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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of June 9, 2003 on ATWT
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Monday, June 9, 2003

In the Mussel Shell, Montana cabin, Hannah, Carly's midwife, wastes no time in telling Jack how to treat Carly. Hanna suggests that Jack pamper Carly with a luxurious bath , then show her how much he loves her. Hannah leaves, and Jack woos Carly with candlelight, music, a locket with their pictures, and Rocky Road ice cream. Carly falls asleep in his arms, and, after she awakes, takes him back inside to make love to him.

At Oakdale General Hospital, Hal and Dr. Daniels discuss the fact that the clues indicate that the deaths are the work of a serial killer, and Dr. Daniels gets Hal to agree to disinter the bodies of the two people who died at the hospital recently. The two doctors agree that they need to question intern Elmo Gordon, "Gordo." Hal is concerned when Chris Hughes tells them that Alison is on a date with Gordo, so the two doctors decide to page Gordo to come back to the hospital for an "emergency." On the date, Alison gets cold feet about going to an adult nightclub, so she invites Gordo back to Hal and Emily's house. Chris goes to the Lakeview Lounge looking for the couple, but instead runs into his old flame, Molly. He confesses to Molly that he really cares for Alison, but is trying not to let anyone know about it. Alison also confesses to Gordo that she is trying to make Chris jealous by going out with him, and Gordo jokingly says that now he will have to kill Chris so that Alison will like him. When Gordo ignores the page from the hospital, Hal calls Chris and asks him to check at Hal and Emily's house for Gorgo. Chris arrives to see Alison and Gordo kissing.

At Rose's house, Margo is astonished to find that Rose has let Dusty go on his own to find Spangler. Over Rose's protests that Dusty will help find Lily, Margo puts out an all points bulletin for Dusty. Molly, who is there at Rose's, reminds Rose that Dusty betrayed Molly, then Holden bursts in. Dusty has gone to the Lakeview Lounge and has called Charlie Spangler to meet him there, but before Spangler has a chance to arrive, Sergeant Thompson of the Oakdale police department arrives to take the protesting Dusty to Margo. When the policeman arrives at the door with Dusty, Holden punches him and accuses Dusty of being part of Lily's abduction. Dusty begs Holden and Margo to let him meet with Spangler, so that he can help them catch Spangler. Margo leaves for the police station with Dusty, and Holden and Rose continue to argue about Dusty. Finally, when Holden threatens to bar Rose from all of Lily's family, Rose agrees to work with the police artist to make a sketch of Spangler. Once the sketch is done, Lucinda comes in the door with Lily's blood-stained coat, which the kidnappers have sent to her. At the police station Margo shows Dusty the sketch of Spangler.

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

After an evening of passion, Rosanna is fearful that she and Craig have gotten too close too fast. Craig swears that he is done with lying to Rosanna. She is afraid that she can never trust him again. They get closer. Meanwhile in Montana, Mike and Katie arrive and Mike tells Jack he's is there for the baby. Jack and Mike clash, but eventually come to terms with the situation. Mike and Katie share a sleeping bag for warmth but they both feel the heat between them. Meanwhile, Chris makes his presence known to Alison and Gordo. Alison is suspicious of Chris's reason for tracking them down. At the hospital, Hal questions Gordo about Nurse Krebs' death. Bob notices that Gordo was on duty when all three murders occurred. Gordo realizes that he still has the vial. Alison accuses Chris of spying on her. Chris tells Alison about his romantic history and claims he's no good at love, but she won't back off. At the police station, Margo fears that Dusty could be involved in Lily's kidnapping. When Holden and Rose arrive, Rose pitches Dusty's innocence to Margo. Meanwhile, Dusty convinces Holden to let him try to help but Holden wants to be involved. He asks Margo to let Dusty go. Holden brings the kids to Iva's for safety. Rose knows that Spangler has the wrong twin and wants to trade herself for Lily. Dusty calls Spangler. In a well, Lily realizes that Spangler thinks she is Rose and she plays along. She spots an old rope and tries to climb out but she falls.

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Bonnie comes home after shopping and has the feeling that someone is watching her. At first she thinks it is Marshall spying on her, but then she realizes that it is Sara from the community center. Apparently, Sara followed Bonnie home from the mall because she wanted to see where she lived. Bonnie invites Sara to high tea and tells her that the most important thing in life is what you give back to your community, family, and friends. Jessica comes home and Sara spills her tea and gets scared. Troy, the director from the center comes to the house and Bonnie tells him that she invited Sara but Sara says that she followed Bonnie. Troy wants the truth and reprimands Bonnie. Jessica jumps in and speaks with Troy and "softens him up." They come to an agreement regarding the situation but Bonnie gets angry with her mother and tells her that she doesn't need her help.

