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Caleb and Rafe broke up the fight between Alison and Livvie, who returned to acting like themselves after the church bells rang. Everyone was suspicious of Imani. Jamal admitted to Caleb that Jamal had the ring. Jack stole the ring from Jamal, but Jamal knew it.
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Port Charles Recaps: The week of July 21, 2003 on PC
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Monday, July 21, 2003

At Lucy's Place, Ian becomes annoyed when he sees Lucy fussing over preparations for Kevin's visit to discuss visitation with Christina. When Kevin arrives, Ian makes a point of letting Kevin know that Ian does NOT believe that Kevin's change of heart is genuine. Whenever Kevin proposes a time for Kevin to be with Christina, Ian has a ready excuse for vetoing each idea. Kevin accuses Ian of TRYING to provoke an argument. Lucy tries to smooth things over, but Kevin leaves without anything being resolved. After Kevin leaves, Ian confesses that he believes Lucy is stalling signing her divorce papers because she still cares for Kevin! So Lucy signs the papers, announcing that she wants Ian to KNOW that Ian is the one and the ONLY one whom Lucy loves! Ian apologizes for his behavior and for attempting to provoke an argument with Kevin ~ and they head toward the bedroom.

Caleb is annoyed when Rafe bursts into Caleb's apartment and demands to know where Alison has been stashed this time. But Caleb becomes interested when Rafe reports that Alison went looking for Livvie, spoiling for a fight! Rafe becomes mystified when Caleb reports that Olivia baked muffins! When Rafe observes that Alison was acting like Livvie, Caleb surmises that it looks like the two women changed personalities. Caleb reminds Rafe that if the two women DO have a fight, Alison could get hurt because, although Livvie's personality has changed, Livvie STILL has fangs! As Caleb and Rafe compare notes, Rafe offers the opinion that, while Joshua's drugs COULD account for Alison's behavior, that would NOT explain what has come over Livvie! Caleb and Rafe decide they need to go scour the neighborhood together, looking for the two women, before a tragedy occurs! Meanwhile, when Livvie and Alison meet in the alley, Alison accuses Livvie of trying to destroy Alison's life, while Livvie tries to convince Alison to let go of the past. When Livvie tries to get away from Alison, Alison grabs Livvie by the hair and accuses her rival of plotting to maneuver Rafe back into Livvie's bed again! When Alison makes a threatening move toward Livvie, Livvie hisses at Alison and bares her fangs! Rafe and Caleb arrive just then and try to break up the fight, but Alison and Livvie continue to hurl insults at each other. Alison accuses Livvie of having BOTH Caleb AND Rafe swooning at her feet and lunges at Livvie. As Rafe intercepts Alison, church bells begin to ring and Livvie and Alison stand transfixed. Rafe and Caleb are mystified by what is going on, but by the time the church bells finish ringing, Alison and Livvie both return to their regular personalities. Alison and Livvie admit being baffled about what just happened and Rafe convinces Alison that it is time to head home. After Rafe and Alison leave, Caleb confides to Livvie that Caleb believes that ONLY the Morley Family Power Ring would have the power to make two people exchange personalities ~ which means that someone HAS found the ring and IS using it!

At the church, Jamal is surprised when Imani does not appear frightened or upset after Jamal confesses that he is a vampire. When Jamal speaks of the burden of his curse, Imani hints that Jamal is NOT alone in that feeling. Jamal apologizes for following Imani but insists that it was only because Jamal believed that Imani was in trouble. When Jamal prepares to leave, Imani assures him that it is OK for Jamal to be inside a church because God's love is unconditional. Jamal begins to talk about going to church with his mother. But, when Imani invites Jamal to share a smoothie with her after choir practice, Jamal bows out and Imani reluctantly agrees that Jamal is probably right! After Jamal leaves the choir room, Jamal pulls the ring out of his pocket, looks at it and asks: "What good are you if you can give me everything ~ EXCEPT my old life back and a chance with a woman like Imani? What good are you at all?"

