One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 9, 2003 on OLTL

Natalie traced Keri and her baby to Toronto. Mitch held Walker hostage. Flash continued to put her voice at risk. Max was the recipient of a lucky lottery ticket. Jessica and Mitch fell into the river. Max promised to help Roxy. R.J. agreed to sell Capricorn to Max.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 9, 2003 on OLTL
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Monday, June 9, 2003

Jessica receives an ominous phone call, which she and Viki believe to have come from Mitch. After receiving a wreath of white roses with a card that reads "Sorry for your loss," Viki fears that Mitch has harmed Ben, but is later relieved to find that Ben's condition is unchanged.

Bo and Antonio search the lake house for any sign of Blair, Walker or Mitch, but only discover Blair's burned jacket and blueprints for the sewer system connecting Dorian's house, Llanfair and the abandoned theater. Meanwhile, a dazed Blair walks into the hospital and collapses in Troy's arms. Blair tells Nora and Hank how Walker saved her life and explains how she was able to make it out of the lake house as it burned around her. Troy tells Dorian that Blair's injuries are very minor and warns Dorian to stay out of Blair's life. Dorian, in turn, warns Troy that he will never understand a woman like Blair and predicts she will end up breaking his heart. Troy isn't pleased when Blair utters Walker's name in her sleep.

Mitch holds a wounded Walker hostage in the basement of the abandoned theater. Walker is confused when Mitch begins speaking to their late father and becomes terrified when he realizes that Mitch murdered their father. After wrapping Walker in chains, Mitch douses him and the bed he is laying on, as well as a pile of cloth, with gasoline and lights several candles. As the candles burn down, the flames come dangerously close to a captive, gasoline-soaked Walker.

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

"Sin is crouching at your door, God told him!" Mitch recounts the biblical tale of "the first brothers" to justify the murder of his own brother. The candles on the gasoline-drenched fabric burn closer and closer to their accelerant on the floor of the theater's basement. Deranged, Mitch just walks away while Walker screams for his life. As the flames flicker near the base of the candlesticks, Antonio and Bo arrive just in time to blow them out. Still suffering from a bullet wound, they take him to the hospital where Blair still recuperates from smoke inhalation and Dorian needles Dr. Troy about her niece's passing fancy for him. Blair greets Walker with heartfelt relief. At last, Bo has a plan: both the Banner and The Sun will run articles that Walker is dead, announcing funeral services hosted by his niece, Jessica, to lure Mitch out of hiding. Blair insists that Walker hide out at her place.

Dorian goes to Llanfair to discuss Bo's plan with Viki, and then some. She openly confesses her jealousy, asking her rival, "How do you manage to do it? You always come out on top!" Viki replies, "Dorian, things don't just happen to you, they happen because of you." The ladies' verbal sparring, although vicious, miraculously gives way to a pact: they'll work together against Mitch.

At a church under construction, Mitch pontificates from the pulpit urged on by the demanding critiques of his father's ghost. Seems that Mitch's expressions of vengeance aren't quite up to snuff for his snuffed out daddy. He goes through agonizing mental gyrations comforted only by his gun. He hires a voice actress to impersonate Dorian calling Viki and Viki calling Dorian with an identical script: "He's in St. Jude's. I've called the police. They're on their way. Come and meet me here." The both fall for it and impatiently bicker when they arrive at the church. It takes barely a moment for them to realize it's a set-up, but it's already too late. Mitch strolls down the isle towards them, gun in hand.

Flash and Joey enjoy elaborate shrimp cocktails "on the house" from Renee at the Palace to commend them on their participation in the big drug bust. As promised, it's time for Flash to reveal her real name. She nervously takes the name of an upcoming performer from a sign nearby instead of being truthful. Despite Renee's continued objection to Rex's patronage at the hotel, Jennifer persuades her to let them dine and uses her boy toy for amorous displays every time Joey glances her way. They're surrounded by extravagant purchases she's made with her inheritance. Flash suffers a coughing fit causing Joey concern. She excuses herself to get some water at the bar where she's interrupted by Jennifer's insults, including, "You don't even have a real name. Flash, what's that? Your picture's probably on a milk carton somewhere." Jen retreats from that round while Joey calls Dr. Troy for a second opinion on Flash's voice and her quick-fix throat spray. Upon examination, the doc declares her recent medical advice to be unsound, advises no more singing, and retains possession of her steroidal spray. Flash makes a quick, private call to the quack to get another bottle of stuff.

