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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of June 30, 2003 on ATWT
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Monday, June 30, 2003

In the Montana cabin, Rosanna convinces Carly that it would be bad luck for Carly and Jack to sleep together the night before their wedding. As a result, all the girls (Carly, Rosanna, and Katie) agree to sleep indoors, while all the guys (Jack, Craig, Mike, and Parker) sleep on the porch. As they discuss sleeping arrangements indoors, Molly arrives on the porch to see Katie getting ready to share a sleeping bag with Mike. Molly puts on a cheerful front to cover her dismay. Carly and Molly embrace, thrilled to be reunited, and Molly falls instantly in love with baby Sage. The girls eat chocolates and tell stories, discovering that none of them had a full honeymoon. The girls drink a toast to the men they love, then, as they get ready to go to sleep, Carly tells Molly that she has never had so many things go right: Sage's birth, then reconciling with Jack, Rosanna, and Molly. On the porch, Mike invites Parker to share his sleeping bag, leaving Craig and Jack to sleep together. As they settle down for the night, Craig murmurs, " ya." The entire porch erupts in giggles, then the men change places. Jack, resettled by Mike, calls, "Craig, I miss you." More laughter.

At the hospital, the doctors are reviving Rick, whose heart had stopped. Susan leaves Rick to overhear Alison tell Emily of her distrust of Rick, and Susan angrily informs her daughters that Rick is in the intensive care unit. Emily and Susan go to Rick's bedside. Dr. Walker Daniels enters the room and appears suspicious that Rick has had a smaller injection of potassium chloride than the other victims, so that he did not have as serious an attack. Susan demands that Dr. Daniels apologize for his suspicions of Rick, and he halfheartedly says that he is sorry. After Alison tells Chris about Rick's collapse, Chris finds Gordo and accuses Gordo of trying to kill Dr. Decker. Gordo responds by accusing Chris. Hal takes both interns aside to question them, and he also questions Alison, who tells Hal that she saw neither Chris nor Gordo at the time of the attack. When Hal confronts Chris and Gordo, he finds that they have no alibis, so Hal asks Dr. John Dixon to have both interns relieved of their responsibilities, effective immediately. He then orders Alison to take a leave of absence, also effective immediately. Alison angrily stalks off, telling Hal that she hates him. John Dixon agrees to suspend Chris and Gordo, but Chris heatedly insists that they cannot keep him from visiting his father. As Chris leaves the room, he runs into Alison, who insists that SHE will find out who the murderer is in order to clear Chris.

Aboard the plane, the fake FBI Agent Brackett admits to Dusty that he is working for James Stenbeck in order to repay a favor. He tells Dusty, "By the time we land, you won't be on the plane." Margo bursts in and brings Dusty and the fake agent to the police station. Holden rushes in, and the fake agent tells Margo, in front of Dusty and Holden, that he knows where Lily and Rose are, but that he doesn't care whether they live or die! Outside Margo's office, Dusty suggests to Margo and Holden that they offer the fake agent an incentive to get him to tell the truth. Accordingly, Holden offers the fake agent three million dollars if he will tell them where Lily and Rose are, but the agent responds that he is satisfied with the thrill of knowing that Holden will never see his wife again.

Tuesday, July 1, 2003

Alison wants to come back to work. Chris protests but fails to discourage her. She contends that since Gordo is gone, she's safe. Meanwhile, Gordo asks John to let him come back to work. Harried John puts him off. In the ICU, Walker presses Rick with questions, infuriating Susan and turning Rick defensive. Hal kicks Walker out. Walker resents being reprimanded, but Hal warns him to back off. Gordo overhears Alison accuse him of being the murderer. Later, Gordo finds Alison alone in Bob's office. In the well, Rose tries to climb up, but gets a spasm in her leg. Lucinda suggests to a frustrated Holden they offer a reward for information on the twins, and he agrees. Holden puts Aaron off in his attempt to offer help. At the country club, Henry wants in on the scam he believes Dusty is pulling. Coleman has amp-boosted talkies that may help locate the twins. Barbara Ryan arrives. Dusty urges Barbara to connect James' clues for him, but she is resistant, feeling betrayed by Dusty's endgame in the break up of Rose and Paul. Meanwhile, Lucy encourages Aaron to get in Holden's face and insist on helping with the search for Lily. At the police station, Margo reluctantly agrees to set up a press conference. Aaron tells Holden he is helping, period. Holden has him man the phones. In the well, Lily dreams of Holden, who says he needs her help. Rose fantasizes about Dusty, then has to tell him she can't see him anymore. Henry alerts Dusty to the conference, saying their deal is now worth 10 million more. Holden makes a plea for clues from the public. Aaron announces there is a guy on the phone claiming to be James Stenbeck. James demands to be put on TV live.