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

When Ricky arrives at Karen's grave with flowers, he discovers a "bum" sleeping beside the grave. Ricky is surprised when he kicks the bum and discovers that the "bum" is Frank! Ricky blasts Frank for bringing nothing but misery to Karen during her lifetime. Ricky lets Frank know that Ricky has heard about Frank's attempts to provoke Caleb into a deadly fight and Ricky advises Frank that Frank's self-destructive choices are NOT the way to honor Karen's memory! Ricky appeals to Frank to try to honor Karen's memory by taking care of the ONE person Karen cared most about ~ Frank! Frank blows off Ricky's opinions and storms away. But, after Frank leaves, Ricky spots Casey, who applauds Ricky for trying to do the right thing with Frank, in spite of the fact that Ricky believes Frank was responsible for causing a lot of heartache for Karen! Ricky told Casey: "He sees Karen and I see you. But I really AM seeing you!"

However, Casey replies: "Maybe. Maybe not!" And then Casey disappears!" A mystified Ricky searches for Casey, but does NOT see the angel again!

Jamal passes by Club Elixir and spots Imani, waiting on customers, inside. Jamal briefly wonders WHAT he should wish for next on the ring and leaves. Imani spots Jamal but Jamal leaves before Imani can catch up with him. As the Open House for Rafe and Alison's new gym gets underway, Rafe is annoyed when Caleb and Livvie show up and want to discuss the way the Livvie and Alison switched personalities earlier. As Rafe reminds Caleb that Caleb had promised to stay on his own side of town, Elizabeth arrives and gushes about Alison's preparations for the Open House. Elizabeth hints to her daughter that Elizabeth's old friend, George, an important fashion designer from Milan, Italy, is due to arrive in town any day to see Elizabeth. Realizing that Caleb and Livvie are at the Open House, Elizabeth reminds Caleb that he is her estranged husband but they ARE still married. However, the happy Morley family reunion is interrupted when Jamal arrives. Jamal is happy when he learns that Imani is the waitress who has been assigned to bring the food to the Open House from Club Elixir and Alison asks Jamal to help Imani bring the food in. Imani mentions to Jamal that she saw him pass by the Club earlier and again told Jamal that she would go out for a smoothie with him. Jamal agrees to keep it in mind, but reminds Imani that they HAD decided to go their separate ways! Meanwhile, Rafe hustles Caleb into a quiet corner and lets Caleb know that Rafe has guessed that someone with Caleb's ring was probably responsible for Alison and Livvie switching personalities ~ and that Caleb REALLY showed up at the gym to see if Caleb could find clues about who has the ring at the gym! When Caleb admits that he believes that the personality switch DID convince Caleb that someone DOES have the ring, Rafe asks Caleb to share with Rafe the secret of the ring's power, so Rafe would know what he was up against if Rafe continues to help Caleb search for the ring. Caleb admits that, if Joshua HAD known how to use the ring, neither Caleb NOR Rafe would still be around! Rafe declares that Rafe believes the ring MIGHT be better off with the new owner than it ever would be with Caleb ~ so Rafe bows out of helping Caleb continue the search for the ring. Meanwhile, Alison guesses that Jamal is interested in Imani and Jamal confides that he blurted out to Imani the truth about his curse and, while Imani claimed to be cool with the revelation, Jamal is convinced that, for Imanie's own good, Jamal should NEVER hope for a relationship with Imani! However, Alison still sets it up for Jamal and Imani to spend some time together by pretending that Jamal wants Imani's recipe for the canapes Imani brought to the Open House! Meanwhile, Caleb again asks Elizabeth how she is doing and tries to apologize for the way their marriage turned out. Elizabeth brightly assures Caleb that she has moved own with her life and is busy and happy. Elizabeth brags that she is expecting a visit shortly from George, a noted European designer whom Elizabeth has known for a long time. As Elizabeth assures Caleb that she is thriving, CHRIS arrives and overhears Elizabeth's description of her happy, new relationship with George. After Caleb leaves, Chris warns Elizabeth that, IF Elizabeth is trying to rekindle the flame with her ex, Elizabeth's game needs work. Elizabeth curtly accuses Chris of being rude and ignores Chris's advice to quit TRYING to make an impression on Caleb. Elizabeth angrily dumps her drink in Chris's lap, but Chris is only mildly amused by Elizabeth's display of temper! Meanwhile, as Imani explains the ingredients of some of the refreshments to Rafe, Imani is surprised when Rafe suddenly observes that he has the feeling that the two of them have met before. However, Imani insists that she just arrived in town, then hastily makes an excuse to get some more ice. At the same time, Livvie points Imani out to Caleb and told Caleb that Livvie ran into Imani at Club Elixir before going to the gym to see Alison. And, when Livvie arrived at the gym to see Alison, Imani ALSO showed up at the gym, claiming to be looking for an apartment to rent! Livvie reports to Caleb that Imani was at the gym just before Alison and Livvie switched personalities. Caleb suggests that they NEED to know more about Imani, because the girl COULD be the ring-thief they have been trying to find. Caleb also reports to Livvie that Rafe now suspects that the ring was the cause of the personality switch. In the meantime, Jamal can NOT resist the temptation to again ask the ring to let him be able to read Imani's thoughts. Jamal learns that Imani is wishing that she could afford to join Rafe and Alison's health club. Jamal rushes off to speak to Alison ~ and Imani is soon surprised when Alison rushes up to her and told Imani that Alison would like to give Imani a complimentary first year's membership to the health club to make up for the way Alison and Livvie sort of caught Imani in the middle of their argument with one another. Imani finally accepts Alison's offer. As Alison shows the equipment to Imani, Rafe catches up with Jamal with questions about Imani! Jamal is surprised when Rafe confides that Rafe believes he knows Imani from somehwere else. Rafe also suggests that, since Imani arrived in town about the same time the ring disappeared, Rafe believes that Imani might also have Caleb's ring! After Imani leaves the gym, Alison is surprised when Livvie mysteriously reassures Alison that Caleb is going to take care of Imani! Meanwhile, outside the gym, Imani is surprised to find herself facing Caleb. And Caleb announces that he believes he has figured out Imani's secret!

