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Tad and Mia kissed. Aidan learned that Maria and Edmund had remarried. Maria told Joe that she wanted to return to work at the hospital. Henry moved out after being forced to choose between Maggie and his family. Erica decided that Jack could never know that Greenlee was his daughter.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of June 16, 2003 on AMC
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Monday, June 16, 2003

Erica grows suspicious of Mary's attention towards Jack and later becomes curious as to who the matching blood donor might be when Mary mentions that suitable donors are often family members. Carlos brings Greenlee to a closed Lacey's as he begins an electrical repair he was hired to do. Greenlee finds herself surrounded by Enchantment products in the closed store. After defacing a poster of Erica, Greenlee replaces the Enchantment products with Fusion products on the display tables. Carlos becomes angry when Greenlee refuses to change the display back to the way it was. Carlos then realizes that he and Greenlee are locked inside the store for the night. Edmund surprises Maria with an elegant, midnight wedding ceremony at the Wildwind chapel. After Father Claude performs the service, Edmund and Maria declare their love for one another and return to their bedroom as husband and wife. Simone is grateful when Kenny gets her out of a tight situation with Officer Sean. Tad arrives at the beach to retrieve Jamie's jacket and encounters Mia, who had been summoned there by Simone. Mia and Tad have a major argument, which turns physical when Mia pushes Tad down on the sand. Mia challenges Tad to kiss her and after getting angry, Tad does exactly that. Jamie and Laurie take a drunken Doug to the clinic. David berates Doug for being a horrible father to Laurie.

Tuesday, June 17, 2003


At Lacey's, Greenlee tried on makeup and Carlos could only pace and be frustrated for being locked in the store overnight, even the phones don't work at night. Carlos didn't have his cell phone and Greenlee said hers was in her other bag. Greenlee was coy and wondered what they could do all night. Carlos initially played along, but then ordered her to put the Enchantment display back in order...or else. He insisted on doing the right thing and Greenlee only wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to expand Fusion's exposure. Carlos warned Greenlee that he would not betray the trust that Lacey's had in him and Greenlee accused him of betraying her instead. He told her again to do as he said and to clean up the poster of Erica she had changed into a devil. As Greenlee tried to leave, Carlos threw her over his shoulder and told her to put things back in order. Greenlee defended her actions as an executive decision and refused to respond to Carlos' threats and guerrilla tactics. Carlos remembered what she'd said earlier about being tired and the pain and how he'd realized Fusion's mascara really is waterproof. Greenlee was incensed that he was making fun of her. She wanted the old Carlos back, the one who makes sculptures and is nice to her. He said he does not want to watch Greenlee hurt people, including herself. He called her spoiled, immature and insulting. He told her that starting now, they will do things his way. Carlos knew this wasn't about Fusion, it was about her feelings for Erica and she wasn't being a businesswoman, just a brat. She called him cute when he's angry. He admitted he loved her passion, but that her technique was bad. They started negotiating and if she cleaned it up, Carlos promised her something she's wanted for a long When Carlos left, Greenlee was surprised to hear her cell phone ring; she thought she'd left it in another bag. She turned it off and put it back in her purse. Carlos ran back in the room wondering if he'd heard a phone. Greenlee reminded him that if she had one, she would NOT be stuck there with him all night.


Reggie and Joni continued to quibble during their vigil outside the operating room. Reggie became hostile when Joni suggested they go sit in the chapel so she gave him the headsets to listen to their favorite CD track.

Dr Joe told Erica and Bianca that everything was going well in surgery. The nurses noticed that the paperwork on the blood donor was missing as Erica folded it up and put it in her purse. Mary came in to ask about Jackson and Erica told her not to play innocent because she knew exactly what Mary was up to. Erica accused Mary of manipulating a life and death situation just to get a date. Mary told Erica that was ridiculous, besides Jack is just a friend and he is her. Erica warned her she would not allow Mary to take advantage of Jack. She accused Mary of chasing Jack and using Greenlee to reel him in. Mary denied being after Jackson and assured Erica that if she was, she wouldn't have to use Greenlee. Erica thought that Mary had known all along that Greenlee had the same blood type and couldn't wait to get her to the hospital. Mary called Erica's behavior absurd for being suspicious since all she did was save Jack's life...Erica told Mary she was absurd, as a woman and a mother, and said she actually felt sorry for Greenlee. Erica said she was well within her rights for saying this, since she is his fiancée and needs to protect him from being assaulted by a lovesick country club acquaintance. Mary replied that she doesn't have to assault him, just has to wait, since Erica's engagements never last long. Erica warned to wait until she's on a walker, since Mary is not Jack's type. When Mary snidely questioned whether Erica really was Jack's type, Erica assured her she is, using the ring as a prop. She further warned Mary to go back to what she does best, cabana boys. Mary told Erica that she does not know as much as she thinks she does. Just then, Dr Joe came to tell Erica that the surgery went well and everyone can expect a full recovery. Bianca and Reggie wanted to visit, but Dr Joe said that Erica was the only visitor allowed. Mary listened to all of it with intense interest. Bianca left.

