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Henry and Carlos fought over Maggie. Edmund presented Maria with a locket. David promised to end his vendetta against the Martin family. Kendall helped Erica deal with horrific memories from Erica's past. Michael raped Bianca.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of July 7, 2003 on AMC
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Monday, July 7, 2003

At the Fusion Office, Simone was trashing the tapes from the contest when Mia walked in. Simone complained about not having a man in her life or bed, and they both expressed jealousy over Greenlee and Carlos. Greenlee stomped in just then and said, "To hell with Carlos," when asked where he was. She revealed that he had told her exactly what he thought of her.

Greenlee told them about the romantic setting at the country inn -- the champagne and the roses, and that Carlos had morphed from Don Juan to Ferdinand the bull because he had found out she was not perfect and saintly. He had found out about the blackmail scheme at Lacey's, and she assumed Diane Lacey had run to him with her girdle in a twist. Simone confessed that she had said something to Carlos, thinking he had already known. Greenlee was incredulous about Simone not being able to keep her "big bazoo shut" and fired her, also accusing her of only wanting Carlos for herself.

A frustrated Simone told Greenlee that Simone could lap dance for Carlos until her thighs were raw, and he still wouldn't notice her -- he would not notice any woman but Greenlee. Greenlee reluctantly admitted that Simone was right, but Carlos couldn't accept that she had lied and was not perfect. Simone fondly recalled that Kenny had thought she was perfect. Even though no one was perfect, everyone kept a scorecard. Relationships sucked, they all agreed.

Greenlee was distraught over being left behind again and vowed she could never let anyone else get close to her. They had a group hug, and Simone reminded Greenlee she was not the only one alone. Greenlee reminded her of Kenny and was stunned to learn that Kenny had moved to Russia. Mia assured Simone it was for the best, with no combat boots or babushkas, and she told them of her plans to write a book entitled Do Not Let This Happen to You. Simone suggested Kendall write a chapter on slimy snakes.

Mia noted the irony of running a hot company with a hot contest, yet all four of them were hopelessly single. Simone got an idea to do their own search for their own sexy men. Mia was immediately on board, but Greenlee once again swore she was done with men and would get a pet instead. Simone painted a picture of the four of them in a double-wide trailer with 16 cats and a satellite dish.

Greenlee got into the act and helped write the rules for their search -- no interns or mystery emailers. Simone suggested that if she or Mia won, they deserved to get Fusion stock as a prize, since they didn't have any, and Greenlee would have to stop firing Simone every five seconds. Greenlee wanted to wait for Kendall before agreeing.

Carlos went to SOS and flirted with Susanne, the bartender, as he drank tequila. Maggie, Myrtle, and Boyd were sharing a table to see Henry play in the band. They watched the female keyboard player play with Henry's hair as the band prepared to play. They also toasted to the end of Michael Cambias. Myrtle waxed nostalgic about her carney days and how the ongoing thunderstorm reminded her of a night in Kansas with a lightening rod salesman, who had given her at least two jolts.

Maggie noticed again how close Henry was with the keyboard player. Henry walked over to talk to Maggie and promised to back off and let her go. As Maggie watched Henry play, Carlos sent her a drink. She made eyes at Henry and later went to talk to Carlos, who told her she deserved better than the guitar player. He continued to flirt with Maggie and was glad to hear that Henry was not her boyfriend.

Maggie filled Carlos in on her past with Henry, and Carlos suggested she spend the evening with him instead. They toasted to moving on. Henry stopped by during a break, and Carlos tried to tip him and asked for a love song. Henry rudely said he didn't take tips, and then the keyboard player signaled Henry to return to the stage.

Carlos confided that he'd broken up with someone that night too. Carlos and Maggie continued to flirt shamelessly, and Henry walked over and pulled Maggie away. Maggie warned him to let go, and Carlos hit Henry. Just then, the power went out at SOS.

At the Pine Valley Police Station, Michael was making his phone call before being taken to a cell, and Kendall asked Erica if that was the day she thanked Erica for taking down Michael. Kendall saw the way Erica looked at Lena and Bianca and suggested she accept it, because they were together. Erica told Kendall to mind her own business. Adam walked in, and Erica lambasted him, assuming he was there to bail Michael out.

Adam was adamant that he was there to bury Michael and assured Erica there was "no way in hell" Michael would walk away. He also sang Lena's praises for her help in putting Michael away. Erica could only agree that Lena was determined. Adam noticed how skittish Erica was during the claps of thunder outside and wondered if Erica would be all right. She assured him she was fine.

Lena walked up to thank Kendall for her freedom, for getting back Bob Barrett. Bianca also thanked Kendall warmly, and Kendall said that was what big sisters were for. Erica even managed to choke out kind words to Lena about her terrible ordeal and the horror of being falsely accused. Erica wanted to take Bianca home, but Bianca had other plans.

