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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of August 4, 2003 on ATWT
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Monday, August 4, 2003

Emily and Hal are at the police station and searching the computer records of Jeffrey Starr, the tabloid reporter who is missing. Emily cannot understand why Hal hasn't issued a warrant for the arrest of her new stepfather, Rick Decker. Hal tells her he is going back to the Wagon Wheel Motel and search Starr's room again, and Emily will not be left behind.

Rick Decker has also returned to the motel and begins packing up Starr's belongings. The motel manager knocks on the door, but Rick ignores him. He finishes packing up, and it now appears that Jeffrey Starr has checked out.

Henry comes home to Katie's cottage to find Alison leaving to get her clothes so she can move in. He begs Katie not to go to Australia with Mike. She assures him that she will not go with Mike; she is going alone. Henry is very concerned about that as well, and volunteers to go with her, but they both decide that will not work. Henry decides Katie needs a keeper and leaves, muttering that he knows just where to find one.

Jack and Carly discuss having Mike as Sage's godfather at the christening the next day. Mike is reluctant, but Carly eloquently presents a case for Mike. Who else, she asks, will love the baby as much if something should happen to them? Jack sees her point and finally agrees. Now, Carly tells him, he must go and ask Mike himself.

At Java Underground, Jennifer confronts Dusty and tells him to leave because she is meeting Paul there. Dusty tells her he is meeting someone there himself: Rose. Paul arrives and begins a shouting match with Dusty. Isaac has to separate the two. Rose calls Dusty and changes the plan; she asks him to come to her beauty shop instead. Before he leaves, Dusty tells Isaac that he is still very interested in buying Java Underground and that he is trying to get the money together.

Paul cautions Jen to stay away from Dusty, and she accuses Paul of being as controlling as their mother. Paul calms down and confesses that he did go to talk to Rose but saw Dusty and Rose kissing inside the shop. They have a drink and toast the end to Paul's romance and, as Paul says, the beginning of one for Jen. Jen doesn't understand until Paul explains that he has sent for Andre, Jen's old love, and he will be arriving in Oakdale the next day.

Alison comes home and finds Susan alone, asleep on the couch. She gathers up her belongings and tries to wake her mother to say good-bye, but Susan will not be roused. As Alison leaves, Susan hears the closing of the front door and wakes up briefly but then goes back to sleep. Rick enters the living room through the French doors, carrying the bag with Starr's things in it. He is about to stash it in the hall closet when the doorbell rings, again and again. It is Alison who has forgotten her key.

Emily and Hal burst into Starr's room at the Wagon Wheel and frighten the manager who is inside. The manager explains that all Mr. Starr's things are gone and there was a pile of money, more than was owed, left on the bed. Hal calls the stations and asks for a crime scene team to come seal off the room.

Rick manages to get the bag stuffed into the closet and then takes a peek out the front door. Alison is still ringing the bell, but just as she turns to leave, she finds her keys Rick gets on the couch with Susan , who wakes again and asks if someone was at the door.

Henry lies in wait for Mike outside Katie's cottage and warns him that Katie plans on skipping out early tomorrow and not taking Mike to Australia with her. Mike goes in the cottage and exacts a promise from Katie that she will not go without him. Jack arrives to ask Mike to be Sage's godfather, but Mike is reluctant to accept because he and Katie are leaving tomorrow. They work out a schedule that will allow them to be at the christening and take a later flight to Chicago where they can still connect with the international flight. After Mike leaves to go home, Katie remarks that she is still planning on going to Australia alone.

Rick and Susan are again disturbed by their doorbell, but Rick says to let it ring. Suddenly Emily and Hal burst in. Susan is awake now, and demands to know what they are doing there. Emily asks if Rick was there all evening and Susan gets furious.

How dare they keep accusing Rick, and especially after Emily has promised to accept Rick into the family? Hal explains that Jeffrey Starr has disappeared and that sends Susan over the edge. She screams at Emily and Hal to leave, and tells Emily she is no longer her daughter. Rick comforts Susan after Emily and Hal depart, telling her that he will be with her for "the rest of her life."

Dusty arrives at Rose's shop to find her in a romantic mood. They make love, and Rose tells him that he is the one she wants, the only man for her.

