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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of July 28, 2003 on GL
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Monday, July 28, 2003

Harley receives a fax from Gus but is unable to read the entire page because the toner was not working right. At Company, she calls Gus and leaves a message telling him about the fax and asks him to send it again to Company. Blake shows up and sees the fax. She's eager to see it, but Harley hanks it away. Blake tells Harley she thought they were partners. Harley responds by saying they were partners. Blake gets upset assuming that Harley is trying to make it look like Ben is the murderer. Blake defends Ben. Blake continues to pressure Harley about letting her see the fax. Harley said she can't read it anyways because the toner needed changed. Blake tells Harley that Ben's grandmother died. Harley tells Blake that she had asked her to come down to talk about when she should marry Gus. Blake tells her to do it as soon as possible. Harley explains that the logistics of weddings are a nightmare. Blake tells her that with all the weddings she's planned, she is a walking encyclopedia of wedding preparation.

Outside Company, Bill is still wondering whether he did the right thing about not going to New York with Eden. Ross shows up and tells him that he heard from Vanessa. Ross and Bill have a relationship talk. Bill tells Ross that he had a big crush on Blake when he was a kid. Ross laughs a bit and jokes about not being able to leave Blake alone for even a minute. He then goes inside to meet up with Blake.

Tony and Eden arrive at a hotel that Vinnie provided for them. Tony whispers to Eden to be careful what they say because there has to be bugs and video camera's in the room. Tony then asks Salerno's man to show him to his room. He tells Tony this is his and Eden's room. Eden explains that they are just friends. Tony demands another room. Tony explains that he and Eden do not share a bed. Salerno's man tells him this is the only room that is finished. Tony said he'll take it up with the boss in the morning. After Salerno's man leaves, Eden tells Tony that Vinnie was the jealous type and would freak out when other men looked at her. Eden wonders whether Vinnie thinks that she and Tony are together. Eden tells Tony that she couldn't date anyone for months after breaking up with Vinnie. Tony tells Eden that she can have the bed tonight and he will take the chair. Eden goes through the dresser drawers and finds a sexy nightgown. Tony sits to watch a ballgame, and Eden comes out dressed in the nightgown. Tony looks at her and suddenly feels the need to give Marah a call. The telephone doesn't work, so Tony starts to go downstairs to use another phone, but the door is locked from the outside. Tony bangs on the door. Salerno's man tells him that it's locked for his own protection because the floors are being worked on. Tony grabs the man's cell phone and calls Marah, but he had to leave a message. Eden apologizes for dragging Tony along. Eden takes off her robe and climbs into bed.

At the Bauer cabin, Shayne is on the telephone with his dad. Josh tells him to hang tight and he will be there in 20 minutes. In the meantime, the police show up. Frank walks in and appears to be very upset with Shayne. He tells Shayne that he trusted him. When Shayne asks what he can do to help, Frank asks why he's even up there because Tammy was supposed to be with Marina. Shayne explains his time with Marina to Frank. He tells her that Marina went into the bedroom alone. When she didn't come back, he went in and found the window open and her nightgown on the floor. Frank questions whether Shayne heard anyone driving away. A police officer comes in from outside and tells Frank that he found a cloth that reeked of chloroform. Frank tells Shayne that Ben was just released from the hospital. An APB is put out on Ben Reade. Frank is requesting a helicopter. A police officer comes in to tell Frank about some fresh tire tracks on the access road. Josh shows up, and Shayne vents a little to him about blaming himself. Shayne runs toward Josh's car, telling his dad that they have to go and look for Marina. Josh tells him that he could make the situation worse. Jeffrey O'Neill shows up to help. Frank remembers Marina' s cell phone and that if it is turned on, they will be able to track her down. Frank checks on the cell phone, but it appears to be turned off.