Kendall offered to fill in on a mother-daughter combo for the evening and turned to walk out, but Erica stopped her when the thunder boomed outside again. Erica nearly fell over. Kendall could tell that something had spooked Erica and kindly offered to walk her to her car. Erica said she was fine, only waiting for Jack, but her nerves were clearly rattled.

Adam spoke to Michael in his cell, and Michael insisted Bob Barrett had acted alone. Adam was indignant that Michael thought he could get away with it. Adam told about the email trail, the phone calls, and money transfers and how Michael would go away for a long time, with Lena's help. Michael wondered who would believe a lying "lesbo." Adam assured Michael they had Bob's sworn affidavit and that greed and stupidity often went hand in hand.

Adam told Michael that he'd known it would happen and took credit for orchestrating Michael's demise. Adam congratulated himself about how easy it had been to just wait for Michael to self-destruct. Adam also sympathized with Michael's father and said Michael was not fit to wipe his father's shoes. After flashbacks of the disastrous press conference when his father disowned him, a furious Michael told Adam to get out of his sight.

Suddenly Erica was at Michael's cell, wanting to see for herself that the animal was properly caged. Michael reminded her of that night in her office and how much Erica had wanted him. He was completely smarmy and even suggested that she reach into his cell and give him something to smile about. Michael warned Erica to stop playing her dangerous teasing game and said she had it down pat, just like all those nights before in California when she had cried rape. He knew she had asked for it then, just like she'd asked for it in her office.

Erica stood dumbstruck, and Michael reached out through the bars to grab her. As Erica jumped, Kendall shouted that if he touched Erica, Kendall would kill him. Michael sarcastically commented about the rejected daughter rushing in to protect her mother. Erica ran out.

Michael reminded Kendall of how he had loved her when no one else would and how totally unlovable she was. He called Bianca screwed up, and Kendall called him sick, saying he'd get what was coming to him. As Kendall ran out, Michael's lawyer entered, and Michael urged the lawyer to get him out quickly.

Lena and Bianca were at the park, watching the storm roll in. Bianca apologized again for ever doubting Lena, but Lena was just glad they were together again. Lena said she wanted to take Bianca away for a long weekend or a week. Bianca was enthusiastic and suggested they start in Prague and stay away all summer. Adam approached them and said the D.A. needed more information from and about a Hong Kong associate of Michael's. Lena left to talk with Adam. Adam offered Bianca a ride home, but she said she'd walk and hoped to get home before the storm hit.

Meanwhile, Bianca got back to Myrtle's and found everyone gone. She was frightened because the storm had knocked out the power. At the same time, Erica was in her car, unable to drive because of the memories of Richard Fields that the storm summoned. She was reliving her rape, and when Kendall approached to help her, she thought it was Richard grabbing for her. Someone grabbed Bianca at the same moment. Erica continued to scream inside her car. Bianca asked who was there and was shocked when a lighter flicked on and revealed Michael Cambias.

Tuesday, July 8, 2003

Erica was terrified, screaming in her car when Kendall got in the passenger side. She tried to convince Erica they were safe, but all Erica could see was Richard Fields. She screamed at Kendall, "You shouldn't be with me. It's not right. You should leave."

At Myrtle's, Michael apologized for frightening Bianca and said everything would be fine.

Erica was breathlessly crying, wondering what was happening to her and saying it wasn't supposed to be that way. It was supposed to be a party, with movie stars, that her father was throwing to celebrate her birthday. There were decorations, Japanese lanterns, and grown-up food, all for her Hollywood birthday party. She smiled as she remembered what was supposed to be the happiest day of her life.

Kendall was aghast when she realized that Erica was reliving her rape. Erica was smiling about all the presents and being able to open them with her father. She had a flashback to that night, to the birthday cake with 14 candles. She said her daddy was going to be very proud of her, and she would blow out all the candles at once.

Michael helped Bianca light a candle and asked her to take a seat. He sat across the room from her and tried small talk. Bianca sprang up from her seat and started to run out. Michael grabbed her and sat her back down. He claimed to be concerned for her welfare and not wanting her to drive in the bad weather.

Michael tried being nice and saying they finally had a chance to get to know each other better. Bianca tried to convince him that there were people upstairs, but he knew there was no one. He told her to get used to the fact they'd be alone together for a long time.

Kendall tried to reach Erica and asked Erica to look at her. All Erica could see was Richard Fields, and she insisted he go away and that she did not want to be alone with him. She cried out that she did not want to dance and asked why he was doing that.

Michael locked the door, and Bianca became even more nervous. He dissed Myrtle and talked about how everyone in town seemed to have an agenda and not be who they said they were. Crouching behind her, he told Bianca how she seemed to be as charming and good as people said she was. He added that if he could get her to like him, he'd leave a happy man. Bianca was clearly unnerved.

