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Passions Recaps: The week of August 4, 2003 on PS
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Monday, August 4, 2003

At the hospital, Gwen looks forward to being released and enjoying her time away from Theresa. At the pool party, Theresa becomes increasingly uncomfortable with Fox's friend, who makes a move on her. Fox manages to get Whitney in his arms for a dance.

Rebecca accuses Tabitha's baby of attacking her and is surprised by Julian's vehemence when he defends the baby. Despite herself, Tabitha is touched when Julian tenderly holds their daughter.

Kay worries about her daughter and lashes out at Grace for her supposed insensitivity. "Death" informs Charity she alone has the power to save Kay and Miguel's baby, but it will cost her Miguel. Charity is stunned.

Luis injures himself while working in Beth's basement. Sheridan calls weakly for Luis when she thinks she hears him above the pit. Beth nervously waits for Luis to leave the basement, while Mrs. Wallace fears Luis will discover Sheridan for sure.

Tuesday, August 5, 2003

After arguing with Dr. Abel, a reluctant Gwen agrees to stay overnight at the hospital as a precaution. Ethan reconfirms his commitment to his wife. Meanwhile, Theresa can't stop thinking about Ethan and insists to her friends that fate will bring him back to her.

While enjoying a hot, summer night, TC and Liz become closer. Julian lends Eve a shoulder to cry on as she laments over her troubled marriage and what Liz is doing to her life.

Miguel and Kay's baby dies. Kay tearfully begins to confess all her wrongdoings to Father Lonigan. Tabitha worries she's about to be exposed. Charity is devastated she was too late, but "Death" informs her she can still save the baby. However, "Death" reminds her she must be willing to give up Miguel.

Wednesday, August 6, 2003

Liz attempts to seduce TC with the help of some spiked lemonade. TC begins feeling closer to Liz.

Everyone is stunned and overjoyed to learn the baby is alive after all. Kay continues to want to confess everything she's done. Tabitha fears for her and her daughter's future. Charity laments the cost of saving Miguel's baby.

Luis wonders why Sheridan would have left without saying good-bye. Hank tries to help his friend. Meanwhile, Sheridan is sure Luis won't give up looking for her, but after Beth shows her the DVD she made, she's not so confident anymore.

Ethan arrives at the Crane Los Angeles apartment, not realizing anyone else is staying there. In the dark bedroom, an unaware (and naked) Ethan slips into bed right next to Theresa, who is dreaming of him.

Thursday, August 7, 2003

Eve confides in Grace how worried she is about her marriage and her fear that Liz is going to seduce TC. Grace is certain TC would never cheat on Eve. Meanwhile, a drunken TC passionately kisses Liz.

In Los Angeles, Whitney worries about her family and Theresa's problems. Chad tries to take her mind off of everyone else.

Still dreaming, Theresa and Ethan continue to kiss passionately. Gwen senses something is wrong while tossing and turning in her hospital bed.

Hank encourages Luis to stop neglecting Beth. Luis agrees to focus more on Beth, but does not tell Hank the surprise he is planning. Sheridan goes into labor just as Beth is convinced her plan is working beautifully.

Friday, August 8, 2003

Fox fantasizes about Whitney. Chad tries to cheer Whitney up after her conversation with Eve. Whitney worries about her parents' marriage.

Ethan continues dreaming of Theresa as the two of them unknowingly cuddle in bed.

Grace tries to encourage Eve to fight for her marriage. Sam is encouraged by Grace's words. Meanwhile, TC tries to hold himself back from Liz but she continues to work on seducing him.

Luis plans to pay more attention to Beth. Meanwhile, Sheridan's contractions continue. Mrs. Wallace and Precious work to get things ready for Sheridan to have her baby. Charlie doesn't think Sheridan and the baby will make it. Beth prepares to kill her rival just as Luis and Hank show up at the house.

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