One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 23, 2003 on OLTL

Mitch shot his own man after the man tried to help Jessica escape. Flash apologized for not identifying herself sooner. Rex and Jen got married. Marcie and Al shared their feelings. Viki was the new president of Llanview University. Kevin returned to town.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 23, 2003 on OLTL
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Monday, June 23, 2003

Over the Hills and into the Woods

Antonio races to the rescue with Walker, heading for the lair of Lion's Heart Manor. Meanwhile, Mitch's follower Brian tries to help Jessica escape, but as usual the damsel in distress asks too many questions, wasting valuable time.

As Mitch arrives with Viki blindfolded, Brian and Jessica hide. They listen as Mitch describes his utopia to Viki and tells her this is her last night on earth. As he leaves, he tells her to feel free to look around. Jessica explains to Viki that Brian is trying to help her to escape through the cellar and then the woods, and that Brian was responsible for the messages she received.

As the trio tries to escape, Mitch arrives and shoots Brian. He dies in Jessica's arms. Mitch orders one of his followers to prepare Jessica as a horrified Viki watches. Viki begs Mitch not to hurt Jessica and to do to her what he would do to Jessica, he responds with a kiss on a repulsed Viki's neck. He takes her into his arms to dance and tells her that Jessica and he are about to start a true family, and that everything that Victor Lord once owned is now his.

As a drugged Jessica is being prepared, she hears Antonio's voice in her head telling her to stay strong. She recovers and knocks out Mitch's follower. As Viki is pleading for Jessica, appealing to Mitch's sensibilities as a father, Jessica breaks a mirror to use as a weapon.

Another follower has captured Walker and brings him to Mitch, just as Jessica comes down the stairs. Jessica threatens to kill herself with the shards of the mirror, unless Mitch releases Viki and Walker. Mitch agrees, but Viki refuses to leave without Jessica.

Back in Llanview, Cristian and Natalie are not very receptive to Keri's inquiries about Antonio's search for Jessica. Before she leaves, she tells them that Antonio is a professional and will do all that he can to find Jessica.

In the woods

Antonio becomes delusional in the woods, but a vision of Keri and his baby comes to him and he regains the strength to find his marker in the woods. (Could it be the entrance to the cellar?)

Cousin Flash

Flash shows up at Llanfair to apologize to Joey for deceiving him about her true identity. She asks his forgiveness, but is suffering from a horrible cough, the side effects of a drug she is using to keep singing. As Joey awaits news about Jessica, he passes the time with Flash who recounts her life with Tina and CJ.

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

At the hospital, Natalie warns Jennifer, "Stay away from my brothers, both of them! Joe and Rex." She has caught her former rival digitally voyeuring Dr. McIver's new womanizing habit. At the garage, Rex asserts his territorial precedent over Jen and assures Joey that he will marry her. And in Angel Square, Nora learns of Flash's true identity and rushes her to the hospital when another coughing fit succumbs her. Troy takes a throat culture and repeats the same medical advice: she must stop singing. While he's treating Flash, Nora overhears female hospital staff discussing the doctor's Jeckyll and Hyde behavior with the ladies. Later, she casually asks the rogue doctor how he is doing. Jen hooks up with Rex at the garage and gives him the brush off. She forgets her purse when she leaves and Rex helps himself to her American Express card.

Jessica's suicidal standoff continues. The shards of mirror crossed like a martyr at her throat reflect her fragile yet determined state. The players in Lion's Heart have no idea that Antonio has located the estate, called for back up, and is climbing the ivy walls in search of covert entry. Viki has a glistening impulse. She torpedoes the Badhra diamond at Mitch's heart and he plummets to the floor. Jessica drops the glass daggers and they shatter at her feet on the smooth marble floor. Walker wrestles the gun from him and another standoff begins. Quoting scripture, Mitch challenges that his brother will not be able to kill him. He's right. Walker cannot shoot. Mitch defiantly picks up the Badhra and calmly sashays to the door. Mother and daughter tremble clenched to each other. As Mitch smugly declares his farewell, Antonio tiptoes down the staircase and jumps him. Mercilessly, he punches Mitch in the face repeatedly. Even Viki and Jessica are fearful of his rage and beg him to stop. Bo and uniformed officers arrive in time to stop Antonio from killing him with his fists. Bloodied and disoriented, Mitch is read his Miranda rights meticulously and handcuffed. Jessica makes an emotional plea to her father, simply asking him, "Why?" Mitch's feeble mumblings of love for her only cause her to erupt, "I hate you. I hate you!" Viki is aghast and heartbroken for her. Mitch is hauled away screaming his daughter's name while Jessica collapses into Antonio's arms.

Cristian arrives at the hospital greeting Natalie with the news of that he did procure the technician's job. Jessica is rushed into emergency before them. Troy evaluates the diazepam in an evidence bag and sends it to the lab for further testing. He attempts to take a blood sample, but Jess has a flashback of Mitch drugging her and struggles hysterically. Joey runs frantically down the hallway and is apprised of Jessica's condition and delusions. Troy asks her family to be patient with her recovery. Viki strokes her frazzled blond hair while Antonio clasps her hand, thanking her for the yellow roses and her notes. Jess jerks, "I didn't write them."

