Port Charles Recaps: The week of July 14, 2003 on PC

Alison and Rafe found their gym trashed. Caleb and Rafe made a truce. Caleb named Jack as the band's new manager. Jamal blurted out to Imani that he was a vampire. After another of Jamal's wishes on the ring, Alison and Livvie seemed to switch personalities, puzzling Rafe and Caleb.
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Port Charles Recaps: The week of July 14, 2003 on PC
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Monday, July 14, 2003

Jamal returns to his bike shop and decides to try his magic wishing ring on something important ~ Jamal wishes he was back to normal ~ no more vampires, no more fangs. However, when Jamal checks in the mirror, he discovers that, sadly, he STILL has his fangs! When Jamal realizes that he did NOT receive his wish to be rid of his curse forever, Jamal decides, instead, to wish for a bag of money. The bag of one-hundred dollar bills immediately appears. As Jamal looks over his loot, he is distracted by a knock at the door. Learnings that his guest is Imani, Jamal stashes the money in a small refrigerator in the shop. However, the bag is too big for the refrigerator and the door pops open after Jamal leaves. Imani told Jamal that he forgot to pay his bill when he left Club Elixir. Jamal discovers that he does NOT have any spare change on him. When Jamal went in to the next room for his wallet, Imani notices that Jamal's refrigerator door is ajar and, when she went to shut the door, the bag of money falls out, spilling its contents on the floor at Jamal's feet! Jamal quickly tries to explain the money, but Imani claims that wherever Jamal keeps his money is HIS business and of no concern to her. Jamal discovers that he only has one hundred dollar bills in his bag and, when Imani does NOT have change for a hundred, Jamal told her to just keep the change. As Imani gets ready to leave, Jamal again wishes he knew what she was thinking and realizes that Imani is thinking: "I have to get out of here now! 'THEY' are expecting me!" When Jamal asks WHO is expecting her, Imani is surprised that Jamal would ask a question like that. After Imani leaves, Jamal worries that he has scared Imani away ~ but can NOT help wondering WHO would be expecting Imani if she is a stranger in Port Charles!

As Rafe and Alison walk home, Alison assures Rafe that she will be fine and that the doctor DID tell Alison that what Alison needs most is to get a lot of rest. Alison also assures Rafe that the doctor had confirmed to Alison that Joshua's drugs had probably worked their way out of Alison's system by now. When Alison questions their future plans, Rafe assures Alison that they have a wonderful life ahead and Rafe does NOT plan to let his stalemate with Caleb ruin their chance at happiness. Rafe and Alison begin to make plans for remodeling their gym and getting it up and running. However, when Rafe and Alison open the door, they realize the gym area has been trashed. They notice that someone has spray-painted the numeral 5-0-5 all over the the walls. Rafe takes out his stake and whispers to Alison that, whomever the vandal is, he is STILL in the gym. Rafe tries to hurry Alison up the stairs, just as a boy breaks out of the shadows and dashes toward the door. Rafe tackles the intruder and holds the stake in his face, angrily demanding to know WHO ordered him to vandalize the gym. As the boy pleads that he believed the place was empty and that he does NOT know anyone named Caleb, Alison switches on the lights and told Rafe that she believes the boy is telling the truth. However, Rafe continues to threaten to kill the boy unless he told Rafe the truth. But Rafe finally realizes that the boy is NOT a vampire! Alison pulls Rafe away from the boy and the very frightened boy scrambles out the door. Rafe is shocked that he nearly killed an innocent boy for vandalism because Rafe mistakenly believed the boy was working for Caleb! Shaken by what he almost did, Rafe promises Alison that he will end the enmity with Caleb, before the enmity consumes Rafe and Allison and robs them of their chance at happiness. Vowing that he will NOT take a chance on losing Alison, Rafe promises that he WILL resolve the whole conflict with Caleb ~ once and for all. Then Rafe leaves!

