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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of August 4, 2003 on GL
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Monday, August 4, 2003

Phillip is waiting for a business dinner, and Alan shows up and tells Phillip that if he wants control of Spaulding Enterprises, it's his. Phillip tells him that it's a crock, and reminds Alan that he already has Spaulding Enterprises. In turn, Alan reminds him of the lawsuit still in motion. Phillip asks whether he plans to drop the lawsuit. Alan tells him he might if Phillip does something for him. Phillip assumed there was a catch, and asks him to explain. Alan explains his relationship with Gus and his desire to spend time with him, Harley, and the kids. Surprisingly, Alan wants Phillip to hire Alexandra to run the pharmaceutical and cosmetics division in spite of all she's done to him in the past. Alan tells Phillip that Alexandra seems to have no purpose in life, and she's all alone. Alan says that he was wrong to make her feel that way and tells Phillip that if he hires her, he will drop the lawsuit.

Olivia overhears a telephone conversation that Lizzie is having with Tammy. Tammy was blaming Lizzie for telling Ben that Marina was at the Bauer cabin with Shayne. Lizzie ends the call, and Olivia questions her motives. Lizzie denies having anything to do with it. Olivia tells her that if Frank Cooper were to check her phone calls made that day, then Ben's number shouldn't be listed. Lizzie tells her to go ahead and call Frank. Olivia starts to dial the number, and Lizzie disconnects the call. Lizzie tells Olivia that Ben was pouring his heart out to her about how much he still cared about Marina. Lizzie tells her that she didn't think that Ben was the murder suspect since he was nearly killed himself. Olivia tells her she should have called Marina to see if she wanted to see Ben. Olivia suggests that she did it for her own benefit. Lizzie tells Olivia that her therapist, Dr. Boudreau, has told her that she is not responsible for the way people think and feel. Olivia tells Lizzie that she is responsible for her own actions. Lizzie tells Olivia that Marina is responsible for hers, and explains that Marina is a tease. Lizzie thinks that Olivia plans to tell her dad about this. Olivia tells her that she is having this conversation with her because she is concerned, and tells her that she won't even mention this to her father if she promises that she'll tell her psychologist about this. Lizzie agrees, but Olivia wonders whether she's telling the truth. Lizzie leaves for the party at the Lewis's. In the meantime, Olivia goes to the hospital to speak with Lizzie's psychologist. Olivia tells Dr. Boudreau that she is there to discuss Lizzie Spaulding and understands that she is not allowed to relinquish any information. Olivia explains Lizzie's feelings for Shayne and that Lizzie was responsible for sending Ben up to the cabin. Olivia tells her that Lizzie clearly knew what could have happened. Dr. Boudreau doesn't seem to be as concerned as Olivia is. Dr. Boudreau said that she will be mindful to everything she's said, but then offers her services to Olivia due to all the recent changes in her life: The break-up with Phillip, being pregnant, and the problems with Lizzie. Phillip shows up and asks Olivia why she is at the hospital. Olivia tells him that she was just there for a routine check-up and ran into Dr. Boudreau. Phillip tells her that Beth and Lizzie both like Dr. Boudreau, and tells Olivia that if she wants to talk to someone, she should consider her. Olivia tells him that she's not the one who needs help right now.

Alan Spaulding shows up at Harley's. Harley assumes that he is there to see Gus, but he claims that he is there for some macaroni and cheese he's been craving. Harley questions whether this is the true reason he has come over, but he sticks to his story. Fortunately for Alan, Harley has some leftovers in the refrigerator. Alan tells Harley that he plans to make Gus a priority now. Harley asks if Gus is a new project - another acquisition. Alan says that he's learned from his past mistakes. Alan tells Harley that since Gus loves her, he wants to get close to her as well. Alan discusses Harley's career with her. Harley explains that she left the force for many reasons, but the red tape was the kicker. She explains that a cop has paperwork, warrants, chain of commands, and by that time, the perp has himself out on the streets and is hurting other people. Alan tells her to consider starting her own agency and offers his help. Harley gets defensive and asks Alan to leave. Harley thinks that Alan is trying to buy her off. Alan tells her that all he is offering is advice, but if she needs money-write up a proposal and come to him with it.

