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Passions Recaps: The week of July 7, 2003 on PS
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Monday, July 7, 2003

The fire at the Blue Note rages out of control. Eve begs the Harmony fire department to save her family. The fire chief says that they will attempt a rescue. He says that the roof is unstable and the building is burning rapidly. Eve can't believe that he said "attempt." the fire chief does not hold up much hope for a successful rescue.

Inside the inferno Sam has a plan. He wants to boost Theresa and Whitney up through an open window. Whitney knows that this is an attempt to save just the women. She is sure that the men will die. Whitney says she won't leave without Chad. Before there can be any arguing, the roof does cave in on everyone. Eve screams at the sight. The fire chief sadly tells Eve and the others that no one could have survived the cave in.

Julian then sees Sam, Fox and Theresa. Eve sees them as well and asks "Where are Whitney and TC?" Theresa sees Whitney and has to be restrained from going to her. TC the walks slowly toward Sam and the others. He is carrying a lifeless Whitney in his arms. Eve cries that her baby is dead.

Kay goes off on Charity while at the baby shower. Kay insists that Charity is using her premonitions as a way to keep the spotlight and attention on her and away from Kay. She can't believe that Charity would talk about someone's baby dying at her baby shower. Kay calls Charity "Miss Future Shock." Jessica defends Charity. Grace goes to her daughter and expresses how excited both she and Sam are about the birth of their first grandchild. Ivy very cattily reminds everyone, especially Grace, that Gwen's child will be born first and that will be Sam's first grandchild. Grace and Ivy go back and forth with barbs. Pilar even tells Ivy that she brought all her heartache on herself by lying. John asks Tabitha is she has ever been pregnant. Tabby remembers the time leading up to her diagnosis of pregnancy. She then belches out fire. All the party goers she her. Kay gets Miguel alone in the kitchen. When Miguel angrily tells Kay that they don't have a relationship and never will, she gets as severe pain in her abdomen.

Beth is ready to confess all to Luis. Edna goes on her knees for forgiveness. Luis tells Beth to hurry with her confession because he just got an important email from Sheridan at the station. Beth is stunned and comes up with some clumsy lie about Precious not having a license and Edna worrying. Charlie then admits to Edna and Beth she sent the bogus email. She wants to get Luis off their trail once and for all. She then says that no one will ever find Sheridan. She says the pit will eventually be her grave. Luis reads the email. Antonio questions why Sheridan emailed him and not her own husband. The email says she and the baby sure fine and in Paris. Antonio is convinced and calls off the search.

Tuesday, July 8, 2003

The roof of the Blue Note caves in. This causes a large hole, big enough for Fox, Sam and Theresa to escape through. TC walks through the hole, holding Whitney's lifeless body in his arms.

Eve rushes to her daughter and begins CPR. Whitney begins to come awake. Chad goes to check on Whitney. TC gets angry and tells him to back the hell off. Chad says that he won't. He again reminds TC that he will be marrying Whitney soon. TC grabs Chad by the throat and punches him in the face. TC accuses Chad of almost killing Whitney by bringing her to the Blue Note. Fox says that it was his idea. He explains that everyone wanted to spend one last night together. He tells TC that the three of them are moving to L.A. TC says no way in hell. He announces that his daughter is coming home with him tonight.

Luis still stares at the computer screen. He keeps reading the bogus email from Sheridan. Hank says that it can't be traced. Luis wants to be sure that Sheridan sent the email and wants it traced. He doesn't understand how Sheridan could have gotten out of the country withoput a trace. Antonio assures Luis that being a Crane, Sheridan could have done it. Luis is still not one-hundred percent convinced. He calls Reese to use his computer geek talents to try to trace the email.

Beth and Edna make Charlie tell them what she did to get Luis off their trail. Charlie explains about the bogus email that she sent. She uses Greta Garbo's famous line, Sheridan left because "She vants to be alone." Beth then goes ballistic when she realizes that Charlie used her computer to send the email.

Beth screams at Charlie that the email will be traced to her computer.She is sure that they will all go to jail.

Charlie tries to calm Beth down by saying she re-routed the email so many times, that it can't possibly be traced.

John sees Tabitha belch up fire. He runs into the house and tells everyone at the shower what he saw. Tabitha laughs John off. She says she isn't breathing fire. She asks , "Do I look like I breath fire?" Ivy says no, she looks pregnant. Then Ivy goes off and insults Tabitha. She says that Tabby could not possibly be pregnant. Ivy calls it a medical impossibility. This gets Tabitha's dander up. She is tired of Ivy's snotty comments. Tabitha looks at Ivy and says that she would lose the bet if she bet Tabby wasn't pregnant. Tabitha announces that she is expecting, after all these years. Everyone is a little surprised but congratulates Tabitha. Pilar tells her she is very happy to hear her news. Ivy then buts in again. She point blank demands to know who the father is. Everyone tells Ivy that it is none of her business. Tabitha thinks back to her wild night with Julian. Tabitha says that the father of her baby is a married man. He is also married to a mean cold shrew of a wife. Tabitha says she was vulnerable after her dear Timmy died. The man used her and then tossed her away. Ivy smiles and says they should have a drink and give Geritol to Tabitha. Miguel tells Ivy she is being very mean. Ivy laughs him off.

