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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of June 16, 2003 on GL
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Monday, June 16, 2003

Shayne contemplates his future while Buzz wishes Marina would take some time for herself. Shayne wants to have fun, making both his options, a pro career or Stanford, seem less than ideal. Marah encourages him to make a choice and go with it. Marina is tired of her family being so nice to her because of the Ben fiasco. Shayne is bummed that Marina still can only think about Ben. When Marina agrees to go swimming at his house, Shayne is very happy and so is Buzz. At the Beacon, Jeffrey is sorry for interrupting Cassie and Edmund's date. Cassie asks Jeffrey why he and not another cop came to her door last night. Reva and Christopher discuss her "gift," or "curse," as Reva calls it. Christopher senses that Reva thinks working with him will cause her problems at home. He believes that until Reva learns how to interpret her visions, she will cause herself more trouble. Reva has a flash of Richard's grave with Cassie's name on it. Reva is spooked by her vision, but Christopher points out that she could easily be misinterpreting it. After his 10k run, Rick finds himself at Richard's gravesite. Cassie thinks Richard is trying to tell her something. Cassie and Rick discuss Arthur's message. Cassie asks Richard who he has sent her. Is it Edmund? Cassie wonders if Richard would approve of her relationship with Edmund. Later, Jeffrey, impressed by Mel, offers her the job in his office. Rick and Mel discuss her new job. Meanwhile, rather than press, Reva lets Cassie do all of the talking. Cassie chats all about her date with Edmund, and Reva hardly says a word.

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Lizzie tries to thwart Phillip's plans to go away with Olivia, but fails. Beth attempts to get her daughter to open up about her true feelings, but Lizzie insists she's fine. Meanwhile, Olivia wishes upon a star that the baby she's carrying belongs to Phillip. Shayne surprises Marina with a belated birthday party at the Lewis pool. Although Frank and Darci are on their way out, Buzz alerts them to change their plans. The Coopers and Darci head out for Marina's party. Post lovemaking, Tony and Marah leave for the party. Once they're gone, Eden sits in a corner of the bedroom, hugging Tony's discarded T-shirt. Meanwhile, Marina's jaw drops when all the guests arrive, toting board games and a birthday cake. Harley tells Frank about her murder theory: each murder contains some connection to the next one committed. Meanwhile, Reva thinks it may be a good idea to explore her psychic abilities. Josh worries about Shayne spinning out of control and blowing his chances at a baseball career. Josh admits to Reva he's pushing Shayne in order to realize his own failed dreams. He hears commotion outside and realizes what's going on. Even though Josh is upset about Shayne throwing a party without permission, he agrees with Reva not to interrupt. Reva and Josh share a romantic evening together instead. The party winds down and Marina and Shayne are left alone. At Company, the gang plays poker. Eden calls to tell Darci that she doesn't need to keep seeing Frank, but Darci reveals that she actually likes him and wants to date him. At the pool house, Shayne and Marina kiss. From outside, Lizzie witnesses and rushes off.

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Reva anxiously awaits starting work with Christopher. A vision about Shayne has scared her. Christopher, concerned at how hard she's concentrating, says they need to stop. Christopher advises her to settle her family turmoil; it's the only way she will be able to understand her visions. Billy confronts Josh about pressuring Shayne to play ball. Billy points out that H.B. never listened to Josh, and that is exactly what Josh is doing to Shayne. Later, Shayne tells Reva he is tired of being pressured by Josh. Reva assures Shayne that regardless of what she or Josh might want for him, it's Shayne's choice to make. Meanwhile, Josh takes it upon himself to call the agent and says Shayne will be going pro. Later, Harley reassures Josh that he is a good father. At Company, Rick reports his autopsy finding to Gus. Gus and Rick hypothesize about how the killer obtained the drug that killed Ariana. Alan hopes to help with the investigation, but Gus says not so fast. Gus tells Alan that he isn't a replacement for one of Alan's other sons. Alan doesn't expect to "replace" his other sons. Buzz warns Harley that if she keeps after Alan, this will only push Gus and Harley further apart. Heeding Buzz' advice, Harley invites Alan to dinner. At the Bauer cabin, Alexandra shows up with the papers to guarantee Phillip's position in the company. After consulting Rick, Phillip agrees to sign the papers, as long as Alexandra is out of the company. She reluctantly agrees to Phillip's terms. Olivia opens up to Phillip about having the paternity test done. Moved by her honesty, they make love. At the Beacon, the lab tech starts to put the squeeze on Alexandra.

Thursday, June 19, 2003

Olivia awakens to find Phillip gone and fears he only made love to her in order to say goodbye. She's thrilled when Phillip returns with a gift for the baby and a new commitment to their relationship. Phillip insists that as long as they're honest, nothing can come between them. Meanwhile, Alexandra is fending off the extortion attempt by the lab technician who falsified the baby's DNA results. Alexandra is convinced that with Phillip returning to Spaulding and his believing that Olivia is carrying Alan's child, sooner or later he will dump Olivia. Gus, Harley and Frank go over the case at home. They talk about the missing pin and deduce that they'll probably find it with the next victim. As a stranger watches Alan and his companion's encounter, he makes a phone call. Gus, fearing his father is once more working undercover with one of Eden's escorts, swoops in to the Beacon. He charges over to Alan, making accusations, and offers to pay the woman for her time. Alan informs Gus that Nicole is his lawyer. After he realizes his mistake, Gus professes no interest in Spaulding Enterprises and prepares to take Alan to a family dinner with Harley. Little does he know that Alan intends to thwart Alexandra's scheme with one of his own, whether Gus approves of his methods or not. Later, Lizzie comes to Shayne, looking for sympathy and an advantage over Marina. She seems to be making progress, using Shayne's big heart to score points, when Marina shows up. Later, Marina and Shayne decide to go to the prom together. Lizzie senses their closeness and Tammy spots Lizzie staring at Marina and Shayne. Tammy notes that Shayne's taken and Lizzie says that Marina doesn't deserve him.

Friday, June 20, 2003

The professional baseball contract arrives at the Lewis's. Shayne and his parents agree that he doesn't have to make a decision until after the prom. Shayne innocently mentions that he wishes someone else would make his decision for him. Alone, Josh decides to do just that and sends the signed contract back to the agent. As Alan enters for dinner, Harley says they need to establish some ground rules. Alan is welcome to become part of Gus and Harley's life, but he is not welcome to change it in any way. Gus enters and picks up on the tension. Harley serves macaroni and cheese for dinner. Alan tells Gus he respects him and doesn't want to change him, but Harley doesn't buy it. As Gus and Alan smoke cigars on the front porch, Gus says for the first time, he feels part of something bigger. He is home. Harley overhears him but assumes he is talking about Alan. After Alan leaves, Gus asks Harley to marry him and she accepts. Danny wonders why Cassie would ever date Edmund. Cassie tells Danny to be happy for her, as her friend. Edmund feels that Jeffrey gets pleasure out of annoying him and Cassie. Jeffrey replies that the prince and his blonde girlfriend aren't even on his radar. Edmund suggests Jeffrey look for another place to live. Danny and Cassie talk about Michelle's reluctance to get married again. Jeffrey and Cassie run into each other again. Later, exhausted from her busy day, Cassie falls asleep with the bathtub running. An annoyed Jeffrey wakes Cassie because his room is flooding. Edmund finds Cassie and Jeffrey both soaking wet and sharing the same towel.

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