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Laurie ordered her father to seek treatment for his drinking problem. Greenlee worked to obtain better counter space for Fusion at Lacey's department stores. Mary told Jack that she still cared about him. Erica convinced Mary to wait one week before telling Jack that he was Greenlee's father.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of June 23, 2003 on AMC
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Monday, June 23, 2003

Stuart visits Fusion to run an idea by Carlos. Tad shows up there also and tells Mia she is driving him crazy! Stuart offers Carlos a job at the art gallery. Tad questions Mia about how Liza found out about their kiss. He explains that Liza is his best friend and probably feels that Mia is the last thing he needs in his life. Liza enters and sees them arguing over who kissed who first. When they start acting like children, Liza interrupts and asks if they need to be locked up? He asks Mia if it could be in handcuffs and then walks out. Liza asks Mia what is up. She says, "I know that dance like the back of my hand." Liza and Mia start to argue over Tad again until Liza walks out after telling Mia that kissing Jake's brother is very wrong.

Carlos tells Stuart he will consider the offer and then leaves. Mia tells Stuart that when she gets angry she gets even. Stuart warns her that that is not very nice. She asks him if he thinks there is something wrong with her because people don't stick around. He tries to assure her that there is nothing wrong with her. He tells her that she has to love herself first before she can expect anyone else to. He kisses her cheek and leaves her with tears on her face.

Maggie meets Dr. Anderson in BJ's and she offers her an internship in the clinic but Maggie is not sure she can accept it. Henry is at the next table secretively listening to Maggie explain that she wouldn't have done as well as she did without Henry. She continues to explain how she let Henry copy off her paper. She gets ready to leave and then Dr. Anderson stops her by telling her that she is still in good standing at the school and wants her to start right away. The doctor gets up and leaves and then Henry comes over and tells Maggie that his mother kicked him out. He takes her hand and tells her that he's ok about the way things went down for him but that he doesn't want her to lose out on anything because of it. She tells him she is worried that he is not taking what happened to him seriously. She tries to encourage him to play his guitar more and then take's him over to Myrtle's to get him a room.

At Myrtles boarding house, Bianca and Myrtle have a talk. They discuss how happy she was with Lena and how unhappy she is now. Myrtle tells her to get back out in the world and have fun. She suggests that Bianca go see Lena at SOS.

Back at Pine Valley Hospital, Greenlee tells Kendall that Erica tries to control everything. Erica sarcastically says to Greenlee, "Oh, go blow your nose." Mary tells Greenlee that she thinks Erica is threatened by both of them. Greenlee questions her mother about why Erica is afraid of her. She wants to know why her mother is so concerned with Erica and Jackson. Erica tries to get rid of all of them, pleading for their understanding of Jack being in an intensive care unit. Kendall then asks Erica to listen to her business proposition. Erica lets her know that she has no time for that. She tells Kendall she should have known better than to come to the hospital with that now. She tells her they will talk about it at her office. Mary heads towards Jacks room and tells Erica she will sit with Jack while she speaks with Kendall. Erica steps in front of her to stop her and Jackson opens the door to his room and yells, "Can't anyone get any rest around here? What the hell is going on?" Greenlee knows her mother has some secret and continues to question her about what it is. Mary tells Greenlee that maybe she should go in and see Jackson to get on the better side of Erica so that they can present Kendall's plan. Erica refuses to let her in. Kendall spits out that she will give Erica a part of the profits of Fusion if she helps them out. Erica tells her that her idea of merging is sloppy at best. After Kendall storms off Mary asks her if she can't handle her own daughter how will she handle hers. After they leave Greenlee sneaks into Jacks room. He thanks her for giving blood and she tells him that from what she hears the match must have been from someone in his family. He assumed it must have been Bianca.

Erica comes back to Jacks room and climbs in bed with him. She asks him to tell her that everything will be all right and he puts his arm around her and tells her just that.

Lena is waiting on tables at SOS when Bianca enters and asks her to take a break. They talk about why Lena is working two jobs and Bianca asks about her mother. She tells her that her mother is doing well. Bianca then tells Lena that she admires her working two jobs so that her mother can stay on in Chicago. She later tells Lena that she likes the site of her.

Tad is back at home playing around with a hockey stick when Liza shows up. Tad says, "Great just what I need, the other sister." She storms in telling him that Mia is off limits! He tells her that Mia tackled him. She says to Tad that Mia is very vulnerable and she knows that is just the way he likes women. He replies, "What about you?" As they verbally spar with each other, they get closer and closer. He tells her if she is going to kiss him, then just do it and get it over with. They take a few steps away from each other.

