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Monday, June 23, 2003

Jack walks into the cabin where Carly is holding Sage, to announce that there is no waiting period for marriages in Montana. Jack proposes that they marry immediately, before the paternity results come in, to prove his commitment to Carly and Sage. Katie and Mike overhear and offer to take care of Sage while Carly go to the county clerk's office. Jack graciously admits that Mike could use some time along with Sage. Carly and Mike meet the colorful county clerk and his wife, Alberta, who are amused to hear Carly's explanation of their recent divorce and the confusion over the baby's parentage. Unfortunately, the clerk tells Carly and Mike that he must have birth certificates and all other divorce decrees in order for him to perform the marriage. While Carly and Jack are gone, Mike admits to Katie that he is frightened of bonding with Sage, in case Sage is not his baby. Katie persuades Mike to stay in Oakdale, even if he has to face the disappointment that Sage is not his daughter. Carly and Jack return to find Mike feeding Sage. When Mike hands Sage to Jack, Carly tearfully smiles at the two men.

On the terrace of the Country Club Emma arrives and tells Rosanna about her niece Sage's arrival. Rosanna admits to Emma that she is jealous of Carly, and Emma suggests that Rosanna take Parker to Montana to be with Carly. Craig appears and announces that both of them would like to take Parker to Montana. Emma admits that she feels that this will provide an opportunity for Rosanna and Carly to reconcile, but Rosanna protests to Craig that fate will intervene when it is the right time for her to see Carly and Sage. At that very moment, Craig's cell phone rings, and Carly asks him to send the birth certificate and divorce decrees from the safe at Monte Carlo. Craig announces to Rosanna that her old friend fate has intervened, and that Uncle Craig and Auntie Rosanna are on their way to Montana.

Holden and Molly enter the police station to find out if there is any news about Lily and Rose. Dusty, who is cuffed to a nearby chair, again insists that, without his help, the police do not stand a chance of finding Lily and Rose. Dusty tells Holden that both he and Barbara think that James Stenbeck is behind the kidnappings and murders, orchestrating everything from his prison cell. Dusty brags to Molly that he can get proof of Stenbeck's involvement by confronting Barbara, if Molly will persuade Margo to set him free. Dusty convinces Molly that Stenbeck wants to get revenge on everyone who hurt Paul, including Rose, Dusty, and Barbara, but Lily was just caught in the crossfire. Margo arrives at the police station to tell everyone that she and Barbara found McCann dead in Barbara's hotel suite. Now it is obvious that someone has set up Barbara and Dusty as well. Molly urges Margo to let Dusty play his hand out before it is too late.

At Oakdale General Hospital, Hal, Susan, and Kim discuss the stress Bob is under because of the deaths at the hospital, and the fact that Dr. Decker has been treating Bob for mini-strokes. Down the hall in Bob's office, a mysterious gloved hand opens Bob's office door. Bob greets the person, whom the viewer cannot see, and tells the person that he is disturbed by something he read in Nurse Kreb's diary, which is resting on Bob's desk. Bob demands that the person explain an entry in the diary, or else Bob will call the police and tell them who the killer is. When Chris storms past Kim, Hal, and Susan, Hal is forced to tell Kim that Chris was suspended for three days after potassium chloride was found in his locker, in spite of the fact that Chris protested that he was planning to use the drug to force a confession out of Dr. Gordon. At that moment, Bob rushes up and grabs Hal to try to tell him something, but collapses before he can make a sound. The mysterious person, still in Bob's office, takes Nurse Kreb's diary from Bob's desk. When Dr. Decker sends Chris to Bob's office to retrieve Bob's medication, Chris finds Gordo taking something from a file on Bob's desk. The two interns scuffle, and Hal breaks up the fight, and afterward Chris refuses to shake hands with Gordo. When Rick Decker comes out to the hall to talk to Kim, Dr. Daniels demands that Dr. Decker be taken off Bob's case and that Dr. Ben Harris take over. Dr. Harris refuses Dr. Daniel's demand, and Ben and Rick go off together to look after Bob. Hal declares that he has to find out what happened to Bob just before he collapsed.

Barbara returns to her suite and is startled to find Dusty behind her. Dusty insists that Barbara must visit James in prison. Dusty tells Barbara that SHE killed Paul, and that she must face Stenbeck to help find Rose, the woman whom Paul loved. Barbara agrees.