Susan finds herself still sleepy and very thirsty, unaware that she had been drugged. She tells Rick that she dreamed that Alison had been there earlier. Susan goes to hang up Rick's coat and finds the bag of Starr's things. Rick assures her that it is just some old clothes he is donating to charity tomorrow, and Susan suggests she take the bag and add some things of her own. Rick distracts her by suggesting they act like the newlyweds they are, and they go upstairs.

Tuesday, August 5, 2003

Jack and Carly arrived for Sage's christening. Carly was glad that Jack asked Mike to be Sage's godfather. Jack said he felt like he was roped into asking Mike but realized that Mike would always be there for Sage and was comforted by that thought. Jack said he had a lot to learn about letting go. Carly said that the one thing about giving your kids freedom is that they always come home. She also said nothing bad is going to happen to them and they deserved to be happy. Later, Rosanna was holding Sage as Carly told her not to expect the godmother gig to end today. Carly wanted Rosanna to stay around so Sage can see the great Rosanna Cabot in action and if Sage turns out to be a little like Rosanna, Carly wouldn't be disappointed. Rosanna thanked her.

Lily and Holden were having lunch and talking about Rose and Paul. Holden felt that Lily should not have talked to Paul. He also said that Rose was a big girl and shouldn't have to worry about how she wanted to live her life. Lily disagreed because she felt that Dusty was the reason she was kidnapped and their children were put in danger. For that, Lily could not forgive Dusty. Aaron walked up and wanted to talk to Holden.

Aaron wanted to do something with his life to make Lucy proud. Holden explained to Aaron that he should work on doing something for himself and not Lucy. Holden told Aaron that he had time to figure out what he wanted to do and when he least expected it, the right thing would come along. Meanwhile, Craig and Lucy were having an argument because Craig did not want Lucy to consider Oakdale U. He wants Lucy to pick a college that can offer her the best education. Craig feels Lucy wanted to go to Oakdale U because of Aaron. Rosanna agreed with Craig. She felt Lucy had a bright future and shouldn't hold back just because of Aaron. Rosanna felt Aaron should understand that Lucy has goals and he should support her. Lucy said she would consider what they said and left to meet Aaron. After Lucy left, Rosanna told Craig that she was not happy with him because he had sublet her apartment to Paul. Craig told her not to fret and he would take care of it.

After Rose and Dusty made love, he told her he was glad they waited. Dusty was afraid Rose didn't want him as much as he wanted her. Rose reassured him that she did. As they were hugging, Lily walked in. Dusty left. Lily and Rose argued. Lily gave Rose an ultimatum - give up Dusty or your family - you can't have both. They got on the subject of Paul. Rose told Lily that Paul was the one who could not be trusted. Rose finally told Lily that she was with Dusty now and if Lily wanted to slam the door in her face, so be it! Rose was tired of knocking on Lily's door begging for Lily to let her in. Lily told Rose that she loved her and that Rose was a grown woman but felt her children needed protecting and suggested Rose stay away from them. Rose, with tears in her eyes, tried to convince Lily to reconsider, but it was no use. Dusty appeared and, as Lily was leaving, told Rose not to throw her life away for Dusty. He wasn't worth it. Later, Rose arrived at Sage's christening with Dusty.

Barbara and Jennifer met to have lunch with their new financial analyst. Jennifer bowed out telling her mother that she was meeting an old friend. Barbara tried to get more information out of her but Jennifer wouldn't reveal who she was meeting. At Paul's apartment, Andreas showed up. Paul proceeded to bring to Andreas attention all the money Andreas stole from Jen. Paul told Andreas that if he cooperated with him, Andreas would leave Oakdale with $50K. There was a catch. Paul wanted Andreas to take Jen for a nice meal at the Lakeview and threw a bunch of money his way. The only thing Andreas had to do was, when Barbara showed up, convince Barbara that he was going to take Jen back to Europe with him. Jen arrived and was warmly welcomed by Andreas who admitted to Paul, just a few minutes before, that he did not love Jen. After Andreas and Jen left, Paul called Barbara and told her that Andreas was in town trying to get Jen back.

Wednesday, August 6, 2003

At the country club, Sarah tells Bonnie that she can get her job back if she apologizes to Marshall. Bonnie doesn't want her to do it but Isaac tells her that she should. Meanwhile, Marshall arrives and asks Bonnie for his toothbrush back but she denies having taken it. Sarah does apologize to Marshall who enjoys talking with her, which makes Bonnie very nervous.

