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Passions Recaps: The week of June 9, 2003 on PS
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Monday, June 9, 2003

Whitney tells her family that she has come to an important decision about her future. She says she has a few things to tell them before she announces her decision. Whitney tells her father how much she loves him. She thanks him for all he has done for her and her tennis career. TC whispers to Eve that he is sure after hearing Whitney that she will not be leaving town with Chad. Whitney tells her mother how wonderful she is and how much she loves her. She even turns to Simone and tells her baby sister that she loves her and always will. Chad watches, feeling sure that Whitney will not be going anywhere with him. Whitney then announces that she is moving to L. A. with Chad and she will be his wife. Whitney then runs into Chad's arms.

Sam walks out on Grace. Ivy stays behind and thanks Grace for handing Sam back to her. Grace gets angry but Ivy tells her that she lost Sam all on her own. Ivy tells Grace to blame no one but herself.

Ivy rolls out of the room searching for Sam. When she finds him, Sam turns on Ivy. He accuses her of enjoying the scene between him and Grace. Ivy acts outraged and hurt that he would think so little of her. All the while she is remembering how she ordered David to seduce Grace and get Grace to fall in love with him.

Ivy then pretends she wants to help by telling Sam the lame reason that Grace was in bed with David. Ivy makes Grace's reason of warming a freezing and sick David with body heat sound even more unbelievable.

Sam tells Ivy that it does not matter, he and Grace are finished.

Grace wants to run to Sam and save her marriage. As she tries to leave, David moans and almost falls out of bed. He tells Grace that he heard everything and begs her to find Sam. Grace fells guilty leaving David alone and stays.

Charlie fears that she will be caught with Sheridan. She decides to kill her and throw her body over a nearby cliff. Charlie drags the unconscious Sheridan out of the car and toward the cliff.

Luis puts out an all points bulletin on Sheridan. He is sure that she was kidnapped. Miguel mentions that when he stopped to help a lady change a flat tire, Charity got her premonitions. Luis asks Miguel to take him to the spot where Charity got the first clue that Sheridan was in trouble. All the men go with Luis. Theresa, Gwen and Beth stay behind. Gwen starts to get severe pains in her abdomen. She begins to fear for her baby. Charlie hears Luis' voice calling out to Sheridan. Charlie knows that the police are closing in.

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Gwen's abdominal pains subside for the time being. She is not too kind or thankful for Theresa's help and concern. Theresa orders Gwen to relax. She warns her that the stress is not good for Ethan's baby.

Gwen tells her that she can't relax, knowing that Sheridan is out there and hurt. Theresa warns Gwen again about stress and pregnancy. She tells both Gwen and Beth to take it easy. She has been pregnant and knows what she is talking about.

Theresa asks Beth is she is feeling any discomfort. Beth says she is alright but needs some alone time.

Gwen looks at her skeptically. Beth then covers by telling everyone she wants to be alone to pray for Sheridan. She excuses herself and goes into the bedroom.

Beth calls her home. Precious answers and turns the phone over to Edna. Beth explains that Charlie snapped and pushed her plans up. Edna tells Beth that Charlie is not there and she torments Beth telling her that her plans will blow up in her face.

Charlie manages to elude the police and Luis as she hides with Sheridan in the woods. Charlie finally gets Sheridan back to the Wallace home. Edna orders Charlie out. She refuses to help her drag Sheridan down to the pit. Charlie tries to get Precious to help her. Edna tells Precious not to help her. Charlie gets angry and threatens Edna.

She asks Edna which hip she wants broken. Edna almost caves in to the threat then tells Charlie to break anyone she wants because she won't help her hurt Sheridan. Then Edna notices that one of Charlie's earrings is missing. Edna laughs that Charlie will be found out if the cops find the earring and do a DNA test on it. Edna then says she will plead senility and will not be brought up on changes of being an accomplice. Edna goes into her "crazy old lady act" which almost pushes Charlie over the edge.

Grace can't stand to see David suffer but really fears for her marriage to Sam. Grace finally calls a doctor and then tries to leave to search for Sam. Ivy talks Sam out of giving Grace another chance to explain. Sam pulls away in his car as Grace runs to catch him.

TC tells Whitney that if she chooses Chad, she is dead to him. He explains that his father died of a broken heart but he can't live that way. He will cut her loose. Simone calls Whitney a selfish slut. Whitney runs from the room. Simone hugs her father and tells him over and still have me Daddy.

Whitney returns to the living room to say good-bye. Both TC and Simone act like she is not in the room. They totally ignore her as she says good-bye to them. Whitney leaves with Chad. She stops outside the house for a moment. TC comes to the door. Whitney smiles and says that she knew her dad would come around. As she attempts to go to TC thinking he has forgiven her, he closes the door in her face. Whitney falls to the ground crying.

Liz reminds Eve what goes around...comes around. She tells Eve that this same scene went on when she left their home all those years ago.

Charity gets a feeling that someone in the cottage knows what happened to Sheridan and is not talking.

Charity says that Beth knows where Sheridan is.

Beth spies Charlie's earring on the bedroom floor. She knows she must get rid of it before someone else sees it and then she would be done for.

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Chad does his best to comfort Whitney. She keeps saying that she can't believe that she lost her family tonight. She remembers all the happy times that she shared with her family. She relives all the memories of her childhood. Whitney then turns to Chad and tells him that she can't do this. She needs her family.

Charity points the finger at Beth. She claims that Beth knows where Sheridan is. Gwen gets angry and orders Beth to tell what she knows. As Gwen is yelling at Beth she gets another cramp. Ethan asks her if it is the baby. Gwen claims that it is just a cramp and that it will pass. She turns to Beth again and demands that she spill what she knows.

