One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 7, 2003 on OLTL

Marcie slept with Al. Joey decided to leave the ministry after sleeping with Jen. Troy switched Lindsay's medication, which made her delusional. Dorian told River to stay away from Adriana. Gabrielle kissed Troy.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 7, 2003 on OLTL
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Monday, July 7, 2003

Natalie asks Jessica if she lied to Cristian when she denied seeing Mitch on the night he was murdered and also wonders if Jessica killed Mitch. Alone with Cristian, Jessica admits she saw Mitch on the docks the night he was murdered. Cristian calls Antonio after Jessica relates how she pushed Mitch and ran off. Antonio assures Jessica that she didn't cause Mitch's death. Antonio hopes Jessica can lead him to Mitch's killer. Jessica remembers seeing someone else on the docks but can't visualize their face. Kevin urges Joey to stop analyzing the reasons he shouldn't be with Jen and pursue a relationship with her if that is what he wants. Rex gets a blank check from Jen to use for his investment in Ultra Violet, but Evangeline wants Jen's name to be included on the contract. Marcie gives Jen a wedding present, which only intensifies the fact that Jen is in love with Joey and not Rex. Jen is thrilled when Joey arrives at her door. Unable to deny their feelings, Jen and Joey kiss and soon begin to make love. Rex walks in and sees Jen and Joey in bed together. R.J. becomes upset when Keri informs him that Jamie is with Antonio. Keri apologizes to an angry Carlotta for allowing everyone to think she and Jamie had died. Keri promises Carlotta she will make things right with Antonio if he would only give her the chance. Andrew searches for River. Carlotta refuses to allow Adriana to go to the Garage to listen to Sheyne play in the band. Adriana sneaks away from Carlotta and meets a boy waiting for a bus out of Llanview and learns his name is River. River kisses Adriana. Andrew finds River's note and learns River has run away. Asa is flabbergasted when Renee insists on having a long engagement and also states that she will continue working at The Palace after they're married. Kevin and Asa cryptically discuss their private agenda for the future of Llanview.

Tuesday, July 8, 2003

The husband barks, "Slut!" The bride hisses, "Divorce." Rex and Jen enjoy some meaningful marital dialogue in The Palace bar after he catches her in bed with Joey. Feigning hurt, he coerces Jen to sign the contract for Ultra Violet and pretends he'll grant her a quick dissolve to their union. Joe waits for Jen and they tentatively resume their passionate interlude, counting the ways that it's improper. Rex wastes little time ratting Joe out to his boss, Andrew Carpenter. Carlotta catches River and her goddaughter in a lip lock in Angel Square and also reports unfavorably back to Andrew. River misses his bus out of town and arrives at the rectory to a tongue lashing by his minister dad. Adriana gets stuck with dish duty at the diner.

Nora questions Lindsay about her scarf again, tweaking her Achilles heel: Tilley still asks about Miss Goldilocks at Statesville. But Nora doesn't believe the suspect when she finally tells the truth about having sex at the docks with Troy. Still Nora kindly warns the mental patient as she leaves, "He's not the man you think he is." A misguided conversation with the supervising nun leads Lindsay to delude herself, despite the fact that he hasn't returned her calls, that Troy is truly in love with her.

Bo is able to establish the time of death in the Mitch Laurence murder case. With this new information, he's back on the job and once again disappoints Gabrielle, who doesn't take it so graciously this time. Her patience has been overly tested and she finally blurts out, "You don't have time for me anymore, do you?" She volunteers to move out and makes a bit of a scene. Cruising the Palace alone, sucking down champagne on the terrace, she's ripe prey for Troy. After being reprimanded by Rae for his recent sexual conduct with female hospital staff, the dandy doc steps in as a last minute dinner replacement for Bo and provides a slippery shoulder for Gabby to cry on. He kisses the tearful, vulnerable fashion maven just as Nora returns to hotel.

Bo interrogates his prime suspects: Walker, Dorian, and Blair. Because of Blair's household security tapes, Bo has established she could not have had time to transport from The Palace, back home, to the docks, and back to The Palace again. Feeling she's cleared, he alleges the feather in her purse can only mean someone is attempting to frame her. As Bo takes a call, Walker suggests with a glance that it was Dorian. As they bicker, Dorian throws it right back at him and assures Blair, "I would fight to the death for you." Walker keeps trying to plant seeds of doubt that get dumped with fresh fertilizer. Bo receives news that causes him to set his sights on Dorian. He challenges the socialite matriarch's alibi: "We checked out your car. There's nothing wrong with it."

