All My Children Recaps: The week of July 14, 2003 on AMC

Anna and David fumbled in their attempts to reconcile. Maggie and Simone's feud continued. Erica asked Kendall to be a bridesmaid. Mary wrote a letter to Jack to let him know that he was Greenlee's father. Bianca had a vision of Michael that turned out to be terrifyingly real.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of July 14, 2003 on AMC
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Monday, July 14, 2003


Erica continued to beg Bianca to tell her what's wrong. Bianca tried to say she's only tired. Bianca said that Erica has already had to put up with so much, like her eating disorder and sexuality. Erica was nothing but supportive, about what a brilliant, wonderful woman Bianca was and how she's overcome difficulties and disappointments. Bianca did not understand why Erica admires her. When Erica reached out to touch Bianca, she flinched and pushed her away, with a flashback to Michael Cambias. Bianca started sobbing and Erica hugged her, begging for an explanation. Bianca tried to say she's only depressed, about life and everything. Erica worried that she was not going to be able to attend the wedding, but Bianca assured her she would. Erica gushed about her pending happiness and finally getting the life she always wanted. Bianca said she needs to shake the bad mood she's in. Erica agreed and told Bianca how light she feels, having shed the baggage and shame from her rape years ago. Bianca said she was happy for her. Erica even apologized for ever being critical of Bianca's life and partner choices. She asked Bianca to believe in her enough to tell her what's tearing her apart. Bianca said there was nothing to tell and Erica made her promise to call if she could help. Before leaving, Erica again gushed about the wedding plans and needing Bianca's help with all the details. She promised Bianca that everything would be easier from now on. Lena came in as Erica left and Erica was very gracious to her. Lena was still worried about Bianca but wanted to show her the itinerary for their trip to Europe. Bianca said she couldn't go. Lena immediately guessed that Erica had convinced her to not travel with Lena and Bianca insisted that was not it. She said it was about the wedding planning. Lena suggested that Erica could plan a wedding blindfolded and taped to a chair. Bianca insisted this time was different and special, because it was finally Jack, her soulmate. Lena apologized. Bianca explained she would be very busy and would not have much time for Lena. Lena was very understanding and professed her love and willingness to wait. Bianca told her she can't love her, not now. Lena was surprised and Bianca backed off, saying she didn't mean that. Lena thought Bianca was worried that she'd get in the way of the wedding plans. Then Lena saw the unopened letter she'd written the night before. Bianca promised to read it later. Lena again offered to be there for Bianca if she ever needed anything and she left. Alone in her room, Bianca read the love letter from Lena and cried on her bed.


Greenlee strode into Jack's apartment, affirming her request that he call her mother and tell him she does not want him for stepfather. Greenlee explained that despite his engagement to Erica, who is almost as famous in life as she is in her own mind, in her mother's neurosis-laden mind, she thinks she can get Jack for herself, through Greenlee. Greenlee said Erica seems to think there is some threat to her future happiness and Greenlee was there to announce that it is not her. She assured Jack that there was nothing but a business feud between her and Erica. Jack was still confused and Greenlee asked if he's never noticed her mother sneaking up behind him, ready to put a net over his head. Jack only admitted to noting how attentive and overly effusive she was when he was in the hospital, but stated he was marrying Erica and his relationship with Mary had been over long ago. Greenlee said Mary had already cast him as Stepdaddy Extraordinaire. Jack said that was fine, but the catch was that he is marrying Erica and is not interested in another daughter, no matter how nice a young lady Greenlee is. But he is looking for another friend and it seemed that maybe Greenlee was looking for one. They started drinking wine and talking and Jack asked about her personal life. She said her last attempt to open up to someone had failed. Jack said they should forget the wine and get ice cream and a Meg Ryan movie instead and laugh and cry. Greenlee laughed and said that even though her mother is a whack job about many things, she's right about Jack being a wonderful father. Erica walked in the door in time to hear that last remark and could only utter a loud "Oh my god!" and continue stammering in the doorway. Greenlee excused herself, telling Jackson he was wonderful. As soon as she was gone, Erica wanted to know what she was doing there and had Mary sent her and what had she said. Jack could only ask Erica what she was so worried about and if there was something he was not supposed to know. Jack was very curious and wouldn't take no for an answer. Erica tried to explain that she finds Mary to be insufferable and doesn't trust Greenlee. Jack was incredulous that she doesn't trust Jack and Greenlee together. Erica said Greenlee has taken business rivalry to a new level of low and she's concerned that Greenlee is snooping around about Enchantment. Jack didn't seem to believe it. Erica wanted to know why Greenlee was there and he said they were talking about Jack, Erica, Mary and Greenlee; that made Erica nervous and she wanted to know what the upshot was. Jack said it seemed that Mary has picked Jack out to be a surrogate father for Greenlee. Erica was aghast and called it crazy and thought Mary was just bored and needs a job since she's obviously between tennis pros and cabana boys. She accused her of only trying to cause trouble and Jack agreed with that logic.