Luis starts after Beth until his cell phone rings. He again orders Harmony sealed off. He wants all vehicles going in and out of Harmony searched.

Luis then runs to Beth wanting to know what is going on. Beth gets a little tearful when she asks Luis not to yell at her. Luis apologizes and then calmly asks Beth what she knows. Beth claims that Charity is wrong this time. She calls Charity strange and claims that Charity does not know what she is talking about. Beth then asks Gwen to back her up. They both saw Sheridan asleep in bed. Gwen does back up Beth but that does not change Charity's mind. Charity then says again, "Beth you know where Sheridan is."

The Russells begin to argue among themselves. Eve tells TC not to blame Chad for the mess they are in. She says that Whitney is not to blame either. Eve puts the blame on TC. TC turns it around on Eve. He goes on and on about how much time she spent at the hospital all these years. He claims that Eve was never a part of her daughter's lives. Eve gets angry and tells TC that she had to spend all that time at the hospital to provide the family with the things that they deserved. TC's pride takes a hit and he begins to holler at Eve as they are going back and forth, Simone cries and shuts them up. She tells her parents that Whitney is gone. She reminds them that she lost the love of her life too. Her sister was dead to her weeks ago when her relationship with Chad became public. Simone begs her parents not to argue. The blame belongs squarely on Whitney's shoulders. Simone does not want to lose the rest of her family.

Charlie drags Sheridan down the Wallace basement steps. Edna is after her cursing her and asking the angels to have pity on her poor soul.

Charlie then tosses Sheridan into the pit that she dug. Edna is worried that Sheridan is dead. She is relieved to see that she moved slightly.

Chad offers to take Whitney back to her family. Whitney refuses to go because she tells Chad that she needs him just as much as she needs her family. Whitney tells Chad she could not picture her life without him.

Simone turns to Liz. She tells Liz that she understands how Liz can hate her sister because she feels hate for Whitney. Eve calls Simone terrible for saying such a thing. Simone can't understand why Eve is defending Whitney and not supporting her. Simone tells her mother she is glad that Whitney is gone and hopes she stays gone. Simone in tears tells Eve she is sorry that she got stuck with her and that her favorite daughter is gone. Simone runs from the room. TC tells Eve he will go to her since Eve is not Simone's favorite person right now. Liz then goes up to Eve and rubs it in. She recites, "All the king's horses and all the king's men....."

Beth acts hurt that Luis could for a minute think she could have hurt Sheridan.

Beth offers to help Antonio search the bedroom for clues. She wants to show everyone how badly she wants to help. In reality she wants to hide the earring Charlie lost.

Gwen tells Luis Beth stands to gain him if Sheridan is gone.

Sheridan begins to wake. She weakly moans from the bottom of the pit.

Thursday, June 12, 2003

TC goes to try to calm Simone down. He begins to put the blame for all their family problems on Eve. Simone tells TC that her mother was always there for her and Whitney. Simone tells TC not to fight with Eve. She tells him that she can't stand it when they fight.

Simone tells her father that she never wants to see her sister again. She begins to rip up all of Whitney's pictures. TC tells Simone not to react like that. Simone asks him why since he just cut Whitney out of his life and she is only cutting her out of pictures.

Eve and Liz have it out. Liz smugly tells Eve that she got her revenge and she did not have to lift a finger. Liz tells Eve that her daughters hate her and TC does to. She even rubs it in that Whitney will never come home and if she does, she will have no home to come back to. Eve slaps Liz across the face. Liz smiles and tells her that she can slap her all she wants, nothing will change the fact that Eve's family is destroyed and she deserves it since she is nothing but a drunken drugged out whore. This comment earns Liz another slap.

Beth has a terrible vision that Antonio finds Charlie's earring and Luis recognizes it as Beth's doctor's earring. She then sees everyone accuse her of kidnapping Sheridan and she confesses. Ethan promises her the death penalty if Sheridan dies.

Beth panics and gets Antonio to turn around so she can scoop up the earring. She pockets it and then goes to face everyone else.

Gwen is still suspicious of Beth. She tells Luis that Charity saying Beth knows something is the only clue they have to find her.

They want to asks Beth again about the kidnapping when Beth is interrupted by a phone call.

Mrs. Wallace wants to stop Beth from making a terrible mistake and throwing her life away. Edna seems to have some genuine feelings for her daughter. Edna remembers some of what she considers "good times" that they shared. These times do not appear very "ggod" for Beth. Edna steals Beth's piggybank and makes her wait on her hand and foot. She makes Beth leave the house in the cold when one of her "men friends" comes by for some fun. Edna seems to feel that she does not want her daughter to end up in jail.

Edna calls Beth and warns her to stop the kidnapping. Charity gets a strong feeling that Beth knows something and she won't stop saying it.

Charlie goes to get something to eat. She comes back to the pit and laughs as she throws crumbs on the still unconscious Sheridan.

Liz plans on telling TC that Eve was involved with Julian Crane and had a baby by him. She says that will finish her marriage off once and for all. When TC hears this, Liz is sure he will run into her arms.

TC tells Eve he wants to talk. He says some things must change. Eve agrees and say their first course of action is "getting rid of Eve."

Luis begs Beth to tell anything that she might know.

Friday, June 13, 2003

Whitney assures Chad she will stay with him. Fox goes to Theresa for help with Whitney. Meanwhile, Eve orders TC to throw Liz out of the house. Liz overhears and frantically searches for a way to stay in Harmony. TC won't back down where Whitney is concerned.

Charlie tells Mrs. Wallace her plans. Mrs. Wallace tries to help Sheridan. Beth tells a disbelieving group that Sheridan went away to get away from the stress. Antonio thinks Sheridan wanted to protect everyone by leaving.

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