Harley receives a call from Frank about Marina's disappearance. Frank asks Harley to find out where Ben has been all day. Harley questions Ross about Ben's whereabouts today. When Ross tells Harley about Ben's grandmother's death, Harley wonders if this could have unhinged him. Ross tells Harley that he has dealt with Ben all of his life except when Ben went to boarding school at Stanton (located in Switzerland), and nothing in Ben's behavior makes him believe that Ben could have done something like this. The fax that Harley received mentioned Stanton. Harley asks Ross if he knows what the fax could be about. Ross tells her that he remembers Fletcher telling him that Ben was seriously acting out after coming back from Stanton. Harley wonders if something bad happened there. Ross makes a call to see if he can find out more. In the meantime, a new fax comes in from Gus. A photo was attached that the private investigator had of Ben with Areona (victim #3), and Ben looks very angry.

Marina wakes up in Ben's car. Marina asks Ben where he is taking her. Ben makes it sound like he's the hero and that he showed up just in time at the Bauer cabin because Marina was passed out on the floor and Shayne wasn't there. Marina said that it doesn't make sense. Ben asks whether they had been drinking. She said they had a little champagne. Ben said that Shayne probably drugged her, but Marina doesn't believe him. When Marina asks where they are going again, Ben tells her they are going someplace safe. He tells her a lot has happened GREAT NEWS! He tells her his grandmother died and left him $1,000,000. Ben said this is an answer to their prayers because everything was fine until he lost his trust fund. Ben tells Marina they can travel, shop, start her music career, etc. Marina is remembering more about her last moments at the Bauer cabin. She remembers a cloth reaching for her nose and mouth. She asks Ben to slow down because she feels woozy. Marina opens the door and tries to jump out of the car. Ben grabs a hold of her and tells her that he lost her once and it's not going to happen again and from now on, they will never be apart. Marina demands that Ben unlock the door. She tells him that she won't tell anyone where he 's going. Ben starts talking about foreign countries and fake names. Marina reaches for her cell phone. Ben sees her and takes it away. Ben stops at a cabin. Marina starts to scream, but Ben rushes her into the cabin. Marina tells him to stay away from her. Ben walks toward her with duck tape. Ben ties Marina up. Marina pleads with Ben to let her go. Ben tells her not before everything happens that has to. Ben wants to be forgiven and tells Marina he wants to pick up where they left off. He reminds her about the night at the Beacon and was supposed to happen. Ben leans in for a kiss, but Marina cries and begs him to get away from her. Ben backs up and says that he understands Marina needs some time. Marina whispers a plea to her dad to come and rescue her.

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Tony and Eden have spent the night locked in Salerno's guest suite. Tony seems a little on edge. The door opens and in comes breakfast along with Vinnie Salerno. Vinnie greets Eden with a kiss. Tony demands to know why they were locked in. Vinnie said that it was for their protection and asks whether Tony appreciates his hospitality. Eden then tells Vinnie that she needs something from him, but Vinnie already knows that she needs an alibi. Eden asks how he knew that. Tony tells her it's because he bugged the room. Vinnie tells them there are cameras in every room because he likes to watch. Tony asks Vinnie if he thinks Eden is in danger. Vinnie said, "No, all things considered, Eden is more of a killer than a victim." Tony shows Vinnie the rental receipt to the car, and tells him that all they need is for him to back up Eden's story. Vinnie tells them that he can't because he was out of the country, but tells Eden that he would lie for her. Vinnie said that seeing is believing, and Eden's visit should be on tape, but he has to make sure that the tape is police friendly first. Tony asks what Vinnie wants in return. Vinnie said that he doesn't want anything they are just friends and friends help each other. Tony tells Vinnie that friends don't lock friends up. Vinnie tells him that he thinks Tony is bigger than Danny and wonders whether Tony is happy with the choice he's made. Tony tells him that he likes it fine! Vinnie tells Tony that his door is always open to him and tells Eden the same. Tony leaves the room to book a flight home, and Vinnie tells Eden that she can fool Tony and the Springfield P.D., but she can't fool him, and they both know that she had plenty of time to whack that girl. Eden claims that she didn't kill anyone. Vinnie said that he'll see what he can do about the tape. Eden said that he can double the interest on what she owes him. Vinnie said that her debt is almost paid, and an alibi is worth a lot more than that.