At the police station, Walker requests medical attention for his intensely deranged brother. Mitch requests a bible. Bo twirls the Badhra under his nose and informs him, "What you can't have is this." Mitch attempts to intimidate the commissioner with the fabled curse on the diamond, insisting that he could never comprehend its powers or appreciate that Mitch has superceded mortality through it. Bo retorts, "You are really out of your funky mind, aren't you, Mitch?" Walker asks about the fate of the gem. Bo promises is will be tightly locked away in the evidence room. All alone, Mitch smiles complacently through the bars of his jail cell.

Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Antonio wants to help Jessica forget about her ordeal with Mitch and arranges a romantic dinner at the loft. Privately, Jessica is plagued by memories of Mitch. Antonio admits to Jessica that he isn't sure if he can forgive Keri. Antonio inadvertently triggers Jessica's bad memories of Mitch when he starts to dance with her. Jessica pulls back from Antonio, who is desperate to help her. After suffering another disturbing memory of Mitch, Jessica quickly leaves and crosses with Keri on her way out. Keri tells Antonio that she still loves him and wants to get back together with him.

Natalie shows Cristian the rave reviews he received for his show at the art gallery and they make love, filled with hope for the future.

Marcie is shocked when Al tells her that he wants to make love to her. Marcie is too insecure about her appearance to make love with Al and she runs out. Al uses the Voice of the Night to declare his love to Marcie, who is deeply moved. Marcie returns to Al's room and goes into his arms. Marcie explains to Al that she does want to make love to him, but that she wants to wait to do so. Al and Marcie say "I love you" to each other for the first time.

Jen falls more in love with Joey as she secretly watches him in Angel Square. Jen becomes angry when Joey insists he really does want to be Jen's friend. Rex surprises Jen with an engagement ring. Off her angry encounter with Joey, Jen agrees to elope with Rex.

Riley admits to Flash that he wrote the love song for her. Adriana gives herself a makeover and sneaks off to the Garage, where she and Sheyne take a quick liking to each other.

Gabrielle can't help but be slightly taken aback when Bo and Nora dance together at Matthew's request. Bo and Nora discuss telling Matthew the truth that Bo is his father.

Thursday, June 26, 2003

Dorian offers Walker a job at The Sun. When Blair reminds her that Todd owns the paper, Dorian shows her Todd's will leaving The Sun to Starr. Blair counters Dorian's confidence that as the child's legal guardian, Blair would have control of the newspaper, by showing her the paragraph stating that Viki will be in charge until Starr turns 25. Insisting on getting Walker out of her life, Starr drags Matthew to the hospital to try to get Troy's help, but instead the doctor calls Blair, informing her of the children's whereabouts.

Sneaking back into Blair's when the house is empty; Walker easily opens the safe and makes notes on the papers he finds there. Later, he further discusses working at the Sun with Blair.

As Jessica continues to feel guilty over the murders Mitch committed, Natalie tries to console her sister. When Antonio shows up, Jessica pushes him away also. Searching for Viki, Dorian goes to Llanfair and finds the mirror broken. Determined not to let Mitch ruin Jessie's life, Dorian talks to the girl. Later Cristian stops by and encourages Jessica to talk to Antonio.

Bo informs Antonio that he has to attend counseling for attacking Mitch. At Rae's office, Antonio insists that he doesn't need therapy. When Rae brings up Keri and the baby, Antonio loses his temper and storms out, running into R.J. and Keri who have brought Jamie to the hospital to be treated for a fever.

Bo and Nora continue to work on their case against Mitch. Gabrielle admits her jealousy when she finds Bo with Nora and Matthew. When Bo gets called away in the middle of their conversation, Gabrielle insists that she understands, then gratefully accepts Troy's offer for a drink.

Friday, June 27, 2003

When Jen tells Marcie about her wedding plans to Rex, her friend begs her not to go through with it. Running into Joey, Marcie tells him the mistake Jen is about to make. At dinner, Marcie tells Roxy and Max that Jen and Rex are getting married, causing the woman to rush off to Atlantic City. Later, Joey barges in an Atlantic City chapel ready to stop the nuptials, but Rex tells him it is too late.

At first refusing to go to Asa's party, Jessica is convinced by her sister that she has to try to move on. At the Palace, Asa informs Viki that she got the job as president of Llanview University. Later, Natalie and Cristian announce their wedding date and Asa announces his engagement to Renee. Everyone, including Renee, is surprised by the announcement, but Asa is shocked when Renee refuses his proposal. Later, as Viki is talking to Bo, she is surprised to turn around and find Kevin.

After Viki agrees to let Blair run The Sun, Blair hires Walker and offers him Todd's penthouse. At Llanview Jail, Dorian reminds Mitch that she is still his wife and due half of his assets. Later, Blair pays him a visit inquiring about Todd. Mitch continues to accuse Walker of betraying him. Walker convinces his brother to trust him, causing Mitch to give him the information on Mitch's missing assets. As Mitch expresses his trust in his brother, Walker lets him know he just betrayed him yet again.

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