Roxy recruits Natalie to help her save Foxy Roxy's from Asa's ire over the botched hypnosis trigger. But Natalie's brash approach leaves Asa cold. Nigel wonders if they haven't taken their "charade a bit too far?" But Renee delivers the final blow by flaunting wedding invitations under her ex's nose.

Back at Cris & Nat's cottage, Rex and Jen have a big sloppy beer fight followed by a big sloppy make out session. Cris turns off the blaring boombox and kicks Rex out of the domicile. Nat backs up her beau's decision.

Even though Antonio has instructed Llanview's finest to prohibit Jessica from leaving Llanfair, she stubbornly defies his decree and sneaks out the terrace doors to go shopping. Antonio receives a call from the officer assigned to Llanfair that Jess has skipped out on her protective home custody. Joey arrives to an empty house and fantasizes about Jennifer in a sheer blue handkerchief-cut silk teddy flowing high across her thighs in the terrace breeze.

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Held hostage by Mitch, Dorian and Viki are told that they will be subjected to a game of Russian roulette. It's judgment day, Mitch snarls at them. He loads the gun, spins the chamber and points it at Dorian, pulling the trigger. She lucks out; it's an empty chamber. Viki tries to intercede but Mitch won't hear of it. Instead, he orders Dorian to get down on her knees and beg Viki's forgiveness for all of the terrible things she's done to her over the years. Refusing to listen, she makes a grab for Mitch's second and fully loaded gun. It ends up in her hand with Mitch's hand over hers. This time it's pointed at Viki; she's ordered to kill Viki or he'll kill her. Mitch eggs her on, mentioning all of the power, money, love and respect that Viki has stolen from her over the years, leaving her with nothing. When she manages to get away from him, he decides that he's decided to haunt her forever. He wants her always looking over her shoulder in fear.

Eyeing a new purchase, Jen gets talked out of it by Rex. She notices that he doesn't have a problem when she buys things for him.

Blair tucks Walker in on her sofa. They're laying low until Walker's "memorial service" where they hope to spot Mitch. There's a start of something going on between them but they both choose to ignore it. Nora has business at Blair's but catches Troy lurking at the front door. She leaves when he tells her that no one is home, but once she's gone, he rings the bell. When Blair finally answers it, he demands to know what's going on between them and wonders if Walker is there. The pair is hiding out for the time being, she tells him. Furthermore, she's decided that she's not ready for a relationship and promises that it has nothing to do with Walker. Sadly, he leaves.

Daydreaming of Jen, Joey places a call to Andrew asking him to lend an ear. In the meantime, he's invited over to the Palace to have ice cream with Flash, Nora and Matthew. While waiting for Joey, Flash takes a picture of a graduating Al with friends and family. Antonio is annoyed when he spots Jess with them and accuses her of disobeying him by leaving her house. She becomes angry at him for not letting her enjoy some time out. Jen and Rex arrive and when she taunts Al and Marcie, she gets it back and then some. Rex is busy eavesdropping on a conversation between Max and Gabrielle when he learns that Max is the one who reported R.J.'s planned break-in of the gallery to the police. He heads straight over to R.J. and fills him in. He'll invest instead; he has access to lots of money, he confides to R.J. R.J. is disbelieving. Joey finally arrives and Flash tells him that Troy agreed with the other doctor on the throat medication. Jen spots them and challenges Flash on her real name. Later, Rex and Jen decide to get a room upstairs, where she thinks she's sees Joey while making love. R.J. accuses Max of ratting on him and fully expecting Max to deny it, is shocked when Max confesses. He won't accept an explanation but instead, goes after him. They're pulled apart and Max is devastated over the sudden loss of his once bright-looking future.

Antonio walks Jess home when he receives a call from Mitch inviting him to St. Jude's Church immediately.

A saddened Blair heads over to Angel Square where Max finds her crying. He's upset too; he wanted his son to be proud of him but the club investment is over. She's upset over how she's been raising her own kids. They talk about Addie's recovery. Al sees his dad and informs him that he's decided he might want to go to law school. Max is overcome. An amazing thing happens though; a scratch off lottery ticket floats down onto the ground (coincidentally after he "speaks" to Luna) in the breeze. Max yelps and takes off-it appears to be a winner!!