Dr. Decker finds Kim in the hall and tells her that Bob has slipped into a coma.

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Carly and Jack decide to go to the Clerk's office, and Katie and Mike volunteer to babysit. Mike confides to Katie that he is afraid to bond with Sage. Katie scolds Mike for being rootless and always running away rather than get hurt. Mike decides he will let his defenses down and bond with baby Sage. At the Clerk's office, Carly and Jack are forced to explain their unique situation. The clerk and secretary think Carly and Jack are fascinating. Carly and Jack discover they need a lot of paper work to get remarried. Later, Carly is moved at the sight of Mike rocking Sage. At the Country Club, Emma tells Rosanna Carly's baby has been born. Rosanna admits she is jealous and doesn't think that will change. Emma asks Rosanna to take Parker to Montana for Carly and Jack's wedding. Rosanna argues against going, but Craig convinces her to go. Barbara denies knowing the dead man on her couch, and Margo believes her. At the police station, Margo reports to Molly, Holden and Dusty that McCann is dead. Molly and Dusty convince Margo to let Dusty go. Later, Dusty urges Barbara to visit Stenbeck wearing a wire, and she agrees. At the hospital, Bob confronts a mysterious person wearing a lab coat after reading Nurse Krebs diary. Soon after, Bob comes up to Hal and collapses as he tries to tell him something. Chris catches Gordo going through Bob's files. Walker wants to replace Rick with Ben on Bob's case. Kim trusts Rick and Ben doesn't want to interfere. Chris and Gordo fight and Hal interrupts. They agree they don't trust each other. Because of the fight, Hal couldn't get a good look at Bob's office. Rick announces to everyone Bob is in a coma.

Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Sara apologizes for stealing the PDA and asks Bonnie for a second chance. Bonnie calls the director of the center and explains the whole situation to him. She remains reserved in front of Sara and tells her that she'll see her at the center. Later, Bonnie brings the PDA to Walker and tells him that Sara stole it. Walker says he won't press any charges and is sympathetic because his dad was a teacher who used to invite troubled kids to live with them.

Carly and Jack decide to go home after their wedding only to find that Craig and Rosanna have brought Parker to Montana. Carly tell Craig to leave but Craig tells Carly that Rosanna is waiting to see her. As Craig and Rosanna get ready to leave, Jack says that Carly wants to see her. Rosanna reminds Jack that he accused her of Carly's disappearance and asks for an apology from him. He does eventually apologize and Rosanna goes in to see Carly.

In the well, there is a loud bang and dirt and rocks fall around Rose and Lily. There is a construction crew nearby that caused the explosion. The girls try to radio them on the walkie-talkie but they are too far away. Rose tries to use the rocks as steps while Lily sees blood on her hand and almost passes out.

Molly tells Holden and Margo that she knows an FBI agent. Holden tells Molly to call him and he arrives shortly at the police station. Margo is getting edgy over Holden's nagging her about how the case is run. She reluctantly lets the FBI be in charge. The agent asks Margo why Dusty is not in jail for kidnapping Rose and Lily.

Barbara goes to visit James in jail. James says he will avenge Paul's death and says Dusty should pay. Barbara asks what James did with Rose and Lily. She says she doesn't care about Rose but she does care about Lily. James won't give her any answers but does allude to the fact that he is responsible. He tells Barbara that she loves him. Dusty barges in and James calls Marshall in too. James continues to play games with them and he tells Barbara he will be punished as she sees Paul when she lies in bed at night. James tells Barbara that if Paul was his son, and not taken away from him, he would still be alive today. He says that something will happen soon and it won't be pleasant. Barbara tells Marshall that she tried to help but James always wins.

Thursday, June 26, 2003

In Bob's hospital room, Kim and Nancy stand by his bed. Dr. Decker walks in and tells them that he checked and Bob had forgot to take some of his medication. Nancy tells Dr. Decker that she doesn't believe her son missed taking his medication. She says that her son knew the medication was helping him and he would not miss taking it. Dr. Decker sees that Kim is very upset and asks Nancy to step outside and discuss this further. Nancy says that they can go anywhere, but her position will not change. Dr. Decker and Nancy leave the room. Kim kisses Bob's forehead. She lays her cheek on his head. She says, "Wake up sweetheart. I need you." Dr. Daniels and Hal walk into the room. They apologize to Kim for interrupting her. Dr. Daniels asks Kim if he can examine Bob. Kim asks, "Why? Dr. Decker is Bob's doctor." Hal explains that they want to make sure that Bob is not the victim of foul play. Kim asks if they think he didn't have a stroke. Dr. Daniels says that is what he wants to find out. Kim gives them permission and then she steps outside to let Dr. Daniels do his job. Dr. Daniels starts to examine Bob and Hal says he will go out in the hall and hold off Dr. Decker. Dr. Daniels tells Hal that won't be necessary, because he found what he was looking for.