Tuesday, June 24, 2003


Liza stammered and stuttered at Tad about his suggestion that she thinks she is the woman for him. She was totally defensive but Tad accused her of wanting him for herself, marking her territory and even offered to put down plastic sheeting. She told him he hasn't changed and is the same egotistical, insolent child he was in high school. He told her she's right, he still has it, and reminded her of how much she loved it then and suggested she still loves it now. Liza asked if he thinks she finds his retro side appealing and he opined that she finds every side of him appealing. They continued quibbling and Tad accused her of running scared and running out when things get close and real. Liza cautioned him to not rewrite history. Mia walked in and asked Liza what she was doing there. Liza was again defensive and Tad explained that Liza has been carrying a torch for him for years. Liza denied it and Mia asked them to stop pretending they are not interested in each other long enough to listen to her. Mia said she didn't want them to fight anymore and Tad explained that's how they communicate. Mia explained she was taking herself out of the dating game and Liza didn't believe her. She wondered why Mia was at Tad's house. Mia came to apologize for kissing Tad and Tad smugly asked if Liza now believed his version. Mia said she'd planned to apologize to Liza later and swore she would now stop feeling sorry for herself and trying to make everyone else miserable. Tad proclaimed it a real life "Mia culpa" and went to sit on the sofa. Mia apologized to Liza for throwing her mistakes in her face and they shared a sisterly hug. Tad stepped up to get a hug too and Liza stopped him. Mia apologized to Tad for baiting him and throwing herself at him. She left to leave things how they probably should be. Liza again announced that there is nothing going on between her and Tad. Mia said all three of them knew better than that. Tad then apologized to Mia for what he'd said to her on the beach. Tad and Liza were alone and Liza asked "now what?" Tad wondered why she asked him and she reminded him he always has the answers. Tad accused Liza of only coming over to torture him about getting nasty with little her sister. Liza admitted Tad had not been going after Mia and Tad reminded her he'd told her so. They agreed Mia had seemed sorry and were grateful to Mia for letting them both off the hook. Liza admitted she'd been trying to control Mia's life and Tad called that a big steaming pile of irony. They wondered what Mia meant by telling them there is more going on than either will admit. Liza had a hard saying it, but she got around to asking if they are or should considering the possibility. Tad admitted he's wondered about a reunion. Liza said she maybe did too. They both took cues from each other and agreed it wasn't really a possibility and besides, who wants to relive the past. It took Liza a long time to leave once she decided to, and Tad seemed to want to stop her, but stopped himself. Once Liza left, Tad obviously expected her to come back in, but she was outside with her hand on the doorknob...but in the end, she walked away.


Lena was off-duty at SOS and they made plans to go somewhere else when Michael approached. Michael wanted to talk to Lena privately. Bianca waited as Michael again threatened Lena for cooperating with the DA. She told him he can't hurt her anymore but he warned her that her immunity won't be worth a thing if her testimony hurts him. She reminded him he would be the suspect if anything happens to her. He threatened to hurt the people she loves, not her, and took a long look at Bianca as he said it. He denied actually threatening Bianca. Lena told him she is not afraid of him and promised she will do whatever it takes to protect the people she cares about. Bianca came by to break up their argument and Lena assured her it was all over with Michael.

Mia showed up at SOS and talked to Bianca and Lena, admiring their relationship. The bartender gave her a drink sent over by someone and just as Mia proclaimed that the lamest move ever, Michael came up to say he thought it was friendly. Mia drank the beer he'd bought her, but would not stay for a second one.

The police came in to arrest Lena as a delighted Michael and confused Bianca watched.


The Grey family was playing at the beach, building sandcastles and Maria expressed her fear that their happiness could be gone any time. Edmund reassured her that they had nothing to worry about. Just then, David walked out of the bushes and scared the kids. Maria introduced them and told them David is not scary. The kids went off to play and David asked where Aidan and Mia were. David was shocked to hear that Maria's memory had returned and sarcastically commented on how the two of them seemed to have it all. Maria and David talked alone, about Leora, the pain of losing a child and how Leora made David believe he could be a better person. David guessed that Maria thought it was retribution for what he'd done to her, but Maria only wanted to thank David for saving her life. David left and Maria and Edmund agreed he was probably going to be all right and it was just too hard for him to see so much happiness right now. Edmund promised to protect Maria if David got too resentful of her memory returning without his help.