Michael poured lemonade, and Bianca asked how he had gotten out of jail. He said it was bail and was indicative of the weak case against him. He knew he would be acquitted, even though everyone on the street would still remember the vicious and false accusations that Kendall and Erica had thrown. He asked if Bianca knew what he was talking about. He swore he would never force himself on any woman.

Michael said Kendall was only vindictive, and Erica was accustomed to the sympathy vote because of her rape. Bianca insisted her mother would not lie about rape. Michael became angry and asked if she thought Michael was liar.

Erica jumped out of the car into the storm. Kendall ran after her, but Erica could only cry out for her daddy to help her. Kendall tried to hold Erica, but Erica fought her off. They yelled, screamed, and fought in the storm, Erica thinking she was fighting off Richard Fields, and Kendall trying desperately to reach Erica.

Bianca tried to be conciliatory toward Michael and said she hadn't said he was a liar. He wondered why everyone believed Erica over him. Bianca was scared enough to say that maybe Erica had misunderstood him, and he should talk to Uncle Jack. Michael got mad and said Jack was only trying to take him down by abusing his power as D.A. Bianca defended Jack and said he was very fair.

Michael said Jack was Erica's lap dog. Bianca agreed that it could seem that way, and his love for Erica could cloud Jack's judgment. She offered to talk to Uncle Jack on Michael's behalf. She was willing to call Jack right away. Michael accused her of trying to pull one over on him because of her mother's influence. He said he was there to convince Bianca he was being treated unfairly.

Michael went through his litany of problems and how Erica was to blame for everything. He said it was all her fault. Michael said all he wanted was what Bianca wanted, to be part of a successful family business. He said Bianca could be the Enchantment spokesperson. He touched her cheek and called her beautiful. He also praised Lena's beauty and skin. Bianca suggested they go to a diner down the road that had a generator.

Michael grew impatient and wondered if Bianca thought he was stupid. Bianca said she was tired. Michael said they needed to talk a while longer, until she understood him. Bianca said she wanted to help, but she couldn't understand him. Michael said if she couldn't help him, no one could.

Bianca said Uncle Jack could help Michael. He wouldn't hear of it. He promised to leave if it stopped raining. Bianca wanted to call Uncle Jack. Michael told Bianca that she could not call anyone to rescue her; he needed her to rescue him. She was his last hope. Again, she said she just didn't know what he wanted.

Michael thought Bianca had an amazing talent for making people happy. When asked, she said no, she wasn't happy at that moment. He asked her to tell him the happiest she had ever been. She said it had been in Seattle, living with her father, his wife, and their kids. Even though she hadn't seen Erica much, there had been one time Erica had swooped into Seattle to fly Bianca to Hollywood for a movie premier, in designer dresses.

Bianca described the wonderful evening and how Erica had told her she was the most special person in the world to her. Michael wished he could have had a day like that but revealed that he never would, since he was not his dead brother, Alex. Bianca said she had spent her whole life, trying to live up to her mother. She revealed she felt she was nothing, and for a long time, she had hated herself.

Bianca told Michael about the anorexia and how she had finally realized it was up to her to change the way she thought about herself, with professional help. Michael scoffed at that. Bianca told him how tough it had been, but how it had saved her life. Bianca opined that it could do the same for Michael.

Kendall and Erica made it back to Erica's house. Erica huddled and wept in the corner as Kendall lit candles and the fireplace. She was very gentle with Erica and took out a blanket, robe, and slippers. Erica remained skittish and ran around the penthouse. Kendall wrapped a blanket around Erica and left to make tea on a gas stove.

Erica stopped Kendall, calling her "mother" and begging her to not leave. She asked Kendall to say it, to make her feel better. Erica begged her mother to stay and tell her that it wasn't her fault. Kendall put an arm around Erica and assured her it wasn't her fault.

Michael sarcastically asked if Bianca thought he needed a psychiatrist. Bianca told Michael she fought it too; she didn't think she needed professional help either. Michael started throwing things. Bianca said she knew he wasn't going to really leave. He said that depended on if she gave him what he needed.

In front of the fireplace, Erica was in a robe, asking Kendall what had happened and why Kendall was there. Kendall asked if Erica remembered the storm and said it had started after they left the police station. Erica spit out Michael's name. Kendall said that Erica had started to remember things and had gone back to her 14th birthday party.

Erica was upset that she had gone back there, because she kept promising herself she was over it. Kendall said Erica would be all right. Erica noticed the big scratch on Kendall's lip. She apologized for hurting Kendall and said that she had never meant to connect Kendall to Richard Fields. Kendall said Erica had thought Kendall was Mona and asked Erica to say it wasn't her fault.