Joni's father came by and surprised her. He started grilling his daughter, assuming she'd been at work with Jack when he collapsed. Joni asked Reggie to go get a soda. She confessed to her father that she lied about working late at the loft and she and Reggie had been at a graduation party. He was very upset about her lying and grounded her with the stipulation to not have any more contact with Reggie. Reggie heard that part and watched them leave together.

Erica went to Jack's bedside and talked to him, apologizing for the scene earlier and told him she loved him. She admitted she made a mistake about thinking there was anything between him and Anna. She was grateful he loves her, despite her mistakes, and promised to make it up to him. As soon as she left, Mary slunk into the room. She talked to him about fate and destiny and how glad she was to have the chance to save him. She said she had something to tell him, something she should have told him long ago. She admitted that Erica was right, she wanted him and only remembered him as a young man, the summer she fell in love with him, thinking he was a big, handsome pool boy. She rued the fact that Jack had not told her he was one of THE Montgomery's and she had only dumped him because she thought he was poor. She guessed it served her right that she ended up in a bad marriage with Roger. She said she'd never stop loving him and that she wouldn't be like Erica, only treating him like a possession. Through the window, Reggie observed Mary resting her head on Jack's shoulder and then turned around to try to keep Erica from seeing the sight. Erica was incredulous and said that Mary must be obsessed and completely delusional to think she could get Jackson. Reggie expressed his surprise that Erica knew about Jackson and Mary. Erica was quite curious about that comment and fired off several questions to Reggie who did well to run away, but only after implying that Jackson and Mary had a past.

Mary was in the room, telling Jack that she had been afraid to tell him but now, Greenlee was their blessing and because of her, maybe they'd have another chance. A nurse chased Mary out at that moment and Erica once again studied the blood donor paperwork, with many hints running through her head about how rare it was to find a matching blood type outside the family. She nearly lost her balance when it seemed to hit her that Greenlee had to be Jackson's daughter.


Henry came to Maggie's dorm to check on her. He became passionate and Maggie pushed away and told him she couldn't forget how left her hanging. He explained his culture and expressed his gratitude to her for making him able to be himself and for being the first person to see who he really is, not just what is expected of him. Henry was frustrated that his mother is mad and he doesn't know what to do next, all he knows is he wants Maggie. Maggie was cautious, reminding Henry of how he nearly ruined her future and offered marriage as a consolation prize. She told Henry that sex was not a magic carpet ride to happiness. She urged him to figure out who he wants to be and what he really wants before coming back to her. She told him she didn't know how to trust him again. Henry was adamant and told her he can't and won't let her go. He left to talk to his mother, who only knew that her son cheated, got expelled, threw his life away and blamed her. Alma continued to blame Maggie for putting ideas in his head. Uncle Lee came in and Henry wanted him to hear his apology to his mother. Alma would not hear it and continued to blame Maggie's influence for Henry turning his back on medicine. She accused Henry of betraying her and Uncle Lee. Henry said he was grateful for the opportunities he had been given, but wanted to make his own choices. Alma gave Henry an ultimatum to leave Maggie or leave her house. He packed a bag and left as his mother watched with sad eyes.

Bianca caught up with Maggie at the boathouse. They discussed Jack and Leora. And the fact Henry had finally confessed and been expelled. Bianca knew exactly what Henry had said to Maggie about trust and love and Maggie guessed it was because Lena had said the same thing to Bianca. Should you forgive a big mistake and can you love someone if you don't trust them, they wondered. Bianca suggested they follow Greenlee's example and keep their hearts open like she did until she finally just knew she could trust Leo again. Maggie was upset that Henry acted like sex could fix everything; they agreed it couldn't but it sure helps. It would be easy to walk away if the sex wasn't awesome. But their love for Henry and Lena was more than just sex. They decided to keep their hearts open and wondered if love gets easier with practice. Judging from her mother's life, it never gets easier, Bianca said.