In Montana, Mike wakes up to find that his arm fell asleep underneath Katie. He tries to pull it away and wakes up Katie who says, "What the hell do you think you're doing?" Then she sees him dressed in shorts with no shirt and says, "What's up with the shorts?" Mike tells her to loosen up a little bit because he was only trying to keep her warm last night.

Carly and Jack are relishing their time together in bed. Carly asks Jack why they keep "messing up something so perfect." Jack says the baby brought them together and even though there has been a lot of trouble lately, the baby "just is" and she only needs to be loved. Mike and Katie want to cook breakfast but Jack wants to also. Carly suggests that Mike and Katie do it because she doesn't want everyone to fight. They all eat breakfast and after the midwife examines Carly, she says, "The father may come inside now" - so Mike and Jack both get up.

Rose goes to the police station and tells Margo that she hasn't heard from Dusty yet and is worried that he could be in danger. Margo says it just means that Dusty is in on it too. Rose tells Margo that she could help find Lily and even trade herself for Lily. Margo tells Rose to stay put and let the police handle it. She puts an APB out on Dusty. Meanwhile, Dusty meets with Spangler and tells him that he grabbed the wrong girl. Spangler doesn't believe him and asks for proof. Dusty suggests looking for Lily's wedding ring Rose doesn't have one. Dusty says he'll go with Spangler but Spangler hits him hard in the back of the head. Dusty falls to the ground and his phone rings. Rose calls him and Spangler picks it up and pretends to be Dusty. Rose confirms for Spangler that Dusty wasn't lying and they did kidnap Lily and not Rose

In the well, Lily lies there, after having hit her head. She wakes up and calls out for help, saying that she is hurt and needs a doctor. Spangler's thug is there and asks for her wedding ring. Lily continues to say that she is Rose. He goes to send food down to her and drops his cell phone in the well. He tells Lily to send up the phone. She refuses and he says, "no phone, no food." Lily says, "no problem." She calls her house and Rose, who is there looking at photos of Lily, picks up the phone. Lily tries to describe where she is but she soon loses the signal and they are disconnected. Rose leaves so she can go find Dusty and she opens the door to see Spangler standing there. He says, "Hello Rose."

Thursday, June 12, 2003

At Jessica house, Sarah, the girl from the shelter, listens to Bonnie and Jessica argue. Bonnie tells her mother that she is a grown woman and she can think for herself. Jessica tries to warn Bonnie about the kids at the shelter, but Bonnie stops her and tells her that she knows what she is doing. Sarah walks in and interrupts the two women. Jessica takes a tray to the kitchen and Sarah tells Bonnie that she is sorry for causing a fight between her and her mother. Bonnie tells the girl that she did not cause the fight. Sarah tells Bonnie about being in many foster homes and fights would break out and she would feel like she was in the middle. Bonnie tries to comfort the girl and tells her again that she was not the cause of the fight. Bonnie pushes the girls hair back and sees that her hair looks good pulled back. Bonnie gets a new hair clasps out and puts it in the girl's hair. Sarah tells Bonnie that she can't keep the clasps because she doesn't have any money to pay for it. Bonnie tells her that it is a gift. Jessica walks in and hears Bonnie tell the girl that she is giving her a gift. Bonnie then gives the girl a lesson on wearing makeup. Jessica walks in and tells Sarah that she looks very pretty. The doorbell rings and Bonnie opens the door for Ben. Bonnie introduces Ben to Sarah and tells him that she is a girl from the shelter. Ben tells Sarah that it is nice to meet her. Jessica asks Bonnie when is Sarah supposed to be back at the shelter. Bonnie looks at her watch and tells Sarah that it is time for them to go. Sarah says goodbye to Ben and Jessica and the two go out the door. After Bonnie closes the door, Ben can see that Jessica is worried. Jessica tells Ben about Sarah following Bonnie home from the mall. She goes on to say that Bonnie invited her in and gave her the royal treatment. Ben asks Jessica what is wrong with that. Jessica says that she is afraid that Bonnie will get too involved and get hurt. Jessica tells Ben that since she is a mother of an adult daughter, she has to just stand aside and do nothing.

Chris sees Alison at the hospital and he asks her why is she there. Alison tells him that since Katie is gone, they are short-handed and she came in to help out. Chris tells her that it is not a good time for her to be there and she should go home. Alison accuses him of liking her more than he will admit. Chris informs her that he cares about her as a friend. Chris fills her in on the problem that someone in the hospital may be killing off patients and he tells her that he doesn't want her to get hurt. Alison tells him that she knew that he cared about her. He says that he cares about her as a friend. Then he calls her a kid and Alison goes off on him. She says that she is not a kid and she doesn't want him to use that "F" word again. Dr. Gordon walks up and Alison sees her chance to try to make Chris jealous. Alison tells Dr. Gordon that she is hungry and asks him to go and get a bite to eat. Gordo accepts the offer. Chris watches as the two walk off. After the two are out of sight, Chris sees Bob, Hal and Dr. Daniels talking. Chris walks over and hears Dr. Daniels say that Nurse Krebbs had a high dosage of potassium in her system. Bob adds that too much potassium can cause a heart attack. Hal decides to check the other victims for potassium levels. Dr. Daniels says that if the tests come back positive that it could prove his suspicions that they have a serial killer on their hands.