Simone was at the Fusion office, looking at and lusting after video entries for the Sexiest Man contest. Kenny rushed in, breathless from running up the stairs, and proposed to an incredulous Simone, who reminded him they've barely dated or kissed. So Kenny planted a big smooch on Simone that took her breath away. He hesitated when Simone asked him if he loved her and she wanted to know what was really going on. Kenny was being transferred to Georgia, the former Soviet Republic, and wanted to take her with him, he explained. Simone was not impressed, since he brought no flowers, no romance, no ring. He begged her to look at him and told her he loves her and it's now or never. Simone believed him but Kenny guessed correctly that she did not love him back. She wished she did, because he's kind and smart and wanted him to know she really does care about him. She told him she'll never forget how it felt to look into his eyes and see love. They said goodbye and wished each other happiness. After Kenny left, Simone told herself she'd made the right decision.

Simone went back to Myrtle's and found some spiked lemonade and a shoulder to lean on. Myrtle agreed with Simone's decision about Kenny and how a spark and passion are essential for a successful relationship and marriage. Myrtle told her to be patient about love. They decided to spend the evening watching videos sent in for the Sexiest Man contest. Myrtle asked Simone if she thought one of those men would like a mature, clever beauty. Simone thought so, and complained about the arduous task of watching all these sexy men and having to narrow down the contestants to the final 25. Myrtle continued to enjoy watching and said these guys could melt her VCR any day.

Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Michael Cambias was on his phone to the police stations, asking questions about Lena's arrest. Adam pounded on the door and barged in yelling about someone buying up Chandler Enterprise stock. He accused Michael of having Lena do it. Michael denied it and Adam demanded an explanation of how it happened. Michael said he was clean and that Lena must've gotten greedy. He claimed she did it without his knowledge or help. Adam didn't believe him because Michael and Lena had been partners in and out of bed for a long time. He said their plan was to take down Enchantment, not his own company. Adam handed Michael the newspaper with a photo of Lena in bed with Bob Barrett, CFO of Chandler Enterprises. Michael said Lena was after the money since she couldn't get to Bianca's. He promised Adam that he would never "turn tables" on Chandler Enterprises. Adam said he wished Bob Barrett was so loyal and told Michael he had skipped town. Adam wanted to know if Michael was going to make Lena's bail and leave the country with her. Michael said absolutely not and Adam told him to think of a way to find Bob Barrett. Adam walked out and moments later there was a knock on Michael's door. He opened it and found the missing Bob Barrett standing there. He grabbed Barrett and threw him into the room and slammed the door. "I thought I told you to get the hell out of town!!!" he screamed. Barrett said the plans had changed and he needed more money. Michael said he'd already given him hush money but Barrett said he wanted more to keep quiet about Michael trying to discredit Lena. Michael grabbed him by the throat and said he'd picked him for the job because he was already stealing from Chandler Enterprises. Michael said "I can bury you and keep my hands clean!" He pulled Barrett off the floor, straightened his jacket and shoved him out the door, telling him to never come back again.

At the police station Bianca and Lena talked with cell bars between them. Bianca saw Anna arrive and rushed to speak with her. Anna told her that there was alot of electronic traffic pointing to Lena's guilt, plus an anonymous tip. Bianca asked about Bob Barrett and Anna said he was in trouble too. Bianca told her that Lena said she'd never met the man and Anna handed her a photo of Bob and Lena in bed. Bianca was speechless. She asked Anna if Barrett had been arrested yet and Anna said no, they hadn't found him yet. Bianca said Lena had promised that there were no more lies between them and started to cry. She walked back to Lena's cell and handed her the picture. Bianca said "This is proof that I should never have believed a word out of your lying mouth." Lena looked at the picture and right away claimed it to be a fake. She tried to point out the errors in the photo but Bianca wouldn't look. Lena was devastated that Bianca could think she was capable of sleeping with Bob Barrett for money after everything she'd done to prove herself to Bianca. "Maybe I've been the fool" she told Bianca. Bianca said that more than anything she wanted to believe in love. Lena said she took one look at a doctored picture and believed the worst of her. Bianca grabbed the picture and said it showed the true Lena. Lena said Bianca believed what Erica had been drilling into her head for years, that no one would ever love her like her mother does. Lena said Bianca was becoming just like her mother. Bianca said she was nothing like her mother or she wouldn't have given Lena a second chance. Lena begged her to trust her one more time. Bianca said she couldn't do this again. Lena said Bianca couldn't see the truth and that no matter how much she said she wanted to be loved, "The only one who's stopping you is you."