Wednesday, July 2, 2003

In Montana, Carly asks Molly what if Jack is not Sage's father. Molly says she should maybe put the wedding on hold but then Carly says it doesn't matter who Sage's father is because she'll marry Jack anyway. Molly surprises Carly with her wedding dress from Jake. Carly asks if Molly will get back with Mike but Molly says Mike has Katie now. Just then, Katie comes in looking for Mike and she also gives Carly a bouquet of wild flowers. Katie talks with Molly who asks Katie why she is so nice to her since she knows she doesn't even like her. Katie replies that she doesn't hate Molly she just doesn't like the way she treats Mike. Katie then tells Carly that Molly should be maid of honor but Carly insists that she wants Katie and Mike to stand up for her and Jack. Carly is excited for her wedding and says that nothing can stop love. Then, the doctor walks in and tells her that the DNA results are in. He asks if she wants the results before or after the wedding. Carly says, "I'd like to know now."

At Memorial Hospital, Gordo asks Alison why she told John Dixon that he is the murderer. Gordo starts to taunt Alison but she tells him that she is not scared. In turn, Gordo says he's worked hard and he's not going down because of what she says. He moves toward her and Alison starts to scream. Gordo grabs her and she tries to pull away. Chris hears her yells and comes running in to save her. John then comes in and breaks up Gordo and Chris. After hearing what happened, John terminates Gordo's employment from the hospital. Chris tries to convince Susan to tell Alison to stay away from the hospital. Rick agrees that Alison should stay away. Susan tells Rick that she's been having nightmares about the killer. He inquires about them and she says that in it she was terrified for Rick. Walker goes to see Rick and apologizes to him. He tells Rick that Gordo has been fired. Susan comes back and Rick asks Susan exactly what Hal thinks. Susan explains that Hal says Gordo is only a suspect and it has not been determined that he is the killer. Rick wonders why Walker told him that they have their man. Just as Gordo is leaving, he overhears Alison talking and yells that she got him fired. He says, "I am innocent." Hal comes over and tells Gordo not to leave Oakdale.

At the police station, James wants to be put on television but Margo says no. Holden says, "Whatever he asks for, he gets." They finally agree to do it and James gives a clue, saying, "You must find Tommy Stout first." No one recognizes the name but Lucy asks Lucinda for her PDA and discovers that there is a nursery rhyme with the name Tommy Stout in it. They then figure out that the girls are trapped in a well somewhere near a farm. Margo says there are over a hundred wells in the county. Dusty tells them about the walkie-talkie he has rigged so they can try to communicate with Rose and Lily. Barbara comes into the station and says that she saw the broadcast and that she is "the only person who knows what well it is."

Meanwhile, in the well, there are more explosions. Rose goes over to Lily who is passed out. She finally wakes up and Rose begins to climb out of the well. Both women are determined to see their family again.

Thursday, July 3, 2003

Everyone is in the barn in Montana decorating and getting ready for the wedding. Katie goes to see if Carly is ready for her wedding. When Katie gets to the house, the doctor is leaving. The doctor had brought Carly the results of Sage's paternity test. Katie walks inside and sees Carly looking at a piece of paper. Katie sees that Carly is not dressed and she reminds her that she is getting married in ten minutes. Carly looks up at Katie with a very bewildered look on her face. Katie asks what is wrong and Carly says, "Nothing...everything." Katie asks if the doctor did something to her and Carly holds up the paper and says that he brought her this. Carly says that she needs to talk to Jack. Katie asks if she is changing her mind. Carly says that she still wants to marry Jack, but the timing is off. Katie grabs Carly and says that she only has ten minutes to get ready. Since Jack and Carly are having a Native American ceremony, she has to be ready when the moon rises. Katie pushes her to get ready. Carly goes into the back room to get ready.