Erica remembered and blamed Michael for making her remember, because he'd told her she'd asked for it. Kendall was adamant that Michael was sick and totally responsible for what he had done. Erica said her head knew she was not responsible, but she sobbed that something inside her kept the thought alive that maybe it had been her fault and she should have fought harder. Kendall insisted no, Erica had only been a child.

Erica continued to remember the rape and how Richard had called her beautiful. Erica said it wouldn't go away and the memory wouldn't fade because that was why it had happened -- because she'd stayed in the room and danced with him.

Michael started the CD player and commented that it was Lena's favorite music. He called Lena a good dance partner and another of his great disappointments for falling in love with Bianca. He said he couldn't be angry with Lena, though, because she was a good dancer. He then shouted at Bianca to get up and dance with him. Bianca very reluctantly complied. He told her close her eyes and pretend he was Lena.

Kendall said that her father was filth and someone should have killed him before the birthday party, even if it meant she'd never been born. Erica cried that she was tired of shivering and cowering every time there was a storm, being reminded of Richard every time she looked at Kendall. Kendall said she wished the rape had never happened, but it was a million times worse if Erica spent one second thinking it was her fault. Erica cried that she did not want to continue blaming herself; she knew how to go out and get most things she wanted in life but just had not been able to win this battle and didn't think she ever would.

When the song ended, Bianca pushed away and again said she was tired. Michael insisted on another dance and told Bianca how she transformed Lena with her love. He asked her to transform him too. As lightning flashed, he asked if it would be that hard for Bianca to love him too. She looked increasingly horrified.

Erica was shocked at the fuzzy blue slippers on her feet and assured Kendall they were not hers, even though they had been in her closet. They shared a laugh. Erica thanked Kendall for taking care of her and then apologized again to Kendall for hurting her. Kendall admitted Erica had a right to be upset with her, because she was one-half Richard Fields. She apologized for returning Richard Fields to town, and for also getting Michael into town.

Erica reminded Kendall that Michael had only arrived in town to destroy Erica and said she even understood that Kendall only wanted to get to know her father. They continued bonding, and Kendall said everything was better, and it was her chance to mend fences. Erica encouraged that attitude, but Kendall thought maybe Michael was right, and she was unlovable. Erica said no, Kendall only sabotaged relationships by testing them to the breaking point; she expected rejection and made it happen. Kendall surmised she was just like Erica that way. Erica smiled at that and agreed.

Kendall admitted her biggest fear was that she'd be like her father. Erica shook her head and wondered why Kendall never gave up and kept returning to Erica, despite how Erica treated her. Kendall said no matter how hard she tried to let go, she still wanted Erica to be her mother, and if hating Kendall helped Erica survive what Kendall's father had done, Kendall would understand. Erica smiled and said she did not want to keep hating Kendall.

As Michael and Bianca danced, Michael slipped a hand under the back of Bianca's blouse. He called her beautiful, and as he stroked her cheek, he promised he could make her forget all about Lena. Bianca sneaked a glance at the fireplace tools and coyly said maybe he was right; she asked who would want a woman when they could have him. She told him he was quite a man, with power -- he could offer pure, unadulterated hate and could only hate everyone who had what he lacked. She shouted at him that he hated that she loved who she was and had the strength and courage to love whoever she wanted. She could feel passion and feel alive, and he had no idea how that felt.

Bianca told Michael he could not feel desire, courage, or love, that he was not a man, not a human being, just an empty pathetic shell. Michael grew angry and told her to shut up. He grabbed her hair, called her a self-righteous bitch, and threw her down on the sofa. They struggled, and Bianca kicked him away and ran to the fireplace. She grabbed the poker and hit Michael.

Erica apologized to Kendall for hating her for so long. Kendall said she'd hated Erica too. They agreed to move on, and Erica wondered how. Kendall had no idea. Erica suggested they just start trying. Kendall said that night was a good start.

Bianca stood with the fireplace poker over Michael's prostate body and finally ran to the door. As she struggled to unlock it, Michael strode up behind her, grabbed her, and pushed her back into the room.

Kendall promised that no one would ever hurt Erica again. Erica agreed, and they hugged. Erica said she was better because Kendall was there.

Michael continued to go after Bianca, and she tried to get away, begging him to stop, but he forcefully pinned her against the window.

Wednesday, July 9, 2003

The Fusion women, except Kendall, embarked on their quest for men at SOS in time to see the police investigating the fight between Henry and Carlos, which had turned into a barroom brawl. Maggie blamed Henry for starting it. Officer Lyman questioned Myrtle for injuries she had caused in the melee. Greenlee talked to Carlos, initially sympathetic about his bruises, but then she assumed the fight had been about her. Carlos called her self-involved, ego-tripping, and egotistical before launching into a string of Spanish insults.