At BJ's Jamie and Brooke sat down at a table. Jamie's friend Elizabeth came over and asked him if he wanted to hook up later. Jamie grinned and agreed for her to pick him up at 8pm. She walked away as Lori watched from across the restaurant. Brooke asked Jamie if he and Lori had a falling out. Jamie said no and Brooke said they must not be together anymore if he was going out with another girl. Jamie said this summer he was going to "get around and score." Brooke looked mildly amused. Tad walked in and bumped into David Hayward. They exchanged harsh words and David walked away. Tad joined Brooke and Jamie as Jamie was saying he was going to be like Tad and play the field. Brooke said she wanted him to respect women. Tad sat down and told him that thanks to him their son was trying to be just like him. David sat at the bar and talked to Lori. A disturbance at the front door made everyone turn and look. It was Lori's father, drunk and demanding to see his little girl. Lori ran over and told him he was going to get her fired. He didn't care and Lori told him she had to earn money to pay for her dorm room. Mr. Lewis said she should live at home with him and Lori refused. He started to grab her and knocked her tray to the floor, breaking glasses. Jamie rushed over to help as David watched. Mr. Lewis babbled as Jamie and Lori picked up pieces of glass. Lori's boss came over and started making noises about firing her. Lori said she'd work overtime to pay for the broken things. David came over and said he'd pay for all damages. Tad tried to get Mr. Lewis to give him his car keys and after some argument Mr. Lewis handed them over. Tad drove him home. Lori told Jamie that her father took the money she'd saved for her dorm room and poured it down his throat. Jamie told her she could call him anytime she needed him. Lori tried to excuse her father's behavior by blaming the alcohol. Brooke came over and told Lori that everytime she makes excuses for him she gives him permission to drink. Brooke and Lori sat down and Brooke told her about living with an alcoholic husband. She said Tom became an angry violent stranger when he was drunk and when he sobered up he'd make promises he couldn't keep. Lori said her dad went to AA meetings sometimes but Brooke said Lori had to take charge. Lori was afraid her father would think she didn't love him. Brooke told her that when it was all over he'll know how much she does love him. Brooke, Lori, Jamie and Tad went to see Lori's father. Lori went in first and found him standing with a bottle of booze. She told him to put it down and he said he was sorry about her job and that he wouldn't do it again. Lori said he was right, he wouldn't and opened the door to let the others in. Lori said "Something has to change and if you won't do it we will."

At the building site Reggie was working alone. He picked up some supplies and hid them under a tarp as Joni walked in. She asked what he hid and Reggie said it was his stereo and pulled out a cd to show her. Her father showed up and told them he'd been reviewing the supply orders since Jackson was in the hospital. He said there was a discrepancy and told Lori to double check the records and walked away. Reggie said her father hates him and doesn't want her messing around with trouble like him. He asked Joni if she wanted to stay away from him and she said she wanted Reggie in her life. He asked if she meant it and she said yes but was very worried about the supply order. Joni asked Reggie if checked the supplies when he signed for them last. He got defensive and she said she was asking because he'd signed off on two deliveries and that he has a key to the storage room. And she knew that Louis wanted him to steal supplies. "So who do you want to answer to, me or my father?" she asked him.

Anna went to visit Leora's grave. She talked to her daughter and laid a sunflower at the base of the headstone. She said Leora had made her Mummy and Daddy very happy to be a family and it was beautiful while it lasted. Anna looked up and saw David watching her. She walked over to him and said hello. David said he didn't want to intrude on her grief. Anna asked if they could mourn their baby together. David replied they could if she'd stop blaming him for their daughter's death. Anna said she didn't want to blame him and that he shouldn't blame her or Tad or Dr. Martin. "It was just her time", Anna sadly said. David got angry and said he didn't believe that and left. Anna rushed back to Leora's grave and knelt down. She said "It's ok, Daddy's just a little upset."

