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Passions Recaps: The week of July 14, 2003 on PS
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Monday, July 14, 2003

Beth dresses like a killer clown, complete with voice changer. She demands that Sheridan call Luis and tell him that she is in Paris. Sheridan can tell that something has gone wrong with the kidnap plan. She tells her kidnapper that she is very wealthy. She begs to be let go and her kidnappers can be rich. Edna gets dollar signs in her eyes and begs Beth to reconsider her plan. She tells her Beth that they could be set for life. She also tempts her daughter by saying she could buy a man and get him to look like Luis. Beth considers this for a moment and then goes back to her original plan. Charlie has started to think up baby names.

Sheridan refuses to help her kidnapper. Clown Beth tells Sheridan that she will kill her here and now. Sheridan says that if she wanted her dead, she would be dead by now. Sheridan refuses to make the phone call to Luis. She knows that he is searching for her.

Luis reads Sheridan's diary, in the hope that there is some clue as to where she may be. The diary contains intimate details of their love life. Sheridan says that Luis will always be the love of her life. Luis feels the same way. He tells Hank that he and Sheridan are connected. He knows that she is not in Paris. She is in Harmony and in danger. Hank warns Luis not to let Antonio get his hands on the diary. It would be the worst possible way for him to find out the truth about his marriage.

Antonio gets a little angry with his brother for reading Sheridan's diary. He picks it up off of Luis' desk. He feels that as her husband, he has more of a right to read it.

Rebecca gets Gwen upset all over again by telling her that Ethan will leave her if she loses the baby. Ivy wheels in and agrees with Rebecca. Ethan throw s them both out after Gwen's blood pressure goes up. Both Rebecca and Gwen know that Theresa will be all over Ethan if something happens to the baby. They decide to get the best specialist in the world to take care of Gwen and her baby.

Julian tells Tabitha that he has changed his ways where parenting is concerned. He wants to be a part of his baby's life. Tabitha says no chance. When Julian turns his back to take a call, the demon baby's claw comes out and begins to choke Julian to death. John sees it all.

Fox arranges a private jet to take Chad and Whitney to L.A. Simone goes to give Whitney a proper send off. She orders Whitney to get the hell on the plane and to never come back.

Kay keeps begging for Miguel. He only wants to be at Charity's side. Kay calls for him over and over. Miguel does come to be with Kay. When excuses himself to find Charity, Kay objects. Grace butts in and tells Miguel to go and she will stay with Kay. Kay gets mad at her mother. She sees this as Grace's latest way to keep her and Miguel a part.

Gwen comes to see Kay and tell her that she is not alone. Kay tells Gwen and Ethan that she is alone. Miguel and Charity show up. Charity is having yet another premonition. She says that "The baby" will destroy them all. Kay glares at her cousin.

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Clown Beth gives Sheridan one last chance to call Luis to tell him that she is alright. Sheridan refuses. Beth then says "Get ready to die!" Sheridan tries to bargain for her life. She again promises her kidnapper all the money she wants. Edan again tries to get Beth to take her up on the money offer. Beth says no and calls Sheridan a stubborn bitch. She then fires off her gun. Charlie and Edna cover their ears as Beth repeatedly fires the gun at Sheridan. Edna calls to merciful heaven that Sheridan is dead. Charlie is somewhat relieved. They then hear Sheridan's voice and realize that Beth just fired warning shots. Sheridan agrees to make the call. She fantasizes about calling Luis and getting rescued by him.

Simone intercepts Whitney at the airport. She slaps Whitney across the face and tells her to never come back. Theresa defends Whitney and Simone tells her to shut up. She is angry with Theresa for not telling her the truth.

Chad steps in and tells Simone the truth, that he never loved her. Simone gets angry and slaps Chad across the face.

Kay goes off on her cousin Charity. She tells Charity that she is selfish. She blames her for being in the hospital. She reminds Charity that all of her talk about babys dying made her water broke. Grace defends Charity and Kay gets even more upset. Eve tells everyone to clear out because Kay needs rest. Kay gets upset and goes into more painful contractions. Gwen has another pain in her abdomen. Ethan tries to get her back to her room as soon as he can. Kay glares at Charity, blaming her for the problems that both she and Gwen are having.

Simone tells Chad that he doesn't know how selfish her sister really is. She assures Chad that Whitney will eventually leave him out in L.A. She tells Chad that Whitney will be gone as soon as someone better comes along. Chad doesn't believe this for a minute but Fox is hoping that Simone is right. Whitney tries to appeal to Simone. Simone then lies and tells Whitney that Eve wants her gone too. She says that no one wants Whitney around. Simone leaves and everyone tries to get Whitney not to be upset. They assure her that Simone won't stay mad for ever.

