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Jack and Jamal threw the ring into the river, but Christina found it. Jamal found Imani ready to skip town, but promised to protect her from whatever was scaring her. Caleb visited his father in Hades and learned how to get his ring back.
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Port Charles Recaps: The week of July 28, 2003 on PC
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Monday, July 28, 2003

In her hotel room, Elizabeth obsesses about the fact that she is NOT going to be able to produce the line of clothes that "George" promised to design for Alison. Unfortunately for Chris, Chris arrives at that moment and continues to crow about the magnificent way he saved Elizabeth from abject humiliation by posing as "George." Elizabeth answers the door only long enough to let Chris know that she is STILL angry ~ and then slams the door in Chris's face! However, Chris finally convinces Elizabeth to let him in and Elizabeth glumly predicts that the ONLY way out of their predicament is to bump "George" off. However, Chris points out that, since George is a REAL person, IF George were to pop off unceremoniously, the news media would NOT be able to resist turning "George's" demise into a major media event! When Chris smugly assures Elizabeth that things will work themselves out, Elizabeth again begins to obsess about letting her daughter down yet again. Chris tries to reassure Elizabeth that she is being too hard on herself, but a forlorn Elizabeth speaks eloquently about how much she wanted her daughter to be PROUD of her! Chris suddenly promises Elizabeth that he will be able to rescue her yet again, and rushes away to find what he needs. Chris soon returns with sketch pads and pens and reminds Elizabeth that he stitches people up all the time, so designing clothes couldn't possibly be all that hard! As Chris sketches, Elizabeth begins telling Chris what he should do to make the sketch work and Chris finally hands the sketch pad over to Elizabeth. As Chris begins to clown around and pose for Elizabeth, Elizabeth suddenly becomes very interested and begins sketching in earnest. Chris insists that Elizabeth's sketches are really good and Elizabeth orders Chris NOT to move until she says that he can move!

At Jack's Place, Jack denies to an angry Jamal that Jack picked Jamal's pocket and grabbed Caleb's ring. Jack tries to suggest that Imani might have bagged the ring, but Jamal refuses to listen to Jack's excuses. When Jack continues to stonewall Jamal, Jamal bares his fangs and attacks Jack! Jack angrily shakes out of Jamal's grip and angrily informs Jamal that, IF the ring can cause people to want to murder their closest friends, Jack wants NO part of the ring. Jack angrily seizes the ring from its hiding place in the cupboard and shoves the ring at Jamal. Jamal at first claims he would NOT have hurt Jack ~ then blinks and admits that Jamal has NO idea about what just happened! When Jack explains again that Jamal just attacked Jack, Jamal vows to get rid of the ring before the ring can cause any REAL harm. As Jamal and Jack walk down to the river together, Jamal fills Jack in on some of the magic powers of the ring. When the two friends reach the river, Jamal throws the ring in to the rushing water. Jack and Jamal theorize that the current will carry the ring out to sea. Jack suggests they go together to get breakfast, but Jamal insists that he is going to stop off to see Imani. Meanwhile, in Imani's apartment, the room is a shambles as Imani huddles in a corner, sobbing, and hiding under a blanket! When Jamal arrives, Imani stands in the doorway and tries to get rid of Jamal. Jamal admits that he made a special trip just to make sure Imani was OK. When Imani tries to get Jamal to leave before he sees the torn-up room, Jamal guesses that Imani might be planning to leave town.

At Lucy's Place, as Lucy tries to be cheerful about the future with Ian, Lucy is surprised that Ian appears very distant. When Lucy went into the other room, Ian flashes back to Kevin's reminder that Ian will outlive Lucy, Danny AND Christina! When Lucy returns, Lucy tries to pry Ian's reasons out of him, but Lucy has no luck. When Serena calls to invite Lucy to go with Serena for a shopping trip in Manhattan, Lucy at first makes happy plans, then decides she does NOT want to leave Ian alone for that long. Ian confides that he feels guilty because Lucy is giving up so much of her previous life because of Ian's curse. Lucy assures Ian that he curse is NOT a major obstacle to her, but Ian remains unconvinced. Later, after Lucy went to sleep, Ian dreams of visiting the graves of Danny, Christina and Lucy. As Ian looks at the grave stones, which indicate that Danny died in 2097, Christina died in 2092 and Lucy passed away in 2053, Ian contemplates the pain of living forever without any of those who are dearest to him!