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Inside Lacey's Carlos found some food and brought it back to Greenlee. She wasn't at the Enchantment counter so he began to look for her. He found some of her underclothes on the floor, smiled and went to find her. He ended up in another part of the store where Greenlee had set up a table with food and music. She walked in, dressed up in a lovely black gown. Carlos told her how beautiful she was. She said she had raided the departments of the store for music, food and the dress. She sat at the table and Carlos was amazed that she had done all of this for him. She asked if he wanted to reward her for being so good and that she could think of a way. Carlos agreed and Greenlee told him to take off his shirt. She admired his body as he did was he was told. She handed him a black jacket and he asked why there was no white shirt to go under it. She said that was part of her reward. He put on the jacket and Greenlee said she liked it a lot. Carlos took her in his arms and they began kissing. Greenlee stopped him, pulled off his jacket, threw it to the floor and began kissing him passionately. Carlos was concerned about the store opening but Greenlee said she found a memo saying the store was closed for a company picnic. Greenlee pulled him to the floor, saying they could have their own picnic.

Michael Cambias was in Adam's office. He gave Adam a report and told him he was sure to be pleased about it. Adam reminded Michael of his legal troubles regarding attempted rape. Michael dismissed them as baseless. Adam ordered him to control himself and went to the lobby to meet Liza. Michael sat down at Adam's desk and Colby ran in looking for her father. Michael smiled at her and told her Daddy would be back in a minute. He offered to let Colby sit on his lap to wait for him so Colby climbed up. She began drawing pictures of her house and Daddy's house and explained that she didn't live with Daddy anymore. Michael asked why and Colby told him that Mommy stole Daddy's money and Daddy lied a lot. Adam and Liza walked in and Adam hollered "Get your hands off my daughter!." Colby jumped up and ran to him while Adam glared at Michael. She told him that she was showing the man her drawings. Adam told Michael to get to work and as Michael walked out he said to Colby "Maybe you and I can go fly kites together sometime like we talked about." Liza turned to Adam and demanded to know what trash like Michael Cambias was doing in Adam's office. Adam told her Michael was his employee. Liza hoped Adam knew what he was dealing with. Adam said he knew what he was doing and told her to drop it. She said this was the kind of guy Adam would normally devour. Then it hit her, Adam was setting Michael up. Adam told her he was no longer obligated to disclose business details to her and asked Liza to keep Colby away from the office. Liza responded "Just like old times! You're emotionally cold." Colby came over and asked Adam to give a picture she drew to her new friend. Liza took Colby out and Adam promptly got on the phone and ordered a guard to watch Colby. He demanded to be told if Michael Cambias ever came near her.

At Fusion Simone was on the phone leaving an urgent message for Greenlee about the interview they had shortly with Bonnie Fuller for an article about the Fusion Founders. Mia arrived but was very distracted with a gift she had all wrapped up. She told Simone it was a wedding gift for Jake and Caroline. Simone told her not to torture herself like that. Mia said she thought all marriages should start off with a bang. Simone got worried and Mia told her about seeing Jake at his parents' house. She said the last thing she expected to see there was a diamond ring on another woman's finger. Simone told her not to waste time on Jake. Mia said she and Jake talked but things didn't go well and she wanted to make up for it by giving them a gift they won't forget. Simone asked if there was something ticking in the box. Mia said "I'm not crazy! It's full of mementoes from our past, ticket stubs, love letters, ect." Simone begged her not to send it but Mia insisted. Mia broke down in tears and Simone comforted her. Mia dried her tears and said she wasn't sad, she was furious. She believed that Jake will cheat on Caroline and break another heart. Simone remarked "You really hate men don't you?" Simone tried to talk Mia into getting more involved with the Sexiest Man contest and Mia wondered what was sexy about these men. She would hold up a picture and Simone would say what was sexy: eyes, smile, hair, ect. Mia had nothing good to say about them and began throwing the pictures around the room when Bonnie Fuller walked in for the magazine interview. She quipped "I take it the contest is going well?" She told them the readers were going to love the Fusion story and Simone said they'd answer any question she had. Her first was "Which one of you is Greenlee and which one is Kendall?" Simone looked at Mia and said "I'm Greenlee!." Bonnie said to Mia, "So you must be Kendall?." Mia nodded. They began discussing Fusion and Bonnie asked who came up with the Sexiest Man contest. Simone/Greenlee said it was one of their most valuable employees, Simone Torres. Bonnie said Simone must have a real talent for PR. The photographer came in and asked if they were ready for the photo shoot. Mia/Kendall said they really weren't themselves but Simone/Greenlee said sure they were. The photographer began snapping pictures and Reggie walked in. He said hi to Mia and Simone and asked where Kendall was. They quickly ushered him out and turned to face Bonnie. They broke down and told Bonnie the truth, that they weren't Greenlee and Kendall. Bonnie didn't smile at first but then broke out in a big grin and said she was still running the story, it would make fantastic copy. Bonnie and the photographer left and the Fusion women burst out in giggles. Simone said they needed to go celebrate with lunch and off they went.