Josh and Reva throw a get-together at their home for Marina, Shayne, and their friends. Reva asks Marah whether Tony is coming over, but she tells her mother that Tony has things to do, and he grew up with violence so it's not really a big deal to him. Marina, Tammy, Joey (Tammy's new boyfriend), and Remy arrive at Reva's house. It only took Marina about ten seconds to blow up. Shayne had some soothing music playing in the background, and Marina requests that he change the music. Shayne told her that he thought that in light of everything that's happened, the music would be soothing. Marina tells him that she doesn't need to be soothed, and to stop making such a big deal out of what happened. Josh goes outside to start the grill. Marina throws herself into work and goes to help Reva out in the kitchen. In the living room, Shayne, Tammy, Joey, and Remy discuss Marina's mood swings. Marina walks in and tells them now that she's back, they can stop talking about her. Frank and Darci show up on there way to a movie and tell Marina about raising the money to send her to Northwestern. Marina, not looking very excited, tells her father he should have just let it be. She said that she will reapply next year. As Frank and Darci are leaving, Reva tells them she will talk to Marina. Reva tells Marina that she has faith in her, and she knows that she is going to be fine "eventually", but for a while, she is going to feel upset and confused, but that is normal. Reva tells her that if she doesn't want to leave a place that feels safe and familiar that her family will understand. Marina tells her that leaving home won't freak her out, and she knows how to take care of herself. Marina apologizes for snapping at her and explains that everyone trying to help is what makes this so exhausting. Reva tells her that if she ever needs to talk, to please come to her. Shayne brings in some food for Marina. Ooops, he forgot the ketchup. Shayne offers to go and get it, but Marina reminds him that she is not an invalid. Lizzie shows up at the Lewis home and tells Marina that she is glad that she didn't get hurt. Marina tells her that she was kidnapped, drugged, tied her up, and almost killed, and asks Lizzie what part about that doesn't say hurt. Marina blames Lizzie for sending Ben up to the cabin and tells her that she was probably praying for something like this to happen so that she could have Shayne to herself. Lizzie tells Marina that she did not tell Ben, and the whole time she was being held, she was worried sick about her. Lizzie asks Tammy to back her up on her story, but Tammy doesn't say a word. Marina apologizes, and tells everyone that she needs to go. Shayne gives her a ride home. Tammy and Lizzie have a private conversation. Lizzie tells Tammy that she probably sent Ben up to the cabin, and (while looking over at Joey) tells her she'd better keep her voice down or she will be really unpopular real fast. Marah leaves to go and get an overnight bag. She plans to spend the night with her family. Reva and Josh wonder whether there's trouble in the romance department for Marah and Tony. Left alone, Josh and Reva discuss their differences. Reva tells Josh that it seems less important with everything that has happened. Josh asks Reva if she thinks that he should have gotten on a plane and came after her in Italy. When asked to define "come after," Josh leans in for a kiss.

At Company, Shayne and Marina share a goodbye kiss. Marina envisions her kiss with Ben and steps back. Shayne asks if she is okay, but Marina tells him that it's is just that her grandfather is inside.

Tuesday, August 5, 2003

Gus finally returns home from his trip. Harley is upstairs and screams for joy as she hears him call out for her. Harley and Gus discuss their marriage plans. Gus tells her that they are making excuses to delay plunging into a new life together. He tells her that they need no more safety nets. They need to call the preacher, pick a date, and get married. Gus tells Harley that he needs to mend a fence between him and his sister. Gus calls his sister and tells her that he wants to come see her. She tells him that it's not a good time because she is dining with Bill and Billy, but Gus tells her he's coming right over. Gus barely gets out of the door, and Blake shows up to see Harley. Harley tells Blake that she is going to start her own detective agency and wants Blake to be her partner and describes that she not only wants to offer private investigator services, but things like protection and legal advice for those who can't afford it. Blake suggests that they name their company "Harley's Angels."

Marah returns to the museum to pack her bags, and Tony is there waiting for her. Relieved to see her, he begins to question how her day went with her family. She tells him that being with them made her feel safe again. Marah, not wanting Tony to get comfortable, tells him that she is not staying because she wants to spend the night with her family. Tony assumes that it's because she felt safe at her family home and asks if he should be wondering why she doesn't feel safe with him. Marah tells him that staying home with her family tonight has nothing to do them. She explains that when something crazy and unpredictable happens, she gets this need to be smothered by her parents. Marah tells Tony that the things Ben did reminds her of what happened to Catalina. Tony tells Marah that he understands why she needs to be with her family. Marah tells him that she just wants to forget about things for one night, and Tony wonders whether one of the things she wants to forget about is him. Marah tells him that she could never forget about him. She gives him a small peck on the cheek and leaves.