At the shop, Mia and Aidan rolled out from under the car and Kendall made a sarcastic reference to interrupting a lube job. Kendall was looking for Aidan but wanted to talk to Mia after what she saw. Aidan sang Mia's praises for knowing so much about cars before he excused himself. Kendall called Mia a cheater and informed her she could not glom onto Aidan as her personal sexiest man. They continued to bicker about the rules of the game and Mia threatened her with a grease gun. Mia reminded Kendall that she'd had her chance with Aidan and she's not necessarily trying to land him. Mia said she was only there to tell Aidan about Michael being out on bail, and had won him over with her tomboy expertise. Mia told her that Aidan was still messed up over Maureen before she guessed that Kendall was only there to comfort him and go after him. They kept fighting and Kendall said she wanted to ask Aidan to be her bodyguard. Mia laughed at all the hidden meanings behind that comment. When Aidan came back in the room, they both rushed up to him to ask if he wanted any company tonight. He gently refused and pushed them both away. Mia offered to come back to help tomorrow and he said he'd call if he needed her as he left. Mia and Kendall continued a mock battle with tools from the shop and chased each other out.


Anna was at her desk when David came in bearing lunch. Anna had already eaten and they awkwardly discussed meeting at home later, wondering aloud if things would work out between them. They made plans to get away together for the weekend, if their work schedules would permit. Anna stated that Michael Cambias had disappeared and she was looking for a lead. Brooke came in and told Anna about the support group she'd mentioned to David. She didn't want to be pushy, but Anna was very interested and left with Brooke to attend a meeting. Afterwards, they came back to Anna's office and Anna was very appreciative, but explained that David would never attend a meeting with her. Brooke was sympathetic and reminded Anna that even though you never get over losing a child, you learn how to go on, any way you can.


Simone was on the phone, wondering if the caller was on the level when in walked Mia and Kendall, looking stained, disheveled and filthy. Simone asked them to guess who was on his way over and they both guessed Aidan. Simone couldn't get a word in edgewise as they continued to bicker. They were shouting about filing assault charges against each other when Greenlee walked in wielding the US magazine article with Mia and Simone pretending to be Kendall and Greenlee. Mia explained that the truth had come out before the interview ended and they'd gotten what they wanted, coverage for the Sexy Man contest. They were all bickering when in walked Montel Williams, saying he was almost hoping he was in the wrong place. They rushed around to get him a chair and a bottle of water. Simone explained she'd never had a chance to tell the others he was coming. He only said he hadn't heard that much yelling since a show he did on kids who refused to clean their rooms. He explained he was there to discuss running a segment on Fusion and their contest. They were thrilled and explained voting would begin on July 28th. Montel said based on what he'd seen of them in their natural habitat, they'd make good television, albeit a little loud. They started introductions and Greenlee took over to introduce Simone D'boudoir and Mia Nepotism. They started bickering again about the bet and stock options and Montel said that if was doing a show on feuding coworkers, they'd all be on, but he could only have two of them on. He asked if they could figure out who would go on the show without any loss of life. Kendall said there was no question which two would go on. Mia suggested they draw straws. Simone reminded them all that Montel knows about them because of the interview she and Mia did with Bonnie. Greenlee reminded them they'd had their fifteen minutes of stolen fame. They kept bickering and Simone took credit for the contest idea. They argued about who worked for who and Montel wheeled his chair out of the room, took the elevator down and was gone before they noticed.

Later, David and Aidan were at The Pit, playing pool and drinking beer. Aidan told David that Anna needs his support. David did not take it well and told Aidan that losing Leora was not the same as him losing Maureen, since Maureen was still alive. Aidan was sympathetic, but said he'd never trust David around Anna again. David said he didn't need Aidan's trust, he needs Anna's. Aidan agreed.