At Club Elixir, as Reese tries to get Ricky's help with a new song, Ricky suddenly sees Casey, peering over Reese's shoulder! Ricky rushes outside and finds Casey is there as well! Ricky demands to know if Casey is trying to drive him out of his mind. Casey denies having appeared to Ricky before. When Ricky digs into his pocket to find the earring Casey left behind at Caleb's rehearsal hall, Ricky is stunned when he discovers that the earring has disappeared! Casey assures Ricky that he needs to QUIT questioning Casey about everything that has happened. As Ricky talks to Casey, a woman comes by and asks Ricky for his autograph. When she leaves, Ricky realizes that Casey has disappeared again. Meanwhile, at Caleb's apartment, Livvie flashes back to her argument with Caleb and the way Caleb slammed out of the apartment after declaring that he resented Livvie's attempt to tell Caleb what to do. Meanwhile, Caleb ends up at Club Elixir and finds himself the center of attention for three curvaceous bat-girls. However, when it looks like the four of them are making plans to chow down on each other, Jack orders them to take their picnic somewhere else. Caleb told Jack to mind his own business, and heads for a dark corner with his three new friends. Angered by Caleb's put-down, Jack calls Livvie and lets his ex know that she can find her boyfriend at Club Elixir, having WAY too much fun! Reese reports to Jack that she has been watching Ricky, who appears to be having a conversation outside with no one at all! Jack observes that such strange behavior is NOT unusual for Ricky! When Reese learns that Jack called Livvie to report Caleb's party to Livvie, Reese accuses Jack of just wanting an excuse to call his ex ~ AND maybe to make sure that Livvie caught Caleb in the arms of other women. However, Jack protests that he merely wanted Livvie to get Caleb out of Club Elixir before the bats began to chomp on each other and give the Club an even worse reputation! When Livvie arrives and discovers Caleb snuggled up in a corner with his three new 'friends,' Caleb arrogantly invites Livvie to join them ~ but Livvie turns down Caleb's invitation! When Jack asks Livvie what she plans to do about her boyfriend, Livvie replies "Nothing!" When one of the bar patrons asks Livvie to dance, Livvie turns him down as well. Then, Livvie begins to dance alone and, as Caleb watches her, Caleb leaves the bat girls, grabs Livvie by the arm and hustles her outside, where they begin to neck! Meanwhile, Jack assures Reese that he is completely over BOTH Livvie AND Tess! Reese then asks Jack for his house key so she can fix up something special for Jack at his place and Jack agrees. But, when Reese suggests that she should just get her own key, Jack disappoints Reese by telling her that he believes that NEITHER of them is ready yet for a relationship that is getting THAT heavy!

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Kevin meets Livvie outside The Elixir and told her he would like to make amends for all of his parenting mistakes. As Livvie accepts her father's apology, Livvie brought up her pet peeve ~ Alison! Livvie is stunned when Kevin suggests that IF his daughter really DOES want to make sure that Caleb does NOT wander off in Alison's direction, the secret would be for Livvie to NOT bring Alison's name up at all. As Kevin advises his daughter to let go of her vendetta, Livvie is surprised by Kevin's advice, but promises to think about it. Meanwhile, at Lucy's Place, Ian admits that he is happy that Lucy insisted that Daniel join them in Port Charles. As Ian and Lucy discuss Kevin's surprising turn-around, Lucy reaffirms her belief that Kevin's turn around may have come about because of the wish that Lucy made. As Lucy and Ian make plans for spending more time alone together, they are interrupted by a knock on the door and are surprised to find Kevin there. Although Lucy's welcome for Kevin is less than warm, Kevin surprises Lucy by handing a set of divorce papers to her. However, before leaving, Kevin mentions that ONE issue not yet addressed by the preliminary agreement is Kevin's visitation rights with Christina. Kevin urges Lucy to realize that a continuity of Kevin in their daughter's life would surely benefit Christina in the long run. Lucy agrees to consider Kevin's opinions in making her final decisions.