Wednesday, July 9, 2003

As Nat and Cris are about to make love, they are interrupted by a rude Asa who demands that Nat accompany him somewhere. Upon questioning, the trip turns out to be one to see Clint for his birthday and Nat is eager to go. Cris declines due to his job. Once Asa is gone, they pick up where they left off.

Lindsay is happy; her review is coming up and she's in love with someone who loves her. In addition, her medication is working.

At the Palace over dinner, Troy begins to kiss Gabrielle who finally pulls away and runs off, not before being seen by Nora. She may be drunk and angry at Bo but this will never happen again, she slurs. Nora bumps into Joey and Jen who ask about a divorce lawyer. Jen assures her that Rex wants out too. Nora provides them with the information that they want. Joey tells Jen that he loves her and only tried to deny it previously. Nora catches Troy and asks if he was a fill-in for Bo. He denies making love to Lindsay on the night of the murder though Nora isn't quite sure whether to believe him or not. He's in trouble if the story is true, she reminds him. Lindsay is a psychiatric patient and he'll lose his license. A little while later, a panicked Gabby wants to know why Nora is calling Bo. It's only about a case, Nora answers to a stumbling away Gabrielle.

In the meantime, Rex pays a visit to Andrew and tells him that he found his wife in bed with Joey. He wants help in keeping the man away from his wife because he just doesn't want to lose her, he explains.

Bo confronts Dorian and her alibi on the night that Mitch was murdered. When a case of bottled water is found after a search, similar to that found with the victim, she becomes even more suspect. Bo shows her his search warrant and later learns that the water comes from Oregon so that it's not common in Llanview. A further search turns up a package of syringes in the trash with one missing. Both Blair and Dorian continue to deny any involvement in Mitch's murder. Once Bo is gone, Blair divulges to Dorian that she thinks her aunt is setting her up. Dorian denies it but later admits to the murder and framing her favorite niece who she loves. Blair takes her accusation back but they agree that someone has tried to frame first Blair and then Dorian. In another room where Bo is questioning Walker, the victim's brother divulges that Mitch was ranting and quoting the Bible when he last saw him. He knows that Blair questioned the victim about Todd while Dorian wanted to know about stashed money. He claims that a guard overheard Dorian state that she couldn't be tried twice for the same crime. She appeared at the Palace later that night angry and wet. Bo decides against arresting Dorian, ordering her to stay in Llanview. He has no definite evidence now but if there is any he'll find it, he continues. An exuberant Dorian thanks Walker for helping her out. Apparently he said something that saved her, she says joyfully.

Flash is concerned that she'll never be able to sing again and that no one will ever hear the group's CD. When Riley turns up the radio as Al plays "Flash of Light," she is cheered considerably. She is ecstatic about hearing the band's song on the radio and confides that she and Joey aren't an item any longer. Riley is thrilled as he leans over to kiss her; she responds happily.

Jen reacts to Joey by expressing her love as well. As they kiss, they are once again caught by Rex who announces that he wants more than the cash for the club. He won't be happy unless he gets ALL of Jen's money in return for a divorce. He claims to have a broken heart and will tell the court of all of his pain and suffering. He threatens to drag the divorce through the court for years. Jen finally agrees to give him everything but insists he stay out of her life.

Joey stops by to see Andrew who expresses his anger at Joey. He was supposed to stay away from Jen. He heard from Rex who told him he doesn't want a divorce. The men argue with the result that Joey is ordered to stay away from Jen or he must resign. Joey speaks with Jen via telephone and she tells him that Rex wants more money. Joey is extremely angry but hangs up abruptly when Andrew returns to the room. He can't believe he's just caught him on the phone. The young "rev" agrees not to see the woman he loves any longer as long as she's married. He leaves, mentioning that he has something to do.

Troy shows up at St. Ann's and speaks to Sister Theresa who mentions Lindsay's claim of the pair's love for each other. Troy denies it and they agree that Lindsay is delusional. Unfortunately, her meds must not be working and it'll result in her not being released from St. Ann's. When Troy sees a lurking Lindsay, he lays into her for talking, advising her that she'll regret it. He insists that they will NOT be together. When Sister Tracy appears with a trayful of medication she asks Troy to watch it while she takes Lindsay to get some dinner. When she returns, Troy questions her about Lindsay's medication; Troy takes the opportunity to switch the pills with plain aspirin when the sister goes off to get him the information. He suggests that Lindsay take her medication, telling her that he cares more than she knows. He wishes her luck with her review.