Eve begs Whitney to reconsider leaving town.

Whitney tells Eve she loves Chad and must go to L.A. with him. Eve looks at Liz. She knows that Liz will eventually use Whitney to hurt her. Eve then urges Whitney to go to L. A. with her blessing. Liz hears this and runs to TC. She asks TC why his wife is giving their daughter permission to go to L.A. with Chad. TC goes off on Eve. Eve says she loves him. TC shoots back that she would never send Whitney away if she really loved him. Liz smirks in the background. Liz then tells TC the Eve gave Whitney her blessing to spite him.

Simone goes into the kitchen and announces to Miguel and Kay that Tabitha is pregnant. Charity hears a baby crying in Tabitha's upstairs bedroom. She follows the cry and finds black cloaked demons standing around a black shrouded cradle. Kay seems to keep having pains but does not say anything to anyone. Simone sees water on the floor and asks Miguel if he will ever fix Tabitha's leak. Miguel says he thought he did. He does not know where the water is coming from.

Beth goes to the police station to see if Sheridan's email can be traced. Luis follows Reese's instructions, but he can't trace the email. Beth is relieved. Luis then calls Alistair. Alistair tells Luis the truth this time. He does not know where his daughter is.

Luis is skeptical. He tells Beth that he would be convinced there was no kidnapping, if he could only hear Sheridan's voice. Beth tells Luis that Sheridan did not call because she does not want to be found.

Ivy is very suspicious of Tabitha and her pregnancy.

Tabitha questions Grace as to Charity's where-a-bouts. Tabby worries that Charity will uncover some dark secrets.

Charity comes face to face with another Tabitha. The Other Tabitha asks Charity if she wants to se her baby. She pulls the cradle shroud so Charity can peek in. Tabitha says that everyone in the black cloaks came to worship her baby. Charity asks why. Tabitha says that everyone came to worship the ruler of the Dark Side. Charity takes another look at the baby and screams.

Simone tells Kay that the water on the floor is not coming from a leak. It's coming from her. Simone announces to Kay that her water broke. Kay cries,"NO! It is too soon!"

Wednesday, July 9, 2003

Whitney can't believe Eve's change of heart and neither can TC. Liz tells TC once again that Eve changed her mind to deliberately undermine him. TC can't understand why Eve would give her blessing to Whitney and send her off to L.A. with Chad. Liz knows Eve's reasons but keeps them to herself.

Eve tells Julian that Liz is winning. Liz is getting just what she wants. Eve reminds Julian that her marriage and family are falling apart. Julian explains to Eve that due to Liz's threats, she had no other choice but to send Whitney off with Chad.

Eve remembers back to her last conversation with liz. Liz tells Eve that she will give Whitney her "start" at the Blue Note. Liz is sure that after Whitney gets into music, sex and drugs will soon follow.

Eve asks Liz how she could do something like that. She questions her love for Whitney. Liz admits she does love her niece, but hates Eve more than she loves Whitney.

Eve realizes that Julian is right. Whitney needs to be with Chad so he can protect her from Liz and her sick revenge.

Julian gets Liz alone and tells her not to be too smug. He says that Eve and TC will patch things up as soon as she leaves town. He also nods to the burned out jazz club. He reminds Liz that her only reason for staying in Harmony has been burned to the ground.

He asks Liz what excuse she will come up with to stay in town.

The fire marshall announces to everyone that the fire was deliberatley set. Liz wants that arsonists caught. Sam reminds everyone that whoever set the fire is not only guilty of arson, but of attempted murder as well.

Julian steps in to protect Eve. He takes the blame for the fire. He explains that he did not deliberately set the fire but he did leave old cans of gas laying around. He apologizes to everyone. This is not good enough for TC. He reminds Julian that 4 people almost died tonight. TC grabs Julian and tries to kill him. Sam gets TC to back off. TC questions Julian as to why he is at the club at night. He also wants to know why Eve is there with him.

Eve worries that Liz will blow the whistle on her. Tc asks Eve one last time, why she would send their daughter off with Chad. Eve flashes back to the frightening dream she had where Whitney is singing in the Blue Note, selling her body for drugs.

Eve looks st TC and tells him she is sending Whitney away to protect her.