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

When Jamal arrives at Imani's apartment and finds Imani with her suitcase in hand, prepared to leave, Jamal urges Imani to change her mind about skipping town. Jamal assures Imani that she is safe from any more threats from Caleb. When Imani continues to insist that she MUST leave, Jamal asks if JAMAL is the reason Imani is running away. Imani assures Jamal that Jamal is NOT the reason she believes she MUST leave town. Jamal told Imani that, in his experience ~ it is NEVER possible to run far enough away to get away from your problems. When Jamal assures Imani that he WILL protect her, no matter WHO is threatening her, Imani changes her mind and decides to stay.

In Elizabeth's Hotel Room, Elizabeth finishes fitting Chris with a jogging suit that Elizabeth created overnight. Chris pronounces Elizabeth's work "interesting." However, Elizabeth is STILL disheartened by the enormity of the task ahead of her if she is going to convince Alison that the famous designer "George' has created designer-wear just for Rafe and Alison's gym. Meanwhile, Rafe and Alison head toward Elizabeth's room, but Rafe bows out of a visit with Elizabeth so he can jog in the park. Before Rafe leaves, Alison thanks Rafe for promising to put his traditional enmity with Caleb behind them, so they can get on with a fresh new start in their lives. When Alison knocks on her mother's door, Elizabeth scrambles to get Chris out of sight, but they are not quite fast enough. When Alison barges in the door, and catches Chris in a state of undress, Alison leaps to the conclusion that her mother and Dr. Ramsey have become "an item!" Elizabeth rushes to assure Alison that Alison is leaping to all the wrong conclusions, but Chris deliberately fails to pick up on Elizabeth's "cue" and lovingly reassures Elizabeth that Alison is going to understand her mother's choices in companions after all ~ then gives Elizabeth a big kiss. Although Elizabeth begs Alison NOT to leave so soon, Alison still heads for the door. However, before leaving, Alison notices Elizabeth's sketches on the desk and, leaping to the conclusion that they are George's sketches, Alison declares the designs to be VERY good! Elizabeth is surprised when her daughter appears to be so impressed by the sketches. Both Chris and Elizabeth are secretly pleased by Alison's praise. However, when Elizabeth hints that Elizabeth had some input into George's ideas, Alison angrily accuses her crestfallen mother of trying to seem important by claiming credit for helping George! Chris suddenly announces that he has to rush off to the Hospital, but gives a startled Elizabeth a good-bye kiss before leaving. However, once outside the door, Chris chuckles: "You are about to owe me big-time, Elizabeth!" After Chris leaves, Elizabeth tries to convince a disbelieving Alison that Elizabeth really DID have some input into "George's" designs! However, as Elizabeth tries unsuccessfully to persuade her doubtful daughter, Chris returns, again disguised as "George", wearing a hotel robe. "George" assures an incredulous Alison that her mother was, indeed, George's "inspiration" in creating the line of clothes that Alison has admired. Chris beams when Alison told "George" that she absolutely LOVES his designs! Elizabeth is heartened when Alison suddenly apologizes for leaping to the conclusion that her mother could not possibly have been much help to George as George created the designs. As Chris again begins to warm to his impersonation, Elizabeth tries to head Chris off before Chris makes any more grandiose promises to Elizabeth's daughter! Just at that moment, Chris's pager begins to beep and "George" announces that he needs to rush off to solve a fashion emergency. As Elizabeth walks "George" to the door, Elizabeth whispers to Chris that she DOES owe Chris for the rescue! Later, Elizabeth again reassures Alison that Elizabeth and Chris are NOT involved in any kind of romantic relationship. But Elizabeth DOES admit that Chris IS kind of fun to be around!