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

At Lucy's Place, Ian suggests to Lucy that they do not really need to go to the Grand Opening of Rafe's gym, but Lucy insists that she feels she needs to support her cousin. Lucy confesses that she feels a bit down after admitting that her grand love for Kevin is really over, and Ian admits that he can relate to Lucy's feelings. Meanwhile, Kevin arrives at Rafe and Alison's Open House and is surprised to find that Alison is happy to see him. Kevin spots Elizabeth but, before Kevin can apologize to Elizabeth for the abrupt way he ended their relationship, Livvie grabs her father and told him bluntly that the warm, fuzzy Kevin just is NOT doing it for her! Reminding her father that Livvie was willing to sacrifice everything in her former life to be with the one man she loved, Livvie urges Kevin to fight for Lucy if he truly loves her. Meanwhile, CHRIS is mildly surprised when Elizabeth apologizes for dumping her drink on him and Elizabeth is surprised when Chris kindly asks Elizabeth to explain why this "George" person is so important to her. Elizabeth explains that there really IS a famous fashion designer named George whom Elizabeth actually does know and George had promised to come to Port Charles to design a special line of designer sportswear that could be sold through Rafe and Alison's gym. Chris extends his sympathies for the way George apparently bailed and left Elizabeth in the lurch. Chris then suggests that he knows a way to help, and disappears! Later, Alison notices her mother alone and, after cautioning her mother to go easy on the booze, Alison is shocked when Elizabeth mentions that she had just been with Chris. Alison demands to know if her mother has been in bed with Chris, but Elizabeth denies her daughter's suspicions. As Reese and Jack arrive, Reese jealously notices the warm greetings exchanged by Jack and Alison and Reese makes a nasty crack about the gym's lack of lighting. After Alison leaves, Jack jumps all over Reese for her catty remark, but Reese reminds Jack about Jack's advice to Ricky ~ that Ricky find a nice, no-strings girlfriend, the way Jack did! Meanwhile, Jamal is shocked to learn that Rafe believes that Rafe has met Imani before and that Rafe also suspects the newcomer of having bagged Caleb's missing power ring. However, as Jamal and Rafe talk, Jamal notices that Imani has been cornered outside by Caleb. Jamal angrily reassures Rafe that Imani has NOTHING to do with Caleb's ring! However, when Rafe questions the severity of Jamal's denial, Jamal just insists that it is because Jamal is interested in Imani and does NOT want anyone scaring the girl away by accusing her of taking Caleb's power ring. After Rafe apologizes for leaping to conclusions, Jamal heads outside, where Imani is having an impossible time, trying to convince Caleb that she does NOT have Caleb's ring and knows nothing about Caleb OR his father. Rafe notices where Jamal is headed and follows at a distance. As Caleb grabs Imani's wrist and demands the truth, Jamal bursts in on them. Jamal insists to Caleb that Imani does NOT have the Morley Family Power Ring! After Imani went back inside, Caleb hassles Jamal for turning into a "noble" vampire. As Jamal and Caleb argue, Rafe suddenly appears and also orders Caleb to leave Imani alone. Caleb announces that he now suspects that Imani MUST have the ring if BOTH Rafe AND Jamal are insisting that Imani does NOT have the ring! Meanwhile, Jack continues to try to guess what it will take to get Reese over being mad at him and Reese again suggests that the key to Jack's house would make a nice gift! Jack reluctantly hands the key over to Reese, but reminds Reese that the key does NOT mean they are living together. Although Reese cheerfully agrees, Jack is STILL shocked when Reese happily suggests that she will run along HOME and fix a nice surprise for Jack ~ then dashes off! At the same time, as Livvie and Kevin argue about the way Kevin appears to have resigned himself to Lucy being with Ian, Lucy and Ian suddenly arrive and find themselves facing Kevin! Meanwhile, Alison is disappointed, when Imani announces that she is leaving the Open House. But, as Alison tries to convince Imani to stay, "George" suddenly arrives, complete with European accent and flashy clothes. "George" gushes over the gym and the beautiful people assembled there and rushes over to warmly greet Elizabeth. But, when "George" happens to mention knowing that Jack likes "Duran, Duran," Jack begins to suspect a CHRIS-Rat in Designers' Clothes! However, Alison is completely taken in by Chris' rendition of how a famous European fashion designer would act. But, when Alison turns around, she is surprised to learn that Imani has suddenly disappeared! While everyone is distracted by "George," Livvie urges Kevin to use the opportunity to tell Lucy how he feels, while Lucy is angling for a better look at Elizabeth's "famous designer" boyfriend! Meanwhile, outside, as Caleb threatens to have another session of questions for Imani, this time WITHOUT the "charm," Jamal again insists that Imani does NOT have the ring! When Caleb remains unconvinced, Jamal blurts out that Jamal KNOWS that Imani does NOT have Caleb's ring, because JAMAL is the one who has Caleb's ring!