Hal asks Walker if he still thinks that Ric could be the serial killer. Walker says his instinct tells him that Ric did kill those people. Hal tells Walker about how Ric use to flatline and how he used potassium chloride in the past. Walker feels bad that he revived Ric and because of that, Gordo had to die. Hal explains how Jeffrey Starr has disappeared and he asks Walker to work directly for him.

Craig tries to get Paul out of Rosanna's apartment by negotiating with him. He asks Paul what he wants and Paul tells him he wants revenge for what Craig did to his family. Craig taunts Paul about Rose but Paul is determined to keep the apartment.

Andre and Jennifer go to the Lakeview where Andre apologizes and tries to "make it up" to her. He tells Jennifer that he wants her to go to Paris with him as Barbara arrives, pretending to just happen to be there. She sits in on their lunch and when Jennifer gets a call, Barbara tells Andre to meet her at her office and she will pay him to have nothing to do with Jennifer. The phone call is Paul who acts "surprised" to hear that Barbara showed up. He agrees to get rid of Barbara but by the time he arrives at the Lakeview, she is gone already. When Jennifer goes to the ladies room, Andre tells Paul, "Your plan is working like a charm."

At the christening...

Everyone is upset when Rose shows up with Dusty. Rose tells Lily to stay out of her life while Lily tries to convince Rose that Dusty is not worthy of her. Lily says that her children are still frightened from when she was kidnapped. She tells Rose to stop sacrificing her family for Dusty but Rose continues to defend Dusty.

Lucy asks Aaron to follow her wherever she goes to college. Aaron begins to tell her that he needs to get his life together and she needs to go wherever she wants to but Lucy gets mad, thinking he doesn't want to be with her. Later, they talk and he simply says that he wants to make a life for himself and he doesn't want to hold her back.

Mike thanks Molly for recommending him to be Sage's godfather. They both agree they want each other to be happy.

Katie sneaks out after the baby is christened. She leaves the photos she took and a letter for Mike.

Thursday, August 7, 2003

After Sage is christened, Mike looks around for Katie. He sees Molly and asks if she had seen Katie. Molly points out the pew where Katie had been sitting and tells him that her stuff is still there. Mike walks over to the pew and sees the pictures of himself and Sage and then he sees an envelope with his name on it. He opens the envelope and reads the note that Katie had left him. Katie's note says that searching for Simon is a journey of the heart and she needs to search for him herself. She asks him not to follow her and she hopes that he understands. She signs the note "Love Katie." Mike finds Margo and tells her about the note and that Katie is going to Australia by herself. Margo says that she knew something like this would happen. Mike asks Margo to use her influence and stop all the flights. Margo says that she can't do that, but she can take him to the airport with her siren blaring. Mike and Margo take off for the airport.

Lily finds Dusty standing by himself. She walks over to him and tells him that they are having a party at her house for Sage's family and friends and he is not invited. She encourages him to talk Rose into attending the party. Rose walks up and sees the two talking. When Rose asks what they are talking about, Lily walks away. Dusty tells Rose that he has to get back to the hotel and make some calls. He tells her that she should go to Lily and Holden's for the celebration. At first, Rose won't go without him. He presses the issue and she gives in. She tells him that Lily will not come between them. She gives him a kiss and heads out the door.

At the airport, Katie finds out that her flight has been delayed. She tells Alison that she is worried that Mike will get to the airport before she can get on her flight. Alison, with a dreamy look on her face, tells Katie that would be so romantic. Katie reminds her that she is off to find her husband. Alison snaps out of her daydream and tells Katie that they will pass the time by getting a smoothie while they wait. Later, Mike and Margo show up at the airport, but they are too late. Katie's flight has taken off. Alison tries to hide from Mike and Margo, but Mike spots her and starts to question her about Katie's flight. Alison, with orders from Katie not to tell Mike anything, tries not to give Mike any information. Finally, Alison gives in and tells Mike that Katie's flight had just taken off. Mike tells Margo that he will be on the next flight out to follow Katie.

