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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of July 7, 2003 on ATWT
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Monday, July 7, 2003

Sarah walks up to Bonnie and Isaac at Oakdale Memorial Hospital, where she immediately collapses. After examining Sarah, Dr. Daniels tells Bonnie and Isaac that Sarah has a fever and a rash, but that she cannot be admitted into the hospital because she is a ward of the state. Dr. Daniels gives Bonnie medicine for Sarah and tells Bonnie that the shelter should see to it that Sarah's treatment is continued at the free clinic. Instead of taking Sarah back to the shelter, Bonnie insists on taking her home with her. Isaac looks disgusted, but the two of them leave with Sarah.

At Jessica's apartment, Jessica and Ben wait for Bonnie and Isaac to join them for dinner. While they wait, Ben encourages Jessica to begin planning their wedding. When Jessica tries to change the subject, Ben asks her directly if she is having doubts about marrying him. Jessica confesses to Ben that she is not ready to marry because she fears physical intimacy as the result of her attempted rape. Ben holds her gently and promises to stay with her. Interrupting their intimate and reassuring conversation, Bonnie, Isaac, and Sarah arrive, and Bonnie announces that Sarah is going to stay with them that night. Isaac declares to Jessica that he is getting tired not only of Sarah but of Bonnie as well.

In the Montana barn where Carly and Jack's wedding was held, Mike cries to Molly that finding out that Jack is Sage's father has made him feel that something vital has been taken away from him. As Molly, wearing a sundress that barely covers her top, holds him, Katie walks in and sees them in an embrace. Katie backs out of the door and bumps into Rosanna and Craig. After Rosanna leaves, Katie tells Craig that, in spite of her real feelings for Mike, she won't go after Mike because it might spoil their friendship. Meanwhile, inside, Mike tells Molly that he has decided to stay in Oakdale because Katie has become a special friend. Molly responds that she realizes that it is over between herself and Mike, and leaves Mike in the barn. On the porch, Carly and Rosanna decide that when they get back to Oakdale they will begin spending time together with both their families. Jack returns to the porch to tell the sisters about Lily and Rose's rescue, and Rosanna escorts them back inside the barn to the reception. Jack and Carly dance, as do Craig and Rosanna, the men looking forward to a future of "family time" together with mixed feelings. Katie feels left out, but Mike comes up to her to tell her that he has decided to stay in Oakdale. Katie is so thrilled that she throws her arms around him, then they begin dancing. Molly, still in her very revealing sundress, picks Parker up and dances with him.

At the Stewart property, Margo leaves Lily and Holden beside the well to go find Rose. Dusty enters the house to find Rose standing on a teetering chair with a rope around her neck. Brackett comes up behind Dusty with a gun, and the two men fight, falling out the door. The chair tips away under Rose's feet, and she finds herself swinging in the air by her neck. Rose feels herself being lifted down to the floor and sees Paul's face. She faints in his arms and he gently places her on the floor. Dusty wrests the gun from Brackett and holds Brackett at gunpoint until Margo arrives. When Dusty rushes back to find Rose on the floor, he wonders how she got down. When Rose opens her eyes to see Dusty, she conceals the fact that she saw Paul. Margo arrives to tell Rose that Lily is on her way to Memorial in an ambulance, then Margo takes Rose and Dusty back to the police station. When Margo tells Rose that Spangler and Brackett were working for James Stenbeck, Paul's image flashes into Rose's mind, but she says nothing. Holden and Lily arrive from the hospital, and Rose and Lily, now clean, embrace. After a hostile encounter with Holden, Dusty offers to take Rose home, but Rose chooses to go home with Lily. Dusty leaves the police station, saying, "Someday you'll see I'm not the think I am." Margo follows Rose to ask again how she got down from the noose, but Rose pretends not to know and rushes out, following Holden and Lily.

Paul returns to the Stewart cabin and calls the federal prison from his cellular phone. He asks for permission to visit James Stenbeck and gives his name truthfully as Paul Ryan.