Outside Bob's room, Alison sees Chris and asks, "Why are you at the hospital? Aren't you suspended?" Chris explains that he is there because of his dad. Alison, not knowing the circumstances, goes off on Bob and says that he suspended Chris for something he didn't do and why can't he leave Chris alone. Chris stops her and tells her it is not what she thinks. He explains that his dad had a stroke and is in a coma. Alison apologizes and hugs Chris. She tries to console him. They sit down to talk. Chris tells Alison that he has been a terrible son to his parents. Alison says that he is wrong. He has been a wonderful son. Chris reminds her that he has not been perfect at the hospital and he has embarrassed his father in front of his colleagues. Alison tells him again that he is being too hard on himself and he is wonderful. She asks him to go with her to get some coffee or something. Chris says that he doesn't want to leave. Alison tells him that they will only go across the street and get some air. Finally, Chris gives in and the two leave together. After they are gone, Kim walks out as Dr. Decker, Nancy and Tom Hughes walks up. Kim asks Dr. Decker if she can have a word with him. Tom asks Nancy to go with him to get some coffee. Nancy says that she will go, but if this is about Bob not taking his medication, she won't believe it. Tom pats his grandmother and says, "I know, I know." Tom and Nancy walk off. As Kim starts to talk to Dr. Decker, Dr. Daniels and Hal walk out of Bob's room. Dr. Decker asks what is going on. He reminds Dr. Daniels that Bob is his patient. Kim tells Rick that she gave them permission to examine Bob. Dr. Daniels informs Rick that they found a puncture mark on Bob the same as the other victims. Hal asks Rick if he knows how that puncture got there. Rick informs them that if they would look at the chart, he had given Bob an injection. Rick tells them that he gave Bob an injection of an anti-clotting drug, which is normal for a coma patient. Rick adds that his blood work shows no elevated levels of potassium, which is the agent that was used in the other deaths. Kim asks what does that prove. Rick says that it doesn't prove anything. Kim throws up her hands in disgust and walks away. Hal goes after her. Rick takes his chart from Walker and goes into Bob's room. Walker follows Rick. Walker tells him that this is not over. Rick tells him that it is over. Rick says that he knows that Dr. Daniels reputation depends on finding someone to pen this on and it isn't going to be him. Rick adds that Bob is his patient and he will remain his patient until he no longer needs medical care. Walker says, "Or until he is dead." Rick declares, "Bob is my patient and you can't change that." Walker storms out of the room.

Later, after Kim has had time to process all that has happened, she walks up to Hal and asks that a guard be posted outside of Bob's room. Rick hears her request and tells her that that won't be necessary. Kim says that it is necessary and then she tells Rick that she is releasing him from Bob's case, immediately.

In Montana, Rosanna tries to apologize to Carly, but she just can't find the words. Rosanna starts to leave, but the baby makes some cooing noises and Rosanna stops in her tracks. She turns and asks if she can see her. Carly picks the baby up from her crib. Rosanna walks over to look at the baby. Rosanna says, "She's so beautiful." Carly says, "Sage, this is your Aunt Rosanna. She came a long, long way to see you." Carly looks at Rosanna and asks if she would like to hold her. Rosanna takes the baby and holds her up in the air. Rosanna is giddy with laughter. She turns to Carly and says that Sage is so pretty. Carly says, "Of course she's pretty. She has our genes." Rosanna agrees with Carly. After Rosanna plays with the baby, she lays her down in her crib. Rosanna tells Carly that she is lucky. Carly says that she was thinking that Sage is lucky to have her Aunt Rosanna. Rosanna turns to Carly. Carly says that she is not perfect and Sage is going to need her when Carly messes up. The two women embrace each other. Rosanna starts to cry and says that she's sorry for all the mean things that she said to her and she drove her out of Oakdale. Carly says that it wasn't her fault and there were a lot of things that drove her out of Oakdale. The sisters have a long talk and decide to make amends.