At the police station, Emily comes running in and tells Hal that she is glad that she is not too late. Hal tells her that she is not late, because she was not invited to the questioning of Dr. Decker. Outside the police station, Dr. Decker is trying to get Susan to go the hospital and leave the interrogation to him. Susan refuses and says that she is staying by her husband's side. Dr. Decker informs her that he has retained a lawyer. Susan asks whom he retained and at that moment, Marshall Travers walks up. Marshall speaks to Ric and tells him that he will wait for them inside. After Marshall walks away, Susan tells Ric that he can't use Mr. Travers for his lawyer because he is a rapist. Ric tells Susan that Marshall's personal life is not important to him and the fact that he is an excellent lawyer is important. Susan gives in and the two go inside the police station. When Marshall Travers walks into the interrogation room. Hal, Emily and Dr. Daniels all look perplexed. Ric and Susan walk in and Ric introduces Mr. Travers as his lawyer. Hal tells Ric that this is an informal meeting and he didn't need to bring his lawyer. Marshall says that they don't need Dr. Daniels at this meeting either, but he is there. Dr. Daniels says that he is there as a special consultant for the OPD. Marshall questions why Emily is there and Emily says that she can explain that. Ric interrupts her and tells Marshall that he doesn't mind if Emily is there. Marshall tells him that that is his decision. Hal gets the meeting started. They all sit down at the table except for Emily and Susan. Hal looks at Dr. Daniels and then turns to Ric and asks, "Tell us what you know about Jeffery Star." Ric says that he doesn't know anything and he had never met him. Hal says that Mr. Star knew a lot about him. Marshall asks if Mr. Star had given them a statement. Hal says that Mr. Star had left Oakdale before he had a chance to speak with him and he has not heard from him since. Ric leans over to Marshall and says, "See how they make this stuff up as they go." Hal says, "However, we were able to access files from Mr. Star's computer." Ric pipes up and says, "That's impossible!" Both Emily and Hal look at Ric with surprise. Hal asks Ric why it would be impossible for them to access files from Mr. Star's computer. Ric has a flashback of smashing Mr. Star's computer. Ric covers and says that he just thought that if the journalist left town then he would take his laptop computer with him. Emily informs Ric that they had found a backup disk. Hal tells him that this disk had a lot of files about Ric on it. Marshall asks if they had a search warrant to obtain this disk. Hal says that this is not a formal meeting. Dr. Daniels shows Hal a paper and Hal questions Ric about his life in college. Susan speaks up and asks what is he accusing Ric of now. Hal looks at Ric and asks, "Do you want to tell us about a dubious recreational activity called flat lining." Marshall asks for a definition of flat lining. Dr. Daniels tells him that is when a person injects himself or another person with enough potassium chloride to cause a cardiac arrest. The term refers to the line that appears on the heart monitor during the near death experience. When the heart stops registering someone is standing by to bring the flat liner back to life. It's supposed to be some kind of thrill. Emily chimes in, "Is that what it is Ric? Did you get a real charge out of it?" Ric says that was a long time ago. Marshall tells him that he has said enough. Emily accuses him of injecting himself so everyone would think that he was attacked. Hal stands up and escorts Emily out of the interrogation room. Marshall turns and looks at Susan. Susan asks, "Do you want me to leave too?" Ric tells her that it will be best so they can get through this. Before Susan walks out she says, "Is this witch hunt ever going to end?" After the women are gone, Dr. Daniels shows Marshall that when Dr. Decker was found unconscious they had thought that he was a victim of the serial killer. He goes on to say that since they have found out his past, they now think that he could have injected himself. Ric has a flashback of injecting himself in Bob's office. He shakes himself out of the daydream and tells Marshall to ask them if they have any witnesses. Marshall looks at Hal and says, "Lieutenant?" Hal doesn't answer. Marshall asks if they have proof of any kind. Dr. Daniels says that Dr. Decker was the only person to survive the attack from the serial killer. Marshall asks again if they have any proof. Hal says that they don't. Marshall asks if they have any evidence linking his client to the disappearance of Mr. Star. Hal says that they don't. Ric has another flashback of digging the grave for Mr. Star's body. Marshall tells Hal and Walker that this is character assassination and he orders them to stop it right now. He warns them that if they bring his client in again, he will file a multi-million dollar lawsuit for harassment against the department, the city and the two of them. He adds that Dr. Decker has taken all that he is going to take. Ric stands there with a smug look on his face.