Tuesday, July 15, 2003


Jack ran into Greenlee at the bar at SOS and she told him it was her wedding anniversary. Jack was sympathetic and she invited him to join her. They couldn't think of a reason for Mary's obsession with Jack and Greenlee finally said it had nothing to do with him. Jack didn't know if he was insulted or relieved, but Greenlee explained it was all about Erica and Mary's desire to hurt Erica by stealing him away before the wedding. She offered to talk to Mary on his behalf, but Jack said that wouldn't be necessary. Just then, Mary walked up for her lunch date with Jack and was delighted to see Greenlee there too. Greenlee asked "dad" if he wanted to set her straight or if she should. Greenlee walked away and Mary was thrilled to have heard her call him dad. Jack told her it was strange, but she was getting way ahead of herself and that he was baffled about why. Mary assumed Jack knew the truth and said he must have a million questions and suggested they go to their table...or else to his place. Jack gave her a firm no to the latter idea. He gently told her to stop it, and that she was only embarrassing him, herself and Greenlee and they would never recapture what they had. He spelled it out for her that he loves Erica and will marry Erica and no matter how nice Greenlee is, he'll never be her stepfather. Mary just laughed and said he couldn't see what was right in front of him and that Erica is not the woman for him. Jack was getting frustrated and told her that whatever she thinks she can offer him, no matter how wonderful, it's not enough and he's not interested. As Jack walked away, Mary stopped him, saying he wouldn't be so quick to dismiss her if he knew what she could offer. Jack rolled his eyes and told her that the boy from years ago is gone. He's done with the connection she thinks they have. Mary didn't believe him and he left to take a phone call.


Bianca was sleeping, having a nightmare and reliving the rape. She woke up to find Michael in her bed, then realized it was her imagination. She ran downstairs and saw him again in the living room. She told him he wasn't real and when she shut her eyes, he went away. Someone knocked at the door and she screamed that she wouldn't let him in. When David rushed in, he found Bianca cowering and crying at the foot of the stairs. She kept struggling against him until she realized it was David. David was full of questions and very concerned about when she'd eaten. Bianca would not open up and eventually fainted. David noted her weakness and told her she could go to the clinic for an exam or he would call Erica. She agreed, but made him promise he would not tell Erica anything.

At the clinic, David set up a physical exam and said they'd get through it all together. Bianca started undressing and noticed her bruises and ran out without seeing anyone. When David realized she was gone, he rushed out to find her.

Later, Bianca seemed to be on a rooftop and Michael seemed to be following her, saying she could never get away from him. Bianca was walking backwards as Michael told her he knew she almost told David and he would tell Erica if he knew, ruining Erica's life. He vowed to never leave her alone.


Erica was in her apartment, all a dither with the wedding planning, to make it flawless since it was going to be her last one. Kendall came over to warn Erica to prepare for battle against Mary who was trying to stop her wedding to Jack. Kendall told Erica about her conversation with Mary, claiming she doesn't want Jack to be hurt. Erica was pleased that Kendall had defended her to Mary. Kendall said of course she would protect Erica's wedding day and then realized that Erica had thought Kendall may have sold her out. They agreed that things were different now and Kendall wouldn't do that, and besides, Jack would never let Mary come between them. Erica said that Mary would never get a chance to tell Jack about...and Kendall was curious what Erica had been about to say. Kendall knew that Mary knows something that could come between Erica and Jack. Erica lashed out at Kendall for believing the worst, that there could be a secret that big. Kendall apologized, but thought Mary would not be tossing idle threats at someone like Erica. Kendall kept after Erica and accused Erica of picking a fight to keep Kendall quiet and not trusting her. Erica told her she was right, she was afraid Kendall would use the information against her if she could. Kendall told her she wanted to just let it go. Erica was suspicious, but Kendall said she wanted a real relationship and really is on Erica's side. Erica stopped her from leaving to discuss the wedding and Kendall assumed she was not being invited. Erica told her she wanted Kendall there, in fact, she actually asked Kendall to be a bridesmaid. Kendall said no. Erica was stunned and Kendall said the invitation was only to keep her quiet. Erica insisted she wanted both her daughters, no conditions. Erica was empathetic and said she understood how Kendall could feel unloved and unworthy and always think there were strings attached to gifts or compliments. Erica said she didn't want anything from Kendall, and that she wanted to protect her children from pain and loneliness and she had failed Kendall. Erica only wanted to make it up to Kendall and had decided earlier to have her in the wedding party. Kendall accepted the offer to be a bridesmaid.


