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David held Tad prisoner and made veiled threats against Jamie. Liza refused to help Tad, but he later got his revenge on her. Carlos ended his relationship with Greenlee. David and Anna started to repair their relationship.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of June 30, 2003 on AMC
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Monday, June 30, 2003

Erica tore into Diane Lacey for moving the Enchantment display. Diane tried to assuage Erica's anger by noting that Enchantment had been given a much bigger display area in another area of the store. Erica wasn't pleased and accused Greenlee of sabotaging things. Diane noted that Fusion had "buzz" right now because of their sexiest man contest, but assured Erica that after the buzz had died down Enchantment would still be on top.

Reggie paid a visit to Jack and was unnerved when Jackson heaped tons of praise on him for his work on the house building project. He then asked Reggie to go to his loft and get something from his safe. Reggie was taken aback by Jack's willingness to trust him with the combination to his safe.

Erica visited Jack in his hospital room and continued fuming about her dislike of Mary Smythe. When a floral arrangement arrived from "Niblets," Jack confessed to a not-surprised Erica that he and Mary had had an affair years ago. Jackson sensed that Erica was still keeping something from him, but she refused to say anything. Tad phoned Erica later and told her that he had major news on Mary.

Greenlee bumped into Mary at the Valley Inn bar and was surprised to learn that Mary had found a new man. It wasn't so much that she was surprised that her mother was dating, but more so that Mary wasn't bragging about how much money her newest find had in the bank. Across the room, Aidan, Kendall and Mia put their plan in motion to take down Michael. Kendall verbally attacked Michael, but Mia came to Michael's rescue. Then, according to the plan, Aidan asked Kendall to leave the bar. Mia tried to calm Michael and the two left together.

At the boathouse, Greenlee was unable to make love to Carlos because of the fact that she and Leo had gotten married there. Later, she shook off her nerves and begged Carlos to make love to her. Carlos pulled away and told Greenlee that they would have sex, but only when the time was right.

Mia went back to Michael's condo, with Kendall and Aidan following closely behind. Along the way, Mia accidentally dropped the "bug" that had been hidden on her. She carried on inside as though Kendall and Aidan could still hear her -- but they couldn't. While Michael was out of the room, Mia rummaged through his briefcase and came across something that she believed could be used against him.

Reggie went to Jackson's loft and found the jewelry box that he'd been sent to retrieve. While he was in the safe, he found a handgun. Though he initially ignored it, Reggie headed back to the safe, took the gun and loaded it with bullets.

Tuesday, July 1, 2003


A shirtless Carlos was in the office and was surprised to have Mary walk up behind him and put her arms around him. Carlos told her to never put her hands on him again. He told Mary what he thought of her, that she just takes whatever she wants, and continues to hurt Greenlee. Carlos was offended that Mary expected him to cheat on Greenlee with her and then lie about it. Mary blew up and accused him of seducing Greenlee in a supply closet. She called him "Poncho" and said he was not good enough for Greenlee and never would be.

After she left, Carlos had an argument on the phone telling someone that they will pay if they don't get what he wants. Simone walked in and asked Carlos what it was about. Carlos said it was an expensive wine he'd ordered for Greenlee, with the money he'd made at the art exhibit. She wondered who he really is. Carlos says he's the same guy, but he's been letting people get to him. Simone says she saw Mary leaving and guesses she bothered Carlos. Carlos says he's tired of other people trying to run his life and then went mum and wouldn't answer any more of Simone's questions.