Tuesday, July 8, 2003

The morning after the wedding, Craig tells Carly he'll miss how they fueled each other's ambitions. Carly swears she won't be involved in any more of his schemes. They reach a happy agreement and embrace. Jack enters. He pretends to be angry with Craig but then thanks him for coming to their wedding. At Jessica's, Bonnie is exhausted from looking after a sick Sarah all night. Bonnie wants Sarah to stay but Troy says she has been inconsistent with Sarah and insists on taking her back to the shelter. When they leave, Bonnie suggests she and Jessica provide a foster home for Sarah. Jessica refuses. Rose gets flowers from Dusty. Lily asserts Dusty is not welcome in her home. Rose assures Lily she means to keep her promise. Rose remembers seeing Paul. Lily assumes Rose was hallucinating but Rose can't explain how she survived the noose. Meanwhile, Dusty wants info on James and his involvement in the kidnapping. Margo agrees James' true motives are usually masked. Barbara arrives and they get into another argument. At Lily's, the kids come home and the family shares a happy reunion. Later, Dusty shows up to see Rose. Alone, Rose explains that family is now her priority. She asks for Dusty's patience. In prison, Paul blasts James for hurting Rose and Lily. James had to go to desperate measures to smoke Paul out. Paul is enraged. James points out Paul's cruelty for letting everyone think he was dead. Paul declares that he is no longer anyone's pawn. James is proud to hear Paul speak with such authority and encourages his son to seek revenge. Paul threatens James with death if he ever gets the chance. As Paul storms away, James reveals that he has one more card to play in this game.

Wednesday, July 9, 2003

At the hospital, Emily goes to Rick's room to look for her mother. She sees that Rick isn't in bed, turns around and gets startled because Rick is right behind her. Rick notices that Emily was a little jumpy. Susan comes in and Emily says she wanted to make plans for Alison's birthday. Rick says he wants to be a part of it. After Emily leaves, Rick tells Susan that he can tell that Emily knows about his past at the other hospital. Susan thought it best that her daughters heard about it from her but Rick says he's trying to make friends and doesn't want to scare them away. He says the girls would probably be more comfortable if he stopped seeing their mother but Susan doesn't want that to happen. He says that Walker Daniels is the only problem. Rick convinces Susan that Walker could be ruining the girls' views and opinions. He then asks Susan to marry him.

Alison thinks Chris has a birthday gift for her but he is only returning a sweater she left at his house. She is upset that he forgot her birthday. Katie tries to cheer her up telling her all the perks of being 18, like voting and getting a credit card. Then, Chris shows up with a gift. It is a necklace and Alison says it is beautiful. Chris says, "just like the girl who's gonna wear it" and then he kisses her.

Dusty asks Rose why they can't be together. She tells him because of Paul and says that he's like "a dark storm cloud hovering over the both of us." Rose recalls how she almost died and she remembers how she "saw" Paul. She decides not to mention this to Dusty who says he really cares about her but he's, "not a wait around kind of guy" and "won't let a dead man come between us."

Barbara goes to Paul's memorial and Jennifer, who had been in Milan, walks in. Barbara is so happy to see her but asks her why she didn't return her calls or return home when Paul died. Jennifer says she didn't return anyone's phone calls because "she didn't want anyone to know what a complete wreck my life is." She says she hasn't worked in the last couple of months and starts to say, "There was this guy..." but that's all she will say. She tells her mother that she's broke and won't be going back to Europe to model. Barbara invites her to stay at her suite at the Lakeview. Jennifer just wants to know what happened with Paul. At that moment, Paul walks into the memorial but hides so he can listen to them talk. Jennifer talks about how much she misses Paul and asks Barbara, "Why is my brother dead?" And why was he out there alone miles from Oakdale? Barbara reluctantly tells her that Paul was upset with many people because of a misunderstanding. She talks about Dusty and Rose becoming involved but she doesn't mention her involvement. Jennifer misses Paul and begins to cry.

Walker brings his files on the serial killer to the police station. Hal tells him to keep his theories to himself but Walker says he wants to do his job. Emily calls Walker and wants to talk about Rick Decker. They meet at the police station but Walker says he can't discuss the case even though Emily says it is very important to her. She begins to get upset and says that her mother's life could be in danger. She tells Walker to look her in the eye and tell her she has nothing to worry about with Rick Decker. Walker can't and Emily knows that Rick is still very much a suspect.

Margo and Tom discuss their busy schedules but Tom says that their lives will actually be a little calmer from now on. He explains that he was offered the position of district attorney and he accepted. Margo asks why he would want to switch from private practice to a public job. Tom says, "I did it for us." He says he wants them to spend more time together and Margo is pleased.