At Caleb's Apartment, Caleb opens a secret panel in the wall, takes out a mysterious book and announces: "I am coming home, father!" After reading from the book, Caleb heads for the park, but discovers that Livvie has been following him! When Livvie demands to know WHERE Caleb is going, Caleb explains that the ONE person who can tell Caleb HOW to reclaim the Morley Family's Heirloom Power Ring is Caleb's father ~ who is now a resident of Hades! Although Livvie begs Caleb NOT to visit his father in Hades, Caleb insists that he MUST go! After kissing Livvie goodbye, Caleb recites an incantation and is suddenly surrounded by a ring of flame. As Livvie calls to Caleb NOT to leave her, Rafe runs through another part of the park and suddenly senses that something dangerous is afoot. At the same time, Caleb cries out in pain and crashes to the ground. As Livvie runs toward Caleb, the ring of fire disappears and Livvie expresses her fear that Caleb is dead. Meanwhile, elsewhere in the Park, Rafe flashes back to his promise to Alison to give up his traditional feud with Caleb and Rafe resists the urge to investigate Caleb's latest maneuver. Rafe reluctantly jogs out of the park. At the same time, Livvie is thrilled when Caleb opens his eyes and begins to get up. As Caleb revives, Caleb announces: "I know how to do it! I know how to get the ring back!" Later, when Alison leaves her mother's hotel room, Alison is shocked when she discovers that Caleb is waiting in the hall for her.

Wednesday, July 30, 2003

When Jack runs in to Reese at the gym, Jack is puzzled when Reese claims that she has just been too busy to call ~ and even more puzzled when Reese begins to cozy up to Ricky! Jack confides to Jamal that Jack had wished for Reese to find something else or someone else to become interested in ~ but Jack had NOT expected Reese to give Jack such a complete brush-off so quickly. Jamal explains that, IF Jack made his wishe while holding Caleb's ring, the ring took care of the problem FOR Jack! Jack is shocked when Jamal explains the power of the ring to Jack and Jack wishes he had known about all of those powers BEFORE Jack tossed the ring into the river! But Jamal assures Jack that they are ALL better off with the ring at the bottom of the river. Meanwhile, Ricky confides to Reese that he has been having visions of Casey visiting him ~ but he is not sure if the visions are real or some kind of hallucination. Reese gets Ricky to talk about Ricky's large family and Ricky confides that his mother sent him home with a large buffet of home cooking the last time he visited. Ricky invites Reese to go home with him and share some of Ricky's mother's feast, and Reese accepts the invitation. When Jack spots Reese getting ready to leave with Ricky, Jack takes Reese aside long enough to ask Reese what she WOULD have said IF Jack HAD been planning to pop the question with the ring that Reese saw in Jack's hand the night before. Reese gently informs Jack that she believes that neither of them is ready for any kind of long-term relationship, then rushes off to catch up to Ricky. Jack confides to Jamal that the previous night, Reese was ready to carry JACK over the threshold! Jamal confirms that the ring IS responsible for Reese's sudden lack of interest in Jack, but suggests that Jack MIGHT be able to get his girl back by working really hard at it! When Jack asks WHY Jamal let Jack throw the ring away without knowing the ring's full power, Jamal persists in his belief that the ring is dangerous and SHOULD be at the bottom of the river!

Lucy meets Rafe outside the gym and asks Rafe if Rafe has had the same premonition of Caleb being up to something that Lucy just had and Rafe agrees with Lucy that the strange vibes Lucy has experienced probably mean that Caleb is concocting some kind of plan to regain control of the Morley Family Heirloom Power Ring. Lucy is stunned when Rafe announces that Rafe intends to do NOTHING about Caleb's new plan, because Rafe had promised Alison that Rafe would give up being obsessed with trying to defeat Caleb all the time. Although Lucy tries to talk her cousin out of his resolve, Rafe explains that it is as if Rafe has been so wrapped up in trying to defeat Caleb for so long that Rafe has never really had a chance to live his OWN life! Rafe asks what Lucy planned to do today, and Lucy admits that she HAD been planning a family picnic with Ian and the children, but decided to postpone the picnic when she sensed that Caleb was up to something! Rafe urges Lucy to forget about Caleb for a while and keep her date for that picnic! Lucy agrees that Rafe might be right and hurries off to pick up Christina. Meanwhile, as Alison leaves her mother's Hotel Room, Alison is surprised to find Caleb waiting for her in the hall. Alison told Caleb that, whatever Caleb wants, the answer is "NO!" When Caleb asks WHY Alison is being so hasty with her decision, Alsion reminds Caleb of the threats Caleb made to Jamal in an attempt to recover Caleb's Ring. Caleb insists that he was merely going to offer to have Caleb's band play for Alison's fashion show for the gym! Alison remains suspicious and demands to know WHY Caleb is making such a grand offer. Caleb claims that he only wants some peaceful co-existence ~ AND an obscure place to try out some of the band's new material in order to get some feedback without becoming involved in a major gig. Alison makes a counter proposal ~ and suggests that Caleb go with her to the gym to make his pitch to Rafe in person! Later, at the gym, Rafe is suspicious of Caleb's motives for offering to play at the fashion show, but stuns BOTH Alison and Caleb by agreeing to allow Caleb's band to play for the gym's fashion show!