At the Lewis home, Shayne discusses with Marah the anger he has toward Ben and everything he has put Marina through. Shayne feels that Marina is pushing him away and keeping things bottled up. Shayne asks Marah how she was able to get over the hurt that Tony put her through. Marah tells him that maybe you never get over it, and you just learn to live with it until it becomes a part of who you are. Done with the serious talk, Marah and Shayne share a childhood experience and begin to fight over the remote control.

Tony, feeling a little alone, calls Ray and Danny; but he had to leave a message with both of them. In the meantime, Tony sits all alone on the sofa and wonders what's wrong with the picture.

Bill and his father, Billy, show up at the Beacon. Bill plans to introduce Eden to his father. Bill tells his father that Eden started up her own business right out of her home. Billy said that he likes a self-made woman. Eden lets them in and Billy asks what kind of business she is in. At the dinner table, Eden questions Billy about the oil business. Billy seems to be a little to distracted by the fact that Eden is the owner of the "Garden of Eden", and he changes the conversation back to her business. Bill tries to end the topic of conversation, but Eden tells Bill that it's okay she's an open book today. Billy seems pleased and asks Eden to explain the difference between an escort and a hooker. Eden tells Billy that she is not going to defend herself, but she is trying to take her life in a different direction now. Billy asks and hopes that Eden's direction change wouldn't be toward his son. She tells him that Bill has made her see the possibilities of a new life. She tells Billy that Bill is kind, hard working, and he comes from a good family. Billy tells her that she probably didn't run across anyone like him in her line of business. Billy asks Eden whether she likes that he is loaded as well. Bill excuses himself from the table and demands his father come along with him. In the meantime, Gus shows up. Gus tells Eden that he is there to apologize for the way he treated her over the Garden of Eden murders. Gus tells her that he wants to be her brother again, but Eden declines his brotherly offer.

Bill tells his dad that Eden means a lot to him. Billy tells him that Eden can be a roll in the hay for him, but just don't get too committed. Bill tells him not to say another word, and Billy tells him that he's the one dating a tramp. Bill didn't take that so well and punches his father. Gus runs over to break the two of them apart. Bill tells Gus to occupy Eden while he finishes his conversation with his father. Gus tells Billy that he 's pretty sure what this is all about and his sister is as good as gold and if he can't see that, it's his problem. Eden tells Gus that his loyalty has come a little too late. Bill reminds his dad that he is an ex-con, alcoholic, and practically gambled his life away. Bill tells his dad that Eden made some mistakes, but she practically raised herself. He said that she is tuff, vulnerable, beautiful, and she's smart; and the best thing about it is that she is his. Bill tells his dad that if he has a problem with his wanting Eden in his life, then he doesn't want him in his life anymore. When Bill realizes that Eden, standing right behind him, has overheard everything, he turns to her and says that with everything she has been through with Ben Reade, she needs him now more than ever and he plans to be there for her. Billy tells Eden that he hopes she turns her life around because Bill cares about her and he is better than the both of them. Eden agrees, and Billy leaves. Eden tells Bill that only her brother has ever stood up for her like that. Bill tells her that now she has two people that stand up for her. Eden responds by saying that she only has one now because she let her brother go. Bill and Eden go back to Eden's room and make love. Emotions seem to be mutual! Has she finally given up on Tony? After Bill falls asleep, Eden pulls out the scrapbook and kisses Tony goodbye.

Wednesday, August 6, 2003

At Harley's house, Harley asked Mel to join Harley's Angels. Blake and Harley plan to offer one stop shopping for detective work, protection and legal advice. Mel reminded Harley that she's clerking for the D.A. Mel admitted that she is worried that she may not have passed the Bar Exam. Harley reassured her by kidding about all of Mel's successes as a student, doctor and woman. Harley exited to Ben's funeral. Mel called to find out when her Bar Exam results would be available.

Springfield residents prepared to attend Ben's memorial service at the Country Club. At the museum, Marah, Tony, Remy, Michelle and Danny gathered to attend the funeral. Danny pulled Tony aside to remind him that Eden has been cleared and things should get back to normal. Tony agreed by saying that Bill is responsible for Eden now.