Bill goes to see Marah and asks if she has heard from Tony. Marah tells Bill that Tony called and said that he had to spend the night in New York on business. When Bill mentions the word "they", Marah asks who went with him. When Bill tells Marah that he went with Eden and why, Marah wonders why Bill didn't go instead of Tony. Bill said that it is because Eden's alibi happens to be Vinnie Salerno. Marah tries to call Tony but gets his voicemail. Bill tells Marina that he can be in New York in two hours. Marah tries to convince Bill that Tony seemed calm, but Bill wonders why they are not back yet. Marah wonders whether Bill is just jealous. Then she tells Bill that her and Tony did not part on good terms. Marah and Bill have a talk about Bills true feelings for Eden. As Bill and Marah are talking, Tony and Eden walk in. Bill and Eden leave together, and Eden whispers to Tony that she won't tell anyone that they shared a room together.

Ross, Blake, and Harley continue to research Ben's past while he was at boarding school. Ross tells them that the teacher that departed coincided with Ben's grades taking a dive and his behavior problems. The teacher was the faculty representative of the yearbook while Ben was the editor. Harley thinks that she has an idea and why the school is covering up something. Harley receives more information regarding the teacher and Ben. A thirteen year old boy stepped forward to report a teacher molesting a child. After the thirteen year old reported the teacher, about another dozen came forth as well. The teacher claims she was doing a service for bringing these boys into manhood. Blake remembers wanting to write something serious about a victim with sexual abuse, but she couldn't do it because the research made her cry. Blake shares her research information. Harley thinks that the humiliation of his job with Eden's Garden and losing his trust fund set him over the edge. The old feelings of having been molested could have been brought back up through his relationship with Eden and Ramona. Blake tells Harley that she doesn't think that Ben will hurt Marina, but Harley wonders how Ben will react when Marina rejects him.

Frank finally gets a GPS signal from Marina's cell phone and rushes out the door to rescue her. Shayne wants to go along too, but Josh tells him that they have to wait and pray. Shayne heads outside to get some air. Josh stops him to get his car keys. Josh stays inside to give Shayne some space. Shayne prays for Marina's safety. He says that he will trade his baseball career for Marina's safety and wants a sign. Shayne remembers Marina talking about Ben's dream to buy a piece of property nearby. Outside the cabin where the GPS signal came from, the police are standing by. They burst in and found a young couple making out on the floor. Frank asks where Marina is, but they don't seem to know what he is talking about. Frank said that they tracked Marina's cell phone to this location and asks whether either of them found a cell phone. The young man said that he found the cell phone, and Frank insists he show him where. The police return to the Bauer cabin and find Shayne missing.

Ben opens the door to the cabin where he is keeping Marina. He comes in with a picnic basket. Marina tells him that it's going to be hard to eat being tied up. Ben tells her that he will feed her. Ben tells Marina that he knows that he screwed up, but he can make it up to her. He tells Marina that his grandmother's inheritance can protect them, and he promises to give her everything she ever wanted. Marina tells him that money can not give her what she wants. Ben tells her that he knows that she is mad at him for taking her away from Shayne. He tells her that he forgives her for being with Shayne, and Marina needs to forgive him too. Marina tells him that she knows he is sorry and asks if that is why he brought her here. Ben tells her that she is the only one who could understand him. Marina tells him that they need to do something so they have that time. Marina tells Ben that Shayne has probably already told her dad, and the cops have to be looking for her. Marina said that she is ready to forgive Ben, but her dad and the cops will not. Marina tells Ben that she wants him to come out on the other side of this thing, and she wants them both to be okay. Ben tells Marina that everything got out of hand with Ramona and Eden and asks to start over again. Marina said that she wishes she could, but she is a little scared right now. Marina tells Ben that this is not him. Ben said that he is still the same guy, and all that's good in him belongs to her. Ben tells her not to be scared because he knows what that's like, and he doesn't want that to be her. Marina asks Bill when he was scared. Ben said that he thought if he just kept quiet and stay still that it would all go away, and he wouldn't have to feel that way again. Ben said that he is broken and doesn't want anyone to see it. Ben said that he hurts, and sometimes he has to make it stop. Ben pulls a medical injector from his pocket that Ramona used for self-medication. Ben said that Ramona doesn't need it anymore. Marina said that they don't need it either. Ben tells her that it's funny how something that can help someone else can actually be dangerous to another. He then tells Marina that he doesn't want her to get hurt, and he wants her to stay with him. Marina tries to stay calm and asks why Ben picked her. Ben tells her that it was her beauty, spirit, and strength that attracted him to her. Marina tells Ben that he needs to find the old Ben before things can work for them. Ben cuts Marina's hands loose. Ben starts to kiss Marina. Marina starts to show signs of disgust. Shayne is crawling around outside looking through the windows of the cabin. He calls Frank to tell him where they are. Frank tells him not to go in there alone. Marina thanks Ben for being patient with her in the past, and she asks him to give her some time. Ben said that words can't make things better between them -- only actions can!

Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Outside Company, Marah and Tony arrive to meet Michelle and Danny to celebrate the Spaulding deal with the 5th Street Project. Tony tells Marah that he doesn't think Danny will understand why Tony went to NY to help out Eden. Danny doesn't trust Eden, but they are convinced that Eden is trying to be a better person. Marah tells him that Danny should believe in Tony, like she does. But she poses the question, "there's no reason I shouldn't, right?" Marah tells Tony that they have trust and that they can tell each other anything. She comments that Eden had a thing for Tony once. Tony assures Marah that Eden can't compete with her. Marah still feeling somewhat unsure tells Tony that the next time he has to go rescue a damsel in distress, she is going with him. She also advises him to be straight with Danny. Inside Michelle and Danny tell Buzz about the Spaulding deal. Buzz is distracted. He has a bad feeling about Marina and he can't reach any of his family members on the phone. Marah and Tony join Michelle and Danny inside. Buzz joins them briefly in a toast and but then wonders off to fret about Marina. Michelle says that if the Santos boys can win over Buzz, they can do anything. The topic shifts to Tony's emergency trip out of town and the girls excuse themselves to powder their noses. Tony admits to Danny that he had to go to NY with Eden to see Salerno about her alibi. Danny begins to give Tony grief. Danny reminds Tony that there are two things he warned him against: Don't get sucked in by Eden; Stay away from Salerno. Danny claims that Tony is disrespecting him. This comment puts Tony on the defensive and he reminds Danny to stop acting like the Boss. Danny sarcastically says "Poor Eden", she's gotten herself in the center of a multiple homicide case. Danny also reminds him that Eden used to sleep with Salerno. Danny questions Tony about when Marah was clued into this trip. Tony admits that she didn't know until they returned. Danny thinks Marah is being blind and that Tony is being an idiot. Danny questions whether they confirmed her alibi. Tony says they got a video tape and that Salerno always tapes the happenings inside his homes. Danny worries what else Salerno has on tape, namely whatever went on between Eden and Tony. Tony assures him that nothing happened. Danny wants to know what Salerno wanted in return for Eden's alibi. Tony claims nothing, but then admits that Salerno gave Eden the seed money for her business. Meanwhile, outside the ladies room, Michelle and Marah discuss Madam Eden. Marah wants to give Eden a chance because she's gotten a raw deal. Michelle informs Marah about Eden actions while she was away in Italy. Michelle tells her about Eden being all over Tony at the baseball game, company, etc. She advises Marah to wake up and see Eden for what she really is before it's too late. Michelle and Marah rejoin Danny and Tony at the table. Danny says that he doesn't give a damn about Eden and warns that Salerno is always two steps ahead. Tony wonders why Danny thinks everything is about him. Tony boldly tells Danny that Salerno wants Tony on the payroll. Danny gives Tony a news flash that this has "everything to do with me." Tony assures Danny that he told Salerno to shove the job offer, but Tony is hurt that Danny doesn't have more confidence in him. Marah and Tony walk outside. Marah questions why Tony didn't tell her about the job offer and baseball game with Eden. Tony claims that he isn't hiding anything from her. They hug, but Marah's face shows sign of concern. Still inside, Michelle and Danny continue to discuss Eden and Salerno. Michelle wonders why guys are so blind to Eden, first Ben, then Tony and now Bill. Danny advises Michelle to forget about Salerno. Still worried, Michelle says that Salerno is like the devil, he's got a hold on Eden and he's going to drag everyone else down with him. Meanwhile Buzz is listening to the radio and hears a report about a hostage situation where Ben Reade is the suspect. Buzz attempts to get information by phone, but eventually rushes out to go to Marina and Frank.