Thursday, July 10, 2003

Alison is admiring her necklace that Chris had given her for her birthday. Katie comes in and catches her. Katie says that she sees that Chris finally came through. Chris walks in and asks Alison if she is free after work. Alison says that she isn't. Chris looks at her. Alison gets a big grin on her face and says, "I'm not free after work because I am going out with you." Chris smiles at her and says that he will see her after work and he walks away. Alison turns to Katie and says, "Isn't he just the greatest?" Katie tells her that she is the greatest. Alison agrees with Katie. Alison confides in Kate and tells her that she is still a virgin. Katie tells her that is good. Alison wonders if she could lose her virginity with Chris tonight.

Ric Decker asks Susan to marry him. Susan is so surprised that she can barely talk. Susan tells Ric that she wants to marry him, but she has to talk to her daughters first. Ric thinks that Susan is hesitant because of Dr. Daniels suspecting him of the hospital murders. Susan tells him that she won't bring a new person into the family until she consults her children. She adds that it is only fair. She says that she can't bring a man home and then say that she is going to marry this man. Ric asks if there is a yes in that answer. Susan says that if her girls approve, then they will get married. Ric gives Susan a kiss and then gets up from his hospital bed. Susan asks, "Where are you going?" Ric says that he is going to get himself released from the hospital and then they will go home to celebrate Alison's birthday. Susan asks if he feels good enough. Ric says that he can't stay in the hospital one more day and he walks out of the room.

Emily goes to the police station and confronts Hal about Dr. Decker. She says that Dr. Daniels thinks that Dr. Decker is the serial killer. Emily asks Hal why he hasn't made an arrest yet. She reminds him that Dr. Decker is living with her mother and sister. Hal tries to calm her down. He tells her that everything is under control. Hal gives his wife a kiss and then walks away. Emily is frustrated. Her cell phone starts to ring. She grabs her purse and answers her phone. Susan is calling and she asks Emily to pick up Alison's birthday cake and meet them at the hospital. Emily asks, "Why the hospital?" Susan says that Ric is coming home today and isn't that wonderful.

When Emily gets to the hospital, Susan tells Emily all about the plan to surprise Alison. Susan tries to tell Emily about she and Ric, but Emily stops her. She tells her mother that this is Alison's day and they can talk about Ric later. Katie walks up and tells Susan and Emily that she is clocked out for the day. Emily asks, "Where is Alison?" Susan tells her daughter that she sent Alison to Ric's room to get her sweater for her. Emily gets upset and asks, "You sent her by herself?" Susan says, "Yes, What is your problem?"

Alison walks into Ric's hospital room and closes the door. She looks in a mirror and admires the necklace that Chris had given to her for her birthday. She finds her mother's sweater and picks it up from the bed. She hears something squeaking outside the door. Thinking that Katie is playing a trick on her, she says, "Very funny, Katie." She walks over to the door and opens it. The man in the wheelchair is sitting in front of the door. Alison starts to freak.