Simone tried to stop their argument, and Greenlee tried to shoo her away. Greenlee sarcastically asked if the fight was because there was no worm in his tequila or because there was no salsa music. Carlos explained he had met an amazing woman, and Greenlee was incredulous that right after he dumped her, he had been out trolling for a four-year-old barfly. Maggie stepped up to identify herself and say she wasn't a barfly and hadn't been four for a long time. Greenlee couldn't believe Carlos thought Maggie was amazing.

Maggie was impressed by the compliment, but Greenlee explained that Carlos had only said it to make Greenlee jealous. Greenlee warned Maggie that Carlos was on the rebound and was willing to settle for whatever baggage sat next to him. The police told Carlos that Henry was not pressing charges, which infuriated Carlos, since Henry had thrown the first punch. Simone gave Carlos a "be polite to the policeman" speech.

Henry walked over to confront Carlos again, and Boyd stepped between them, suggesting Henry cool off and leave. Henry acted possessive of Maggie, and she reminded him she had belonged to him. Mia walked up to suggest Carlos and Henry leave before the management decided to press charges or ask them to pay for damages. Maggie and Henry argued some more, and Henry admitted he wanted to be back together with her. She told him to get over it.

Greenlee asked Carlos how he could hit on someone as innocent as Maggie. Carlos simply went to the bar and continued flirting with Susanne, the bartender. Greenlee asked how he could cruise both Maggie and the bartender. He told her that her outfit didn't scream "heartbroken." Carlos still felt Greenlee had used him, and he told her she'd never really wanted him.

Officer Lyman stopped by to talk to Carlos and make sure it was over. Carlos looked at Greenlee when he said it "sure as hell" was. Simone and Mia had watched the whole scene with interest. Greenlee loudly asked Susanne for a grande margarita and reminded Mia and Simone of the bet to find their own sexy men.

Henry and Maggie were still arguing outside, and his jealousy was clearly showing, as he accused her of wanting to flirt with any dog who would throw a drink down for her. Then the keyboard player walked out to give Henry his guitar and remind him of practice the next day. Maggie was furious. She accused Henry of having a double standard, and she left.

Jack went to Erica's and found Erica and Kendall cozy together, sipping tea. Jack had worried about Erica in the thunderstorm and was confused about the scene he walked in on. Erica explained she'd never been happier, and Kendall had helped her get through the storm. Jack told them about the real reason for his visit, as the bearer of the bad news that Michael Cambias had been released on bail, courtesy of his father who wanted to protect the family name. Erica couldn't believe the news.

Jack explained that because he had no proof of the threats Michael had made in jail, the judge wouldn't hold him. She was immediately worried about Bianca, thinking she was with Lena, and Jack said all the women who might be prey to Michael were going under police protection. He promised to keep the women Michael had threatened safe, especially his family, because he was afraid Michael would make good on his threats. Erica hugged him and went to call Bianca.

Jack and Kendall discussed Michael's arrogance, and she thanked him for protecting her. Jack thanked her for what she had done to help arrest Michael. Jack, Erica, and Kendall continued discussing Michael, with high hopes for him going behind bars and their futures being bright. Jack finally had to ask for an explanation of what had happened during the storm. Kendall said Erica had suffered a little meltdown, and Jack deduced that Kendall had gotten in the way, due to her fat lip.

Erica said she was sorry for hurting Kendall and that they had reached a new understanding. Kendall prepared to leave, with Jack asking her to call him if Michael tried to contact her. Erica said she would never forget what Kendall had done for her, and Kendall said she'd never forget what Erica had let her do. Jack was still stunned and wondered what the rest of the story was. Erica was radiant as she explained that she felt as though a weight had been lifted off her, and hopefully, finally, for good.

Jack urged caution and said Erica shouldn't trust Kendall too much. However, Erica insisted that Kendall had been very giving and helpful, and Jack thought the timing was perfect and that Kendall could be in the wedding party. Erica couldn't actually accept more than Kendall as a guest at the wedding.

Jack asked if Erica was really ready to start a relationship with Kendall, and she said yes, but she'd made mistakes and needed to take it slowly. Erica added that nothing could erase the fact that Bianca was the daughter Erica had built her life around. Erica admitted that one night could not erase all the distance of the past years of hate. Jack was hopeful that a door was open for Kendall to get the love she craved from Erica. Erica wondered why it was so important to Jack, and he said the child who had grown up without her was the one who needed her love the most.

A stunned Bianca sat motionless in Myrtle's living room, her clothes torn, her arms bruised, and furniture all askew. Tears slowly and silently fell down her cheeks. When the phone rang, she still didn't move, except to close her eyes. She listened to Erica leaving a message asking her to call her back right away, saying everything would be fine and no one would ever hurt her.