At the Bauer Cabin, Frank is giving orders to the police as he prepares to rescue Marina. Jeffrey and Josh are still present in the background awaiting word about the kidnapped Marina. Darci arrives to support Frank. He promises her that he's going to bring his daughter home. Jeffrey tries to caution Frank. Jeffrey questions if Frank can be objective. He reminds Frank that this is a similar situation to the Gus/Harley hostage situation. Frank is undeterred by Jeffrey's comments and assures him that he can be objective. Josh attempts to join Frank, but Jeffrey stops him and cautions him that neither he nor Shayne should play hero. Then, Darci and Jeffrey prompt Josh to call Reva, who is still away in Italy. Unfortunately, Josh isn't able to reach her and leaves an urgent phone message. Meanwhile back inside the cabin, Jeffrey starts interrogating Darci about her relationship with Frank and her past. He claims that she was previously coupled with Vinny Salerno. At first, Darci plays dumb, but the DA is determined. He says he's had his eye on her since she entered "Camp Cooper." He confronts her with the facts: she used to work for Salerno and she was arrested and convicted in 1999 for solicitation and extortion. Darci caves and asks what he wants from her. He tells her that he wants to help her and that he is worried for both her and Frank. Darci wants to know Jeffrey's angle. He wants to know why she took the fall for Salerno and suspects that Salerno sprung her early for his own reasons. He cautions Darci that Salerno wasn't in love with her the way she thought. Jeffrey thinks that Darci knows Salerno's organization inside and out. He tells her that her past is about to come back and bite her. Jeffrey can't just sit back and watch her compromise Frank and bring down his career. He is determined to take down Salerno. Jeffrey tells her to pick sides, him or Salerno. Darci defiantly states that she is on her own side, free and clear. Jeffrey reminds her that no one is ever free and clear from Salerno. Outside the cabin, Josh gets a return call from Reva. Josh informs her about the Marina/Ben kidnap situation. She is very worried about Shayne. Reva announces that she'll be on the first flight home.

At the cabin where an unbalanced Ben still has the frightened Marina hostage, Shayne is outside peering in through a window. Ben tells Marina that he's glad they waited and he was meant to be her first. Marina asks if he is going to rape her. Marina pleads with Ben to stop, that it isn't right. Outside, Shayne has a container of gasoline and a lighter. He sets it on fire and throws it into the open window. Ben is able to quickly extinguish the fire and goes outside to look for the culprit. Unseen, Shayne runs inside and frees Marina ankles from the duct tape. Ben bursts in. Shayne and Ben begin to argue then physically fight. Ben grabs the injector and presses it against Shayne's neck. Marina grabs a hatchet from the fireplace. Ben gives her an ultimatum: drop it or he'll kill Shayne. Marina drops the hatchet. Ben talks about himself in the third person. He says that she's buying into the Ben's a bad guy, a psycho, a killer. He says that she is against him. Marina pleads that she is trying to protect Ben from doing something he'll regret. She mentions the teacher and this upsets him. He doesn't want anyone else to know about that. Marina pleads that they can go away together. She tells him that she still loves him and wants to help him forget. Ben wishes he could believe her. Shayne struggles to get the injector out of Ben's grasp. Ben and Shayne fight again and the injector is thrown free. Ben manages to recover the injector and grab hold of Marina. Suddenly, Frank bursts in and points his gun at Ben. Shayne tries to save Marina, but Frank holds him back. Frank puts the gun down and attempts to negotiate with Ben. Ben wants them to leave them alone. Ben says that Frank turned Marina against him with lies. Frank confesses that he is guilty of that, but be was trying to protect his daughter. Frank admits that it was his second chance to be a good dad. Frank tries to talk to Ben about second chances. He urges Ben to put the injector down and let Marina go. He promises that if Ben does the right thing, he'll be treated fairly. Ben spots a police officer outside with a gun. Frank orders all teams to stand down. Ben says nothing will ever be good again. His legacy will be the crazy guy who kidnapped Marina and was accused of murder. Marina tells Ben that she can still see the Ben who is smart and lovable. Ben says he doesn't remember how to be that way, because he's empty inside. Ben wonders why he couldn't have met her before; Marina is the only good real thing in his life. Again, Frank urges Ben to put down the injector. Frank reminds Ben that he loves Marina too much to hurt her. Ben proclaims to Marina that he loves her so much and it's the only thing he knows. Ben throws Marina away from him and stabs himself in the stomach with the injector. Frank calls for EMTs while Shayne comforts Marina. She bravely goes to Ben's side and takes his hand. Marina pleads with Ben to fight. Ben says that he's not worth it. He didn't think anyone would cry for him, but he's comforted to see Marina's tears. They both apologize to each other. Marina tells him not to speak. Ben pleads with Marina to never forget him. Marina begs him to hang in there. Ben closes his eyes.