Craig and Rosanna arrive home from Montana. Rosanna starts to go into the living room and Craig stops her. He tells her that he has a surprise for her. He says that it is symbolic of their marriage. He takes her into the living room and says, "Ta-da!" They both get a very surprised look on their faces. Rosanna walks over to a tall, skinny cactus standing in the middle of the room. Craig sees the cactus and tells Rosanna that it is supposed to be an oak tree. Rosanna says that if she remembers right, a cactus has a long life span. Craig whines, "But I wanted an oak." Rosanna walks over to it and looks it up and down. She says, "It is rather virile looking." Craig says that they do have that going for them. Craig grabs his wife and takes her down to the floor and attacks her. The whole time Rosanna is saying, "No. Stop." Just as they get to the ground and start making out, Aaron and Lucy walk in on them. Aaron shields his eyes like he is looking at an eclipse. Lucy says, "Daddy?" Craig and Rosanna pop up from the floor. Lucy tells her father that they stopped by to pick up some items for their camping trip. Craig asks, "Camping trip?" Rosanna reminds her husband that he gave them permission to go on a camping trip. Aaron tells Craig that the camper that he rented for them won't work because you have to have a license to tow it. Lucy informs her father that they now have a tent and it is just big enough for she and Aaron. Craig starts to back peddle. Lucy asks her father what it is that he is afraid of. Craig looks at Rosanna and Rosanna looks back at Craig. Craig answers, "Rain. Which you don't get very often in the desert." Aaron reminds him that they are going to Wisconsin. Lucy tells her father that if it does rain they will sleep in the truck or get a hotel room. Craig goes into tirade. He tells his daughter that she is only seventeen and she shouldn't be in a hotel room with some guy. Lucy says that she know this is difficult for him, but it was difficult for her walking in on him and Rosanna a few minutes ago. Craig says that they are married. Lucy asks, "Oh, do you want us to get married?" Craig yells, "No!" Lucy says that is settled, they won't get married. Lucy tells Aaron to get the car and she will get her journal. Craig tries to stop his daughter. Lucy tells her father that this is so much better since they can be honest with each other. She and Aaron walk out. Craig looks at Rosanna and says, "She just handled me." Rosanna says, "Yes she did." Rosanna starts to laugh and Craig tells her that this is not funny. Rosanna suggests that they take their cactus and go up to the bedroom. Later, Rosanna walks back into the living room and finds Lucy and Aaron. Rosanna reminds Lucy that her father trusts her to use her best judgment. Aaron shows Rosanna a paper with the campsite's phone number and the phone number to the ranger's station. Craig walks in just as the kids are leaving. After they are gone, Craig looks at the paper with the numbers on it. He tells Rosanna that he knows where the campsite is and if they leave tonight, they can be there by the morning. Craig tells Rosanna to go and get ready. Rosanna rolls her eyes back into her head.

Jack and Carly arrive home to a welcoming committee. When they walk through the front door, Emma, Lily and Holden stand up and yell, "Surprise!" After they look over the baby, Holden and Lily get Jack up to date on the kidnapping and how Stenbeck had given them hints and clues. Jack asks if Stenbeck did that to get Barbara's attention. Holden says that he had Barbara's attention and she had gone to the penitentiary to see him. Holden asks Jack if Lily and Rose weren't his target, then what is he after.

Rose walks up to the front door of Jack and Carly's house. She hesitates. She takes out a mirror from her purse and checks her make-up. She puts the mirror back into her purse and then starts to knock on the door. She stops and turns away from the door. She asks, "Rose, what are you doing?" Finally, she walks to the door and knocks. Lily opens the door and asks Rose what took her so long. Rose says that she was breaking up with Dusty. She asks Lily, "Are you happy now?" Lily tells her sister that she can't deny that she wants Dusty Donovan out of their lives, but she has to admit that she is surprised that Rose is so upset. Carly comes out on the porch and gives Rose a hug. Rose tells Carly how great she looks. Carly says that she had heard what Lily and Rose had to go through and she asks Rose if she is ok. Rose says that she is fine. Rose asks Carly if she would mind giving her a few moments with her sister and she will be in soon. Carly says, "Sure." Then she goes into the house. Lily asks Rose to come inside and see everyone and maybe she would feel better. Rose says, "And see all the happy couples? No thanks." Lily asks if she is mad at she and Holden. Rose says that she is mad because Lily blackmailed her into not seeing Dusty. Lily reminds her that Dusty is responsible for Paul's death. Rose says, "If he is really dead." Lily asks if that is what she told Dusty that Paul appeared from nowhere to grab her from the jaws of death. Rose says, "No." Lily says that she thinks that she is still in love with Paul and that is why she is seeing him. Rose says that the only feelings that she has for Paul is guilt. She says that she feels guilt for pushing him away and that his plane went down and he died. Rose says that even if he isn't dead, they should have never gotten engaged in the first place. Lily reminds Rose that Dusty was paid to break up she and Paul. She says that she was manipulated. Lily goes on to tell her sister that she has not had time to morn her feelings for Paul. Feelings that she had that are real. She adds that if she keeps pushing them away they are only going to get stronger and she will keep seeing Paul Ryan. Rose says that she is not going to spend the rest of her life exploring her feeling for a man that is dead when she has a real live man in front of her that wants her. She tells her sister to forget it. Lily asks if she is just going to go crawling back to Dusty. Rose says that she doesn't crawl to anyone and certainly not to Lily. Rose tells Lily to tell Jack and Carly that she said goodbye and Rose walks off the porch and leaves. Lily is left standing alone with tears in her eyes.