Carly asks Rosanna to be Sage's godmother. Rosanna accepts. As the sisters are enjoying their newfound kinship, Craig sticks his head inside the door and says that he is ready to go. He says that there are three people outside that have drawn a target on his chest. Rosanna tells him that she is not ready go and she is staying for the wedding. Craig says, "You're staying for the wedding as in being invited? What happened in here?" Rosanna says, "Carly has been incredibly understanding and generous." Carly says, "And Rosanna has been unbelievably patient and forgiving. Craig says, "You want us at your wedding?" Carly replies, "Oh! No one said anything about you." She snickers and goes outside. Craig yells after her, "I came half way across the country and up a mountain to..." He looks at Rosanna and sees she is laughing. He asks what is she laughing at. She tells him to lower his voice or he will scare the baby. Craig asks if she knows what he has been through while she was having her moment with Carly. Rosanna, looking at the baby, asks, "Isn't she beautiful?" Craig says that he has made a list of the people who hate him. He tells her that Jack hates him and Mike Kasnoff hates him and Katie and now Carly. He says that he wouldn't stay at this wedding even if he were invited. Rosanna says that it is too bad and she will have to meet him back in Oakdale, because she is staying for the wedding and there is no way in heck she would miss it. Craig asks if she would really stay there without him. She says that she would if it came to it. She tells him if he could behave himself and not make one sarcastic comment, then maybe they would let him stay too. Craig whines, "But I have Jack and Mike Kasnoff playing catch in the back yard." She tells him to save up all his comments for later and then he can tell her. She says that maybe they will reconsider. Craig says that it is too late; he has been voted off the island. Rosanna says that Jack owes her because he had her arrested. She looks at Craig and points her finger and says that he has to promise to keep his mouth shut.

Carly goes outside on the porch and tells Jack, Mike and Katie about her epiphany with Rosanna. She tells them that she had asked Rosanna to be Sage's godmother. Then she breaks the news that she invited Rosanna to stay for the wedding. She says that if Rosanna stays then Craig will stay and she knows that Jack won't let Craig be at their wedding. Jack speaks up and says, "You're wrong. I think it would be good if Craig was at our wedding." They all look at him like he is crazy. Jack explains that if Craig is at their wedding and he actually sees them saying their vows, maybe it will finally get through to him. Carly gets a big smile on her face. Craig and Rosanna walk out on the porch and Jack tells Craig that he hopes that he will be staying for the wedding. He adds that it won't be the same without him. Rosanna's jaw drops to the floor and Craig says, "Well, Jack, if you want me at the wedding, then who am I to say no?"

At the police station, Margo decides to let Dusty go. After Dusty is gone, Agent Brackett questions her decision. Margo says that she has had Dusty in custody for a long time and it became apparent to her that he wants to solve this case as much as she does. She says that she thinks Dusty will be more help on the streets. Agent Brackett's phone rings and he answers it. After says a few words, he puts his hand over the end of the phone and tells Margo that it is Stanley. Margo asks, "Spangler's guy?" He says that he knows where the twins are and he wants to make a deal. Margo tries to get the phone. Agent Brackett tries to talk to Stanley, but he hangs up. Margo tells Brackett that he has to tell her everything that Stanley had said. Brackett says that he will do one better; he will take her to him. Brackett heads out the door and Margo follows behind.

Dusty walks into an abandoned building and sees a body lying on the floor. He walks over to the body and says, "Come on, Stanley, you told me you know where they are." He starts to search the body. Then he sees his name written in some grease on the floor. At that moment, Margo and Brackett rush in with their guns drawn. Margo says, "Don't move and put your hands on your head!" Brackett yells out, "It's Donovan!" Brackett sees Dusty's name written in the grease on the floor and he points at it and tells Margo to look. Dusty stands up and puts his hands on his head. Margo lowers her gun.

Friday, June 27, 2003

Jack and Carly discuss their upcoming wedding, and Jack senses that even though Craig and Rosanna and Mike and Katie and Parker are there, someone is still missing. It is Molly, and Carly wants her there for the wedding. Jack suggests they call her but Carly does not want her to feel obligated. Katie and Mike overhear this, and Mike tells Katie it is up to her because he knows how she dislikes Molly. Katie encourages him to call Molly.

