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Casey returned, but was only visible to Ricky. Jamal discovered the power of Caleb's ring after meeting Imani. Children's Social Services investigated Lucy and Ian, thanks to Kevin, who dropped the complaint after Jamal made a wish on the ring.
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Port Charles Recaps: The week of July 7, 2003 on PC
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Monday, July 7, 2003

As Ricky tries to drown his sorrows at Club Elixir, Caz tries to offer Ricky some support. As they talk, Ricky suddenly believes that he sees Casey and follows the angel outside into the alley. In the alley, Ricky is surprised to find that Casey really is waiting there for him ~ and they begin to kiss. When Ricky confesses that he believes that Casey is NOT real, Casey reminds Ricky of her promise to continue to watch over him. But Casey finally admits that Ricky is the only one who can actually see Casey. As Casey urges Ricky to remain true to the vision of his music, Caz comes out into the alley and, believing that he sees Ricky talking to himself, Caz asks Ricky what the drummer is doing. When Ricky tries to point Casey out to Caz, Ricky discovers that the angel has vanished.

Just as Jamal holds Caleb's ring in his hand and wishes he had a girl to share confidences with, Jamal is stunned when a woman comes crashing through the ceiling and lands on his bed. Imani quickly explains that she is a new waitress at Club Elixir and that she fell through the broken floorboards of the floor of the Club's store room, which is just above Jamal's apartment. Imani apologizes, then heads back to work. After she leaves, Jamal remembers the ring and frantically searches through the debris from the broken ceiling until he finds the ring. Later, Jamal meets Imani again at Club Elixir and Jamal orders a tuna sandwich for lunch. But, after Imani heads for the kitchen with his order, Jamal wishes he had ordered a veggie burger instead. Jamal is surprised when Imani returns with a veggie burger! When Imani expresses her surprise that she brought Jamal a veggie burger instead of a tuna sandwich, Jamal assures her that everything is fine.

At Rafe's Loft, Alison is stunned to find Livvie standing over her when Alison awakens from a nightmare. Livvie insists that she KNOWS that Alison has Caleb's family heirloom ring. Alison denies Livvie's accusation and declares that IF Alison DID find the ring, she would send it straight to Hades ~ where the ring belongs! Alison blasts Livvie for doing so much to try to make Alison's life miserable. As Livvie and Alison argue, Livvie is shocked when Alison suddenly confides that she is afraid that Rafe is still upset by the fact that Alison stabbed Rafe while Alison was under Joshua's control. Meanwhile, Rafe and Caleb run into each other at Joshua's Mansion, where they have both gone to continue the search for Caleb's ring. Rafe guesses that the ring has some kind of special powers that Caleb has not yet admitted to ~ and that the power of the ring might ultimately make it possible for Caleb to exercise supreme control over everyone and everything around him! Caleb argues that the ring only has sentimental value to Caleb because the family ring was entrusted to Caleb by his father. However, Rafe refuses to believe Caleb's assertion. Rafe declares that Rafe believes that the ring is so dangerous that they all will be better off if the ring is never found. Meanwhile, back at Rafe's Loft, after Alison admits to Livvie that she is worried that Rafe is having a hard time getting over the fact that Alison stabbed her lover, Livvie stuns Alison by suggesting that Alison just give Rafe a little time to sort things out. Then both women realize that, IF the two of them alone and Rafe and Caleb are BOTH missing at the same time ~ that must mean that Rafe and Caleb have gone back to Joshua's Mansion to continue searching for Caleb's ring! Alison shocks Livvie when Alison cynically observes that possession of the ring appears to be more important to BOTH Caleb AND Rafe than either Livvie or Alison! Livvie confidently declares that Caleb told her that his love for Livvie was more important to Caleb than anything else ~ including the ring! As Alison scoffs at Livvie's belief that Caleb, of all people, would be able to put love ahead of the desire for power, Alison suddenly collapses. As Livvie helps Alison back to bed, Livvie informs Alison that she is probably suffering from withdrawal symptoms after all the the drugs that Joshua pumped into her to keep Alison under his control. Meanwhile, at Joshua's Mansion, Caleb again insists that the ring is nothing more to Caleb than a family heirloom, and Caleb reminds Rafe that what Rafe promised was to help Caleb recover the ring in exchange for Caleb's help in rescuing Alison from Joshua. Caleb insists that he intends to hold Rafe to his promise. When Rafe continues to refuse to cooperate with Caleb, arguing that Joshua and the ring both disappeared at the same time, Caleb darkly warns Rafe that, so long as they do NOT know WHO possesses the ring, they have NO way of knowing that the ring has NOT fallen into the hands of someone even more dangerous than Joshua! At the same time, at Rafe's Loft, Livvie urges Alison to renew her trust in the love that Alison and Rafe share and then everything will work out eventually. Later, when Rafe returns home, he finds Alison, sitting in the dark, waiting up for him. Rafe explains that he went back to Joshua's Mansion to search for the ring. Alison admits that she had figured that out. Alison tries to talk about her feeling about her experiences under Joshua's domination, but Rafe again urges Alison to just put the past behind her. Rafe reminds Alison that he loves her and admits that he is just very tired and ready to hit the hay. At the same time, Caleb returns to his apartment and finds Livvie questioning WHY Caleb felt that it was imperative to return to Joshua's Mansion that very evening to search for the ring, especially after Caleb had reassured Livvie that HER love was ALL that Caleb needed. However, Caleb announces that he does NOT want to talk about it, puts on his headphones, picks up his guitar and begins working on a song, leaving Livvie to puzzle over Caleb's decisions.