At the Hospital, CHRIS meets with Elizabeth and Alison and reports that the lab tests all indicate that Joshua's drugs have worked their way completely out of Alison's system. Afterward, when Alison affirms her plan to pick up her life with Rafe, Elizabeth shocks Alison by suggesting that, perhaps, ALL of the problems that Alison and Rafe have encountered, all the the barriers that have sprung up to prevent them from having any happiness ~ are some kind of sign that Alison and Rafe will NEVER be able to live happily ever after. Elizabeth suggests that, perhaps, Alison should consider that this is Alison's golden opportunity to make a fresh start on her own, WITHOUT Rafe! As Elizabeth tries to explain to Alison that her daughter might have even MORE problems ahead of her if she stays with Rafe, Alison angrily lashes out at her mother and accuses Elizabeth of not working hard enough to make Elizabeth's own marriage to Alison's father, Malcolm, work. Alison went on to blast her mother for flitting from man to man and accuses Elizabeth of jumping in to the bed of any guy who is willing to hold her hand for a minute. As Alison and Elizabeth argue, CHRIS returns and overhears Alison's allegation that her mother hops in bed with any man who extends a sympathetic hand toward her! As soon as Alison leaves, Elizabeth breaks down in tears and CHRIS lets Elizabeth cry on his shoulder! When Elizabeth confides that her daughter just accused her of sleeping around, Chris admits that he sees NOTHING wrong with that! Elizabeth is mildly surprised, but finally agrees to join Chris in a cocktail ~ and they leave together.

Rafe and Caleb meet at the Scenic Overview of Port Charles. Rafe brought up the stalemate between them and proposes a truce. But Caleb voices his suspicion that Rafe has found the ring and is just trying to pull a fast one on Caleb. However, Rafe argues that all he wants now is to live and let live. Rafe warns Caleb that Rafe will NOT put up with Caleb trying to turn Port Charles into Vampire Land, as Joshua had envisioned. Rafe promises Caleb that Rafe would wipe all of Caleb's followers out if there were ever any indications that some plan of world domination was afoot. Caleb assures Rafe that Caleb has NO interest in following Joshua's plan to try to take over the world. When Rafe warns Caleb to stay away from Alison, Caleb accuses Rafe of being just as jealous as Livvie. But Rafe points out that, whenever Caleb's eyes wander, Livvie went nuts ~ and that puts Alison in danger if Caleb's eye just happened to be roving past Alison! Caleb agrees to stay away from Alison but also insists that Rafe must find a way to keep ALISON away from Caleb! Caleb challenges Rafe to try to forbid Alison to see Caleb and find out what happens, but Rafe remains confident that Alison will NOT miss Caleb's presence in her life! Caleb agrees and Caleb and Rafe offer each other left-handed wishes for continued happiness. However, as Rafe and Caleb agree to a truce, and shake on it, Alison is surprised when Livvie shows up at the gym and interrupts Alison's attempts to white-wash away the graffiti left by the vandal who trashed the place.

Wednesday, July 16, 2003

As Kevin takes care of referring some of his patients to Gail at the Hospital, Ian collars Kevin and demands that Kevin stay completely OUT of Lucy's life. Kevin coldly informs Ian that Kevin IS giving Lucy an uncontested divorce but does NOT intend to give up his relationship with Christina just to please Ian! Ian voices his suspicion that Kevin's sudden change of heart is all an act, but Kevin protests that Ian's suspicions are NOT Kevin's problem. Kevin reminds Ian that Kevin once pulled his family together with a miracle and is now sacrificing ALL of that to accommodate Lucy's wish to be with Ian ~ then Kevin storms away! Ian follows Kevin and keeps badgering Kevin for a promise to quit hassling Lucy about time with Christina ~ but Kevin accuses Ian of wanting ALL of Kevin's life, including the fact that Kevin is NOT among the Undead! Kevin reminds Ian that, so long as Kevin IS around, Kevin is a reminder that Ian's life is built on someone else's pain and that Ian can 'go to Hades' for all Kevin cares! Kevin reminds Ian that Kevin does NOT like Ian and that Kevin believes that Lucy has made a BIG mistake by letting Ian move in and take over her life! Kevin warns Ian to stay OUT of Kevin's relationship with Christina ~ then Kevin storms away again!