When Alison and Dr. Gordon get to Alison's house, she yells for her mom, but there is no answer. Dr. Gordon is on edge and tells Alison to go and change her clothes. Alison tells him to calm down. She asks why is he being so grouchy. Dr. Gordon apologizes and says that he just came off a long shift and he is tired and hungry. He tells Alison that when she gets her clothes changed, he will take her anyplace she wants to go. She smiles at him and goes upstairs to change her clothes. After she is gone, Gordo takes the vial from his pocket and says, "I have to get rid of this thing." He starts to look around for a place to put it. He gets a tissue and wraps the vial up in it. He sees the trashcan and goes over to it. He picks the trashcan up and starts pushing through the trash in it. Alison pops her head around the corner and is stunned to see that Gordo has his hands in her trash. She asks, " What are you doing?" Dr. Gordon says that he was just throwing some napkins away. Alison says that you don't sort through trash to throw some napkins away. She takes the trashcan away and digs down and finds the vial that Gordo was trying to hide. She looks at it and says, "This is the vial that everyone is looking for. Why did you bring it over here and why didn't you tell the cops about it?"

At Lily's house, Rose loses Lily on the cell phone. She decides to tell Margo and heads for the door. When she flings the door open, Spangler is standing there. He tells her that the likeness is incredible. He touches Rose's face and says, "You do have a twin." The phone starts to ring and Rose runs to the phone, but Spangler gets there first and rips the phone out of the wall. Spangler says, "Sorry, Rose, the line is dead."

After Dusty breaks away from the police, he goes straight to Lily's house. The door is standing wide open. Dusty steps inside and says, "Rose." There is no answer. Dusty walks into the living room and sees the place is torn apart. Dusty puts his hands on his head and says, "Oh, Rose." Dusty starts to put the living room back into place when Margo and two policemen come in with their guns pointed at Dusty. Dusty tells Margo that Spangler had been there and taken Rose. Margo asks why didn't he call the station. Dusty says that there was no time. Margo asks, "No time for you or for Spangler?" Dusty tells Margo that he is not in on this. One of the policemen handcuffs and searches Dusty. The whole time Dusty is trying to convince Margo that she has to let him go so he can find Rose and Lily. The policeman that is searching him takes some items from his pocket and gives them to Margo. Margo says that she has a receipt for a dog the same breed as the one that had the ransom note attached to it. The she unfolds a handkerchief and finds two buttons just like the ones that were missing from Lily's sweater. Dusty tells Margo that Spangler set him up. Margo gives the items to the policeman and tells him to take them to the lab and put a rush on it. Margo folds her arms in front of her and tells Dusty that he knows Spangler so well that he knocked him out. Dusty tells Margo that one thing he does know is that if Spangler gets his money then Rose and Lily will end up dead.

Rose wakes up to see Lily leaning over her. Rose asks, "Where are we?" Lily tells her that they are in a well and there is no way out. Rose gets up and says, "Well, we'll see about that." Lily tells her that she has tried to climb the walls to get out, but the walls are too slippery. Lily asks Rose what happened. Rose tells her about being at her house and then Spangler showed up and put a cloth over her mouth and the next thing she knew, she was looking up at Lily. Rose looks at her sister and asks, "Do you hate me?" Lily tells her that she could never hate her. Rose apologizes to Lily for all the awful things she had said to her. Lily tells Rose that they do have one thing in common and that is they are tough broads. Rose starts to hug Lily and Lily winces. Rose asks her what is wrong and Lily tells her about trying to climb out of the well and she fell and hurt her shoulder. Rose says that it should be her shoulder that is hurt. Then she adds that she should be the one in the well by herself. Lily tells her not to say that. Rose says that Lily has kids and she should be with her kids. Lily says that her kids will be fine and soon her kids and their Aunt Rose will be going home. Lily tells Rose to promise her that if she has a chance to get away that she will take it. Rose says that she won't leave Lily alone. Lily tells her take the chance and run and don't look back. She tells her to do it for her and her kids. Rose and Lily sit at the bottom of the well and hug.

Friday, June 13, 2003

by Andy

At the cabin in Montana, Mike and Jack start to bicker again about Carly and the baby, when Carly kicks both boys and Katie out. Hannah helps shuffle everyone out the door, then examines Carly. Hannah says Carly is almost ready to give birth, so she needs to relax and prepare.