Tuesday, July 8, 2003

Wanting to make sure that Caleb's Power Ring is kept safely OUT of the reach of BOTH Caleb AND Rafe, Jamal went to the bank to put the ring into a safety deposit box. When Jamal enters the bank, he is surprised to run into Imani, who confides that she is opening a checking account at the bank. While Jamal and Imani chat, two masked men enter the bank with guns drawn, loudly announcing that the bank is being robbed. As he holds on to Caleb's ring, Jamal notices that Imani appears terrified by the situation. In spite of the gunmen's warnings to stay back, Jamal advances toward the robbers and declares to the bandits: "I wish you would NOT do this!" Then Jamal orders the bandits to put down their weapons and leave. The astonished robbers obediently give up their guns and run out of the bank. Imani is visibly shaken by her experience and confides to Jamal that she moved to Port Charles, hoping that she was going to be able to get away from violence! Jamal offers to walk Imani home, but Imani declines Jamal's offer. After Imani leaves, Jamal visualizes that he told Imani about his secret life and then visualizes Imani running away when she learns the truth. Jamal decides to continue to keep his secrets to himself.

At Lucy's Place, Lucy sorts out her financial papers as she prepares to take them to her lawyer, so the lawyer can get moving on Lucy's divorce from Kevin. Ian announces that he is off to the Hospital to check with Chris about Chris's research into developing synthetic blood ~ and also to drop off Ian's reinstatement papers for Dr. Quartermaine's review. As Lucy and Ian celebrate Ian's decision to get back to work at the Hospital, Kevin is busy elsewhere, making an anonymous report to Child Services about the safety of the children in Lucy and Ian's home. After Ian leaves for the Hospital, Lucy is astounded when Barbara Easton, a case worker from Children's Social Services, arrives to investigate a complaint about the safety of the children in Lucy's household. Although the case worker insists that the Service NEVER reveals the name of any persons making a complaint about child safety, Lucy immediately suspects Kevin!