In the Bike Shop, as Jamal contemplates Caleb's ring and wonders about the undiscovered power of the ring, Jamal is surprised by a visit from Rafe. Rafe fills Jamal in on his plans for opening the gym at last and then Rafe thanks Jamal for looking after Alison while Alison was held captive in Joshua's Mansion. Rafe confides to Jamal that he has agreed to a truce with Caleb. When Jamal questions HOW Caleb and Rafe managed to declare a truce, Rafe explains that, since there are friends ~ like Jamal ~ who are NOW among the Undead ~ exterminating all of the Undead is NO LONGER an option! When Jamal asks what Rafe knows about Caleb's ring, Rafe offers the opinion that the ring not only protects the head vampire, but also has other, special powers ~ and it is THOSE powers which are the reason for Caleb's obsession for locating the ring. Jamal asks if it might be possible for the ring to do 'good' things ~ such as cure the common cold or produce world peace. But Rafe cautions that, since the ring comes from Caleb and Caleb's long line of Undead ancestors, it is MORE likely that the ring would do more harm than good! When Jamal asks what would happen if one of the 'good' guys found the ring, Rafe replies that the 'good' guy probably would NOT stay a 'good' guy for long! Rafe asks Jamal to stop off and see Alison when he gets a chance and Jamal agrees. Meanwhile, at the gym, Alison voices her suspicions about Livvie's impromptu visit and is surprised when Livvie announces that she came to apologize! After Alison hesitantly accepts Livvie's apology, Alison is surprised that Livvie then announces that Livvie wants to help Alison finish painting over the graffiti sprawled all over the gym! Alison reluctantly agrees to accept Livvie's help. But, as Alison and Livvie paint, Alison is shocked when Livvie suddenly announces that Livvie also forgives Alison! Alison angrily reminds Livvie that Alison has NOT done anything to Livvie that approximates any of the dirty tricks Livvie has pulled on Alison! As Alison and Livvie begin to hurl insults at one another again, Jamal walks in on their argument!

At Club Elixir, Caleb lets Jack know that Caleb has guessed that Livvie showed up the other night because Jack called his ex. Caleb surprises Jack when Caleb compliments Jack on his quick thinking and agrees that Jack can become the official manager of the band ~ but Caleb warns Jack that this is a probationary period only! However, Caleb ALSO voices his suspicion that Jack has NOT really accepted a peaceful co-existence with the Undead in town! As Caleb orders the band members to get ready to practice, a belligerent Frank lurches in the door and demands that the 'party' get under way right away! When Jack worries about Frank starting some sort of fight in the Club, Caleb suggests that Jack let Caleb take care of it. When Jack steps away, Jack runs in to Ricky. Ricky confides to Jack that Ricky keeps seeing Casey appear at odd moments and in odd places ~ and it is driving Ricky to distraction! Meanwhile, Frank tries to put the moves on Bat Girl Stacey. Caleb tries to convince Frank and Stacey to take their picnic outside the Club, but Frank blows off Caleb's 'suggestions!' So Caleb coldly reminds Frank that, with Joshua gone, Frank needs to get used to the new realities in town unless Frank wants to buy a WHOLE lot of trouble ~ and end up somewhere in Hell, right next to his old boss! As Frank and Caleb argue, Jack advises Ricky to get rid of the haunting images of Casey by getting involved with a low maintenance woman who is only interested in a good time ~ and NOT going to mess up his life! Unfortunately for Jack, Reese overhears Jack's advice to Ricky! Reese angrily accuses Jack of seeing Reese only as a low-maintenance roll in the hay! Then Reese pours her drink all over Jack and storms out of the Club! Meanwhile, Frank angrily informs Caleb that Frank plans to do things his own way. Caleb grabs Frank and hustles Frank out the door, warning Frank that it is STILL dangerous to cross Caleb! When Caleb returns, Jack thanks Caleb for taking out the trash. However, outside, Frank vows revenge! Later, when Rafe arrives at the Club, Frank suddenly jumps out of the shadows and attacks Rafe!

Thursday, July 17, 2003

At Lucy's Place, Lucy tries to explain to Christina why Kevin does not live with them any more but Ian does. Christina admits she does NOT understand, but Lucy hustles Christina off to bed just as Ian returns home. After Christina went to bed, Lucy is surprised when Ian announces that he told Kevin to stay away from Lucy and Christina. Although it is not quite true, Lucy argues that Kevin has been the ONLY man in Christina's life, but Ian accuses Lucy of still having a soft spot for her "Doc." Then Ian insists that he believes that Kevin's 'change of heart' is NOT genuine! Lucy convinces Ian to forget about Kevin for the time being and have some pizza. Ian told Lucy to order the pizza, while Ian heads out to pick the pizza up. However, when Lucy picks up the phone, she realizes that Christina has called Kevin and Lucy listens in as Kevin told Christina a tender good-night. Later, when Ian returns with a pizza and complains that Lucy forgot to call, Lucy confides that she listened in on Christina and Kevin talking to each other. Lucy stuns Ian when she announces that she believes it is important for Christina to spend time with Kevin!

