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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of July 14, 2003 on ATWT
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Monday, July 14, 2003

At Oakdale Memorial Hospital, Katie and Mike find Hal and report that they confronted the wheelchair killer in the burn unit. Hal takes off, and Alison worries about Chris' whereabouts while Susan wonders why Rick has not returned from checking out. Hal finds that the hooded figure in the wheelchair is the body of intern Gordon, with a hypodermic syringe clutched in his hand. Dr. Daniels, Rick, and Chris all appear, and Hal boldly states, "It looks like the serial killer has taken one last life - his own!" Everyone rejoices, thinking the killer has been found, but Hal still questions all the people there about their whereabouts that evening. Rick admits that he did not actually check out, but says that he was stuck in an elevator during the power outage. Hal accepts everyone's explanations and informs them all that there will be no more questions that night. Everyone prepares to go home, abandoning all plans to celebrate Alison's birthday. Emily begins to apologize to Rick for suspecting him, and Rick confides to her that he has proposed to Susan. Chris hugs Alison after sharing his sadness about the death of Gordo, his former friend. Alison tells Chris that she is finally "ready," but he responds, "Ready for what?" Just then a nurse rushes up, demanding that Chris follow her to Bob's room, right away. After checking Rick out of the hospital, Susan tells Rick that she will marry him. They kiss passionately, right there in the hall of the hospital. Hal, Dr. Daniels, and Alison arrive, then Chris runs up to all of them to announce that Bob has regained consciousness. Chris and Alison rush off to call the rest of the family, and Susan rushes to see Bob, declaring that this makes her happiness perfect. Alone, Rick's smile leaves his face and he mutters, "Perfect, just perfect."

In the hotel bar, Rose shows Dusty the ring the bartender gave her, which is engraved with the words, "'til death," the wedding ring Rose had bought for Paul. She reasons that, since she had never picked the ring up from the jeweler, that Paul must have picked it up himself and asked the bartender to deliver it to her. Dusty tries to convince Rose that someone must be playing a trick on her, but Rose insists that she must go to the mausoleum to make peace with Paul before she can go further with Dusty. Rose promises to come back to Dusty's room, and Dusty gives her a card key to his room. Rose arrives at the mausoleum to talk to Paul with her head covered by a black shawl, looking momentarily like the wheelchair killer. She finds the plaque lying on the ground where Paul dropped it. Holding the plaque, Rose pours her heart out to Paul, saying goodbye to him. She repeats the words "'til death," promising that she will not forget him. She props the plaque on a shelf and places the wedding ring beside it. She turns to leave, crying, "I did love you. I did." Before she leaves, however, she calls Dusty on her mobile phone telling him that she is on her way to his hotel room.

Back at the hotel, Barbara gazes openmouthed at Paul, who pushes her grasping hands away, announcing, "Paul Ryan is alive, but your lapdog son is as dead as a doornail." Barbara tries to blame James for Paul's attitude, but Paul tells Barbara about his visit to James, explaining that he will have nothing to do with James either. As Barbara begs for forgiveness, Jennifer sweeps in modeling the dress Barbara designed for her. Jennifer joyfully embraces Paul, and Barbara looks fleetingly happy at her two children, but Paul immediately demands that Barbara tell Jennifer what Barbara has done to him. When Barbara stands mute, Paul tells Jennifer that Barbara paid his best friend to sleep with the woman he wanted to marry. He insists that he wants to take Jennifer as far away from Barbara as he can. When Barbara begs Paul to "work through this," he replies, "With a chain saw, maybe!" Paul is taken aback when Jennifer berates him for hurting everyone in the family by pretending to be dead. Barbara chimes in, shrilly telling Paul that he sounds like his father. Paul and Barbara shout at each other, leaving Jen torn and bewildered. Paul leaves, and Jen and Barbara embrace, but Jen draws back, asking how Barbara could have hurt Paul like she did.