Tad was in her office to talk about what he found on Mary Smythe. Tad wouldn't give her the envelope with the information until Erica talked to him about what is really going on. Erica denied trying to blackmail anyone and Tad explained he needs to know what he's involved in. He accused Erica of lying about only doing a background check and Erica bowed to his expertise on lying. Tad could only say "touché." He told her he knows that Mary is hovering around Jack. As Erica reached for the envelope held behind Tad's head and told him to give her what she wants, in walked a stunned Bianca. They claimed to only be working, but Bianca accused her of using Tad to avoid Jack and commitment. Bianca believed Tad's explanation of doing an investigation for Erica. Bianca told Erica that Greenlee had called her about the Lacey's display and Erica railed again Greenlee and ordered Bianca to not return the call. When Bianca left, Tad told Erica he'd figured out why he's been hired. As he begins to spell it out for Erica, all the evidence that Greenlee must be Jack's daughter, Erica interrupts and tells him she's no longer interested in the info. He told her if they gave Olympic medals for scheming, they'd both be on the front of cereal boxes. Then she snatched the envelope from Tad, who begged her to not read it. He said does not want to be in Pine Valley when the situation detonates. Tad hoped she'll come to her senses and not use the information she now has. His conscious cleared, Tad left the office. Erica read the file inside the envelope with interest and was quite pleased with the contents. Later, Bianca returned to give her the latest teen market survey and they seemed to bond and enjoy doing business together. Erica also wished she'd been wrong about Lena and Bianca said maybe she was. They agreed to meet for breakfast to discuss wedding plans.

Later, Erica showed up at Mary's hotel room with the file and gave it to Mary to read. Mary was shocked that Erica had this information and wondered what she plans to do with it. Erica told her she won't use it, unless Jack or Greenlee find out the truth. Mary begged her not to tell and said they might find out the truth whether she says anything or not. Erica said that was simply one more thing for Mary to worry about. Erica said she didn't know how Greenlee would react, but Jack would be shocked, then horrified and disgusted....Mary was speechless. Just then, Greenlee walked in, surprised to find Erica there and asked them what they are up to.


At Michael's condo, he was kissing Mia, who was more interested in disinfecting his cut. Outside, Aidan and Kendall didn't hear anything but static. They finally realized that the microphone had fallen out of Mia's hair and was on the sidewalk. Inside, Mia tried to get away from Michael and hide the paper she'd taken out of his briefcase and complained of feeling overwrought. Kendall stopped Aidan from going inside, confident that Mia could handle Michael. As he poured wine to calm her down, Michael saw Mia put the paper in her pocket and wanted to see what it was. Mia pulled wrappers out of her pocket and said she was a neat freak. Just then Aidan burst in, pretending to be jealous of Michael and claim Mia as his own with a kiss. They argued and Mia told Aidan she doesn't belong to him. Michael stepped in to protect Mia, but she left with Aidan. Aidan, Kendall and Mia went back to the Valley Inn where Mia expressed her gratitude and Kendall expressed her jealousy about the kiss. Mia shows them the paper she took and Aidan takes it to check out what it means. Kendall warns Mia that she doesn't need to help Aidan any more.


Adam went to visit Lena in jail and offered to help her. She doubted him and suspected Michael was behind Adam's offer. Adam told her she has something he wants and offered her freedom in return. She remained very suspicious of Adam and his motives. He told her he wants his stocks back, knows Lena doesn't have them and only wants her help to prove Michael is behind the stock deal. Lena refused the offer until Adam reminded her that he's the only one in her corner, ready and willing to help her. Adam grilled her about Michael's habits, like what he drinks. He explained he needs to know everything about Michael in order to be ready to attack when the opportunity strikes. Adam was sympathetic to Lena and what Michael did to her and Lena began to trust him to take down Michael. When Adam left, Lena was disappointed to learn she's had no calls or other visitors.

Meanwhile, as Tad left the Enchantment building, he was struck by a stun gun in the parking garage.