Tabitha gets the demon to retract it's claws and stop killing Julian. Julian tells Tabitha he should press charges because she almost choked him to death. He is unaware that it was his demon spawn that tried to do him in. Tabby tells Julian to threaten all he wants. No one will listen to him. Julian then says he must be involved in his child's life. Tabitha says no and for Julian not to come near it. Julian insists that he will be a part of his child's life.

Gwen's latest setback scares both Ivy and Rebecca. They get on the internet to find the best doctor for Gwen.

Kay begs Eve for pain killers. Eve refuses and tells Kay she is dilated. Charity comes in and asks Eve if Kay will lose the baby. Kay says that Charity is probably hoping that she will. Eve shoos Charity out but tells Miguel to stay. Jessica tells Charity that it will be alright. Charity says no, that it won't ever be alright.

Sheridan begins to try to make the call. She then realizes that the call is local and she is still in Harmony. Sheridan then knows that she is still in town and that Luis must be close to finding her. She begins to scream for help. Beth tells her to die and fires the gun again and again.

Theresa says goodbye to Fox. She wishes him well and knows that they will end up with their true loves.

Theresa and Whitney cry when they say goodbye. Chad and Fox make fun of them. Whitney tells Theresa to come with them. Theresa then remembers many of the good and bad times she and Whitney have shared through the years.

Antonio asks Luis about him reading his wife's diary. Luis explains that he needed clues to her where-a-bouts. It is obvious to Hank and Luis that Antonio did not read the parts of the diary that would expose his secret love for Sheridan.

Beth tells Sheridan that she ruined her life. Charlie slaps Beth to shut her up. Sheridan calls Beth a lousy shot and says Luis is a better one and won't miss. Charlie grabs Beth and tells her that they have to come up with another plan before the house gets searched.

Charity cries on John's shoulder. She tells him a baby will rip couples apart. She will lose Miguel forever. Pilar asks Eve what will happen if Kay's baby comes now. Eve says that survival is minimal.

Miguel begs Eve to save Kay and their baby.

Luis tells Hank that the search will begin tomorrow at Beth's house.

Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Gwen sits in her hospital bed happily talking to herself that Ethan loves her. She rubs her still swollen stomach praying that she can hold onto her baby. Gwen then has a horrible daydream that she lost her baby. Theresa then walks in and tells Ethan she will give him a baby. Theresa kisses Ethan as Gwen yells, "NO!" Rebecca and Ivy walk into Gwen's room. They tell her that they have found a way for her to keep Ethan. Both women tell Gwen to be realistic and realize that she can't lose her baby.

Ivy and Rebecca found the perfect doctor for Gwen's case. The doctor is in L.A. Rebecca thinks it is the perfect place. It is still on the continent and yet, far enough away from Theresa. Ivy and Rebecca try their best to get Gwen to go to L.A. Ethan overhears this and flatly refuses to go. Eve walks in and hears this. Ethan puts the question to Gwen himself. Gwen thinks of Theresa stealing Ethan away. Her insecurities get the better of her. She eagerly agrees to go to L.A.

Theresa rushes to the hospital as she gets Pilar's message. Theresa is distressed to find out about Kay's condition. Pilar and Theresa have a heart to heart. Theresa tells Pilar about the fire at the Blue Note. She also tells Pilar that Whitney, Chad and Fox just headed out to L.A. Pilar warns Theresa to watch out for Fox. She tells her daughter that Fox is alot like Julian. Theresa says she does not see it. She also tells her mother that Fox is in love and love changes people. Pilar then realizes that when Theresa talks about love, she is still thinking about Ethan. Pilar can't believe that Theresa still has hopes of getting Ethan back.

Whitney has a disturbing dream on the plane to L.A. Whitney dreams that she is playing tennis with another man. She seems to be in love with this man, who is not Chad. They are talking about her sidetracked tennis career. The man tells Whitney that he can't believe that she chucked it all for some guy who wanted her to sing in smoky night clubs. Whitney then kisses the new man in her life. As Whitney is talking to her new man, Simone shows up. She calls Whitney a slut. Whitney then wakes up and is extremely upset. Fox is there to comfort her. She tells Fox about her dream. He is once again hoping to the the other man. Whitney tells Fox that she doesn't know why she would dream such a thing. Fox is hoping that it is a hint of things to come. Whitney tells Fox that she would never hurt Chad. Fox says he understands she would never do that unless, Chad hurt her. Chad shows up and asks Whitney what is going on. She explains about her dream. Chad comforts Whitney by saying that it was probably Simone's suggestion of a new man that that brought the dream on. He knows she loves him and that they will be together forever.