Carlos came into SOS and flirted with Suzanne the bartender. He said hello to Greenlee, who explained she was waiting for Simone who was late and probably arrested. Carlos said he knew it was her anniversary and Greenlee wondered why he would mention it. He said he cares about her, but Greenlee wondered which one, the real her or the one he wished she was. Carlos tried to walk away and Greenlee said all he tried to do was change her. Carlos said he couldn't be like Leo. Greenlee was snide about not knowing the real him because he hides inside himself. Carlos agreed to open up and told Greenlee he only wants love and to be loved, a family, a home. Greenlee was surprised and they had to agree that it was hard for them to talk about anything. Greenlee softened a bit and asked him to leave and go for a walk. Just then, Maggie walked up to see Carlos. Maggie said hi to Greenlee who could only reply "whatever" and walk away. Simone joined Greenlee and wondered what Maggie was doing with Carlos. Greenlee updated Simone on how Carlos has women lined up like shots. Simone still wondered why Greenlee had walked away from him. Greenlee said he's a complete stranger to her. They agreed that watching Maggie and Carlos was annoying. Greenlee also informed Simone that she and Kendall were doing the Montel show. Simone concurred, saying she needed to spend her time winning the bet. Greenlee spied a nice looking man at the bar and set her sights on him, passing him her phone number on a napkin. She suggested he call her for drinks or dinner and walked away. He got overly excited and wondered if green was her favorite color and that's why her name was Greenlee. He laughed like an asthmatic donkey and Greenlee had second thoughts. He introduced himself as Jeremy, but said everyone calls him "Jerr Bear." He thought she was sooooo insightful because she guessed he was hungry when he ordered the supersized nachos. She desperately wanted her phone number back when he turned out to be a total bore, who lives with his mother and hoped that Greenlee can cook. He started calling her Greenbean and wouldn't give her phone number back. Jack observed the struggle and went over to identify himself as the law and tell him to give the napkin back to Greenlee, who looked at him with gratitude. Jack and Greenlee continued their Father-Daughter act, pretending that she was underage and not allowed to date. Greenlee got the napkin back and she and Jack giggled as Jeremy ran out. Mary watched them and commented to herself that they belong together, no matter what Erica thinks.

Simone had a green light to go after Carlos and went over to join Maggie and Carlos at their table. Maggie whisked her off to the ladies' room. They fought over Carlos and Simone pretended to not know they were on a date. Maggie accused her of going after Carlos and when she went into a stall, Simone locked her in with a plunger in the handle. Simone raced back to the table and said that Maggie had to go to Henry. She grabbed Carlos and they ran out.

Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Mary was sitting alone at SOS when a waiter brought her food. As she began to eat Erica marched over and said Jack's office told her he was here having lunch with Mary. Mary told Erica that Jack had left her to eat alone. Erica said Kendall had reported that Mary was up to something. Mary made snide comments about Erica's relationship with Kendall and then said at least Greenlee could always turn to her father, Jack. The two women heard Jack and Greenlee's laughter and turned to look. Mary commented "Every girl needs her father!" and said it was time Greenlee knew the truth. Erica said Mary was using Greenlee to snare Jack. Mary said maybe that was true before but not now and told Erica that Jack had invited her to lunch to make it clear that he loved Erica and only Erica. Mary said now she just wanted to do what was best for Jack and Greenlee. "Why now?" Erica asked. Mary said it was because she had cheated them out of time together and it was time to tell them the truth. Erica glared at Jack and Greenlee. Greenlee was thanking Jack for helping her get away from the loser at the bar. Jack told her that picking up men in bars was not a good idea. Greenlee explained the bet she has going with the other Fusion women and Jack told her to be careful. Greenlee promised and Mia arrived. Jack excused himself and Mia asked where Simone was. Greenlee said the last time she saw her, Simone was drooling over Carlos. They looked around and realized Carlos and Simone were gone. Erica told Mary to keep the secret but Mary said she was going to reunite father and daughter. Jack joined them and they both smiled up at him. Erica stood and flew into his arms and then sat him down next to her. She asked him how he would feel about another bridesmaid because she asked Kendall to be one. Jack was thrilled for her. Mary piped in "There's more news!" and Erica interrupted her by saying Mary had told her about their talk earlier and that it was very generous of Mary to back down. Jack got a call and left. Mary said she could still tell Jack about Greenlee. Erica said Mary couldn't afford to disappoint Woody. "What if it gets out about you and that 17 year old French boy? You're banned from France aren't you?" Mary stood up and dumped her plate of food in Erica's lap. Across the room Greenlee told Mia about Jack saving her from "Jer-Bear." Mia said she was picking up on a "vibe" and asked if Greenlee was trying to snag Erica's guy. Mia warned her not to and Greenlee said Jackson was not on her radar, he used to date her mother "a major ick factor." Erica ran to the restroom to clean up and Mary followed her. Maggie was still stuck in a stall and yelled for them to let her out. They said not now and continued their bickering. Erica told Mary to forget this nonsense and Mary said it wasn't nonsense and that Erica couldn't play God forever. Erica sneered "Just watch me." Mary said the truth will come out. Greenlee came in and Erica showed her what Mary had done to her dress. Greenlee asked why they were always "mixing it up." Mary told her to ask Erica. Erica said she had nothing to say and walked out as she said "Au revoir!" to Mary. Greenlee turned to her mother and demanded an explanation but Mary said "Can't now!" and walked out. Maggie yelled out "Want answers? Let me out!." Greenlee looked at the door jammed with a toilet plunger with a puzzled look. She let Maggie out, who began pitching a fit about Simone playing dirty. Greenlee wanted to know what Maggie heard go on between Mary and Erica. Maggie didn't have many details and left to find Simone and Carlos. Greenlee wondered out loud "What the hell is going on?" Mia came in looking for Greenlee. She ranted about men and that she was going to swear off men. Mia said she was still going to look for her man. Greenlee said no more, "I quit the bet and men!" and ran out of the room. In the bar she walked towards the door, looking through her purse and muttering to herself. She ran smack into a gorgeous man and landed on the floor. She looked up as he put out his hand to help her and he smiled at her.

