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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of June 9, 2003 on GL
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Monday, June 9, 2003

Gus went to see Danny. Danny wanted to talk to Gus about who he thought was behind the murders...Vinnie Selerno. He suggested that Vinnie was not happy with Eden and was sending her a message. Gus seemed to think that a more logical reason would be to get a message to Danny because Vinnie doesn't like losing territory. While they were talking, Danny received a wedding present from Vinnie. It was a painting and Gus and Danny checked it out to see if there was a "message" to the picture. Gus called it a "butt-ugly painting" and told him to get rid of it. When Gus left, Danny called Tony and told him to watch his back, just like the old days.

At the Beacon, Phillip was FURIOUS with Olivia and told her Lizzie's side of the story. Olivia replied, "and YOU believe her?" Phillip said, "She's my daughter!" and Olivia said, "and who am I?" and when there was no reply, they both agreed they have a BIG problem. Olivia tried to defend herself saying Lizzie was not in her right mind and was blabbing to Beacon patrons about their lives. Phillip said she should have been the adult and asked her if she was going to treat her own child that way to which Olivia answered "this is OUR child" and Phillip blasted her with "I would NEVER let you treat MY child the way you treated Lizzie." Olivia had to run to the restroom to be sick.

Alexandra was not helping the situation. She had learned from Lizzie what had happened and when she ran into Phillip, she tried to convince him that ALL his problems have been because of Olivia.

At the psychic conference, Cassie had claimed the energy and when the psychic (Arthur) asked her who the new man in her life was, she leaned over to Reva and said "EDMUND!" Right at that moment, Jeffrey came stumbling in. The energy told Arthur to tell her "nothing is what it seems to be" and it was time to move on. Cassie took that to mean that everybody hates Edmund and he's really changed but Reva thought just the opposite. Ed came in and asked Michelle why she was there and tried to get her to leave and told her it was a sham. Arthur got another vibration from a female energy, he saw a family like the Brady Bunch with lots of people running around, he saw a doctors bag and kept hearing the name "B." Michelle told Ed it was B. Reardon, her grandmother. Arthur said this energy's daughter was in the room but Michelle didn't claim it. He went on to say, "the message your mother wants you to know is "she sees, Mother sees." A tear ran down Michelle's face. When it was over, Arthur went up to Michelle and Ed and let them know he knew it was them the energy was sending the message to and then told Ed there was another message..., "The car accident was not your fault, she is at peace, and you should be too."

Cassie went to the Beacon where Edmund was sitting outside and she snuck up behind him and covered his eyes. He knew who she was right away from the smell of her perfume. There was a different look in Cassie's eye. Michelle went back to Danny and told him she wanted to set a wedding date. When he asked her why the change of heart all of a sudden, she told him what Arthur said. Danny doesn't believe in psychic's, and didn't seem as happy as her when she said, "my mom sees, she is watching us."

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Cassie prepares for her first date with Edmund by scheduling a hair cut. The hairdresser convinces her to cut away the baggage and make a radical change. Meanwhile, Edmund runs into Jeffrey, who gives him some grief, informing him that Richard came from the great beyond to give Cassie a message. When Cassie appears in her new elegant hairstyle, Edmund's breath is taken away - and so is Jeffrey's. Gus helps Alan gets ready for his first undercover "date" with one of Eden's escorts. Their bond grows tighter. But little does Gus know that Alan has his own agenda. He blackmails Alexandra into going on a date with one of Eden's male escorts. Harley and Blake wire one of Eden's girls, Ariana, for an appointment with a new client. When Gus informs Harley that Alan will be on a date that night, she convinces him to take her along to do surveillance at the Country Club. Marina is a whirlwind of style and dating advice for Frank, who is seeing Darci. Father and daughter share a warm moment where each wishes the other much happiness. But they don't realize that Darci is working for Eden. Later, Shayne and Marina share a charged moment. Meanwhile, Ben bumps into Eden at the Beacon. He tells her he isn't angry with her that he has lost everything. Eden stands her ground but is very uneasy as a scary Ben walks away. Later, Gus and Harley are stunned as the Country Club Georgian Room fills with people they know. Not just Alan and his date, but Alexandra and her creepy escort, Frank and Darci, Edmund and Cassie, even a bitter Ben. As Jeffrey grills Eden as to who might be after her, she receives a note from the killer, warning that another person will die tonight.