Bianca finally started blinking and slowly stood up and stared around the room. She turned on lights and started straightening things up. When she saw herself in the mirror, she had to look away. She saw the bouquet of flowers on the floor and slowly picked up a white rose and placed it gently on the table.

Bianca was next seen in the park, in a loose and sloppy outfit, carrying a trash bag. She had flashbacks of better times with Lena, then the night before with Michael as she put the clothes she'd been wearing in a trash can. She poured lighter fluid over them and nervously lit a match, but let it go out when Kendall walked up to ask what she was doing. Bianca explained she'd lost something -- an earring. Kendall offered to help look for it and asked where Lena was.

Kendall wondered if something happened with Lena, and Bianca coldly said it was none of her business. Bianca asked why Kendall was bothering her. Kendall said she had to tell Bianca about Michael being out on bail and how they would all be okay because Jack had ordered police protection. Kendall thought Bianca was acting strangely, and Bianca was very curt with her. Kendall couldn't leave without telling Bianca about being with Erica, the meltdown, and how Erica had needed Kendall.

Kendall was so proud and happy that she'd been able to help and they'd finally connected. Bianca wanted to know more. Kendall explained that Erica had relived the rape, and Kendall had helped her through it, probably because she was the only one who could possibly connect with her and help her get past the pain. Bianca sat in stunned silence. Kendall still thought something was wrong with Bianca but Bianca just said for Kendall to leave her alone. Kendall left the park, clearly concerned about Bianca. This time Bianca got the fire started and watched her clothes go up in flames.

Boyd and Myrtle got home to a living room that was neat as a pin. Lena entered, and Myrtle offered to wake Bianca up, but Lena said no, she'd just leave a note. Myrtle went to pour a nightcap, and they talked about the fight at SOS, which Boyd had broken up. Lena teased him about always going to the rescue and promised she'd keep Bianca safe. She wrote a love note to Bianca, talking about the future and saying Bianca was safe and loved.

Back at SOS, Mia, Simone, and Greenlee cried in their drinks about being alone and lamented the way their bet had started out. Simone noticed the cop who couldn't keep his eyes off Mia, and she had to explain it was the guard Jack had ordered for her. Simone then toasted to how pathetic they were, that the only male attention was from someone paid to give it.

Kendall swooped in to order champagne to celebrate. She gushed to the gals that the heat had ended, the rain had arrived, and the world was alive and beautiful. The others wondered what she'd been smoking. She explained her life had changed forever, and nothing would be the same for her or her family.

Thursday, July 10, 2003

All the Fusion girls except Kendall were watching videos, trying to narrow down the finalists for the Sexy Man contest. Greenlee told Mia and Simone they couldn't cross the line with their bet and the contest for Fusion. Simone said she couldn't wait for Mia and herself to get shares in the company. Greenlee told Simone she shouldn't be so sure she'd win. She said if she and Kendall won, they would get three months' take-home pay from Mia and Simone.

Mia said she barely made it from check to check as it was, and Greenlee said that it was only fair, since they wanted stock and they could call off the bet if they wanted to. They said no. Simone said that Greenlee thought that she had already won because she had Carlos to fall back on. Greenlee shouted that she didn't want Carlos in her life -- then or in the future. Carlos happened to walk in when Greenlee said that, and he stopped looking at her then stormed out.

Simone said that she was glad that Greenlee was over Carlos and then asked if Greenlee was sure it was over because she had seen the sparks fly between them when Carlos walked in. Mia asked Simone why she was so concerned about Greenlee and Carlos. Greenlee answered that it was because Simone melted when Carlos walked into the room and thought every other female did as well. Simone then said because she thought Greenlee would fall back to Carlos as an easy win. Greenlee said never that she was not putting her life on hold for any man, then walked out.

Liza walked in on the tail end of Greenlee's conversation and said she hoped Mia was listening. Mia in turn said she hoped Liza was listening as well. Greenlee returned shortly and asked where Simone was. Mia said that Simone had gone to Lacey's to check on the display. Greenlee said she wished Simone had said something to her before she left then started complaining about how hot it was in the office. Mia said she was comfortable, but Greenlee ignored her, saying she should call the building manager and have Carlos fired for not doing his job.

Mia said to Greenlee, "You wouldn't have him fired for breaking up with you, that's not right." Greenlee said they had mutually broken up, and if he couldn't do his job then he shouldn't be working there any longer. Greenlee left. Liza asked Mia where the others were and Mia replied that they were in their own corners. Liza asked, "Were we fighting?" Mia answered yes.

Mia said they would assess the situation, explaining, "When you go home, you eat popcorn, sit on the couch, and do crossword puzzles. You don't go out and try to have a life." Liza told Mia she didn't understand and tried blaming her marriage to Adam, but Mia didn't buy it. Liza said that Mia didn't know about Liza's past relationships then said that Tad was just as complicated as she herself.