At the hotel bar, Katie and Mike, relieved to have escaped from the hospital, sip tropical drinks. Mike tells Katie, "The next guy who catches your eye will be a lucky man." They share a warm hug, each of them obviously feeling more than friendship, but both afraid to spoil their relationship by revealing their true feelings.

Rose is on the elevator on her way to Dusty's room when the elevator stops and the door opens. Paul comes into the elevator and they stand face to face.

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Lucy and Aaron are happy to be camping alone together, unaware that Craig and Rosanna are close by. Aaron leaves the tent to get the rest of their camping supplies and Craig emerges from his tent to search for Lucy and Aaron. Aaron is shocked to see Craig, and Lucy is furious. Livid that Craig is ruining their weekend, Lucy wants to pack up and leave before Craig and Rosanna know they are gone. Meanwhile, Rosanna suggests to Craig that they go. Lucy enters their tent to announce they are leaving and Craig offers to leave instead. Lucy declares that she will leave for Montega if Craig interferes with her and Aaron again, and never come back. Craig is so pathetic that Aaron suggests they stay until there is light to leave. At Barbara's suite, Barbara defends her actions to Jennifer. Jennifer goes down to the lounge and encounters Dusty. She reveals that Paul is alive, and Dusty goes to search for Rose. Meanwhile, a surprised Rose passes out in Paul's arms. He stops the elevator. Rose awakens and realizes Paul is alive. He finds Dusty's room key and reacts when he realizes she was on her way to Dusty. Rose realizes the depth of Paul's anger and bitterness. He tells Rose how he expected her to stop him before he left Oakdale, but when she didn't, he realized she loves Dusty. He says not to blame Barbara for her choices. Rose starts the elevator and when the doors open, Dusty and Paul come face to face. Later, Rose runs into Jennifer, who blames Rose and Dusty for Paul's new attitude. Dusty tells Paul that Rose is his now and Paul should back off. After, Rose returns Dusty's room key and states that now that Paul is alive, everything has to change.

Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Barbara ordered checks for Jennifer and put money into her account but Jen says she can't accept it because she doesn't want to take sides. Barbara tells her that even though she interfered with Paul, Rose is the one that broke his heart.

Paul goes to see Will who is completely surprised to see him. He can't believe his brother is alive and says to him, "You know, you look different." Paul's reply is, "Yes, that's what I hear." Hal comes out and is shocked to see Paul who tells Hal that he wants Jen and Will to stay with him. Hal says he can't take Will away from Barbara because they have a good relationship. He tells Paul that he understands the situation but it is just not possible. Paul is determined to take Will even though Hal tries to convince him not to. Barbara arrives with Jen just as Paul is about to take Will. Barbara says tonight is her night with Jen and Will and Paul can see them tomorrow.

Susan asks Emily and Alison to meet her for breakfast and to tell them that she is getting married. They aren't pleased and they don't want their mother to get hurt. Susan gets upset and leaves. Then, Emily and Alison talk and decide to surprise their mother at the hospital and congratulate her on her engagement.

At the campsite everyone wakes up after only a little sleep. Craig and Rosanna are getting ready to leave. Aaron sees Craig and tells him to watch the poison ivy. When Aaron leaves to go swimming, Craig rubs his towel into the poison ivy. Then he tries to get Aaron to use the towel. Aaron talks about fishing and Craig recalls how he use to go fishing with Bryant. Aaron says that Lucy talks about Bryant all the time and Aaron wishes he could have hung out with him. Craig "becomes soft" and tells Aaron not to use the towel. Lucy comes over to Craig and says she wants to talk to him. Craig asks why and Lucy says she wants to tell him that she loves him. Rosanna folds all the towels and packs up their belonging. Craig tells Lucy he's chilly and grabs a towel to put around him. As Rosanna and Craig leave, Craig scratches his neck.