At Eden's apartment, Bill prepared to speak at Ben's funeral. Eden went into the hallway to retrieve the newspaper. Inside the newspaper, Eden discovered an envelope. The envelope contained a note and photos. On the note was written that a picture is worth a thousand words; Some candids of your new friend from your old friend; Signed Vinnie Salerno. The photos displayed Tony being violent towards a woman. Eden kept the information secret from Bill and they left for the funeral.

At the Lewis house, Reva and Shayne argued about Ben's Memorial Service. Shayne struggled with how much pain Ben had caused. Reva told Shayne that people will never be able to forget that pain. Reva urged Shayne not to ruin the funeral. She told Shayne that the people who loved Ben need an opportunity to remember the good in him. Shayne left to look for Marina and Reva left for funeral.

At the Country Club, the Memorial Service for Ben took place off screen. Afterwards, many of Springfield's residents gathered to remember Ben and made attempts to understand the tragedy. Ben's stepmother, Holly was the most grief stricken. Blake, Ross, Ed, Buzz, Frank, and Reva attempted to comfort Holly with warm hugs and kind words. Michelle and Bill reminisced about their childhood with Ben. They were very distraught that his life ended so early. Tony approached Eden and told her that nothing can stop her from starting fresh. Eden grasped the envelope containing the photos of Tony while she pondered this thought. Blake and Ross debated about how to tell their children about Ben's death. Ed approached Holly who was gazing at a childhood photo of Ben. Ed consoled her while she remembered Ben's life and last moments. She regretted being the stepmother who loved Ben too late. At the end of the gathering, Harley began to discuss a business proposal with Danny.

Back at the Museum, Tony, Remy and Bill went into the kitchen to search for food. Marah told Eden that she spent the previous night at her parent's house because she was feeling unsafe. Marah admitted to Eden that Ben's violence towards Marina had brought up stuff from her own past. Then quickly told Eden to forget she said anything. Curious, Eden questioned if something had happened between Marah and Tony. Marah weakly reassured herself and Eden that Tony is not the same violent person. Eden again grasped the envelope containing the violent photos of Tony.

At a closed Company, Marina was sitting alone in the dark. Shayne entered and began pleading with her to discuss what happened with Ben at the cabin. Shayne urged her to talk, for both their benefits. Marina was still trying to act cool, like nothing happened. Shayne tried to convince her that she wasn't alone. Marina screamed for him to shut up. Undaunted, Shayne smashed a plate in anger. He wanted her to throw plates and let out the pain. An extremely emotional, Marina began throwing plates and screaming her hatred. In a crying rage, she screamed that she hated how Ben scared her; hated how he got so messed up; hated that someone hurt him and that she didn't know; hated how he killed those people; hated how he died; hated herself for letting it happen. Crying, Marina fell to the ground as Shayne held her. Marina wondered why she couldn't save Ben. Shayne reassured her that she brought out the best in Ben; that she brings out the best in everyone. Marina thanked Shayne and they began to pick up the pieces of broken plates. Shayne surprised her with "Fanty", Marina's childhood stuffed elephant toy that she had previously tried to discard in the trash. Clearly a weight lifted from her shoulders, Marina hugged her childhood memento and then hugged Shayne.

Thursday, August 7, 2003

Olivia asks Lizzie if she talked to Dr. Boudreau about the Ben and Marina situation. Lizzie sarcastically apologizes for not being able to answer that question since what she talks about with her doctor is doctor/patient confidentiality. Lizzie wonders if Olivia plans to tell her dad now. She tells Olivia that even if she does, her dad won't believe her. Olivia tells Lizzie that she thinks she is a troubled girl and she will do whatever it takes to make her father see that. She tells Lizzie that someone could have helped Ben, but no one was there. Lizzie gets offended by Olivia comparing herself with a murderer. Olivia reminds Lizzie that Ben wasn't always that way, and she just doesn't want her to self-destruct. Olivia promises Lizzie that she will make sure that she gets the help she needs. Lizzie calls Dr. Boudreau, but she has to leave a message and is asking for help. Unfortunately, she deletes the message and hangs up.

