. She said yeah I know but we need the money we are desperate. She tried getting him to have a drink but he said he remembered what happened the last time they had a drink, he was set-up. She said I know but we are desperate. He said as far as he was concerned the Fusion girls could all go to hell. He was going to walk away but Simone came crashing into Michael with the motel suitcase cart pinning him to a door.

Alexander Cambias wrote a five figure check to the stranger who turned around and ripped it up. Alexander asked the man if he knew he was and the stranger in turn asked the guy if he knew who he was and said he'd take it in cash. Alexander handed the man a business card, but the man noted that anyone could have them printed up. Alexander said he had never had anyone question him before and said he'd prove his checks were good. He called his Swiss Bank and handed the man the phone. The stranger was convinced and Alexander started to write another check, but before he could sign his name he screamed out in pain and grabbed his left arm, collapsing to the floor. The stranger said "you can't do this, not now." He then called 9-1-1 and told Alexander to hold on help was coming. Alexander asked his savior to call his son, Michael and let him know what was happening to him. The man promised he would and Alexander fell unconscious. The stranger then said "you can't do this you haven't signed the check!"

Kendall was putting the keys she still had to Michael's condo when Aidan sneaked up on her. He told her that he wasn't letting her break into Michael's alone. She said she wasn't breaking in she was using the key she had and Michael hadn't changed the locks. When they went in and found the safe Kendall tried the combination she saw Michael use previously and it didn't work. Aidan said they had been in there too long as it was and they needed to leave. Kendall told Aidan to try the combination again that she would be back. When she returned she found a cart and said Michael had to use something to get the safe in. Aidan said that was a good idea they'd take it to her condo and work on opening it there.

The ambulance arrived to take Alexander to the hospital. The man asked if he'd be okay and they told him that Alexander would be okay because he saved his life. The stranger confirmed the name of the hospital -- St. Jude's -- and said he had to call the man's son. He picked up the phone and saw the area code was 215 and instantly recognized the three digit code. He dialed the phone.

The phone rang in Michael's condo. Aidan told Kendall not to answer it. Kendall said it might be Simone and Mia and that Michael wouldn't be calling his own apartment. She said that if she doesn't recognize the voice she'd hang up. Kendall picked up the phone. The stranger said "hello is anyone there." Kendall's face puzzled then she asked "who is this?" then showing his face for the first time, Ryan turned, and asked "Who is this?" :)

Friday, August 8, 2003

Tad goes to visit Jackson and Jackson immediately demands to know where Greenlee is. Tad tells Jackson they he hasn't found her yet, but him and Anna are working hard to locate her. Tad also tells Jackson that Greenlee may be with Juan Pablo, making it even harder for him to track her down. After winning some money at the casino in Atlantic City, Greenlee tells Juan Pablo she wants him to kidnap her. Michael gets up after Simone pushes a luggage cart on him at The Valley Inn and asks the cop on duty to arrest her for assault. While Aidan is still working on opening the safe at Michael's house, Kendall is shocked to hear Ryan's voice on the phone and immediately hangs up on him.

Stuart and Marian inform Carlos about Greenlee at Stuart's art gallery. Carlos tells Stuart that he feels guilty because he hasn't been there for Greenlee to help her. Stuart assures Carlos that Greenlee will come to him for help and leaves. Juan Pablo tells Greenlee that he can't kidnap her, making her suspicious about his real reason for being in Pine Valley. Back at The Valley Inn, Mia tells the cop that Simone purposely pushed the cart into Michael. Michael can tell that Mia is lying so he calls off the deal to help them with the IRS money and leaves. Aidan gets Kendall out of her shock by telling her that they have to get the safe and go before Michael gets home.

Jackson tells Tad that he isn't sure if Greenlee would let him in her life because he has missed so many years with her. Tad tells Jackson that he needs to force his way into her life by showing up where she is and helping her cope with her problems. Tad receives a phone call and tells Jackson he may have found Greenlee. Juan Pablo tells Greenlee that sometimes you have to lie, but he is willing to tell her the truth about his real reason for coming to Pine Valley. As Carlos is fuming about Greenlee's disappearance, Mary walks in and asks him to help her find Greenlee. Carlos refuses and a desperate Mary offers to give him Greenlee in return. Frantically, Mia calls Kendall and Aidan to inform them that Michael is on his way home. Before they rush out, Kendall secretly copies down the phone number Ryan called from. As soon as they get outside, Aidan grabs her and kisses her.

Michael is disgusted to see Aidan and Kendall kissing and tells them to get lost. Ryan calls and tells Michael his father had a heart attack and probably won't pull through it. Simone is mad that Mia was actually going to let her get arrested. Mia reminded Simone that she did it to protect Kendall. Simone tells Mia she is tired of busting her tail for Fusion and not getting any respect. "It's every woman for herself," she says, walking off proclaiming that she will win the bet, with or without Mia's help.

Carlos is insulted by Mary's proposal and says he "can't be bought." Carlos tells Mary she should stay away from Greenlee and walks off. Adam walks in, laughing at the spectacle Mary has made of herself. Tad tells Jackson he has found Juan Pablo and guesses that Greenlee is with him. Reluctantly, Tad tells Jackson the name of the hotel in Atlantic City, and Jackson goes after Juan Pablo. As Juan Pablo begins to tell Greenlee why he came to Pine Valley, she stops him. She says that she doesn't need to know his reason because it has nothing to do with her and decides to go for a walk.

Adam tells Mary that although she is a vindictive, self-centered, manipulative woman, it allures him. He insists that if she ever needs anything, to call him immediately. Simone runs into Mary at the gallery, has a few nasty words, and finds Carlos. Aidan and Kendall arrive back The Valley Inn and inform Mia they weren't able to open the safe. Mia tells them that without the money, there will be no sexy man contest, but Kendall is still thinking about Ryan's voice. Ryan tells Michael that his dad asked him to come and see him at the hospital. Michael proclaims that his father has never been there to help him and hangs up on him.

Simone tells Carlos about the bet and asks him to fake being in love with her so she can win. Carlos says he can't help her because he doesn't want to hurt Greenlee. Then he asks her about the guy she wanted him to find for her. Simone informs him that her mystery man is Juan Pablo, who only wanted her for her business. Carlos is shocked when he hears her mystery man's name. Jackson shows up at Juan Pablos hotel room looking for Greenlee, but Juan Pablo says she isn't there. Jackson barges in and starts calling out her name. Greenlee is at the beach, standing on a set of rocks, calling out "I don't need anyone!" Michael is working on his computer, scheming to do something to Fusion. When Mia leaves, Aidan offers to buy Kendall a drink at the bar. Kendall accepts his offer, but tells him she has to make a quick phone call. Aidan walks into the bar, Kendall pulls out the piece of paper with Ryan's number, and dials on her cell phone.



Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73
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