Maria, Edmund and Maddie walked into BJ's, chatting happily about the wedding. Maria told her they'd do it again in 20 years and then kissed Edmund. She looked over and saw Aidan watching. He walked over and congratulated them on their re-marriage. Edmund took Maddie to find a seat and Maria apologized for not calling Aidan and letting him know personally. He said she didn't owe him anything but Maria said she did "Just my life and my daughter's life!." Aidan said he didn't realize things would happen so fast with Edmund. Maria said even though she's married to Edmund she still thinks about him. Kendall showed up and told Maria "What makes you think Aidan hasn't gone back to someone?" and hung on his arm. Kendall went on and on about the two of them until Aidan got annoyed and asked her to leave for a moment. Kendall walked away and Aidan told Maria she looked happy when she came into BJ's. Maria said she is happy and Aidan said "Then I got what I wanted." He wished her good luck and they smiled at each other. Maria went back to Edmund's table and Aidan went to the bar where Kendall was standing. He ordered a coffee to go and turned to leave. Kendall followed him, saying where ever he was going she was going too. Aidan angrily said "Like hell!" Kendall grabbed him and said he needed her but he said no thanks. Her cell phone rang and Aidan told her to answer it and leave him alone. He walked out the door but Kendall followed. Maria watched him through the window and told Edmund she wished she had called him to tell him about the wedding. Edmund said they knew it wasn't going to be easy on Aidan. He asked Maria if part of her still missed Aidan. Maria said she'd never forget her life as Maureen but was grateful to be Maria again. Joe Martin came in and Maria jumped up to speak to him. She told him she was completely herself again and that she was going to stop taking the classes at PVU and was ready for the recertification exam. Joe was thrilled and promised to set it up. She went back to Edmund and told him what Joe said. Edmund asked if she was really ready and she said "Oh yes! I feel like I did right before the o-chem exam, when Aidan gave me my lucky pencil!" Edmund asked if she'd feel better if she saw Aidan again and she said no, that seeing her face was probably the last thing Aidan needed.

Meanwhile Aidan went back to his motel room and began packing things up. Kendall banged on the door and wouldn't stop until he let her in. He told her he was fine but Kendall said she saw his face when he spoke with Maria and he wasn't fine. She looked around and asked if he was leaving. Aidan said yes, he had no reason to stay in Pine Valley. Kendall said he had alot of reasons. When Aidan demanded she name one, Kendall said "Me!" Kendall told him that she needed him, but Aidan said she had other friends to lean on. She told him to stay for Anna but he said the way he was feeling, he was doing Anna a favor by leaving. Kendall yelled "You're trashing your life for a woman who's moved on!" Aidan said he thought when he let Maria go that she'd realize what they'd had and come back to him. He said he wanted to leave Pine Valley so he wasn't constantly reminded of his lost love. Kendall called him a coward and he headed out the door. She agreed to leave and as she walked out the door she said "You can shut the door on me but not on the truth!." He retorted "I'll have to settle for you!" and slammed the door in her face. Kendall stood outside the motel room door and listened as Aidan vented his hurt and anger on everything in the room

Thursday, June 19, 2003

Anna returned to work with a little bit of apprehension. When she walked in an officer said welcome back. She asked for their reports and went into her office. Three of the officers walked in with flowers and a card. They told Anna they had made a donation to the Children's ward in Leora's name. She told them that they were very thoughtful. The officers left the office and Aidan walked in a few minutes later. Aidan asked how she was doing and Anna told him she was just trying to keep busy. A few minutes into their conversation an officer walked in and told Anna she needed to hear something. It was the manager at the Pine Cone lodging a complaint about Aidan trashing the room and taking off. He was telling the officer doing his report that he knew the Chief was related to Aidan and they'd probably sweep it under the rug. Anna returned to her office and asked Aidan what had happened. Aidan said he guess he lost it for a minute. Anna asked "just a minute?" Aidan replied "well more like 30 minutes." She asked Aidan if it was because Maria got her memory back and he said no it's because Maria and Edmund had remarried. Anna told Aidan that he should've called her and he told her it wouldn't have made a difference. She said it would've because she had unresolved anger too. She told Aidan that she moved out of the cabin and Aidan asked about David and if she thought he was still responsible for Leora's death. She said she hated feeling that way but she did still think he was responsible. She said that David was out of control.