The good news is that Bob is coming out of the coma. Rick goes over to Bob's room and Kim apologizes to him for the way she handled things. Rick tells Kim to get a cup of tea so that he can be alone in Bob's room and inject him. He says, "Sorry old man. If you wake up, I've got a problem." Just then Ben walks in right before Rick can inject Bob. Rick says he came into the room because he thought he saw Bob move. Rick tells Susan he wants to be back on Bob's case. Susan goes to Kim and tells her to let Rick be Bob's doctor again. Kim asks to see Rick and then asks him to work alongside Ben. Kim goes to tell Ben while Rick again tries to inject Bob but this time a nurse walks in. As he leaves the room, he says to himself, "No need to rush now that Kim has given me access. I have all the time in the world." Bob starts to wake up and the first face he sees is Rick's. Rick says to him, "I'm going to take good care of you."

Thursday, July 17, 2003

Aaron tells Lucy he still wants her. Lucy wants Aaron to assure her they are doing the right thing. He does and later, they make love. Threatened by Rick, Bob's monitors go off, bringing Ben rushing in. Rick assures Ben he'll keep an eye on Bob. Bob wakes to a loving Kim. When Rick enters, Bob becomes agitated. Rick claims that Bob might not know who Kim is. Rick sends Kim home and zeroes in on Bob. As Rick is about to inject Bob, Walker enters. Troy doesn't want Bonnie at the community center since she has no authorization. Sarah sees Bonnie and is thrilled. Walker begins questioning Sarah about her past. Walker gets nowhere with Sarah. Later, Bonnie hears Sarah singing a Portuguese song, and thinks it could be a clue to where she was born. Paul claims Barbara was going to poison Will against him, and gloats that he foiled her plan and will do it again. Paul and Barbara continue to spar, and Hal tries to protect Will from fighting between Barbara and Paul. Will wants Paul to join them for dinner. Jennifer asks Paul not to cause trouble; the family has had enough. Paul begs off the family dinner. Hal warns Paul that if he hurts Will in any way, he's going to answer to Hal. Rose wants to handle Paul alone and gets Dusty to back off. Rose informs Holden that Paul is alive. Holden tries to discourage Rose from becoming involved with Dusty but Rose admits he gets to her. Holden suggests that Rose give Paul another chance. Dusty tells Lily that Paul is alive and warns Lily that Paul will hurt Rose. Lily refuses to buy into Dusty's cry for help. Dusty says he'll go it alone and leaves, more shaken than he realizes. At the Lakeview lounge, Paul arrives and he kisses Rose.

Friday, July 18, 2003

by Andy

Bonnie pressures Sarah at the shelter to try to remember where she learned the song she was singing. Sarah doesn't care if she recovers from her mystery illness or not. Bonnie doesn't understand her ambivalence. Sarah reasons once she has recovered, Bonnie will leave, and she will be left alone to fend for herself within the system again. Bonnie is taken aback, then steps forward and hugs Sarah. "I'm not going to leave you alone." Bonnie tells Sarah she missed having a stable family growing up. After this bonding moment, Sarah trusts Bonnie enough to tell her she knows she is actually from Brazil.

Alison surprises Chris with a kiss on the neck, but Chris tells her he needs some time alone, "just for today." Alison pouts and walks away. Later, Alison gets in Chris' face again, and he can't help but be brutally honest with her. He's worried sick about his father, and his job has been stressful. He cracks under the pressure and says, "You can't see anything beyond your own little world, and to be honest with you, I wanna get as far away from you as I possibly can." Alison absorbs his tirade, then fires back with one of her own, "Honesty is important, and I wanna be just as honest with you. You're a skunk! You want some down time? Well, you can have it." Alison turns and walks away, stopping to hang her head in dejection after she rounds a corner and is out of his sight.

