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Passions Recaps: The week of June 23, 2003 on PS
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Monday, June 23, 2003

Per Eve's request, TC tries to ask Liz to move out. Privately aware of what he's about to do, Liz "innocently" asks TC if she can extend her stay at his home while she gets the Blue Note up and running. An uneasy TC agrees. Meanwhile, Eve tells Julian she is confident Liz will leave town once TC asks her to move out. Julian tells Eve he'll always be there for her. Julian is upset when he learns Fox has sold the club to Liz.

After receiving word that Ethan and Gwen went to the ER, Theresa is relieved to find out Ethan is all right. Ethan tells Theresa and Fox that Gwen has been having problems with her pregnancy. Theresa is truly concerned for Gwen and her baby. Rebecca once again warns an upset Gwen that if she loses the baby, she'll lose Ethan.

Sheridan has a fantasy about Luis rescuing her, as he continues his frantic search.

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Ivy tells David she's certain Grace wants him. Grace and Sam have a serious talk about their relationship. Sam wants to know if Grace loves David.

Liz taunts Eve about having bought the Blue Note and staying in town. A strong Eve and Liz both make it clear neither one of them will back down.

Rebecca confronts Ethan about his feelings for Theresa and her suspicions that he will leave her daughter if she loses the baby. Ethan is outraged by Rebecca's idea and insists she's wrong. He defends his ex when Rebecca declares Theresa a home-wrecker. Meanwhile, Gwen and Theresa have an intense face-off over Theresa's true intentions.

Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Liz vows to destroy Eve even if it means destroying her daughters. After Liz leaves, Julian drops by Eve's office and comforts her. Julian plans on stopping Liz in her tracks and puts his plan in motion.

Gwen forces Theresa to admit her true feelings for Ethan just as he walks in. A stunned Ethan berates Theresa for upsetting his wife. He tries to calm Gwen down as Theresa explains herself. Ethan swears to Gwen that he no longer loves Theresa, who is devastated by his statement. Theresa insists Ethan would be married to her by now if Gwen hadn't gotten knocked up. Rebecca overhears and is livid.

Sheridan's despair grows as she calls out for help from the pit. At the police station, the mayor orders Luis to call off the house-to-house search, which he feels is unwarranted. Sam tries to intervene when things get heated between the mayor and Luis. The mayor feels vindicated when Antonio states he believes Sheridan left on her own free will. Luis is tempted to tell his brother why he knows Sheridan better.

Thursday, June 26, 2003

Liz refuses Julian's attempt at bribery. Eve tries to reason with Liz, who not only vows to destroy her sister, but also Whitney, in order to hurt Eve. Julian tries to comfort his devastated ex.

Gwen and Rebecca believe Ethan daydreams about Theresa. Ethan insists he only thinks of Gwen. However, Theresa tells Fox she firmly believes Ethan still does fantasize about her.

Beth panics when she sees Sheridan has been injured trying to escape. Charlie attends to an unconscious Sheridan. Meanwhile, Luis refuses to call off the search for Sheridan, despite Sam's orders. A desperate Luis fires his gun in Sam's direction. Having heard the gunshot, Hank, Antonio, and Mayor Anawalt question Luis. Sam covers in front of the mayor.

Friday, June 27, 2003

Theresa and Whitney tearfully reminisce as Whitney and Chad prepare to leave for L.A.

Liz gets the proof she needs to expose Eve when she secretly takes a picture of her sister and Julian kissing. Julian admits Eve makes him want to be a better person, but Eve warns him not to change for her because she loves TC and her family. Meanwhile, Liz gleefully tells TC she has a picture she wants to show him.

Luis thanks Sam for letting the search continue. Luis is certain Sheridan was kidnapped and explains why to an unsure Sam. Meanwhile, Beth and Charlie soundproof the basement. Mrs. Wallace panics when she learns of the house-to-house search for Sheridan. Beth and Charlie let Mrs. Wallace know if they're caught, she'll go down with them.

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