Liza rambled on about Mia being the one who helped her do the puzzles. Mia said, "Not any longer. I know what I want, and I'm going after it," then left. Liza looked at her cell phone.

Lena arrived at Myrtle's with her guard in tow. Boyd let them both in, and Lena explained that Jackson had provided her with an officer because Michael had gotten out on bail. Lena asked if Bianca was up, and Boyd said that he hadn't seen her yet. He also said that Michael wouldn't dare show his face at Myrtle's.

Lena discussed her plans to travel with Bianca and gave Boyd their itinerary. Boyd thought it was a great idea that they go away. Lena started calling for Bianca, but Myrtle told Lena to save her breath because Bianca wasn't home. Lena said there she was, discussing Bianca with Boyd, and Bianca wasn't even there. Boyd said that maybe Bianca was off planning her own trip to paradise.

David and Anna woke up, and he was sleeping on the couch and she in the chair. In silence, they folded their blankets, and David put them away. Both wanted to say something, but both remained quiet. Anna found Leora's bootie and held it in her hand. David returned from the bedroom and said to Anna that she had to be starving. Anna asked if she could fix David something to eat, and he said no. Anna said they both could use coffee and went off to fix some, but she returned minutes later, saying they were out of coffee beans. David said he'd run to get some, and when Anna was about to protest, he said, "Please, just let me go," then walked out.

Anna sat in the rocking chair, lost in thought, when there was a knock on the door. She saw who it was through the window, and when she opened the door, she asked Tad why he was there. Tad said he could ask her the same thing. They walked inside, and Tad asked Anna if she was there to arrest David, and she asked if Tad wanted her to. He said it probably would be a good idea, but he was there to tell David, and he didn't care what she thought because it would be self-defense in his opinion, to stay away from his family.

Anna told Tad that David wouldn't bother them anymore. Tad asked how she knew that. Anna said they had dealt with issues that they had been holding back since Leora died. Tad said that he would like to believe it, but considering it was David, he had a hard time doing so. Tad said that David might be lying to her. He suggested that Anna might want to get her things and leave. Anna told Tad he was about to cross a line he shouldn't, but Tad insisted. She told him no.

A few seconds later David returned asking what he had done to deserve Tad's visit. Tad told David that he was there to tell David to stay away from his family, especially Jamie. David said, "Duly noted and agreed." Tad said, "Just like that?" David said yes, if Tad agreed to drop it then he would drop it. Tad didn't believe him and David asked, "What is it with you Martins? You get what you want, and you're still not satisfied." Tad said, "Forgive me if I can't believe this turnaround."

Anna told Tad that he should go. Tad said that maybe Anna should also leave, but Anna refused, saying she was staying with David. Tad left, and David said, "Thank you." They were outside the cabin when Anna said it was a nice day and perhaps they should go to the beach or something. David agreed, but when Anna went inside, David followed, saying he remembered that he had promised Janelle that he would go to work because she had been pulling double duty since Leora died. Anna said if he had promised then he should go. David said he'd check in with her later then left.

Bianca was still sitting on the park bench in daze when someone approached her, asking if he could share the bench with her. When she looked up, she saw Michael and started screaming, "No! Stay away from me!" The man said, "Fine, have the bench to yourself," and as he walked away, Bianca saw that it wasn't actually Michael. A couple jogging stopped briefly behind Bianca. The female jogger called the male jogger a loser and told him to eat her dust. The male jogger grabbed the female jogger, and she started saying, "Let me go! Don't touch me!" which made Bianca flash back to her saying the same thing to Michael. The two joggers laughed and ran off.

At the same moment, someone put their hand on Bianca's shoulder, and she screamed, "Don't touch me!" She turned and found David standing her, looking concerned. David asked Bianca if she was all right, and she apologized when she realized who it was. Bianca told David some guy had hassled her. He asked who the person was and said he'd call the police. She told him it was okay because the guy was gone.

David sat down beside Bianca then asked if she had been up all night. Bianca said yes because she had something on her mind. David asked if she and Erica had had a fight, and she told him that it wasn't her mom or anyone, just her. David asked if she remembered that they had become friends when he dated Erica, and she answered yes. He told her that if she needed to talk to him, he was there for her. She said that it didn't matter because no matter what terrible thing happened, the sun still rose in the morning, "and life goes on without you." David said he understood exactly what she meant.