Thursday, July 24, 2003

Imani rushes home and hastily begins packing her bags. Imani tearfully contemplates the fear she feels as she realizes that she has no time now to make new friends, including Jamal. As Imani worries that Caleb Morely was quizzing her about a missing ring, Imani decides she owes Jamal an explanation before she leaves and begins writing a letter to Jamal. But, when Imani comes to the point of trying to explain her reasons for leaving so suddenly, Imani discovers that she can't do it and crumples up the letter. As Imani finally gets ready to leave, she suddenly looks out the window and sees someone pass by who frightens her. Imani quickly pulls the curtains and locks the door again. Then a trembling Imani asks herself: "How did they find me? How?"

Outside Rafe and Alison's new gym, Rafe and Caleb are both surprised when Jamal suddenly announces that JAMAL has Caleb's ring. However, when Jamal refuses to explain HOW Jamal came to have possession of the ring, Caleb refuses to believe Jamal's story and continues to suspect Imani! Caleb demands that Jamal hand the ring over to Caleb immediately if Jamal really DOES have the ring! Jamal claims that he does not have the ring with him. Jamal's story is that he has hidden the ring at the Bike Shop. Caleb demands that they leave right away to recover the ring. When Jamal told Caleb and Rafe that he has something else to do first but will meet Caleb and Rafe at the Bike Shop later, Caleb angrily demands that Jamal go with Caleb immediately. Rafe steps in, suddenly brandishing a pipe and Rafe angrily orders Caleb to leave Jamal alone!