Mary went to her suite at the Valley Inn. She sat at the desk and pulled out some pretty stationery. She started to write a letter to Jack which began "I can hardly stop my tears." She went on writing like it was right after their affair and explained that she had to tell Roger the baby was his but how much she really loved Jack. She dated it 8 months before Greenlee's birth.

Bianca was on the roof of the clinic and begged the vision of Michael not to touch her. David rushed out and grabbed her, pulling her from the ledge. She could barely talk and David promised to help her. She said "That was close" and then told David she had to leave. David asked what was going on and Bianca claimed that she just needed air. David wondered if that was the best Bianca could come up with. She said she hated hospital smells and just needed to get outside. David told her their deal was off, he was taking her to Erica because Erica wouldn't rest until she got the truth out of her. Bianca begged him not to, that Erica was so stressed the wedding and she didn't want to add to it. David tried again to get Bianca to confide in him and told her that he knew what it was like to stand on the brink. Bianca still denied having any problem. David said it was obvious that she was in pain. He said he wasn't going to lose her, he couldn't lose another little girl. Bianca said she wasn't going to kill herself, "I want to live!' She said she just panicked and would never pitch herself off a roof. She told David that she has so much to live for, a great family, great job, school, and a woman who loves her. David asked her not to expect him to turn a blind eye and to let him help her. Bianca got belligerent and said "Like you couldn't help Leora? I'm someone else's daughter, not yours." David was stunned. She quickly apologized and David said he realized she wasn't going to confide in him. He tried to get her back in the clinic to continue the exam but she refused. He got her to promise to see her personal doctor by tomorrow and as she left David told her he would check up on her.

Simone and Carlos went to the boarding house. She wanted him to go swimming with her and told him he could pick out her suit "a bikini, a tankini or a thong." He was interested in the thong but then said he wasn't going swimming with her. She wondered if he was bummed about Maggie and he said no, it was all about Greenlee. He began talking about what went wrong between him and Greenlee but Simone kept trying to put the moves on him. He ranted "Why do people with money think people without it are trash?" Simone said alot of people value what's inside a person more than what's inside their bank account. She got really close to him and said "You don't know what I'd do to be with you!." Carlos was a bit taken back. She tried to get him to go upstairs to her room to give her "private Spanish lessons." Carlos said he really wanted to but he didn't want to hurt her. They leaned close together and Carlos caressed her cheek. Bianca rushed through the door and stopped when she saw them. But she was really seeing Michael instead of Carlos and she yelled at Simone "What are you doing with him?" Carlos and Simone both turned to look at her and then Bianca realized her mistake. She ran upstairs to her room and slammed the door. Everywhere Bianca looked she saw Michael and imagined him saying "you can't get away from me." Downstairs Carlos asked if Simone should go check on Bianca. She said Bianca was a girl who liked her privacy and continued trying to get Carlos upstairs. He said no, he really cared about her and didn't want to risk losing her. Simone said that was the sweetest rejection she'd ever gotten. Carlos asked if he could stay and hang out with her and she happily said yes. Bianca came flying down the stairs with a suitcase and ran out the front door without a word.