Tad asked Jamie about the party. Jamie told him it was a keg party but he had very little to drink. Jamie thought that would be the end of it but Tad wouldn't let it go. Jamie said "this should be good, I'm getting lectured by Tad the Cad." Tad didn't find that amusing. He told Jamie about the dangers of drinking and that he needed to be careful and think before he drinks again. The phone rang and it was Elizabeth for Jamie. She wanted to go out with him tonight. Jamie told Tad if they were through he wanted to go meet her. Tad told him if this was about sex it wouldn't be a good idea. Tad asked Jamie if he was seeing Laurie and Jamie said they hang out. So Tad said he'd take that as a yes. He insisted that Jamie go talk to Laurie before he goes out with Elizabeth to make sure he didn't mess things up.

David met with Kenny telling him that he wanted to go after Joe and Tad. He said he wanted to sue them for everything that they were worth. Kenny told David he didn't have a case. So David accused Kenny of being afraid of the Martin's. He said he knows that Tad and Joe were out to get him and they manipulated Anna and planned Leora's death. Kenny told David he needed to get help. He told David that Joe had been more than generous about not pressing charges when David violated his restraining order at the hospital and not pressing charges for breaking into his office. He told David that he wasn't supposed to be in the operating room with Leora. David got mad and told Kenny to leave. Laurie went over to David and he tried ordering an alcoholic drink. Laurie said she couldn't take his order she wasn't allowed. He told her to get someone who could and she told him that when her mom died her dad started drinking and it led to no good. She started to walk away when David asked her for some coffee.

Jamie walked in and asked Laurie if she could talk. She said she just started her shift. He told her that he really liked her and thought they could work out. He wanted to know what she felt. She said she didn't know because she just finished high school and she didn't know what she wanted. He said that he needed to know where they stood because if it wasn't going to work out then he was going to start seeing other people. She thanked him for being there for her at the party and helping with her dad. Jamie told her he wished that her father would get into rehab. He told her she should kick him to the curb before he takes her down with him. She said she couldn't do that to her dad. David was listening in on their conversation came over and grabbed Jamie and told him to back off before he got hurt.

Opal visited Erica outside Jack's hospital room. Opal was saying that it was lucky that they found a donor for Jack and Erica said she wasn't sure about that. Opal questioned her and Erica told Opal that Greenlee was the donor. Opal said how do you like that, your worst neighbor. Erica said it's worse than that, I think Greenlee is Jack's daughter. She told Opal that she had thought that Jack and Mary were just friends but Mary eluded to it being more. Joe walked out and told Erica that Jack was awake and asking for her. Erica went in and Jack asked if she was happy to see him. Erica apologized about their argument. Jack told her she had no reason to be jealous. Erica said she wanted to marry him as soon as he was able to walk down the aisle. Joe came back in and said "I know it's unfair to take some blood out since we just gave you some but we have too." Erica stepped back out and Opal asked what Jack thought about Greenlee being his daughter. Erica said she didn't tell him and she wasn't going to. Opal told her that Jack and Greenlee have the right to know the truth. Erica said that she didn't want to give him bad news. Opal asked her what made her think Jack would think it was bad news. Erica said Jack knows how Greenlee had been trouble to her and Bianca. Opal didn't agree with Erica and said she wouldn't tell him but what made her think Mary wouldn't. Erica said she would see to it. Opal said that might now be so easy. Joe came back out and Erica asked if she could go back in and Opal told her good-luck. Jack asked Erica why she was in hurry to marry him now. She said she didn't want to waste more time. He asked if what she wasn't telling him. Mary walked in and said "let me answer that question."