At Paul's burial vault, Barbara tells Jennifer that she can stay with her at The Lakeview and she starts to make all kinds of plans for Jennifer to work with her at her new company. Barbara tells Jennifer that this is what her brother would want and she would be fulfilling his dreams. Paul listens to his mother just outside the door. Jennifer tells her mother that she is not ready to make that kind of a decision. She tells her mother that she just wants to go and see her father and Will. Barbara takes over again. She says that they will go and get Will and get a bite to eat. Jennifer says that she is not hungry. Barbara says that she is hungry. Paul shakes his head outside the vault. Barbara tells Jennifer that she will get the car and they can go. After Barbara leave, Jennifer, talking to Paul's vault, tells Paul that she forgot how their mother could take all the air out of a room. She reads the plague on the vault, loyal brother. She says that she left him holding the bag and now he is not there to thank. She hears a car horn and says, "We know who that is." She kisses her hand and touches the plaque. She turns and walks out. After she is gone, Paul walks into the room.

At The Lakeview, Molly and Dusty are having a drink and making amends. Rose walks in and sees the two cuddled up with each other. She walks over to them and says, "Excuse me." Dusty and Molly jump to their feet. Molly says that this is her cue to go and unpack. Before she can leave, Rose stops her and tells her to hear her out. She says, "Keep you hands off my man or you will need more than a manicure." Molly says that it is good to have her back. Molly walks out of the lounge. Dusty walks over to Rose and asks, "You back?" Rose answers, "I'm back."

Friday, July 11, 2003

by Andy

At Java, Bonnie apologizes to her mother for trying to force her to get involved in Sarah's foster care, and Jessica admits she could have advised her daughter in a less aggressive way. Bonnie says she hasn't completely made up her mind if she'll apply to become Sarah's foster parent. Isaac overhears Bonnie and rolls his eyes in disgust. Jessica tries to tell her daughter about her marriage plans, but Bonnie is called away. Isaac steps in and says, "If you're having second thoughts [about the marriage], you should probably talk to me first." She admits that she is not sure where her heart lies in regards to her feelings with Ben. Isaac says, "Then you've got to tell him!" He guesses her hesitation has a lot to do with her recent rape then takes hold of her left hand and tells her that her engagement ring represents a promise to go through the ups and the downs together. "But you've got to fight for it if that's what you want."

Around the corner, Bonnie meets with Walker at the bar. She wants to hire him to manage Sarah's healthcare. Walker expresses his reservations and advises Bonnie to work within the foster system. Bonnie fixes her eyes on the doctor and says, "She needs treatment, and I'm willing to do whatever it takes for her to get it. That includes adopting her." Walker promises to "try" to help. Dr. Daniels is paged and has to leave. Bonnie gets up and walks over to her mother and asks to hire her pro bono. Isaac overhears the request, and asks if she's in some sort of trouble. She explains her intention to help Sarah, and Isaac implodes. He wants to table the discussion for a private moment later and walks away from the group. Jessica advises her to go after him. She catches up with Isaac, and apologizes for not including him in her decision making process. Isaac asks, "Are you telling me that the two of you are a package deal?" Bonnie asks if he's ready for that, but Isaac isn't certain.

At the Lakeview Lounge, Rose plays the jealous girlfriend and gives Dusty the third degree asking him why he was leaning on Molly's shoulder for comfort. Dusty plainly tells Rose, he was confiding in Molly about his most recent heartbreak. Rose fishes for compliments, and Dusty obliges. When he brushes her cheek, Rose flashes back to earlier in the week when Paul brushed her hair away from her face before she lost consciousness at the cabin. She drops her vamp routine, and pulls away from Dusty. "I think Lily was right. You and me should stay away from each other." Dusty eggs her on by taunting her independence. He asks her if she's going to let Lily call the shots, or will Rose stand up and live her own life. Rose caves under his pressure, then Dusty invites her to his room to show her how much he cares. Rose agrees, with one condition, "I want to be with you, but nobody can know it." He explodes, "Since when do you care what people think!" Rose admits that she saw Paul. Dusty thinks she only saw a look-a-like Stenbeck might have hired to mess with her mind. He tells her she needs to forgive herself. Rose agrees, but "in the meantime, jumping into bed with you is not going to solve anything." Dusty grabs Rose and plants a hot and heavy kiss on her lips. He stares her in the eye and lustily says, "If you and I are gonna be together, it's gonna be now, and I want the world to know." He excuses himself, leaving Rose in the lounge.