Jack walked into his office and found Adam waiting for him. Adam said his investigator lost track of Michael and demanded to know where he was. Jack and Adam argued and each accused the other of messing up. Jack wanted to know why Adam was so concerned. Adam said Michael "went too far" by attempting another take over of Chandler Enterprises. He told Jack that Michael was using blackmail to get shares of the company's stock. Erica walked in and Adam said she was to blame, "Whatever Michael Cambias has done, it's on your head!" Adam said he had hired Michael to help Erica. Erica said no, Adam just took advantage of the situation for his own benefit. She said Adam was smart and so was Michael, but Michael was inept. Adam said they were all in danger because Michael was out for blood. He stormed out. Erica wondered when Michael would be out of their lives. Jack promised to have him in jail as soon as possible. They talked about their wedding and he said he was proud of her for asking Kendall to be a bridesmaid.

Thursday, July 17, 2003

Lena arrived at Myrtle's looking for Bianca. Carlos and Simone told Lena that she had just missed Bianca. Lena said well she did need to get outside because Myrtle had said she was cooped up in her room too much. Simone said no that Bianca left with her suitcase. Lena asked if they knew where Bianca went too. They said no she didn't say a word. Lena said she knew what this was about then left.

Carlos and Simone continued their conversation. Simone said that if she couldn't have Carlos then she wanted he and Greenlee together because both Carlos and Greenlee still wanted each other. Carlos said that Greenlee expected too much from him, for him to be something he is not. Just then Maggie busted threw the door yelling at Simone. Maggie told Carlos that Simone had locked her in the bathroom stall at SOS. Maggie said she thought they were on a date but obviously he wanted to be with Simone because he left. Carlos told her that Simone said Maggie left because she wanted to be with Henry and that's why he left. Maggie said that if she never saw Henry again it would be too soon. At that moment Henry and the girl from his band came down the stairs. Maggie apologized to the girl, who blew it off but turned to Henry and said she'd listen to the CD and get back to him then left. Carlos and Simone went outside. Henry asked Maggie if she was trying to hurt him by saying she didn't care about him. Maggie asked what he would feel if she were telling the truth. Henry said that it was all his fault that they fell apart. Maggie told him that it wasn't all his fault but they weren't right for each other and that they needed to move on.

Carlos and Simone were on the porch at Myrtle's when Simone apologized for lying and for locking Maggie in the bathroom. Carlos just laughed. Simone said someone who laughs at that must not be too concerned especially if they aren't mad. Carlos told Simone he did care about her and then kissed her on the forehead and left. Simone said to herself "Dear Diary, he kissed me on the forehead, he loves me like a brother." Simone went back inside on the tail end of Maggie giving Henry the brush off. Simone said that sounded like a goodbye. Maggie told Simone that she was going after Carlos and she needed to back off. Simone said she was going to stay away from Carlos for now that Maggie could go after him if she wanted but he wasn't over Greenlee. When Maggie was about to reply Simone's phone rang it was Mia telling her she needed to get to Fusion to help with narrowing down the list for the Sexy Man contest to 25 and that they had a lot of supplies coming in. Simone said she'd be right there then left. When Simone arrived at Fusion the delivery man was putting the last of the stuff on the elevator. He had Simone sign the invoice then left her to deal with getting everything up to Fusion. As the elevator doors started closing Simone saw Maggie who smiled at her mischievously. As the elevator started going up it stopped suddenly with the lights going off inside. Simone yelled for Maggie, who smiled after letting the key hang down for the elevator and walked away. Simone was telling herself to breathe.