Thursday, June 26, 2003

Mr. Lewis told Tad, Brooke and Jamie to mind their own business. Laurie told her father that Brooke had experience with intervention and that if he didn't get help he was going to kill them both. Mr. Lewis was about to walk out the door when he found David on the other side. Not believing that all these people were on his case. David told Mr. Lewis that if he didn't stop what he was doing that he would make sure that Mr. Lewis would never see Laurie again. David said that Mr. Lewis was so wasted that he couldn't see how he was embarrassing himself and Laurie. Tad tried intervening saying that David was trying to point out that drinking all the time was hurting Laurie. Mr. Lewis asked David why he was even involved because he wasn't a father. David said that he had a daughter and she died and when he sees someone else treating their children the way he does he was stepping in. David then picked up the vodka bottle and held it out to Mr. Lewis asking him what he would give to have that drink. He turned to Laurie and said, "you do know how much I love you, it's just when your mom died" Laurie interrupted him telling him that he had to stop using that excuse. She told him when he drank he got mean and hit her. He tried denying it but Laurie said that "you get so drunk you don't remember but I do" and wanted to know why he wanted to kill himself. She told him she wasn't going to stay around and watch him do it anymore. Mr. Lewis grabbed the bottle out of David's hands, with everyone watching he walked to the kitchen sink and poured it out. He walked over to Laurie, hugged her and said that he loved her and begged her not to leave him. While Laurie and her father were in the bedroom Brooke thanked David for his help. David said he was there for Laurie and understood her father's pain. Brooke told David she was sorry about him losing Leora. When Laurie came out of the other room she said that her father talked to the rehab place and that she needed to speak to Jamie alone. Laurie told Jamie that the rehab center was in Minnesota and that she was going with him. Jamie asked why and said that she knew she could stay with him while he was in the rehab center, right? She said that her sister lives 20 miles away from the center and had been trying to get her father in there for a long time. Laurie told Jamie they would see each other again. Jamie told her to email him and left. When Laurie walked back inside she thanked Brooke, Tad and David for their help and told David that he helped convince her father that he loved her more than the alcohol. She said she didn't care what anyone else said, she thought David was a great guy. David was about to leave when Tad stopped him and said "for what it's worth, thank you for helping Laurie." David replied "Laurie needed to be protected like my daughter needed to be protected" then stormed out.

Maggie and Bianca were discussing Lena and the publication her picture was in. Bianca was saying that when she thinks she's ready to trust something like this happens. Henry walked in interrupting their conversation saying he was glad they were both there. He had good news he wanted to share. He walked over to Maggie and said that he did it, that he got into a band then he hugged her. Maggie said "you grabbed me." Henry went on to tell them about the band then asked Maggie if she wanted to go to SOS and celebrate. She said no so he asked where she would like to go. She pulled away from him and said that she was happy for him but she was going back to her dorm. When she left he asked Bianca what he had done, he thought they were making progress. Bianca said that it was her fault because she and Maggie were discussing her latest problems with Lena and that Maggie was having a hard time with trust like she was.

Mary went into visit Jack in his hospital room. She was saying how lucky he was to find a donor. Jack said yes and he was sending Bianca on a vacation where ever she wanted to go. Mary questioned this and he said that he was told that a family member had to be the donor and assumed it was Bianca. Mary told him it wasn't Bianca. Then changed the subject saying she had a Brazilian DVD that she wanted him to see if Erica didn't object to it. He wanted to know what was going on between Mary and Erica. Mary told him that Erica was worried because she knew Mary's secret. Jack asked what it was. Mary asked Jack if he remembered the last night the two of them shared many years ago and he said dimly in another world maybe. She told Jack that he should've told her who he really was and he said it shouldn't have made a difference that she should've loved him for who he was not his money. She blamed her parents pressure. She told him she regretted the choice she had made. Mary told him that she was still in love with him. She asked if they could have another chance. Jack said no because of a thousand reasons. He said he didn't understand her because they hadn't talked in a long time until Greenlee's wedding and that had been brief. She told him that when he got shot she about fainted and knew she didn't want to lose him. He told her she was probably having flashback's about Roger's death. She said no. He told her that he was engaged to Erica. Mary said that Jack and Erica had been engaged before and that Erica chose many men before Jack. Jack said that everything he and Erica had gone through has them where they are today. Mary said Erica would hurt him. Jack told Mary that he didn't want to sound insensitive but he got over her a long time ago. She apologized saying he asked her what the secret was and she got side-tracked and it keeps the memory alive for her. He told her to tell him and maybe she could let it go. Mary told Jack that they had a bond that could never be broken and then she left.

Jack was going over some paper work a little later when he ran across something that made him ask "what the hell is this?"