At the Hospital, Ian angrily demands to know WHY Chris was late for their meeting and then spots some of Chris's left-over theatrical beard from "George's" costume! As Chris makes a hasty excuse, Ian mentions that Ian is eager to begin work on reversing the aging process for a vampire. Kevin walks by at that moment and overhears Ian's remark. Kevin informs Chris that what Ian probably REALLY means is that Ian would like to reverse the fountain of youth. When Ian orders Kevin to keep quiet about their research, Kevin points out that, since their research COULD also help Livvie, Kevin is willing to keep quiet about the research. But Kevin reminds Ian that keeping secrets from Lucy is likely to backfire on Ian! When Lucy and Christina suddenly arrive, Ian watches jealously as Christina gives Kevin a warm welcome. After Chris rushes off on another errand, Christina told Kevin about the picnic plans, then shocks Ian and Lucy by inviting Kevin to go on the picnic with them!

Thursday, July 31, 2003

Inside Rafe and Alison's gym, Jamal flashes back to his decision to pitch Caleb's Power Ring into the river and remains convinced that he did the right thing. When Imani arrives, Jamal tries to strike up a conversation. When Jamal suddenly guesses that Imani was once a dancer, Imani confides that she merely WANTED to be a dancer! As they talk, Jamal invites Imani to get a bite to eat with him and Imani agrees ~ but insists that it must be Imani's treat!

Outside the gym, Alison is stunned when Rafe agrees to take Caleb up on Caleb's offer to have Caleb's band play for Rafe and Alison's Fashion Show. When Livvie arrives and hears about the plan, Livvie offers the opinion that it is a terrible idea for Caleb to play for Alison's Fashion show. They are all stunned when Alison declares that she AGREES with Livvie! When Livvie blasts Alison's "crazy idea," Livvie is further surprised when Caleb admits that it was CALEB'S idea that his band play for the fashion show! In spite of Livvie's objections, Rafe and Caleb continue to agree that they WILL go ahead with their plans for the fashion show! Later, after Caleb and Livvie leave, Alison blasts Rafe for once again trying to reopen the search for Caleb's ring. But Rafe reminds Alison that it was ALISON who brought Caleb to Rafe! Alison suggests that they should cancel the fashion show, but Rafe convinces Alison that too many people, especially Alison's mother, are already too invested in the fashion show! Rafe finally convinces Alison that, IF Rafe's suspicion is correct and Caleb IS concocting a new plan to recover the ring, Caleb's current plan COULD mean that someone close to Rafe and Alison COULD be in danger! Alison reluctantly agrees to go along with Rafe's plan. Later, when Livvie and Caleb stop at the Pizza Shack, Livvie demands that Caleb tell her what he was thinking when he agreed for his band to play for Alison's cheesy little fashion show. But Caleb explains that, when Caleb met with his father, Roderick reminded Caleb that Caleb's music has the ability to draw people to Caleb. So Caleb plans to write a song that will draw the person who has the ring to bring the ring to Caleb! Caleb then confides that his father reminded Caleb that Caleb has been WAY too "easy" on the mortals ! So Caleb hints at OTHER plans, once he has recovered the ring. Caleb declares that WHOMEVER has the ring will pay a HEAVY price!