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

At the Country Club, the male escort having dinner with Alexandra kept telling her how much she reminded him of his late mother. When Alex asked how his mother died, he eerily told her she died of food poisoning. Meanwhile, Harley phoned Blake and filled her in on who all was present at the Country Club. Harley was shocked to see Cassie dancing with Edmund, and when she pulled Cassie aside, Cassie said she'd call her tomorrow and bring her up to date. Gus was angry with Alan for setting Alexandra up on a date with one of Eden's male escorts, saying Alan didn't follow the proper protocol, but since it was too late to change things, Gus asked Harley to keep her eye on Alex and the escort. Frank and Darci left the dining room and went into the bar area to have drinks and order dinner. An awkward Frank kept making mistakes: first, he sipped out of Darci's glass, then he talked about his ex-wife, and admitted he was a workaholic. Darci still seemed quite taken and charmed by him.

At the Beacon, Eden showed Jeffrey the threatening note she received with her bill. Jeffrey questioned the waiter who handed the bill to Eden, but he had no idea how the note got there. Eden and Jeffrey tracked down Gus at the Country Club and showed him the note. Gus wanted to close down the place immediately, but Jeffrey stressed the importance of trying to weed-out the killer. In the end, Gus ordered more police reinforcements to the Country Club. At their table, Alan asked Arianna questions, and at the mention of Salerno's name, Arianna was evasive. Harley told Eden that both Alan AND Arianna happen to be wired (seeing that Alan's original date had to cancel out). When Eden asked why Gus just didn't cancel the date, Harley pointed out that Gus doesn't know about Arianna being wired just yet. Over dinner, Edmund casually said, "Nothing is what it seems", and Cassie was instantly reminded of the psychic's message from Richard. After telling Edmund what the psychic's message was, Cassie said she used to think Edmund was an evil, despicable man and that lately she's come to think of him in a different way. Cassie told Edmund she's sure he's the man whom the psychic said was about to enter her life. As they were about to kiss, the lights went out in the dining room. Gus told everyone to remain calm and stay seated, as candles were passed around. Out of the dark, Ben appeared at Eden's table, lighting a candle for her. When she nervously told him she was alright, Ben calmly agreed she was---for now!

After Alex's escort groped her in the dark, she stormed over to Alan, who found humor in her situation. She informed him that her date is definitely over. Out in the bar, which was also in darkness, Frank found his hand resting on Darci's knee when a candle was brought over to their table. Although they were having an enjoyably, intimate moment, Darci told Frank she'd understand if he had to duck away to check things out, adding that her father was a cop and that she knows all about cops' schedules. Cassie and Edmund snuck out of the dark dining room and went over to the Beacon. While out in the courtyard, Cassie pulled out her cell phone and called the lobby's clerk, telling the woman to play a CD she'd had set aside. When the music began playing, Cassie asked Edmund to dance with her. The two shared an intimate dance and were enjoying the music when the heel on one of Cassie's shoes broke off. Edmund lifted Cassie back up to him, holding her close. After exchanging smoldering looks, the two began kissing passionately!

Alan told Gus that Arianna had seemed uncomfortable at the mention of Salerno's name, and that it was strange, considering Arianna began working for Eden only a short time ago (long after Eden worked for Salerno). Frank informed Gus that the power box had been purposely tampered with. The manager of the Country Club informed them that the electrician said the power would be on very shortly, and Frank announced this to the guests. When the lights came on, Gus did a check on everyone present to see if everyone was accounted for. Noticing Cassie and Edmund missing, Jeffrey spoke up, saying he saw them leaving. After everything seemed to be all right, Alan sat down at his table and told Arianna that he hoped the blackout didn't unsettle her too much. Not getting a response from Arianna, Alan rose and went behind her. After touching her, her chair fell back onto the floor. Arianna was expressionless---and very much dead!