Wednesday, July 2, 2003


Greenlee continued to grill Erica and Mary about what was going on and Erica asked Mary if she thought Greenlee would be interested in their conversation or if it was something they should keep to themselves. Greenlee said she could speak for herself and she was definitely interested. Mary said that was right, since it affects Greenlee and she was only sorry she hadn't told her sooner. Erica cautioned Mary that perhaps their discussion wasn't something that should be public and fondled the file folder. Mary explained to Greenlee that she'd met a man and Greenlee wondered why this one was so different from all the others. Mary explained that it happened, right there in Pine Valley, and it was someone she knew before she married...Roger, stopping herself from saying "your father." Greenlee guessed it must have been a waiter at the rehearsal dinner. Mary said it was Jackson Montgomery and Greenlee wondered what the big deal was. Greenlee guessed it was just Mary and Erica fighting over the same man and wondered when the hair pulling would start. When Mary tried to explain what Jackson is, Erica began fanning herself with the file. Mary only said Jack is the reason she and Erica aren't getting along. Greenlee asked Mary if it would kill her to go after a man who was actually available. Erica had to interject that losing Jack to Mary was the last thing she was worried about. Greenlee remembered that sounded a lot like what Erica said about Fusion, before they started knocking tired Enchantment products off the shelves. Erica scoffed and advised Greenlee that Fusion should enjoy their brief time in the spotlight because fads fade and people will soon forget they were ever there and that she could just ask her mother for confirmation. Greenlee warned Erica to not bet on it before she turned on her heels and walked out. Erica told Mary she did the right thing by not telling Greenlee the truth. Mary simply replied that she did it for Jack, not Erica. Erica told her she did it for Greenlee too, because Mary knew how much the truth would hurt them both. When Mary said that Jack would love Greenlee, Erica reminded her that Jack would not love Mary. Mary pretended it was a selfless act because Greenlee may end up hating her when she tells her the truth. Erica accused her of never caring about Greenlee. Erica began to review the file. First there was a Portuguese gigolo who emptied Mary's bank accounts. Then, Jean Paul, a 17- yr-old son of a French diplomat who had Mary thrown out of the country. Erica thought it was just a lovely story and accused Mary of being after Jack's money now. Mary insisted she would never use her daughter for financial gain. She begged Erica to remember she has everything and does not need to ruin Mary. Erica wondered why, in that case, it was all right for Mary to try to ruin her and Jackson. Erica told Mary she is doing her a favor by not telling since neither Greenlee nor Jack would ever speak to her again if they found out the truth.


Reggie brought the necklace to Jack at his hospital room. As Reggie left, Jack wondered if he was trying to say goodbye. Reggie only thanked Jack for everything he's done for him and said he had to leave. Joni saw Reggie in the hospital and assumed he had told Jack the truth about Luis and the supplies. Jack left a voice mail for Erica to come to the hospital right away. Joni went in to see Jack and realized that Reggie had not told Jack the truth. Jack was suspicious and demanded an explanation of what she meant. Joni spilled the beans about Luis forcing Reggie to steal supplies and how Luis has threatened Jack, Joni and Janelle if Reggie didn't cooperate. Joni thought Reggie had told Jack, but was now frightened for Reggie and how he might confront Luis, who may have a knife or a gun. Jack suddenly realized that Reggie may have taken the gun from his safe and sprung into action.

At the work site, Reggie confronted Luis with the gun and accused him of leaving Jack to die in the alley, just like he'd left his brother. Luis admitted killing Reggie's brother for ratting his friends out and dared Reggie to shoot him. Jack came around the corner and told Reggie to put the gun down. Reggie confessed that Joni had saved Jack's life and been the one to come clean about the supply stealing and he was tired of doing nothing. Jack tried to reason with Reggie and begged him not to throw his future away. Jack promised to help him put Luis away for his brother's death.

Erica got Jack's message and rushed to his room, only to find Joni, worried sick about Jack and Reggie at the Habitat site. Erica rushed out as soon as she learned that Reggie may have Jack's gun.

Reggie finally let Jack take the gun, just before Anna and the police arrived. Jack and Reggie hugged as Luis was taken away, warning Reggie to not be like his brother, George. Jack was trying to talk to Anna and keep the cuffs off Reggie when Erica rushed in and said she heard about him wanting to stop a shooting. Anna took Reggie into custody. Jack was very supportive and warned him not to talk to anyone until he gets there. Erica tried to get Jack to go back to the hospital but since Reggie had only been protecting Jack, he insisted on following him to the police station.