Greenlee was on the phone discussing the Fusion contest when Carlos walked in. As soon as she got off the phone she asked him if he was going to fix the air-conditioner. He told her that it needed parts but he had a cold drink for her. She grabbed the drink and he went to sit on a desk taking a piece of ice and rubbing it on his chest. Of course this caught Greenlee's attention and she went over to him and he started rubbing the ice on her. A few minutes later Simone, Kendall and Mia walked in. Mia said "WOW! it's definitely hotter in here than outside!" Greenlee said the a/c was broke. Carlos left the room and they asked how he was in bed. Greenlee said she wasn't discussing her sex life. She did tell them she had an idea that would get a tiny edge over Enchantment. She told them that Carlos had a secret on Mrs. Lacy and if they can find out what it was maybe they could use it to get Fusion products on the shelf in Lacy's and Enchantments in the back room. She asked the girls if they were with her and Mia questioned her asking if Greenlee was willing to lose Carlos over shelf space. Greenlee said she wouldn't lose Carlos. A few minutes later Carlos walked back in and asked the ladies if they wanted cold drinks. Mary walked in at the same moment and offered to get it for them. Greenlee told her no and wanted to know why she was trying to be nice. Mary said because she didn't have a choice so Greenlee assumed that her grandaddy sent her mom. Mary said no that wasn't the case. She told Greenlee that she had been evaluating her life and saw she needed to make amends. She wanted things to work out with them. When Mary left Kendall, Mia and Simone asked what that was about. Greenlee said she didn't know but she was sure it had to do with the fight Erica and Mary had. Kendall said that she didn't know Mary had been in town long enough for Erica to hate her and Greenlee said she didn't either. She said if her mom is being nice she was up to something and she needed to find out what it was because Greenlee herself would be the one who gets hit with whatever it is.

Joni continued to press Reggie about the missing inventory. Reggie was getting aggravated saying that maybe he should be questioning her about the missing inventory. Joni told him that they were the only two with the keys and he had signed off on the last couple of inventory stuff that had arrived. He told her that there are lots of ways for someone to steal something without having the key. He then accused her of blaming him because he was black and she told him not to bring race into it because it had nothing to do with it. When Joni wouldn't stop Reggie kissed her. Joni stepped back and asked what that was about. He said that he liked her. She accused him of doing it to change the subject. Joni was about to walk out so Reggie admitted that it was him, that he took the inventory. She asked why and then asked what he was going to tell Jack. He said he'd deal with it when he has too just then Joni's cell rang and it was Jack. He said that her father left a note about the inventory, he was sure they'd be able to straighten it out all she had to do was bring last months paper work with this months invoice. She said ok and hung up and told Reggie they'd have to deal with sooner than he thought.

Friday, June 27, 2003

Mary insists to Erica that is going to tell Jack the truth about Greenlee, but will wait one week in order to give Jack a chance to get stronger. Opal panics when Jack asks Tad to try to uncover the anonymous donor whose blood saved his life. Tad grows suspicious of Opal when she overreacts to Jack's request. Erica is later unnerved when Tad mentions Jack asked him to find out the blood donor's identity. Erica hires Tad to dig into Mary's past to get information to blackmail her with. Mary suspects that Opal knows the truth when Opal tries to keep her out of Jack's room. Mary leaves Opal with a lot to think about after mentioning how important it was for Opal and Adrian to reunite as family. Diane Lacey calls Greenlee to inform her that all the Fusion product was ruined when the power went out during the heat wave. Greenlee covers her anger when she learns that the Enchantment cosmetics were spared after being moved to a refrigerated room. Mia warns Greenlee not to try to blackmail Diane in order to get better shelf space for Fusion at Lacey's as it might cost her Carlos. Greenlee subtly blackmails Diane into giving Fusion preferential treatment as she pretends to know the secret that Diane confided to Carlos. Greenlee feels guilty for using Carlos when she arrives at the lake for their date. Greenlee kisses Carlos passionately to try to ease her guilt. Erica is livid when she arrives at Lacey's and finds that the Enchantment products have been replaced with Fusion. Kendall tries to convince Bianca that Michael is responsible for framing Lena for crimes she didn't commit. Kendall admits she wants to help Bianca because she would like to try to have a relationship with her sister. Kendall enlists Aidan's help to uncover Michael's dirty deeds. Mia volunteers to get closer to Michael to try to find information to use against him. Against his better judgment, Aidan gives Mia a hidden microphone to wear when she meets with Michael.



Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73
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