Molly and Emily run into one another at the Police Station. Emily raves about Carly's having the baby in the Montana wilds and carries on about baby Sage. Molly has not heard the news and is stunned. Emily is interrupted by a frantic call from Alison asking her to come to Memorial because their mother, Susan, is on a rampage.

At the hospital, Susan argues with Kim who wants to remove Rick Decker as Bob's doctor of record. Kim stays firm, however, and Susan loses her cool.

Holden tracks down Barbara and demands to know exactly what James said about the two missing women. Barbara tells him to go find Dusty since he was there too. Holden pleads with her until Barbara tells him that James wants revenge and used language such as, "look deeply" and "underground spring."

Margo and FBI agent Brackett come upon Dusty hunched over the dead body of Stanley, Spangler's henchman. Dusty claims he got the same call as Agent Brackett and that is why he is there. Brackett wants to take Dusty immediately to Washington, DC,. for questioning, but Margo will not agree. The police find Stanley's walkie-talkie on his body.

In the well where Rose and Lily are imprisoned, Rose continues to yell for help. She tries to rouse Lily who is almost comatose. More rubble falls into the well, and Rose vows to make an escape attempt tonight. She is afraid to leave Lily alone, however, but begins to climb the pile of rocks.

Holden interprets James' clues to mean that Barbara is the key to finding Lily and Rose. Something she knows is the answer..

At the hospital, Kim tells Susan to back off, and Dr. Daniels', the murder investigator, asks to speak privately with Rick Decker. Dr. Daniels brings up Dr. Decker's father, a famous cardiologist and transplant surgeon, and asks leading questions about Decker's relationship with his father. Dr. Decker does not take the bait, however, and tells Daniels to look to the two interns in whose possession were found vials of potassium chloride.

Chris Hughes goes into Bob's empty office and begins removing personal mementos and family photos. Dr. Gordon discovers him and questions his actions. John Dixon arrives and wants to know the same thing. Chris tells them he wants to surround his father in ICU with familiar things and faces. John shows some compassion and revokes Chris' suspension from work. Meanwhile, Emily has arrived and talks with Hal and Alison about Susan's behavior.

Joy Krebs, sister to the murdered nurse, Arlene Krebs, arrives to pick up her sister's personal belongings. She says she cannot find Arlene's journal in which she wrote every day. Everyone realizes that the journal is missing.

Barbara and Holden go to the Police Station where Margo and Dusty are waiting. They have Stanley's walkie-talkie bagged for evidence but do not see Dusty slip it under his coat. Holden tells Margo that James kept referring to things "deep," and asks for a county map. Barbara threatens Dusty out of earshot of the others. Agent Brackett returns and tells Dusty that he is taking him to Washington.

In Montana, Mike calls Molly and invites her to come to the wedding. She won't commit but agrees to think about it.

John Dixon tells Kim that Dr. Ben Harris is now in charge of Bob's care, and a police guard is in place outside Bob's door. Rick apologizes to Susan for dragging her into all this mess, and then remembers that Nurse Krebs left a message on his cell phone the day she died. He says he believes the missing journal is the key to everything.

Alison finds Chris and confesses she is frightened to be sleeping in the house with Rick Decker. She wants to move in with Emily until the killer is caught. Chris gives her a hug, but backs off when she obviously wants more. As Alison leaves, Rick catches her and questions her about the missing journal. Alison hastily leaves.

At the station, Agent Brackett is preparing to take Dusty into custody. Holden leaves to begin his personal search for the missing women. In the well, Lily is delirious and awakens to find Rose missing. There is another explosion and Rose does not answer. Finally Rose responds, and Lily is comforted.

As Margo is doing paper work at her desk, an FBI agent appears and asks if there is a question about his credentials. He identifies himself as Agent Brackett, and Margo suddenly realizes that she has sent Dusty off with an impostor! She gathers her troops and takes off.

Susan is not through telling off Dr. Daniels, and as she lights into him once again, her cell phone rings. It is Rick Decker who tells her he has found Nurse Krebs' missing journal in Bob's office! Susan tells Dr. Daniels and they rush to the office. They find Rick on the floor, with no heart beat and no breath sounds. They begin CPR immediately, and in Rick's hand, we see what appear to be pages torn from the missing journal.

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