Out in the barn, Hanna, who is going to officiate the wedding, starts to worry about the timing of the wedding. They must coordinate the ceremony with the rising of the moon. Just at that moment, Katie walks into the barn and announces that Carly is ready to make her appearance. Everyone takes their places. Carly walks in and everyone looks at her adoringly. Carly walks over to Parker and gives him a kiss. Molly leans over and tells her cousin that she looks beautiful. Carly whispers thank you and walks over to Jack. Hanna starts the ceremony. She is holding a feather and a small bowl of water. Hanna walks around the couple and then does a figure eight around them. She takes some of the water and sprinkles it on Jack's hands and then on Carly's hands. She asks, "Jack and Carly, why are you getting married?" Jack explains that in short he loves Carly and no matter what, they keep coming back to each other. Carly tells Jack that he is her compass and he always points the right way home. Then Hanna asks if anyone has a present for the couple or would anyone like to say anything. Everyone looks around and then Craig stands up and says that he has something to say. Everyone rolls their eyes and holds their breath. Katie says, "Craig, please don't ruin this wedding." Jack tells Katie to let him speak. Craig tells Jack and Carly that despite his efforts, they have prevailed. He gives them his blessing and he thinks it may just be dumb luck that they are getting hitched again. He says that they have his respect for their tenacity. He pats Jack on the back and Jack thanks him. Rosanna stands up and tells Craig that it is her turn and he can shut up now. Rosanna gives her blessings and Katie and Molly and finally, Mike. Oh yes, Parker says that he is ready for food. So, they finish the ceremony and Parker reminds them it is time to eat. Everyone is kissing the couple and wishing them good luck. Carly whispers to Jack that she needs to talk to him. Rosanna hears what Carly had said and scoots everyone out of the barn. When Jack and Carly are alone, they walk over to Sage's cradle. Jack gives Carly a necklace with his and her and Parker and Sage's birthstones on it. Finally, Carly gets to say what she has to say to Jack. She picks up Sage and tells Jack that Sage is his gift. She looks at the baby and then at him. She says, "I think she looks a lot like her dad." Jack says, "Her dad?"

Barbara shows up at the police station to tell everyone that she has remembered something about where Lily and Rose may be. She tells Margo, Holden and Dusty about when Paul was little and James had taken him away from her, James had taken Paul to a hunting lodge. Barbara tells them that she doesn't know where the lodge is located. Margo goes to work. She thinks that she knows how to find the cabin. Holden and Dusty take off with the radio to start driving in the vicinity that the women may be in. Margo gets an idea and heads to the hospital. After everyone leaves the station, Brackett knocks out his guard and puts on the policeman's uniform and puts his clothes on the policeman. He slumps the man over the table like he is sleeping and then walks out of the police station.

When Margo gets to the hospital, she finds Susan and asks about the hunting lodge. Susan tells her that they used to own it before James Stenbeck bought it. Margo asks if Susan could find it on the map. Susan says that she clearly remembers where it is. Margo pulls out the map and Susan shows her where the lodge is located.

Holden and Dusty are driving around in the dark and Holden keeps trying the radio. Nothing is happening and Holden starts to get frustrated. Dusty says that they will find them and Holden says that he knows they will find them even if they have to dig up the whole forest. Dusty tells him that is the Holden that he remembers. Dusty says, "Do you remember..." Holden stops him and tells him not to try to be chummy with him. He tells Dusty that all of this is his fault. And, he adds, that whatever the outcome, he will never forgive Dusty for it. Holden's cell phone rings and it is Margo. She tells Holden that she knows where the twins are.

In the well, Rose tries to climb out, but when there is a sudden blast, she falls back into the well. Lily revives her and Rose insists that she ok and wants to try again. Lily begs her not to try it again. Rose reminds her that she is a Jersey girl and nothing can stop her. Rose promises to make it this time. Rose starts to climb and one by one, barely holding on with her toes and fingers, she climbs to the top of the well. She pulls herself out and she is so happy to get out. She yells back down to Lily that she has made it. Lily says, "I knew you would." Rose yells down to Lily to hang on and she is going to go for help. Just as she starts to run off, Brackett shows up and grabs Rose. He says, "The hell you will."

Friday, July 4, 2003

by Andy

After their wedding, Carly picks up Sage and tells Jack that she looks just like her father. Jack is stunned, and dares to think Carly is giving him a subtle hint that he's the true father. Carly reveals what the medical report confirms, and they both are overcome with elation. Carly says, "There's no doubt about it anymore. This little girl is yours!" Jack picks up Sage and gushes love all over his girl. Their thoughts soon turn to Mike and how to break the news to him.

Meanwhile, Katie finds herself alone with the paternity report Carly was hiding from her before the wedding. She gingerly picks up the folded paper and starts to read the results. Katie gets to the part about Jack being the father, when Mike walks in. She quickly hides the paper behind her back, but it's too late. Mike wants to know what she's up to. Katie shimmies and shakes but can't get away from Mike's questions. She gives him the paper, and he numbs out when he discovers the news he is not Sage's father. Katie offers her help, but he brushes her off and walks out the door. Molly walks up and sees that Mike is clearly affected by something. She noses around for info, but he says he just needs "to be alone right now," and walks away. Molly steam rolls into the cabin, finds Katie, and demands to know what she did to Mike. Katie says, "It's none of your business, OK?" Molly thinks otherwise, "Oh yes it is. Anything that happens to Mike is my business." Katie tries to walk away, but Molly grabs her arm and demands to know why Mike is so depressed. Katie says that since she'll find out eventually, she might as well tell her now. "Mike just found out that Sage isn't his child." The news sinks in then Molly brushes past Katie and out the door.