Phillip meets Rick for lunch. Phillip tells Rick about the baby crib disaster. Rick begins to make jokes linking the baby crib falling apart to the relationship between him and Olivia falling apart the same. Phillip blames the disaster on bad instructions. Phillip tells Rick that Olivia is still fighting him every step of the way. Rick reminds him that he called her a liar, kicked her out of the house, went behind her back and had a paternity test done, or maybe it's because he really doesn't love her. Rick tells him that it seems to be all about the chase with him wanting Olivia and her not wanting him. Phillip tells Rick that he doesn't care what Olivia wants. Rick tells him that he would care what she wanted if he loved her. Rick offers some dating advice, and tells Phillip that he has to stop pressuring Olivia the way that he is doing. On to another subject, Rick asks Phillip how Lizzie is handling Ben's death. Phillip, surprised by his own answer, says that he doesn't know. He thinks that he has been so caught up in his own problems that he didn't even give her a chance to talk. Phillip excuses himself from the table and offers to pay for lunch including dessert.

Phillip finds Lizzie sitting on the porch at the Beacon, and it looks as though she had been crying. Lizzie tells him that it is just her allergies, but Phillip reminds her that she doesn't have allergies. He tells her that he knows the she and Ben were friends, and she shouldn't blame herself for any of what happened because none of his friends seen this coming. Phillip tells her that he is sorry for not having this conversation earlier, but he was so caught up in his own problems. He tells her that he thinks that is what happened with Ben. The people that loved him were tied up in there own messes, and they didn't realize that he was in trouble. He tells Lizzie that he doesn't want them to fall into that trap. He tells her that she has a family that loves her very much. Lizzie starts to cry and tells Phillip that she has to tell him something. She starts to tell him of bad choices she's made, but their conversation was interrupted when Olivia steps outside. Lizzie tells him that it can wait and runs inside. Phillip apologizes to Olivia for the way he has been acting. Phillip tells her that it's not fair to her the way he has been pushing so he is just going to sit back and let things happen. Olivia walks inside and tells Phillip to follow her. She goes to the front desk and writes down a time and date and hands it to Phillip. She tells Phillip that it's the time and date for her next birthing class. In the meantime, Lizzie is sitting on the steps feeling upset that her father and Olivia appear to be getting along. She starts to tear up a piece of the carpet on the steps.

Dr. Boudreau shows up at Harley's. Mel (Dr. Boudreau's daughter) was there babysitting while Harley attended Ben's funeral. Dr. Boudreau tells Mel that Harley had left a message for her about providing mental health services for an agency she is starting. Mel tells her that Harley asked her to help out in the one woman legal department with the new agency as well. Mel hasn't given Harley an answer yet because she is waiting to see if she passed the bar exam, and she has also already committed herself to work in the District Attorney's office. Mel's mother tries to talk her into excepting the position with Harley, but Mel thinks that Harley needs someone with more experience. Rick shows up as Mel's mother is leaving. Mel and Rick discuss her career opportunities. Mel chooses to join Harley's Angels if she passes the bar.

At the museum, Eden pulls out the photographs of Tony seemingly beating a woman. Interrupted by Marah, she stuffs them back into her black bag. Eden questions Marah about what she meant earlier about being hung up on violence. Marah tells her that there was a time when she had a choice between Ben and Tony; and Ben seemed like the safe bet and probably the one her parents would have chosen for her. She goes on to tell Eden that violence always surprises her, and it surprises her more when Tony is not surprised about it. Marah tells Eden that what happened with Ben has nothing to do with Tony. She explains how good Tony has been to her, especially while her mother was being stalked, but sometimes she just wants to run away. She wants to run away from all of it, not just Tony. Bill comes in to see if Eden is ready to go. They head for the door. Eden seems to have forgotten her black bag with the photographs, but Marah spots it and rushes it over to her. After they leave, Marah pulls out her sketch pad and starts to draw up some new designs. Tony seems puzzled that she didn't tell him that she was drawing up new designs for the designer that Eden put her in contact with. Marah tells him that he called when things were going down with Ben Reade, and it wasn't on her thoughts for discussion. Their conversation is interrupted by a radio host, "The Mole" and another announcer. The announcer said that he was at the funeral today. The Mole said that Ben Reade was a psycho killer. The announcer said that Ben was a good guy until some teacher messed up his life. The Mole sarcastically said that we should just ignore that Ben killed all those people then. Tony gets upset and turns off the radio, saying that someone needs to kick that guys .... ! Marina blows up at Tony and tells him that she has had enough with the violence.