Thursday, July 31, 2003

Olivia comes home and finds Phillip inside putting a baby crib together. Phillip explains that he paid the housekeeper $50 to let him in. Olivia laughs at Phillips inability to put a crib together. Olivia asks Phillip why he didn't pay someone to put the crib together. Phillip responds that he pays many people to do many things, but when it comes to his kids, he prefers a hands on approach. After the crib is put together, Olivia finds and extra piece to the crib on the floor. Phillip said that it is a duplicate just incase the other gets lost. Phillip puts a teddy bear in the crib and it falls apart. All-in-all, they had a rather civil visit.

Reva arrives home and meets Josh at Company. Josh explains that Shayne stayed at the cabin with Marina. Marina stayed at the cabin to give her statement, and Shayne wanted to be with her. Reva asks how Ben is, and Josh explains that he is in the hospital due to injecting himself with the same toxic drug that was given to the woman at the country club. Reva finds it hard to believe that Ben is responsible for the murders. Reva tells Josh that they need to put their differences aside so they can help Shayne and Marina. Reva tells Josh that they should go up to the cabin to support Shayne. Josh explains that Shayne is being the supportive one for Marina. Josh tells Reva that Shayne risked his life for Marina. Reva wonders when her little boy grew up.

At the cabin, Frank begins to question Marina. Marina explains how she was taken from the Bauer cabin and after that she didn't remember anything until she woke up in Ben's car. Frank asks whether Ben attacked her. Marina said he kissed her, but that's all. Marina tells her dad that if Shayne hadn't come in when he did, things could have gone further. Shayne interrupts and asks whether they can finish the statement latter because he wants to take her home.

Marina, Shayne, and Frank go back to Company. Buzz offers to feed her but she is not hungry. Marina wonders whether she should go see Ben. Marina is getting a little too bothered with everyone asking her how she is doing. She stands up and tells everyone, just in case they are wondering, she is fine! Buzz tells her that if she needs to go ,somewhere to get things straight, to go ahead. Marina steps out unto the porch to be alone. Shayne notices she is gone, and comes outside to find her. Shayne offers to come with her if she wants to go see Ben. Marina tells Shayne of a poem that seems to be stuck in her head.

There are things of which I may not speak
There are dreams that cannot die
There are thoughts that make a strong heart weak
and bring a power into the cheek
In a mist before the eye
In the words of that fatal song come over me like a chill
A boy's will is the winds will
and the thoughts of youth are long long thoughts
endearings woods are fresh and fair
and with joy that is almost pain
My heart goes back to wonder there
and only dreams of the days that were
I find my lost youth again
and the strange and beautiful song
the growths are repeating it still
A boys will is the winds will
and the thoughts of youth are long long thoughts