Pilar tells her daughter that she should go to L.A. for a while. She says that Theresa could be there for Whitney while she is getting settled. It would also put some space between her and Ethan. Pilar wants Gwen to deliver a healthy baby. She thinks it would be best if Theresa left town until Gwen and Ethan's baby is born.

Pilar and Theresa are unaware that Ethan is headed to L.A. now. Ethan is on the phone to the airline making reservations. He tells them that his wife is pregnant and needs first class accommodations.

Edna and Charlie are still laughing at Beth's last plan. They think that Beth's plan to get Sheridan to call Luis was a waste of time.

Beth then has a new plan. She wants to try to tape Sheridan's voice answering questions that Luis may ask her over the phone. They think this idea is just as dumb.

Beth then grabs a video camera and tells Sheridan she is going to make a tape for Luis. Sheridan asks if it will be made in her comfy pit. When Clown Beth orders her to make the tape, Sheridan refuses. She says that there is no way in hell that she will help her. She also swears to hunt her kidnappers down once she gets out of there. Clown Beth then threatens to cut off Sheridan's food and water if she doesn't make the tape. She also says no pre-natal vitamins for her baby. Beth says that if Sheridan doesn't cooperate for herself she should think of the baby. Sheridan digs in her heels. She once again refuses to help her captors.

Thursday, July 17, 2003

Kay's condition and that of her unborn baby worsens. Kay is in premature labor. Eve asks for Kay's condition to be monitored very closely. She gets some upsetting results and goes to break the news to her family. Sam and Grace wait outside. They are holding each other. Their daughter's condition is pulling them together. Ivy watches in the wings. She tells David that she has to somehow drive another wedge between the couple. David says he wants no part of it. Eve tells Sam, Grace, Pilar and Miguel that Kay is in labor. Her chances aren't good but the baby's are even worse. Sam asks how this could have happened. Eve says that Kay's water could have broken early due to stress. Miguel gets a case of the guilts when he hears this. Ivy gets an idea. Miguel flashes back to his conversation with Kay in Tabitha's kitchen. He tells Kay that he doesn't love her and will have Charity as his wife. He tells everyone that if the baby dies, it will be all his fault.

Ivy manages to get Grace alone. She verbally attacks Grace and tells her that Kay's condition is all her fault. Ivy calls Grace a lousy wife and mother. She points out that Grace turned her back on Kay when Kay needed her most. Ivy says that Kay would rather live with a crazy old coot like Tabitha than at home with her mother.

Sam overhears the altercation. He asks what is going on. Ivy just wheels away. Grace tells Sam what Ivy said. Sam says that they need to concentrate on their daughter right now. Grace gets upset because she can see in Sam's eyes that he agrees. He too blames part of Kay's condition on Grace. Ivy listens to their conversation and says to herself, "Mission accomplished."

Beth tells Charlie and Edna that she threatened to cut off Sheridan's food and water and starve her baby if she did not make the video.

Clown Beth goes to reason with Sheridan again before Luis can search the house. Sheridan tells her kidnapper to go to hell. Clown Beth pulls out a gun and plans on getting rid of Sheridan once and for all. At this point, Beth doesn't even care about the baby.

Luis tells Hank that he and Sheridan are soulmates. He reminds his friend about their past lives together. He knows that Sheridan is in danger. Luis says that they must resume the house to house search. He also informs Hank that since he and Beth are so close, someone would want to use Beth's place as a hideout. It would be perfect because no one would think Luis would search there.

Friday, July 18, 2003

Fox, Chad and Whitney settle into the Crane apartment in L.A. After Fox makes a call to a friend, Chad gets called into work.

At the hospital, Sam stops a confrontation between Grace and Ivy. Ivy states Grace is at fault for Kay being in premature labor. Grace is hurt when Sam's silence makes her realize he agrees. David comforts his "wife." Hoping to widen the rift, Ivy tells Sam she feels Grace is a bad mother.

Miguel continues to coach Kay through her contractions. Pilar reassures Charity of Miguel's love. Kay's condition deteriorates as her blood pressure goes up.

Precious has a fantasy about Luis choosing her over Beth and Sheridan. Recalling how he and Sheridan have been torn apart in their past lives, Luis vows to make sure they will be together in this lifetime. Sheridan refuses to make a video in which she says she's in Paris. Beth and Charlie set out to bury Sheridan alive, but Luis shows up at the house.

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