Tad found himself bound up to a chair, in his own living room, with David Hayward standing by, claiming someone else had tied Tad up and he doesn't have the key to the handcuffs. David hoped Tad now knows how David felt when Tad stopped him from helping Leora during surgery. David promised he wouldn't let Tad go until he knew how it felt to lose everything. He asked Tad how it would feel if something happened to Jamie while he was helplessly tied to the chair and unable to get to his son. Tad became frantic and warned David to stay away from Jamie. David relived Leora's death, blamed Tad, and called him a self-righteous bastard. Tad tried to be rational, but David wouldn't listen and continued to threaten Jamie. When David left, Tad managed to scoot the chair to the desk and quite impressively, was actually able to dial 911 with his tongue. Anna showed up and dialed Jamie's cell phone so Tad could warn him to stay with his mother or grandparents and not go anywhere alone. Jamie promised he would. Anna was stunned that David had done this to Tad, but got a phone call and had to leave, promising to send an officer over to get Tad out of the cuffs and to assign an officer to protect Jamie. Tad was sulking and fighting the chair when in walked a grinning Liza, who had to ask "what have we here?" Liza wondered who the woman who left was and where the whips were. Tad was not amused and Liza was stunned when Tad explained David was behind this. Liza said she'd only come over to tell him his ego is wrong and she's not still carrying a torch for him. Tad wondered if this was the right time to deal with that. Liza asked if he was planning to go anywhere. The police arrived with the key and Liza took it, promising to unlock Tad herself. She could only grin at the helpless Tad. Tad refused to beg and could not believe Liza's attitude. He was dismayed by the help he was getting from friends like Liza and Anna. Liza feigned surprise that he thinks of her as a friend because it seemed he thought there was more on her part. Tad was dumbfounded and apologized, saying he never meant to imply that Liza thought of him as anything other than a dear friend who happens to know her biblically. He asked her to please unlock the cuffs. Liza opined that David did a huge favor to the women of Pine Valley by giving Tad a timeout and a chance to reassess his priorities. She said this was the best thing that ever happened to him on a hot and steamy night, preventing him from weaseling his way into an unsuspecting woman's bed. She left the key on the desk and said Jamie could unlock him in the morning. Tad insisted it was not a joke and he wasn't laughing but she left as Tad whined that he had to go to the bathroom.

FUSION and the FAIR.

Mia was working to set up a Fusion booth at the 4th of July Fair, with Jamie's help. Mia complimented his handyman skills and had to ask if he was trying to hit on her. They continued coy chatter when Simone came up to warn Mia to back off. She asked if Mia was just obsessing over any Martin man. Mia accused her of being jealous and opined that Tad's charm may be hereditary. Jamie then walked up to say he was done helping Mia and asked a smiling Simone if she needed anything taken care of. At the nearby hospital booth, Ruth, Joe, and Brooke watched Jamie, the charmer. Brooke asked for Joe's help to give Jamie guidance and Joe could only say he hadn't had much luck with Tad at that age. Brooke supposed she may have to tie Jamie to a chair in the basement until he's 30. Joe could only wonder if that would have worked with Tad.

Greenlee went to the Fusion office and was delighted to see Carlos. He asked about the new display at Lacey's and wondered if Greenlee had used the information he'd told her about Diane Lacey. Greenlee was defensive and reminded Carlos he hadn't told her any secrets. Carlos was insistent that he wanted to know right now if she had done anything with the information he had told her. Greenlee admitted she did and explained she'd only talked to Mrs. Lacey about the Sexiest Man contest, the magazine interview, and offered Lacey's a chance to display photos of the 25 finalists and help with the voting. Carlos believed her and they kissed.