Greenlee's mystery man picked Greenlee up in his arms and carried her to a table and sat her down in a chair. He started rubbing her ankle making small talk. He walked over to the bar and a few minutes later came back with ice in a towel holding it her ankle. He told Greenlee that he had ordered them a drink. He looked into her eyes and said to Greenlee that she had been hurt deeply by someone. Greenlee said she had. The man was being very charming to Greenlee and she was mesmerized by him. He asked Greenlee if she knew art. She told him that she has been to the best museums in America and Europe. He asked if she would be interested in visiting a place that was local that had a piece he was interested in. She said yes so he picked her up and carried her out of SOS. He was still carrying her when they were outside of Stuart's museum. Greenlee didn't want to go in at first saying that Carlos' art work was in there. She only hesitated a few moments before agreeing to go in with him. He put her down and said he had to talk to the owner. Greenlee walked over to Carlos' display, when the man returned she told him that it was Carlos' work. She started going on about Carlos but the man walked away. When she realized he was gone she turned and he said that this is the piece I was telling you about, it's called "The Kiss." He asked what she thought about it. She said she liked it. He excused himself again and moments later Stuart came out. He congratulated Greenlee letting her know that her friend had just bought her the piece. She couldn't believe it. Greenlee asked Stuart where the man was. Stuart said that he left. Greenlee asked him if he knew who the man was. Stuart said no. She asked if he had to sign something when he paid for the art and Stuart said no because he paid for it in cash then said he had to leave. Greenlee asked Stuart if he could find out who the man was. Stuart said he wouldn't mind knowing because the guy really knew art. Stuart excused himself to go wrap the art piece up for her. Carlos came in moments later. Greenlee apologized to Carlos for using the information he gave her on Diane. She said she was wrong and knew better. Carlos said that he could see that Greenlee had moved on. She asked what he meant and he said that he could see that she met a new man it was written all over her face and then he left.

Erica and Kendall were in Erica's loft. Erica was getting measured for her dress and Kendall was looking at the design saying that the dress was beautiful. Erica told Kendall to look at the other design to see what she thought about that. Kendall grabbed the other design and after a moment asked if that was the bridesmaid dress, and Erica said yes. Kendall said she loved it. Erica asked if she was sure because they could change it. Kendall said she loved it as it was. Erica said she wasn't sure about the bodice of wedding dress though. A knock came to the door and it was Myrtle. Erica said good because she could use Myrtle's help. Myrtle told Erica there wasn't time for it right now. Erica asked what was wrong. Myrtle said she was worried about Bianca. She told Erica and Kendall that Bianca hadn't eaten anything in three days. Erica was shocked and said that couldn't be right Bianca wouldn't skip a meal not now. Myrtle said she has been skipping meals because Bianca normally has breakfast with Myrtle and for the last three days she hasn't and when she knocked on her door Bianca's voice was very weak. Kendall said that Bianca has been acting strange lately. Erica asked how strange what did Bianca say? Kendall said that's the problem, Bianca wouldn't say. Another knock came to the door this time it was Lena. Erica asked Lena if she had heard from Bianca and Lena said she was hoping Bianca was there with Erica. Erica said that if anything was wrong with Bianca she knows who to blame, Lena in turn said I was going to say the same thing to you. Lena informed them that Bianca had backed her bags and left Myrtle's. Kendall said she was going out to look for Bianca and that she would call if she found out anything. Myrtle said she was going back to the boarding house to see if anyone can tell her something more and that she too would check in with Erica. The two left leaving Erica and Lena alone. Erica told Lena that if anything happens to Bianca that she would her Lena responsible for the rest of her life. Lena told Erica that she was worried about Bianca too and that they hadn't had any problems. They were actually planning a trip to Europe and were finally happy. Erica asked Lena if she loved Bianca why didn't she notice that something was wrong with her. Lena said she did notice and she asked Bianca what was wrong but Bianca wouldn't tell her and she couldn't force her to say anything.

Erica backed down and agreed that she couldn't force Bianca to talk. Lena asked Erica what happened when Bianca became anorexic. Erica told her that it was awful. She had to sign papers to force her to eat because if she hadn't Bianca would've died. She said the look on Bianca's face you could tell she was terrified. Then they had family counseling and were able to get a lot of stuff out. Erica asked Lena if Bianca had mentioned any of this to her. Lena said only in passing like it was a joke or something. Lena said she was going to go look for Bianca too and said she would call Erica if she finds out anything. Erica said she would call Lena as well. Then Lena left.

Lena called Bianca's phone leaving a message tell her that she loved her and whatever she was going through she didn't have to face it alone.

Erica called Jack telling him about Bianca saying she knows it has only been a couple of hours but Bianca hadn't eaten anything in days. After she hung with Jack Erica prayed to God saying "Please don't let anything happen to my baby girl, please, please."