Elizabeth limps into the Hospital with a sprained ankle and asks for a doctor to examine her. As Elizabeth tries to con Colleen into letting Elizabeth see a doctor even though Elizabeth does NOT have an appointment, Chris arrives at the front desk to sign out. Elizabeth begs Chris to examine her ankle, but Chris told Elizabeth that she is fine ~ and that he is off duty! When Ian arrives at the Hospital, Ian heads to the On-call Room, where he discovers Chris, pouring over some unpublished research reports. Chris informs Ian that Chris has discovered unpublished research into the development of synthetic blood and Chris is positive that Chris knows what he would need to do to make the previous research workable. Ian is so pleased with the news that Ian even almost actually thanks a VERY astonished Chris! After Ian leaves, Chris mixes some martinis and toasts his fallen comrades ~ Jake, Julie, Eve and Karen. Confiding to the empty chairs that he believes they have all managed to make heaven a better place, Chris also observes that, since he is now the one remaining intern of the seven who arrived with such high hopes to intern at General Hospital in 1997, he could use all the heavenly support they could muster. As Chris sadly confides his good news about his most recent research coup to his absent friends, Elizabeth wobbles in to the On Call Room and demands to know WHO Chris is talking to! While Chris is trying to explain his curious party with absent friends to Elizabeth, Ian spots Kevin near the Sixth Floor Nurses' Station and asks Kevin to call a truce. Kevin agrees in a voice that is heavily tinged with sarcasm and betrays Kevin's bitter state of mind. At the same time, at Lucy's Place, Lucy tries, with absolutely NO success, to side-track the social services investigation into the safety of children in her home. Meanwhile, back in the On Call Room, Elizabeth threatens a malpractice suit and finally gets Chris's attention. After Chris has examined Elizabeth's ankle, Elizabeth realizes that Chris is memorializing the recent passing of good friend Karen and Elizabeth offers her condolences. Then Elizabeth suggests that it probably is NOT a good idea for Chris to be drinking alone. Chris hesitantly invites Elizabeth to join the party, making sure that Elizabeth does NOT take a chair already 'occupied' by an absent intern! Chris and Elizabeth quietly toast to Unexpected Company. At the same time, as Ian returns to Lucy's Place, he is stunned when Lucy informs him that Children's Social Services wants to take Danny away from Ian because a complaint has been filed which alleged that Danny is living in an unsafe environment. In the meantime, Kevin leaves the Hospital, singing an Irish ditty, and concludes: "Me and my true love will surely meet again ~ on the Bonnie, Bonnie Bed of Yours Truly!"

Wednesday, July 9, 2003

As Ian reads a bedtime story to Danny and Christina, Lucy secretly worries about the complaint Kevin has lodged with Children's Social Services, alleging that Danny is NOT safe with his father. Later, Ian decides to go to the Hospital to check on the progress of his reinstatement. Meanwhile, outside the bank, Jamal realizes that, in the excitement of the robbery, he forgot to leave Caleb's ring in the safety deposit box. As Jamal wonders what the future might hold for him where Imani is concerned, Jamal decides to pay a visit to Lucy. When Jamal arrives at Lucy's Place, Jamal finds Lucy alone and Jamal asks Lucy if she thinks it would be OK for a person suffering with the kind of curse that Jamal suffers from to enjoy ordinary things ~ like dates with mortals. Lucy assures Jamal that everything will be fine, but that Jamal doesn't need to confide all of his secrets to Imani at the same time! As they talk, Lucy confides to Jamal that Kevin has filed a report with Children's Social Services, alleging that Danny is NOT safe in Ian's care. While Lucy explains to Jamal that Kevin is now so different from the person Kevin once was, Ian and Kevin run in to each other at the Hospital. When Ian asks Kevin WHY Kevin filed the report with Children's Social Services, Kevin admits that the reason was because Kevin wanted Ian to suffer the same hurt that Kevin suffered when Lucy refused to let Kevin see Christina. However, in the middle of Kevin's tirade against Ian, back at Lucy's Place, Lucy told Jamal that she wishes Kevin could just return to being the sweet, wonderful man he once was. As Jamal holds Caleb's ring, Jamal wishes that Lucy could have her wish and see Kevin return to normal soon. Just as Lucy and Jamal both wish for Kevin to become the man he once was, at the hospital, Kevin stops in mid-tirade and astonishes Ian by promising to straighten things out so that Ian can retain custody of his son! Kevin rushes away from a VERY puzzled Ian!