Holly and Ross arrive at the hospital as Ben is being brought in. Dr. Rick Bauer explains to Jeffrey that there isn't anything they can do to reverse the effects of the toxic poison that Ben injected himself with, and even the smallest amount can be fatal. Jeffrey tells Rick that he needs a confession right now. Marah, Tony, Blake, Bill, and Ed Bauer arrive to show their support. Jeffrey comes out to explain to the family that Ben probably won't make it and asks if Ross would like to come in while he attempts to get a statement from Ben. Rick tells the family that Ben probably only has an hour to live because his organs are already shutting down. Ross tells Ben that he is aware of Ben's abuse at boarding school, and tells him that he would have understood and would have been able to help him if he would have opened up. Jeffrey begins to question Ben about his high school girlfriend, Bridget. Ben tells Jeffrey that she wanted sex, but he wasn't ready. Bridget started laughing at him so he put his hands around her throat so that she would stop laughing. She stopped breathing, and he left her in the cave, because he was scared. Simmons, the former coroner and murder victim, was a teacher at Ben's school. He mentioned that a body had been found in the cave. Jeffrey asks him whether he killed Simmons to cover up Bridget's death. Ben said that he had to. Ben explains that he met Renee (murder victim) at school, and she knew about Bridget's death. Renee was blackmailing Ben, so he killed her. Ariana (murder victim) was killed because she was Renee's roommate and he thought that Renee had told her. Jeffrey asked Ben why he didn't kill Marina. He said he couldn't hurt anyone anymore and he loved her. Jeffrey asked why he injected himself, and Ben said because he couldn't hurt anymore. Ben asks Jeffrey if he believes in hell. Jeffrey doesn't respond, but Ben tells him that he does believe in hell because he is already there. Ben asks to speak to Ross. He tells Ross to give his grandmother's inheritance to Marina. Ross tells him that he has done the right thing. Jeffrey announces to those in the waiting room that Ben made a full confession. Holly blames herself for not seeing any of the signs. Rick tells the family that Ben doesn't have much time so if anyone wants to see him, now is the time. Holly, Michelle, and Bill go in first. Ben starts to experience breathing problems. Marah and Tony go outside for some fresh air. Marah tells Tony that she needs to go see her mother and Shayne.

Friday, August 1, 2003

At the Spaulding Mansion, Alan and Lizzie were playing chess. Alexandra entered and informed them of Marina's kidnapping and Ben's death. Lizzie broke into tears and as she hugs Alex, she dropped a chess piece. Alex, upset by Ben's tragic death and the sexual abuse he suffered at boarding school, reminisced about Ben's childhood. Alan seemed to be relatively untouched by the tragedy, except for being thankful that Lizzie was unhurt. Phillip entered and hugged Lizzie. Wrought with guilt, Lizzie said that she didn't want this to happen. She admitted being jealous of Marina and wished to have Shayne for herself. Phillip reassured her that it isn't her fault. Phillip and Lizzie exited to the Beacon for lunch. Alan thought Ben's death is reminding Alex of her late son, Lujak. Alan assured her that he would protect the Spaulding family. Alex asked if this plan of protection includes her and if they could start fresh. District Attorney, Jeffrey, appeared in the doorway and congratulated Alex on the "nice move." He's dying to see how this plays out and said his money is the on the sister. Jeffrey began his interrogation by asking why Alex was there. The siblings responded that in times of crisis the family pulls together. Jeffrey quipped the dysfunctional Spaulding's were more likely to lock the doors and bury the bodies. Alan said that they don't like to tax the court system. Jeffrey said the Spaulding like to think they are above the law, except when they need help to keep from slitting each other's throats. Jeffrey claimed he was there to ask routine questions. Alex tried to brush him off by sending him to her attorney, but Alan agreed to Jeffrey's request and ordered Alex out to light a candle for Ben. Jeffrey questioned why a shark like Alan Spaulding would allow his sister to hand over the family empire to his despised son. Alan responded by asking why a high-powered New York attorney would leave a coveted job for Springfield. Jeffrey gave a lame response that he wore out his welcome in the big apple. Alan didn't buy it based on his research and questioned Jeffrey about dropping off the earth a few years ago. Instead of answering, Jeffrey informed him that the Reva Lewis stalker case is still open. He wanted to know if Alan is covering for and/or blackmailing Phillip and/or Alexandra. Alan quipped that everything is a game. It was clear that they are both hiding things and they are both determined to expose each other's secrets. Jeffrey ended the discussion by challenging "game on." Briefly alone, Alan was concentrating on the chessboard. Alex reentered and asked about Jeffrey's visit. He reassured Alex that he wouldn't send her to jail. Out of all the turmoil came one great thing, he found his real son, Gus. He is determined not to jeopardize the new relationship. He dangled control of the Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic division to Alex if she'll help him to get his stock back. He lamented that Jeffrey was right about one thing; Spaulding's don't need the law to intervene and to leave Phillip to him. He dramatically swept all the pieces off the chessboard and placed the King alone upright.

