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Passions Recaps: The week of June 16, 2003 on PS
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Monday, June 16, 2003

Liz tells Fox she wants to buy the Blue Note from him. A curious Fox asks why, and Liz cryptically responds it will help her destroy her enemy.

Theresa informs Chad and Whitney that Fox is in love with a mystery woman. Chad comforts Whitney, who continues to miss her family.

Luis is convinced Sheridan was kidnapped and refuses to listen to Antonio and the others who believe she just skipped town to relieve her stress. Meanwhile, Miguel and Charity hear Sheridan's screams for help coming from Beth's house, and they go to investigate.

Ethan races Gwen to the ER, where Eve struggles to help her and the baby. Rebecca shows uncharacteristic concern and compassion during the crisis. Rebecca senses something is up between Julian and Eve.

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Liz accuses Fox of being in love with Whitney.

Despite skepticism from Chad and Whitney, Theresa won't waver in her belief that she and Ethan will one day be together.

Eve fights to save Gwen and her unborn baby's life. Eve gets Gwen stabilized, but warns that she needs to remain calm and relaxed. Ethan tells everyone about Sheridan's disappearance and wants some answers from Julian.

Luis and Antonio fight over what really happened to Sheridan. Luis is sure she was kidnapped while Antonio is certain she left of her own volition. Antonio points out his wife's passport and suitcase are missing, but Luis doesn't believe Sheridan would leave without saying good-bye. Meanwhile, Sheridan continues calling for help as Charlie threatens to shut her up permanently. Miguel and Charity are in danger as they search Beth's house. A nervous Mrs. Wallace tries to get rid of them.

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Ivy works her way closer to Sam as she tries to convince him that Grace isn't who he thought she was. A guilt-ridden David begs Grace to go back to Harmony and explain things to Sam.

Tabitha and Kay keep tabs on Miguel and Charity by using the magic bowl.

Mrs. Wallace decides to tell Charity and Miguel about Sheridan. Charlie prepares to use extreme measures to stop the teens from discovering the truth. Mrs. Wallace has a frightening vision of her future should Charity and Miguel find Sheridan. Meanwhile, Luis vows to find Sheridan no matter what. Beth has to think fast when Luis wants to search her place.

Thursday, June 19, 2003

Grace catches Sam in a compromising position with Ivy. Sam and Grace lash out at each other over what they think they've seen. Grace is hurt when Sam doesn't trust her.

Tabitha tries to help Kay get Miguel. Kay uses the baby to get closer to Miguel, but when he sees how it's hurting Charity, he puts a stop to it.

Sheridan continues to call out for help from the pit. Luis comes close to entering the basement, but Beth manages to stop him. Charlie decides to kill Sheridan before she can be found. Luis refuses to stop searching, while Antonio remains sure Sheridan will contact him.

Friday, June 20, 2003

Eve tries to reason with TC about Whitney. TC won't accept Whitney back unless she comes home soon and alone. Meanwhile, Whitney misses her family. Chad and Theresa push her to contact them, but Whitney doesn't think it will help. Having decided to move to L.A. to be close to Whitney, Fox talks up the city to her and Chad.

Rebecca causes Gwen's blood pressure to rise when she warns her that Ethan will leave her for Theresa if she loses the baby. Eve tries to get Gwen to relax and yells at Rebecca for putting Gwen's health in danger.

Julian questions Alistair about Sheridan's disappearance.

Sheridan prays Luis will find her. Feeling hungry and dizzy, she collapses in the pit. Sensing that Sheridan is nearby and in grave danger, Luis prepares to have the police force search every house in Harmony for his true love.

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