Outside, Mike whittles a gift for the baby. Katie tries to focus the two guys on making Carly comfortable. She has an idea about throwing Carly a party based on something she read in a Native American birthing ritual book.

Later, Katie starts to set up for a "blessing way" while Carly is resting in bed. Hannah says that it's kind of like a Native American baby shower, then excuses herself to run some errands. Carly thinks it's a sweet idea. Mike comes in with a bundle of flowers and Katie asks him to put them at Carly's feet. Jack gives Katie some stones and she places them all around Carly on the bed. Katie pulls out some beads and gives one to each person to make a wish for Carly and the baby, with the intention that later, Carly would string the beads together and wear it as a necklace. Jack makes his wish first. "I'll make sure this baby never has to fight and that she'll be given everything she'll ever need." Mike can't hold his tongue and says, "Kinda jumping the gun aren't ya Jack?" Carly and Katie try to stop him, but Mike has to say his peace. Mike says he'll find a way to live with Carly choosing Jack over him to be her labor partner, but the baby is most likely his. Jack blows up and screams at Mike, "What is it you want!" Carly shh's them both and says, "I'm going to tell you both what I want! I want Jack to be this baby's father, even if it's biologically proven to be Mike's." She says the baby will have two separate fathers with double the love. Mike doesn't like what he hears. "Sorry Carly, it's not that simple. I don't doubt that the two of you love each other, but your relationship could end tomorrow, or in two years, or in five years." He wonders how his daughter might react when Jack disappears all of a sudden. He turns to Carly and says, "You've gotta come up with a plan B." Then he turns to Jack and says, "Going through the motions of being a father, does not turn you into one." This gets to Jack, and he humbly excuses himself to get some firewood. Mike follows him out. Carly laments to Katie about the situation. "I wanted this baby to be about me and Jack, about us finding our way back to each other." Her eye twitches, and then she gently clutches her stomach as if her water just broke. Katie comforts her, unaware of Carly's condition. Carly wants to have some time alone with Jack, and Katie manages to get Mike to take her to the store. Jack and Carly take the time alone to snuggle up together. Jack wishes it could be just the three of them when the baby comes. Carly says he'll get his wish because her water broke just a few minutes ago. Katie and Mike are out driving the range, looking for a carton of milk, when their truck suddenly runs out of gas.

Alison confronts Gordo about the missing medicine bottle he tried to stash in her family's trash can. He says he can explain everything if only she would give him the bottle. He says it's no big deal. Alison says, "If it's no big deal, then I'll take it back to the hospital myself." She runs around the couch, but Gordo stops her and says, "I'm sorry. You're not going anywhere." She wants to know why he won't turn the bottle over to the police. He says he thought Dr. Hughs dropped the bottle, so he was covering for him. He's also been in hot water lately. He asks her to cut him some slack, when Susan and Dr. Decker come home. Alison says that she's tired, and Susan suggests that the two of them get together another time. Alison shuffles Gordo out the door, and as soon as he's gone, she yells, "MOM! Come quick!" She shows her mom the bottle. Dr. Decker says they should get the bottle to the police right away.

Lily and Rose try to stay positive while trapped down the well. Rose reminds Lily of Luke and Faith opening up Christmas presents, and of Holden and Emma. They are interrupted with a walkie-talkie announcement that a package is being sent down. The bucket arrives, and Lily finds a brush and lipstick. Rose thinks it must mean they need to look good because they're going home soon.

Holden arrives at the station and finds out that Rose has also been taken. Margo plays the tape of Spangler demanding that Dusty make the drop off. Holden seethes, "You're not going anywhere near that money." Lucinda arrives with a suitcase full of cash. ($10 million in small bills? Probably not.) Holden says he's going to make the drop. Lucinda nearly feints when she learns Rose has also been kidnapped. Margo wants to call for a FBI negotiator. Lucinda steps forward and tells everyone to let Dusty make the drop. Margo thinks she's crazy and that Dusty will take her for every penny in the suitcase. Lucinda doesn't care. She knows it's a crapshoot. "I can make more money. Lily is irreplaceable and priceless. And Rose too." The phone rings, and Spangler tells them that Dusty should meet him at the drop point in thirty minutes. Margo lets Holden make the final decision and he reluctantly chooses to let Dusty make the drop.

Susan, Dr. Decker, and Alison all catch up with Hal and the forensic pathologist at the hospital. Alison gives them the missing empty bottle of potassium chloride. The doctor takes the bottle to run some tests.

Gordo catches up with Dr. Hughs at Java Underground. He apologizes for some of his recent outbursts. Dr. Hughs accepts his apology and they vow to move forward. Hal walks in and takes Gordo down to the station for further questioning.

Dusty arrives on a rooftop and calls out for Spangler. The kidnapper slips out of the shadows after he feels its safe. Dusty says, "It's just us. I give you my word. Let's do business."

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