At Caleb's Rehearsal Hall, the band welcomes Caleb back among them. However, when Jack begins wanting to talk to Caleb about some of the details of managing the band, Caleb is distracted by his worry about the whereabouts of his family heirloom ring. Caleb then surprises Jack by pointing out that Caleb has NOT decided yet WHO will be managing the band. After Jack leaves the rehearsal hall, Livvie gets Caleb alone and tries to get Caleb to focus on ANYTHING other than that ring ~ for just a little while. But Caleb confesses that whomever DOES have the ring COULD end up being a person who could produce some very SERIOUS consequences for EVERYONE in town! At the same time, Casey appears to Ricky in a corner of the rehearsal hall, but Casey suddenly disappears while Ricky is talking to her. Ricky begins to believe that he is only imagining that Casey is there, but Ricky suddenly finds one of Casey's earrings, left behind on the couch! Meanwhile, Caleb told Jack NOT to go ahead with ANY of his plans for the band without letting Caleb sign off on everything! Livvie again tries to get Caleb to focus on something other than that missing ring. When Caleb confesses that he feels he can NOT quit searching for the ring for even an instant, Livvie becomes angry and storms out.

At Rafe's Loft, Alison watches as Rafe sleeps and realizes that his wound is making Rafe very uncomfortable. When Alison asks if she can do anything to help Rafe out and offers to get him an aspirin, Rafe assures Alison that he is fine. When Alison again opens up the subject of Joshua's control over her life, Rafe angrily told Alison to give it a rest. Rafe warns Alison that, if she can NOT just let it go, the regrets about that situation will end up consuming both of them! Rafe tries to explain that the stalemate between himself and Caleb plus the unknown power of the missing ring has Rafe worried about how to deal with the situation. Alison gives up trying to get Rafe to discuss the Joshua situation with her, but admits that she has NOT been feeling well. Alison suggests that it might be the after-effects of the drugs Joshua kept pumping in to her, but Rafe offers the opinion that it is probably just a summer flu, since the drugs should have worked their way out of her system long ago. Alison suddenly accuses Rafe of being in denial about all that happened to them because of Joshua. Rafe, in treturn, demands that Alison just drop the subject of Joshua! But Alison refuses to let it go and insists that it must be difficult for Rafe to forgive her. But Rafe once again reassures Alison that he DOES forgive her and he DOES love her! When Rafe switches the topic to his concern about the kind of power that Caleb's ring might possess, Alison admits that she talked to Livvie about the same thing and it is as if neither Caleb NOR Rafe can think about anything OTHER than that ring! Rafe announces that he believes that Alison just told him a rich joke if Alison actually talked to Livvie about Alison's relationship with Rafe. Chuckling at the prospect of Alison confiding anything to Livvie, Rafe announces that he needs some air, grabs his boots and leaves, leaving a VERY puzzled Alison behind! Later, as Alison sits alone on the Docks to watch the fireworks, Caleb saunters past and wonders WHY Alison would be sitting all alone on a Holiday. Alison soon finds herself confiding to Caleb that she is worried that she and Rafe will NEVER be able to get past the harm Joshua's machinations did to their relationship. Meanwhile, at Caleb's apartment, Livvie worries that she has been too insistent that Caleb put aside his obsession with recovering his family heirloom ring. Livvie decides that she just needs to become more alluring, to take Caleb's mind off of the ring. When Livvie hears footsteps in the hallway, she strips down to her scivvies and turns out the light. Then Livvie jerks open the door and throws herself into the arms on the man at the door. However, as Livvie plants a passionate kiss on her shadowy visitor, Livvie is appalled when she realizes that she is kissing Rafe!

Thursday, July 10, 2003

At Club Elixir, Jamal is running out of excuses to hang around until Imani arrives. Before finally leaving, Jamal suddenly wishes that Imani would walk through the door at that exact moment, and Jamal is surprised when he looks up and sees Imani coming in the door! As Jamal chats with Imani, he holds the ring and wishes he knew what she was thinking. After Imani takes Jamal's order and walks away, Jamal suddenly 'hears' Imani thinking that, while Jamal is cute, she believes a relationship between them would never work out. As Jamal realizes that he just found out what Imani really was thinking after wishing for it ~ Jamal takes a long, hard look at the ring ~ and wonders!