Thursday, June 12, 2003

Michelle joined Danny, Marah and Tony at Company and brought along a book about wedding ideas. Danny suggested he and Michelle go to Vegas to get married or take off to a tropical destination to do the honors, but those ideas didn't interest Michelle. As the foursome discussed details for a more traditional wedding, Michelle shocked them by vetoing THAT idea as well. Danny and Tony had a beer at the bar area, where Danny told Tony that it didn't matter how he and Michelle got remarried, that he'd be happy to have Michelle no matter what. Meanwhile, Marah told Michelle that the actual wedding ceremony wasn't the important thing: it's the fact that Danny and Michelle are going to reaffirm something they already believe in. When Danny and Tony rejoined them, Michelle told Danny she'd made up her mind: after telling Danny that they're already committed to one another, she announced there'd be NO wedding ceremony.

After the murder, Frank told all Country Club guests to stay put, as Gus and Jeffrey arranged for all the guests to be questioned. When Blake arrived, Harley and Eden told her about Arianna's murder. Gus located the wire on Arianna's body, and Harley and Blake admitted their part in it. Gus pulled the two aside and blasted them for wiring Arianna and jeopardizing the investigation. Under questioning, Alexandra admitted she'd been out on a date with one of Eden's male escorts. When Gus and Frank questioned the male escort, Gavin, they deemed him suspicious. Rick arrived and began to examine the body. Eden told Harley she felt guilty for involving Arianna in the plot, but Harley told Eden it's not her fault Arianna's dead.

Outside the Beacon, Cassie thought she and Edmund were making a spectacle by standing there, kissing, and had Edmund escort her to her room. At her door, the two continued kissing when Cassie took Edmund's hand and led him into her room. After heatedly kissing, the two began to undress, then continued their prelude on Cassie's bed. They were all caught up in the moment when loud knocking kept persisting at the door. When Cassie finally answered the door, Jeffrey and a cop stood there. Jeffrey took obvious pleasure in disrupting the mood by informing Cassie that a murder took place at the Country Club and that a suspect in the murder, Gavin, rented a room at the Beacon. Jeffrey presented Cassie with a warrant to search Gavin's room and Cassie tried to get rid of Jeffrey, but he asked her to accompany him while Beacon guests were being questioned, snidely informing her it would be a "long night." Before Cassie went to get dressed, she kissed Edmund and told him there'd be many more nights like this.

Back at the Country Club, Frank apologized to Darci about the dramatic interruption to their date, but Darci made light of the situation. Darci was unnerved when Frank made a comment about "hookers and murderers." Rick reported to Gus that there didn't seem to be any obvious signs of trauma to Arianna's body, and announced that he'd be performing the autopsy right away that night. Alan noticed something peculiar when he looked down at Arianna's body...When Harley left the dining room and headed into the bar area, Gus followed her and asked if she had any intention of ever telling him about her freelancing. Harley told Gus he was up to his neck with the case, that Eden asked for help and when Blake joined in, she thought she should, too. Harley also admitted it was harder to stay away from police action than she'd thought AND that she didn't like the idea of Gus teaming up with Alan. When Gus angrily asked if Harley meant she didn't want him bonding with his father, Alan arrived and told Gus that the pin Arianna had been wearing earlier, had gone missing, suggesting the murderer may have taken it. Harley overheard as Gus complimented Alan for his work. Alan said he was proud for the chance to work with Gus. Gus gave Harley a long glance before heading away to the crime scene. After he left, Harley softly said, "I'm sorry....."