Greenlee and Carlos were making love when someone walked in the store and called out "who's there." Carlos said it was him and he'd be right there but the lady walked in. Carlos introduced Diana to Greenlee and told Diana that they got locked in. Diana said she could see they made themselves at home. Greenlee said she'd put everything back in place and she'd pay for the dress. Diana said to keep the dress on her as a reminder of their evening. Diana and Carlos went to her office so she could give him the security codes and Greenlee went to work putting everything back in order. She just finished cleaning the poster of Erica when Carlos returned. Greenlee questioned Carlos about how he knew Diana Lacey. He wasn't giving any information freely. She asked how they met and he said it had been so long that he couldn't remember. Greenlee said that she'd find out his secrets. Carlos told Greenlee to go ahead she wouldn't get any dirt from him. Greenlee told him he was rude. He still refused to talk. Greenlee said she had a secret. He asked what and she told him that she had a phone all along. He said "you lied to me" and she said I bent the truth. He told her not to lie to him again. Greenlee asked what was he going to do and he said you'll see, then they kissed.

Friday, June 20, 2003

Erica tries to get Mary to leave Jackson's hospital room. Jack asks Mary why she thinks Erica is so eager to marry him. Mary replies, "Because she's afraid of losing you." Erica turns her face toward Mary and glares at her. Erica and Mary verbally banter their sly digs towards each other in front of a curious but amused Jack. He finally asks Mary if she knows who the miracle blood donor was. It is at this point that Erica verbally pushes her out of his room and tells Mary that she knows that Greenlee is Jacks daughter. Mary admits, "Yes, Erica. Greenlee is Jacks daughter." She tells Erica that she was pregnant with Greenlee when she married Rodger. She explains that Jack was a summer romance and Erica accuses her of marrying for money instead of love. She wants to know why it took her 25 years to decide to tell Jackson. Erica sarcastically describes the scene she claims Mary is making up in her head about how Jack will dump her and run to Mary and embrace Greenlee as his daughter. Mary claims, "Stranger things have happened." Erica tells her it is way to late for the family fantasy she has. Mary reminds her that Jack once loved her and wanted to spend a life with her, she says, "You don't forget a love like that." Erica warns her that if she tells Jack about Greenlee, she will make sure Jack understands the depth of Mary's deceit. She advises Mary to take herself and her daughter out of town. Greenlee and Kendall show up and want to know why Erica is trying to push her mother and her out of town.

At Fusion, Simone announces that she has a killer deal already made to sell and deliver as much inventory as possible to a company called Smudge. Greenlee reminds her that they don't have any inventory left. Kendall wants to go to Erica for help but Greenlee shouts, "If I was suffocating and Erica was a tank of oxygen I would suck exhaust from a tail pipe before I would beg for her help!" She admits to Kendall that Erica told her that she's not Kendall's mom. Kendall leaves to see Erica anyway.

Mia discusses her kiss with Tad and at that moment Liza enters overhearing their discussion. Liza questions about who kissed who and Mia replies that their lips met in the middle. She then accuses Liza of being jealous because it wasn't to long ago that she was caught kissing Tad. She asks Liza if that isn't why her marriage to Adam broke up. Mia tells Liza that she doesn't need a man in her life and whatever she is, happy or miserable has nothing to do with Tad. Mia says, "Tad is not a stand in for Jack." Liza claims that Dixie was the love of Tads life and that the timing is all wrong for the both of them. They argue over Tad and Liza orders her not to go anywhere near him! When Liza leaves, Mia calls Tad's cell phone. She leaves a message telling him of Liza forbidding her to see him and asks him if it was his idea or Liza's.

At BJ's, David gives Jamie a hard time over his treatment towards Laurie. Tad warns David that whatever he wants to take out on him and his father he'll take but to never involve his son! David announces to the whole restaurant that he slept with Tads wife and that Tad Martin killed his little girl. David then gets in a good punch on Tad. The police and Anna show up just as David has Tad in a horrific headlock. David says, "Great lock me up, while the Martin's are allowed out on the streets killing babies." Anna takes David outside and Jamie forbids Laurie to have anything to do with David. She tells him that David is hurting and she will do anything to help him.

Outside BJ's, Anna admits her painful feelings and describes to him how she carries on. He thinks that Anna just forgot about their daughter like she never existed. She tells him that she is tired of crying. She admitted to him that she can spend the whole day knowing that he blames her for their babies death but she wont tolerate him for going after the Martins for something they didn't do and she will be the one to put him in jail if he continues doing just that. She goes back into B.J.'s to ask Tad not to press charges.

At Leora's gravesite David promises her, "There will be hell to pay."



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