Outside Club Elixir, smarting from Caleb's put-down, Frank attacks Rafe. But Rafe quickly turns the tables and comes after Frank with a raised stake. However, before Rafe can do any serious damage to Frank, Caleb arrives and orders Rafe to let Frank go. Rafe is reluctant to let Frank get away with such an open attack on Rafe. But Caleb implores Rafe to let Caleb handle the situation with Frank. Rafe finally agrees to let Caleb handle Frank, but warns Caleb that this is the one and ONLY time Rafe will be able to overlook Caleb's vampires getting out of line like that! When Caleb asks if Frank is suicidal, Frank admits that he has a death wish! Rafe leaves, after telling Caleb that he will give Caleb this ONE chance to deal with a vampire attacking a human ~ on his own!

At Alison and Rafe's gym, Jamal walks in as Alison and Livvie resume their argument. As Jamal tries to separate Alison and Livvie, they are all surprised when Imani suddenly shows up. Imani explains that she is answering an advertisement for an apartment to rent. Although Imani is thinking about renting the apartment, she notes the tension between Alison and Livvie and announces that she must have come at the wrong time. Alison implores Imani to go ahead and look at the apartment and Jamal offers to show the apartment to Imani and urges Alison and Livvie to resume their painting. After Jamal leaves, Alison picks up a paintbrush but turns around too quickly and gets paint all over Livvie! After Jamal shows the apartment to Imani, Jamal flashes back to Rafe's warning that Caleb's ring probably would do more harm than good ~ but Jamal still can NOT resist the temptation to wish again that he could know what Imani is thinking! Jamal is surprised when he realizes that Imani is thinking that, while she WOULD like the apartment, it IS strange that Jamal seems to turn up around EVERY corner that Imani turns! Then Imani again worries about meeting someone. In the meantime, Alison tries to clean the paint off of Livvie, but ends up getting more paint on Livvie instead. Livvie accuses Alison of doing all of that deliberately, and dumps a bucket of paint on Alison! The argument soon escalates into a shouting and shoving match. Meanwhile, outside, Imani told Jamal she will need more time to make up her mind. When Jamal and Imani return to the gym, Jamal and Imani discover Livvie and Alison throwing paint all over each other! Imani announces that she probably does NOT want the apartment after all, and rushes away! Jamal tries to get Alison and Livvie to end their fight, but Alison accidentally splashes some of the paint all over Jamal! Jamal impulsively wishes that Alison and Livvie could spend some time in each other's shoes to find out how it feels. After Jamal leaves, Alison and Livvie both notice that they are wearing each other's shoes! At the same time, Jamal follows Imani to a church near the waterfront and watches as Imani takes a long, black gown out of her purse and puts it on over her street clothes before going inside. Then Jamal creeps up to the door to listen to what is going on inside. In the meantime, Caleb tries to convince Frank to give up his old allegiance to Joshua, but, when Frank remains belligerent, Caleb grabs Frank and promises to give Frank the oblivion that Frank seems to want! But, as Caleb grabs Frank by the throat and begins choking him, "Livvie," arrives and begs a startled Caleb to let Frank go! Caleb does release Frank, but asks Livvie what is wrong with her! At the same time, Rafe returns to the gym and finds "Alison' complaining about her fight with Livvie and 'Alison' promises to get even with Livvie, but slips and refers to Livvie as "Little Miss Goody-Two-Shoes!" Rafe is surprised that Alison would refer to Livvie as a "Goody Two Shoes!" Alison distracts Rafe by beginning to kiss him.

Friday, July 18, 2003

Jamal follows Imani to a building near the waterfront and watches as she shakes a black gown out of her handbag and puts it on over her street clothes before entering the building. When Imani went into a locked room inside the building, Jamal becomes concerned that Imani might be in trouble and breaks down the door. Jamal is shocked when he realizes that he has burst in on a church choir rehearsal! Imani demands an explanation and accuses Jamal of following her when Jamal admits that he believed that Imani was in some kind of trouble. However, with a twinkle in her eye, the Choir Director told Imani that it is obvious that Jamal likes Imani ~ and the choir director invites Jamal to stay for rehearsal! As Imani sings "Amazing Grace," Jamal is impressed by Imani's voice! However, after rehearsal, Imani again blasts Jamal for following her and accuses Jamal of having a sick, twisted mind. Jamal is surprised that Imani is offended to learn that he was following him. Imani reminds Jamal that she NEVER asked for Jamal's help! When Imani told Jamal that he is a sick person whom she would NEVER want in her life, Jamal leaps to the conclusion that someone has told Imani that Jamal is a vampire. However, Imani is truly shocked when Jamal blurts out his news!