Bill and Eden arrive back at the Beacon. They discuss their feelings toward Ben's death. Bill tells Eden that he has to go and asks her if she will be okay alone. Bill tells her that he will take her back to the museum if she doesn't want to be alone. Surprisingly, she tells him that Tony and Marah need some alone time. After Bill leaves, she pulls out the photographs again. Eden calls Darci over. Darci tells her that they are probably fake pictures. She tells them that they are like greeting cards to let Eden know that he is still watching. Eden tells her that they are not safe as long as he is still out there. Eden tells Darci that she thinks that Tony is in trouble. Darci asks Eden if this is more about protecting her friends or breaking them up. Eden tells her that she loved Tony for so long, but she has fallen for Bill and she is really happy. Darci questions whether she will be able to love Bill the way she loved Tony. Eden tells her that she can, but she does still has to warn Tony about Vinnie. She calls Tony and tells him that she needs to see him right away at the country club. Tony tells Marah that Eden invited the both of them. Marah seems a little to involved in her sketches, but Tony tells her they need this night out. Tony shows up at the country club to meet Eden. Marah came along too, but she's waiting at the counter for the ballet to bring her cell phone to her because she left in her car. Eden doesn't notice that Marah is there yet. She tells Tony to remember that she invited him there tonight as a friend and not to hurt him, and she pulls out the envelop with the pictures in it.

Friday, August 8, 2003

At the Country Club, Edmund greeted Cassie with a kiss. Cassie quickly alerted him that R.J. and Danny were present as well. Edmund was hesitant to meet with Danny since the last time they had a business meeting Edmund almost ended up at the bottom of the lake. They discussed getting past the past and how they were both starting over. Edmund said Richard's death brought perspective and he's focused on taking care of Cassie and her children. Danny offered Edmund a lease in a newly constructed business complex on 5th street. Meanwhile, Cassie rushed off to find a wandering R.J. She found R.J. attached to Jeffrey's leg, calling him Daddy. Cassie tried to explain to her young son that this not so nice man only looked like his deceased daddy. Cassie and Jeffrey had a comical exchange spelling words that may have upset young R.J. The usually abrasive, Jeffrey, attempted to get rid of the kid by making silly faces, but that resulted in R.J. latching onto his leg again. Uncle Edmund convinced R.J. to loosen his grasp and took him for a little walk to explain the situation. Jeffrey continued to be abrasive towards Cassie. But he managed a smile out of Cassie when he claimed that deep down inside he might really be a prince. R.J. returned and shook hands with Mr. O'Neill. Later Edmund proposed that Cassie and the children move back to the farm. Cassie momentarily mistook his meaning and explained that it was too soon for them to move in together. Edmund honestly replied that it was too soon for them to play house. He quipped that he still wanted to play Doctor with her. R.J. latched himself back onto Jeffrey's leg. Undeterred, Jeffrey walked into the bar with R.J. still attached. Cassie smiled at the sight, while Edmund continued to worry about this Richard look-a-like.

Also at the Country Club, Eden prepared to give Tony the envelope containing the violent photos of him with an unknown woman. Marah walked in and Eden quickly substituted another group of photos. Marah was saddened to see the photo of Ben at the Gala. Marah and Tony hugged and professed their love for each other. A conflicted Eden ran off and Marah followed. In the Ladies Room, Eden was giving herself a pep talk reminding herself that she wants Bill, not Tony. Marah, thinking that Eden was upset about Ben, comforted her. While exiting the room, Eden accidentally dropped her purse and the photos scattered across the floor. Marah was shocked and sickened by the violent photos. Eden explained that the photos were from Salerno and must have been faked. Marah panicked and ran out. Meanwhile, Tony and Danny were again discussing Eden and Marah. Tony thought Danny was too concerned about how others perceived them because of business. Jeffrey was eavesdropping on their conversation. Eden rushed in and explained why Marah ran off. Eden gave Tony the photos. For once, Eden seemed to be genuine about helping Tony and Marah now that she has feelings for Bill. Marah was back at the museum when Tony entered with photos in hand. Marah apologized for running out and said that the photos must be a set up. Tony replied by telling her the photos were not faked.

At Michelle's house, Bill and Michelle honored Ben by having a few drinks and reminiscing about their childhood with Ben. They wondered if he was in heaven. They toasted to their friend Ben who they would love no matter what. They concluded that they should start a hotline or outreach program to help troubled kids. They briefly discussed Bill's feelings for Eden, but Michelle continued to have doubts about Eden. Danny entered and Bill left to find Eden. Eden arrived at her apartment to find Bill already there. She professed her desire to do the right thing. She asked Bill if he loves her. Bill's response was "I love you, Eden" and they began making love.

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