At the fair, Brooke reminded Jamie he was there to help the family, not to help himself to the Fusion girls. David walked up then and asked Jamie to tell his dad he says hi. Jamie walked away and Brooke asked David to lighten up, since they were there to celebrate and enjoy Grandma Kate's famous lemonade. David was only sarcastic about Ruth baking apple pies and cookies too. Brooke was empathetic over the loss of a child and told him about a support group he could join. David said he would handle things his own way and left. Jamie and Simone were talking about the contest and Jamie asked Simone to bend the rules so he could still enter. Mia came up and took Simone away. Ruth was curious about Brooke's conversation with David and they all hoped David would find a constructive way to cope with his grief, without hurting himself or anyone else. As they stirred the lemonade, David was seen at his cabin, satisfyingly stirring a beaker of some kind of liquid.

Thursday, July 3, 2003

Michael arrived at Fusion with a bouquet of flowers for Mia. He wanted to take her out for the 4th of July celebration. Mia said she had a lot of work to do. Michael asked if she was at least a little curious for what he had planned. Mia said "oh I sure am." Then Michael asked if Aidan was the one asking if she'd go. Mia told Michael that she dumped Aidan because she didn't need the jealousy. Michael was kissing Mia when Greenlee walked in, grabbed a tube and started hitting Michael and told him to get out. Michael laughed saying it was nice that Greenlee wanted to protect Mia. Greenlee told him to leave or she'd call the police. Michael asked Mia if she wanted to have the cops called and Mia kissed Michael as Greenlee watched in shock. Greenlee asked what Mia thought she was doing. Michael asked if Greenlee was this protective when Aidan is around. Greenlee asked Mia if she was dating Aidan too. Mia told Greenlee what she did on her off hours was none of her business. Michael and Mia were going to leave when Mia suddenly remembered she had work to do and asked Greenlee if she would cover. Greenlee said no that she wasn't doing Mia's job for her. Mia told Michael that she would meet up with him at SOS. As soon as Michael left Mia told Greenlee she almost blew it. Greenlee said that was an act. Mia said yes, while grabbing tissue to wipe her mouth saying "YUK!" and Greenlee grabbed tissue to help. Mia explained everything to Greenlee about how she, Kendall and Aidan were setting Michael up to find out the truth on how he set up Lena. Mia said Aidan and Kendall were in the Cayman Islands looking for Mr. Barrett to get the proof. Mia also said she wished Aidan was there to back her up when she had to meet Michael. Greenlee told Mia she would be her back up.

Meanwhile in the Cayman Islands Kendall and Aidan tracked Mr. Barrett down bringing him to a shack with his hands tied behind his back and a canvas bag around his head. Aidan pulled the bag off Mr. Barrett's head telling him that he better cooperate with them because Michael wouldn't be able to help him. Mr. Barrett at first acted as though he didn't know who Michael was and Kendall said they should kill him. Aidan said that he wanted to give Mr. Barrett a chance to talk. Mr. Barrett gave in telling them how Michael paid him to buy the stock and set up Lena. Aidan told Mr. Barrett he had to go back to Pine Valley with them, when Mr. Barrett said no Aidan told Kendall she'd get her chance to kill him and discussed a few different way to do it which ended with feeding Mr. Barrett to the crocodiles. So Mr. Barrett agreed to go back and tell everything he knew.

Jack asked Anna to let Reggie go and Anna said she couldn't because Erica said that there was going to be a shooting. Erica denied saying it and Anna told her that she heard Erica say it herself. Erica told Anna she didn't care what Anna heard because she knew nothing of any shooting. Anna told Reggie he was in a lot of trouble and unless he explained everything to her satisfaction that he wasn't going anywhere. Jack said that Reggie would talk. Anna walked away.