Bianca then realized who she was talking to and said, "Oh, God, David! I'm sorry about Leora." Then she asked David, "How do you go on? How do you go on when the unthinkable happens? How do you get out of bed?" David said, "Sometimes, just before you're fully conscious, you hope that it's all a bad dream, that Leora is sleeping in the cradle, dreaming whatever babies dream, but that's when you wake up..." Bianca said, "And you realize that no matter how tightly you close your eyes, you can't make what happen go away, that it really happened." David said yes then added, "Bianca, I don't know what brought you to this place, but you can talk to me, maybe saying it will help."

Bianca thanked David but said she'd have to deal with it on her own. She said she should get back to Myrtle's place before they missed her. David told Bianca that she had his phone numbers, and he'd be there for her when she needed to talk. She thanked David then left.

When Bianca returned to Myrtle's, she walked in quietly. Everywhere she looked, everything that had happened with Michael flashed back to her. When she turned back toward the door, she saw Michael standing there and heard him say, "There you are," as he walked over to hug her. Bianca was terrified and couldn't move. Then it was Lena's voice saying that she had wanted to be with Bianca the night before, but hadn't wanted to disturb her. Bianca jerked away and said, "Don't touch me!" Lena asked what was wrong.

Maria woke Edmund up with kisses. Edmund asked how he had ever slept without her, and Maria said, "On your back, snoring." Edmund said that the bed had been empty for way too long. Maria told Edmund that she didn't know where she ended and he began. He reached under the cover and said, "How about there?" Then they both went under the covers to check each other out.

After Maria and Edmund made love, Maria mentioned that it was the first time they had been alone without the kids since she had regained her memory. She thought they should take advantage of it. Edmund said that he had a deadline and had to get to the magazine. Maria looked at him in shock then he said, "Got are too easy!" Maria said they needed a change of scenery then suggested the shower.

A little later on, Maria and Edmund had a picnic at the park. They were lying on a blanket, playing around, when David walked toward them. Edmund saw David and said that he didn't want any trouble. David said he didn't, either, and told them to have a good day. Edmund wondered if David was okay.

Maria said that she and Edmund were going to take a stroll down memory lane and pulled out a bag with Chinese food in it. She asked if he remembered when they had first eaten Chinese food together. He recalled that Julia had left the food out for two hours and that Maria had gotten food poisoning. She said that when she was throwing up and he was there wiping her head with a towel she had known he was a good man. He said he'd have to remember to thank Julia for making her sick.

After Edmund and Maria ate their food, Edmund pulled out a wrapped gift box for Maria. She opened it and found a book that she needed for her recertification and an envelope that contained a chain with a locket that had the kids' pictures and the date of their wedding. She told Edmund she loved it and thanked him.

Carlos went to resign from his job with Fusion, but Simone said she had figured he'd try to do something like that and told him not to. Carlos said he had to and went off around the corner. Simone fell and twisted her ankle. She called out in pain for Carlos, who returned and asked if she was okay. She told him that she had slipped. He picked her up and sat her in a chair. He started rubbing her leg. She was moaning in pleasure when Greenlee walked in on the two of them.

Mia went to a garage, and someone under a red convertible asked who was there. It was Aidan who emerged from under the car. Mia looked at him and smiled.

Tad rushed into Fusion, asking Liza what was so urgent. Liza told Tad that he would be on his knees. He raised his eyebrows and asked, "Why?" Liza said that he'd be thanking her. He asked what he'd be thanking her for. Liza said for showing him the best love he had ever known.

Friday, July 11, 2003

Lena realized something was troubling Bianca. Bianca asked Lena to leave when Erica arrived. Erica tried to get Bianca to tell her what was bothering her.

Carlos and Greenlee argued when she found him with Simone. Greenlee accused Simone of going after Carlos. Simone reminded Greenlee that she had insisted she was over Carlos. Simone's efforts to make inroads with Carlos were thrown for a loop when Maggie arrived and invited Carlos out to lunch.

Mia flirted with Aidan as she surprised him with her knowledge of car engines. Mia privately wondered if she would have to compete with Kendall if she made a play for Aidan.

Erica warned Mary not to tell Jack the truth about Greenlee. Mary subtly tried to enlist Kendall as an ally in her quest to break up Erica and Jack. Kendall warned Mary not to try to make trouble for Erica. Greenlee was surprised to see Kendall and Mary together. Greenlee was disgusted when Kendall told her that Mary wanted to break up Erica and Jack. Greenlee was baffled when Mary said she wanted to end Erica and Jack's engagement for Greenlee's sake. Greenlee went to see Jack and announced that she didn't want him to be a father to her.

Tad insisted to Liza that he could find a woman on his own. Tad vowed to Liza that he would find the right woman before she found herself a man.

Joni assumed that Reggie would be angry with her for telling Jack the truth about Luis and the stealing. Joni was surprised when Reggie thanked her for what she had done and was further surprised when Reggie kissed her.

PHOTO: Melissa Claire Egan is pregnant, and it's a [SPOILER]


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