At Caleb's apartment, Rafe quickly disentangles himself from Livvie's passionate embrace and demands to know where Caleb is. As Livvie hastily slips back into her dress, she blasts Rafe for surprising her that way and is surprised when Rafe announces that he is there to see Livvie any way. Livvie guesses that Rafe has come to lecture her about her visit to Alison and Livvie orders Rafe to go ahead and leave and consider the lecture already delivered. But Rafe insists on delivering the lecture any way. Rafe orders Livvie to stay away from Alison. Then Rafe reminds Livvie that she has always been jealous of Alison and that Livvie's jealousy has brought as much misery to Livvie as it has brought to Alison! Livvie briefly considers what Rafe has to say, but points out that, when Joshua had Alison under his control and Alison attacked Rafe, Alison discovered her 'dark side.' Livvie points out that, while Livvie started out her relationship with Caleb by being under Caleb's control, Caleb also introduced Livvie to HER 'dark side' and Livvie eventually chose to stay on the 'dark side,' with Caleb. Livvie offers the opinion that Alison is being tempted by forbidden fruit and asks Rafe how Rafe will handle the next incident. Rafe assures Livvie that he is NOT worried that Alison will become like Livvie any time soon. Rafe also reminds Livvie that Livvie is just worried that Caleb will begin to take a renewed interest in Alison and, in spite of Livvie's stated confidence in her relationship with Caleb, all of Livvie's old insecurities are beginning to surface again. But Livvie reaffirms her conviction that Caleb's love for Livvie is true love that will last. Rafe again orders Livvie to stay away from Alison and then leaves. However, Livvie follows Rafe outside and continues the argument. Meanwhile, as Alison and Caleb watch fireworks on the docks, Caleb notices that Alison is crying and asks how things are going at home. Alison suddenly confides that she is afraid that Rafe is harboring unexpressed, suppressed anger toward her because Alison stabbed Rafe while under Joshua's control. When Alison gets up to leave, she gets dizzy and falls in to Caleb's arms. As Caleb tries to persuade Alison to go to the Hospital and get checked out, Caleb confides that, after Livvie 'killed' him, Caleb felt a lot of anger and, when Caleb returned this last time, all he wanted to do was punish Livvie for her betrayal. But, at the same time, Caleb also LOVED Livvie ~ and, eventually, the love won out! Alison refuses to consider going to the Hospital but Alison aksi complains that she is feeling cold and Caleb lends Alison his jacket. As Alison and Caleb talk, Alison complains that she is beginning to feel hot, weak and shaky, but still refuses to go to the Hospital. However, Alison DOES lean on Caleb's shoulder and Caleb suggests that Alison might be going through some kind of withdrawal from Joshua's drugs. When Caleb again insists that Alison should go home, Alison gets up again and collapses again into Caleb's arms. As Caleb picks Alison up to carry her home, Livvie and Rafe come around the corner, still bickering ~ and both are stunned when they see Caleb holding Alison in his arms!

Lucy rushes to the Hospital at Ian's request and is astounded when Ian reports that Kevin has made an amazing about-face in Kevin's attitude toward Ian and Lucy! Kevin soon returns with Barbara, from Child Welfare, and Kevin admits to Barbara that he filed the complains against Ian because Kevin was jealous of Ian's relationship with Kevin's wife! Barbara points out that, once the investigation process has been started, it is VERY difficult to stop. Barbara also reminds Kevin that there COULD be legal ramifications for Kevin if Kevin is now admitting that he filed a FALSE report about the endangerment of Daniel Thornhart in the parental home! However, Barbara DOES promise that she will do whatever she can to stop the process. After Barbara leaves, Kevin discovers that neither Lucy nor Ian believes that Kevin in sincere in his about-face. After Kevin leaves, Lucy listens to Ian's description of Kevin's sudden change of heart and confides to Ian that Lucy DID make a wish that Kevin would become the man he once was ~ and Lucy made the wish at about the same time Ian noticed Kevin's about-face! However, Ian remains unconvinced that there could be anything sincere in Kevin's current tactics. At the same time, Kevin went to the chapel and asks for forgiveness and for divine guidance in making things right with the loved ones who have been hurt by Kevin's actions.

Friday, July 11, 2003

Lucy passes by the Chapel and overhears Kevin praying for forgiveness and divine guidance. Lucy told Kevin about the wish she made that Kevin could revert to his old self and Kevin is impressed that Lucy would still be able to care enough about Kevin to make a wish for him. When Lucy questions the sincerity of Kevin's turn around, Kevin vows that he will find a way to prove to Lucy that his change of heart is genuine!