At the Lakeview Lounge, Andreas and Paul are discussing the plan to trap Barbara. Jennifer walks up to the table and overhears the men talking. She questions the two about why they are discussing money. Paul stands up and gives his chair to his sister. He makes up a story about Andreas telling him about a building for sale in France. Jennifer suggests that Paul should make some calls and check on that. Paul takes a hint and tells them that he will leave the two of them alone. Before Paul leaves, he reminds Andreas how important his sister is to him. Jennifer shoes Paul away from the table. After Paul is gone, Jennifer asks Andreas if they were really talking about real estate or was Andreas asking Paul for money. Andres tells her that they were talking about real estate and he had not asked her brother for money. Jennifer gets a relieved look on her face. Andreas' cell phone rings and he answers it. Paul is calling Andreas and he tells him to tell Jennifer that the airport has found his lost baggage and he needs to come and pick it up. Andreas covers and hangs up the phone. He tells Jennifer that he didn't want to worry her but three of his bags had been lost and the airport was calling to tell him that they had found them. He tells her that he has to go and pick them up from the airport. Jennifer says that she will go with him. Andreas tells him that she doesn't need to do that and he has a better idea. He tells her to get them a luxury suite at a hotel and set it up with champagne and he will join her later. She goes for this plan and Andreas leaves to go meet with Paul. After he is gone, Jennifer gets on the phone and makes a call. She asks the person that she calls if they have a suite with an extra large Jacuzzi.

Andreas meets with Paul at the bar. Paul gives him a check and then tells him not to keep his mother waiting. Andreas takes the check and heads out the door to see Ms. Ryan. Paul goes back to Jennifer's table in the dining room. He asks about Andreas and Jennifer tells him that he had to go to the airport to pick up his lost luggage. Paul acts surprised. He says, "So that is where you think he is?" Jennifer asks if he is trying to tell her something. Finally, Paul tells Jennifer that he just saw Andreas in the lobby and he was talking to their mother on the phone. Jennifer can see the look on Paul's face and she asks what it is that he is thinking. He says that maybe their mother just wanted to talk to Andreas and find out exactly what are his intentions. Jennifer looks at him for a second and then picks up her purse and leaves the dining room. Paul yells after her that he could be wrong.

When Andreas gets to Barbara's office, she wants to talk about giving him money to leave her daughter. He tries to bide his time and give Jennifer time to get to the office. He tells Barbara that his intentions for her daughter are not for sale. Barbara starts to laugh and tells him that he doesn't even know how much she is going to give him. She writes out a check and hands it to him. He tells her again that he loves Jennifer and no amount of money could make him leave her. She holds the check out in front of him and tells him to take the money and say bye-bye or she will run him off without a cent. Andreas looks at her and tells her how beautiful she is. Barbara laughs again. She tells him that he must think that she has lived a very sheltered life. Andreas grabs her and kisses her. Barbara fights him at first, but then she kisses him back. When they are finished kissing, Barbara tells him that was nice and now he can take the check and leave. Andreas, still wasting time, asks if they could see each other again. Barbara says that sleeping with her daughter's lover is not something that she intends to do. Barbara is still holding the check in front of him and he sees Jennifer outside the office door. Andreas takes the check from Barbara's hand while Jennifer watches.

Friday, August 8, 2003

by Andy

Susan nudges Rick at the Lakeview to get a CT scan to check out his so-called migraine headache problem, "I've already made the appointment. Ben's expecting you this afternoon." They compromise on a check-up first thing in the morning. Susan advises Rick that Bob is showing signs of improvement, which causes Rick to recess into the dark corners of his mind. After thinking for a minute, he suggests that he should probably get the checkup today instead of tomorrow, "And while we're there, I can close up a few loose ends." They throw their napkins on the table and jet out the door, brushing past and ignoring Emily and Hal on the way out.

At the hospital, Kim advises Ben she has hired a private nurse to stick by her husband at all times. Outside Bob's room, Chris runs into Alison. She tells him she wants some space to process some stuff.

The new dynamic duo of Craig and Dusty tie one on at the Lakeview Lounge as they talk about Dusty's ambition to purchase Java Underground. Craig lets it slip that Paul threatened him earlier this week. Dusty sees this as an opportunity to bond, and starts throwing around ideas for a new type of bar. He wants to have a place where guys go to just kick back, relax, and "watch the the talent...whatever." Craig thinks this would solve all the world's problems if only the good people of Oakdale had the right place to unwind and socialize. Dusty boasts that Java Underground is his, "as soon as I get my money straight." Craig nearly pulls out his promissory checkbook right then and there. Craig suggests he could stay in the background while Dusty runs the joint.