Joey shares with Nora how R.J. went after Max. Evangeline wants to know about the situation as a fellow investor. R.J. puts her mind at ease by referring to his "Plan B." Troy runs into Ingrid, an old friend of Colin's, at the bar. He comes on to her and she eventually leaves with him. Jen is dressed and back downstairs where she sees Nora alone at the table momentarily. She begins to ask questions about Flash's real name and background. Nora only suggests that she ask Flash herself if she's so curious.

Antonio gets to the church, closely followed by Jess who refuses to wait in the car. They find an hysterical, claustrophobic Dorian locked in a box. Mitch has Viki, she announces.

Viki is locked up in the bowels of Llanfair, accessed by the secret doorway by the stairs and by an underground tunnel system. The room is similar to the one where he killed Walker, Mitch reveals snidely.

Rex is awakened by a phone call from R.J. He wants to know if the young man was serious about investing in the new club.

Dorian heads to Blair's house and finds Walker on the sofa. Pouring herself a drink, she says matter of factly that Mitch will come after her forever. He'll kill her or drive her insane.

Jess arrives home with Antonio who has his gun drawn. She refuses again to listen to his order to stay outside and while he scouts on ahead, she notices an envelope addressed to her on the front table. It's from Mitch-don't tell anyone about the letter, it states, but if she follows his directions, she'll find her mother.

Thursday, June 12, 2003

After a brief conversation with Rex, Marcie becomes self conscious about her weight. Jen shows up at Angel Square driving her new motorcycle. When she sees Flash and Joey, she becomes even more determined to prove that Flash is a fake. Flash informs Joey that she and Tina didn't get along. Seeing Flash walk away from her backpack, Jenn snatches her wallet and finds out Flash's real name is Sarah Roberts.

At the Capricorn, Gabrielle questions Nora about being able to forgive her. As the two come to terms with their relationship, Bo calls Nora and asks her to cancel his plans with Gabrielle. Overhearing R.J. making flight arrangements to Toronto, Nora assures R.J. that if he left town, she would miss him.

Keri tells R.J. she's ready to come home. Determined to keep her away from Antonio, he reminds her of Antonio's affair with Liz. Still convinced that Keri is alive, Natalie takes the information that Rex gave her and calls a "K. Randall" in Ontario. Convinced that it is Keri, Natalie decides to fly to Canada to get proof. Natalie's suspicions are confirmed when she knocks on a door and comes face to face with Keri.

Bo questions Dorian and Walker about what happened with Mitch in hopes of finding Viki. When Jess rushes out of Llanfair to find her mother, she runs into Cristian, who is looking for her mother. Jessica informs him that it isn't a good time before using her cell phone to call Mitch and promising to meet him. When Cristian returns to Llanfair, Antonio realizes that Jessica has disappeared. After meeting Mitch on the bridge, he agrees to let her mother go if she leaves town with him. After she agrees, Mitch realizes there are police in the area and accuses Jessica of betraying him again. To prove herself, Jessica puts herself between Mitch and the sharp shooters. When Mitch attempts to jump in the river, Jessie tries to stop him, but the railing breaks.

Friday, June 13, 2003

Mitch releases his grip on Jessica in order to prevent her from falling into the river with him. As the rotting railing gives way, both Jessica and Mitch fall into the raging river below. Against Bo's orders, Antonio jumps into the river to try to save Jessica. Antonio doesn't find any sign of either Mitch or Jessica. Viki remains determined in her belief that Jessica survived the fall. Bo informs Walker about Mitch and Jessica falling into the river and Walker relates the news to Dorian and Blair. Dorian tries to console Viki over her grief about Jessica. Later, Viki receives a call from Jessica, who says that she is alive and safe but that she can't say anything more.

Max is stunned when R.J. agrees to sell Capricorn to him. Evangeline is hurt when R.J. tells her that he is planning on leaving Llanview. Natalie berates Keri for hurting everyone who loved her, especially Antonio, by faking her death. Natalie softens when Keri explains that Liz did die in the plane crash. Keri admits to Natalie that she (Keri) and Antonio are the baby's biological parents. Natalie tries to convince Keri to return to Llanview. Later, R.J. is shocked when Keri arrives at Capricorn holding Jamie in her arms.

Renee and Nigel continue their ruse of pretending to be in love with each other. Asa gives Roxy seventy-two hours to make Nigel and Renee fall out of love or he will have Foxy Roxy's demolished. Nigel convinces Renee to stick with their original plan, convinced Asa won't destroy the salon and ruin Roxy's future. Carlotta is furious over the sexy makeover Roxy gives Adriana. Max promises Roxy that he'll help her save the salon from Asa.

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