Tad had shown up to the police station to talk to Anna. He wanted to know what she was going to do about David. He said David has lost it and that David was going to do something if she doesn't stop him. Anna said she would handle it. Tad said that David blamed him for Leora's death, then realized who he was talking to and apologized. Tad asked Anna if anything do something to help David. Tad said he felt sorry for any man who lost his daughter and walked out. Erica was listening to the what Tad had said.

Jack told Reggie to tell Anna everything, Reggie said no. Jack go upset and started yelling at Reggie so Erica pulled Jack back. Reggie and Jack went into Anna's office and Reggie said that Jack wanted him to move out of his place. Jack asked why Reggie would say that and he said because your veins are bulging in your neck. Jack said he was going to stop yelling and try to straighten the mess he was in out. He told Reggie that he loved him like a son. Reggie asked if Jack really thought of him as his son. Jack said yes I do. Jack asked Reggie if it was okay with him that Jack thought of him as a son. Reggie smiled and Jack said he'd take that as a yes and they hugged. Jack brought Erica in to tell her about how he felt for Reggie and wanted her to know so there would be no surprises. Erica smiled and said if that was how Jack felt that was okay with her and then went over to hug Reggie. Reggie told them he was going to find Anna and tell her everything so that Louis would be behind bars for a long time. Erica started crying and said she had to tell him the truth that she couldn't keep him from his child. When Jack asked what she was talking about she said that she thought when they got married that they would find a new home for Reggie but she could see how much Jack loved Reggie and that she wouldn't do anything to keep them apart. That Reggie was Jack's son. Jack said that was one of the reasons he loved her. A little later Anna thanked Reggie for his help and told him she didn't want to see him in the station again. Reggie left to go home. Erica and Jack were about to leave when Jack's phone rang. He said into the phone "and you have all the evidence, good I'll meet you there." Erica told him he needed to go home and Jack said he had to take care of this and asked an officer to come with them.

David was working on the formula when imaginary Leora appeared and asked what he was doing. David said that he was keeping his promise to her about getting even. Leora said that there was a lot of numbers on the computer screen. David said that they make up a formula he is working on. Leora asked if it was like magic and he said yes something like magic and that a small amount would make everything right again. Leora asked if it was for her. David said no. He started working on the formula while Leora colored in her book. A knock came to the door, when David answered it was Maggie. Maggie said she was trying to call him all day. He told her he had been working. Leora asked if David was okay, he smiled looking at her which caused Maggie to ask if David was okay. He apologized saying his eyes were burning from working at the computer all day. Maggie asked what he was working on. David said a cure for the incurable. Maggie said that was great that he was working again. She asked how Anna was doing and David said he didn't know. Maggie asked if Anna had moved out and apologized for not knowing. Maggie asked David if he'd go to the fair with her and he said he was busy but maybe he'd meet up with her later. As soon as Maggie left he ran to get the flask he put the formula in and left.

Maggie went to see Anna at the police station saying she wanted to be a go between for Anna and David. Maggie said she wanted to get them back together again. Maggie told Anna about David working on some "cure for the incurable" which raised an alarm with Anna.

At the fair, Jamie told Joe about finding Tad handcuffed to a chair and that David was the one behind it. Jamie said David had shown up there last night and told him to tell his dad hi. Joe was shocked. Joe said that it was behind them and they should go have some fun but you could see that Joe was still worried. Ruth asked what was going on and Joe said it was nothing. Tad arrived to the fair and found Jamie. Tad was glad to see him safe. Tad told Jamie that Liza had been at the house and refused to take the handcuffs off saying Liza has thought it was funny. Tad then asked if Jamie would help him with something. Brooke had caught up with Tad and asked if he had talked to Jamie yet. Tad said no. Liza arrived and asked if Tad was still mad at her for leaving him handcuffed. Brooke walked away covering her ears saying she didn't want to hear anything about it. Liza apologized. Tad said that Brooke was mad at him because he was supposed to been there last night recruiting people to help at the fair. Liza asked what she could do to help and Tad said "oh you don't want to help." Liza said she did so he told her she would have to be blindfolded. Then she started backing out. So Tad said that Liza was still harboring feelings for him. She allowed him to put the blindfold on and he let her to the dunk booth, placed her on the seat and let her remove the blindfold. Liza said you wouldn't. Tad had a ball in his hand and said that he knew Liza still wanted him. The crowd behind him started laughing and chanting "dunk her! dunk her!" David arrived to the fair he watched Tad and the rest of the Martin family around the lemonade booth and pulled out the flask looking at it and then the Martin's.