Meanwhile, inside Rafe and Alison's Open House, CHRIS continues his masquerade as Elizabeth's boyfriend, European Fashion Designer, "George" ~ although Jack is suspicious and Elizabeth knows for sure that "George" is Chris! As Chris warms to his impersonation, Chris is oblivious to Elizabeth's broad hints that they should leave the party ~ NOW! Before Elizabeth can drag Chris away, Alison excitedly grabs George for a tour of the gym. Meanwhile, Kevin finally gets a moment to speak to Lucy, but Kevin is disappointed when Lucy cooly informs Kevin that she has signed the divorce papers. Meanwhile, Elizabeth is flabbergasted when "George" grandly promises Alison that he will design a complete line of sportswear in honor of Alison's gym! Elizabeth again tries to get "George" to go back to the Hotel with her to discuss his "plans", but "George" is too busy signing autographs! As Lucy expresses her sadness to Kevin about the way their marriage ended, "George" swoops in and hustles Lucy away, oozing flattery about the gowns Lucy has worn for the various Nurses' Balls. When Lucy briefly mentions that there is something vaguely familiar about "George" ~ Chris distracts Lucy by suggesting a fashion show! At the same time, Jack and Livvie run into each other and begin trading insults, with Livvie accusing Jack of still being angry that Livvie left Jack for Caleb. However, Jack assures Livvie that the only thing that was horrible in his life are the memories of Livvie! Jack assures Livvie that his relationship with Reese is sublimely happy and that Jack is happy that Livvie is now CALEB's headache! As "George" keeps Lucy occupied with talk of a fashion show, Ian admits to Kevin that Kevin was right and Ian DID try to pick a fight with Kevin when they were supposed to be meeting to decide a visitation schedule for Christina. Kevin takes the opportunity to remind Ian that Ian will outlive Christina, Danny AND Lucy. Kevin then urges Ian to have some compassion for his loved ones and to try to do the right thing for ALL of them! Meanwhile, Lucy and Alison become enthused about "George's" suggestion of a fashion show to be held at the gym. Elizabeth continues, WITHOUT success, to pry "George" away from the adoring Lucy! Elizabeth is devastated when Jack agrees with Alison that a rock and roll fashion show, complete with an appearance by the band, at the gym, would be a great way to publicize the gym! As everyone applauds "George's" marvelous idea, the lights suddenly blink off and on several times. As everyone inside the gym rushes out to the terrace to investigate the flashing lights, they all notice the stand-off between Caleb and Rafe! Meanwhile, Elizabeth takes advantage of the momentary confusion to drag Chris out of a side door and hustle him into the alley! At the same time, on the terrace, Lucy, Ian and Jack assure Rafe that they are willing to back Rafe up if Rafe is interested in settling Caleb's hash! Jamal takes a look in his pocket at the ring, and worries about giving the ring up just as Jamal was getting used to relying on the ring's help! When Rafe suddenly grabs Caleb by the throat, Jamal abruptly announces to Rafe that the ring is NOT worth a fight between Caleb and Rafe ~ and Jamal shocks everyone by admitting that Jamal has the ring with him in his pocket. However, when Jamal digs into his pocket again for the ring, Jamal is astounded when he realizes that the ring is gone! At the same time, in the alley, a jubilant Chris gleefully chuckles at the way he saved Elizabeth's hide by posing as "George" and pulling the wool over everyone's eyes. However, Chris is hurt when, instead of thanking him, Elizabeth blasts Chris for carrying the ruse too far! As Chris protests that he just pulled Elizabeth's reputation out of the fire, Elizabeth angrily reminds Chris that Chris just promised Alison that he was going to design a whole new line of sportswear for Alison, and then put on a fashion show at the gym that will be the biggest social event in Port Charles history! Chris at first insists that pulling all of that off will NOT be much of a problem ~ until Elizabeth reminds Chris that NEITHER of them knows the first thing about designing clothes! At the same time, Jack walks away from the gym and has another look at his newest possession ~ Caleb's ring! Jack told himself: "The Elixir is all mine. And so is Caleb's ring!"