Kendall went to the park where she last saw Bianca looking for her. She asked a man in the park if he had seen Bianca, after a brief description he said no. Kendall had a memory flash of Bianca standing over the garbage can with a match. She said to herself " you were going to burn something in there." Kendall walked over to the garbage can a looked in, she was about to reach in when Greenlee's mystery man appeared out of no where, pulled up his sleeve and said he'd get what ever she was looking for. Kendall smiled.

Friday, July 18, 2003


Simone remains trapped inside the elevator at Fusion, imagining the knight in shining armor that will rescue her. Carlos is her first hero, coming down the trap door on a rope in daring fashion. The two argue about how Simone is not Greenlee and Carlos leaves Simone alone. Simone then says she needs a younger hero and daydreams Jamie as her knight. This moment is only to be interrupted by Tad who shows Simone the finer points of love, kiss and all. The elevator begins to fill with smoke and as Simone "panics" she dreams up her last hero, none other than Officer Lyman who whisks her away telling her he has lusted after her since he first arrested her. Simone awakes from this current rescue only to have the door opened by the mystery man (Pablo).

Kendall is taken by Pablo and drifts off as he inquires what she is doing. Kendall explains how her sister has run away and that was the last place Bianca was seen. Kendall tells Pablo how everyone is concerned for Bianca as she notices the burnt clothes in the trash can. Pablo asks if Bianca had recently been heartbroken and when Kendall says yes, Pablo tells her he knows where Bianca is.

Bianca is at the boat house constantly seeing visions of Michael, including in the water, who is telling her that she will never get away from him. Kendall and Pablo arrive and after Kendall reaches out for Bianca's hand, Bianca tells the vision she sees of Michael to not touch her. Kendall assures Bianca that it's her and how everyone has been worried about her. Bianca agrees to go home to make peace.

At the penthouse, Jack and Anna come to question Erica about Bianca's disappearance. Erica tells them that she insist the guard she has be put on patrol to find Bianca, as well as Kendall, Lena, and Mia's. Jack tells her they will check with the ladies to get the approval. After explaining that Bianca packed a suitcase and left the boarding house, a heartbroken Erica breaks down and tells Jack Bianca had not eaten, explaining to the confused Anna that Bianca was a recovering anorexic. Anna and Jack decide to leave but Jack request a few minutes alone with Erica. Erica breaks down in his arms saying she does not want to loose her baby to this illness. Jack comforts Erica and tells her Bianca will be fine. Soon after Jack leaves, Opal arrives and can sense her friend's trouble. After explaining to Opal about Bianca, Erica tells her that there is no way Jack can know that Greenlee is his daughter. Opal tells Erica that Jack must know the truth in order to make peace. Bianca walks in the door of the penthouse as Erica begins to question her about why she left. Bianca remains silent, even as Erica asks what pain has caused Bianca to shut everyone out. Erica gives up her questioning and offers to make tea for them.

Jack and Anna arrive at the police station discussing Bianca. Anna's phone rings and it's Erica informing Jack and Anna that Bianca is safe at home. Jack thanks Anna for her work as she calls Officer Lyman to life the APB on Bianca. As Jack leaves Anna's office, David walks in wanting to see how she was doing. Anna explains to David that Bianca went missing and David proceeds to tell her about what happened at the clinic. David tells Anna about Bianca's comment to him about not saving Leora and that the ones who can not be saved is their marriage. Anna is shocked but lets David go.

Liza arrives at Stuart's gallery to meet Tad, who pretended that something was wrong with Marion or Stuart, only Tad appears with champagne. He gives Liza a toast and tells her the bet is off, that she wins. Tad tells her that her perfect man is right under her nose, someone she has known forever, since high school. Naturally Liza assumes Tad is talking about himself when Tad shocks Liza with an old classmate he "ran into" at the bank. The man is very well rehearsed as he offers Liza dinner and a free checking account with teddies on the checks. Liza sees through the scam and starts attacking Tad, blaming it on her medication and mental problems. Tad's new friend no longer becomes a friend and cancels dinner with Liza and the checking account, leaving the slip cover to the checks as a parting gift. Tad is very humored by the joke and Liza vows revenge on him, throwing the check slip cover at him as he leaves the gallery.

While Erica goes to make the tea, Bianca mills around the penthouse when the door opens and it's Michael. Bianca loudly tells herself - and the vision before her - that he is not real. Michael holds out his hand and tells Bianca to touch him and see that's he's really there. Bianca tentatively reached out towards the perceived specter. As he hand touches his, Michael latches on to her and reveals that it really his him "in the flesh."

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