Once again, Nat and Cris are interrupted when Rex begins pounding on the door. He tells about being dumped but he'll make sure to get it all. He fills them in on what's transpired but his real feelings seem to shine through when he says that Jen won't be happy with Joey, she's fun now but won't be if she hooks up with him. Joey shows up and orders Rex to leave Jen alone. Things escalate and it becomes physical after Rex refers to his wife as a slut. They are broken apart by Cris and Nat. When Jen joins the group she can only display concern for Joey. Rex announces that he will never give her a divorce.

Bo shows up at the Palace and a crying Gabrielle apologizes for her behavior. He's sorry too and a little amused at her reaction. It was only one fight, he tells her. She promises to be more accepting and asks to attend a baseball game with him and Matthew. When he goes to pay the bill for her dinner alone, Gabby wants to stop him. Nora just looks on; Troy calls Gabby for another date but she hangs up on him.

As Walker leaves the Cramer women, they wonder why the police are after them. They also wonder why the arsenic hasn't shown up yet as everything else seems to have appeared. Walker pulls a container of arsenic from his pocket once he's out of the house.

Thursday, July 10, 2003

Blair remains supportive of Dorian despite Kevin's damning article about her in the Banner. Walker trade insults when Kevin arrives to see Blair. Dorian is unsettled by Walker's attention to Blair. The police find the remainder of the arsenic that was used to kill Mitch among Dorian's belongings. Bo arrests Dorian for murder.

Lindsay suffers a restless night after haven taken Troy's placebo instead of her medication, but remains hopeful her psychiatric evaluation will be successful and lead to her release from St. Ann's. Troy, realizing that Lindsay's claim that she and he made love will be believed if she is declared legally sane which would cost Troy his medical license - switches Lindsay's medication with a drug that will induce psychotic episodes. At her evaluation, Lindsay is incoherent and delusional and is believed to be insane. Cristian witnesses Troy stealing drugs from the hospital. Cristian grows more wary of Troy after seeing another nurse who is upset over Troy's actions towards her.

Kevin urges Joey to leave the ministry and work with him at the Banner, but Joey isn't interested. Joey feels confident that Jen will be able to obtain a quick divorce from Rex. Jen later tells Joey that Rex's refusal to grant her a divorce could stall the process for a long period of time. Joey makes a difficult decision and is prepared to leave the ministry in order to have a relationship with Jen.

While undergoing a therapy session with Rae, Antonio realizes that his own actions are partly responsible for Jessica pulling away from him. Jessica feels ready to bring Antonio back into her life. After having a nightmare which triggers her dread of violence and turmoil, Jessica tells Antonio that she can no longer see him because his life is filled with everything she is trying to avoid.

Carlotta escorts River home after finding him and Adriana together in Angel Square. Later, River tells a delighted Adriana that he figured out a way to stay in Llanview while also staying away from Andrew.

Friday, July 11, 2003

As Asa and Kevin plan a political future, Blair calls and asks Kevin to dinner. When he agrees, Asa warns his grandson not to two-time his wife. As Kevin leaves, Flash shows up for dinner with Asa. At the Palace, Blair tries to get Kevin to help her get Dorian out of jail. When a drunken Troy shows up, Kevin drags him outside where Walker interferes and gets rid of the doctor. Kevin offers Walker a job at the Banner, which infuriates Blair. Asa again warns Kevin that a divorce could ruin his political future.

When Al gives Marcie tickets to a concert in New York City, Marcie realizes that the two will be spending the night together. Although Al offers to get separate hotel rooms, Marcie seeks Rae's help in her self confidence and admits that she is ready to have sex with Al. Later Jen is hurt by Marcie's reaction to her relationship with Joey.

Using Hank as an excuse for being at the police station, Keri overhears Antonio telling Rae how bad things are between him and Jessica. Keri asks Antonio to join her and Jamie on a picnic, but he declines. Later, Hank suggests Antonio spend more time with his daughter in spite of his feelings for Keri, prompting Antonio to call and make plans with Keri and the baby.

Gabrielle confesses her actions Max, who advises her to deal with Troy head on. At the park, Gabrielle runs into Troy, who pulls her unwillingly into a kiss while Jen records his actions. As Gabrielle tries to walk away, Troy warns her that it won't be that easy to get rid of him.

When Troy visits Lindsay, he again changes her medication to keep her delusional. At St. Ann's, Jen becomes upset when Lindsay continues to insist that Troy is in love with her. In her haste to leave, Jen drops her camcorder in the chair, which is picked up by Walker, who shows the video to Lindsay. Insisting that Troy is going to turn her into the police for killing Mitch, Walker gives her an envelope of money and tells her to run away. When Troy returns in search of Lindsay, he finds the camera with Jen's name on it.

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