At the Museum, Marah, Tony and Bill entered. Bill and Marah were visibly depressed about Ben's death. Eden came in from the kitchen and Marah jumped all over Eden about being happy that Ben's deathbed confession cleared her of being the serial killer. Bill and Tony left the girls alone to work things out. Eden made Marah admit the real reason she's upset: Tony. Marah was concerned about the unnecessary time Eden and Tony spent together while she was in Italy. Marah said she has faith in Tony, but was concerned about Eden's interests. Eden reassured her that she wants Bill not Tony. Tony reentered the room and Bill and Eden leave. Marah debated with Tony if she can trust Eden. Tony admitted he sometimes understands the complicated Eden because they are from the same place. Tony reassured Marah that he wants to be the reformed Tony with her. Marah was having difficulty understanding what happened to Ben because they came from the same place. Tony was offended that she expects violence from his world, but not hers. She apologized saying that it came out wrong. Tony wisely said that abuse doesn't have a zip code. Tony stood up for himself saying that he isn't anything like Ben. Tony said that Ben was a time bomb and he almost didn't have a choice. Marah states there is always a choice. Tony said that it's not that simple, it's not always good over evil. They realized these differences between them don't have an answer that either of them likes.

Outside Company, Eden and Bill are approached by a reporter. He brashly asked her what she's going to do now that she isn't a murder suspect. Bill quickly got rid of the guy but this prompted them to discuss Eden's future. Bill urged her not to waste the opportunity to start over. He questioned if her new future will include him. Bill was feeling very vulnerable in the wake of Ben's death. He told her that he needs her and she was pleasantly surprised. They kissed. They wondered if they would miss the bad girl in Eden but look forward to the new and improved version. She worried if she'll be any good at being good. Bill invited her to dinner to meet his father. She agreed by giving him a big smile and hug.

Inside Company, Marina was rushing around and throwing herself into work. Buzz attempted to comfort her, but she was determined not to think or talk about Ben. Shayne came in and startled her. Shayne reminded her of the planned get together at his house. Marina darkly commented that it will be a wake, MTV style. Buzz brought in a box of items that Marina has discarded by the dumpster. Buzz asked Shayne to look out for her. Shayne pulled out "Fanty", Marina's childhood stuffed elephant toy. Marina said she is not a kid anymore and still wanted to trash the box.

At the Beacon hotel, inside Olivia's room a handyman named Charlie was reassembling the baby's crib after Phillip's failed attempt. Charlie commented that babies have a way of bringing people together. Olivia asserted that she needs him to fix the crib, not her relationship. He left and Tammy entered with a box of children's toys from Cassie, currently away at a hotel conference. A shocked Tammy sees the newspaper and realized that Ben had died. Tammy was distraught and Olivia tried to comfort her. Tammy wondered how Ben found out that Marina and Shayne were at the Bauer cabin. They suspected Lizzie might have been the tattle tell. Tammy felt guilty and feared that Lizzie must have overheard her and then told Ben. Olivia reassured her that it probably wasn't Lizzie and that Tammy should not blame herself. Tammy thanked Olivia for listening and leaves. Olivia, still suspicious, contemplated calling Phillip but chose not to get involved.

Phillip and Lizzie arrived at the Beacon hotel lobby. Phillip was still trying to comfort Lizzie about Ben's death. He felt guilty that they don't live under the same roof, but laughed that moving back to Spaulding mansion was a frightening thought. Instead he suggested that a new home for all his children was the solution. Lizzie cautioned him that Olivia might not want to be a part of that. Phillips was still determined to make Olivia and the new baby a fixture in his life. Lizzie confessed that she still wants her parents back together. Phillip reminded her that we can't get everything we want. Lizzie claimed that she'd help him with Olivia. Just then, Olivia entered the lobby and Lizzie called her over to join them. Olivia expressed her concern for Lizzie over the Ben situation. Phillip got paged to leave for a meeting. Olivia tried to continue the discussion with her, but Lizzie changed the subject. Olivia revealed that she had a talk with Tammy and Lizzie was flabbergasted. Olivia accused Lizzie of sending Ben to the cabin.

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