Jen walks up to the BRO offices just as mamma Babs is giving André a check to get out of town and to stay away from her daughter. Jen rushes into the room and grabs the check out of André's hand, "You should have waited for more. She would have given you twice as much!" Jen tells her ex off, and Barbar ushers him out the door. Mamma B, dressed in a fire engine red dress, tells her daughter she bought him off to prove he was only after money, and not her heart, "It's up to me to show you the kind of man he is." Jen instantly draws parallels between what just happened to her and what Barbara pulled with Paul. She tries to leave, but Barbara grabs her daughter and wants to know where she's headed. Jen shucks her mother's hands away and spits, "I don't care. Just as long as it's far away from you!"

Paul is at home prepping his measured reaction, as he soon expects his damaged sister to come over looking for solace. There is a knock at the door and Paul assumes Jen is in tears on the other side waiting for comfort. He opens the door and finds Rosanna, "Oh. It's you." Ro stops by to apologize for Craig's earlier intrusion. He eagerly invites her in to see how she'll try to clean up Craig's mess. She first tries to apologize with a gallon of honey, but Paul rebuffs her. He thinks she should always be ready with business cards in her purse embossed with the phrase, "You're right, my husband is an idiot." To top it off, he suggests Ro add a tiny little picture of Craig donning a dunce cap. Rosanna's friendly demure evaporates with this latest insult. She turns to leave and heads for the door. Realizing he may have gone too far, he catches up with her and takes hold of her arm while asking her to stay. Rosanna tries to empathize with Paul telling him she too was deeply hurt by someone close to her. They lapse into a civil moment, but it soon passes, and Rosanna is out the door as quickly as she arrived.

Susan and Rick arrive at the hospital and run into Ben. Ben steals the murderer away for the CT test. Susan catches up with her daughter and offers an apology for tossing her out of the house. She finds out that Alison moved in with Katie. They forgive each other and hug. Alison explains she stopped by the other night and found Susan alone and asleep on the couch. Susan doesn't understand because she was certain Rick was with her the whole evening. Susan tries to explain it away, but when Alison tells her mother even Rick's car was missing from the driveway, she begins to have doubts about her new husband's integrity. Susan starts to make up for lost time and offers her daughter help with rent, or anything else if she needs it, with her new apartment.

Just seconds after Rosanna leaves, there is another knock at Paul's door. He thinks Ro has returned for round two, but he finds a tearful Jen instead. Paul comforts his sis and asks where André went, but Jen tells Paul he can just forget about going after her ex. They hear a knock at the door. Paul tells Jen it's probably Babs and Jen will need to let her inside so she can fight her own battle. Jen opens the door, and Barbara is contrite as she asks Jen if they can talk, "We've always been able to talk. There's nothing you can't say to me." Jen opens the door wider, then says, "Nothing? Oh...well then come on in." Barbara asks Paul if she could speak with Jenifer alone, but Jen asks her brother to stay. A grovel-fest ensues until Paul points out the games their mother likes to play. Jen says, "What do you think I am? A consolation prize? You only want me because you can't have him! That's what this is all about." Jen walks over to Paul's side and says, "This is my home. I'll be living here from now on."

Rick runs into Kim in the hallway after his test and they have some quick chitchat before Rick asks to look in on "his favorite patient." Kim gives him permission and excuses herself to grab a cup of coffee. Rick arrogantly walks up to Bob's door and enters his room. His smug attitude vanishes when he sees a nurse attending Bob. Rick asks the nurse to step out of the room during his examination, but the nurse steps forward and says, "Sorry Dr. Decker. I don't think so." Kim returns and finds the two men standing nose to nose. Rick questions why the nurse won't allow him unrestricted access, and Kim informs Dr. Decker she left strict instructions with the nurse to not leave Bob's side under any circumstances. Rick leaves after his plans are thwarted.

Emily finds her mother at the hospital and apologizes for their recent blowouts. Susan doesn't make her daughter grovel long, and accepts her apology. Emily can clearly see a change in her mother's attitude and wants to know more about it, but Rick arrives. Emily also apologizes to Rick, then excuses herself. Susan then confronts Rick about his whereabouts the other night. She tells her husband that Alison was in the house and, "she told me I was sleeping alone on that couch! You weren't there! Where were you?"


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