At SOS, Bianca was sitting at a table alone when she saw Michael who in turn had ordered a drink and spotted her raising his glass to her. Mia walked in and met up with Michael. He said that he was glad Mia was able to get away from her watch dog. Mia said tell me about it. Michael wanted to discuss his plans for the night. Greenlee came into SOS and walked over to Bianca. She asked Bianca if she could sit with her. Bianca asked if she was there to gloat. Greenlee said no that they actually had something in common for a change then she sat down. Bianca asked what they had in common and Greenlee said they both loved Leo. Bianca agreed to that but didn't think there was a reason for Greenlee to sit with her. Greenlee said "for God sakes Bianca let's pretend that we can get along for 5 minutes." Bianca was surprised by this. Greenlee explained that Michael set Lena up and they were trying to prove it. Michael mention to Mia that her watchdog came in and Mia said ignore her. Michael said he couldn't and got up and walked over to the table saying his ears were burning was there a reason for it. Bianca said yes we were just discussing how low men can go. Bianca told Michael to admit he was guilty. Michael said he probably was but she needed to be specific. Bianca told him that he sat Lena up. Michael told her there was no proof and as he was saying it Aidan and Kendall walked in and Kendall said of yes we do! Michael said that Bianca and Kendall were pale images of their mother. That's when Erica and Jack walked in. Michael said speak of the devil. Michael said he was leaving that he and Mia would go see the fireworks somewhere else and as he went to grab Mia's arm she pulled away saying she was staying for this show. Michael said he was leaving and Jack told him that where he was going Mia wouldn't be able to go anyway. Michael said they had nothing and Jack said they have a list as long as his arm and he had a long arm. Jack told the officer to arrest Michael. The officer handcuffed Michael reading him his rights.

Friday, July 4, 2003

Erica, Kendall, Aidan, Bianca and Mia look on as Jack leads Michael out of SOS in handcuffs. Lena is surprised when the charges against her are dropped and she is released from jail. Bianca believes that Michael's arrest exonerates Lena, but Erica thinks otherwise. Bianca insists that Erica stop thinking the worst about Lena and let her live her own life. Erica becomes angry over what she sees as Kendall's interference in the discussion about Lena. Kendall is hurt when Erica says that Bianca will be in her wedding party and merely states that Kendall can attend if she wants to. At the police station, Bianca listens as Lena unleashes her anger at Michael. Erica arrives to witness Bianca and Lena sharing a meaningful embrace. David arrives at the Fourth of July celebration in the park armed with a vial of his memory-erasing drug. Anna catches David as he seems poised to spike the punch bowl with the drug. Anna reaches out to David and convinces him to talk to her in private. Anna pleads with David to come to his senses and stop his vendetta against the Martins. David threatens to take the memory-erasing drug himself to forget his pain. Anna voices her love for David, begging him not to destroy himself. David breaks down in Anna's arms as an imaginary Leora watches her parents reunite in their grief. Simone sees an impeccably dressed Carlos prepare for his romantic date with Greenlee. Simone inadvertently raises Carlos suspicions about what Greenlee did to get Fusion prominent placement at Lacey's. Carlos confronts Greenlee over lying to him and breaks up with her. Edmund and Maria have an awkward run in with Aidan in the park. Edmund wants Aidan to know that he will always be considered a friend of the Grey family. Opal warns Tad that it would be a mistake for him and Liza to get back together.



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