Victor finds Frank drinking in the alley behind Club Elixir and implores Frank to come home with him. Frank refuses, then confesses that he feels guilty because he turned so many people in Port Charles into Creatures of the Night on Joshua's orders. Then Frank admits to Victor that Frank KNOWS it was Frank's fault that Karen died. Victor urges Frank to get in touch with Ian ~ who appears hopeful that Ian and CHRIS will be able to discover a cure for their vampirism! However, Frank insists that, while Victor and even Mary might forgive Frank for some of the things Frank has done, FRANK will NEVER be able to forgive himself!

At the gym, Rafe is baffled by Alison's sudden erotic, aggressive behavior and hesitantly convinces Alison to go upstairs, take a shower and get rid of some of the paint that Livvie dumped on her before making any more plans for the evening! When Alison comes right out and suggests that she probably will need Rafe's help in taking it all off, Rafe suggests rather that Alison take some time ~ alone! ~ to relax. Alison finally agrees and heads upstairs. When Alison returns, wearing a tight, slinky black gown and again begins making erotic moves in Rafe's direction, Rafe observes that he believes something is wrong. Alison then angrily begins asking WHY Rafe was with Livvie on the docks when Rafe and Livvie found Caleb and Alison talking together. Alison reminds Rafe that, while Rafe demanded to know WHY Alison was with Caleb, Alison NEVER asked Rafe what Rafe had been doing alone with Livvie all of that time! Then Alison angrily asks if Rafe has REALLY wanted Livvie all along, including when Rafe was married to Livvie ~ although Rafe protests that Alison KNOWS that Rafe was a victim of Livvie's dirty tricks when Rafe married Livvie! When "Alison" begins accusing Rafe of slipping around behind her back to continue seeing his ex-wife on the sly, Rafe angrily orders "Livvie!" to stop it! When Rafe decides he needs to call Ian because Alison must still be suffering from Joshua's drugs, Alison sharply orders Rafe to put down the phone! Alison then jumps all over Rafe for accidentally calling her "Livvie!" and again accuses Rafe of having wanted Livvie all along! Rafe again tries to get Ian on the phone and, when Rafe can't get Ian, Rafe asks to be connected to CHRIS! Alison suddenly begins to meekly agree with Rafe that she seriously needs help. But, when Rafe turns his back, Alison slips out the door and runs in to the street. Once in the street, "Alison" decides that she needs to get even with Livvie once and for all for trying to steal Alison's man ! And Alison heads toward Livvie and Caleb's apartment!

Meanwhile, Livvie and Caleb arrive home and, when Caleb tries to get erotic, he is surprised that Livvie appears more interested in baking muffins and changing into a comfy pink sweat suit! Caleb is further puzzled when Livvie emotionally urges Caleb to learn how to forgive Frank and give up a life of anger and violence. Caleb agrees to "go along" with Livvie's latest "game," but Livvie sweetly insists that she is NOT playing any kind of game! When "Livvie" admits that she has no more reason to leap to conclusions whenever she finds Caleb and Alison alone together, Caleb announces that it doesn't make any difference now, because Caleb and Rafe have declared a truce and have agreed that Livvie and Caleb will be staying on THEIR side of town, while Rafe and Alison will stay on THEIR side of town! However, when Caleb decides it is time to hit the sheets, Caleb is surprised when "Livvie" starts making excuses for NOT dealing with any fangs for the night. When Caleb bares his fangs any way, Livvie surprises Caleb by appearing to be quite frightened and, gathering up her clothes, "Livvie" makes a mad dash into the street! As Livvie runs away from Caleb's fangs, she runs into Alison, bent on revenge! "Alison told "Livvie": "You give me one good reason NOT to end your life right now!"

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