At Club Elixir, Jamal is impressed that he can 'read' Imani's thoughts, after wishing for that to happen while holding Caleb's ring. Jamal begins to wonder if the power of the ring is that it can grant wishes. Jamal wishes for it to snow for just a minute, in Port Charles, in July! When Jamal rushes to the window and sees that it really is snowing, Jamal decides he can have anything he wants, so long as the ring is in Jamal's possession! When Jack arrives, Jack confides to Jamal that Jack is going to forge some documents, showing that Joshua willed the Club Elixir to Jack! Jamal asks Imani to go out on a date with him, but Imani begs oft by pointing out that, as a new employee, Imani wouldn't know what her work schedule is yet. However, as Imani walks away, Jamal catches her thinking their there is no way the two of them could every hook up. So Jamal went to Imani and cancels his offer of a date. Later, Imani wonders WHY she is disappointed that Jamal cancelled their date. At the same time, Jamal confides his feelings for Imani to Jack. When Jack leaves to take care of a customer, Jamal wonders if Imani has learned about his curse ~ then decides to try to wish he was NOT a vampire, while holding Caleb's Family Power Ring.

On the Docks, when Rafe and Livvie find Caleb with Alison in his arms, Caleb and Alison insist that Alison was NOT feeling well and Caleb was just trying to help Alison. But Livvie scoffs at the possibility that Alison would have any kind of legitimate problems, and dourly observes that it is just a case of Alison pulling Alison's classic "Damsel in Distress" act. Rafe tries to hustle Alison away, with NO success, since Rafe stops to argue some more with Livvie. Alison and Caleb both insist again that they are merely friends. Alison accuses Rafe of hiding his hurt feelings behind an 'all-is-peachy' exterior. When Alison admits that she had confided some of her concerns to Caleb, a startled Rafe asks WHY Alison would have done that! Caleb announces he is leaving with Livvie, but, when Caleb grabs Livvie's arm, Livvie pulls away and walks off in a frosty cloud. After Caleb and Livvie leave, Rafe finally admits to Alison that he IS angry ~ but it is because Alison divulged private information about their life together to Caleb ~ of all people! Rafe reminds Alison that Caleb has been Rafe's sworn enemy for many years. Rafe again tries to get Alison to go to the Hospital, but Alison again refuses. Alison lets Rafe know that she is really sick of watching Rafe's competition with Caleb ALWAYS take first place in Rafe's attention. Meanwhile, Livvie and Caleb return home and Livvie blasts Caleb for playing up to Alison ~ but Caleb insists again that Alison was NOT feeling well and Caleb just tried to help. Caleb accuses Livvie of being so wrapped in her jealousy of Alison that Livvie can NOT see anything else in her life! Livvie suddenly demands that Caleb have NOTHING more to do with Alison! Caleb asks if Livvie is giving him an ultimatum and, when Livvie admits that she IS giving Caleb an ultimatum, Caleb angrily announces that he will NOT put up with Livvie trying to tell him what to do ~ and Caleb storms out of the apartment. At the same time, back on the Docks, Alison reminds Rafe that, even when Rafe lost his memory ~ Rafe STILL felt a connection to Alison. But, Alison wonders why SHE did NOT have that same kind of connection with Rafe when Alison was under Joshua's control. When Alison insists that she did NOT go looking for Caleb, that Caleb just showed up ~ Rafe scoffs at the possibility that Caleb 'just happened' to be on the Docks when Alison was feeling low. Alison argues that she believes that Caleb HAS changed, but Rafe reminds Alison that Caleb is NEVER just 'nice' to anybody ~ unless there is something in it for Caleb! Rafe admits that catching Alison alone with Caleb on the Docks hurt Rafe more than anything Alison did while under Joshua's control! Rafe told Alison that, IF she TRULY wants to get past what is coming between them, then Alison needs to just forget about the whole Joshua thing. Rafe reminds Alison that he loves her and Alison replies that she loves Rafe more than anything!

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