Friday, June 13, 2003

At the Lewis house, Josh was supposed to be at work but came home when he got a call from the coach that Shane had missed two practices. Reva tried to stop him from going off on Shane but it caused them to argue. Reva tried to tell Josh that maybe Shane has different ideas for his future but all Josh sees is baseball for Shane's future. When Shane came downstairs, Josh pushed for a reason why Shane missed the practices. Shane blew up! He asked his dad, "Have you ever thought baseball isn't what I want? YOU KEEP PUSHING ME! IT'S NO FUN ANYMORE!" He told him that he missed practice because Marina needed him and screamed, "Did you ever ask how Marina was? YOUR OBSESSED!" Josh's temper was flaring to. He told him he had to make a commitment and make the decision to be a BOY or a MAN and from now on, he has a curfew to make sure he's not too tired for practice. Shane was livid and stormed off.

Reva saw what happened and Josh taunted her, "Go ahead, say your right, go ahead!" He told her she's ALWAYS RIGHT and has a FREE TICKET because she is passionate and follows her heart but when he is passionate about something, it's called irrational or overbearing! When Josh stomped off, Reva called Mr. Langham.

Harley waited up all night for Gus and when he finally got home, HE didn't want to talk to her and only asked if Alan called. He changed clothes and left again without saying when he'd be home. Phillip was coming in as he was leaving and he could tell things were tense. Harley and Phillip talked about their lives and the problems in them and it seemed Alan was a problem in both of their lives. Phillip told Harley to stop letting Alan push her buttons. Harley said Phillip shouldn't let Alan get between him and Olivia if he loves her...advice she should take herself.

Gus went to see Rick and found out the girl Alan was dinning with was injected with something before she died and it was with a diabetic needle.

When Gus got back, Phillip and Harley were drinking coffee and talking and Phillip quickly dismissed himself. Gus and Harley discussed the case and tried to figure out links: #1 death: looked like a drowning but wasn't. #2 death: found on dry land but was a drowning. #3 (Mrs. Hinden) looked like an electrocution but was a drowning and she was a diabetic. #4 poisoned with a diabetic needle, missing a pin worn on her dress. Harley bet that the next one would be with the pin missing from forth victim. Gus confessed how much he missed discussing and brainstorming the cases with her. Harley apologized for meddling and not trusting him and explained how Alan pressed her buttons. He took her face in his hands and gave her one of his awesome, passionate kisses and assured her he loves her and Alan will not come between them.

Phillip wanted Lizzie, Olivia and himself to get together to discuss what had happened between the two of them but Olivia called and cancelled. Although she told Phillip she had too much to do at the Beacon, she was really getting a paternity test. Lizzie was happy because she didn't want to meet with her anyway. She ended up hanging out with Tammy, which didn't go real well. When Lizzie kept complaining about her dad and Olivia ("the wicked witch of the west") Tammy told her she sounded like a broken record and should be happy she's got parents to complain about. "Leave the complaining up to the people who have a reason." If that wasn't enough, Tammy acted surprised that two guys asked Lizzie out to the prom. Lizzie asked her why she didn't believe her and Tammy told her she thought she exaggerated stories and even lies. Tammy started questioning her about how she really felt about Shane and Lizzie tried to convince her that she had no feelings for Shane anymore and told her she had better when she was at boarding school. (There was an all boy school a couple of blocks away) Tammy tried to get information about who those boys were but Lizzie said, "Your as bad as my shrink!" and said it's her parents who need a shrink because they keep making the same mistakes OVER AND OVER AND OVER.

Lizzie and Tammy went back to the Beacon where her dad was waiting for Olivia. Lizzie was thrilled, thinking he came to chew her out for canceling their meeting but her thrill quickly turned to anger when Phillip asked her to take a couple days off so they could go away together.

Rick and Frank went for a run together since Rick was training for a 10K. Frank asked him how he was doing working two jobs and Rick confessed he was stressed and wiped out.

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