At the Hospital, Kevin and Lucy try to dissuade Christina from her notion that Kevin should accompany them on their picnic, but they are all stunned when Ian suddenly announces that Kevin SHOULD go with them! When Lucy finally agrees, the four head down to the river and spread their picnic cloth. As the food comes out of the baskets, Christina grabs the camera and begins snapping pictures. Christina insists that Kevin, Lucy and Ian all pose together, while Christina snaps their photo. After Christina snaps the picture, Christina runs after a baby rabbit and Lucy follows her. Meanwhile, Kevin and Ian get out the wine and begin trading veiled insults. When Lucy returns, Ian and Kevin try to make small talk and Lucy mentions that Alison told her that Kevin had agreed to paint the scenery for the gym's fashion show! Kevin asks Lucy if she had ever met "George" during Lucy's designer days. Lucy confesses that, while "George" DOES seem familiar, Lucy is positive that she never met "George" before "George" showed up at Rafe and Alison's grand opening! Ian admits that he is surprised to learn that Lucy was once a fashion designer. Lucy explains that she lost interest in designing when Christina disappeared. Later, Lucy allows Christina to play down by the riverbank, so long as Christina stays within Lucy's sight. As Christina watches the water, she suddenly notices something shiny among the rocks ~ and picks Caleb's ring out of the water!

Friday, AUGUST 1, 2003

At Rafe's Loft, Alison finds a mysterious bouquet of pink roses. When Rafe arrives, Alison accuses Rafe of using magic to zap up the pink roses in order to smooth over their disagreement about Caleb's part in the upcoming fashion show. Although Rafe denies having anything to do with the roses, Rafe DOES begin to wonder who DID send the roses. As Alison accuses Rafe of zapping up the roses and then denying using magic, Alison accidentally knocks the roses off of the desk. As Rafe rushes to pick up the broken glass, Alison declares that one of their problems is that Rafe does NOT know what she needs! Rafe and Alison begin to reminisce about the early days of their relationship. But when Rafe kisses Alison, Alison again believes that Rafe is once again thinking about getting their relationship back on track by using magic ~ and stomps out into the hall! Once outside, Alison spots the card that was supposed to have been delivered with the flowers and realizes that her mother was the one who sent the bouquet! When Alison rushes back inside to apologize, Rafe suddenly admits that he DID send the flowers. But Alison lets Rafe know that her mother sent the flowers ~ and waves Elizabeth's note at Rafe to prove her point. However, Alison declares that she appreciates the fact that Rafe was willing to do whatever it took to end their argument. Alison and Rafe kiss and soon hit the sheets.

When Caleb and Livvie return to Caleb's apartment, Livvie once again tries to persuade Caleb NOT to let his band play at Rafe and Alison's fashion show. But Caleb insists that Caleb's plan will get the ring back sooner ~ and Caleb warns Livvie that every second that somebody else has the ring means there is REAL danger for BOTH of them! As they talk, Livvie told Caleb that she would like to go back and revisit the beginning of their relationship. Caleb instantly transports Livvie to the Villa, where they play tag among the billowing white curtains and finally hit the sheets.

Meanwhile, down by the riverside, as Christina finds Caleb's ring and hides it in her pocket, Lucy catches up to Christina. In the meantime, Kevin quizzes Ian about his research. At that moment, Chris calls Ian with news that there has been a major breakthrough in the research and that Ian should rush right over to the Hospital to meet with Chris. Although Ian is reluctant to go, Lucy and Kevin urge Ian to check in if Ian is needed at the Hospital. Finding themselves alone after Ian leaves, Kevin and Lucy begin to make small talk and begin to talk about happy memories of days gone by. When Kevin mentions remembering the way Lucy used to kiss him when he came home from work, Christina clutches the ring in her pocket and wishes that Lucy and Kevin would kiss the way they used to kiss. Kevin and Lucy suddenly find themselves in each other's arms, kissing! Meanwhile, at the Hospital, Chris explains his research results to Ian and Ian is eager to go ahead and try to new serum on himself right away. However, Chris insists that they do a few more trials before Ian gives the serum a try. Ian swears Chris to secrecy, informing Chris that Lucy is NOT to know exactly what it is they the two of them are working on together ~ and Chris agrees to keep mum. After Ian leaves, Chris gets a call from a fashion reporter, wanting an interview with "George." Chris quickly calls "George" to the phone and "George" agrees to an interview! Then Chris calls Elizabeth to try to discover HOW fashion reporters looking for "George" managed to get hold of Chris' private cell phone in order to locate "George!" At the same time, Lucy apologizes to Kevin for the kiss and begins hastily packing all the picnic goodies up to go home. As Lucy tries to avoid talking to Kevin, Lucy's cell phone suddenly rings. When Lucy answers, it is Ian, calling to remind Lucy that he loves her!

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