Dr. Daniels walks in on Dr. Decker. Bob is awake, but isn't able to speak. He looks panicked and scared. Walker leans in and asks Bob what is wrong while Dr. Decker hides his syringe. Dr. Decker tries to get Walker away from Bob, when Walker notices that Bob's nurse-call buzzer is hanging from the side of his bed out of reach. Walker replaces it so Bob can easily access the device. Ben arrives and asks Dr. Daniels to leave the room so Bob can rest. Bob is so agitated that his heart monitor races. Ben prescribes a higher dose of blood pressure medicine. Everyone leaves the room, then Bob mutters, "Mur...Muródur." Outside the room, Rick and Walker continue to bicker when Dr. Dixon arrives to settle Bob's care. John demands that Walker finish his official report on the murders immediately. John leaves, and Walker takes the opportunity to warn Dr. Decker he is still a suspect. Later, Ben and Dr. Decker agree to restrict access to Bob to only immediate family and attending physicians. Rick reenters Bob's room and exclaims, "Finally! Alone at last Bob! I'm going to make sure you don't have another care in the world." He pulls out a syringe and starts for Bob's I.V. unit.

Paul and Rose finish up their mutual kiss. Rose shyly asks, "What was that?" Paul plays the timid ex-lover, and says, "I don't know. It occurred to me we never got a chance to kiss good-bye." Rose licks her lips and says, "Is that supposed to be funny?" She then tells him, again, that she tried to find him. It comes out that it probably didn't work between them because Paul was too good of a person. Paul wants to vomit. He calmly tells her, "You chose the guy who was running a scam on you. Like, I was going to stick around to see how that played out..." Rose didn't want the relationship to end that way. Paul inches closer to her on the couch, looks her in the eye, and says, "It didn't end...I'm here. You're here. And that kiss proves that whatever was between us is far from over." Rose lays it out, and says if you play dead, it's over. She also calls his kiss pushy. She doesn't scold him, but she does warn Paul, "From now on, you should keep your lips to yourself." Paul says it won't be easy because kisses like those reveal secrets, "and you've got a lot to hide." He tells Rose there will always be something between them. Dusty walks up, bends down, and whispers in Paul's ear, "Not if I have something to say about it." Rose stands up and decides to leave. Dusty tries to control his new girlfriend and demands that she tell Paul to stay away from her. Rose pauses, then bumbles about how they were only talking, denying Dusty what he wished for. Paul tries to assuage Dusty's fear that he is back to reclaim Rose's heart, but Dusty doesn't buy his act. Rose leaves the room in disgust. Paul submits to one last warning from Dusty before the new boyfriend turns to catch up to Rose. Rose and Dusty have a minor fight in the hallway before heading off upstairs. Paul walks into the hall and watches them walk away, "Enjoy it while it lasts, Dusty."

Rose and Dusty return to his room and he again tells her to stay away from Paul. Rose squirms out of committing to any promise. Dusty sinks further into insecurity and tells her if she loves Paul, she should "walk out that door right now and don't come back." To demonstrate how much Dusty loves her, he says that he would do everything he did just to fall in love with her all over again. Then he asks Rose, "Don't you feel the same way?" She says that deep down inside she was confused. He pushes more of her buttons, and she grabs his neck and pulls him into a passionate kiss. Dusty forces Rose to tell him that she wants to be with him. She says, "Yes. I need you. I want you." They begin to rip at each other's clothes and then fall into bed.

Marshall interrupts Tom and Margo in a kiss at the police station with an urgent matter he has been trying to clear up all morning. Tom brushes Marshall's concern aside, then meets with Jessica about rejoining the DA's office. Jessica asks, "When do I start?" Tom says, "Five minutes ago. Welcome aboard." Marshall congratulates Jessica. She sets the record straight with her rapist and tells him they will only spend time in court together.

Paul calls his sister and tells her to meet him in the lounge as soon as possible.

Chris gives Walker Gordo's autopsy report. He finds that Potassium Chloride was found in Gordo's system, but Walker isn't sure it is enough to prove he was the killer.



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