Friday, July 25, 2003

On the Terrace outside Rafe's health club, both Rafe and Caleb are surprised when Jamal claims that the reason Jamal kept Caleb's ring was to keep Caleb and Rafe from battling each other to the death. When Caleb hints that Jamal might end up dead for trying to play the hero, Alison begs Caleb NOT to hurt Jamal. But Caleb reminds Rafe that their bargain was that Caleb would keep the Undead in town in line ~ so it is up to Caleb to straighten Jamal out! But Rafe claims that Jamal comes under Rafe's jurisdiction, as one of the Reluctant Undead. Caleb demands to know how Jamal came to have the ring. Jamal finally admits that Jamal was also at Joshua's Mansion when Joshua died. While everyone else was blinded by the smoke, Jamal saw the ring fall to the ground and Jamal grabbed the ring and ran with it. Caleb continues to insist that he believes that Jamal STILL has the ring and Caleb grabs Jamal to force Jamal to tell Caleb where Jamal has hidden the ring. At the same time, Rafe grabs Livvie and demands that Caleb turn Jamal loose or Rafe will permanently eliminate Caleb's girlfriend! Caleb insists that the ring belonged to his father, but Rafe argues that killing Jamal will NOT help them locate the ring! Alison demands that BOTH Rafe and Caleb stop their fight. Caleb reluctantly turns loose of Jamal and Caleb orders everyone to leave, before he loses his temper! Alison quickly hustles Jamal back inside to the gym. After Rafe also went inside, Livvie insists that Caleb should NOT have given in because Livvie was convinced that Rafe would NOT have actually hurt Livvie! Meanwhile, inside the gym, after Jamal leaves, Alison accuses Rafe of always being TOO ready to fight with Caleb ~ but Rafe argues that Rafe HAD to protect Jamal's life! Alison informs Rafe that if he intends to search the whole world to find that stupid ring, Rafe will find himself going WITHOUT Alison! Alison told Rafe that he will HAVE to choose between his love for a life of constant danger ~ or Alison! Rafe assures Alison that he chooses Alison, and they kiss. Meanwhile, outside, Livvie asks Caleb if there is any way to speed up the process for learning WHO has the ring. Caleb announces that there IS a way ~ but Caleb would have to go home! When Livvie announces she will go home with Caleb ~ Caleb informs Livvie that she can NOT go with Caleb ~ because Caleb is NOT speaking of going back to the Loft! Caleb must go to a place where Livvie can NOT follow!

As Ricky heads through the alley behind the rehearsal hall, he sees Casey again. Ricky angrily told Casey that she needs to either stay for good ~ or LEAVE for good ~ because Ricky can NO longer deal with Casey's on-again, off-again appearances. Casey urges Ricky to just learn to live in the moment and not ask for or expect more ~ and let that be enough for them. But Ricky insists that he believes he is losing his mind because of Casey's sporadic appearances. Especially since, this time around, no one except Ricky can see Casey! Ricky delivers an ultimatum to Casey and told the angel that she must EITHER find a way to stay with Ricky ALL the time ~ or get out of Ricky's life for good! Casey sadly asks Ricky to reconsider his request ~ but Ricky stands firm. After Casey confirms that Ricky means what he says, Casey slowly begins to fade away. After Casey disappears, Ricky insists that he did NOT mean it ~ but there is no response from Casey. Meanwhile, Jack arrives home and quickly puts Caleb's ring into a ring box. Unfortunately for Jack, Jack had forgotten that Reese was waiting for Jack at home. Reese sees the ring box and leaps to the conclusion that the ring box means that Jack has an engagement for her. Kissing Jack all over, Reese profusely apologizes for giving Jack such a hard time about the key. Jack explains to a crestfallen Reese that the ring in the box is a ring that CHRIS gave to Jack because it once belonged to their father! Reese is obviously disappointed, then pretends that she was just stringing Jack along abou believing thatt the ring in the box was an engagement ring. Jack kisses Reese to distract her and they soon hit the sheets. Afterward, Jack is surprised that Reese believes that Jack has told her that they are "official!" Then Reese begins making plans to stay the night ~ AND begin moving her clothes in to her first real HOME ~ ever! When Reese happily nips into the next room to check out Jack's closet space, Jack sneaks another clandestine peek at the ring. And, while Jack holds the ring, Jack wishes he had a way to get Reese to focus on something ~ or someone ~ else for a while ~ and get Jack out of Reese's clutches for a while! Jack is surprised when Reese suddenly returns and announces that she has an early rehearsal tomorrow and has decided that she can NOT stay overnight with Jack after all! Jack happily agrees with Reese's plan and kisses her goodbye! When Reese leaves Jack's house, Reese spots Ricky, looking up in to the sky, as if in search of something! At the same time, Jack is relieved, but baffled, by Reese's sudden change of focus. Then, with the ring in his hand, Jack asks: "What is going on in this crazy town?" Outside, Reese offers her sympathy and support to Ricky. Although Ricky brushes off Reese's offer, Reese vows to make sure that Ricky eventually takes her up on her offer! Later, as Jack puts the ring in a different hiding place, Jack is surprised when Jamal suddenly arrives. When Jamal asks WHY Jack left the party early, Jack insists that Jack was NOT in the mood to stick around to watch Caleb and Rafe go at each other yet again. But Jamal reminds Jack that Jamal remembers that Jack is an expert pickpocket ~ and Jamal demands that Jack turn the ring over to Jamal right away!

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