Jack tells Carly that he won't let Carly tell Mike alone. It's just too big of a job. Just then, Mike walks in. Jack and Carly, proud parents, newlyweds, walk a fine line and tell Mike they have to talk. Mike tells them he already knows and shows them the crumpled up medical report. He says, "How long have you known!" Carly says she just found out. Carly tries to console him, but Mike says it's not her job to do that for him tonight. He congratulates them both and wishes them well on their new life. Carly asks Jack for a moment alone with Mike. Carly apologizes after Jack leaves. Mike is holding back tears when he says, "I know you are sorry that I found out, but you are not sorry that Sage isn't mine. I'm not looking for sympathy." Carly says she would have been just as happy if he were her father. Carly excuses herself, and Jack comes in. He calls Mike a real gentleman for reacting this way. Mike says, "There's nothing I can do about it except accept it I guess." Jack picks up the baby and walks away. Mike throws up his hands and sobs. A hand rubs his shoulder. He looks up and sees Molly. She apologizes for some of the things she said regarding the pregnancy, but he doesn't seem to be ready to listen. He only wants to spend these moments mourning his loss. Mike breaks down and sobs some more, "I just feel like something's been taken away from me and there's no way I can get it back." He finally falls into Molly's shoulder. Katie walks in and is unnoticed as she observes their tender moment.

Margo calls Holden from the hospital and tells him about the cabin. Holden tries to contact Lily on the walkie-talkie again, and this time she responds. Holden wants to know where she's at, but Lily just says she's in a well. Lily tells Holden that Rose escaped. Back at the hospital, Margo gets a call from an officer at the station. He tells her Brackett escaped.

Bonnie and Isaac stop by the station to drop off her certificate proving she has completed her community service, then they head off to meet Jessica and Ben at the hospital. Sarah gives Bonnie a call on her cell. Isaac encourages her to hang up the phone. Sarah promises to apologize to Dr. Daniels for stealing his PDA.

Sarah finds Dr. Daniels at the hospital and apologizes. Walker says she is forgiven, then notices that Sarah is running some kind of temperature. Sarah tells the doctor that it's no big deal because it happens all the time. Bonnie and Isaac arrive at the hospital. She tells the couple that she apologized to Walker just like she promised, and he accepted. Bonnie and Isaac both think it's great, then Isaac offers her a ride back to the shelter, "because I have bus fare if you need it." Just as Bonnie and Isaac start to walk away, Sarah starts to collapse and yells, "Bonnie!" Bonnie runs to her side, but Isaac tells her that she's being conned again. Bonnie tells Sarah she won't be used and starts to walk away. Walker finds Sarah sweating on the floor and calls for immediate medical attention. This stops Bonnie in her tracks.

Outside the well, Brackett holds Rose from behind and tells her to stop struggling, "Or I'll kill you and your sister right now!" He drags her off to a nearby cabin. Down the well, Lily shouts up for her sister, but no one responds. She tells Holden that Rose must have gone for help.

Later, Holden and Dusty arrive at the well. Holden yells down the shaft for his wife. Silence responds. He immediately sets up a rope pulley system, and starts his descent into the well. Once down inside the well, he finds his wife. Lily is mildly incoherent, and starts to break down in tears when she understands her husband has finally come to rescue her. Outside the well, Dusty gets a call from Margo. She warns him to be careful because Brackett escaped. They hang up then Dusty bends down and finds a clue. Holden calls up for help from Dusty, but there is no answer. He picks Lily up and starts to climb out on his own. Somehow, in true soap fashion, Holden is able to carry Lily single-handedly out of the well. He sets her down and says, "I can't believe we made it." Margo bursts on the scene and says an ambulance is on the way.

Brackett shoves Rose into a cabin. Rose tells him that he'll "never get away with this! Dusty is gonna find you!" Brackett points his gun at Rose and calmly says, "That's what I'm counting on." He grabs her and pulls her upstairs.

Dusty walks up to the cabin and finds the front door cracked. He opens the door and says, "Oh my god Rose!" The camera starts at Rose's feet then pans up to her head. Her hands are tied behind her back, a noose is around her neck, and it looks like she is inches from being hanged. Dusty inches forward with his eyes fixed on Rose, when Brackett captures him from behind.


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