Simone sees that the water on Tabitha's kitchen floor is coming from Kay. Simone tells Kay that her water broke. Kay begins to scream, "No! It's too soon!"

Everyone hears Kay scream. They run into the kitchen. Grace realizes that Kay is in labor.

Kay sits on the kitchen floor in pain, waiting for the ambulance.When Ivy hjears that Kay's life is in danger, she tells David that if Kay dies, it will be one less person who knows about them.

Miguel looks worried and tells Pilar that he must find Charity to tell her what happened.

Miguel goes off to find Charity.

Charity wandered into Tabitha's bedroom. She sees another Tabitha holding a demon baby. The demon baby spits fire at Charity. Tabitha then feeds the "baby" it's first bottle. It begins to drink a bottle of blood. Charity hears the other demon onlookers chanting. She tries to run from the room.

The real Tabitha finds Charity levitating in the bedroon alone. Charity turns to her and tells Tabby that she will warn everyone about the demon baby.

When Miguel shows up, he finds Charity asleep on the bed with Tabitha besdie her. Charity wakes up to no real memory of what she saw.

Luis calls off the search for Sheridan. Beth is relieved. So relieved that she has a daydream, Cabaret style that Sheridan is getting what she deserves. Even Edna , Charlieand Precious are dressed in black dancing with the chorus girls, celebrating the fact that the blonde bimbo, twit is geting what she deserves. Beth calls Charlie and tells her that their plan is back on track.

Luis calls the airport to book a flight to Paris so he can search for Sheridan.

He remembers how they both swore never to be a part again.

Luis uses his cop sense and feels that Sheridan has met with foul play. He calls the investigation back on.

Thursday, July 10, 2003

Miguel finds Charity asleep on Tabitha's bed. Tabitha can't believe her good fortune that Charity does not remember the vision that she saw. Charity does not remember seeing that Tabitha's baby is a demon.

Miguel tells Charity that Kay's water broke. They all accompany want to accompany Kay to the hospital.

The paramedics come for Kay. Kay cries that she can't go to the hospital without Miguel. She keeps calling for the father of her baby.

Whitney says goodbye to her parents. Eve kisses her daughter and wishes her well. Her heart is breaking by sending her oldest daughter away. Eve knows that she must send Whitney away in order to protect her from Liz and her thirst for revenge.

Whitney knows that Eve's blessing is causing a rift in her parents marriage. Whitney offers to stay to help her mom. TC turns his back on Whitney and does not say goodbye.

TC turns on Eve and begs her to tell him why she would do such a thing. He wants to know why Eve would send their daughter away with a man he despises.

Kay arrives at the hospital. Her blood pressure and temperature are both dropping rapidly. The doctor says that both Kay and the baby are in distress.

Luis has a gut feeling that Sheridan is in danger. He demands that the search continue. Antonio is confused over Luis' reluctance to drop the case. Both Hank and Beth agree with Antonio that the case should be closed because Sheridan is in France. Antonio questions Luis about his need to find Sheridan. Antonio says that Luis is acting like Sheridan is his wife. As Sheridan's husband, he wants the case closed. Luis yells, "NO!" He even gets violent by trashing his desk. He refuses to give up the search. He tells Beth that come tomorrow morning he will continue the search, starting with her basement. Beth panics when she thinks of Sheridan being down there with the rats.

Julian sticks to his cover story for Eve. He takes the blame for the fire. Sam asks Liz who she is insured with. Liz replies that she did not have time to get insurance. Liz agrees not to press charges against Julian if he promises to rebuild the Blue Note.

Julian reluctantly agrees because Eve says there is no other way out.

Theresa and Whitney say their goodbyes. Sam is finally located and finds out that Kay and the baby are both in danger. Eve tells TC that she has to go to the hospital but she will talk to him when she gets home. TC says nothing; he just glares at his wife.

The doctor tells everyone that Kay and her baby are in serious trouble. Jessica cries and tells Simone that she is truly worried about her sister.

(Danica Stewart takes over the role of Jessica starting today. For more information, click here.)

Friday, July 11, 2003

Whitney and Theresa say tearful good-byes. Whitney worries about her mother. Fox agrees something strange was going on with Julian and Eve at the fire.

Tabitha listens to her unborn demon baby's heartbeat. Jessica and Simone discuss how unbelievable it is that Tabitha is pregnant. The demon baby has a major reaction to Julian's presence. Julian comforts an upset Eve. Julian promises to stand by her, and she thanks him for his support.

Rebecca warns Gwen that Theresa is still a threat.

Kay's condition worsens as her labor progresses. Charity is unhappy about seeing Kay and Miguel so close. John tries to reassure her of Miguel's love. Sam catches Grace being comforted by David.

Luis puts the search into high gear and plans to search Beth's basement as a precaution. Charlie wants to kill Sheridan off so the cops won't find her.

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