At the police station, Hal is very happy to see his daughter Jennifer again. Barbara must be on medication if she thinks a little hope can erase all the pain she inflicted on her family. She hugs both Jen and Will and says, "Now that we're all together again, I think we can make it through." She then turns to Hal and says, "Isn't that wonderful?" Jen then announces that she'll be staying with her mother while she gets back on her feet again. Hal offers Jen her old room at his place, and Barbara's fangs descend, "Hal...are you trying to steal her away from me?" He says he's only trying to give her options. Jen steps in and says she wants to take a step forward, so she'll stay at the Lakeview for the time being. She vows to spend equal time with both parents. Hal backs off and doesn't pressure his daughter then asks to talk with Babs alone for a minute. In the interrogation room, he encourages his ex-wife to be gentle with Jen, "or you're going to chase her straight back to Europe." She interrupts him, "Why do you always assume I'm going to do the wrong thing?" They both back down and agree to love their daughter. Barbara then grabs the kids and they head out for dinner. An officer tells Hal the surveillance team lost Dr. Gordon. He rushes off to the hospital.

Susan, Katie, and Emily gather in the hospital with some presents while they wait for Alison. Emily is anxious to get going and wonders where Chris could be hiding. Katie thinks he's probably saying goodnight to his father. Susan reminds them they also need to wait for Rick to be discharged. Emily suggests he can just catch up with them later because there's no telling how long it would take for him to be discharged. Katie excuses herself to check on Alison. Emily turns to looks for Chris, but before she goes, she tells her mother, "I know how important Rick is to you, but don't expect me and Alison to feel the same way you do about him."

Alison opens Rick's recovery room door and finds someone dressed in all black sitting in a wheel chair. She screams, closes the door, and grabs a cart to barricade the entrance. Then she calls Chris on her cell phone as the apparent attacker fidgets with the door handle. She yells into the phone, "Chris! It's Alison in ICU. Gordo is trying to kill me!" She looks at her phone, and realizes no reception is available. She screams at the attacker through the door, "I'm not afraid of you Gordo!" A short while later, Katie knocks on the door startling Alison. Alison moves the cart away and opens the door. Alison pulls Katie into the room and tells her what happened. Chris comes into the room ready to party, but both ladies scream in fear instead. A little later, Hal arrives at the hospital and gathers statements and evidence. One by one, they all leave. Chris checks on his father, Susan checks on her patients, and Emily, Hal and Alison head off to grab a soda. Katie walks out of Dr. Decker's room into an empty hall. The lights go out, then she hears squeaking and sees the wheelchair in the shadows. She screams at the top of her lungs. Later, the lights come back on and Katie is no where to be found. Susan notices she hasn't seen Rick.

Elsewhere in the hospital, the lights are still out, and Katie is running around trying to find help. There is no answer on the available phone. Just then she hears more squeaking. She warns whoever is there she has just called for help and they should be there any minute. She runs in one direction, but finds the person sitting in the wheelchair. She runs in another direction and sees the same thing behind a hanging construction tarp. She screams when she backs up into another hanging tarp as she is grabbed from behind. Mike is holding her. After she recognizes who it is, she tells him where she saw the person in the wheelchair. He goes to check it out, but finds nothing. She falls safely into his arms and begins to calm down.

A little later in the Lakeview Lounge, Rose wonders if she should call Dusty or not when her thoughts are interrupted by the bartender. He gives her a ring box and says someone left it for her at the bar. Rose immediately thinks it's from Dusty. "Oh you are quick!" She opens the box, picks up a gold ring, and reads an inscription, "To death. Love, Paul."

Hal and Walker continue their investigation at Dr. Decker's hospital room. When they arrive, Hal notices that the door is ajar. Since it was closed before, he pulls his gun and proceeds with caution. He bursts into the room and finds someone slumped in a wheelchair dressed in a hooded black sweatshirt.

Barbara and Jen return to the suite at the Lakeview. Jen observes that her mom is a little nervous. Babs retrieves a garment created especially for her daughter and asks her to try it on. As Jen is in the other room, there is a knock at the door. Barbara is happy that the room service has finally arrived. She sashays across the room, opens the door and then her eyes bulge out of her head and her jaw drops as Paul is standing in the doorway. He deadpans, "Hi mom.... Remember me?"

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